• Published 9th Oct 2013
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The Dragon and the Force - FenrisianBrony

Spike disappears from Equestria, and ends up surrounded by Jedi

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The Guardians of the Peace


Hyperspace sub-route 5-epsilon-72


Spike awoke with a start, looking around the room that he now occupied. It was long, and dominated by ten bunk style beds. None of the other beds were occupied, and Spike sat up, rubbing his head and looking out of the window. Momentarily, his heart caught in his throat as he stared out into the dark blue void beyond the door.

It wasn’t like the night sky back home, it was all encompassing. The stars could be seen above his eye line as always, but what chilled Spike to his core was the fact that beneath his eye line, there were also stars.

Slowly making his way over to the window, he looked out, searching desperately for the ground beneath the window.

There wasn’t any.

From his view from the window, Spike could see nothing but more of the same oddly mountainous blue tube. Looking around the window, Spike could see nothing but a wall of metal, painted with a mixture of bright red and yellow paint.

“Hello master. 5Q-X9 M-TD series translator droid at your service master.” Came a voice from behind Spike, and he whirled around to locate the source of the voice.

His eyes settled on an odd small metal sphere hovering around his eye level. The odd ‘droid’ had a grill on the front of it, and it was from here that the sound of its voice emanated from.

“I have been loaded with four languages for your convenience. Devaronese, Huttese, Shyriiwook and galactic standard basic.” The droid intoned, somehow conveying feeling in a voice that was near monotonous.

“Huttese? Shyriiwook?” Spike asked in confusion.

“Huttese: The native language of the Hutts, although it is spoken by many races around and in Hutt space, including Twileks, Humans and many others beside. Because of the commercial and criminal influence the Hutts hold throughout the galaxy, Huttese is the second most common language in the galaxy after basic.” The droid began. “Shyriiwook: also known as Wookieespeak, it is the main language of the Wookies. In Basic, Shyriiwook translates to ‘tongue of the people’. It is not the only Wookie language, but being the main trade language, it is the language understood by most non-Wookies.”

Spike stared at 5Q-X9 for a second, before his jaw dropped in awe.

“Are you magic?” He asked in a hushed tone.

“Negative. Magic is a superstitious force conjured up by primitive species, or alternately, a colloquial term to describe certain aspects of the force that the Jedi wield.” The droid said simply. “I am powered by a mark fifty two beta series internal fusion power source, and am equipped with a type seven repulsor seraph class engine, manufactured on Corellia.”

Dumbly, Spike nodded in awe at the droid, before putting two and two together, and once again remembering where he was, or more specifically, where he wasn’t. Instantly, tears began to roll down his face and he sat back down on the bed, curling up in a ball and sobbing silently.

“Unknown organic process in progress.” The droid spoke, more to itself than Spike it seemed. “Alerting Jedi master Varnk.”

A moment later, a doorway at the end of the room slid upwards, revealing one of the human creatures from before.

“<5Q-X9. Report.>” She said as she walked towards the droid, before spotting Spike and sitting down on the end of his bed.

“<Potential candidate Spike is experiencing…>” The droid began, but Varnk cut it off.

“<I can see. Translate for me.>”

“<I serve only to do so.>” The droid said, bobbing slightly, before translating exactly what Varnk said from galactic basic to Devaronese.

“I apologise for anything that may have been done to upset you, and I realise it must be hard for a species as young as your appears to be to be thrown into, this.” She said, the droid repeating her a micro-second behind.

“Where am I?” Spike asked suddenly, the droid translating what he said into the human’s language.

“You are currently aboard the republic ship Selareco, bound for the Jedi temple on Coruscant.” The droid translated.

“Can you help me get home?” Spike asked hopefully.

“I am sorry Spike, truly I am.” Varnk said, moving closer to Spike and wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “The world you described, one ruled by Dragons and Ponies, it is unknown to my companions and I. It may be that the temple archives have more information on it.”

“Then I can go home after that?” Spike asked, jumping up in excitement.

“I am afraid I am not in a position to answer that.” Varnk said slowly. “The Jedi order, the order I belong to, is in need of potential initiates. In an ever growing galaxy, we need every force sensitive being to help us keep the peace. The council will be the ones to decide what happens next. The other masters are currently in contact with the council. I must get back to them shortly.”

The smile on Spikes face faded, and he flopped back down onto the bed, his smile now well and truly turned upside down.

