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Lyra Heartstrings is one of the world's leading human experts. Now she has been invited away from her digging to tour Cloud Dreamer's remote island park where he claims to have done the impossible. But simply because something CAN be done does not necessarily mean it SHOULD be...

Edited by Stahl

Additional editing by Zooman Stan, Ocean Stardust, RK_Striker_JK-5, and M E Lovecolt

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During summer vacation, a recently reformed Sunset Shimmer decides to take a job at the new mini mall that recently opened. It's like any mall, except that they have animatronic mascots that entertain children during the day. But she works at night.

The night time is a whole different story.

The animatronics day job is entertaining children. Their night job, keep all the metal endoskeletons in their suits.

Will Sunset Shimmer be able to hold out all five nights of psychological horror? Or will the animatronics succeed in doing both of their jobs?

Cover art is only temporary. If any of you could make a cover art for the story, that would be very much appreciated!

EDIT: story cover thanks to this person!

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Michael Schmidt is a new security officer at the Equestrian Eating Emporium, home of the famous animatronic ponies. Renowned across the city for family friendly vegetarian food, it's had overwhelming success. Michael just has to watch over the store, make sure that nothing goes wrong after dark. What's the worst that could happen?

It lives.

Crossover with Five Nights at Freddy's. This work of fiction will not strictly follow the story of the game. Things will break off quite heavily from what's expected, and I like to lie a lot, so nothing is really set in stone.
(Thanks to pshyzo on deviantArt for the previous cover image.)
(Thanks to brianxkaren on deviantArt for the current cover image. Note, it's still a work in progress.)
(Also, please give thanks to my dear friend, [or grammar mercenary, if you prefer,] JLB for assisting me in my pursuit for good Engrish! He is also the one that commissioned the new cover image, he's a generous person. I'd recommend checking out some of his work if you have a like of horror / grim things in general.)

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My name’s Marcus. Marcus Cortez. I’m currently a freshman at CUFTA. You don’t know what that means? Well, it stands for “Canterlot University for the Arts.” While it is a little unsettling to go to college in a completely different world from my own, and while being a human in a school full of mostly ponies is a little intimidating, I’m doing fine so far. I don’t have to worry about roommates, since I don’t live in a dorm. I live with my aunt.

Her name is Celestia. Princess Celestia.

You’re probably wondering how a human could be the nephew of a pony, and an alicorn princess, no less. Well, it’s quite the story.

In case you haven't guessed yet this is an anthro story, and my first time writing a story in first person, so we'll see how this goes.

The prologue for this story starts sixteen years prior to the return of Nightmare Moon and the story's main events take place after Season 3 ends.

The cover picture is an original drawing of mine.

Edited by danail24

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inspired by the video game OUTLAST, I bring you the pony version with my made up story line with sadness and thrilling darkness. a earth pony named Sun Light Gets trapped in an abandon asylum for the criminally insane. She must find a way out of this hell hole and tell the world about this mental destruction with everypony for themselves and the massive blood and gore/cannibalism (spoilers). Will this pony get out without a scratch? or will she be next in the dinner menu For Pinkamena?

Find out!

Chapters (6)

in the human world Yoshii and his friends have to try a new iron II bracelet that the principle told him to try. but meanwhile at the same time princess celestia also is trying her new awoken spell. they end up switching places and so Celestia and the mane 6 is in the human world and yoshii and his friends are in the land of Equestria. what will happen to them and what crazy adventure will they hold? And how will their avatars go in this new world. Come and find out!

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A week before her wedding, Cadance receives a letter from one of her exes for a rendezvous. Cadance agrees to meet her, hoping to catch up with her old friend, but the meeting takes a turn for the worst.

A big thank you to my friend Jackie for the cover art, and for helping to develop this idea. A special thank you for the people that pre-read this and helped me improve it. Here's hoping someone else is entertained.

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Ghosts! paranormal activity has plauged the grand city of ponyville, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Ditzy doo have dedicated their lives to proving the existance of Ghosts for years, a recent spike in their activity has encouaged them to go into business together!! ( disclaimer this is anthro and in this world manehattan does not exist, instead ponyville has grown to new york related size, jokes, scenes and plot points will be inspired by the movie, however! i will put in new character construction some new jokes and changed plot points so it is somewhat..original, remember this is the movie ghostbusters through the "Brony looking glass" so there will be as many simularities as their are diffrences so i dont want comments on how "inaccurate" i am about the movie. or how "inaccurate" about mlp the show. this is thier baby their will be mutation as well as growing pains.)

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[General Description At the Bottom]

Omnipotence was truly… Beautiful. But the 'holier-than-thou,' attitude sorta ruined it for him.

“Tell me,” She asked, her tone nothing but condescending, as she leaned toward the face of the entrapped pony in front of her, “You think yourself important?”

“Important?” Alex asked, scratching his chin as best he could inside the levitation spell that held him in place, “Maybe?”

“Truly an impressive answer,” She scoffed, an ugly scowl plastered across her face, “You assume, that slightly altering the chain of events in a universe, could ever make you worth something? Pathetic.”

“That hurts!” Alex half-grinned, feigning shock to her, “Between the time travel, the split personality, and the big wedding, I think I’ve made some sort of impact.”

“You couldn’t be more wrong,” She laughed, squinting lightly at him for just a moment, “Dust in the wind, was it?”

“Great song, but inappropriate use, if you ask me,” Alex smiled, unsure if her prodding through the events in his head was something he should praise her for, “But, if you’re so sure that I lack importance, you need to start from the beginning. Not when you showed up last week. Not when Scootaloo and her friends saved Equestria. Not when King Sombra was turned to dust in front of his old subjects... Not even when Discord was freed from his stone imprisonment, and tried to take over Equestria again. The very beginning. Nightmare Moon, and the return of Princess Luna.”

She gave him a sick smile, entertaining the idea. Perhaps it would be interesting to see things from such a... puny perspective. To see the series of events unfold. Of course, it could also be a waste of her time…

“Fine.” She said, slowly placing him on the ground, and resting her horn against his, “Let’s start from the beginning.”

“Get ready sweet heart,” Alex said, licking his lips and winking at her, as she closed her eyes and focused deeply, “It’s one heck of a trip.”


Basically, a guy goes to Equestria to episode 1 of the series, and he changes the whole playout of the series, adding a bunch of side stories and different paths for some characters to take.

And, he's an alicorn OC.

Yeah yeah, I get it.

Off you run and cry about it. I've heard about it twelve million times. Literally. Not Hyperbolically.

If you insist on calling him a Gary Stu, and a self-insert, I'll assume you're flirting with me, and calling me perfect, since a Gary Stu tends to have no flaws .

So unless you plan on taking me out, and maybe getting some wine in me, don't go calling me perfect.



Cover art was done by Famosity! Here is a link:


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Discord has once again escaped from his stone prison, with a little help from the Diamond Dogs, and sets out to get his revenge on the mane six. His plan involves kidnapping the Cutie Mark Crusaders and holding them for ransom in exchange for the Elements of Harmony. Now Twilight and her friends must think of a way to rescue the Crusaders without handing Discord the one thing that can stop him.
(Note: This story can also be found on fanfiction.net under the name panther23)

Chapters (7)
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