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Equestrian Earth the MMORPG - Chaotic Note

Twilight has fun playing a virtual reality game with her friends, adventuring across an ancient Equestria, until she learns of players never waking up.

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***Chapter 01 : Everypony Starts Out as a Beginner

A Chaotic Production presents...

The Beginning Arc(a pre-arc)

Chapter 1

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The day was vividly beautiful, and the blessed sun shined yellow upon all the ponies out in the open, basking them in a coat of gold. Younglings ran throughout the town as they played, basking under Celestia's warm rays, while the older mares and stallions went about on their usual business.

Twilight Sparkle, a lavender unicorn mare, leisurely sat on her couch in the living room. She was doing nothing complicated, like experimenting with potions, but was instead enjoying a nice cup of jasmine tea and a nice book. To her right lay her wooden table, grown right out from the very floor of her tree house. It’s where she kept most of her science notes, friendship letters, and where she composed most of them as well. To her left sat her larger-than-life television. It was coupled with her own movie film projector, a modern Featherstation 3, and the new XBuck-360 Slim. It was an odd combination of technology for a pony in Ponyville, with the old-fashioned projector working aside two very advanced pieces of technology. When most ponies asked her what was with the game consoles, she simply replied that she played video games from time to time, and that was the truth. Well, almost the truth.

She didn't play all the time though. She still loved to experiment with new elements of magic, perform tests with nature’s various plants and mysterious herbs, and she especially enjoyed studying the magic of friendship. Reading books like the one she had in her hooves was a nice way to pass the time as well. However, what she didn't anticipate today was the cyan, rapid blur of a pegasus dashing through her doors. Literally.

As she burst through the doors, Rainbow Dash, with her slim saddlebags on, shouted out, “Twilight! Twilight! A new game was released today!”

“Oww, what is it Rainbow Dash? Can’t you see I’m busy today?” Twilight complained, rubbing her ears.

“Sorry Twi, it’s just that I’ve played a little bit of it today and it’s so bucking awesome! You have to try it!” She looked around for the bookworm for a moment before calling out, “Hey, where are you?”

“Try looking down.”

She looked below her rump to see a mass of purple & pink highlights lying underneath her.

“Oh! Sorry Twi!” Rainbow Dash leapt off the poor unicorn, giving her some breathing space. “Eh-heh. Sorry for the broken door, but hey! You have to admit, I do know how to make an epic entrance!”

Twilight chuckled to herself, “By crashing into other ponies? I bet so. Anyway, what’s this about me and this game?”

“Oh right!” Rainbow Dash stuck her head in one of her saddlebags.

She pulled out a rectangular, decorative box. It was inscribed with a Da Spinichi worthy picture of heavily armored colts and robed mares on the cover. The stallions were armed with huge swords while the mares were sporting ornate staves.

“Luh halld Eehestia Uath!” she proclaimed through the box, muffling her words.

“Uh, Rainbow Dash? I didn’t quite catch that,” Twilight mentioned, trying to make sense of Rainbow's muffled exclamation.

Rainbow Dash spat out the game. “It’s called Equestrian Earth. It’s this really big game where a bunch of players can log in at once and go on adventures together, in the land of Equestria! You can fight a whole lot of badass creatures too, like dragons, and trolls, and wereponies." Rainbow Dash splashed right back into the bag. The excited athlete dug out a blue visor with rainbow bolts signed on the sides. “The I.P.V. works with it! The first MMORPG to ever be compatible with virtual-reality tech!”

"Rainbow Dash, you do know the correct term is equeswolf right?"

Dash blew Twilight a raspberry before adding, "O-of course! I already knew that." She groaned in annoyance, "Look, are you gonna play the game or not?"

Twilight looked at her friend for a few moments, and then placed her hoof on Rainbow Dash’s shoulder.

“Rainbow Dash, as much as I would like to play this game with you, I have a lot of things to do this week. Books to reshelf, magic to study, and I already have these other video games that I could play,” she reasoned. “And RPGs are heavily time consuming. Why would I need this one?”

"You never played an MMORPG before?"


Rainbow Dash blew her rainbow colored hair out of her eyes. “Because practically everypony in Ponyville has bought the game, and it’s really awesome? Also this game is set in that old medieval whatever stage.” She moved in closer to the unicorn’s face.

“And,” she whispered, edging closer to the unicorn, “I hear that Star Swirl the Bearded could be found in this game.”

Twilight’s eyes lit up and she squealed in return, “OHMIGOSH! Really!? How?”

She adored Star Swirl the Bearded. The historical icon was her biggest hero! He was second only to Celestia, of course.

The cyan pony shrugged. “I don’t know. From all the trailers and interviews that came out, it sounded like Celestia and Luna helped out with the details of the game's history and lore. Luna herself personally had a hoof designing the guy. She seemed to know a lot about the old colt it was based on, so the story writers asked if she could fill them in on the subject.”