“I realise this must be hard for you Spike.” Varnk said comfortingly. “If you would come with me, I can introduce you to the other potential candidates. Maybe you can find solace with them.”

Spike opened his mouth to speak, but Varnk cut him off.

“The droid, 5Q-X9, it has been informed that it is to follow you for the duration of this flight. It will translate the languages that the others speak to allow you to understand them until we ascertain if you can learn basic or if another option is more prudent.”

Spike attempted to say something, but Varnk had already stood up, and was walking towards the door.

Sighing, Spike jumped off the bed, and rubbed his eyes, clearing away some of the tears, but leaving his eyes red and puffy. Dejectedly, he followed the human out of the room.

Trudging down yet another metal corridor, Spike stuck close to Varnks legs worried that if he lost sight of her for a second, he would get lost in this weird and terrifying place. Luckily, he didn’t get lost on his journey, and eventually, he was led into another room, this one almost as large as the room he had awoken in, but without the beds, and dominated by a single massive window, showing a large panoramic view of, whatever lay beyond.

“I will take my leave from you now.” Varnk said, before turning and leaving the room.

Spike turned to speak to Varnk quickly, but the door had already begun to slide down, and emitted an ominous hiss as it slid back down from the roof, and sealed Spike in the room.

There were four other creatures in the room, two of them looked to be smaller versions of Varnk, and Spike assumed that they were human children. The other two, were different.

The first creature looked kind of like the humans, but at the same time, might as well have looked like a completely different species. For a start, its skin, instead of being a pale pinkish colour, was a deep blue colour, punctuated by swirls of white, that spread all over her body, including around her eyes. What really drew Spikes eyes however were the two tentacle type things that were sprouting out of the back of her head, and reaching down to her shoulder.

The second creature was also similar to the humans, but was once again, different in just as many ways. First of all, it was taller than any of the others in the room, and was on par with Spikes height, which amused Spike slightly, as usually he was one of the smaller ones in any given circumstance. The next obvious difference between this creature and the human, was its body was covered in dark brown fur, kind of like a small Minotaur or a Diamond Dog.

“H…hello?” He ventures, the various droids in the room translating what he said instantly into a variety of different languages. Instantly, the others were looking directly at Spike, and the fur covered approached Spike, another droid thing floating behind it, although this one was red rather than a simple metallic colour.

“Tarhal. Wookie” The droid at his shoulder spoke, as he roared in what Spike assumed was his own language, bringing his fist into his chest as he said the word, before pointing at Spike.

“Spike.” He said softly, nervously bringing his own fist to his chest, trying to fit in with the new arrival. “Dragon.”

“Dragon? Like the Krayt dragon?” The blue skinned alien asked, or more specifically, the droid asked, in astonishment, before shaking her head. “I’m sorry. Asho Tawl.”

“And, what…are you?” Spike asked slowly.

“A Twilek, from Narshada.” Asho smiled, bowing her head and extending her arms out to her side in a graceful cross between a bow and a curtsey.

“Umm, it’s nice to meet you.” Spike smiled back, extending a claw.

“Likewise.” She said, respectfully shaking Spikes hand.

As this happened, the two humans had walked over, and were standing behind Tarhal and Asho. One of them was a male, and had short brown hair, with a small black tattoo on his face. The female however had beautiful red hair, which flowed down her back and stopping halfway down it.

“Zule Thanos.” The boy said, extending his hand towards Spike.

As Spike reached out for it, he withdrew it quickly, laughing at his own joke.

“Too slow Spike.” He laughed, before grabbing Spike and pulling him under his arm and rubbing his hand against his head in an attempt to give Spike a noogie. Spikes scales on his head however put pay to that, and Zule quickly stopped, shaking his hand in pain. “Note to self, don’t rub his head.” He smiled.

“Don’t worry about my brother.” The girl smiled, shaking Spikes hand. “Corinna Thanos.”

“Brother?” Spike asked, looking between the two.

“I know, we don’t look much like.” Zule said, throwing his arm around Corinna. “Especially since we’re twins.”

“Wait, twins?” Spike asked in amazement.

“Yeah. None identical obviously.” Corinna said.

“So how did you end up on Corellia?” Zule asked.

“Slaver took me.” Tarhal growled, and his droid translated. “Rescued by republic.”

“You were a slave?” Asho asked in amazement.

