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just another brony with random story ideas.


A story about a dragon and his family. Some slice of life, tiny bit of drama, and hopefully some daaww moments. Spike, despite all odds has not only a marefriend, but a foal, and not just one...He has three. Of both. Join Spike, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and their foals in their day to day lives.

Rated Teen for safety's sake, things get a little 'heated'

The cover image took me longer to put together than you might think, crafted from pics belonging to: Strangerdragos, Sharpy, lopoddity, and unoriginal
(According to derpibooru tags on the used pics)

Sweetie Belle - Strangerdragos - 1511618

Applebloom + OC - Sharpy - 15104

Spike, Scoot, Jasper - lopoddity - 934080

Allegro - unoriginal - 462104

I know the little dracony belonging to lopoddity is named Jasper, but this story isn't involved with those characters, just using the template of those characters, so I wanted a different name. I also changed Allegro to Crystal Melody, and Zephyr for the dracony with AB based off a Spikebloom story I read ages ago - Link

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This story is a sequel to Discovering Friendship

Hello everyone! I don't know how well this will reach you all, but hopefully things are made clear. If you are confused, just ask and we'll explain!

An 'interactive story' with the Characters from Discovering Friendship explaining things about how their worlds works. Chapters will correspond to questions asked of me and each character. Will also be answering questions from the comments section.

This story is written in the format of Rarity's Fun Facts from Beauty and the Beat

Image taken from Derpibooru and is by PoisonicPen
Rated Teen as some topics the characters will speak about are darker than others.

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This story is a sequel to Discovering Friendship

What happens when four super powered teens fall in love with a comic book and decide to make a deal with a God of Chaos and a Princess?

Shenanigans, that's what!

Set in the Discovering Friendship Universe, SUPER SERIOUSLY NOT CANON. This entire story is based solely off the fact that I just marathoned Miraculous Ladybug. I do not own any Miraculous Ladybug junk mentioned in this story, nor any My little pony junk mentioned in this story. I only own the Humanized Universe, and barely even that as the original idea came from smilingdogz - I just turned it into something more with permission.

This story will contain
Romance - because Scootabelle
Slice of Life - because we need normal situations to lead towards
Adventure - Because ADVENTURE
Comedy - because laughs, and Pinkie demands at least one appearance per three chapters at least.
and whatever else I tagged this thing as, some tags conflict. Tagged crossover for safety reasons.
And yes, I AM working on the main story and hoping to update soon! These side stories help build ideas for the main story.

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With all the responsibilities of being a Princess, Twilight barely has time to be a mother. Normally she makes due, thanks to her excellent Scheduling prowess. But with the weight of the world on her back(in paperwork) she has no choice but to trust Rainbow to watch the kids for one.entire.day.

Inspired by this wonderful pic by the ever so amazingly talented CaptainPudgeMuffin
please hop over HERE if anything here confuses you :D

Rated Teen for Slightly Mature topics

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This story is a sequel to The Hearts Melody

Pipers story continues, along with his friends as they recover and work to reclaim that which they have lost

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Twilight had experienced a lot in her life. Friends, adventure, and even becoming a Princess. So why did she feel so bored and unfulfilled? Maybe her life just needed a bit more excitement

Image by Lopoddity (The best Twi-cord artist eva)

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This story is a sequel to Discovering Friendship

Sometimes there are just too many things someone wants in a story. To make it flow properly it has to follow a set idea and have consistency. These ideas very much lack that. Some are funny, some hit you in the feels, none of them line up with the story - at least not close enough to be a part of the main story.

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This story is a retelling of the SAO story in the MLP universe

NervGear, a relatively new technology that allowed ponies to enter the virtual world. A man by the name of Dr Dickson Accord had come up with the invention and put into works a new genre of gaming. Virtual Reality MMO. Along with his invention he released a game. Blazing Blades Online. It was said to be unlike any other game out there, but just how different could it be?

-SAO crossover fic. All of the younger ponies and dragons are of the age range of 15-17.
-Dr Dickson Accord belongs to smilingdogz and is a variation of Discord. I needed someone to fill the shoes of Kayaba/heathcliff but make sense.
-The image used here belongs to admintakagi on deviantart.
-This site needs a Button Mash Tag

Sword Art Online Manga
Originally written by Reki Kawahara
Illustrated by abec
Published by ASCII Media Works.
English Publisher Yen Press

Sword Art Online TV Series
Directed by Tomohiko Ito
Licensed by
Madman Entertainment
Aniplex of America
Manga Entertainment

I do not own nor claim to own the original storyline or any characters, locations, creatures, or titles. I do not own NervGear or any related ideas.

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Button Mash is the master of games, a title formerly owned by the reformed Discord. King of Chaos, God of Confusion, Master of Games. His record was tarnished, but now he sees a way to return it to its former glory. All he has to do is defeat the current King! But Button Mash proves a formidable opponent, beating Discord at every game he tosses at him. Fighting Games, Puzzle Games, Platformers, Chess even! He finally switches to horror games and finds a bit of hesitation in his opponent, but still Button Mash comes out on top as the proud Master of All things Game. Discord is furious, there has to be a way for him to win. Its then that Button Mash demands his owed prize, something only Discord can give him. The God of Chaos comes up with a plan. He promises Button Mash that if he wins this one last game that he'll grant him whatever he wants. But if he loses, it will cost him everything, including his life. Button Mash quickly accepts, knowing that if he wins, that he will win the heart of Sweetie Belle, the only pony to ever beat him. Discord thinks hard on his challenge, knowing it has to be something related to horror. But what could beat an unbeatable brat? It had taken the Elements of Harmony themselves to beat Discord...Discord crafts a realm within games and builds Pinkies! A fast food hotspot and bakery where fillies and colts have fun all day, but at night the loveable animatronics that keep the store running come to life and must be kept under wraps by the Nightguard. Should he fail they will break free and cause havoc across Equestria! Now Button Mash must survive the Five Nights of the game to not only win Sweetie Belle's heart, but also to save Equestria!

Cover art belongs to Silverart02

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