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There's a problem at the Pie Quarry. One that Sunset Shimmer is uniquely equipped to handle.

Dealing with magic is easy. Dealing with cute quiet girls is too, but to solve this one, Sunset is going to need to dig deep. Real deep.

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Sunset Shimmer might not mind losing her magic, but the Dazzlings definitely do.

Feeling robbed after the Battle of the Bands, the three of them retreat to the inner city part of Canterlot, where the risk of spontaneous magic cars and rainbow death-rays is hopefully a little smaller. Months later, they're still no closer to fixing the gems and getting back to business, so Aria opts to take matters into her own hands in the only way she knows how:


...It doesn't go as planned.

For another dose of snake-arm sirens, Equestria Girls, and some other stuff, check mayorlight's gallery!

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Pinkie asks Spike to keep Maud company until she gets off work, but he can't just sit there and say nothing to Maud, right? But she barely talks back, so he continues filling the silence, and... well, he should have stayed quiet.

An entry from the /fic/ write-off "A Matter of Perspective."

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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After a rather weird, yet awkward moment in the cafeteria of Canterlot High, you find yourself having a series of strange encounters with the same group of three girls who've taken a somewhat obsessive interest in you.

Chapters marked "Original" will remain up, but are no longer considered canon to the series.

This story was inspired by "Going Somewhere...?", a very well-written and just plain awesome story written by trevordark. If you haven't read it yet, take a look.

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Twilight walks into Quills and Sofas to find out, to her surprise, that Chrysalis works there.

Art made by Kamikakushi!

Now with a silky smooth Youtube reading by Wayart Narration!

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A wild alligator attack threatens to turn a day at the local swimming hole into a complete and total bloodbath, but not if Diamond Tiara has anything to say about it.

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Through luck and foresight King Sombra has managed to avoid the grave, but just barely. At the cost of much of his magical powers and his whole kingdom. With nothing, but his life, to lose he decides to make a daring gambit by infiltrating Ponyville and exacting his revenge from within.

With no formal spy training and little experience socializing with the common pony Sombra find's himself bumbling in his attempt to take over the town. With no base of power and little to his name Sombra finds himself losing the fight before it has started until a cross-eyed pagasus offers too help him. Now, in order to conquer Ponyville he must first conquer the home of Derpy Hooves, which may be his greatest challenge yet.

Cover art provided to me by The Grimm Reaper. Thank you.

(An idea that came from a joke I made on a Facebook thread and I just decided to run with it. This story isn't high on my priority list, but if a few people like it I'll try to make an update for it something within the month. It's labeled comedy, but I'm not a funny person, sorry.)

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Out of unnamed circumstance, a strange pony has arrived into Equestria with no memory of his former self. When discovered by the Elements of Harmony, will they aid him in re-obtaining his memory or will they teach him more about friendship for him to start a new life? One last question remains is why his cutie mark is an ominous looking '4'. Stay tuned to see what happens.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 'Intermedio' chapters inside of this story are nothing but non-canon filler, one of which is its own story.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright of Hasbro
Bleach is copyright of Tite Kubo/TV Tokyo

Fanart/ Cover art is special thanks to Iokusanagi a.k.a Io of FIMfiction! Thank you very much!!

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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, humans were suddenly all over the freakin' place.

Legends said nothing but horrible things about them, and that the only way to deal with a human was to make them no longer be a human. First contact showed otherwise, and cooler heads prevailed. The newly-organized Transmogrification department was gutted, with most of the agents sent to work elsewhere. Many government employees were organized to help the humans settle in; the best and brightest got to work at the extremely challenging job of calculating multiversal exchange rates so that human cash could be traded in for bits.

Now, for the first time ever, you can see what it's like to work at the Conversion Bureau.
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This is by far my most popular story, so... thanks, everyone!

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I can't believe this! How dare they forget who they're dealing with! I'm the very Element of Generosity! But to ask me to share my suite with the likes of... her? It's inconceivable, preposterous, ludicrous! They seriously think I, Rarity, fashion designer extraordinaire would be willing to share even a suite with such an... uncouth beast! Unfortunately, the Canterlot Ritz—and every other hotel—is booked solid, so it is either this or nothing. I suppose as long as I keep to myself, I will survive the week. Right?

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