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Just another guy passing the time creating stories and artwork. Im into headcanon and backstories of characters. and i cant wait to see what season 6 has in store for our favorite ponies. Live long :D


Twilight and her friends use the mirror to investigate the abductions of ponies around Ponyville and come to a startling discovery. And on top of dealing with nightmarish Aliens on another world, they soon have to deal with Demon lords, dark magic curses, death and relationship problems. Warning: Some instances of RD abusing Twilight, Applejack nearly killing somepony, and several ponies getting possessed and turning into monsters. Enjoy :D.

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For the first chaltsr of a crossover it's pretty interesting. But I so feel like this is all pretty fast paced especially since Im not exactly sure how Twilight and the others know about these aliens and how they came to know the whole mirror being able to travel to other worlds. There's a lot missing that could be cleared up and made to make things easier for the reader to get a better understanding of things.

There are also a few grammatical errors.

Just pointing these things out for future chapters.

thanks -__-. i guess. I'll try to make everything nice and perfect for others, since thats all that fucking matters to some people. Apparently its too much to just hope someone leaves a comment saying they liked the story and end it there. i guess im expecting too much out of people.

i feel like i expect too much from people. For once id love to see one of my fics get a ton of notice, and positive comments. I just went back and added an openner to this.

DOnt hesitate to leave a comment if you like the story.

I like it but it's way too fast paced for me, bu there's no real story from what i read could be wrong tho, but it is pretty enjoyable!

10220814 im slowly working on updating this. i got burned out trying to fix my stories after people downvoted them to Tartarus and back. Id love to get back into writing sometime soon.

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