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The Quiet Place - Aynine

Twilight fights against sinister manipulations, struggling to overcome a deep-seated darkness within. As she battles to preserve everything she cares about, she will sacrifice anything necessary to succeed. But the price of victory may be herself.

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Chapter 53: Gloam

The Quiet Place

By: Aynine

[Disclaimer: I own nothing of the MLP franchise and all rights are reserved by Hasbro and the respective parties involved.]

Chapter 53: Gloam

For a moment, Luna thought she heard herself snoring as she stirred awake, but it continued even as she sat up. Glancing over her shoulder she found, to her surprise, Chrysalis had been coiled up beside her on the bed. The changeling queen’s absence from the previous evening was of little surprise. She had slinked away quickly with her powers, and the princess presumed she would feed and escape. It was odd to Luna to see her slumbering, a formidable opponent that had previously attempted to usurp her people and turn them into a permanent food source. A myriad of memories snaked their way through her thoughts and she climbed out of bed, stifling groans as her body reminded her of the wounds she still bore.

I’m not awake enough for all of this, she thought as she hobbled towards a mirror. A brush floated over to her and ran through her mane. While unkempt, it seemed to lose its shifting property, appearing more like a set of constellations that had been dropped together into a lopsided mass. When she opened her eyes, only then did she realize the snoring had stopped; Chrysalis was standing behind her reflection.

The brush returned to a nearby dresser. “I’m sorry if I woke you.”

“You didn’t,” she replied.

An awkward silence fell between them and Luna turned to head for the door. “Do changelings eat food, or is it all love that you survive off of?” The changeling was already on her heels before she knew it.

“We do eat, but it doesn’t offer the same sustenance.”

Luna cocked her head towards her companion. She was not proving to be a good conversationalist in the morning. “Well, I’m going to get some breakfast—“ She cut herself off as she glanced to the light coming through windows and illuminating her chambers. “I suppose it would be lunchtime. You should join me.”

She learned of Celestia and Nightmare Moon’s earlier departure and of the crystal runner’s news over breakfast. Chrysalis was left with an array of fine dishes to sample, but she merely nibbled on each item and watched the princess as she ate. The food was satisfying, but the constant staring was growing unsettling.

“Well, aren’t we all just one big dysfunctional family,” remarked Daring Do as she strode up and took a seat near the princess. Rainbow Dash and Derpy Hooves followed in behind whispering to one another and giggling quietly.

“Where is Chancellor Leo?” Luna asked.

The sarcastic demeanor of the sandy pegasus dampened before she spoke. “He’s taking care of the militia and getting hold of Canterlot. There’s a lot of unrest, and overthrowing Aurelius didn’t come without casualties.” She swallowed and the other two pegasi beside her grew silent. “The citizens have been through a lot. The archmagi need to be rebuilt and reorganized.”

Derpy chimed in. “I hate to say it, but we’ve got bigger problems than that.”

“Bigger problems?” echoed the princess. “What could be bigger than re-establishing order and cleaning up both Aurelius’ and our mess?”

“Contractors,” said Daring, her face sullen and eyes becoming distant. “At least, that’s what we call them. I found one in the city. That black alicorn, whatever her name is, was fighting him. I killed him before things could get out of hand, but it’s a bad omen.”

Luna bit into an apple as she listened. “What makes these contractors so special? You say they’re stronger than regular dragons, but we know little else.” Chrysalis took an apple and started to eat it, but her eyes remained mostly on the princess.

One of the servants arrived and brought food to the pegasi as they listened, but Daring shook her head. “Just a salad, and pitcher of water,” she muttered to him. She cleared her throat as she focused back on the princess. “Dragons aren’t much of a match for us celestial knights in the field in very small numbers, but the contractors are different. They’re all fully matured dragons, so their hides are thick and they’re very resistant to magic. But what’s worse, they’re covered in some kind of natural, stony scales. They’re incredibly thick and make them virtually invincible to conventional attacking methods.”

“You killed two in the desert by yourself. I have doubts about the durability of these new dragons when I do not know how powerful you are to measure them.” Another apple from Luna’s plate drifted towards the changeling, and she had to steal it back with her magic.

“I can confirm what she’s saying about the scales,” interjected Derpy. “I tried to cut through one with her sword after she slew them, but it was like hitting iron.”

Luna stood up, taking her last apple with her—the changeling made a small huff—and slowly paced back and forth. “These things come from the Badlands, do they not?”

