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Been a fan for a while, finally decided to just make an account. I've got some story ideas, but I don't know if I'll write them or not.

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Long Vs. Short · 2:13am Feb 11th, 2018

Those of you following this tale, I thank you. I’ve got plans for it, and hopefully I shan’t disappoint.

I would, however, like to ask you the readers a question: would you prefer the current short chapters, or perhaps longer chapters?

Now, with the current short chapters, I’ve just been posting them whenever I get them finished. But thinking it over, I can see a few advantages to waiting and writing out a longer chapter.

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Thank you for the follow, may Sigmar's light guide you in troubled times!

I like that. Very polite

A pleasure to meet you, Wrex.

Nice to meet you, Watcher.

I have many names; currently, I am the Watcher of the Shadows.

  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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