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I enjoy thinking up of stories for this sort of fandom and I hope that the stories I write will please you. :) And for those of you who want to know my gender, I am male.

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Spike is fed up with Twilight's bullcrap, because she wont pay him a minimum wage for working. So Spike decides to go out and find a new job, but whenever he finds a job, at the end of the day he dies. And then he wakes up to the same day trying to find a new job.

There is a sex tag because of some sexual preferences, sexual situations, awkward sexual moments and little brief nudity. NO, THIS IS NOT A CLOP FIC, AND IT NEVER WILL BE. It is on the very verge of being rated mature, but it is rated teen because this isn't a clopfic and it will not be over excessively gory.

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A young Pegasus named Crimson Pallet and his group of friends meet and welcome a new Unicorn to Fillydelphia, but the more they get to know this new and mysterious unicorn the more Crimson draws suspicion on him of being something he may not appear to be. They decide they must leave Fillydelphia and somehow warn Princess Twilight Sparkle of some dark and perilous event that may occur.

Chapters (2)