Daring nodded. “They stay in the Badlands, and we stay out of the Badlands. It’s very rare for them to wander into our lands, but we don’t know how many there are or how they survive. It’s rough out there and we’ve never gotten very far into that place.”

“You say they are resistant to magic, but Archmage Sparkle was made to easily dispatch multiple dragons at once, should the need arise. What sort of expectation should I carry about their defenses against spells?”

The servant returned and placed a salad, water pitcher and a cup beside the sandy pegasus. She ignored the cup and took the pitcher, rapidly gulping it, much to the others’ surprise. As she consumed most of it, she wiped her mouth and continued. “It will take more magic to break through. Concentrated or focused attacks. They can even shrug off great magic. I have to focus my—“ She glanced around and cleared her throat. “It just takes a lot out of me to take them out quickly, but more than two and I’m not sure I can win. Without Colgate and Berry, we’re at a severe disadvantage if we’re attacked again, and I’m still exhausted from last night.”

Luna returned to her seat and eyed her apple, rotating it before her. “My injuries will prevent me from any serious combat for the time being, as will Archmage Lulamoon’s. The archmagi themselves are not what they once were, so we only have our own army for defense. Still, they take time to amass. How likely are we to be attacked by these contractors? For now, the Brood is an ally and we could request aid once word reaches King Garr that Aurelius is no longer in power.”

Daring shook her head. “I don’t know. Usually the strays fled back into the Badlands after a short while or we took care of them. They’re dangerous, but never went far. To see one all the way up here in Canterlot…” She took a deep breath and finished the water pitcher, loud gulps and a smack of her lips as the last of it was drained. “He had to have come for Aurelius. I can’t think of any other reason.”

The princess passed her apple to Chrysalis, watching as she bit into and rapidly consumed it until it was down to the core. “There is no answer to that mystery that makes it any less frightening. For now, we must gather our strength and recover the stability of Equestria. We do not know how far Aurelius spread his influence. As soon as Celestia returns, we shall see about appealing to our allies and the other races to bolster our defenses if need be.” She turned and looked to Rainbow. “I shall require both of you to bring Knight Dash’s power to bear. Speak with Leo and see to it that she is properly armed. It has been a long time coming.”

“Understood, Your Majesty,” replied Derpy. Rainbow looked at her with a grin quickly spreading across her face.

The princess motioned for Chrysalis and they left the dining hall together. “I am unsure of what use you could be in our hours of need, given your… nature.”

The changeling queen strode up beside the princess, staying close as they passed castle staff and masons. The eyes of others glued to her, but Luna continued on, only casting a stern look down on anyone whose gaze lingered upon her companion too long.

“You know how strong my magic is—“

“—can be,” the princess corrected. “My sister is stronger than you last recall, and you are quite formidable… when you are at full strength.” She stopped and faced Chrysalis. “I am unwilling to gamble on your strength when we need it in the long game.” They had stopped before a window overlooking the courtyard. Off to the side, the remains could be seen of one of the throne room walls. Ponies were cleaning up debris and rebuilding off of what still stood. “If Knight Do is to be believed, these new dragons may require more than we’ve ever asked of another.”

Chrysalis stared at the damage. “What did that?” When Luna did not answer, she turned to find her continuing on down the corridor, and she quickly scampered up to her side again.

The princess sighed. “I did.” Her mane shifted out of the way and wings unfurled, revealing the bloody bandages crossing between. “Admittedly, I was surprised that Twilight could stand her ground against my sister and I at once, but power begets power. She drew out Celestia’s serious side, when I could not muster the resolve. Still, it felt as though there was a part of her yet missing.” There was a moment of silence between them.

“I find my hunger to be… less ravenous as of late.” When Luna looked at her, the changeling appeared just as unsure of the claim.

“Well. We’ll see about that.”

Luna led them to the castle infirmary. Moans could be heard emanating from within, and as they opened the door, chaos became the scene. Resistance forces and royal soldiers and guards alike filled the beds with varying injuries. Nurses and doctors shuffled back and forth with supplies and consultation, some ponies being moved about on gurneys. A large smear of blood was near the center of the room, a pegasus hovering above and swishing a mop back and forth over it.

A doctor glanced up to see the princess. “Sorry for the mess, Your Maje—eeeh!” He jumped and then stiffened, the room going silent as all eyes fell on Chrysalis. Luna followed their gazes to her companion.

