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Open for Art Commissions. I write gay romantic comedies with ponies now. Get off my back, MOM.


Rarity is an overworked seamstress for a time traveler agency that sends ponies back in time to fix time anomalies. Despite a lack of luck in the romance department, Agent Sentry seems to have some potential, but it all hinges on if that initial spark can be brought forth into a blazing inferno.

And that's why flirting was invented.

An entry in the Crackship Pairing Contest.

This story contains LGBT themes. (Emphasis on Gender-Fluidity and Bisexual).

This story is inspired by the time agency seamstress video.

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder and mushroompone.

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Fantastic premise and cover art! Although Flash sentry looks like the meme about the jawbone Hitch


They can become the Flashing Chin and Hitch chin and fight strange chin-themed enemies together.

Still would be less weirder than whatever the fuck is going on in centaur world

(Which you should go watch)


Already did
<puts on sunglasses>

Cool I need to start up the third episode already but I'm waiting to watch with a friend


“It sounds bunk, but I’m living the consequences of not following it.” Flash sighed wearily. “Did you know that come Sunday, this will have been the longest stretch of time I’ve been in present day?”

“Well, I seem to be living the consequences of it,” Flash snorted. “Did you know that by the end of this week, it will have been the longest stretch of time I’ve been in the present day?”

I believe one of these needs to be removed.


Gosh darnnit, my bad. Thanks for pointing it out

Awesome work so far, keep it up

Well isn't this a cute little story~

I do love how Rarity and Curio were incorporated fairly as two halves of the same whole. And freaking super dork Flash, just oh man what a cutie.

Comment posted by bdoubleowo deleted May 1st, 2022

Awwww, so cute!

This is my first time experiencing your Flash Sentry and it is glorious.

I swear this story has been on the chopping block for Celestia knows how long. Well, I finally got around to reading this. I have to say, I’m not usually one for romance, but this story was immensely charming.

The framing device of the clothing styles was very, very well done, as a fan of history lessons in general, I really love what you did with the worldbuilding here. In addition, the way all the styles that the chapter titles emphasize are used to show Rarity/Curio’s feelings felt natural. You felt like you were going through Rarity/Curio’s mind as they connected these styles to the story.

Love how the chapter introductions were done. It has an experimental flavor to it, which really just means I don’t see a lot of people use that formatting often.

The characters were also written very well. I loved Flash Sentry pulling slang from several different time periods, including the modern day, a funny occurance, but not complicated enough that I found myself getting lost. Also, Rarity/Curio just has that flair of dramatics that you’d expect the character to have.

If I had some little problems with the story, I’d say that the italics could’ve been used less in the first chapter’s introduction, but that’s a personal thing. I know you used it to show how much emphasis Rarity/Curio put over multiple words, but there were just a lot of them.

Overall though, this was a really good story. It looks like you got hit with the Enby Dislike Curse though, and that’s unfortunate. However, the story definitely doesn’t deserve those dislikes. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And yes this particular style of writing I've used only once prior (Flashbang) and it is a pain to write since I have to write incredibly tight theming to make the whole thing workout.

Also, yeah. I use italics... a lot, and with Rarity/Curio I tend to overdo it. Oops.

Anygay, just glad you liked it!


I loved all of this deeply, though the third chapter especially for... reasons. :twilightsheepish:

It really is the best, and also most forward, flirting I think I've read recently. Perfect for a goofy himbo like Flash to be assaulted with.

I hope we get to see more of this relationship some day. Flash and Rarity/Curio deserve to be happy timehorses. Kissing each other throughout the eras. Or just in the one era. Just more kissing.

Though if you ever make Flash say pog again my vengeance will be swift and ceaseless. I will take Flash away from you.

Rarity, free to roam and do as she pleases. Never held back. She is known. She is loved. She is a rarity.

Curio, though, is restrained, stuck by virtue of being the side of the coin no one wants to look at. He is bound. He is something to be wary of. He is only for those with curiosity, viewers of curios.

One a peasant with unending freedom, the other bound by nobility-like obligations set forth by others.

ooh, love how the names themselves are worked into the duality like this. i was wondering how the prim, proper, and transatlantic-accented Rarity could be the peasant in this analogy, since that is not what i would associate her with, but this is really clever! Rarity is the peasant because she is free to express herself as fully as she can, and indeed does so. fascinating!

