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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


Twilight Sparkle is good at finding books even in unexpected places.
She's also a very helpful and proactive young filly.

You'd think these would be good traits, and yet still she manages to nearly ruin Hearth's Warming with an interstellar war.

Written as a gift for Zontan, as part of an anthology. Art by rice.

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Nice little world building you've got here.

But the comedy was top-tier :rainbowlaugh:

the familiar pattern of dark spots that lots of ponies said looked like a mare's head (though she personally thought it looked more like a whale doing a backflip)

For those playing at home, the Japanese see a rabbit pounding mochi. A whole lot of things in their fiction just suddenly made more sense if you didn't already know this.

Cute. I wonder how Celestia would react.

And as an aside, this works as an excellent explanation for why Nightmare Moon had an immediate grasp of modern Equuish.

That's why she's the future Princess of Friendship!

I thought this was going to be cute, but because Twilight is an autistic psychopath she had to be an asshole about it

That was a really good story.

Dangit Twilight, this is why we can't have nice things.

I was all ready for moon pen-pals, but nooo.

Seriously though, I enjoyed this story, well done.

Noooooo bad Twilight! Don't ruin Luna's Hearth's Warming like that!

Amazing fic, I laughed so hard :rainbowlaugh:

The fact that this was his preferred term for the entire spectrum is probably the least of the reasons that Asperger no longer gets to be an eponym, but I suspect it still is one.

gonna be honest. i just gotta see twilights and lunas reaction to realizing that they already knew each other

and this is really what turned Luna into nightmare moon, having to endure at least 1 decade of a bookhorse with a laser correcting her speeling from too far away to chuck something at her. She was ready to come home when the spell expired but no the constant correcting, drove her mad again.

Of course she was going to read the Moon book!

This may be the most Twilit sentence imaginable. Lovely bit of tiny Twily silliness. Thank you for it. (I can only imagine how Luna might feel if she ever found out just who was correcting her...)

Nightmare Moon arrives from the Moon.

"Out the way, Celestia! A little 'proofreader' has a date with pain"

My fifth one was great because that was the year the weather factory messed up and we only got a little snow so I got to go back to class a week early.

As a long time proponent of the idea of "white Christmas"...this actually sounds absolutely abysmal to me, Twi. :trollestia:

More seriously, the idea the snowfall amount affected the duration of Twi's break from school puzzles me, because I would think that a city like Canterlot that gets yearly snowfalls (scheduled or not) would be well adjusted enough to snow and dealing with it that vacations from school wouldn't really be determined by snowfall amount at all...but then I'm from far enough north that my school district's views on the matter was that if the school buses could still run their routes, then school was still happening, no matter what the weather was like (unless it was, like, -20 F, which is not unheard of for the region, but still fairly uncommon). So maybe I'm bias on the subject. :derpytongue2:

She was writing a book in the dirt of the moon (I guess they don’t have trees and paper there?) and it was a really good story but just full of typos everywhere. I think maybe Equestrian's not her first language. She probably speaks Moonquestrian.

Y'know, you'd think that by this time, given how well-read Twilight already is, that she'd be familiar enough with Luna's era of the Ponish language (I'd assume roughly Late Middle Ponish given its resemblance to the same in English) to be able to at least recognize it by sight and understand it's not misspellings but rather just an antiquated version from a by-gone era of the language she knows today.

Which honestly could've still been a plenty entertaining story even then (particularly as Twilight would still, no doubt, take the chance to remotely teach Luna modern Ponish), but I digress--this was still plenty fun as-is. :rainbowlaugh:

I can definitely understand Luna's frustration though--from what little of it we were given in-story, her prose was actually quite nice. :twilightsmile:

Yes, no, that's entirely perfect. Only Twilight would stretch the boundaries of reality entirely so she could correct someone's grammar.

Poor Luna. Twilight is just trying to help! :rainbowlaugh:

I love this! Twilight is so cute and it gave me a good chuckle.

I get that this story is pretty much entirely to set up the punchline, but now I want an entire story with little Twily making friends with Moonbutt, it'd be so cute

It's not exactly little Twily, and quite darker than this fic, but you might enjoy The Mare who Once Lived on the Moon

It would be much funnier considering Luna most likely thinks this "correcting" was Celestia's doing, or per her orders.

Payoff perfection :rainbowlaugh: thanks for sharing! Awesome read.

That ending was AMAZING. Oh my god I still have a stupid grin on my face.

Does no-one feel bad for Luna? She's put all this effort in and the o0nly feedback she got was somepony correcting her grammar.

:rainbowlaugh: OMG that joke at the end was so good! This was a great little story :twilightsmile:

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