Journey through Alola

by darkmage1997

First published

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

After getting his motivation back for adventure, Will decides to go on a journey through the Alola Region. Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon decide to join him in order to learn more about how to raise Pokémon.

Prologue: The Amulets

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It had been a few days since Team Rocket was ousted from Will's Ranch, located on the outskirts of Ponyville. After thinking about the battle he had against three trainers, Will decided it was time for him to come out of retirement. He was steadily packing his bag with clothes, medicine, food supplies, and other useful items, "Let's see, Pokeballs? Check! Revives? Check! Full Restores? Check!" he continued to pack his bag until he thought he had everything he needed, "Wonder what kind of Pokémon Alola has to offer?" Will thought to himself. Just then, his doorbell rang. Answering the door, he saw all his new friends, eager to head out on a journey, "Hey guys, c'mon in," Will said, inviting his friend inside, "Now then, before Discord shows up, lets go over where everyone is going," Will suggested.

"Mah group will be heading to Sinnoh, figure there would be some agriculture there," Applejack said.

"I'm going to Kanto. From what you told me, this 'Elite Four' should be a real challenge," Rainbow Dash said.

"I'm going to the Kalos region to look at boutiques," Rarity said.

"Plus, from what ya said, Kalos is similar to Europe," Nathan said.

"I'm going to the Hoenn region! The contests you told me about sound like fun!" Pinkie Pie said.

"The Johto Region is bound to have tons of historical monuments, not just this Ecruteak City," Twilight said.

"Luna and I will go to the Unova Region. It would be nice to get out of that castle," Celestia said.

"And I'm going to the Alola region with Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon. By the way, Silver Spoon, I spoke to your mother, she said it was alright, as long as its safe," Will said.

"Yeah, Mom already told me to keep with the group," Silver Spoon said.

"Ok, before I forget, does everyone remember their alias'?" Will asked. They all nodded. Just then, Discord appeared.

"Alright, is everyone here? Good," Discord said, giving an amulet to each of them, "These amulets will instantly transport you to the towns or cities where that regions professor lives in. What's more, the amulets will be able to transport you back to Equestria the exact moment you left, so none of the children will miss school, or Celestia and her fellow Princess won't miss any meetings," Discord explained.

"That's real handy Discord, thanks a bunch!" Will said.

"But, how do they work?" Mike asked.

"Simply rub the amulets, and they'll take you to your desired region. One other thing, before I forget, DO NOT LOOSE THEM!" Discord said seriously.

"Items such as these would go in the Key Items Pocket in our bags," Will said.

"Well, in any case, good luck on your journeys" Discord said, teleporting away.

"Well guys, once we're there, we can start our adventure, are you ready?" Will asked. A wave of nods answered his question, "Alright, see you guys later," Will said, as he grabbed his bag, rubbed his amulet, and teleported to the Alola region.

Chapter 1: Meeting the Professor and the Kahuna (Ultra Rewrite)

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Opening their eyes, our heroes saw that they were on a coastline cliff, outlooking the ocean, "Wow, so this is the Alola Region!" Toby was in awe, as were the others, as seagull Pokémon flew overhead.

"Man, it's been ages since I've felt this way! Getting to see a new region! I feel like a kid in a candy store!" Will exclaimed, getting pumped up.

"But, where do we go from here?" Silver Spoon asked.

"That's, actually a good question," Will replied. Serenity then noticed something in the distance.

"I think I see a village over there," she whispered.

"Good eye Serenity. Maybe we can learn something there," Will said, as they made their way up the hill, approaching a patch of grass. They stopped when they heard rustling coming from said grass. Out from it, came a little weasel like Pokémon. It had a long, brown body with a long yellow stripe on it's back, and razor sharp teeth, "Whoa, whose that Pokémon?" Will pondered, as it hissed threateningly at the group.

"I don't think it's friendly," Toby said, taking a step back.

"It looks like you kids are going to have to battle it," Will said. Toby and Silver Spoon readied their Pokeballs, when three new Pokémon ran up in front of them. First was a little owl Pokémon with a leaf bowtie. Next was a black cat like Pokémon with red stripes and a stoic expression. Last was a blue, sea lion Pokémon. The weasel Pokémon cowered at the sight of the three new Pokémon, and scurried away.

"Hey there!" a man called out. They turned to see a man about Will's age running towards them. He wore a tattered lab coat with not shirt underneath, black shorts, a vizor, and green glasses, "That was close. If it weren't for those three, that Yungoos would've done something to you guys," the man said.

"Yeah. Lucky thing you came when you did," Will replied.