“I’ll just… make myself scarce,” Chrysalis murmured, turning away.

“Stay,” said the princess. She turned and stood tall to the room of ponies, her voice becoming loud. “There is nothing to give pause to your work. I have come to change my bandages and nothing more.” Everyone in the room quickly scrambled back to their tasks, their eyes now shying away from the changeling. The doctor that acknowledged them fetched supplies from a cabinet and motioned the princess to a side room. As the doctor peeled away her bandages, the bloody flesh became visible, and Luna winced to the fresh air.

“So, the great Princess of the Night is not so invincible after all.” Luna matched Chrysalis’ smirk with a frown.

“Unless the next time you wake you want to find yourself stuck to a giant fly trap, I suggest words of encouragement.” She watched her and remained rigid as the doctor lathered a salve upon her back and wrapped the wounds. He started on her leg injuries soon after.

Chrysalis seemed to contemplate the princess’s words briefly, but she rolled her eyes. “So what if you got a little eclipsed. I’m sure you’ll shine brighter the next time.” She quickly slinked out of the room before Luna could grab her with her magic.

When Luna left the infirmary, she found the changeling waiting outside in her Nympha form. “Just what is the extent of your transformation ability?”

Chrysalis cycled through several random ponies, but stopped on Cadance. “Oh, you know… Whatever to look the part.” A silence punctuated with the narrowing of Luna’s gaze caused her to revert to her base form.

“Can you turn into something to fight?”

The changeling paused before answering. “Yes, but if I’m changing into another creature entirely I cannot use my magic. I can shift back and forth again, but it wears through my power the stronger the creature.”

Luna pursed her lips. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


Nightmare stared absently out the train window to the rolling terrain. She had been mulling over Twilight’s behavior for the entire ride back to Canterlot, falling to silence even when Celestia attempted to maintain a conversation. It wasn’t until the private booth had dimmed and the sun princess’s chromatic mane offered some illumination that she caught her staring.

Nightmare sighed. “A part of me didn’t want to believe it.”

All of me didn’t want to believe it… any of it,” Celestia replied.

The arrival at Canterlot was marked by an announcement and the deceleration of the train, causing Nightmare to sway. The grinding of the brakes came, and it slowed to a halt. They watched as most of the train car exited in the hallway outside, their shadows moving across a drape beneath the light.

“I’m… scared,” the Id confessed. “I was afraid of being without her, but I coped. I survived. She was my place in the world, and I didn’t know where I belonged. My life truly began with her.”

“I tried to get you to stay. Even if my sister would object, her scorn would wear down eventually. You could have had a home in Canterlot.”

Nightmare stood up and stretched. “I wasn’t concerned with Luna’s feelings. Without Twilight, it wasn’t home to me.” The pair exited the train, and on the platform they found Derpy, Luna, and Chrysalis awaiting them.

“Welcome home, sister,” Luna greeted. “I presume it did not go well.”

Celestia moved to embrace her sister, but stopped as she saw the bandages. “Twilight had fled long before we arrived. She attacked her brother.”

“I… see.” Luna glanced past to Nightmare. “I am sorry.” The Id shook her head and walked past her in silence. Derpy and Chrysalis stayed beside Luna as they walked and talked.

“It is good to see you moving about again, Luna. I know that can’t be easy.”

“Nothing is easy,” she said as she gazed at the back of the Id ahead of them. She cleared her throat as they ascended the stairs, herself taking hold of the railing and taking shuffled steps upward. “We have received the resistance forces and begun damage control to the city and castle. Those that stood with us in overthrowing Aurelius are to be investigated for pardoning in the future, however, what shall we do with those that still harbored loyalty?”

The sun princess paused atop the stairs and watched her sister, holding her answer until she arrived. “Treason will not be tolerated in the severe cases, but I wish to offer leniency to those that can make a sound case.”

“As you wish.” A carriage was waiting for them at the street, several guards standing prepared to drive it.

As they boarded, Luna stopped her sister. “There is… something of a surprise for you at the castle.”

The sun princess cocked her head to one side. “Oh? What is it?”

“I desire to see your unfettered reaction, so you must wait.” Luna boarded and left her sister pensive for a moment.


Luna continued her status report to her sister, relaying her outlines for plans to her, but she received only half-formed responses. Celestia had divided her attention between Nightmare—her eyes laden with worry—and Chrysalis—a wary look that Luna recognized as suspicion. She found Chrysalis to be hovering over her, but her attention split between her and the Id as well.

