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Terra Jaclyn is just a normal witch, whose dream of opening a magic shop has finally come true. Leaving her painful past behind, she travels to Equestria and sets up in the sleepy little town of Ponyville, but, the past isn't something that ever really goes away.

I'd like to thank m2pt5 and DuskShadowBrony for their working editing this story. They both do excellent work!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 47 )

This story looks interesting.

I suddenly wish I helped more on this.

Ah well, next chapter awaits, da?

Alright I'm I'm what's next?

This story looks very promising so please continue it!!!!

I am watching you, mortal. Most impressive.

long time between updates. i don't mean to sound patronizing, but is this going to be a thing? or is it temporary.?

Thanks, man

5594190 Temporary, I gt caught up updating the hell outta my main story

5594200 what's your main story? and so does that mean that this will (hopefully) update more often?

5594206 "And Then There Were 10.... er 67" Is my main story... which sadly gets all the attention...


Oh your the same person?
I didn't know.

Pretty snazzy story though, hope to see more updates here and there

I liked this chapter. Hope to see more soon.

Ah, so this is Jason's mom, huh? I would like to see some backstory to this, but I would also like to know how the ponies know about humans.

5597069 Actually, this is the real version of Terra. This story is in no way related to any of the Displaced nonsense we came up with.

5597242 Ah, so you just decided to include her as his mother huh? Interesting. Well, I still look forward to seeing where this goes.

5598681 A different version of her is Jasson's mother. Though A VERSION of Jason will appear in this story, very different from the other Jason.

Hm. Looks like there's some similar backstory going on here.

Backstory detected! Great story, keep up the good work and I can't wait til the next chapter.

5602953 Well of course there is backstory! I am glad your enjoying the story though


You need a better poker face Mr. Ambassador. Is it really such a stretch that the thinks folklore have talked about for millenia would start crawling out of the woodwork now that a magical realm is accessible?

And seriously Terra... teaching the CMC witchcraft? May the gods have mercy on you.

Please, whatever deity is reading this, you know who you are, please don’t let any of them be aligned with necromancy.

Aaron: Hehehehe.... So that's where I dropped my Necronomicon.... Oops.

Terra...you dun goofed and are now officially boned!!!

I'm half expecting them to have a dark-element, like pyromancy or aeromancy.

This can onl=y end in tears. Or rather, this can only start in tears.

I also can’t help but feel I’ve unleashed some kind of monster, but, ya know, not all monsters are bad.

Hahaha Oh ye of little knowledge.

damn good story so far. hope to see another update soon

I like how the artist styled Kaz like Okami was styled in the videogames.
Those are some amazing games.


Yay Undertale references.

6832369 this story was published way before Undertake was a thing.

I'm enjoying the story so far, but as a Pagan myself and a practicing witch, the hat makes me cringe every time its mentioned. I've never seen anyone wear one outside of a halloween costume. It's just so... tacky. At least it's a staff she's toting around and not a broom! Lol. Keep up the great story.

Alright. I really like this and I hope it's not dead but I don't want to sound whiny or entitled. I find this concept interesting and am curious if you have any plans to continue.

7110884 Yeah, I'm going to continue it at some point.

Nice. I really like where you're taking magic in this story. Although if ponies (can you believe I didn't notice they were anthro until chapter three?) can learn human magic I'm somewhat interested on if humans can learn pony magic. If it really is just utilization of a Background Magic Field that Atlantis ended up purging then it should be possible. I like the idea that using life force is actually good for your health as long as you aren't a moron.

7110930 It's like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Exactly. I always liked when people did that instead of the bullshit "Casting with precious seconds of life" thing. I mean if you've got a soul it's probably doing something and that something could reasonably be generating life force as needed. Which would make using your soul being like "Man the heart is giving nutrients and shit to my muscles so ripping it out and attaching it to this pulley system I've been operating manually must be a good idea"

7110943 As for humans using mana like ponies it may no longer be possible, as they've gone generations without an ambient magic field.

Figured. Maybe they could use their own magic to make batteries though. Or like some artifact that pumps mana through them constantly until they can actually hold it. That's what I'd try at least.

Question: Update?

7921497 Never played, I just like those colors

I've just read chapter 1.

Did Terra spend any time at all in Canterlot before taking the train to Ponyville? She seems utterly ignorant of anything related to Equestria, even expecting to find witch-hunters, in a land where a magic is ordinary, and potions are fairly common.

It's more a force of habit for her, than her actually thinking witch hunters are in Equestria

I see. This isn't an EQG spin-off. You've converted the entire population of Equestria into anthros.


this is a refreshingly different story. Its too bad that its been dead for four years.

Why is it that the copy paste, generic, cookie cutter stories last for a hundred chapters, while the truly good and unique stories all die an early death?

Very sad.

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