"So, that Pokémon's name was Yungoos?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah. They're pretty common around Alola. But anyways, the name's Kukui, Professor Kukui," the man introduced.

"Well, I'm Will, and these are my students, Flora, Sylvia, Serenity and Toby," Will introduced.

"Nice to meet you guys! By the way, I can tell by looking, but you and Flora don't look to have any Pokémon on you," Kukui commented.

"Yeah, we're starting a journey through Alola today, so we haven't caught any Pokémon," Will replied. Kukui thought about it, and came up with an idea.

"Hey, why don't the two of you take on one of these Pokémon each?" Kukui suggested.

"Are you sure it wouldn't be a bother?" Fluttershy asked.

"Not at all! In fact, while it is the responsibility of the Kahuna of each Island to give trainer's their first Pokémon, Hala, our Island's Kahuna agreed to let me help with giving trainer's their very first Pokémon!" Kukui explained.

"'Kahuna'?" Will asked.

"Yeah, they're the strongest trainers on each island. They're way too strong for trainer's just starting out on their journey," Kukui explained. Our heroes took this all in, "But anyway, let's meet the Pokémon who came to save you guys," Kukui said, as the three Pokémon lined up side by side, "First is Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon," Kukui said. The owl Pokémon just spun itself around, "Next is Litten, the Fire Cat Pokémon," the cat Pokémon stretched out, "And last but not least, Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon," Kukui said, as the seal lion stood proudly on it's fin, "Well, take your pick," Kukui said.

"Will, you have more experience, so why don't you choose first?" Fluttershy offered.

"Alright, let's see," Will said, his attention going more towards Rowlet, "I choose Rowlet!" Will declared, as Rowlet perched itself on Will's arm.

"Ok, both Pokémon are so cute! But, I think I will go with Popplio!" Fluttershy declared, as Popplio did a flip into her arms.

"Guess that means it's you and me Litten," Kukui said, as Litten just licked it's leg, "Anyhow, why don't we go see Hala up in Iki Town?" Kukui suggested, pointing to the village, giving Will and Fluttershy two Pokeballs, "You both may want to put those two back in their Pokeballs. Wild Pokémon have a tendency to jump out at you from the grass," he added. Both of them then recalled Rowlet and Popplio, as Kukui did with Litten. With that, they ventured further up the hill. They saw a few other trainers, either looking around in grass or having a battle with more Pokémon our heroes haven't seen before. As they reached what appeared to be town gates, a young boy with green hair, a green t-shirt, and yellow and orange floral shorts came racing out, with a Popplio not too far behind. He noticed the group.

"Hey there! How about a battle!" the boy enthusiastically suggested.

"Now hold on Hau, that's no way to introduce yourself, remember?" Kukui asked sternly.

"Oh yeah," Hau said, scratching the back of his head, "The name's Hau, and I'm going to be starting out on my Island Challenge tomorrow!" Hau said, pumping his fist.

"You got spunk Hau. That's good. How about taking me on?" Will offered, releasing Rowlet from it's Pokeball.

"Oh wow, you already got your Pokémon! Nice!" Hau said, as both his Popplio and Will's Rowlet took their places.

"Ok, so what moves can Rowlet use?" Will pondered.

"Rowlet's usable moves are Tackle, Growl, and Leafage," Kukui replied.

"'Leafage'? Never heard of that move, but it's worth a shot, so Rowlet, use Leafage!" Will instructed. Rowlet then spun around, sending leaf shaped projectiles at Popplio.

"Quick Popplio, make a balloon!" Hau instructed. Popplio quickly blew up a balloon, which blocked the attack, before the balloon burst, "Now, use Water Gun!" Hau added. Popplio fired a stream of water at Rowlet, knocking out of balance, making it fall slightly.

"Hang strong Rowlet, use Tackle!" Will instructed. Rowlet then charged at Popplio.

"Popplio, knock it away with Pound!" as soon as Rowlet got in close, Popplio smacked it away with it's flipper.

"One more time Rowlet, use Leafage! And this time, surround Popplio, don't attack directly!" Will instructed. Rowlet once again fired Leafage, surrounding Popplio.

"What's the deal with that?" Hau wondered. His question answered itself, as Rowlet silently snuck up behind Popplio.

"Now Rowlet, use Leafage!" Rowlet then fired Leafage at Popplio at pointblank range, without giving Popplio enough time to react.

"Wow, that was so cool!" Hau exclaimed enthusiastically.

"You want to call it there?" Will asked, seeing how tired the Pokémon were.

"Good call. They did work pretty hard," Hau said, giving Popplio a blue candy.

"What's that?" Toby asked.

