• Published 25th Aug 2012
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Cuatro - Dirty Bit

How can one feel empty in a world full of friends?

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Capítulo Tres

Capítulo Tres


"The orange hair...and the black bankai...Yes, he is our target-"
"But still...at this level, he is no threat to Lord Aizen..."

The strange pony woke up after more shaded scenes played in his mind as substitutes for dreams. The last one he witnessed struck him with curiousity "...Aizen..." He uttered to himself as he stared up at the ceiling. Who was this Aizen character that played in his mind? Did he bear as much significance as to what the strange pony had witnessed in his earlier scenes?

"Mornin', sleepyhead!"

The strange pony perked up and turned to see Applejack standing right next to him as he laid on the sofa "Was jus' about t' wake ya up. Did ya sleep well last night?"

He stretched a moment before he unveiled himself from his blanket and stood onto the wooden floor as he looked at Applejack with his emotionless face "Yes. I slumbered peacefully throughout the night. Am I to guess that it is morning already?" He spoke in his unchanged tone.

Applejack nodded "Sure is. We thought about tacklin' all this snow 'fore Ah take ya t' my friends! Come on int' th' kitchen so ya can meet m' family an' enjoy some Sweet Apple Acres family cookin'!"

The strange pony remembered his appetite at the mention of cooking. What was he to do to start this new day without proper sustenance? With a curt nod, he allowed Applejack to lead him into the next room, where Applebloom sat with two new faces.

Sitting across from Applebloom was a stallion as big as him, only he had nothing on him but a yoke and a laidback expression on his face. He regarded the strange pony with a nod. A green apple was seen on his flank, causing the strange pony to glance in curiousity. Cooking at the stove was an elderly green mare who was frying something in a pan with a smile on her face. On her flank was a pie in a tin.

At this point, he realized he had forgotten that while he and others were ponies here, they held pictures on their flanks. He turned over to look at Applejack's flank to see three red apples. The farmpony noticed and tilted her head in confusion "Ya feelin' okay, partner?"

The strange pony did not answer as he looked over at Applebloom. Strangely, she was the only one he had seen without any picture or mark on her flank. Then his eyes rested on his own flank, staring back at the strange '4' that covered it.

Applejack stared at the strange pony's movement until she made out his curiousity with a chuckle "Ya wonderin' about cutie marks, are ya? Well, maybe Ah can enlighten ya there!"

The strange pony turned to Applejack "Cutie marks? Is that what these marks on our flanks are?"

Applejack gave the strange pony a light nudge forward "Ah'll explain it to ya over breakfast. We got a whole day ahead o' us now!" With that, the two ponies found their seats and the elderly mare trotted over with a pan wrapped in her hoof.

She approached the rest of the table and scraped off flapjacks on each of the ponies' plates. She then looked over at the strange pony and her smile widened "So yer th' new feller Applejack an' Applebloom were talkin' 'bout! Good t' see ya, sonny!"

The strange pony stared back at Granny Smith with his unchanged expression, frowning at her in silence and confusion "...You regard me as a son...Are you my mother?" He almost flinched when he heard Applebloom and the elderly pony burst out in laughter. Applejack stifled her own laughter to avoid making him feel more uncomfortable "Why are you laughing?"

Applebloom's laughter died down as she replied "Granny Smith's not yer mother, silly!!" She couldn't help but laugh even more "She's our granny!"

The one called Granny Smith hummed "Applejack told me that y'all have amnesia, right? Mighty sorry t' hear that. But yeah, th' name's Granny Smith! Th' big one over there is my oldest grandson Big Macintosh!"

Big Macintosh nodded to the strange pony "Eeyup."

Granny Smith kept her smile "It's real nice t' know we'll have an extra set o' hooves t' help us with all this snow! Sure was a doozy last night, wasn't it! Even heard that y'all came from th' Everfree Forest, right?"

Applebloom nodded "Uh-huh! An' he fought with a manticore and scared it off!!"

Applejack raised an eyebrow "Ah'm startin' t' think th' whole 'manticore runnin' off' thing seems a bit farfetched. Them things 're ferocious! An' they won't quit til their prey's down an' out! Ya say ya scared it off after landin' one hit on it?"

