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Honeybee Pollination? :trollestia:

Of course that's the comment you make...:facehoof:

3353684 I'll promise to stop the rather large influx of bee comments if you'd prefer? I usually need something direct to tell me enough is enough or else I just end up continuing, I take subtle actions and block them out so I don't get crazy/mad with guesstimating multiple tangents of them :trollestia:

No no, by all means, continue your bee comments. Though I don't think you've made one for the second chapter of this story's base one yet.

3358819 I might think of something in the meantime, I'm still deciding over the whole: To Bee or Not to Bee scenario
Then again, I realize just how much we can learn from pony/changeling hybridization

Well, this is just sweaty, lustful smut.

I thought that was obvious from the description.

The actual story is in that link in said description.

3392749 It was meant as a compliment.

Furious sex in every room for the sole purpose of procreation? Oh you dirty mare... uh... I mean nymph.

I always said it sometimes seems like she's a nymph in more than one way.

3402126 Hmmm, nymph in more than one way? What do you mean? *silently thinking before suddenly realizing* AHAHAHAHHAAHHA! *Gasp* AAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha ha. Ha... ha... Oh you.

Boner, what are you doing h-Oh wait, you're here for a reason. CARRY ON!

This pleases Flint... Carry on. :moustache:

What happens when they want a foal? Will they adopt, or will One of them want a foal birth naturally? Would they use a sperm donor, or approach one of their friends with the proposition? Just curious as to where you're gonna take this relationship. :derpytongue2:

I'm not normally this crass but..... They're fucked! I'll take myself out...... :rainbowlaugh:

4020237 Well... yes, I suppose so. That was sort of the point.

Lol... So true>>3510786


(Not really, of course, I don't have that privacy but I could definitely understand if someone who has space and time all to themselves did. It's a sad, sad day for me.)

Would it be a safety hazard to get so fucking high like that? I mean...wow.

Aww~ how sweet! Admittedly, my fav part was the roses :twilightblush:

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