“They try. They no get collar on me.” He growled.

“I wish.” Asho said wistfully.

“How long?” Zule asked.

“Three years.” She admitted softly.

That cut the conversation short, and for a moment, everyone was silent. Eventually however, Spike broke the silence.

“How old are you?” He asked uncertainly.

“Seven.” Zule and Corinna said instantly.

“I’m older.” Corinna said, sticking her tongue out.

“By like, a second.” Zule grunted.

“Six.” Tarhal growled.

“Almost nine.” Asho replied. “What about you Spike?”

“Twelve.” Spike admitted.

“But I thought the Jedi only took children under five.” Zule said slowly

“They do?” Spike asked.

“We do.” Came a voice from behind the five, and they all turned to look at its origin.

The four Jedi, led by Marcus, entered the room, spreading out as the door slid back into its groove.

“Normally, Jedi initiates are chosen from children of ages five and below.” Norik said almost casually.

“Then, why are we all older than five?” Asho asked.

“The Jedi council has decreed that an experiment in increasing the numbers of our order would be conducted. We were ordered to pick out potential candidates over the age of five. Usually initiates over this age do not take to the training as well as our younger initiates, but if you five are successful, we will be able to open training up to older candidates and increase the number of knights ready to safeguard the Republic.” Marcus informed them

“Now, I am sure you are all wondering what you are doing here.” Varnk said, stepping forward. “The five of you have more potential than your fellows for being able to wield the greatest power in the universe. The force.”

“We, the Jedi, wield the force in our goal for peace.” Frout continued. “The Jedi are guardians of harmony and peace across known space. With the force at our command, we can diffuse conflicts before they even arise.”

“Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge, and eve if you succeed, it is a hard life.” Norik said. “Remember, a Jedi may carry a Lightsaber, but they only fight as a last resort. If you are forced to draw your Lightsaber, you have already forfeited much of the advantages gained by the mastery of the force. A Jedi must trust the force and seek other ways to resolve problems, before resorting to violence. Patience, logic, tolerance, attentive listening, negotiation, persuasion, calming techniques. A Jedi must embody all of these things, but there is a time a Jedi must fight.”

“If violence is what you seek from the force, know this. Its power is unmatched, and mastery over it shall make you powerful, but these temptations will sway you to the dark side.” Marcus said. “The dark side shall lead you down a path of anger, and hate. Fear, and aggression. To conquer it, you must conquer your own emotions. You must hold no ties. Not to your past family, nor to a wife. Your life shall be given in its entirety to the Jedi order.”

“What if I don’t want to join the Jedi?” Spike asked, pushing his way to the front.

“I am sorry, but that is no longer a choice left open to you.” Frout said, bending down. “Our masters of the order have shared visions. The visions tell of an oncoming darkness, unseen since the Great Hyperspace war. The Jedi refuse to be drawn into another conflict, unprepared. We are preparing ourselves, and every child who has the potential shall be taken for training.”

Spike opened his mouth to protest, but was cut off by Norik.

“This is not something in which you can sway our minds. The high council has decided upon this course of action, and has the blessing of the republic senate to do so.”

Crestfallen, tears began to form in Spikes eyes, and he ran out of the room, tears streaming down his face once more. Spike had always been good at directions, and he soon found himself back in the bunk room. Throwing himself onto his bed again.

Spike sobbed once again. He would never be able to go home. He would never see Twilight again. His old life was gone. Suddenly, Spike felt a furry hand touch his back, and he turned to see Tarhal standing over him.

“I know feeling.” The droid said disjointedly, as Tarhal growled softly into his ear. “I taken from home to. Me and you. We get through this together.”

Spike wiped his eyes, and looked up at the Wookie.

“You and me?” He smiled. “You’d be my friend?”

“You strong Spike. You big, like me, not small and squidgy like human or Twilek. Me and you, we fight together. We become strong, together.”

Tarhal put a hand out towards Spike, and Spike grabbed it, pulling himself off of the bed, and standing by the Wookie. The pair stared at each other, before the Wookie moved forward, and grabbed Spike, pulling him into a hug.

“We stick together.” Tarhal said.

“The Jedi said we couldn’t have emotions.” Spike pointed out, sniffing.

“Emotions and friends are different. We can be friends.”

Spike considered for a minute, before returning the hug, pushing his face into Tarhal’s fur. Maybe, just maybe, he could find some happiness here.

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