The strange pony nodded "At the same time I landed a hit, I heard an explosion...Was there anything explosive in the Everfree Forest?"

Big Macintosh shook his head "Nnnnope."

Applebloom frowned "Dunno why y'all would think that. There ain't nothin' explosive in th' Everfree Forest! Are yer hooves made o' bombs or somethin', mister?"

The strange pony stared before he turned to investigate his hindlegs. They were the same as his forelegs: Long, pale white, and in a unique shape for a pony like him. He tilted his head as he looked at it "...I see nothing..."

Applebloom snickered at the strange pony's curiousity, but stopped it when her older sister shot her a look.

Granny Smith chuckled "Well, yer gonna need them legs fer after breakfast, sonny! We got some snow t' plow out o' our fields! Help yerself t' some apple flapjacks 'fore ya go outside. An' be sure t' bundle up a little! It's mighty cold outside!" She trotted to her seat and proceeded to cut into her flapjacks with a fork and knife.

The others did the same with relative ease, only serving to widen the strange pony's curiousity. How do they do it? He stared at their movement before he looked down at his own utensils and stared.

Appplejack finished a bite of her flapjacks before she turned to the strange pony in confusion "What's th' matter, mister? Are ya not hungry? Or are ya not a fan o' flapjacks?"

The strange pony did not answer, and he inched a hoof to reach for a fork. When he lightly pressed his hoof on it, it was only pushed a small inch away from him. He tried again with the same results and examined his hoof.

"This doesn't make any sense at all...Ponies have hooves, yet they are able to grasp certain objects with them?"

Granny Smith noticed the strange pony and tilted her head "There ain't no shame in usin' yer horn t' eat flapjacks, ya know. Is it that difficult fer ya t' use a fork?"

Applebloom turned to Granny Smith "He doesn't know how t' use magic, Granny. His amnesia's that bad" She stated dryly.

The elderly mare frowned "Well that's too bad. Ah hope he'll be able t' remember soon enough! Wouldn't want this feller t' draw too much attention t' himself!"

Applejack nodded "Already got it covered, Granny! Ah'm takin' him t' Twilight's when we're done with work!" She took another bite of her meal.

The strange pony stared at the utensils and then at his flapjacks. Not knowing of any other alternative for himself, he decided to lean his head forward and bite into the flapjacks without using a fork. He chewed his portion properly, enjoying the sweet taste of apples in his mouth.

Granny Smith watched with a chuckle "Well, that's another way o' eatin', Ah suppose. How is it, sonny?"

The strange pony gulped down his bite before he responded "It is delicious. Thank you..." He responded in his monotonous tone.

Granny Smith drew her head back with a raised eyebrow "Ya alright there? Ya sound like somepony jus' came in and nabbed yer soul!"

The strange pony slightly dialated his eyes at the mention of the last word. Then a migraine entered inside of him as another shaded scene popped into his head.

"What's with these guys? Why are they staring at me? Hey, I'm gonna go eat now!"
"Buaaah! Yuck!!"
"Of course. How can such weak souls taste so good?"

The strange pony held his head with a hoof while his eyes were clenched shut.

"Souls...Why is that familiar? And that last voice...Was that...me?"

It wouldn't help to think with his mental pain, but the strange pony recovered from his ominous headache, only looked to see the Apple Family stare at him with looks of concern. He replied to them to ease their thoughts "Forgive me. It was only a minor headache. I cannot be certain if this will be lifted any time soon, but I will still be able to help you work around the house..."

Granny Smith smiled warmly at the strange pony "Well ain't that sweet. Are ya sure ya can handle yerself out in th' cold again?"

The strange pony replied "Once I finish my meal..." He said as he took another bite of his flapjacks. He realized that he would indeed need all the strength he can get if he can carry out his promise to the Apple Family for their hospitality. He was unaware that the Apple Family was not entirely convinced at his words while he ate his meal.

When his meal was finished, the strange pony joined Applejack and Big Macintosh outside while Granny Smith and Applebloom cleaned up inside the house. The cold wasn't welcoming as before, but it was more bearable thanks to regaining enough energy to act.