"This is a Pokebean. They're candies that are grown here in Alola. Pokémon really love them! And they come in three different varieties; plain beans, like the one Popplio is eating, patterned beans, and rare rainbow beans. The more rare the bean, the more close you'll get to your Pokémon," Hau explained.

"They come with 'Pokémon Refresh' kits that you can get when you go to a Pokémon Center," Kukui added, as they entered Iki Town, "So, where is Hala?" Kukui asked.

"I think he went off to take care of something, left without even telling someone," Hau grumbled.

"Well, in any case, why don't the five of you look around for my assistant, Lillie? She's supposed to be around here somewhere," Kukui suggested.

"I think I saw her going up Mahalo Trail," Hau replied, scratching the back of his head.

"Then that's where we'll look," Will commented.

"Good, I'll stay here and wait for Hala to return," Kukui said.

"I'm going to go show off Popplio to my Mom!" Hau said, darting off, "Oh yeah! Mahalo Trail is just behind my house!" Hau called.

"That kid's worth keeping an eye on," Will commented, as they followed their new friend up some stairs. When they got up, they saw a clearing with a large stage like contraption in the middle. They also took note of a few people who were putting up some stalls that you'd see at a festival.

"Looks like a party's gonna go down," Toby commented.

"Yeah! It's a festival to offer up battles to our Island's Guardian Deity, Tapu Koko, the Island Spirit of Conflict," Hau explained.

"Tapu Koko sounds important," Silver Spoon commented.

"More than important! Each Island has it's own Kahuna and Guardian Deity! By the way, Mahalo Trail is just on the way to The Ruins of Conflict, where we pay homage to Tapu Koko," Hau said, pointing to a passageway into the trees.

"You said that's where Lillie was headed to, right?" Fluttershy asked. Hau nodded.

"Alright, we'll be back," Will said, as the five of them headed out onto the trail.

Our heroes were climbing up an inclined hill, searching for Lillie. Along the way, they saw many mysterious statues. They were still walking, when they saw a blonde girl dressed all in white, with a very large brimmed hat, who looked like she was being dragged by her bag, "Hold on! What is it with you and these ruins?!" the girl asked, what our heroes assumed, was whatever was in her bag.

"Hey! Are you Lillie?!" Will called out, as they ran after her. They saw her again in the clearing, overlooking a majestic waterfall, as a small, cloud like Pokémon popped out of her bag, "Nebby, wait!" the girl cried. "Nebby" didn't listen, and ventured further on a rickety bridge. It's excitement turned to shock, as a flock of sparrow like Pokémon were flying straight at "Nebby", "Ah! Nebby!" the girl cried.

"What's wrong?!" Fluttershy asked.

The girl was shocked at the appearance of our heroes, but nevertheless replied, "Please, you need to help Nebby!" she begged.

"Is that Pokémon the Spearow are attacking 'Nebby'?" Will asked, seeing the cowering Nebby. Some of the Spearow noticed the humans, and went to chase them off, "Uh oh, go, Rowlet!" Will exclaimed, sending out Rowlet.

"Popplio, you go too!" Fluttershy said, sending out Popplio.

"Fennekin, Vulpix, you both help out too!" Toby said, sending in the two Fox Pokémon.

"Azurill, we need your help too!" Silver Spoon said, sending in Azurill.

"Buneary, we need to help anyway we can!" Serenity said, weakly throwing the Pokeball, but nevertheless sent out Buneary.

"I'll handle the areal battling! You guys give me support from here!" Will instructed.

"Popplio, uh, use Water Gun!" Fluttershy awkwardly suggested. Popplio fired Water Gun at some of the Spearow, chasing them off.

"Fennekin, Vulpix, use Ember!" Toby instructed. Both Fox Pokémon fired small particles of fire at more of the Spearow, chasing some of them off.

"Azurill, use Icy Wind!" Silver Spoon instructed. Azurill blew a frigid wind at the straggling Spearow, chasing more off.

"Buneary, use Ice Beam!" Serenity instructed, trying to sound confident. Buneary fired a beam of icy energy at an individual Spearow, sending it back into the opposite wall.

"Rowlet, try getting the attention of Spearow with Leafage!" Will instructed. Rowlet fired Leafage at the majority of the Spearow that were still harassing Nebby, getting their attention. The majority of the Spearow then began chasing Rowlet, leaving like three Spearow, still circling Nebby, "It's ok. I got you!" Will said, trying to cover Nebby. The Spearow then charged at Will, before Nebby began glowing, holding back the Spearow, but in the process, it broke the bridge beneath them, causing Will to fall.