The carriage arrived at the castle, and everyone filed out. The princesses took flight together, exchanging the sun and the moon’s reign over the skies and completing the shift from day to night. As they landed, Derpy offered a bow.

“I’m going to check on Knight Dash’s progress.” Luna nodded and prepared to reply, but Nightmare spoke first.

“I have somewhere to be,” she said quietly and took off into the night.

“Well,” started the moon princess, “I think any discussion for a battle plan is left until we’re all at our best.” She turned to the changeling. “You can retire for the evening if you wish as well.”

“I’ll stay with you,” she replied, receiving another wary glance from Celestia.

The princesses led the way back to the throne room. As they entered the still-scorched room, the hastily rebuilt throne of the sun princess was occupied.

“What do you think you—“

Daring stood up, her eyes wide, and she quickly glided down the steps, her eyes locked with Celestia’s.

Luna extended a hoof towards the sandy pegasus. “Sister, this is the surprise… that I…” she trailed off as she took notice of the sun princess. Her mouth was agape, her eyes wide. Trembling steps drew Daring and Celestia towards one another. Suddenly, they dashed the rest of the way, the larger alicorn taking the other into an embrace, the smaller nuzzling into it.

“You’re… home,” Celestia said softly. Her eyes watered, but she blinked away any tears that were forming.

She chuckled. “I can’t run away when my princess needs me, can I?” They separated and she straightened up. “It’s good to see you again. I feared the worst when I heard of Canterlot’s fall. I… I should have been here.”

Celestia shook her head. “No. It’s alright now. You might not have been able to do anything when it all happened.”

Daring sighed. “I… guess we’ll never know.”

The sun princess pulled her close and embraced her once more. “You are not a coward,” she whispered. “I understand… and I forgive you. I hope you have forgiven me for breaking my vow to you.”

The legs beneath the pegasus buckled and she crumbled to the floor, her eyes hiding beneath her grey mane as she shuddered. “Th-thank you, and… I have,” she said with a quiet, choked voice. After a moment, she wiped her eyes and stood up. “I had a lot of time to think about it.”

Luna and Chrysalis exchanged puzzled looks.

“Do you mind explaining this, sister?” Luna asked curtly.

Celestia took a deep breath. “Before your return, Paladin Do was bound to me.”

That much I have already figured out for myself.”

Daring stepped up beside the sun princess and bowed. “Paladin Daring Do, at your service.”

The moon princess scoffed. “I think you made it quite clear whose service you are in. You two knew each other were alive… didn’t you?”

Celestia slowly nodded to her. “Yes. Her binding offered a connection. I could sense her, faintly, somewhere out there, in a similar manner as Twilight once before. I knew she would return home.” She smiled to Daring. “One day.”

Derpy stepped into the room with Rainbow in tow, a look of awe on her face as she viewed the pair. “Welcome back, Princess Celestia,” she muttered.

“Whoa, you two know each other?” Rainbow blurted.

“We’re, ah, old friends. Daring Do was the previous paladin. I should have been more upfront about her status, but I felt the time was not right to ask for her to return. I am sorry for the secrecy.”

Derpy’s gaze evened out as she listened. “You should have told me.”

Celestia nodded. “Yes, I should have, but it seems things have smoothed over before your arrival. I’m glad for that.” Derpy opened her mouth, but was silenced by a hoof. “When all is said and done, I will tell you anything you want. I promise.” The paladin smiled and nodded. She turned back to Daring and placed a hoof on her head. “You have been taking care of yourself. I trust your burden is not too much to bear.”

The sandy pegasus grew solemn for a moment. “It’s… hard sometimes. Without you… I was worried about what could happen.” She placed a hoof over her heart. “But I don’t have to worry anymore now that I’m here with you.”

“You have spent all of this time by yourself, but you were never without me. You never had anything to fear, Paladin Do.” The sun princess embraced her one last time, earning a smile from her. “Thank you.”

“This,” began Chrysalis, “is all very touching. I’m sure. But what should we be doing?”

The sun princess focused on her. “I would like to know how the queen of the changelings came to be my sister’s companion. I would have had you thrown in the dungeons the moment I saw you were it not for her.”

Chrysalis blanched, but Luna spoke up. “We found her dying in Ponyville. She had since been ousted by the Swarm as their ruler. I vowed to aid her and her race, should she aid us in retaking Equestria. She has honored her word thus far.”

