• Published 29th Apr 2012
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A Ghost Story - Elemist

A human's insubstantial adventures in Equestria.

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Chapter 6 - Party gone wrong

After Lyra finished her infuriatingly long stroll around Ponyville she lead me back to the center of town. As we crossed over the bridge that spanned the stream that ran through town we came to a decently sized two story house. It looked remarkably similar to all of the other houses surrounding it except for the fact that it sported numerous flower-boxes filled with blue and purple pansies.

Lyra trots up to one of the first story flower-boxes and takes a deep whiff. Hmm, seems Lyra is a mare who likes to slow down to stop and smell the flowers. Oh, or eat them I guess. I shake my head in amusement as Lyra steps into her house, chewing on one of the pansies she had been sniffing.

I float through the wall into what appears to be a sitting room of some kind. A blue upholstered couch sits against a wall with some other chairs pushed into the opposite side of the room. I float over to the coach and look down at the coffee table at some of the magazines strewn about. I giggle at the cover of the “Modern Mare” that is sitting on top of the stack and how the front cover claims to hold the secrets to “Keeping your Stallion happy; 7 simple tricks”.

I hear a thump from the kitchen with Lyra’s voice following behind, “Bon Bon, I’m home. I got those apples you wanted.”

A voice answers from the top of a flight of stairs, “That’s great Lyra, I’ll make some candied apples later then.”

“Oh Bon Bon, I wanted to let you know that I ran into Vinyl and Octavia on the way to the market. They’re going to come over to, how did Vinyl put it? ‘Jam?’ later in the evening.”

Bon Bon comes sauntering down the stairs and exits into the kitchen. “Are you sure this just isn’t one of your excuses to have a sleep over again Lyra?”

“Oh come on Bon Bon, just because they usually crash here after we play doesn’t mean it’s a sleep over.” Lyra says sheepishly.

“Technically, I think if they sleep here it’s the definition of a sleep over.”

The bantering continues, unaware of me sitting on the couch, lost in thought about the last slumber party that I had attended.


After Pinkie had shown the picture to Twilight, she kind of went on a researching spree and turned her Library upside down looking for books on anything that could help her. She spent almost an entire week locked in her library, trying to find out information about what could have been going on.

I meanwhile had decided to ignore the inquisitive purple pony and just explore around the town. I had decided it would be best to avoid the Crusaders as much as possible since they were now trying to get more pictures of me. Fortunately it was rather easy to avoid them since they never went anywhere without that EM meter and all I had to do was float through a wall whenever I heard the telltale sign of the beeping.

Good God, that beeping got annoying after a while. I would run into them almost four times a day in the weirdest locations; under the bridge outside Fluttershy’s, on the third floor of the town hall, in some unlucky mares bathroom (that one was an accident, I was just trying to avoid the determined trio, I had no way of knowing they would follow me) and they even found me up near Rainbow Dash’s house once. I hope they had at least asked Twilight to borrow her hot air balloon before taking it on a ghost hunting trip. Actually, I kind of hope they didn’t because I would be seriously disappointed in Twilight for letting them fly that thing unsupervised.

Thankfully, they weren’t able to get any good shots of me. I think they got a glimpse of my foot in one of their photo’s as I was walking through a wall though, and they definitely got a full shot of me at Dash’s house but I kind of just blended into the clouds.

Anyway, when I wasn’t dodging Ponyville’s newest team of paranormal investigators I was just going around town enjoying myself. I usually stopped into Sugar Cube Corner every now and then to have an impromptu play date with the twins. This caused Mr. and Mrs. Cake a lot of confusion as they had never seen the two behave so well when they weren’t around.

Of course I had to check downstairs whenever I left to see how Pinkie was doing and this led to me discovering that Pinkie would leave a cupcake on one of the counters every day with a note saying “For my spooky friend.” Of course I couldn’t eat it, but I was very touched she would do that, she even went to the trouble of baking a fresh one every day (I assume that she ate the old one at the end of every day).

Through my wanderings I had found out that five out of my six favorite ponies had conspired to throw a surprise sleepover at Twilights in order to get her to take a break from her studying. Of course, I couldn’t pass this golden opportunity up and decided to be an unseen party crasher.

So when the night of the slumber party rolled around it found itself with an extra guest floating around the ceiling. I watched as the different colored ponies came into the library one by one. The second to last to enter was Pinkie who upon entering gave a little twitch and looked around. I flew closer, expecting her to go into full Pinkie Sense mode but nothing happened, it looked like she was deliberately trying to keep herself still. This of course scared the crap out of me since a still Pinkie Pie is a sign of the coming Apocalypse.

I was even more confused when she looked over in my direction, not directly at me but about four feet to my left, and gave a wink.

I looked around the room and saw everyone but Dashie was there, but then I heard the pitter patter of raindrops on the window accompanied by a crash coming from Twilight’s bedroom.

Descending down the staircase came a soaked Rainbow Dash, “Alright everypony, I got tonight’s thunderstorm going so let’s get this sleepover started.”

Rarity then enters from a side room, her horn aglow with the blue cord trailing behind her, firmly attached to Twilights tail as she is dragged into the room.

“Come along darling, we simply have to get you away from those dusty old books for a while.”

“But Rarity!” Twilight whines, “I have to get these books to Zecora right away.”

“Not in this dreadful weather you aren’t. Just think about what this horrible storm would do to your mane. What could be so important that you would risk such a travesty?”

“Well the only books that I could find on spirits that didn’t just mention them in passing were these three but they're all written in Zebrican. So I talked to Zecora and she said she would translate them for me when she has the time.”