"OH NO!" the others cried. Just then, a loud bellowing sounded throughout the area. Then, a black bodied Pokémon with yellow and orange dome like arms flew down, striking down all of the Spearow, and rescued Will and Nebby at the last second. It carried Will and Nebby back onto the cliff.

"Who is..." Toby started.

"That Pokémon?" Silver Spoon finished in awe. The Pokémon bellowed, before flying off.

"I think, that was the Island Guardian, Tapu Koko," the girl said, turning the attention of our heroes onto her, "Um, thank you for saving Nebby," the girl said to Will.

"Not a problem. So, are you by any chance Lillie?" Will asked.

"I am. And I am extremely grateful for saving Nebby!" Lillie said, turning her attention to the cloud like Pokémon, "Now Nebby, you have to stop trying to get out of the bag! I know there's not a lot of people around, but safe is better than sorry," Lillie scolded. However, Nebby wasn't really paying attention to her. It's interest was more into something sparkling on the ground. It was a black stone of some kind, "Hmm? What's this?" Lillie asked, as Will picked up the stone. It was very oddly shaped.

"Now what could this be?" Will wondered.

"There's another one over here!" Toby called out, picking up another rock.

"And another!" Fluttershy called out, picking up another stone.

"Same here!" Silver Spoon added, picking up the last stone that they could see.

"Maybe, Tapu Koko wanted you four to have them?" Lillie theorized.

"Hmm, it is possible," Will replied.

"Well, in any case, we should head back," Lillie said, as Nebby flew back into her bag. With that, they left the area, and made their way back to Iki Town.

Back in Iki Town,

"Hey there!" the group of six saw Kukui waving at them, "Glad you found Lillie!" he said, approaching them.

"Yes. Nebby tried getting out of the bag again," Lillie said. Just then, a largely built elderly man was seen walking up the stairs. He wore a white tank top and shorts, with an orange and yellow floral over shirt.

"Ah, there he is!" Kukui said, "Hala, where've you been?!" Kukui asked.

"I got into a bit of a scuffle with some feuding Rockruff, nothing I couldn't handle," the old man said.

"Well, as Kahuna, it is your responsibility, so can't really fault you there. Any ways, these are some new trainers that'll be starting on a journey throughout Alola," Kukui said, introducing our heroes to Hala.

"Well met. I am Hala, one of the four Kahuna's you'll meet during you island challenge," Hala said, introducing himself.

"Well we're Will, Flora, Toby, Sylvia, and Serenity, trainers from the Johto Region," Will said.

"Ah Johto, that takes me back," Kukui reminisced about his younger days, traveling throughout the various regions.

"Well, if you wish to take on the island challenge, you'll need to take these," Hala said, giving our heroes five pendants, "You won't be able to take on any of the trials unless you have those medallions," Hala explained.

"'Trials'?" Will asked.

"FOUR ISLANDS!" Kukui exclaimed, holding up four fingers, "See, unlike other regions, we don't have official Pokémon Gyms here in Alola. We have something similar called 'trials'. They're a tradition passed down in Alola since ancient times," Kukui explained.

"HEY TUTU!" Hau exclaimed, running up to the group, "What's the big idea, going off without telling anyone?!" Hau demanded.

"Settle down Hau. You know I have duties as an Island Kahuna," Hala replied, stroking his moustache. He then noticed something sparkling in Will, Fluttershy, Silver Spoon, and Toby's bags, "Hmm, there's something sparkling in your bags?" Hala asked.

"Oh, you must be talking about these," Toby said, getting out the stone he and the other three picked up. Hala then examined the stone Toby found.

"Why this is...!" Hala exclaimed, his eyes going wide.

"Tutu, isn't that...?" Hau asked.

"Tell me something. I saw Tapu Koko flying away from Mahalo Trail. Did something happen up there?" Hala asked.

"Yeah, that was when is saved me from falling in a ravine," Will replied. Hala steeled his expression, before laughing boisterously.

"My, my, what a surprising turn of events!" Hala exclaimed, "And I take it the three of you found stones like this one?" Hala asked.

"Yeah, it was right after Will was saved," Fluttershy replied, getting out her stone, as did Will and Silver Spoon.

"You're all strangers to Alola, and yet Tapu Koko deigned to gift the four of you with these stones," Hala laughed boisterously once more, "Tell you what, if you kids come back tonight for the festival, I'll give you something grand, in exchange for these stones," Hala offered.

"Really? That's be great!" Will accepted, as did the other three. Hala then turned his attention to Serenity.

"Tell me, did you receive a stone like this?" Hala asked.

