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Fluttershy finds birdsong wonderful. Regardless of what that birdsong is about.

Written for Bicyclette's A Thousand Words contest. Has a Chinese translation done by hehelover.

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Prado #1 · April 13th · · ·

«tweet tweet» «triit twit twit triit»

I can totally see this, actually. :rainbowlaugh:

You take that back! :trollestia:

This is amazing.

There are downsides to understanding the call of the wild; especially when it, well… goes wild.

Thanks for the entertaining read!

OF29 #5 · April 13th · · ·

MY MOTHER WAS A SAINT!!!:flutterrage:

Bravo! And Poor Rarity's mane.

There are, ultimately, two birdsongs: "You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood (And I'm Going To Claw Your Eyes Out For Doing So)" and "Have Sex With Me". In other words, it's basically just gangsta rap.

I'm impressed with the research that went into this. Blue jays really are peanut-stealing dicks.

This is the most Wild Green Memes story I've ever seen on this site. Very well done, my friend!

I see Fluttershy still finds Nature so fascinating. :raritywink:


Wonderful indeed!

Had been feeding a few crows for some time... peanuts and bread balls. Nice fuzzy fellas
So today a sea gull raided our feast and I've never heard a crow growl like a wild ally cat , A low quiet growl...
Never saw a dog fight where a crow would latch on that sea gulls tail feathers causing all sorts of control problems.....
Funny this story was quite accurate in those feathered fellows murderous feelings... Twitwits:rainbowlaugh:

You and what flock of starlings?


11210477 *SNORT!* If you only knew how unhinged my mother is, wouldn't be saying such nice things about her.

Oh, my! Come on over to my place and we'll see if you can put your nesting material where your beak is!

Ah yes. As my brother once put it, "waking up to birds loses a lot of its appeal when you realize it would make construction workers blush. "

1000% accurate

Yeah?! Say that to my FACE, you dick!!

This one REALLY made me laugh.


Mmm, yes.
How right you are mate.

Yeah, this is about what I imagine my backyard sounds like when my Mom puts out the birdseed.

"Fluttershy who knows exactly what's up with nature and loves it all the more for it" is the best Fluttershy.

"Lemme smash... please."

As a fan of Fall Out Boy, I approve of the chapter title. As someone who is constantly refilling the family bird feeders and hearing the birds squabble, I approve of this story!

I'll rip your fucking eyes out shit for beak

«No talk! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you look sideways at my eggs again, I swear to the sun, I’ll peck your eyes out myself!» tweeted the robin. «Blood will flow like a river before I’m through with you! Like an entire watershed! »

fluttershy helped to beat nightmare moon, discord, sombra, and several other insane gods. this robin has no way to back these threats of hers up

I loved this. There are some stories on this site that are just pure gold, and this is one of them.

Go leave your foul-smelling excrement in your own nest, you birdbrain. :derpytongue2:

Oh I am flattered, but no thank you.

The robin also doesn't know about that.

Indeed? Well, I'll have you know YOUR mother offered her services to ME last night...FOR A DOLLAR!

Reminds me of a comment I read or heard once

The beautiful sounds of nature is just every living thing crying out in a desperate attempt to get laid

The other side of the conversation we never heard.

As I mentioned, this isn't entirely true. A decent amount of it is instead the equivalent of "get off my lawn or I'll kill you".

Not the first time I've seen this take on Fluttershy's abilities, but a masterfully executed one. Fitting three distinct scenes into a thousand words is no small feat, to say nothing of them genuinely being funny. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging.

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