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just another brony with random story ideas.


A story about a dragon and his family. Some slice of life, tiny bit of drama, and hopefully some daaww moments. Spike, despite all odds has not only a marefriend, but a foal, and not just one...He has three. Of both. Join Spike, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and their foals in their day to day lives.

Rated Teen for safety's sake, things get a little 'heated'

The cover image took me longer to put together than you might think, crafted from pics belonging to: Strangerdragos, Sharpy, lopoddity, and unoriginal
(According to derpibooru tags on the used pics)

Sweetie Belle - Strangerdragos - 1511618

Applebloom + OC - Sharpy - 15104

Spike, Scoot, Jasper - lopoddity - 934080

Allegro - unoriginal - 462104

I know the little dracony belonging to lopoddity is named Jasper, but this story isn't involved with those characters, just using the template of those characters, so I wanted a different name. I also changed Allegro to Crystal Melody, and Zephyr for the dracony with AB based off a Spikebloom story I read ages ago - Link

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This is wonderful! I love the idea and I can't wait till the next chapter. :heart::derpytongue2::heart:

I'm surprisingly entertain by this by a lot. You, my new friend have my attention. I can't wait for more & to find out the origins of how Spike fall in love with the C.M.C.

This was nice, I would like to see an follow-up (preferably with several chapters).

Interesting, will Twilight be around around at all or any of the other elements?

Twilight and the others will be around, but not focused on.

can i say that i would like more please

You can, and you will get more

This is a fantastic idea you have, mate and pretty unique from what I can tell on this site. I can't wait for the next chapter and you got my full support!!! :pinkiehappy: :raritywink:

"I have pictures,"

that line right there best line so far because all of the implications

Rainbow captain of Twilight's guard or she not a princess in this?

Noticed some minor grammatical errors, the first I noticed being a lack of apostrophes, as shown here

Spikes eyes, the mares below shaking their heads quickly. Spikes previous transformations

(I believe it was called Zephyr apple flambe)

Zestar Apple Flambe is what you're looking for.

Normally I avoid Herd Ship stories, due to the unlikelihood of the ship actually working. This however, seems very good, and has been filled with many D'awws so far. I do hope that this story continues towards more fluffy goodness.


I love the story but I am a little confused. Is he cheating on all of them or is he married to all of them making them a four way couple?

Nice Rainbow cameo & I love the scene when Spike questions the girls if they were pregnant again, that was hilarious especially with A.B. saying "Not yet." :rainbowlaugh:

Btw, if ya don't mind me asking this, how old are Tempest, Zephyr, & Crystal?

Crystal is still a foal
Tempest is a kid
Zephyr is just barely a teen.


He is married to all of them.


This is to freaking adorable with the kids, and hot with the mares, especially Applebloom!

Hopefully to see now chapel soon ?

is today soon enough then cause its out

That fight seemed forced in all honestly.

Its a basic summary of a separate story that I'm trying to avoid spoilers for but explain situations. More of skimming details than anything else. Simply there to explain "this is a thing, moving on"
After all, Spike has two other foals and its been years.

Basically ignoring Twilight though? His mother/sister figure for all those years?

There's more story to be told behind it. Spike does a lot of things he doesn't like for the sake and safety of his family. This is one of those things he feels he HAS to do because of the pieces of story that are missing here. I'd be happy to fill you in but not in the comment section.

A new chapter and a nice read to say. I see you giving us information on how the Mane 6 is reacting to Spike settling down with his whole family, right now we got RD being concerned about the situation and ready to take action if anything that goes crazy, but supports the decision. And then there Twilight, her's situation with Spike is interesting and seeing her curiosity of Zephyr's birth and wanting document it, and obvious Spike's disapproval of her doing such a thing.

It also reminded me of a chapter from As Sweet As Lavender. I'll be waiting to see Spike's part of the past situation as I do see Twilight doing something like this, letting her curiosity getting the better of her.

Sister like figure! Celestia is clearly more of the mom figure there.

This is his child! His first child and son! When you have kids you will know the feel!