"Um, no.... I don't really care much for fighting," Serenity whispered, hiding behind her brother.

"Hmm, a shy one you are. But no matter. You are free to do as you please," Hala said, taking his leave.

"In the mean time, you guys should swing by my place! I have something that may be of use to you guys," Kukui suggested.

"That would be great!" Will accepted, as Kukui led them out of Iki Town, and town the road they met.

Chapter 2: The Rotom Pokedex! Catching New Pokemon! (Ultra Rewrite)

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Being led downhill where they met Professor Kukui, our heroes are being led by the very professor himself. They soon came up to the beachfront, where they see a rather rickety looking shack, "Well, there's my place," Kukui said, unlocking the front door, inviting the group inside. They were greeted by three Pokémon. One looked to be a pink bull dog Pokémon. Another was a brown, puppy Pokémon, and the third looked much like a toy animal, "Ah, Snubbull, Rockruff, Stufful, thanks for holding down the fort," Kukui said, petting each of them.

"You see, Professor Kukui studies Pokémon Moves, so he often has his Pokémon attack him so he can get a feel of what they're like," Lillie said.

"I remember all the times I got it with a Pokémon Move, albeit some of those times were unintentional," Will stated.

Back on Will's Ranch,

Several Pokémon sneezed, as they felt someone talking about them.

Back at Professor Kukui's House,

"Anyhow, come down to my lab. And I'll give you the thing I promised," Kukui said, heading downstairs. The others followed him. When they got downstairs, it looked like a pretty standard lab. Computers, books, there was even some exercise equipment in the corner, "Anyhow, here's what I wanted to give you," Kukui said, giving Will an oddly shaped device.

"Is this a Pokedex?" Will asked.

"Yep. The latest model! And it just needs one more component for it to be functional," Kukui replied, as the lights flickered. Out from a wall outlet, shot a small orange Pokémon surrounded by plasma.

"Whoa, Rotom!" Will exclaimed, as Rotom was flying all around the lab.

"Now we just need to wait for it to go inside," Kukui said.

"'Go inside'?" Fluttershy wondered.

"Do you mean, in the Pokedex?" Silver Spoon asked, as Rotom finally hit the Pokedex.

"Rotom? You in there?" Will asked, tapping the screen, "Is this normal for this kind of Pokedex?" Will asked, as a heart symbol appeared. The Pokedex then jumped out of Will's hands. It then grew arm like contraptions and feet, "Whoa, Rotom became the Pokedex?" Will asked in awe.

"LLLLLanguage selection verified. User Interface registered!" the Rotom Pokedex said.

"Cool, it talked!" Toby exclaimed.

"Rotom, my name is Professor Kukui. I want you to give these folks a Helping Hand on their journey," Kukui said.

"Affirmative! Please give your names for identification," Rotom politely asked.

"My name is Will," Will replied.

"I'm Flora," Fluttershy said.

"Toby," Toby added.

"Sylvia," Silver Spoon added.

"S-serenity," Serenity whispered, but was still loud enough for Rotom to hear.

"User ID verified! Alola! It is nice to meet you!" the Rotom Pokedex said.

"Nice to meet you too, Rotom," Will said.

"I am not merely Rotom, User Will! I am a state of the art, fully functional Rotom Pokedex! You could say I am Rotom; Pokedex Form!" the Rotom Pokedex stated. The five trainers had confused looks on their faces, unsure how to phrase that, "*Sigh* Very well, it may be easier if you were to just refer to me as Rotom, is that acceptable, Users Will, Flora, Toby, Sylvia, and Serenity?" Rotom asked.

"Yeah, and you don't have to call us by that 'user' stuff. Just our regular names will do," Silver Spoon replied.

"Affirmative! Data updated!" Rotom said.

"So, how do Pokedex's work exactly?" Toby asked.

"They have tons of information on Pokémon from various regions. They're high-tech encyclopedias," Kukui replied.

"Actually, it would be a good idea to try to get to know our Pokémon a little better," Will said, releasing Rowlet. The others did the same with their Pokémon, "Rotom, what information can you give us on Rowlet?" Will asked.

"Certainly! Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon, a Grass and Flying Type. It feels relaxed in tight, dark places, and has been known to use it's trainer's pockets and bag as a nest," Rotom said.

"I see, fascinating!" Will commented.

"What can you tell us about Popplio, if you don't mind my asking," Fluttershy asked.

"Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon, a Water Type. Popplio gets on it's bouncy water balloons to jump higher. It is a very good acrobatic fighter," Rotom replied.

"I'd like to learn more about Fennekin and Vulpix," Toby said.

