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Even years after Twilight took the throne, there's plenty of excitement in Ponyville. The question isn't whether something interesting will happen, but how ridiculous it will be.

Going by how Snips and Snails are at the epicenter of this one, Apple Bloom's bumping up her initial estimate.

Image by Purplesmart.ai, deliberately chosen for iffy quality. On a related note, contents rated C for Crackfic.

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Is this for the Cyberpunk contest?

This is very much not punk and barely qualifies as cyber.

Ah, I'll read it now then. Been holding off reading any of the entrants till a closer date so I can compare/contrast and keep a clear head.

So where is Twist from? Somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse?

Sweetie Bot is still one of the best weird things the fandom has come up with. :D

Peregrine leaned in close. “Colt, let me tell you what your options are here: You can walk away. You can actually write your own submission, which we will consider. Or you can keep arguing the semantics of ownership with a dragon. ” He puffed a cloud of smoke in Snips's face for emphasis.

It was at that moment, he knew, he bucked up

Yeah, sapient beings and stuff like ChatGPT really shouldn't be using the same term.

To quote from various memes, "I see what you did there." :derpytongue2:

And I see what you did there as well.

Yea, Snips, you're an idiot.

At least they're not having to deal with Sentients.

confront changing bodies, changing moods, changing societal expectations, and myriad other forms of change in what had been a largely understandable existence.


Snips sneered. “You’re just afraid of change.”

Anaphora! And Changing being more than just puberty! :raritystarry:

Multiple word-a-day calendars! And Sweetie Belle / Bot can grow up! Sweet! Pun unintended!

And because of said calendars and how "Puberty had been kind to Snails"... Could ship Sweetie x Snails?

Generative Prose Trimmer, and it’s the future. You feed in books to train it and it writes brand new ones!”

“I’ve seen his submissions," Sweetie deadpanned. "It literally chops up books and puts the words back together. It’s like a ransom note translated from Yakyakistani through four other languages into Ponish.”

Literal trimming! Took me a second look to get "GPT"!

Son of a bitch, you actually did it. I'm so proud.

So Peregrine was an excellent stand-in for Wanderer D. Don't think fake Sweetie is anything but a fake Sweetie (no I refuse to call that thing anything but a fake and not actually Sweetie Belle).

Yes, I saw the parallels to the absolute clusterfuck noise a very small number of people made back when the site-wide bad in AI-generated stories went up. Or maybe I'm seeing things.

Apple Bloom shook her head. "Can't. She went back to her home planet for the summer."

Now I'm imagining an MLP/Men in Black crossover...

Gotta love a head with legs, lol

I don't think I've read many light-hearted stories with android protagonists; fanfiction or otherwise.

Funny enough, I think this might be the first Sweetie Bot fic I’ve actually read in full. In any case, delightful stuff, and I appreciate the amount of quiet worldbuilding you achieve in the short crackfic.

Snails was the best part of this story, You cannot convince me otherwise.

“Hey there.” Puberty had been kind to Snails, though keeping up his buckball training had likely contributed to that. He’d grown into his legs, coming out sleek and athletic in a way Apple Bloom might have found attractive if she hadn’t known him since he’d thought eating paste was the height of entertainment.”

Now, now, Apple Bloom, it's very bad form to bring up how he was a whole week ago.

"I'll tell you what!" Snails had definitely grown taller. He'd also grown longer, grown wider, and had even grown a wispy attempt at a goatee. But beyond the purely physical, nopony could claim he’d grown up . “It’s outrageous! It’s unconscionable!”

Think you mean Snips there.

“Ah, don’t be shy, pal." Snails blithely trotted to his side, patting him on the back. "You were real proud about not just bein' my manager anymore.”

For a moment, there, I thought this might be implying that Snails was an artificial intelligence. Which I did find questionable but, unlike with most characters, it's not the 'artificial' part that had me raising an eyebrow. Though, to be fair, would put him in the same category as most real-world 'AI's.

Anyway, delightful little bit of topicality. Always nice to have satire that uses just the right about of absurdism.