It is to my unending frustration that I must suck it up at those times I feel less of a mare and more of a stud. That I must suffer such an indginity as to wear a dress when I want nothing more than to strut about in a suit. It is utterly degrading to be forced to wear what doesn’t feel right.

A hundred insults, a hundred agonies, a hundred scorns at the disaster that is Curio Belle. Is it so wrong of me to accept the strange twist of fate that changed my body and showed a side of me that I long for? Is it wrong to be comfortable with my circumstances?

this is so thick with Rarityesque melodrama i could eat it with a spoon, and i love that! as well as finding it very relatable, especially the dramatics of it. suffering such indignities, indeed!

Besides, to not be so enamored by the notion of love is to be a disservice to the era I so choose to associate with.

For ponies do describe the renaissance as the romantic era.

well, now i know that i am in for quite a ride!

Bolts of patterned fabric from different eras in time were strewn over both the chair and herself. Her mane had been messily pinned into a purple bun and acted as a makeshift pin cushion. Useful as her magic had gone on strike about two days ago due to overwork and she wished she could do the same.

that pincushion bun is a very fun mental image, and such a great detail to underscore her exhaustion here

Starlight bucking Glimmer. A mare of considerable magical prowess and intellectual mind that had broken the spell into its basic components and did the worst possible thing: make it accessible.

always love to see a "worst possible thing" in a Rarity fic! and indeed, making it accessible would be the worst possible thing

No, she was their seamstress.

oh, hey, there was a Youtube video about this!

In the pursuit of accuracy, long forgotten techniques of fashion were resurrected by one underpaid, overworked — but always fabulous, darling, that was never in question — unicorn.

augh, love this line! i love Rarity so much

Besides that, she was always more willing to clean as Curio than as herself.

dang, maybe i should try this lifehack myself

“Far out.” The stallion nodded his head a few times at the statement. “So, if you have some time, think you could help a dumb dora out?”

hey, i know that slang!

Furrowing his brow, Curio asked, “Wooden Kimono?”

“A Coffin,” Flash replied sheepishly, “sorry, I—”

haha, never heard that one before! very fun

“Pog, totally gnarly.


Once Curio was alone again, he continued his clean up. As he did so he came upon a rather bold patterned cloth of gold triangles. It was loud, striking, and incredibly difficult to pull off in any capacity.

looking forward to how this comes up later!

The Victorian Era; named after Her Majesty Princess Swift Victory, the then Queen of the Unicorns some hundreds of years before the unification of ponykind.

love this historical tidbit, love it when eponyms are given pony-specific etymologies

Famously easy to follow, vicious in execution.

also love this connection drawn between military tactics and fashion! feels somehow appropriate for a story featuring Rarity/Curio and Flash Sentry

...newly crowned Queen Tactical Advantage...

perfect name!

Thus the Four Rules of Dating were born.

Or FROD for short.

oh no, things are never good when one invents a set of dating rules with initials...

What was the everyday Flash like? Would I want to spend a lazy afternoon with him, simply enjoying his presence? Could we be friends outside of a romantic entanglement?

If the answer was no, then I hardly felt it worth the effort to begin dating him knowing that our romance would be fleeting at best. I had no way of knowing where this flight of fancy would take me, whether it be love, friendship, or disappointment.

well, they are very healthy rules so far!

“Hey, what’s buzzin’ cousin? Everything’s looking much less like antsville with the cleanup.”

love it

“Sorry, I’ll try to reel in the slang.”

noooooo never reel in the slang! :pinkiewhy:

“Yes, I can’t have anything affect my measurements or observations and that means only fur.” She furrowed her brow. “Though, your uncomfortableness with the request confounds me as modern trends due lend closer to au natural as it were.”

this felt like a very Rarity way to express consternation

“Peace lovers. The slang term for the pegasi that protested the militarization of Cloudsdale,” Flash explained.

hehe, love this!

“Correct, and one of those meddlers happened to be my little sister Sweetie Belle. A few seasons past, for some unknown reason, she had gotten this idea into her head that a big brother would be better than a sister.” Rarity sighed. “Unluckily for me, she managed to get a hoof on the simplified time traveling spell.”

this sounds so ridiculously disproportionate, yet at the same time, so very much like an early Sweetie Belle thing to do. and this brings in the worldbuilding conceit into Rarity/Curio's backstory, nice!

Rarity furrowed her brow in puzzlement. “Did they not teach you about the repository system?”

and yes! i imagine this is how "Magical Mystery Cure" even begins to make sense as a story

“Always be good enough that they won’t fire you, but bad enough they never ask you for more.”