"Fennekin, the Fox Pokémon, a Fire Type. It's roomy ears vent air hotter than 390 degrees Fahrenheit. It loves to snack on twigs. Vulpix, the Fox Pokémon, a Fire Type. It controls balls of fire to catch it's prey. If raised right from a young age, it can grow close to it's trainer like a Puppy Pokémon," Rotom said.

"I'd like to hear about Azurill, please," Silver Spoon asked.

"Of course! Azurill, the Polka Dot Pokémon, a Normal and Fairy Type. It's tail holds all the nutrients it needs for evolution," Rotom said.

"Um... please, can I know more about Buneary?" Serenity whispered, holding Buneary close.

"Buneary, the Rabbit Pokémon, a Normal Type. The reason it keeps one ear rolled up is so that it can launch a swift counterstrike it attacked by an enemy. Buneary's ears have enough power to crush a boulder," Rotom said.

"Ok, so now that you guys know a little more about your Pokémon, why not come and learn how to catch some?" Kukui suggested.

"'Catch Pokémon'?" Fluttershy asked.

"It's how you make more friends with Pokémon," Will explained, as they all recalled their Pokémon.

"Will, you seem to know your way around the basics, so why not teach them yourself? I would, but I'm needed up in Iki Town," Kukui asked, scratching the back of his head.

"Sure, I'd like to try and catch some Pokémon myself," Will accepted.

"Great! I'll show you guys where you can catch a ton of cool or rare Pokémon!" Kukui said, as they all exited his house. However, upon stepping outside, everything got dark in an instant. Serenity noticed something off in the distance; it looked like a tear in the sky.

"Was that..." Lillie wondered.

"Couldn't be. There wasn't an eclipse scheduled for today," Kukui replied, as they all made their way back up to the hill where they all met Kukui, "Alright, take that path, and you'll see a bunch of Pokémon! It's a bit of a longer walk to Iki Town, but it'll be worth it!" Kukui said, taking his leave, with Lillie behind him.

"Well guys, let's go catch some Pokémon!" Will said, as the walked down the path Kukui pointed out, "The first thing to know about Pokémon is that they like to hide in tall grass, caves, or in open waters. They like to jump out at random. When you see one, you have to battle it with your own Pokémon to weaken it, that way, your Pokeballs will have an easier time catching them," Will explained. Toby then noticed a little yellow mouse Pokémon with pink spots on it's cheeks.

"What's that Pokémon?" Toby asked.

"That's a Pichu," Will replied.

"Pichu, the Tiny Mouse Pokémon, an Electric Type. It isn't very skilled at handling it's electricity yet, so trainers should be prepared for a jolt," Rotom said.

"Well, I want to try and catch that one," Toby said. He caught the attention of Pichu, who looked at the boy in interest, "Go, Vulpix!" Toby said, sending out Vulpix. Pichu fired electricity from it's cheeks, "Dodge that Vulpix, then use Ember!" Toby instructed. Vulpix dodged the electric attack, and fired Ember at Pichu, causing a little damage to it, "Maybe I should try and catch it now," Toby said, holding a Pokeball.

"Hold on Toby. Use this one instead," Will said, giving Toby a green Pokeball with red marks on it, "This Friend Ball will help you get closer to Pichu," Will explained, as Toby accepted the Friend Ball.

"Alright, here I go!" Toby said, chucking the Friend Ball at Pichu, encapsulating the Tiny Mouse Pokémon. The Friend Ball then began rocking back and forth, before a clicking sound was heard, "So, Pichu is my Pokémon now?" Toby asked, picking up the Friend Ball.

"Of course! You were the one who caught it," Will said, as they all split up to try and find Pokémon.

Silver Spoon and Serenity were looking around together, when they saw some Bug Pokémon. One was a little, yellow caterpillar Pokémon, and the other was a little grub worm Pokémon, "I think I remember Will saying something about Bug Pokémon being the easiest Pokémon to raise," Silver Spoon commented, as she eyed the yellow caterpillar.

"I think we can raise these ones," Serenity whispered, getting a Net Ball out, as she eyed the grub Pokémon. The two of them went after their respective Pokémon. Serenity weakly chucked the Net Ball at the Grub Pokémon, encapsulating it. The Net Ball rocked three times before clicking. Silver Spoon sent out Azurill to battle the caterpillar.

"Azurill, use Water Gun!" Silver Spoon instructed. Azurill fired Water Gun at the caterpillar, "Alright, here I go!" she said, tossing a Pokeball at the caterpillar. It rocked three times before clicking, "Alright! Let's go talk to Will and Rotom about these Pokémon," Silver Spoon suggested. Serenity nodded. They looked over to see Will supervising Fluttershy, as she tried to catch a woodpecker like Pokémon.