“That will simply have to wait though darling. We can’t have you working yourself to exhaustion again. We came here tonight to make sure you would have some fun, now stop whining darling and enjoy this fabulous slumber party that Pinkie has prepared.”

Twilight continues to grumble to herself, but she allows Rarity to drag her to a bunch of pillows and blankets that have been strewn across the Library floor. As Pinkie sets up a snack table, Rarity floats a few candles out of her bag to be placed around the room. As she lights them, the distinct odor of lavender and vanilla fills the air.

Wait a tick…I can smell the lavender and vanilla. Hot damn, looks like I still have command over my olfactory sense. No clue how that works but I’m not complaining. I float over to one of the candles and take a deep whiff and let out a sigh at the smell.

“Is it just me or is it getting awfully chilly in here?” Asks Rainbow Dash as she shivers on the floor.

“W-well it m-might be because your s-still soaking wet. H-here let me dry you off. If t-that’s ok that is.” Says Fluttershy as she brings over a thin blanket and begins to towel off Dashie. When she’s done Dash’s hair poofs out a bit and I can’t help but laugh.

“Thanks Shy, but it still seems a little cold in here.” At this, Fluttershy immediately grabs another blanket and drapes it over Rainbow who snuggles into it.

“Alright everypony, let’s start tonight off with some Truth or Dare.” Exclaims Pinkie. All of them gather into a circle on the floor and the game begins.

“Alright then, I’ll start us off. Ummmm, Dashie. Truth or Dare.” Pinkie says, pointing a hoof at Dash.

“Normally I would go for a dare, but I am way too comfortable right now to risk having to get up, so I’m going to have to go with truth.”

“Okie Dokie. Hmmmmm.” Pinkie puts her hoof to her chin, obviously deep in thought. “Alrighty then, are you afraid of our new spooky friend?”

“W-what? Of course not, I’m not afraid of anything!” Rainbow says with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“Now come along sugracube. Aye don’ know about this ‘ere friend that you four ‘ave been goin’ on about for the past two weeks but if ya lie then tha’ means you’re out of the game.”

“Come on AJ, I’m Rainbow Dash! I’m not frightened of some silly pony that’s just really good at pranks.” Her statement is punctuated by a flash of light from outside followed with a clap of thunder.

Dash immediately dives under her blanket and a few seconds later we hear a muffled, “alright I’m afraid of him. You happy now?”

“Oh Silly Dashie, I’m always happy!” Pinkie says as she hops up to grabs some snacks.

The game continues onward from there. I find out that Twilight used to have a crush on one of her brother’s friends when she was a filly and that Fluttershy is secretly afraid of spiders even though she still tries to help the “poor dears”.

I also got to see the spectacle of Rarity and Applejack getting into a forced belching contest after being dared to chug some of the soda that Pinkie had brought. Surprisingly enough Rarity ended up winning, much to her shame.

The night progresses from there with the group doing a variety of activities which included making s’mores and giving each other make overs (much to Applejacks and Dash’s dismay). As the night and the storm outside wears on Pinkie announces, “Alright everypony, time for some GHOST STORIES!”

At this point she cackles evily and pulls a blanket up around her head, making it look like she’s wearing a cloak. She glances in my general direction and gives another wink.

At this point I decide to join in on Pinkie’s diabolical plan, whatever it may be and I float over towards the front door.

Pinkie begins talking in a low voice, “There was once a group of young mares who were the best of friends. These friends did everything together and kept each other very happy. However, one night, when they were having a slumber party, the group of friends accidently angered a spirit from beyond the grave. OoOoOoOhhh.” She says as she waves her hooves around.

By this point I have begun concentrating and I had placed my hand over the light switch next to the front door. I wait until I see a flash of light outside and as soon as the thunder hits I push the switch down, sending the room into darkness, only lit by the dim glow of the candles.

I hear five gasps but Pinkie continues with her story, “These five friends had angered the spirit because they didn’t want to be his friend and were afraid of him.” I continue concentrating as I slowly float around the room. I stop at the first candle and I place my finger over the flame. The tiny fire sputters and dies. I slowly continue around the room, putting out the candles one by one as Pinkie’s narrative drones on.

“The five friends had gathered to party and enjoy themselves, but had neglected to invite him when all he ever wanted was to be their friend. He grew angry at the ponies and followed them to their party.” By this point I have put out the last candle but Pinkie has somehow procured a flashlight from somewhere and is shining it into her face.

I float over towards the group and as I pass Dashie I can hear her shaking like a leaf. I lower my hands under the crumpled blanket that had been used to dry Dash off. I was just lucky It was a very thin blanket (I think it was some kind of silk, not really sure) as I concentrated on my finger tips and slowly pulled it upwards.

“The now angry spirit had decided that if the friends couldn’t accept him as he was he was just going to have to make them all like him instead, BWAHAHAHA.” Pinkie lets off an evil chuckle as her flashlight clicks off. There’s a few moments of darkness before the light clicks back on.

Everypony but Pinkie lets out a horrified gasp at the sight of the blanket I have now pulled about three feet into the air. At this point the fatigue I’ve built up from all of that moving around catches up to me and I drop the blanket to the ground.

I look over and laugh at the sight of Dash, who is currently stiff as a board staring at the blanket on the floor.

I’m curled over in laughter when I see it.

There in the corner is something that will haunt me for the rest of eternity.

What that corner contained ripped my heart asunder and left me a curled mass of sorrow.

There in the corner…was a crying Fluttershy.