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A surprisingly relieving subversion.

"Pedophobe," Starlight stated matter-of-factly as she settled back in her seat.

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

…..Clap. Clap. Clap.

Okay, in total honesty, I laughed out loud at the end. Was...was that a thing where Starlight grew up, Pedo referring to the fear? Goddamn, I want it to be, but I pity her birthtown if so, cause evvvvvveryone of them is going to have an awkward moment explaining that at some point in their lives.

You are an evil, evil, mastermind, for this. I love it.

PFFFFFFFFF thank you for this.

"…Wait, are you saying you wouldn't fuck my dragon?" Disgust and confusion spread across her face. "I don't know why I'm offended by that, but here I am. I want to know what makes a kid not fuckable for a pedophile!"

This is the best line to me.

Weird fact, being a pedophile is not a crime, its just an unhelthy fetish, now pederasty IS a crime, because it is a pedophile actually acting upon his/her fetish, so if starlight were a pedophile, and never acted upon a minor, then she shouldn't be punished, only fired, she shouldn't be working in a school or anywhere near foals, if she was a pedophile.

Its not?? But...Pedophilia is SEX with CHILDREN, right? :pinkiesick:

Nope, pedophilia is the sexual attraction for children, not the sexual interaction with children, that is what pederasty is, you can have a fetish or a fantasy and never act upon it, some people fantasie about being raped, but they don't actually want to be raped outside of a safe environment, meaning, acting with a trusted partner; in other words, dreaming about committing a crime, is not a crime, committing a crime, is a crime XD, pedophile is just a fetish, as long as it stay watching lolicon or shotacon, is fine; watching children porn, is a crime though, you are being part of the market of a crime industry.

I'd fuck her dragon.

I clicked on this because I was bored.

This deserves to be in the featured box, you genius bastard.

Edit: Called it!

Im....Puzzled. :applejackconfused:

If I'm reading it right, pederasty is a crime because you're doing it, whereas pedophilia is the desire for underage foals/kids/beings. People outside your age range. Below your age range.

(please correct me if I'm wrong. this ain't something I wanna fuck up!)

I, but. Pedophilia is wrong, isn't it? Why isn't it considered a crime? Do you have to act on them to get charged and arrested?

Provided I'm reading this right, (And, I may not be, so [all the emphasis on this] the difference in between liking a thing sexually and acting on it, versus liking a thing sexually.)

My read, is that it's down to quote unquote thought crimes.

To be clear: thinking of doing something (anything) is not illegal. Murder, rape, misogyny, jaywalking. Imagine them all you like.

Commit them... and your ass is grass.

You've committed the crime. Your sentence is clear.

Yes, you can't punish someone for a crime that has never been committed, and again, pedophilia is not pederasty, pederasty is a crime, I said this before, whe a pedophile actually have sex with a minor, pederasty, look it in the dictionary. a pedophile, would need at most, psicológica help.

After getting taken out by Cozy Glow, there might be a little justification there.

Also Ganbatte, the very first line that Twilight speaks has incorrect punctuation. It needs a question mark.

Fucking yes it is :rainbowlaugh:

Agreed. Also now with the whole Cozy Glow thing under her belt, her phobia is now a somewhat rational fear.

Correct, we do not punish thought-crime.
Fantasizing about robbing a bank is not a crime, nor is thinking about killing your significant other.
It's following through with actions that causes issues.

You can be a serial killer in your head, and you'll never be charged so long as it stays in your head


Why would you punish someone for something they didn't DO?

Let's say I want to kill you (I don't, Gundam is awesome, after all) but if I don't pick up a knife and insert said weapon into your necessary internal bits several times and then dance the Macarena on your cold corpse with a bottle of malt liquor, then I haven't killed you. I just thought about it doing it to unfitting music and a bad dance number. No crime; you're safe, and I'm weird.

Same way envisioning having sex with someone you find attractive isn't a crime. But forcing them to have sex with you is. If thinking about sex is the same as having sex, then aren't you a rapist if you don't ALSO fantasize about getting consent first? Time for jail, my daydreaming buddy! Go directly to prison, you don't get a chance to finish spankin' it!

There are lots of pedophiles in the world. But people can't tell the difference between them and a child molester, so they say nothing about it, and I'm willing to bet the vast majority either wind up harshly over-suppressing their entire sexuality altogether to keep children safe and themselves out of prison (winding up with/being born with the tendency for pedophilia doesn't mean you're a danger to children and doesn't mean you view them as any less important). I imagine, given the time I've spent with my amateur psychological studies, plenty of them can't come to terms with what they personally feel and what they're told is the most vile, evil thing imaginable, and anyone who even thinks about it is an inhuman demon - and thus they kill themselves after a life of misery and confusion.

In general, the ones who actually sexually harm children are likely ones who are pedophiles AND some form of sociopath/psychopath. Getting two double-whammies at once. Granted there's many other factors, humans are simple but also have too many variable categories to just chat about lightly. Point is, being a pedophile (someone attracted to the immature body shape) is neither criminal, nor wrong. Touching a child inappropriately, however, IS.