Applejack took point and led the group to a large red barn, opening it to reveal its rustic interior to the others. The strange pony took in his surroundings while he followed the Apple siblings further inside. Soon, they found themselves standing in front of three large green plows. They were all of the same design, bearing two large wheels on the back and a fabric roof Applejack turned to the strange pony "Ya know how t' work a snow plow?" The strange pony examined the plow before he turned to Applejack and shook his head, causing her to frown "Ah figured as much. But don't worry. Big Mac an' Ah will walk ya through it! C'mon, Big Mac!" She said as the two Apple siblings pushed out their plows into the snow before settling themselves into their proper positions. Applejack smiled back at the strange pony, who observed with intrigue "Jus' watch an learn, sugarcube!"

Both Applejack and Big Macintosh trotted out while working their own plows and began clearing out their own trails of snow in front of them. They seemed to be making good progress with their pace, and the strange pony wondered if he was capable of moving a plow himself. The Apple siblings demonstrated a good amount of their strength through hard labor in their years, and he could only hope to compare to them.

When enough distance was made, Applejack called out to the strange pony "Ya know what t' do now, right? Grab a plow an' join us!" She seemed to be confident in the strange pony's abilities despite them only meeting last night.

With a curt nod, he turned back and trotted into the barn to fetch his own plow so he could join Applejack and Big Macintosh in the snow. When he pulled it out and attempted to push it, it was very easy. It was as if he was pushing a firm, but light pillow out into the breeze. When he reached the barn's entrance, he settled himself into the plow and trotted out into a decent pace. It was a new experience to feel wet grass in his hooves other than snow. He continued pushing his plow, and he eventually caught up to Applejack and Big Macintosh, joining them as they plowed along Sweet Apple Acres.

Applejack smiled "Lookin' good, partner! Jus' keep up that pace with us an' we'll be done in no time!" The strange pony only replied with a nod, his face remaining the same as before. Applejack was slightly unsettled at how he managed to retain such a cold and dispassionate face while acting humble and polite 'Ah really hope this stallion will act well around my friends...'

An hour had passed, and the trio managed to get the snow around Sweet Apple Acres plowed up without much of a hassle. When they pushed the plows back into the barn, Big Macintosh regarded the strange pony with a respectful smile and a grateful nod before he chose to go back inside the house. The strange pony went to follow before he felt a tug on his whip-like tail. He looked back to see Applejack drop his tail out of her mouth with a smile "We're gonna take ya t' Twilight's, remember? We gotta help ya get them memories o' yers back!"

The strange pony turned to face Applejack when he realized her agenda "Of course. Will you lead me?"

Applejack trotted past the strange pony "'Course Ah will! Now let's get movin'. With how much Twi knows, Ah'm sure she'll get yer memories back no problem!" The strange pony followed after Applejack as they left her home and went into the town of Ponyville.

Unlike the other night with the massive snowstorm, there were signs of activity in Ponyville. There were several ponies of different colors, each bearing their own certain marks while they trotted around town. Some ponies were seen wearing scarves, boots, or earmuffs to help them tolerate the cold weather. Little fillies and colts were seen having snowball fights at their own leisure. The older ponies were merely trotting about to their own destinations, be it business or home.

Applejack and the strange pony trotted through the streets, and the farmpony was less than surprised when she noticed that her houseguest had earned many different reactions from the townsfolk. He shifted his eyes to see different looks of curiousity and fear, some even bowing to him, then turned to Applejack "I don't think they like me...Are you sure it is a good idea?"

Applejack shook her head "Don't get discouraged, sugarcube! These ponies aren't used t' new faces now an' then. My friend Twilight will welcome ya with open hooves once we reach her place!" She looked away while they trotted 'Ah hope...'

They continued trotting along until they finally reached what appeared to be a house built inside of a hollowed-out tree. The strange pony looked on before he turned to Applejack "It's alive..."

Applejack turned to the strange pony in confusion "Beg pardon?"

The strange pony looked back to the tree "The tree...It's alive, yet it has been hollowed out...How is this possible?"

