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I just might regret giving you this idea.

I don’t regret reading please gib more

Petrichord #3 · Aug 3rd, 2018 · · 1 · I ·

Do you want awards, Regi
Because that’s how you get awards

Um, ew.

Effectively written, but... Ew.

CoffeeBean #5 · Aug 3rd, 2018 · · 1 · I ·

what fuck

Jarimor #6 · Aug 3rd, 2018 · · · I ·

she fo sho forgot one.

Flashgen #7 · Aug 3rd, 2018 · · · I ·

Very nice first chapter, and eager to see where it goes. I love the build-up to the reveal along with exactly what it is, and the descriptions are vivid enough to give an all-too-clear picture of it. Outside of the rather revolting portions, I do love the small details that add to the feeling of unnaturalness, but fertility of it, like the already planted trees being ripe, but corrupted, or the fact that somehow nothing new will actually grow there.

Also, given how long it's been there, the mind already wonders just exactly what Applejack has been doing with the fruit...

Just as I suspected dark take on the "Apple Tree" concept used in fan comics, where a tree makes apple foals. While it might fit in horror I hope infant tree "fruit" isn't killed for anything. Even if they are the fictional spawn of mutant trees I don't like little ones dying.
Still plenty could go wrong with improperly harvested "fruit"

The biology of this thing must be fascinating.

It's all my fault.

Hey, cool! We’re in the feature box together!

huh, so we are
your story is slightly more wholesome than mine lel

9088046 There’s nothing more wholesome than the miracle of childbirth.

Eww but nice. So that is where foals come from in the MLP universe!

Damn, Fluttershy. You scary.

yoooo, what the fuck

Well ain't this a right trip through the Everfucked Woods at night with a hangover the size of a Yak.

I know what I said.

Whoa. You're still here. Haven't seen your name in years.

Hmmm, not my usual fare. But the premise is awfully intriguing.


(On a sidenote, is anyone else reminded of Dogscape with the whole ”fetus fruit” thing?)

Samey90 #23 · Aug 4th, 2018 · · · I ·

Plot twist: Scootaloo grew from this tree. That's why she has no parents and her wings suck.

Also, I have a minor nitpick:

They hung their in there amniotic sacs,

I guess "their" and "there" should be swapped here.

I am incredibly uncomfortable right now.

... keep going.

Let's find out why it hasn't been torched. This should be fun.

Looking forward to my fruit smoothee

I'm... going to keep reading this, if primarily to discover where the title pun is going.

Disturbing, continue.

Been needing another story like this. Thank you.

The Infant Tree was a tree that hung ripe with fetuses.

Oh my.
That’s a bit...

I feel greatly disturbed. Please continue.

Oh boy, this is the right find of disturbing I've been looking for

The premise of this story is horrible and terrifying...

Please continue with more chapters! :twilightsmile:

This story is so weird but I need more.

I already shared my thoughts with you on discord but I'll copy them here for posterity:

Jesus that's gnarly. I don't know where you're going with this, but keep it up. I got the same feeling reading this as I did with Babytails.

Said feeling can be summed up as "You fucking disgust me. Have an upvote."

Like the changes you made from the draft. Can't wait* to read more.

* and by "can't wait" I really mean "live in a state of nauseous terror at what fresh horrors I'll soon be subjected to."

You’ll really start regretting it when Regi starts branching out the story into something even more horrifying than the original idea.

Haha it’s funny because it’s a tree

This is such a strange idea but creepily great! Awesome story! I did a reading of it on my YouTube channel, I'll leave a link below if you'd like to check it out.


Any chance this story'll be continued?

Even if this never gets updated, I'm glad that I read it. Very few stories manage to make me shiver quite like this one.

Papa Krell #45 · Nov 8th, 2018 · · 9 · I ·

Stop! My penis can only get so erect!

I mean... It's still less terrible than the one from Berserk.

The last few paragraphs make me wonder if the tree is going to die from the wound or if the "fruit" will seek revenge...

Fascinating. Very glad Aragon informed me of this story. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the idea.

god! this is so good!!, i wonder if there will be more?

return of the fetus words when

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