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Applejack is not having a good day.

She was nopony special: a gardener and sometime-engineer aboard the Golden Oaks space station, providing food and oxygen for the CelesTech researchers living and performing experiments there. She vaguely knew everypony, performed good work, and even was on first-name terms with a certain royal, but wasn't noteworthy. She was nice, a dependable worker, and not much else.

But when the Stellar Thrones send up representatives for a routine tour, something goes wrong. Applejack wakes up a week later, with no memories of what occurred in the meantime, to find Golden Oaks ravaged. The entire station is in lockdown. Communications are nonexistent. The shuttles are destroyed. Power is unreliable. Most of the crew have been slaughtered. The escape pods don't work. Every module has been badly damaged. And something is prowling the station. Something capable of disguising itself as anything.

With only a wrench and herself to rely on, Applejack pushes through the crumbling station to unravel the mystery. But her every step is being watched, her every movement is a risk. Because Golden Oaks isn't a research facility anymore. It's a hunting ground. And ponies are the prey.

Although this is a crossover with Prey, no knowledge of it is required.

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I haven't played Prey, but I have already read one crossover with it (that also apparently needed no prior knowledge— KKat's). It was creepy af, but I loved every second of it. Gotta keep my eye on this one, too.
But I still haven't finished reading The Amulet Job... WTF is taking me so long...

Fav it, like it, now waiting for more.

So glad I got curious. Thought it was another Dead Space crossover but as soon as I saw the line about being disguised as anything...

A very good start!

Sweet mother of mercy. Update please! This is gonna be so much fun to read through.

Well for a crossover I think it's going pretty well, I will be looking forward to see how AJ is actually responsible for experimenting with ponies and what happened to the station, or was her memory supposedly that altered; I know the the final twist at the end of the game through it could be very different from what you have in mind instead. I will be looking forward to see what you will come up with next.

Also if you are itnerested in getting a cover art for your story, I am open for commissions, you can look at my DA gallery here and my Youtube channel here PM me if you want to talk about it further.

Here is a Dead Space cover art I did two months ago, enjoy the view.:twilightsmile:

Feels like Prey here overlap with Silent Running (who remembers that movie?)

But why canon ponies? Sounds like OCs here worked better, provided their characters survived a paradigm shift to space age.

Yay! I love the setting this takes and how you're weaving the setups into it are just so much fun. I can't wait for it to really kick off.

I feel like I can just say in general, I love how you've portrayed everyone here. They're all a bit different based on the AU, but they're practically exactly the same.

there was no denying: beneath all those sparkly clothes, Twilight was the most regal dweeb in history.

This is so accurate it's not even funny (well, yes it is :rainbowlaugh:).

Nice so far, I do like the world building, I wonder what does Rarity does in this story? So far you see to do a good job in your descriptions keep it up

We imagine the scenes easily. It would disserve a director to produce a movie.

Interesting, still a nice build up so far, I wonder what role Lightning Dust will take in this, no doubt a loos cannon, but there might be something good for her.

I like the O&O group. And Spike being the co-DM whispering in Rainbow's ear is just mean, but totally appropriate.

She’s going to wash out before the year is over if she doesn’t shape up.

Badum tss.

well this was a hard turn of events compared to the last chapter that AJ was just talking to her coworkers not so long ago and then boom.

Ooooooooooh shi-eeeeeeeeeeeeet...

Hm... Is Applejack secretly the monster?

And now the story begins

This mimic is less skilled... one that caused breach had emulated coffee as well

Oof. Now THAT'S a cliffhanger...

Maaan, you better hope that quip about mimics doesn't reach the Polymorphic Worker's Union. I've heard tell they've got some real sleaze ball lawyers on their team these days.

Meh, your mimic easier to kill than original. They weren't turning into objects, they were summoning them from other dimension, so hitting object didn't actually injure the creature :rainbowlaugh:

For player, using mimic ability was a neat defense\stealth mode.

I see I am not the only one who likes listening to some curious audio logs. I wonder if reployers are going to have more of a comedic role

Aw, damn, you're really leaving us off there? You are such a tease. :ajbemused: :rainbowlaugh:

Oooh... Another infection of the cliff hanger virus! Quickly, we must purge this disease from the literary world before it's too late! (Cause damn it! We really wanna know what's gonna happen next!)

“Normally, I’d say I hoped you wanted more than that hat,”

...Says Trixie who was never ostentatious.

I hope Lightning Dust going dark does not mean she has other intentions. I am curious what she is going to do seeing as Thunderlane is gone

Kept me thinking of Prey once more. The alluring atmosphere, loneliness, and sense of wonder. I really miss Prey and I'm itching to read more of this


If you don't learn how to use gun, you soon will be renamed into Applesnack.

I think Trixie garbles name intentionally to gauge unknown pony by reaction.

I think, Trixie was so flummoxed by the display of vanity so familiar to herself that she spoke first person. And , oi, she also wore a cape :P

“…I’m sorry, WHAT?! How do you miss that?”

You had to start thinking when that mare made bee line to that old hat.

Eeeeee! Oooh I'm loving this story so much! I'm just curious how it'll end up now!

Yeesh. With all that new knowledge I would think one of the first things AJ would wanna do is find some shells, but hey, to each their own.

“I’m better.”

This pony doesn't need gun. She can kill with a teacup. Now Trixie needs neuromod on stealth and CQC and she is pony Riddick.

The room filled with identical notes

Dunno why, but this broke me into hysterical laugh.

PS. Notes should've been numbered.

Whew. Nice and creepy as usual. Gotta admit, I love Applejack and Trixie as a pair here. You write them really well.


I see what you did there. :rainbowlaugh:

Did Pinkie design that gun? :twilightsheepish:

Motley crew indeed.

Hm. I have a feeling Blueblood is going to be more crucial than they think. One extra body, no matter who they are, can be a blessing or a curse; hopefully in this case it'll be the former.

What a curious crew. I feel sad that what Trixie and Time Turner had going has permanently ended. It almost sounds like a start to a growing relationship. I am now keeping an open eye on how Blueblood will act and react as this goes on. He does seem innocent

Cake which was sat upon?

I wonder if Blueblood and Lightning Dust knew about Thunderlane's probable death

Incorrect, disguised mimics even take extra damage while transformed.

As long as you overlooked the mare who had been strangled with a length of spare cable.


Alright, now BB is acting more like I would have expected. Hopefully he doesn't stay that way.

Cyan’s looking pretty sus RN. I think they just faked reactor.

I wonder... are there regular changelings on the planet that goes by an alternate species name?

Oooh... Damn now things are gettin' even better! I can't wait to see what's next!

I love the combination of Trixie and Applejack; they make a great team.

Well. Fun.
Here's hoping that timer doesn't get down to zero.

... Well damn... Uh... Anyone else got a few spare frags?

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