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Eager for more answers about Equestria's ancient history, Sunny Starscout uses one of her dad's maps to venture into a long-untouched forest in search of the past.

Warning: Contains spoilers for My Little Pony: A New Generation (G5)!

Cover by HeavySplatter@deviantart.com

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Peter Collins. Full-time copy clerk; part-time competitive shooter and sketch artist. Not the most glorious life, but for an independent 26-year-old looking to make his way up the corporate ladder, it's not a bad start.

But the thing about one-in-a-million chances is that somebody has to be that one. And Pete has just found himself the winner of a bizarre cosmic lottery, giving him a free one-way trip into a land of magic and wonder: Equestria.

Unfortunately, the locals are skittish, distrustful of anything not their own, and outright terrified of whatever might be threatening to them. And with no way to speak to or understand them, what might have been a trip through paradise becomes a journey through a living hell, where the simplest of misunderstandings can bring the most dire of consequences. Alone, confused and desperate, Peter wages a one-man battle to escape a land seemingly out to get him, searching for a way back home, while the forces that protect this magical nation- ignorant of his goals and terrified that he may be a threat- do all they can to capture him.

How far can fear push us apart, what can it push us to do, when communication is impossible?


Partial rewrite finished. See this blog post for details.


Rated Teen for language and violence. This story was inspired in part by A Voice Among the Strangers by Tystarr, as well as Over the Edge and Through the Wood by JarOfHearts. Cover art graciously provided by the talented Sonson-Sensei! Also look here for the original cover art provided by Armalite.

Now with its own TV Tropes page due to the heroic efforts of redandready45.

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When the Gardens of Equestria were activated, many ponies believed the trying times were over and Equestria would become the paradise it had once been within a few short years.

As if the wasteland would give up that easily.

Monsters still roam the wasteland. Apex predators left unchanged from before the war. Mutant horrors born of balefire. Sadistic people whose hearts went black long ago... The Gardens did not kill. They did not reform. The Gardens did the one thing they were designed to do.

The Gardens cleaned up toxic waste everywhere their light could reach. No more, no less.

With radiation all but gone in most of the wasteland, taint entirely eliminated from Equestria's heartland, and much of the old farmland fertile once more, ponies everywhere banded together to take advantage of the world Pip healed... By forming large yet isolated settlements which over time joined one of two nations: The New Canterlot Republic, or the Herd.

These two ideologically opposed nations have clashed for over a decade. Border skirmishes are frequent. Black ops have been preformed by both sides. All out war has nearly broken out several times.

You can take the waste out of the wasteland. It's much harder to take it out of the wastelanders.

It is into this politically charged world that a newcomer arrives. A zebra from a remote northern kingdom, separated from Equestria for these many years by a megaspell induced winter that is at last dying down. A pity she arrives just as the other newcomers are enacting their bid for power.

This story is based on the story Fallout Equestria written by Kkat. It has been written with permission.

Featured on: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 7:18 AM UTC :yay:

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The Earth is still reeling from the effects of the Collision Wars against Xenolestia and her hordes of Newfoals, humanity having emerged victorious but a few million citizens fewer. Then yet another Equestria appears, but this time the humans are quick to cut off the head of the snake, capturing the evil Princess Celestia and imprisoning her. But something seems different about this Celestia...something almost friendly.

Can the Harmony and Friendship that Celestia has treasured all her life heal some of the scars left by her wicked counterpart, or do some wounds just run too deep?

Cover modified with permission from: KP-Shadowsquirrel

Also, because people have been asking for it, the original WW2 poster can be found here

Pre reading done by DJK. So go give him some wuv.

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It looks like Bowser has another plan to kidnap Princess Peach...again. But, it looks like his plan will succeed when he does the unthinkable: stealing a mystical wand called the Star Rod, said to grant any wish to anyone who holds it, sealing away the Star Spirits, 7 powerful star beings that watch over the land and grant wishes to those with a good heart, and using the Star Rod's power to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, defeat his nemesis, Mario, and make Peach his.