She stared back at Flash with an incredulous look as her entire thought process derailed. “That is a rather… interesting piece of advice.”

the older i get, the truer i realize this is. and it makes sense for Rarity to not get it, this being her first job out of grad school!

Nodding, Flash continued, “I spend so little time… here,” He gestured with his wings in a wide arc, “that I don’t have any connections anymore. Any friends I had before… moved on.” Flash hung his head. “And I can’t really fix that since I’m never around.”

oof, this is one lonely Flash Sentry!

“That’s so bunk,” Flash said angrily. “I think it’s so rad that you have that side to you, but no one would even give you a chance. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with somepony that could be the hottest dame at the ball then the best stud amongst the bros?”

i would certainly want to be friends with such a pony

“Oh, I can, can I?” Rarity gave a lecherous grin.


Rarity pointedly turned away trotted towards her sewing machine so as to avoid the rather enticing view of Flash’s muscular flanks as he set about his task. She bit her lip as she felt herself get heated over the thought of what she might witness if she just turned around.


A Princess Republic was formed around revolutionary leader and first of her name Princess Platinum who unified the disparate factions under her banner and turned inwards to focus on the restructuring of a failing dominion.

loving this notion of a "Princess Republic"

Even the brave and foolhardy sought out dangerous beasts to be made into leather jackets to spite their predatory neighbours across the mountains.

that would, indeed, be very spiteful!

Regarding the gamboge ribbon that perfectly matched Flash’s coat, Curio said, “so do I. I took some inspiration from a stallion I met recently.”

“Oh?” Flash inquired, “what’s he like?”

Placing the hat on Flash’s head, Curio gave it a light bop with his hoof. “Cute, very cute.”

auauagh love this

“Wait, you meant—” Flash’s cheeks burned red as he scrambled to correct himself, “B-balthus or eldridge. I prefer the latter if you can manage it.”

“Such exquisite tastes. Very well, I’ll do the eldridge then. Been a while.”

this stallion ties

Nodding his head, Flash continued, “I’ve been thinking, a dangerous proposition for a sap like myself, I know,” they both giggled at the attempted humour, “that if we were… together, it might help us want to be un-misplaced. To want to take the steps to be able to spend more time in each other’s company.”

oof! i can definitely see both of them not taking the steps to not be overworked because of their loneliness issues, for their respective reasons. maybe this ties into Curio's idea that rejection is preferable to pity? they really do have a lot in common, here!

Flash groaned. “Torture, Curio. Absolute torture.”

Curio laughed heartily. “The best things always are.”

hehe, love this line!

They will bemoan the cultural transition of wearing clothes only on special occasions and for occupational reasons. A feat only performed for certain types of parties, intimate affairs between partners, and backroom strip clubs where ponies put clothes on instead of off. It was lewd, crass, a blemish on pony society at large.

augh, love this cultural worldbuilding! pony society definitely has a very interesting relationship with clothing

What I want to focus on though is the meaning behind what the common pony wears.

A brooch owned by a recently deceased loved one that is worn in their memory. A favoured blanket repurposed as a bandana to keep the mane out of their eyes. A bow to grant a flash of colour and stand out in the crowd.

Sentimentally, practicality, and style. Important cultural aspects largely ignored by the so-called “fashion” experts.

Fashion had not gone stagnant, it, like all culture, had simply evolved. Instead of being over glorified indicators of wealth or just for the sake of it, clothes now had meaning. They had use.

And even if that wasn’t enough to convince you, no greater style could be achieved than what was worn by everypony across the world.

The self.

Nothing could ever triumph over a pony’s natural form. The curves and ridges that made up every being in Equestria. An inherent individual beauty that could never be matched by mere fabric.

oof, i really love this passage! it feels like a love letter to pony culture, and augh, i really wish i lived there instead of here!

I hear a chorus of a thousand worries bear upon me as I mull over my final decision. Should I do as modernism decrees and lay bare my feelings? Should I, no, dare I take that possibility of happiness? That hope?

Flash Sentry has proven to be a joyous pony. Charming in a way that sets my heart a flutter. He understands me in a way that not even I truly did.

I stand before the precipice, a modern mare.

I am bare before an audience of many.