The librarian, meanwhile, was bouncing around the pegasus in a very happy fit. She was literally jumping with joy. A lot was known about Star Swirl in the textbooks, but his personal journal entries were never found. Only the products of his study on magic survived throughout time. If Luna herself lent her knowledge of him into the game…

Twilight viciously grabbed Rainbow Dash by the shoulders and brought her closer to her face.

“How many bits?”


Twilight locked herself in her house for several hours. So far, she had been busy making an account on the website, creating her character, molding a mountain of cushions to serve as her throne of relaxation, and gathering her preferred snacks for game night. As she sat in front of the glowing monitor, Twilight thought to herself that she couldn’t believe that all it took to convince her to buy the game was a mention of Star Swirl the Bearded. If the game was as awesome as Rainbow Dash claimed it was, then the full price of sixty bits sould be worth it.

She pressed the start button and activated her I.P.V. It took her through a vortex of digitized, bright blue code and pixilated dots. When the light show ended, she opened her eyes. She was floating in the middle of nowhere. So far, only a blinding light in front of her served as her waypoint, but as she squinted her eyes, she could make out the outline of a graceful figure. The mysterious being was very tall, in comparison to her, and the light's source glowed from behind her, making it nigh-impossible for Twilight to determine who it was. From what little Twilight could make out, the figure appeared to be female.

“H-hello? My name is Twilight Sparkle!” she introduced herself politely.

“Hello there Twilight Sparkle,” a melodious voice called out.

The voice definitely belonged to a mare. Twilight imagined it belonged to a motherly deity.

“I’ve been expecting your visit for quite some time,” the figure continued on in its smooth voice. “I'm expecting great things from you.”

“What? How do you know I was coming? Who are you?” Twilight asked.

The other mare chuckled for a second, “Not who, Twilight Sparkle, what. I may seem to be a pony to you, but I am just the central A.I. of the game here. I may be based on another pony, but at the core, I’m just a program.”

Twilight looked at the other mare as her mind was filled with wonder. It was also somewhat tinged with an edge of sadness. This artificial program knew of her own existence, but chose to refer to herself as an it. Twilight, on the other hoof, didn't think of her as an it. To Twilight, the mare appeared as lifelike as herself. The other mare suddenly chuckled a little. The tone was beautiful, and pure. Her voice resonated with a chime in the neospace's air.

“You may be wondering why I seem to be such a downer,” she spoke softly. “Well, I don’t know much about the mare I was based on, but from what I can tell from my memory bank, this particular mare was incredibly truthfully honest. That honesty runs right down even into her bones. I’ve been explained to many times, that she does this sometimes to playfully tease others. Or, as modern ponies may call it, ‘rustle their jimmies’.”

“Really? Who told you that?” Twilight asked.

“Hmm, I believe it was somepony named Celestia.”

Twilight’s mind suddenly sparked with questions. The shock was obviously enough. This A.I. was based on somepony from her mentor’s life. It ignited the curiosity inside of her. Before she could ask any questions though, the mare suddenly started her questions.

“So my little pony, which character would you like to load?”

Twilight started to object until a cache of save files popped into existence. Not wanting to waste time, she chose a pre-loaded save file that she had created before playing. A starter mage class. The character's race was based on an Equestrian unicorn.

She selected the file, and then pushed the menu out of the way to get a closer look at the A.I., hoping to gleam a good vision of her appearance.

“Okay Twilight, you are about to enter a wonderful world of magic and friendship, where you will meet friends old and new,” the figure explained. “However, this world also contains much of the magic's darker side and old monsters of lore, so be sure to keep your allies close at hoof. Good luck.”

The light behind the figure rapidly brightened, becoming an all-encompassing, piercing light. Twilight had to shield her eyes from the light's attempt to blind her.

“Wait! At least tell me who you are,” Twilight bellowed into the mass of light before her.

The figure took some time to consider her question, and then responded softly, “You may refer to me as the Goddess.”

Twilight’s vision then turned white, and all signs of the Goddess dissipated from around her. When she came to, she put a hoof to her forehead as a strong headache passed through her system.

“Note to self: lower the game's brightness,” she mumbled.

“Ah’ wouldn’t worry about them fancy graphic bars. Ah think it’s jus’ a phase.”

Surprised, Twilight bolted upright and opened her eyes to see five of her friends leaning over her. Some of them were dressed in padded armor, while others were dressed in robes similar to her own. Applejack lent a hoof to Twilight, and she graciously accepted it. The bookworm dusted the dirt off her shoulders and knees.

“Thanks Applejack. So, shall we get started? I figure that I'll need to do a lot of exploring.”

“Sure! There’s an observatory tower nearby where we can go to.”

“Lead the way then,” Twilight said with a smile.

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