Meanwhile, in Equestria, Twilight had managed to come up with a spell to transport to other dimensions without the use of a portal. Eager to try it out with her friends after her experience in the human version of Equestria, and a few experimental tests with other objects beforehand, she casts the spell to transport them, only for it to backfire, sending them into the Mushroom Kingdom. Stuck in this new world until Twilight can find a way to safely get her and her friends back home, the Mane Six will have to team up with Mario and new friends in this new world to stop Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom from his tyranny.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

Paper Mario is owned by Nintendo.

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Gallus didn't know what it was like to have a home, supportive friends or even a family. Not until coming to Twilight's school did he even consider that having friends could be such a fantastic thing. His friends were now his family; that much was certain.
However, years of living on your own and crying until nothing is left leaves a heart wanting. The last thing he expected was to have frozen tears thawed by one of his closest friends.
Now if only Gallus could figure out how to do this whole 'special somegriff' thing.

A series of fluffy one-shots following the budding relationship between Gallus and Silverstream.
(End of Season 8 Spoilers)

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The global dust storm of a century, the dying message of an indomitable robot, and a unicorn who just can’t let go of a mystery.

(Now with a dramatic reading by Skijaramaz - Tone Shift.)
(Russian translation available at ponyfiction.org.)

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Long ago the nations of the world faced a deadly threat from a powerful conqueror. Divided by their differences the peoples of the world nearly fell alone, one by one. But champions arose who exemplified the virtues of their cultures, and learned to work together to fight for the good of all. Inspired by these champions the varied races of the world cast aside their distrust of one another and defeated the evil that sought to grind the world under its rule. Though centuries have passed since that time the example of the champions was not forgotten, and to this day is honored by a special contest, held every hundred years: The Contest of Champions. Here, members of all races are chosen to represent their people and land in a series of games and challenges, for the sake of promoting understanding and harmony between the vast varied races of the world and demonstrate what each can be when at their best.

The call for champions has gone out, and Trixie Lulamoon and her friends, freshly dubbed Knights of the Realm and Bearers of the Elements of Harmony have been chosen to represent Equestria. It is an honor some of them are elated to bear, while others among the friends question if they can take on such a lofty responsibility. However they may feel about it the six mares from Ponyville shall travel to the Isle of the Fallen where they will face the greatest champions the races of the world have to offer; from veteran griffin soldiers and enigmatic zebra martial artists to mighty cervid warrior skalds and a kirin royal heir obsessed with obtaining victory by any means. On top of that, Corona herself has designs upon the Contest, and others attending the event may have plans that have nothing to do with promoting harmony and understanding.

Based on RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse, this story is canon and part of Season 2, taking place in the spring-arc.

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders couldn't be happier. They've finally managed to earn their Cutie Marks, and make a couple new friends along the way. As they eagerly look forward to summer vacation, Apple Bloom invites Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara to join her and the rest of the Crusaders at Camp Friendship. Seeing this as an opportunity to make up for all the torment they caused for the three fillies, they accept. After discovering Babs Seed will be joining them, the promise of a fantastic trip seems all the more likely. And if Rumble's stories about his experiences here from last year are true, this trip is shaping up to be out of this world!

But when the seven eager ponies stumble across a set of mysterious devices, a trip out of this world is exactly what they'll get. Stranded, surrounded by strange creatures called Digimon, and with no clear way home, one question plagues their minds: what does this Digital World have in store for them?

Inspired by Digimon: Equestrian Destined by SuperKamek.
Cover art made by Lightning Bliss.

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The Life Aura Center is one of Equestria's top medical research centers, the producer of spells and medicines that have cured many once-fatal illnesses, and they continue to produce quality technology and cures. No one wants to think that they're doing anything unethical, but Celestia has her suspicions, so she sends Twilight to investigate.

One symbiotic pairing with an alien later, Twilight realizes Celestia was right to be suspicious. Now, working together with the strange creature inhabiting her body, Twilight will have to expose the center's shocking truth. And not get killed in the process. It's gonna be a wild ride.

Now with an audio reading by Mr. Snarky on YouTube! Please give him your support!
Part 1 Chapters 1-4
Part 2 Chapters 5-12
Part 3 Chapters 13-19
Part 4 Chapters 20-25

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