Save the explanation for the story! I'm loving how this is going! Because we all know, Twilight, would do something like this if/when, Spike would father a child with a pony.:ajbemused:

Sucks to say, but true all the same.:facehoof:
Plus I want to know more about that and the magic, Spike can use. Again, save it for the story! Please and thank you!:moustache:

Wow Spike getting some 2 on 1 handicap (wrestling reference) action & damn that was fucked up what Twilight try to do, not even in 1 minute after Z was born, she tries to go all mad scientist on him & in front of Spike & the family no less!

Another fun read, noticed a few errors (mostly having to do with a lack of punctuation)

i like this it was fun and informitive

Great chapter, it was really informative to say, and showing Spike readiness to do anything the ones so close to him. I'm starting to understand some of his decisions in the past chapters.

Keep up the good work, and keep going strong!!! :twilightsmile:

More story, and more fun!

Great story really. I take a bit of joy seeing my name show up in it lol.

:trollestia: That's my boy...
:duck: I had a business to run....
:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel: Cutie Mark Dracony makers! Yeah!

:facehoof: All the mares get Spike.......

This was glorious, you really developed Spike well on how far he'll go for Applebloom (Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle as well) & the kids. Hopefully we, one day see how he & the C.M.C. fall in love with one another. :twilightsmile:

Mama Belle

Inventor of the Sweetiephone.

Yay, update! :yay:
Also, yay, start of the long, painful reconciliation with Twilight! :twilightsmile:
I am quite pleased with this chapter, as is Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy:

Ditto to all these things!

I am not sure how to feel about these developments. On one hand, yay, babies! On the other, all of this talk with fluttershy and Pinkie is distracting a bit from his relationship with the CMC. It makes sense to me that a herd based society would have no problem with "sharing," as it were, but its discussion does make my inner catholic a bit uncomfortable.

Also: MOAR PLS! This is one of the most interesting ships i have read bout in a while.

It's alive!!! :pinkiehappy:
And I got to say I extremely love this chapter, and gonna read it agian. Plus getting to know what the other four was doing in life while Spike was raising his kids.

Also I like what you going on with Pinkie and Fluttershy, seeing how they have a romanatic relationship with Spike while not having any drama with his wives, the dragon harem is lookinv real good. :raritywink:

well I can honestly say I did not see that coming

"Guess I've been volunteered, oh woah is me,"

Should be woe.

Also, if Spike were to get a job as a Professional Stud, I bet he could completely support his family by himself and none of the others would have to work a day in their lives again.

Yes! Finally the long wait is finally over & it was worth it! Nice to see that Spike has (somewhat) forgiven Twilight even though he has place her under some lockdown rules, but its a start.

So Pinkie & Fluttershy want some of that dragon stamina that Spike is giving to the C.M.C. on a daily basis huh? Things are about to get more interesting for Spike & the girls! Excellent job & again, worth the long wait! :pinkiehappy:

Great job! I love how this came out. And now I'm curious about what, Rarity did.

Great job, with all the characters personalities, especially Applebloom's and Pinkie's!:moustache:

Man this was a great chapter. I honestly really would like to see Pinkie and Shy join the harem. I mean I think if Shy got to feel what is like to be in a good relationship, have a big family, and be surrounded by children she wouldn't want to leave it. And not to mention a good rutting any time she want it will be a great perk as well. Pinkie.... well Pinkie is just Pinkie so as much as I would think she would love to have a family of her own I can just as easily see her just remaining a free Spirit but having a committed hook up order with Spike whenever she need that itch scratched lol.

its a mutual itch scratching thing between Spike and Pinkie. Sometimes Spike gets that itch and his mares are worn out. Pinkie is normally called in to AHEM 'Quell the Beast' in that situation. And in return he helps her scratch that itch when she needs it. Pinkie isn't really interested in romance or foals of her own.
Not exactly a daily basis. Pinkie just helps out and Spike returns the favor. Fluttershy wants a family of her own to nurture and care for. Rainbow set her up with stallions she had personally deemed gentle enough and worthy of her but none of them worked out.
In a different story I have Scootaloo as the 'Open pervert/free spirit' character and thought "Why not Applebloom?" for this one and it's been a TON of fun. Pinkie is just Pinkie.

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