Though now the two concepts are in my mind, I am morbidly curious how GPT or some similar AI would try to write a satirical story if told to. Because even in the delusional world some techbros live in or predict where AI is as good or better than human writers, I see no way that ends well and plenty of ways it ends hilariously.


She was secretly the amphibian child of visitors from Fomalhaut.

Twist has since gone home to attend Princess Fisby’s School for Gifted Frogs.

Ri2 #23 · May 30th, 2023 · · 3 ·

Twist died on the way back to her home planet.

11596181 11596334
In Twist's defense, based on the cursory bit of reconnaissance she did before blending in with the locals, assuming that candy was the dominant race on this planet seemed like a safe bet.

Truly a moment of genius from the Friendship is Witchcraft team.

A lot of the recent issues with ChatGPT, from a professor using it as a PlagScan substitute to a lawyer using it to synthesize case citations, might have been avoided if the hallucinating algorithm hadn't been billed as "intelligent," artificial or otherwise.

Add them to the list of possible causes of G5.


And because of said calendars and how "Puberty had been kind to Snails"... Could ship Sweetie x Snails?

You can if you want. I was just going for a recurring gag.

The idea insisted, and I found I couldn't say "no."

Fun fact: There's a canon novel that comes close, complete with memory-wipe spells.

There are many areas of speculative fiction that neglect the slice-of-life angle. Yes, there are questions about the definition of personhood and the cost of progress to consider, but it can also be fun to just watch them get through a typical, existential quandary-free day.

If I can't justify the narrative decisions to myself, how can I justify them to the audience? And if I'm going to put in all that work, I might as well show some of it. I actually cut out the bit about the history of transformative works and intellectual property laws in Equestria. (Even I kill a few darlings when they get too far from the point.)

"Head empty, soul full" is not a character dynamic I usually work with, but Snails was a delight here. He's meant to be the opposite of Snips, particularly with how he's content with his place in the universe. For all that Apple Bloom's narration dunks on him, he is still one of the most serene beings in Equestria.


Now, now, Apple Bloom, it's very bad form to bring up how he was a whole week ago.

Heh. I cut that joke when I couldn't fit it in organically.

Think you mean Snips there.

I definitely did! Thank you for the catch.

And no, I only meant Snips's role as Snails's buckball manager. Which, to his credit, he's handling very well. He just can't stand the idea of none of his accomplishments being recognized by other ponies. Whether that need for the spotlight came before or after the Trixie fandom is left as an exercise for the reader.

And I dare not imagine ChatGPT's attempts at satire. Especially given what 11596390 posted.

As long as a donkey doesn't rewrite reality to become the god of numerous worlds. Again.

In her defense, it did need her.

You madman! You absolute genius! This is the most pleasant, sensible, and fun crackfic I've ever read :pinkiehappy: Any chance we'll be seeing this universe/timeline again?

I named a dragon Fomalhaut in my FoE story, and had a character name an artillery piece after him. Nobody knows whether the dragon was named after the star or if the star was named after the dragon, since the dragon is older than the astrolabe.

"I leave this thread for a day and now a BDSM camel is attempting to compare a My Little Pony fanfiction site disallowing AI stories to the war in Ukraine."

Anyway I need to go eat my dog's homework

So, at first I read it as "the Campaign for Equal Fights", which seems like it would be for addressing the overabundance of unicorn archvillains.

If the dragon has a last name, I'm going to guess that it's "Drake". He didn't come cheap, but he really revitalized the magazine when he entered the field.

11596703 "For a moment, there, I thought this might be implying that Snails was an artificial intelligence."

Yeah, I think that can be ruled out for lack of evidence. Of intelligence.

Flim and Flam absolutely invented AI spambots. XD

Sometimes when I put stories in my "Stories about me" bookshelf, I mean it more than others...

--Sweetie Belle



I... think a lot of those are false positives. Among other things, there are Night Watch-from-Game-of-Thrones stories in there. Is the code just trying for anything about a 'man in black'?

Now I'm wondering if there are any Johnny Cash in Equestria stories.

goes to look

[update] Ayup.


It occurs to me that there's no site policy about using AI to write comments. I don't feel like making a ChatGPT account, though, so I guess I'll have to find some other easy, free source.

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