I am Rarity. I am Curio. I am myself.

and of the bits relating a fashion period to Rarity/Curio's current internal state about their pursuit of Flash, this one is by far my favorite. but that makes sense, because the whole thing brought this emotional core that i could really feel resonate with myself. and it is just so wonderfully Rarity/Curio to have a perspective that lets them analogize between the two

also, i love the phrase "modern mare" for some reason. there's a very nice alliteration and rhythm to it!

The lack of time with their workloads — ironic for two employees of a time traveling agency.

hehe, that is pretty ironic

Experience told her it couldn’t work. There would come a day where he would see that their relationship was faulty, not worth the effort. He would leave and she would be alone.


She sat her rump down on the platform and extended her forelegs before her expectantly. He stepped into her space and began dressing her in the shirt. Once complete, he moved even closer, brandishing the hairpin in his hoof.

somehow, this scene already feels very charged, in the best of ways

“Well, I wanted to get you something that would work with either gender you presented as and…” he hung his head bashfully, ears pinned to his head. “I wanted something that didn’t cover you up too much since you already look stunning.”

oof, love how this is Flash's unknowing answer to Rarity/Curio's worries and anxieties earlier in the chapter. it's a great way to seal their connection right before the story's conclusion

“If you aren’t busy tonight, would you like to go out to dinner? Together?”

“Yes!” he yelled excitedly. He then coughed into a hoof and tried to play it off. “I mean, yeah, like, totally.”

A cascade of tinkling bells spilled forth as Rarity giggled at the foalish stallion she had chosen to be with. “Then it's a date.”

and this is just adorable! Rarity's response to Flash being Flash is definitely a good sign that the FROD has served her well, here!

thinking back on this story, what strikes me is that it's a bit of a "bottle fic", with all scenes taking place within Rarity/Curio's workshop, and Flash being the only character that is present as opposed to being a reference. just like with Flashbang, i loved the introductory sections of cultural and historical worldbuilding that comments on the progress of the romance. can't get enough of that structure! and the time-traveling magical seamstress for a time-traveling magical agency was a really fun concept to see set in the world of MLP, which you did an excellent job of here.

and of course, having an in-story excuse to make Flash's dialogue be at times incomprehensibly slang-filled was joy to watch, and your Rarity/Curio is to die for with their wit.

i really liked the origins of Curio, and how the fic explored the differences between Curio and Rarity from their perspective. Rarity was a fantastic choice for this, as her deliberately cultivated femininity screams for its aristocratically masculine counterpart. and the vulnerability! Rarity is the only pony (besides Fluttershy) to show embarrassment at being naked, after all! you really stuck the landing with that in the last chapter, bringing a strong finish to this fun journey. thank you for it!

Neat start! Is Rarity/Curio supposed to be genderfluid here, or have multiple personalities?

Genderfluid, though the split will be a bit better explained later

I figured that out, yes. Probably should have read the description. 😅

This ended up having far more emotional depth than I expected, beautiful work. Rarity's philosophy on people's relationship with clothing actually reminds me of Kill la Kill, funnily enough, in that baring the self takes courage, and that people shouldn't be slaves to clothing.

“Doves?” Rarity furrowed her brow in confusion. “I am unfamiliar with sucha group.”

“Peace lovers. The slang term for the pegasi that protested the militarization of Cloudsdale,” Flash explained.

Clever. I like this worldbuilding a lot.

This was fun! I liked the period-based structure of each of the chapters, really tied the whole story together. I kept waiting for the story to move outside of Rarity/Curio's dressing room, but can't complain too much, with all the tension in those fitting scenes. :raritywink:

Also, Rarity/Curio themself was a whole lot of fun! I didn't know I needed genderfluid Rarity in my life, but now I'll be mildly disappointed every fic I read where it isn't the case. Good work!

I've always loved the time agency seamstress tumblr post, so happy to see it in pony form! Great use of fashion through the ages to tell your story.

It was a cut and enjoyable read:twilightsmile:

Lovely stuff. Heck of a way to discover one’s gender fluidity. You make everything work fantastically. The themes of history, hindsight, and daring to move forward into an unknown future are captured outstandingly. The only constant is change. The trick is learning how to embrace that.

Thank you for a great read. Best of luck in the judging.

As someone who's bisexual and genderfluid this was joy to read.:twilightsmile:

Heads rolled as society evolved. A Princess Republic was formed around revolutionary leader and first of her name Princess Platinum who unified the disparate factions under her banner and turned inwards to focus on the restructuring of a failing dominion.

The actual word for this would be a crowned republic, if I’m reading things right.

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