"Pikipek, the Woodpecker Pokémon, a Normal and Flying Type. It may look spindly, but it has incredible neck muscles. It is capable of delivering 16 pecks per second, and is strong enough to destroy stone," Rotom said.

"Ok, I'd better watch out for those pecks. Popplio, use Water Gun, please!" Fluttershy asked. Popplio fired Water Gun directly at Pikipek, who shook it off. Pikipek then charged beak first at Popplio.

"Here comes Peck attack!" Will warned.

"Popplio, make a balloon!" Fluttershy instructed. Popplio quickly blew a large balloon, which burst when Pikipek collided with it, but was able to drench Pikipek, "Here I go!" Fluttershy said, chucking a Pokeball at Pikipek, encapsulating the bird Pokémon. It rocked three times before clicking.

"Hey Will, what can you tell us about these two Pokémon?" Silver Spoon asked, as she and Serenity released the Bug Pokémon they caught. However, the caterpillar sparkled when it was released.

"Whoa, you caught a Shiny Caterpie!" Will said in amazement.

"What does that mean, 'shiny'?" Toby asked.

"Well, you see, some Pokémon often times appear in a different color than they normally would. Caterpie are usually green," Will explained.

"Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon, a Bug Type. Because it grows and evolves so quickly, it is highly recommended as the first Pokémon for new trainers to catch," Rotom said.

"And, what about this one?" Serenity asked.

"Grubbin, the Larva Pokémon, a Bug Type. It's strong pincers allow it to break off the bark of trees and drink the sap that falls from it," Rotom said.

"Well, what do you say we go and enjoy the festival?" Will suggested. Everyone happily agreed, and went on their way back to Iki Town.

However, looking down on our heroes from a nearby ledge was a young boy, about the same age as Toby and Silver Spoon. He wore a yellow, torn up tank top, raggedy shorts, a spiked collar and bracelets, and his black hair was done up in a scorpions tail fashion. "Hmph, if it was that easy, then who needs those weakling Pokémon?" the boy asked in a nasty tone. By his legs, were four Pokémon. Two of them were Litten, who looked like it had seen better days, and Bagon. As for the other two, one was a lizard Pokémon that looked like it was wearing a bandits mask. The other was a purple Pokémon with big blue tentacles growing from it's head, and a yellow spike on the top of it's head.

Chapter 3: A Loud Festival Indeed! And a New Rival

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After some walking, our heroes had arrived back in Iki Town. However, when they got to the gates, they saw two people dressed in the same strange outfits. They looked to be space suits of some kind. One was a man about Will's height, while the other looked to be a young girl around Toby and Silver Spoon's age. They were whispering to one another, before proceeding into Iki Town. Our heroes followed them, where they saw tons of people enjoying food or games, along with all manner of Pokémon, "The festival sure looks lively," Fluttershy commented. They then noticed some palm trees that looked to be.... walking?!

"What the...?! Walking palm trees?!" Will exclaimed.

"Not quite. Here's what you want to know. Exeggutor, Alola Form, the Coconut Pokémon, a Grass and Dragon Type. Researchers have determined that the sunlight of Alola is what allows Exeggutor to take this form. People of Alola boast that this is how an Exeggutor should look," Rotom said.

"Wait, 'Alola Form'?" Will asked.

"Correct! A few species of Pokémon have been documented to appear differently in the Alola Region than they do in other regions. In fact, the Vulpix that Toby has is considered extremely rare in Alola," Rotom explained.

"I see. I had heard of Pokémon taking different forms using various methods, but being in a different region? Wow!" Will exclaimed.

"I'm getting a little hungry," Serenity whispered to Toby.

"I am too. I'm going to take Serenity to get something to eat," Toby said.

"Ok, don't be gone too long!" Fluttershy said. Toby took Serenity's hand, and led her through the crowd.

"Let me know if you see anything you want," Toby said. However, as he did, he accidently bumped into someone, knocking the both of them down, "Oof, sorry about that!" Toby exclaimed.

"Ah, it's cool. I wasn't really paying attention either," the boy Toby bumped into said. He was wearing an orange polo shirt, blue jeans, had a chipped tooth, and white hair, "You ok?" the boy asked, helping Toby up.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Toby said, as they went their separate ways.

"Hey Toby, can I have some cotton candy please, if it's not too much trouble?" Serenity asked timidly.

"Sure," Toby said, as the two went over to the cotton candy stall, "You want to split one?" Toby asked. Serenity nodded, "Can we get one cotton candy, please?" Toby asked.

