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Just another guy passing the time creating stories and artwork. Im into headcanon and backstories of characters. and i cant wait to see what season 6 has in store for our favorite ponies. Live long :D


EDIT - This is no longer a One shot. >:) Something that i took notice of when Twilight commented that not even her magic could initially stop Starlight, and Twily is an Alicorn. Where exactly did she get all that magic, and was it something Starlight learned, or Inherited.

Starlight Glimmer was a powerful unicorn, and now the protege of Princess Twilight. But even she would find out that there was more to her past then just Sunburst' trip to magic school, and the aftermath of being alone all the time before creating Our Town out in the sticks. She would discover, as would Twilight, that Starswirl was more then just a hero figure to them, He was also closely linked in a surprising way to Starlight Glimmer.
The past is not set in stone
There is no fate but what we make for ourselves
And Starlight was about to learn it.

Edit: Will include parts from the Season 6 Finale. People have commented and asked why I'm doing this. Did it ever dawn on you that Starswirl the Bearded was known to be a Time Traveler?
That we know next to nothing on the history of the Changelings or Chrysalis?
Ive seen a few fics that painted the picture that the Changelings were or are somehow related to the FlutterPonies.
But i had another idea. One that came from The Episodes Hearts and Hooves day, and The Crystal Empire.
Remember when Sweetie Belle read about the Love Poison, specifically Chaos Reigning? A kingdom Falling???
ANd in the Crystal Empire episode, how Twilight had stated that the Crystal Fair was," Created by the Empire's first QUEEN to renew the love and light in the Empire???? >:)

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Um if this is a oneshot, shouldn't this chapter be longer given the premise and only chapter? So far from what I've read only Twilight has figured out the implications and has yet to tell Starlight who's suppose to learn about it and deal with what that means for her given the description. And the rest of the mane 6 haven't shown up despite the tag for them. Or is this gonna have more chapters to it despite being a oneshot?

Also good idea for a premise. Usually it's Trixie who's related in someway to Starswirl, not Starlight. That's very original all things considered.

Starlight GLimmer was about to learn something about her past that would change her view on the world as she knew it

you may want to change that to Starlight Glimmer

Was Starlight born over a thousand yeas ago in this fic, I'm probably way off mark but was not the whole business with the Crystal Empire a thousand years in the past...Really confused.

This...left me very confused. Starlight Glimmer is Starswirl's daughter? His descendent? And what did Chryssalis have to do with Starlight's secret? Overall, this piece is incredibly disjointed and hard to follow. Most of this was a rehash of the story's description, followed by some attempts at what I think was history, followed by Twilight reading a book....and Starlight's secret is never revealed...
Is this really a one shot? Cause this is more of an attempt at a prologue.:applejackconfused:

7463895 btw, im almost done with that pic you wanted. im just working on the last 2 pieces of Celestia and luna as digimon. In case you forgot XD.

7464162 people forget that Starswirl was considered a Time Traveler.

7464162 Starswirl was a Time Traveler according to some, Remember? Its safe to say he could of traveled to the future, met a mare , and thus produce a foreseeable heir and hopped back to the past.

Turn the Princess of Friendship into her lover.

That came completely out of left field.

What the fuck.

7813558 i have one more that will throw you for a loop before it makes sense in chapters to come. im better at world building when i put my mind to then weird romance parts.

In the synopsis, why did you capitalize inspired?

I have really enjoyed your story so far I am intrigue to see where you take your story. I hope you can up date soon

7464817 Go back now, and read the other chapters ive posted. And remember that Starswirl is considered a Time Traveler.

Thanks for updating it has got really intressting I hope you update ASAP please

Your story is getting very intressting I am now seating on the edeg of my seat I hope you update soon and i hope Starlight is not punished for what her farther has done

Starlight Glimmer you are Dovahkiin, dragon born.
( insert Skyrim theme here)

And to think i had that in mind as an SFM animation too. I've already made Lyra into Ma'iq the Liar XD.

i dont know if youll see this or not. But i just got done playing Skyrim as Octavia XD. And She owned Alduin. Now she just has to find someone to marry :D.

got a few more done. Take a look.

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