Applejack shook her head "If ya want my answer, Ah'm guessin' it's nothin' but unicorn magic! But now ain't th' time to stand outside." She trotted up to the door and rapped on it three times.

After a small moment, the door was answered by a small purple dragon. He smiled up at Applejack "Oh, hey Applejack! How's it go-WHOA!!" He looked behind the farmpony to see the strange pony gaze down at him with his cat-like eyes.

Applejack waved a hoof "Calm down now, Spike, he's friendly. Is Twilight home at all? We kinda need 'er fer this!"

Spike's gaze did not leave the strange pony as he slowly backed up "A-Are you sure he's friendly, Applejack? Who is he!?"

Applejack sighed "That's why we need Twi. This pony's got amnesia!"

Spike perked up "Amnesia? Him? That's really weird..." He backed up and opened the door to where they could enter inside. Applejack nodded to the strange pony and the two made their way into the tree.

The strange pony looked around to see many shelves bearing books. It was safe to assume that the tree was an adequate library for all ponies to use. Speaking of, there was a lavender unicorn with a cutie mark of six shimmering stars reading a book on her sofa.

"That must be Twilight...But why doesn't she notice me nor Applejack from this distance??"

Spike waddled over and nudged the lavender unicorn's side "Err, Twilight? Sorry to interrupt, but Applejack and..." He looked over at the strange pony and winced "some other pony are here to see you..."

The one called Twilight sighed as her horn began to glow. A bookmark wrapped in an aura similar to the horn's glow hovered over and set itself into the current page of the open book. Then, the book itself was wrapped in the same aura as it closed on its own. The strange pony watched in intrigue at the scene.

"I see...So that's unicorn magic...But how am I to channel it myself?"

He stared up at his horn, unaware that Twilight turned to regard her friend with a greeting. When she caught a glance of the strange pony, she yelped in surprise, snapping him out of his own thought. He stared with his unchanged expression while Twilight looked in shock "Wh-Who are you?"

Applejack chuckled "Take it easy, Twi. This stallion's basically th' reason Ah'm here. Y'see, he's-"

She was ignored as Twilight trotted over and examined the strange pony up close while he stared down at her in silence "What kind of alicorn are you?" The unicorn mare noted his features aloud "Strange eyes, a sharp horn, bat wings, a tail that's both long and thin, and..." Her eyes trailed over to his cutie mark, and she was instantly dumbfounded "A four? What kind of cutie mark is that?" She looked up at the strange pony and blushed in embarrassment "I-I'm sorry about that...What's your name?"

Applejack looked miffed for being ignored "That's what Ah was gettin' at! This pony has amnesia! Ah came here t' see if y'all or any o' our friends can do somethin' 'bout it!"

Twilight blinked before she looked down "I see. This really is the most random situation we've been in...And in the middle of winter to boot!" She looked up and examined the strange pony once more "To think there existed an alicorn like yourself is amazing! I'm very sorry about your amnesia, but I'll see what I can do about it for your sake!" She then perked up "I'm sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself yet!" Twilight placed a hoof on her chest "My name is Twilight Sparkle. It is a pleasure to meet you today!" She smiled warmly at her visitor.

The strange pony only gave a curt nod "Likewise..." He finally responded in his monotonous tone.

Twilight's smile vanished after hearing his response. While she was fascinated about his appearance, she wasn't fond of the emotionless expression on his face. She wondered if the strange pony wasn't so socialable when he had his memories "Okay. Well, why don't you make yourself comfortable on the couch before I-"

The door suddenly flew open to reveal another visitor to the library. It was another mare like Applejack, only she was pink all over, with a darker pink mane and tail. Her cutie mark was a set of three balloons; Two blue and one yellow. A manic grin was on her face when she entered inside "Hi, everypony! I wanted to come by to see if any of you were up for hanging out today!" She looked around, and when her eyes fell on the strange pony, she paused before she gave a loud gasp.

The strange pony stared back before she turned to Applejack "Is she one of your-"

Applejack held a deadpan look on her face "Eeyup..."

To be continued...

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