“Ousted by the swarm?” echoed Celestia. She studied the changeling queen as she shrank behind her younger sister. She put a hoof to her chin as she glanced away. “You appear to trust each other,” her eyes shifted between the two, “and I won’t interfere with the bond you have now.” The changeling opened her mouth to speak, but she froze. “I leave her in your care, Luna. I trust I don’t need to say anything more.”

Chrysalis appeared relieved, but she maintained her demeanor by the side of the moon princess. When Luna looked to her, she half-shrugged.

“You do not. She will be fine with me for the time being.”

Celestia panned her gaze around the room. “I expected Nightmare Moon to have returned by now. Where has she gone off to?”

Luna shook her head. “I fear her short-lived reunion has been weighing heavily upon her mind. She knows she is welcome here.”

The sun princess sighed. “That’s not quite it. I’m worried she may run off on her own again.”

“I’ll go find her,” replied Luna.

“I’ll go with you,” chimed in Chrysalis.

“Uh,” Derpy rubbed the back of her head, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. You two didn’t exactly meet on the best of terms.”

The changeling chewed on her lower lip. “You’re right. I’ll just… wait for you in your room.” Luna nodded and the pair left, Chrysalis right at her side again.

Celestia turned to Derpy. “What is the status of Knights Punch and Minuette. Are they still… missing?”

The paladin shuddered. “Yes. I’m guessing that they’ll be with Aurelius when we next see him, but we can’t afford to go searching for them. I’m… not looking forward to that reunion.”

Daring put a hoof on her shoulder and made an expression between uncertainty and worry. “You and me both.”

“We need to get them back,” said the princess. “I won’t have them controlled by Aurelius any longer than they have to be. But for now, you’re right, and I’ll need you two together. Rest easy for the time being while we recover and gather our strength.” The trio nodded to her and left the throne room.


Luna meandered over the castle grounds, taking in the ruination from the previous battle. It was nothing like the destruction from Aurelius’s siege, but the city had been rebuilt quickly in its aftermath. Too quickly, she thought, recalling much of the surface damage. She had raised the moon already, but it was hidden among the clouds, casting only a murky shade upon the landscape. The darkness had little to do with her inability to find the Id, but if she was hiding herself it would still prove a challenge to find her.

She started to think over the locations she could be, but during the peace following Twilight’s disappearance she spent much of her free time in Twilight’s chambers. The most anyone saw of her was if she was summoned regarding plans for searches, but her restlessness led to her own investigations. It bothered Luna that she departed on her own, regardless, but she understood the frustration.

As she glided around, she thought of another place the Id might have gone to, and she turned from flying over the edges of the castle grounds to the old ivory tower. It housed its own library and many items that the archmage had been fond of using. The tower grew to be a place of solitude for her when she found the rest of the castle to be distracting. Luna landed at the top, finding a balcony with one of the doors open partway. She entered quietly, taking care to move without making a sound. Descending the stairs, she took in the sight of the darkened bookshelves, now covered in dusty drapes. The moonlight scarcely shone through the windows, but she reached the bottom of the stairs to find Nightmare staring absently out of them.

“There you are. Celestia was worried about you.”

Nightmare turned her head, but not enough to glimpse Luna. “It’s strange that you volunteered to look for me.”

The princess took a deep breath and slowly moved up to her, sitting down and gazing out of the windows with her. “Perhaps, but if you were hiding I am the best choice for finding you.”

The sharp irises of the Id met her own. “What if I’m not hiding, but I don’t want to be found?”

Luna’s heart sank and she turned back to the windows. “I was that way… once. Far lost in my sister’s shadow, long after I had grown to loathe her. ”

“That’s not the same,” Nightmare replied. The clouds thickened upon the moon and the light cast in the tower grew darker, and even the edges of the bookshelves could barely be seen.

Luna allowed the silence to linger a moment before speaking. “I do not believe I properly thanked you for the solace you gave my mind during our imprisonment. I cannot recall much of it, nor what you did.”

“Sleep,” the Id said. “Both of us, for much of it. It was easier when the rage died down, but I couldn’t do anything during the beginning, and nothing for the hatred.”

The princess eyed her thoughtfully in the dark. “I… see. Thank you. I believe it helped.”

“You should leave,” remarked Nightmare as she stood up and moved into the darkness in the back.

“And if I want to stay?”

