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Next chapter · 5:24pm August 1st

Hello everyone, I'm going to take the vote for the comment left by Mysterirousotaku.

This comment is as written Execute Blueblood and interrogate the Zebra for information before coming to a decision of her fate.

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She-demon name · 4:55am August 1st

I will post the names below in the comments so you may vote on it.

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hello first i would like to say great story. I love it.
and i would if possible to ask for some help. I would like to know how you add pictures to your story.
i have been colleting mlp pictures and screen shots of other things I would like to use them in my story. however I don't know how if you can please write down the steps to change the format of the picture so I can add them to me. please?


Its a amazing reading experience. I recommend it if your in need of a story to entertain yourself :rainbowkiss:

Hey will either your King if the sea, Alicorn Gunslinger, Zompocalypes, The reaper and/or My second chances stories be updated in the near future or what?

  • Viewing 65 - 69 of 69
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