Let's put it back to the earlier example. There are shallow-minded people in this world who believe that being near a homosexual means they'll be raped because that person MIGHT find them sexually attractive. But they're comfortable being around people of the opposite gender... even though, with that in mind (someone I can feel attracted to) aren't they and the other person a sexual threat to each other? If you're a straight male, and you see a woman you like, are you suddenly going to assault her sexually? Probably not! If you're a straight female, are you going to drug a man, tie him to a bed, and sexually abuse and attack him? Probably not! People still feel comfortable it's not going to happen. So why feel that someone who is attracted to the immature bodyshape is any more at risk of being a rapist than you are? If anything, the only kind of sexual release they're going to find is going to be drawn art or erotic fiction, where they aren't hurting anyone, and no one was hurt to provide them their material.

So let's remember: Rapists, of ANY variety, of any gender, are equally bad. People who think about performing any crime, including rape of an adult or minor, murder or fraud, anything - have not actually DONE anything, and in many cases are otherwise completely normal and functional members of society who might never bother anyone in their entire lives. You can never know everything about your own friends and family, after all - someone you know or work with can easily have urges you wouldn't understand, desires you find off-putting, or interests that others would ridicule/beat them for (like watching colorful shows for little girls). Don't be quick to judge, and always make sure you're informed before casting any blame.

This actually got me laughing pretty damn hard. Well done. Favorited.

There's a difference between one satisfying their urges with fictional stories or artwork (where no-one is harmed), and one satisfying their urges with real children (where someone is harmed).
The former should not be illegal or a crime; the latter should indeed be a crime.

How do you deal with anger? Playing a violent videogame? Punching a punching bag or pillow? A rage-powered workout? Or beating someone up, whether they were the cause of the anger or a convenient target? Any but the last is perfectly fine - anger needs an outlet, and there's acceptable and unacceptable outlets.
The exact same thing applies to sexual urges, whether it's pedophilia, gangrape, non-consensual domination and submission, or anything else - releasing those urges alone in your bedroom is perfectly fine and legal; involving a minor or a non-consenting adult makes it a criminal matter.

From what my dictionary says, pederasty is "sexual activity involving a man and a boy". Not sure what the 'man and a girl', 'woman and a boy', or 'woman and a girl' versions are, though.

Informative: This Unit finds this text amusing.

LMAO!!! :yay::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Alright, I might read this later, but I have to say that just your title for this plus the cover art are absolutely hilarious.

The bonus to my late night was the comments below. I almost lost it completely which would have woke up everyone in my house.

For that, I give you an automatic upvote! :moustache:

Isseus #27 · Oct 22nd, 2019 · · 17 ·

9898384 Thanks for saving me the trouble of reading the actual fic.


if I don't pick up a knife and insert said weapon into your necessary internal bits several times and then dance the Macarena on your cold corpse with a bottle of malt liquor, then I haven't killed you

ah, so if do a waltz with a bottle of whisky i'm good
very helpful, many thanks

Mica #29 · Oct 22nd, 2019 · · 21 ·

Eh. The pun's a little weak in my opinion. And with this sort of fic the comments section inevitably turns into a downvote-rampant discussion about pedophilia.

Is this "pedophobia" actually a documented psychological condition?


You totally got me. 10/10

Peep show?

That's disgusting! You don't fuck a little kid. :twilightangry2:

(You make love to them.) :trollestia:

I was expecting something with this title, written by someone named "Ebola-chan" to be an absolute disaster... but was stunned to find it's actually written quite well! It's fluent and literate, and other than the obviously dissonant scenario, the girls are almost completely in-character.

Of course, the idea that "pedo" with no further qualification could possibly mean anything else is such a stretch that I passively read it as "pedophile" in the character dialogue and was horribly confused at the twist...


Here, take this.

. . . . Really? Okay, then. :rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh:

With an audible pop, Twilight's eyes opened and locked on her with an I-got-you sort of craze to get gaze. "What about Spike?" An obvious question as the two got along swimmingly. Perhaps too swimmingly.

Starlight put Twilight's momentary fears to rest with a wave of her hoof. "He's a dragon, he doesn't count"

Twilight's wild smirk fell flat almost instantly. "…Wait, are you saying you wouldn't fuck my dragon?" Disgust and confusion spread across her face. "I don't know why I'm offended by that, but here I am. I want to know what makes a kid not fuckable for a pedophile!"

Best part of the story!:moustache::facehoof:
To be fare, kids can be very scary!

God damn it, Kami.



Always a treat to find stories like this on the site. Almost reminds me of Aragon's works :rainbowlaugh:

Take my like and fave, you magnificent bastard.

Parents are naturally protective of their children, It'd be weird if they weren't a tad worried or afraid of other people taking advantage of them.
The majority of stories told about pedophiles are tales of kidnappings, murder and worse. I'd say a collective cultural distaste or fear is understandable, if not a bit unjust to the people that live with the condition without acting on it. Of which I'm sure is the majority.

I don't know whether pedophobia is a tried and true condition. I do think that talking about issues, like pedophilia is important to further mutual understanding and human tolerance though.

.....Well, after what happened with Cozy Glow, Pedophobia DOES make sense.

Shit, Twilight surely is in a jam right now.

Were you using this earlier or is this another one of those things that the internet is seizing upon 25 years after the fact?

... oh god. It's been 25 years.

I only found out about that difference recently.

Never thought I'd read a story with this title, and certainty never thought it would make me laugh this much.... great work :twilightsmile:

I converted to joke form and told it to my elderly neighbor.
he laughed so hard

Ssssssoooooooooooo was she into fillies or colts? Or pretty much both??? :trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia:

Imagine downvoting because someone got called out for spoilers

jesus christ

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