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"What a cruel thing war is... to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors." -Robert E Lee

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  • Tuesday

    I will punch a fucking wall if I see another Sweet Home Alabama incest joke

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  • Tuesday
    Arron and Twilight

    Hey Twilight tell me something

    The first Mustang and Torino were built over 50 years ago

    tell me something else, something less disturbing

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  • Tuesday

    What if Gavin is in Tahiti and is partners with Dutch but didn’t tell his friend and now he’s searching for Gavin?

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  • Tuesday
    The New

    The new “All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ” is “We need to stop the train” in RDR2

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  • Monday
    Favorite Thing in RDR2

    When you do a headshot with a shotgun and their head just explodes

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Hello Everyone

I am just a writer and the ghost of a soldier who fought and died in the name of the CSA. My original name was Williamson T. Brooks and was born in the great state of Mississippi in Vicksburg in the year 1813. I was an old man when I died in 1865 fighting alongside my brothers in the Confederate Army and pledged I would never let the flag fall. Now don’t let my name and stuff fool you I am not a racist, I’m dead so I think there are more issues at hand than whether or not someone isn’t white


Uggh · 5:34am Yesterday

I will punch a fucking wall if I see another Sweet Home Alabama incest joke

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Cheers for the fave on Flatline.

Thanks for adding "let's go to work" to your favorites

thanks for the fave!

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