"Sure thing," the stall vendor said, handing Toby a bag of cotton candy. Toby paid with the money Discord had provided him. The two siblings rejoined with the rest of their party, who had all gotten snacks of their own.

"I wonder when they're starting the battles?" Silver Spoon wondered. Will was about to answer, when they heard some sort of commotion.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?! I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN!" a girls voice yelled. The five of them rushed over to see what was going on. Much to Toby and Serenity's surprise, they saw the boy they bumped into, along with 9 girls. The two eldest looking ones were both blonde, one being a bit more pale blonde than the other. One was wearing a lite blue tank top and tan shorts, while the other had a long, seafoam green dress and sunglasses on the top of her head. The third eldest looked like a punk rocker. Her outfit was mainly purple, and she had short, brown hair. The fourth girl wore a white, button up shirt with a pink flower, a yellow plaid skirt, and brown hair tied into a ponytail. The fifth girl was the one they assumed was making the commotion. Her red jersey and shorts indicated that she was the sporty type. Like the fourth girl, her hair was done up in a pony tail. The sixth girl wore an all black outfit with white stripes on the sleeves. Her black hair was long enough to cover her eyes. The next two looked to be twins. One was dressed in a pink, princess like dress with a tiara on the top of her head, while the other wore overalls and a red cap. Both twins had blonde hair. The ninth girl was the shortest of the bunch. She wore big glasses, a green turtleneck, blue shorts, and had shaggy brown hair.

"I'll say it a thousand times; you need to watch where you're going!" the boy said.

"YOU BUMPED INTO ME ON PURPOSE!" the sporty girl said, being held back by the other eight girls and the white haired boy.

"Regardless, I have better things to do than deal with you," the bully boy said, taking notice of our heroes, "As for you guys, do you honestly think those Pokémon you caught are even worth keeping?" the bully asked.

"What are you talking about?" Toby asked.

"What I'm saying, four-eyes, is that you should try to find the best Pokémon around," the bully clarified. Toby seemed hurt by the "four-eyes" remark.

"HEY, I AIN'T DONE WITH YOU YET!" the sporty girl yelled, still being held back.

"You'll see what I mean when you and I battle," the bully said, walking away. The sporty girl was finally let go by the others.

"You guys alright?" Will asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess. Who even was that guy?" the girl in lite blue asked.

"That was Busujima," they turned to see Hau, "He has a nasty reputation as a Pokémon Trainer. He's only been a trainer for a few weeks, preparing for his Island Challenge. His favorite type of Pokémon to use are Poison and Dark Types, as well as super rare Pokémon, whether they're shiny or hard to find," he explained.

"I see. We'll need to keep an eye out for him," Will commented.

"Crazy bumping into you again," Toby said to the white haired boy.

"I know, right? My name's Lincoln by the way, Lincoln Loud, and these are my sisters," Lincoln said.

"Wait, all 9 of them are your sisters?" Fluttershy asked in disbelief.

"There's actually 10 of us, but Lily didn't come with us. I'm Luna by the way," the punk girl replied.

"Lori," the lite blue girl said.

"Um, where's Leni?" the seafoam girl asked.

"Leni, you're Leni, remember?" Lori asked in annoyance.

"Oh!" Leni said in realization, making her siblings pinch the bridges of their noses.

"I'm Luan," the girl with the yellow skirt said.

"I'm Lynn Loud Jr.," the sporty girl said.

"Where'd Lucy go?" Lincoln asked.

"I'm right here," the goth girl said, making everyone there jump in surprise.

"I swear, we need to get a bell for you," Lynn commented.

"Sigh, it's how I move through the world," Lucy said in a depressed tone.

"I'm Lana," the red cap wearing girl said.

"Hey, I wanted to introduce myself first!" the pink girl said, peeved that her twin got the drop on her.

"You snooze, you loose Lola," Lana taunted.

"Before these two Neanderthals get into ANOTHER fight, I'm Lisa," the shortest girl said with a lisp.

"I'm Will from Mahogany Town, and these are my students, Flora, Sylvia, and I'm sure Lincoln's met Toby and Serenity already. Oh, and this is Rotom," Will said, introducing his group.

"'Mahogany Town'? There's no such place," Lisa stated in a "matter of fact" tone.

"No, it's a real place. It's all the way in the Johto Region," Will countered.

"There's no such place as this 'Johto Region' either," Lisa countered back.

"Uh, Lincoln, where did you say you and your sisters are from?" Toby asked.

"Royal Woods, Michigan. Why do you ask?" