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Well, this didn't take long did it?

Sadly, that video has been taken down. But one line will always stand out to me;

Grogar is Discord spelled backwards
...with all the wrong letters.

Dan #3 · Nov 7th, 2019 · · ·

The majority of Tabitha's dirty lines were in Mrs. Cake's voice, not Rarity's. Need a follow-up with Chiffon-chan.

Not the "fuck me hard line"

She’s a princess, and she’s not used to hearing gutter words.

:duck: "Twilight. Darling. You lovely, precious, naive, fucking perfect little ingenue. Princess Celestia is over a thousand her-damned years old. She has heard more profanity than we have heard any and all fucking words put together. Stop being a whiny little bitch, get your horn out of your ass, and relax."
:facehoof: "Or you could just not come. That works too."
:raritydespair: "What, and miss the princess? Not on your fucking life!"

... I'm pretty sure that's more profanity than I've written in the last five years.

In any case, brilliant work. Given Tabitha's habits, one can only imagine the following Nightmare Night and the Traditional Royal Canterlot Fucks echoing throughout all of Ponyville (which would only endear Luna further to the children, come to think of it.)

Hearing Celestia drop "fuck" casually just gets me every time.

NSFW Funimation leaks: exist


NSFW MLP leaks: exist

Bronies: Yo, check out this fanfic I just wrote!

...I love this fandom. :rainbowlaugh:

I was expecting fan animations out of the leaked VA tapes.

But how could I forget our wonderful Fimfiction writers ?

Some months ago when I was writing a particular chapter in my own story, I struggled so very hard to resist the temptation having Rarity quote TFS Vegeta's line "Bitch, I'm adorable!"

With the revelation of this video and the audio outtakes, I wonder why I made such an effort to not include it.

I can practically hear St. Germain's voice when I read this. It's nice to read a story and just laugh and not worry about any of the logic behind it. I love this :rainbowlaugh::duck:

Does anyone have links to these recordings? I must hear them.

Unfortunately the video had been taken down. If you don’t want the tumblr link above there’s this.

Beautiful :rainbowlaugh:

Then Rarity stepped into the room, resplendent in the pure white dress she’d made herself for the Grand Galloping Gala. “If any of you motherfuckers get even the slightest particle of filth on my dress,” she announced to the room at large. “I will fucking end you!”

That got me

Put all the profanity in our favorite social climber's supposedly pristine mouth, that's fine.

But never, ever call her Rarity Belle. :raritydespair:

Welp...thats it....im calling someone a 'dick snout' today. Maybe even a 'pooping dick snout'

This fucking fandom, is fantastic. I mean, goddamn that was fucking hilarious.

Well that fuckin' happened XD

Huk #20 · Nov 7th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Hmm, funny, but too much fucking swearing :trollestia:

The most hilarious implication of Heinlein's World as Myth is that every fictional use of this line is literally true.

That was fuckin hilarious

I am, as always, your faithful bitch,
Twilight Fucking Sparkle

P.S. Did I do that right?

You did it perfect Twiggles, absolutely perfect :rainbowlaugh:

Someone needs to get Tara to read the fuckship letter at the end of this story. For posterity.

This was just the best! Thank you!

Comment posted by 55west deleted Nov 7th, 2019

I wonder if this will be addressed in Gen 5

Thank you so much for that.


Awwwww... But I wanted to fucking see it! :raritycry:

It's a fucking shame it was taken down.

P.S. Did I do that right?

Won me over

You're fucking awesome, you know?

Tabitha, thank you for inspiring this.

Pretty fuckin’ good

She’s a princess, and she’s not used to hearing gutter words.

Ah, Twilight, Twilight, Twilight...you ignorant, naive mare. Celestia is over a thousand fucking years old - she knows all about fucking swear words, and is fucking used to them already. Nothing verbal can really fucking surprise her anymore, silly filly.

“Or a flood, in Rarity Belle’s case.”

Does Rarity even have a second name? I mean, Fluttershy doesn't, and neither do a lot of ponies. Even if Rarity does have one, why would it be the same as her sister's? Her parents are called Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumble, yet neither daughter has "Flanks" or "Crumble". Twilight Velvet and Twilight Sparkle share the same first name, but Shining Armour doesn't.
I just find it weird when people give Rarity "Belle" as a second name, is all.

9929920 Should be easy, since she voiced characters like Princess Clara and Juliet Starling

This is a fucking work of art :raritywink:

:moustache: Wow Twilight, Rarity wants me to be her fucking slave!
:twilightoops: Spike! Language, You know it has nothing to do with sex do you?
:moustache: Oh... I guess I had my hopes up for nothing....
:raritystarry: Like hell, You're hung like a fucking horse, Twilight why didn't you tell me he could destroy cement foundations with it?
:moustache: Wow a line's forming
:duck: Ladys and fillys first, except after me...
:trollestia: Cock suckers to the front of the line :twilightoops:

Congratu-fucking-lations on getting this out so quickly! It's motherfucking magnificent!

... Cunt! :raritywink:

I'd been keeping an eye on the feed for some shit like this.. :rainbowlaugh:

This is the story we all fucking needed after that video.

Well done, sir!

This is glorious

Fucking fantastic 👌

I mean, it helps that these VA's weren't already swimming in a bunch of other controversy and going after another VA for similar inappropriate behavior. Because, you know, the VA's of MLP are actually decent people.


That is all.


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