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All was quiet in the small town of Ashfell. The town always got a lazy trickle of visitors, never more than a dozen at a time. That was, until the changelings came. Now amongst their number, Taylor Vasquez has to lead his town through the trials of being bug-horses. If only he knew anything about leading.

Co-authored by Thunderclap, edited by Em2pt5. Cover graciously provided by Grim_Grin

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This story is a sequel to Children of the Star

No one knows the story of Human Sunset Shimmer. Where was she during the events of Equestria Girls? How was Pony Sunset able to slip into her life? Is the human version of her even still alive?

While the children of Star Dust work to bring him home, let's look back and uncover the life of Sunset's human counterpart.

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Snow Fameuse is a very strange foal. Found in the middle of a blizzard, the little colt has been an Apple his whole life. Now if only they could figure out what kind of pony he is.

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Long ago, lost to the mists of time, there was once an alicorn named Star Dust. He ruled alongside Celestia for many years after Luna's banishment, having domain over Science. Three hundred years ago, after the devastating failure of an experiment, he was cast out of Equestria, never to be heard from again...at least that's what Celestia thought. Armed with the knowledge of their sisterhood, Twilight, Trixie Lulamoon, Moon Dancer, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer and Tempest Shadow must brave the wilderness to find their father, and bring him home.

Now being rewritten

A collab with Thunderclap. Edited by m2pt5. Inspired by "Hello, sister".

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A thousand years ago, a man by the name of Kuja appeared in Equestria. He quickly befriended the princesses, becoming known as the Silver Mage. Over time however, it become quite clear that he was very ill. No matter how hard they tried, they could not cure him, and rather than let him die, they placed him in a deep sleep, in hopes that one day, they would be able to heal him. This is the story of his life after his awakening, a thousand years later.

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After years of shame and ridicule, archaeologist and explorer Lyra Heartstrings stumbles across a discovery that validates all her theories and ideas in one fell swoop. Along with her best friend, Bon Bon, and her old classmate Cadance, they find themselves faced with a mystery and marvel that may change everything.

Following the next greatest lead found in the database of an ancient race, another international team is formed. Led by Doctors Carter and Jackson, they strike out to explore another network of Stargates discovered in a galaxy on the edge of the local cluster. In the process, their findings will cause them to question much of what they thought they knew.

The adventures continue and unlikely allies will face dangers new and old as the Legacy of the Ancients continue to unravel in the latest chapter of the universe.

[Co-written by Thunderclap and Shagohad12] Formerly co-written by Grey Cait. [Edited by: Lithl and m2pt5][Cover art: 1, 2 modified + vectors]
Now with a Russian reading by SviMik

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This story is a sequel to And Then There Were 10...Er...67

Jason Hughes has changed much during his stay in Asgard. Not only does he rule part of a kingdom but has united two warring races and married two fine mares. Peace rarely ever lasts and things are about to get heavy, especially when parenthood rears its ugly head.

Edited by the ever amazing m2pt5.

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Well, hello there! The name's Floyd, Pink Floyd. You know, like the band? Anyway, I used to be just a guy named Floyd but now I'm stuck inside of Pinkie Pie. How you ask? Discord. It's always that jerk's fault. Anyway, better get on with this before I go on a tangent. So, I'm a film student, trapped in Pinkie's body. You all got that? Good. Now why don't you pull up a chair and listen to how my life got flipped-turned upside down. I promise, you're gonna like it!

Inspired by Fluttershy, Flutterguy, A Dash Of Humanity and is edited by m2pt5. Sex tag is just for innuendo, no actual clop. Made popular list on 3/29/15. Featured 9/29/2015

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Like most Displaced stories, Majin Buu was human once. Unlike most however, instead of getting on the wrong side of the princesses, Buu joined with them to protect the world from evil and to preserve Harmony, until a wicked sorcerer sealed him way. Now a thousand years later, Buu has returned but now he has the attention of a god, one that will not hesitate to destroy his home. Can Buu save his home, or will it wind up as stardust?

Edited by the ever amazing m2pt5

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Terra Jaclyn is just a normal witch, whose dream of opening a magic shop has finally come true. Leaving her painful past behind, she travels to Equestria and sets up in the sleepy little town of Ponyville, but, the past isn't something that ever really goes away.

I'd like to thank m2pt5 and DuskShadowBrony for their working editing this story. They both do excellent work!

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