• Published 24th Jul 2017
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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 38: The Quater Final Matchups: Shocking Surprises for all!

Later that night, our heroes were eating dinner with their friends, "Ah, I love the taste of tropical fruit," Will commented, taking a bite out of a pineapple slice. Just then, the speakers turned on.

"Attention! To the now eight remaining trainers, Professor Kukui has dropped out of the tournament! I repeat, Professor Kukui has dropped out of the tournament!" the announcement said.

"Wait, why'd he drop out?" Fluttershy pondered.

"Mainly because I don't really want to win the first Alola Pokémon League," Kukui replied walking towards them, "That, and also for the fact that there was an odd number of trainers after the first round. I dropped out to help even things out," Kukui explained.

"That does make some sense. With an odd number of trainers, it's difficult to divide the matches evenly," Will commented.

"Correct! But don't feel too bad. My dream has come true at last, and that's victory enough for me," Kukui said, taking his leave. Just then, the speakers went off again.

Attention all remaining trainers. There will be new changes to the rules when battling in the quarter finals and beyond. From now on, all battles will be six on six full battles. When three of either trainers Pokémon cannot continue, there will be a five minute intermission for a field change. The same rule of a full team knock out still applies. And with that, here are the match ups for tomorrow's quarter finals!" the announcer said, as the TV in the cafeteria turned on, and displayed the match ups for the next round, "Busujima Vs. Plumeria, Will Vs. Nanu, Toby VS. Gladion, Hau Vs. Hapu!" the announcer said.

"Looks like I finally get a chance to battle Nanu," Will commented.

"I'm glad you're calm. I'm going up against Gladion," Toby said, as the two trainers locked eyes with their opponents.

"And let's not forget Hau. He's up against Hapu," Fluttershy added.

"That should be a fairly even match," Will commented.

"But I wonder who'll win when it's Busujima against Plumeria," Silver Spoon pondered.

"Yes, those two are skilled Poison Type trainers," Will commented.

"But Busujima has Pokémon besides Poison Types, remember that Shelgon he had last time?" Toby pointed out.

"He also had Tauros and Kangaskhan," Fluttershy added.

"What other kind of Pokémon does he have?" Serenity whispered, as they finished up their dinner, and were preparing tp return to their dorms. However, as they were cleaning up, Fluttershy's Rockruff started getting antsy, and ran outside.

"Rocky, wait!" Fluttershy called out, as they chased after Rockruff. They saw that Rockruff was gazing out at the sunset. Without warning, it let out a howl, and began to evolve, "Rocky..." Fluttershy said in amazement. Rockruff evolved into a Lycanroc the likes of which our heroes had never seen. It had the body of a Midday Lycanroc, but it had the mane of a Midnight Form. On top of that, it's fur was orange, and it's eyes were green.

"A Lycanroc form we've never seen before?!" Will exclaimed.

"It looks like a mix of Midday and Midnight Lycanroc," Toby commented, as both his and Silver Spoon's Lycanroc went over to socialize with it.

"Incredible! I would never have thought there would be a Dusk Form Lycanroc!" Kukui commented.

"'Dusk Form Lycanroc'? What's that?" Toby asked.

"Well, it's an extremely rare phenomenon, but some Rockruff evolve when bathed in the light of a sunset or sunrise, which, in turn, gives way to a new for of Lycanroc known simply as Dusk Form," Kukui replied.

"Incredible! An entirely new and unknown form of Lycanroc! I must gather data!" Rotom exclaimed, taking pictures of Fluttershy's new Lycanroc.

"Before we forget, what was that Z Move you used in your battle against Guzma?" Will asked.

"Ah, yes. That was Splintered Storm Shards. It's an exclusive Z Move for Lycanroc that can use Stone Edge. You can use it, if you have a Lycanium Z," Kukui explained, giving a shard of the Z Crystal to Toby, Silver Spoon, and Fluttershy. He then noticed their Z Rings, "Oh, you guys are still using those Z Rings?" Kukui asked, much to their confusion.

"What do you mean?" Will asked.

"You guys need to go and get your Z Rings upgraded!" Kukui exclaimed.

"Upgrade our Z Rings?" Silver Spoon was confused.

"See, all participating trainers in the Pokémon League are given a brand new Z Ring that reduces the amount of power need to pull of a Z Move. These new Z Rings are called Z Power Rings!" Kukui said, as he gave each of them a new, black Z Ring.

"Oh, well thank you," Will said, as they traded out their Z Rings and equipped their new Z Power Rings. With that, our heroes recalled their Pokémon, and returned to their dorms.


Our heroes were just lounging around their room, grooming their Pokémon or just watching TV, when they heard a knock from the door. Will then went over to answer it, "Hello?" Will asked, seeing no one out there. He then noticed a rather large box on the ground, "What could this be?" Will pondered, bringing the box into the room.

