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What is Summer without a bit of celebration? [NSFW-ish CONTENT AHEAD!] · 9:36pm Jun 14th, 2021

Soooo, there is this awesome little thing known as the Summer Sin Celebration (link leads to group page)

Its like a secret santa thing - but for clop writing. Everyone throws their names in and get shuffled to write a requested fic but also recieve a requested fic (Details here!)

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My Stories · 6:35pm May 19th, 2021

It's common belief that I have abandoned a select set of stories but I want to point out that this is not true. I had some ideas that required me to put a few things on hold and I am slowly working my way towards them and will be more than happy to release more when things are well and ready. Sadly this may take quite a bit more time and I don't want to spoil things as I have been working on this idea for a few years now.

But coming soon to our update list is


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So about that story(MATURE) · 2:39pm Feb 4th, 2021

So the clop story is coming along well but I have one issue I have to decide.

First Person?


Third Person?

Story is Human X Pony and Pony X Pony, etc etc. There will be multiple chapters and an ongoing plot. Will mostly follow the point of view of the main characters

Haven't decided if the story is going to follow the one human or two humans and haven't decided on every pony involved. Expecting to have at least Four Ponies involved as the story progresses.

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Shameless story on the way · 7:27pm Jan 28th, 2021

Shameless clop story for the sake of clop but with story elements because ideas refuse to leave my brain alone and the more things I write the more ideas I get and the further my other stories go.


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ITS UPDATE DAY · 7:17pm Jan 27th, 2021

Dunno what came over me but I decided to go ahead and post the next update for Discovering Friendship. I had intended to do more with the chapter but ended up just focusing on one thing instead. I'm still happy with how it turned out and it leads into a few things I want to expand on in the story anyway. Especially when it comes to a few specific characters.

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Discovering Friendship · 2:45am Jan 25th, 2021

Yes, the new chapter is in the works.

But I've been busy bouncing around ideas for the future of the story. Things that I am very very very excited for everyone to get to read later on. A LOT is planned.

So without getting too spoilery, feel free to ask questions about the future of the story and I will happily respond with things that are planned as if I started just posting my plans here I would definitely end up just going off the deep end and rambling :rainbowlaugh:

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Struggles of rewrites · 8:16pm Jan 4th, 2021

Was going through my old files because I was hunting for an old tidbit I had written. Its apart of the "Applebloom Crushing on AJ" universe but was focused on Spikes relationship with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo with Applebloom's story happening in the background of it. Sadly, Can't find it anywhere, so I'm trying to rewrite it completely from memory. On the upside, I've come a long way in my writing style since then and I feel like I can breath a lot more life into it this time around. Heck,

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Happy new year · 5:20pm Jan 1st, 2021

I decided my New Years Resolution would be to step out of my comfort zone more and stop being such an introvert.

So yesterday at work I asked out a girl ive been taking to and hanging out with for a while.

She almost instantly shot me down. No attraction to me. I'm not her type and she doesn't like me.

Happy 2021 everybody.

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So I have had a lot of ideas · 8:09pm Dec 26th, 2020

I've been going through a bunch of random files I have where I've started a story idea or scribbled down an idea. Here is a list of these ideas. The most popular ones will be getting fully fleshed out into actual stories.

  • A humanized My Hero Academia world centered on the Cutie Mark Crusaders, mostly Scootaloo. (Aged up - There is no All for one involved in this story)

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Today, this. · 6:13am Nov 13th, 2020

Discovering Friendship Headcanon

Twilight is a terrible cook but an impressive baker due to Baking being Chemistry