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Usually when you are killed, you die. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Usually those exceptions don't end up in a world full of colorful talking ponies with 3 other people from random points of Earth's history, but hey, I can't complain too much. Now if we can just figure out what happened, how we ended up in Equestria, and who is responsible for this mix up...

Will add tags for characters as they appear.

Chapters (9)

Twilight hoped that mare-do-well would teach Rainbow to be humble. Instead, she leaves; just leaves. When they find her later, she lashes out at them. When even the Princess fails to mend fences between them, she along with the rest of the mane 6 attempt drastic action to fix their friendship. An accident during this leaves to Rainbow heavily wounded and with few supplies, in the hostile and merciless lands outside Equestria. Can she rebuild her life? Maybe make something more? Or will she fall, starving, thirsty, wounded, far from home, broken, and abandoned?

Whatever may happen, bear witness.....to Rainbows Lonesome Road.

Chapters (42)

"... a unicorn whose heart was black as night..." - that's what Princess Celestia called him. Not a draconequus or a changeling, but a fellow pony. How could a pony become so evil? How could he harm other ponies? Aren't they the most peaceful creatures there ever were? Why did this unicorn follow such dark path?

What is the story of King Sombra?

Edited by Lazygamer313

- This story is placed in different universe that 'Rebirth of the Damned' and 'Project Eclipse', not to mention my other stories. When I finally reach 'Crystal Empire' Arc within RotD, King Sombra there will have different background.

Chapters (2)

Discovering that he's living on borrowed time, Discord decides to pass the torch. After magically enchanting an item to find an heir worthy of becoming the Lord of Chaos. An unsuspecting human is magically transported to Equestria to become one of the most powerful beings in the world. How will Equestria handle Discords replacement? Will Celestia and Luna be strong enough to face this new foe? Can the mane six overcome this new challenge? I don't know. However, the real question that needs to be asked. Can their world handle the insanity that is humanity!?!?!
Thanks to Darwin4 For editing!!!

Chapters (1)

I was once a normal guy, just like you. I went to school, had a Mum, two little brothers, an addiction to the Internet and video games, even friends.

But it was never good enough.

Life was boring. The only fun things to do were to immerse myself in another world, exploring, fighting, protecting the innocent.

It's ironic right?

Over a thousand years ago, I went to a con. I went Cosplaying as a Titan, from Bungie's new hit FPSMMO, Destiny. There was this guy dressed as the merchant from Resident Evil 4, I bumped into him by accident. He had two awesome things that I needed for my Cosplay and didn't have time to make. One was The Last Word, an exotic hand cannon. the other was an Exotic helmet, the Helm of Saint-14.

Eagerly, I took the two items. However, things don't always happen the way you want them to.

I found myself in Equestria, made some friends, and swore to protect them with the new powers that I had.

Little did I know that enemies that only I could defeat were on their way.

Now... All I want is some rest...

But heroes don't get Vacations...

After all... I'm Equestria's Guarding Light... and i'm not gonna let some space monsters hurt my friends... not now... not ever...


This is a League of Humans acting Heroically story, inspired by stories such as The Mighty Warrior of Epicness

FEATURED! Monday 22nd of June 2015! :pinkiegasp: *happiness* *Celebratory Headbang along to Disturbed's song; Ten Thousand Fists*

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Lucas MacArthur was your typical aristocrat. Second son of the family, he grew up with all the privileges that came with wealth, but none of the responsibility or expectations. He busied himself with books, theater, food, and the pleasurable company of the fairer sex, his natural charm and his skill with a sabre his only talents to speak of.

That was before he died.

Now he finds himself in an alien land inhabited by talking ponies, and his body curiously stronger and faster, though with a strange exhaustion that strikes him under the rays of this place's sun. His mastery of classical literature gives him only one answer:

Lucas MacArthur has risen from the grave as a vampire.

Rated Teen for blood, occasional profanity, and sexual themes, if and when the story actually gets around to them.

Chapters (2)

They're coming Razor, run, hide, don't lose hope, never lose hope... I'm here, never lose hope. The portal is in Alaska, get there before you turn, you'll be safe there. Get there, and we'll be together.

Together, Forever,

Chapters (6)
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