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Open for Art Commissions. I write gay romantic comedies with ponies now. Get off my back, MOM.


What better basis for a romance than casual undead acquaintanceship during the snowpocalypse?

Rated Teen due to mild violence. Nothing graphic.

Written for Applezombi for Jinglemas 2022

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder, LuckyChaosHooves, and Nailah

Inspired by the movie Warm Bodies

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I absolutely loved this, it was a very interesting tale that got me to actually want things to get better for him. :heart:

Looooved this story. A very interesting take on a zombie apocalypse.

“Excuse me!” Zephyr called out. “I have a complaint about your taste buds!”

Pony Karen would like to speak to the zombie's manager.

Hah! So cute.

I was a big fan of Warm Bodies (book not movie) so the premise really works for me. As does the worldbuilding; I love that you took the basic premise of a piece of media and made it your own. And the worldbuilding leaves enough room for mystery that I want more.

The characterization is so much fun. Zephyr shines as a somewhat unreliable narrator; he's relentlessly optimistic, but is clearly covering up his trauma. I love that everything is filtered through his absurd priorities and worldview, it adds the right touch of comedy and lightens what would otherwise be a rather dark story.

Thank you. This is perfect.


I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Am also shocked you actually knew what Warm Bodies was (I didnt actually know there was a book and now feel a need to find it), that was not something I expected anyone to know going in and that you knew it was a happy coincidence. Also, yes, I, uh, have a want of writing more of this with the sequel probably being Undead dont make for good husbands because I like the naming convention and Zephyr is way too much fun to write.

Anyways, I am very happy you liked it! Merry Jinglemas

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