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Traveling the world can be a strange and dangerous ordeal, especially when you're all but on your own.

And after one adventure ends in almost complete disaster, Twilight Sparkle has decided to take a much-needed vacation for both herself and her sole companion. Some time to themselves, some time to catch up on their reading, and some time to not almost be eaten by dragons. And fortunately, she's managed to come across a nice quiet little country town to settle her roots into for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, it's never quite that easy. Especially when your name is Twilight Sparkle, a pony with a knack for getting mixed up in all sorts of trouble. And the quiet little town she has found might not be so quiet after all...

--- ---

Cover art commissioned by me, from one Hoodwinked MCShelster.
Audio-version over on YouTube.
If you can't see the cover art, it's because I currently can't upload it to FimFiction. So for the time being, you can see it by clicking This Link.

Tags are subject to change depending on viewer response. For the sake of ease, here are my "subtags," placed down here instead of up there because there isn't room for them.
An alternate universe story based on some G5 rumors, this really odd dream I had once, and a few other things. Expect references/shoutouts to all sorts of MLP media, such as the movie or comics, and various other fantasy works like D&D. But also expect some major instances of me changing things to further distinguish this from canon. Spike is a pretty good example. You'll figure out why soon enough.
This story is written exclusively for entertainment purposes.

Story has been canceled. For more information on that front, see here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1004535/finding-friendship-cancelation-announcement

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A story about a dragon and his family. Some slice of life, tiny bit of drama, and hopefully some daaww moments. Spike, despite all odds has not only a marefriend, but a foal, and not just one...He has three. Of both. Join Spike, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and their foals in their day to day lives.

Rated Teen for safety's sake, things get a little 'heated'

The cover image took me longer to put together than you might think, crafted from pics belonging to: Strangerdragos, Sharpy, lopoddity, and unoriginal
(According to derpibooru tags on the used pics)

Sweetie Belle - Strangerdragos - 1511618

Applebloom + OC - Sharpy - 15104

Spike, Scoot, Jasper - lopoddity - 934080

Allegro - unoriginal - 462104

I know the little dracony belonging to lopoddity is named Jasper, but this story isn't involved with those characters, just using the template of those characters, so I wanted a different name. I also changed Allegro to Crystal Melody, and Zephyr for the dracony with AB based off a Spikebloom story I read ages ago - Link

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Spike's got three whole days to himself while Twilight is away at the Crystal Empire. Three whole days to be independent and free to do whatever he wants.

Or he would have, if a female dragon hadn't mistaken him for an abandoned hatchling. Now he's been snatched up and taken to her home to be "properly cared for."

Stuck in a cave with an overly-protective dragon intent on mothering him...maybe he should have just gone with Twilight.

Thanks to QueenCold for letting me use this picture of theirs as cover art!

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Spike's fed up of Outer Yakyakistan, a perpetually frigid land of biting wind, blinding snow, and little else. No one actually lives here, not even the yaks themselves. Twilight's company is the only silver lining, but even she can only lift Spike's spirits in short bursts. He wants to go home to Ponyville.

But as they clamber up the final mountain in Outer Yakyakistan, the wind changes. Spike becomes sure that he's been here before. Except... he hasn't. Not in living memory. So why does it feel like he's already home?

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library. Reviewed on Louder Yay, by PresentPerfect, and by The Descendant.
I'm incredibly grateful to Ceffyl Dwr (ed: now paperhearts) for editing and criticising and all that jazz, but most of all for encouraging me to get this story finished. Without him, it wouldn't have happened.

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Hello, again!

Many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a certain dragon has his own role to play in the world. Strengthened by what they see as lacking, he stands apart from his own kin as they look upon him with both the fear and respect of one completely devoted to the destined task that he had been hatched for.

Cover art belongs to Minerea.

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The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

Obi-Wan Kenobi. 0BBY

(Higher rez image here)

Artwork by a good friend of mine, Nina Ward

The force. A ubiquitous power of untold potential. Both the Jedi and the Sith look to the power for guidance, believing it to be the ultimate embodiment of all that is in the universe. But what is the true extent of its power? What is its reach, and how many species can it touch?
Spike. A baby dragon raised in Equestria by the personal protégé of the monarch of the sun. He is looked to for friendship and compassion by scores of ponies, as well as providing the bonds of a sibling to one pony in particular, and often the one source of sense in a group of eccentric friends.
Can a dragon from a back water planet truly master the ways of the strongest power in the galaxy?

(Higher rez image here)

Artwork by a good friend of mine, Nina Ward

Comments may contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Ok, so this thing is going to be the longest story I've written. By far. Hope I can keep your attention.
Rated teen for some gore and swearing.

Black-Light Library approved.

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After several years spent amongst the dragons, Spike returns to Canterlot to take an entry exam at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Individuals. His old friend is there to witness it, and she is not too happy with what she sees.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Dying Flame

A year has passed since Spike's furnace went out, and Twilight was forced to leave her adoptive brother in the care of Al'Mal'Gorath. The complete and utter silence regarding the fate of Spike has all but driven the alicorn into the depths of despair, only her friends support allowing her sanity to remain steady.

Deep down, Twilight fears what may be waiting for her - she fears that her brother, Spike, died a year ago and nothing but a corpse remains. But most of all, she fears the kind of monster Mal'Gorath could have shaped him into.


Many thanks to ward282, MagicKnight55 and metallusionsismagic for proof-reading and editing the story.

Chapters (6)

Spike longed for years to have a family of his own. With Twilight's help, he applies for adoption.
Can he succeed in the trials of parenthood?
Can his daughter survive the life of royalty?
Can the royal coffers endure the doting of three zealous aunts?

Set seventy years after the end of Season 3.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
Cover art by EZTP also featured on Equestria Daily! [#3]
Additional supplemental art provided by MelonDraws, spokenmind93, EZTP, EifieChan, Ayemel, and Ninny, with more to come in the future.

Edited by the amazing Shahrazad

*Note*: [Sex] tag added for the use of innuendo and mention of the topic in later chapters. No 'on-screen' content included.

This story's update frequency is incredibly sporadic, but I promise, no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, this story will reach completion. (Update 12/28/22: YES, I PROMISE I'M STILL WORKING ON IT!)


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After a month of being missing after a magical mishap, Spike has returned to Ponyville. However, he's not the adorable baby dragon everyone remembers.

Now a well fleshed out drake, and garbed in armor the likes of which ponies have never seen, he walks with caution, grace, and absolute confidence. His eyes show wisdom beyond his years, but he has trouble remembering details about his friends. But he returned with a purpose.

He also didn't return alone.

One thing is certain though...he has a story to tell. That is this story.


MLP/Metroid crossover.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by DavieRocket.

Chapters (141)