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I enjoy thinking up of stories for this sort of fandom and I hope that the stories I write will please you. :) And for those of you who want to know my gender, I am male.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle And the Very Confusing Day

There were a few loose ends after Discord, who had turned into Eris, had gone into season and turned the entire world upside down in order to create enough chaos for favourable draconequus breeding conditions. Celestia had released the Flutterbeast upon Eris, restoring order and gender normality all over the globe.

Except not everypony and everybody changed back. Males who became mares and became pregnant, stayed mares, Eris' final parting gift of confusion and chaos in the world.

Both of the sexes are now so much more aware of each other's needs following the events of the Great Swap, and Eris' chaos had the unintentional side effect of creating a new level of harmony in the world, as suddenly everypony and everybody now had first hoof (or firsthand) experience in being the opposite sex.

Eris going into season also created the ideal conditions for the apocalypse.

Edit: Featured on Sunday, April 20th, 2014! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!

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Now with 23% more sequel!

Twilight and her friends all get together for a sleepover, looking forward to some well deserved downtime. Discord arrives, standing outside in the rain, pleading for entrance and to come in out of the weather. Twilight Sparkle insists that this is a mares only sleepover, so Discord does the only thing he can do, doing the unthinkable to gain entry.

Once inside, Discord, now Eris, tries to bond with the mane six and learn the magic of friendship.

The mane six fail to take into account the magic of Discord.

Now featured on April 16th, 2014. Thank you all so very much!

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Author Note: This is something new I wanted to try. Contains 10% human, 90% ponies, and 100% fun-filled, cuddlelicious goodness. Not suitable for those allergic to cuddles. Please consult your physician before reading.

A young university student suddenly finds himself thrown from his homework studies into a land filled with more colour than Gears Of War, talking ponies with ridiculously huge eyes, and topped with so many cuddles that it makes Care Bears look like Michael Myers.

And for some reason, all of them come to the conclusion that he must be smothered in cookies and cream-delicious cuddles.

For some, it's heaven; for Jamie, it's his own little plane of hell that makes even Satan feel torment.

Inspired by Forced Pony Cuddles

Yay! Thank you guys so much for getting this fic in the featured box! You all deserve huge amounts of cuddles. And you're gonna enjoy it!

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Scootaloo may just be the world's most unfortunate filly. She gets the short stick on everything. Of course, it just so happens that that short stick will always entail dying. It's a good thing she doesn't seem to notice that she dies a lot, otherwise things might start to get a bit complicated.

Short vignettes which reimagine each episode of MLP such that Scootaloo dies in increasingly spectacular and insignificant ways. Updates twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

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After the "cupcakes" incident we see the true fate of Pinkie Pie and her demonic second personality, Pinkamena Diane Pie. After a string of disappearances riddles the town of Ponyville, Ditzy Doo discovers the horible events that unfolded in the basement of Sugarcube Corner. Discoveries lead to flashbacks, as we see how Pinkamena handled each and every one of her victims.

Rated teen for disturbing suggestive scenes and slight gore. Please criticize me in any way you want! Tell me what you liked, what you didn't, how you would have done it, or what you think should come next. Honestly without you guys, this story would have never been more than a simple one chapter, 600 word, 'stream of thoughts' writing!

Read, Comment, Enjoy -MasterFrasca99

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[Eventually will be rebooted in a new story]

Rated [Teen] for F. Violence & Strong Language.

It's been ten years since she's been crowned princess, and during that time she's been rather... busy. Among moments of solving friendship problems and saving Equestria multiple times, she has destroyed the covenant, saved the Mushroom Kingdom and its princess, destroyed all the colossi in the Forbidden Land by the order of a sealed god, escaped Black Mesa, and many more heroic deeds. Yes, Twilight Sparkle can call herself a video game master of many genres. However, she never once touched the aspects of virtual reality MMO’s. That is until she started playing Equestrian Earth. With a whole digital world before her, Twilight felt that her adventures in the MMO would be her greatest adventure yet.
However, this adventure may prove to be the most dangerous as a powerful entity and its legion of hackers have taken over the world. Twilight Sparkle must unite with her fellow gamer friends if she is to prevent herself from getting a game over not just in the virtual world, but the real world. Adventure awaits in a land filled with monsters, allies, quests, rivals, imagination, friendship, and magic.

This is Equestrian Earth, let the games begin.

Story Description Credits to Rated Ponystar [an immense help!]
↓If you haven't, read Author Notes down below↓

Author Notes:
Ω Editors: ugugg93
∞ Edited chapters will be marked by a certain number of *s, indicating how many editors got to it
Ω Proof/Pre-readers: RemareShadows and Apuppy120, ultra1437, Genghis, and Willow the Pegasus
A World Map of Equestrian Earth (and Equestria)
∞ (Password is mlp.)
Ω Also as a side note: I came up with the idea in the shower.
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