Snow Fameuse is a very strange foal. Found in the middle of a blizzard, the little colt has been an Apple his whole life. Now if only they could figure out what kind of pony he is.

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Of course he would notice the name Loki. He (she when he a horse) Is snow (Sleipner's ) mother. Long weird story from Norse myth.

You had me at "Apple". Will check it on my lunch break

If Fluttershy comes across a larger than average wolf pup...

Alright, I'll track, this is interesting.

So... Loki is a part of the Pie family (which makes sense, what with Pinkie's and even Maud's antics and even the parents penchance for Ye Olde Speake), and Snow is Loki's kid.... Snow is already a relative of the Apples XD

Also, shouldn't that be sixth kind of pony, or are bat ponies just pegasus?

Interesting! Gonna track this one!

Hmmm don't go for AppleDash, but it is a sweet story.

I'm hooked. Can't wait for more!

7585422 your right. Norse god's rule

Is this going to be an Equestrian find retelling of Sleipnir Norsee myth? If so are we going to see Odin race him against Hrungnir's Gullfaxi? Maybe act as some kind of rival to Snow, but later turned friend. The character is also mentioned in Icelandtic story. This and the story featuring Sleipnir's progeny named Grani later some pony takes him to both mention wonderful swords, (called Gunnfjoder and Gram respectively), and allied to someone named Sigurd. Helhest who is an bad omen and is said to work for the Goddess Hel. Which could a unique obstacle since Sleipnir does go to Hel to help save the soul of Baldr. These are merely suggestions though. So mostly depends your vision and focus for this story. As well how close to the legends this will follow.

Hi Loki, nice of you to actually ask the pony who owns the land you left your son on this time.

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