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Y'know, I was once an average guy. A completely normal male human being. Sure I had my oddities but who doesn't, right? Then I woke up in Equestria after one too many shots of whiskey at 3AM whilst watching some random ass anime.

Now that in itself sounds fucking weird but that's not even the full story. Somehow good old reliable purple smart managed to not only change my species and my gender but also my age. Now I'm stuck with a lavender coated princess who has become my 'caretaker' and I'm being forced to go to school!

I still can't believe this isn't some crazy drug trip. Well, whatever - if this is a drug trip then I'm gonna make sure this will be the best drug trip of my life. So take a look into my new personal life and prepare to see the horrors that I'll bring to this hippy horse land.

[Sex Tag for references and innuendos - there will be no clop.]

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Emperor Mateus, emperor of the Palamecian Empire wakes up in a strange new world. Having been defeated not once, but twice by the hands of Firion and his rebel gangs. But instead of returning back to hell after his second death just like he expected, instead he suddenly finds himself drifting off through the void and dragged to a new and unfamiliar world with an even more unfamiliar body as well.

His mind somewhat warped and altered from his previous experiences, he now has now the chance to start over from scratch in a world that seems to be oozing with magic. But don’t be fooled by his now somewhat altered ego, he still is the Emperor, highly intelligent, cunning and extremely powerful (even though at the beginning his magic is weakened)

Now that he is here and given another chance in a new world filled with new possibilities and conquests he will make sure to not repeat his previous mistakes ever again while getting his…han-hooves…on a new empire. He is going to show this new world what true dominance is.

The Emperor is back and hungry for more power.


(Authors note: The current cover art is only temporary, I will create a more dedicated cover art if this fic is being received well.)

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In the magical land of Equestria, two alicorn sisters raise the Sun and the Moon every day to give the world a night and day cycle, basic for the survival of life. There are also two alicorns who rule over two very core aspects of life and harmony itself. Those are Love and Friendship. While not as ancient as the two sisters, all princesses are essential to the world's balance.
This balance is also sustained by the hard-working ponies, who make the seasons change and manage the weather to fit their needs, so everypony has enough food and water, and every animal is also attended to assure that any of them are caught in the changes of seasons.

But what about the planet itself? What about Mother Nature?
This is the question that Gaia asks when she arrives to this foreign world. After so much work her son persuaded her to take a long vacation in Equestria, saying that she needed one and assuring her that he would be in charge now, and she must take a break. But what can a several billion-year old alicorn possibly do to pass her time in this land?

(SimEarth/MLP Crossover)
(Timelife of Gaia's life 'till the start of the story)

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I remember the time when I had to worry about high school classes. I remember the time when I worried about my future family, job, and finances. After that fateful day when I passed out as a sixteen year old boy. In high school class and woke in a little fillies room with a dark voice in my head. I've had nothing but worry about whether or not that dark voice would take me over and begin her campaign of terror. I am pinkamena Diane Pie and this is my story.
(AN/ I am a beginner I never did a story before but I could not ignore this opportunity. constructive criticism is welcome. editor wanted and welcome

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Twilight lives a comfortable, expected life with the security of being surrounded by her mentors and friends. As she grows into a model unicorn, a dangerous being takes hold of the volatile Brood and drives them to war, breaking a long period of peace. After years of preparation for a higher order, Twilight is chosen to ascend beyond that of a typical sorcerer in a mysterious plan to counter the impending conflict.

During her dark, trying mission Twilight will discover a caged soul and unknowingly set them free, gradually acquiring an affinity for the darkness as a result. As she struggles within deepening conflict, she must push on and fight for what she believes in. With manipulation, deceit, and betrayal storming around, will she be able to contain herself and protect those she loves, or will she succumb to the creeping darkness and abandon everything she stands for?

*Warning: Comments may contain spoilers.*

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A pariah who has long lived in their elder sibling's shadow, only to try and violently assert their own greatness and fail...both Loki and Luna know this tale all too well.
After the events of Thor, Loki Odinson of Asgard has fallen from grace, only to find himself in an unknown realm. Reaching out to him is Princess Luna, whom finds the similarities between them. Will Loki accept her help and recover from his dismay, or will he end up spurning it because of his arrogance?

More info below the break.

Arc 1: Entering Equestria 1-13
Arc 2: The Avengers 14-23
Arc 3: The Great and Powerful Student 24-33
Arc 4: Delving into Hel Itself 34-46
Mini Arc 1: Lorelei the Temptress 47-48
Mini Arc 2: The Equestria Games 49-50
Arc 5: Thor The Dark World 51-57
Arc 6: Calm Before the Storm 58-70
Arc 7: The Performance of a Lifetime, the Fall of Thanos 71-75
Arc 8: To Remember When One Should Forget 76-80, Epilogue
Bonus Chapters

Cover image from CuteSkitty on Deviantart: http://fav.me/d5whxcz

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This story is a sequel to An Alternate Path

Much has changed in a few short months in Equestria. Changelings, once feared and hated, are now starting to become full citizens, and some are choosing to live amongst ponies. A particular nymph, Gel, first sparked the movement and is now living happily with her unicorn husband. However, there are always new challenges on the horizon, and the most obvious to this couple is their first child.

Watch as this young couple take on the challenges of being new parents to the first recorded case of a pony-changeling hybrid. What will this child be like? How will they act? Only time will tell. Friends are always there to help, family as well, but there are some ponies who weren't so accepting of changelings, and one can only imagine how they might react to a literal symbol of their integration.

Sequel to An Alternate Path

Side Story: The Start of Something New: Private Moments (NFSW)

Co-written by myself and EnigmaMystere

Cover art by Ember Bell

Chapters (34)

In the crazed aftermath of Discord's escape, a young zebra and diamond dog are found on death's doorstep outside of Ponyville. Taken by their adoptive guardian, the duo attempts to acclimate to town to the best of their abilities all the while hiding a fairly big secret.

A collaboration between myself and Greycait . Give him praise for this as well.

Now edited by Celefin. Go read his stuff as well!

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What would you do if you woke up and found yourself turned into one of your favorite MLP characters? No, no, not a pony, try a zebra. Would you be amazed? Scared? Excited?

How about PANIC?

My name is Jace Banner, and I didn't really ask for this, but I'm trying to make the most of it. I don't know why, but I've become the one and only potions master Zecora, and apparently I've got a lot more in store for myself than I think.

Help me!

A part of the PonyEarthVerse series

Illustrations done by Chocolatechilla

Chapters (14)

Humanity has essentially destroyed itself and I was the lucky one who didn't really change at all, negatively anyway. Everyone was transformed to have animal features and even became feral, animalistic in nature and intelligence. Hopefully the new world won't be so bad, WHEN it comes about anyway.

Clop side story is out https://www.fimfiction.net/story/420103/can-we-not-mature-chapters

Also decided to gender bend some characters.

First few chapters are pretty fast paced, will fix this eventually.

I may use content from other sources hence the crossover tag, I hope that won't be a problem, I also hope you get any references I make.

Story being rewritten, it's your choice if you read the original. Rewrite chapters will be published on this story though.

Featured... I don't know how to respond given the timing of this...

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