The Id’s body vanished into the pitch black, but her eyes could be seen when she turned, along with her misty mane glowing faintly. “And why would you want to do that?”

Luna turned back to the windows, the moonlight starting to return as the clouds thinned away. “I wish for your forgiveness.”

“By pestering me?”

She frowned, even if the Id could not see it. “I… do not know of any way that would ease your tensions with me.”

Nightmare paused for a moment, and she could hear steps moving about behind her. For a moment, Luna thought the Id had left, but she spoke from the shadows again.

“Last I checked you were the one that hated me.” The aggravation leaked through her tone.

The princess stood up and moved into the shadows, walking past her, but never meeting her eyes. With her magic, she retrieved two items and placed them where they had been sitting before the windows. With a quick dusting, they were revealed as pillows and she sat on one. She glanced over her shoulder to the Id before turning to the windows. After a moment, Nightmare made a sound somewhere between a sigh and a groan before taking a seat on the pillow beside her.

“So much has changed, and much more I’ve come to learn about myself. I have had much time to reflect on the events of the past since you had last resided in Canterlot. I have come to realize certain things as a result.”

“Oh?” Luna found the Id’s half-lidded eyes meeting hers. “And what things did you realize?”

The princess’s voice grew quieter, slower. “I… did not treat you well. I did not treat you fairly in the wake of Twilight’s absence. I still… find your existence separate from mine to be… difficult to accept. I have wanted someone else to blame for over a millennium for Nightmare Moon. Someone other than myself.” She turned to the Id, sadness growing in the pit of her stomach. Nightmare’s gaze had grown more interested on her, but she was unsure if her own feelings were showing. “And then… I learned you were no longer a part of me. That you never were. You became a being all of your own, and you could no longer be someone I could blame.” The moonlight became lost behind thick clouds again and the tower darkened once more.

“I was created to use your feelings against you, you know,” Nightmare muttered back, her voice barely above a whisper.

“I do know now.” Luna took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “You did not deserve my blame, and for that I am truly, deeply sorry. For my behavior then, and up to this point. I was right to have my doubts back then, but they were unjust long after Twilight’s disappearance. You were loyal to her and her memory long after, and respectful to us.”

Silence welled between them, and Luna’s stomach twisted as she waited for a response. After several minutes, Nightmare finally spoke.

“You want my forgiveness?” she asked, and Luna nodded. “Why? Because it would be what Twilight would want?”

“No,” replied the princess, turning to the windows. The thick clouds passed and the moonlight started to shine, peeling back the dark shadows and casting its dim, somber light through the tower. The darkness remained, but the shelves could be seen once more. “I want it for myself.” She turned to Nightmare. “Because I wish to sever all ill feelings with my past and no longer allow myself to punish you for it. My past is not your fault, and I shall not carry that grievance any longer.” Nightmare’s eyes grew wide as she stared at her. Luna rubbed the back of her head and looked out the windows again. “I… do not need your forgiveness, as I must move on with or without it, but I just… needed to apologize. It felt appropriate. Necessary.” The Id remained silent for a while longer as she looked out the windows. “L-Look, my sister is better at this than I. Please say something, even if it is to reject my apo—“

“I forgive you.”

Luna’s moist eyes met with the Id’s sharp, draconic eyes. For the first time, Luna felt as if there was no animosity within Nightmare’s eyes when she was looked upon. The twisting of feelings in her stomach washed away into relief, and she felt her hoof being delicately taken.

“I forgive you, Luna,” she whispered.

The princess wiped her eyes and smiled. “Thank you.” They sat in silence, watching the shifting of the moonlight beneath the clouds one last time. “As my sister and I have said before, Canterlot is as much a home to you as it is to Twilight.”

The Id stood up and took a deep breath. “Sorry, Luna… but it won’t be home to me until Twilight is here.”

“Fair enough.” Luna rose after her, a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Would it be acceptable to now refer to you as a friend?”

Nightmare offered a surprised look, but she snorted and chuckled. “I’m not sure I could ever get used to that.” Her eyes slid to the windows as the clouds cleared away. The tower illuminated faintly with the melancholy light. Luna found the Id’s demeanor to have softened, but she peeled away from the sight and moved for the stairs before she could glimpse her face.

Author's Note:

10/9/2017 - Due to my bad sleep right now, chapter was delayed a little cause of me failing to keep up with going back and forth with Peppy for edits. RIP

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