Happy Easter! · 4:56pm

Like the title says, Happy Easter! :twilightsmile:

May God go with you all... and may the (chocolate) eggs be found (and Reese's... many, many Reeses :pinkiecrazy::rainbowderp::pinkiehappy:).

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>>2420492 My apologies. My interests tend to come and go. For a while I just haven't had much interest in Gilligan's island, but likely I'll wind up watching it again and getting interested. I'm not making promises, other than that I'll continue the story at some point.

Again, I apologize for not having updated for so long. I will update it again, I can tell you that. Thanks for the reminder, by the way, and for liking it :twilightsmile:

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When do you plan on finishing your Gilligan's Island story?

Fimfiction needs more Gilligan!

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>>2403095 You're welcome :twilightsmile:

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Thanks a bunch for the watch:heart:

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>>2391283 Thanks :twilightsmile: I hope it turns out good.

Not that I'm mad (and this isn't directed necessarily at you), but can any future comments please be on the blog itself? I'd like to keep my main page from flooding with comments

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