"Who was at the door?" Fluttershy asked.

"No one was there. But there was this box," Will said. He then saw a card addressed to Toby, "Oh, well how about that. Looks like this box is meant for you Toby," Will said, giving the young boy the box.

"I wonder what it could be?" Toby pondered, as he opened the box. Upon opening the box, our heroes gasped in shock, "Aren't these..." Toby started.

"I don't believe it!" Will exclaimed.

"Welcome, Pokémon Fans, near and far, to the Alola Pokémon League's Quarter Finals! This is where things get a little tougher for our trainers, as now they must use a full team of six Pokémon each. When three of either sides' Pokémon can no longer battle, we'll have a five minute intermission for a field change! And now, without further ado, we'll begin todays matchup right away! It'll be pitting Plumeria of Po Town," the stadium roared in cheers as Plumeria entered the battlefield, "Against the infamous Island Challenge Bully, Busujima from Hau'oli City!" the audience then booed as Busujima took his place opposite of Plumeria, "And the battlefield for the first half will be a marsh land battlefield," the announcer said, as a swampy battlefield rose up from the ground.

"I guess this is where it'll be decided whose the best at using Poison Types," Busujima declared.

"And of course, it will be me," Plumeria shot back.

"Alright, the first round of the Quarter Finals shall now begin. Each trainer is permitted the maximum of six Pokémon, and the battle will be over when all of either side's Pokémon cannot continue. Furthermore, substitutions are permitted, and BEGIN!" the referee declared.

"Go, Tauros!" Busujima yelled, sending out Tauros.

"Arbok, I choose you!" Plumeria said, sending out a large, purple cobra like Pokémon.

"Looks like things are just getting started," Toby said, as he and his friends got to the stands.

"Looks Like Plumeria's using an Arbok," Will commented.

"Arbok, the Cobra Pokémon, a Poison Type, and the evolved form of Ekans. The latest research has determined that there are over 20 different patterns that an Arbok can have on it's stomach," Rotom said, as the battle began.

Author's Note:

Team so far:
On Hand

Will: Decidueye (M), Alolan Muk (F), Lucario (M), Alolan Marowak (F), Trevenant* (M), Mimikyu (F)

Fluttershy: Primarina (F), Smeargle (M), Crabrawler (M), Lurantis (F), Gengar*(M), Lycanroc (Rocky)(Dusk Form) (M)

Toby: Delphox (F), Mimikyu (M), Lycanroc (Midnight Form)(F), Alolan Ninetails (Snowball),
(F), Noibat (F)

Serenity: Lopunny (F), Vikavolt (M), Misdreavus (F), Spinda (M), Sylveon* (F), Stufful (M)

Silver Spoon: Azumarill (F), Butterfree (F) Magnezone (N/A), Lycanroc (Midday Form)(M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Mimikyu (M)

Will: Gourgeist (Large Size)(M), Gengar (M), Cofagrigus (F), Lampent (F), Dusclops (F), Banette (M), Alolan Exeggutor (M), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Dragonite (M), Haxorus (M), Hariyama (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmonchan (M), Pangoro (M), Toxicroak (F), Meinshao (F)

Fluttershy: Mimikyu (M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Cofagrigus (M), Lampent (M), Dusclops (F), Banette (F), Glalie (F), Goodra (F), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Dragonite (M), Haxorus (M), Lucario (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmontop (M), Pangoro (M), Toxicroak (F), Meinshao (F) Comfey (F)

Toby: Golduck (M), Ninetails (F), Alolan Vulpix (Slushy) (F), Lucario* (M), Gengar (M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Incineroar (M), Lampent (M), Dusclops (M), Banette (M), Kommo-o (M), Haxorus (M), Conkeldurr (M), Pangoro (F), Toxicroak (M), Meinshao (F), Metagross* (N/A), Tsareena* (F), Alolan Raichu (F), Cofagrigus (F), Garchomp (M), Goodra (F), Turtonator (M)

Serenity: Wimpod (F), Oranguru (M), Gourgeist (Tiny Size)(M), Yamask (M), Litwick (M), Duskull (F), Shuppet (M), Gengar (F), Mimikyu* (M), Goodra (F), Jangmo-o (M), Gible (F), Dragonair (M), Axew (M), Riolu (M), Gurdurr (M), Tyrogue (M), Pancham (M), Croagunk (F), Meinfoo (F)

Silver Spoon: Gengar (M), Banette (F), Dusclops (M), Lampent (M), Cofagrigus (F), Goodra* (M), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Dragonite (M), Haxorus (M), Lucario (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmonlee (M), Pangoro* (M), Toxicroak (F), Meinshao (F

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