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Now that Earth and Equestria have made contact, lots of ponies dream of visiting Earth, and while tourist visas are hard to come by, a few lucky students each year can participate in a foreign-exchange program.

Silver Glow is one of those lucky ponies.

She thought she was prepared for Earth, but can you ever be fully prepared for a truly foreign exchange?

Link to the dramaturge

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An experienced thief dies before his time, leaving a mess that God must fix, the solution God thinks of is reincarnating him in the My Little Pony universe with the power of The Gamer.

Featured: 08/05/2019, 08/06/2019, 08/07/2019, 26/10/2019, 02/11/2019, 10/11/2019, 24/11/2019, 04/12/2019, 05/12/2019, 29/12/2019, 10/02/2020, 11/02/2020, 11/03/2020, 20/04/2020, 22/04/2020, 23/04/2020, 26/04/2020 Thanks, love you guys! Thanks for all the support.

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This story is a sequel to What I've Done

This is the third book in The Humanity Within Trilogy. If you haven't read the other two books first, go back and do that now. Don't worry, this will still be here when you get back...

I don't know what to believe anymore. I was sure they were all monsters, all demons bent on destroying any peace I and my new friends might find in this life.

I was wrong.

Instead of burning this world down around me, their weapons are pointed away from the planet, not towards it.

As if that conundrum wasn't perplexing enough, I also have to deal with finding my own place in this odd, yet familiar society. But how does one simply go back to being normal? Especially knowing that the real monsters that caused this mess in the first place could be just around the corner?

After all, it's not like I'll ever see my home planet again. They may not be here to hurt me or my friends, but I still don't trust these 'friendly' aliens to get me a ride home...

Chapters (46)

I woke up to a burning building coming down on top of me.

Oh yeah, that isn't even the half of it. There's these freaky Technicolor horses everywhere too and a few of them were dressed in golden armour.

They bound me, dragged me to the castle and hooked me up to some chains. Currently I'm being interrogated by a white unicorn... guard. Whatever it's called.

Well, it's not like it could get much worse, right?

Rated teen for suggestive situations and bad language


Found some cover art.

Sorry to whomever made this, but the source website was taken down or something, so I'm really not sure who to credit.

Finally found the name of the artist: Blaz Portenta

I got featured a couple times. Yeah, I'm surprised too.

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Time is a neutral party. It takes no sides, only proceeding without a care for those caught in its trap. That is how it should be...
But not all traps are foolproof.

When a pony seeking the Night Princess's counsel intervenes during an assassination attempt, Luna knew there was more to this stallion than met the eye.
However, even her expectations had limits. That, Luna discovered, was a mistake.

One question troubles her thoughts as a new problem presents itself in the form of this stallion; how does a heart and mind cope when one escapes the trap of time? What happens to a good heart when it is worn away, year after year, all stemming from a single mistake, no matter how good the intentions?

Equestria Daily seal of approval: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/11/fanfiction-timeless.html

Takes place during/after Season 9.
Sequel: Sunspots

Chapters (13)

Back home from "The Sandbox", one soldier tries to rebuild and restart his life. Though broken and depressed from battle, he is unsure about his place in life. Still living inside the bottle, he discovers MLP:FiM, which gives him hope and motivation to carry on. But his trip to the Central Library one day is what seals the fate of this soldier's future.

A small salute to those who have put themselves on the line and those who are going to.

I love the feedback and i'll try to respond to everything

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A human is transported to Equestria by Princess Celestia... and he wants to get out. He's placed under the care of Princess Luna... who also wants him to get out. Now, "Nemo" has to deal with adjusting to his new surroundings and attempt to recover his lost memories of his former life in the three months he has to wait while Princess Celestia charges up a spell to send him back home. Fate, however, may have other ideas for him.

A human-in-Equestria fic.

Would you believe this got rejected by Equestria Daily could get so many likes for an HiE? Thank you!

EDIT: Over 20,000 total views!Thank you all so much! :ajsmug: :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile: :yay: :pinkiesmile: :raritystarry:

Awesome song (not by me) that I've been listening to while writing the fic and may as well be the theme song: Constellations - Aviators

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Shortly after a changeling drone leaves her egg in the human world in a last-ditch effort to save it, a young man named Eventide Oath finds himself struggling to decide what to do with a newborn changeling nymph. He has no idea what it is, where it came from, or anything else about it. But with a little help from a good friend, he commits himself to take care of the little guy. Who knows? Maybe the small, bug-like equine will be just what he needs to make his life a little bit brighter.

(Inspired by the original premise and opening chapters of "I Am A Pet Changeling," with some smaller sources of inspiration coming from the anime movie, "Wolf Children."
This story is also the spiritual successor to 'The Bug in The Herd,' which was the first multi-chapter Fanfiction that I wrote that I also managed to see all the way to completion.)

Now with a reading!

(Cover art provided by the absolutely wonderful AureliaCharmCutiees. Go and show her some love!)

Editing now provided by Mister Hypothetical!

Featured on 8/7/2018, the same day I posted it! Glad to see people like it!

Chapters (67)

Trickster Priest, heartless monster, that crazy idiot, there are many names that he goes by but Xellos is the one that he goes by most often. Taken from his world after making a purchase at a convention this once human being is now a literal Monster trapped in a world of ponies. Of course just because he is a Monster doesn't mean he has to be a monster, right?

My own attempt at a story in the Displaced universes with one of the best villains ever. Many things will be made up as I go along but as for what to expect? I'm thinking around an upper Alpha to low Uber being is where he fits there, reshaping the world by destroying chuncks of it counts as Uber right? I'm going to be watching the series while I write these to try and keep as much of his personality in as I can, but of course with the human mind involved it won't quite be the same.

Chapters (39)

Equestria finds itself caught in the cold war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Can friendship prevail, or will this cold war turn hot, despite their best efforts?

This is a crossover with Star Trek, taking place in late 2269 of the Prime timeline, during the fourth year of the five-year mission of the original television series. It's not a crossover with the movies made by J.J. Abrams. It is mid-season five or so for Friendship is Magic. it is my humble offering for the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, which debuted September 8, 1966.

Thanks to FoalsHalf for being essentially my co-writer/sounding board, and to all those who have helped with proofreading and editing.

Space Battles thread.

Trope page... some day?

Chapters (23)
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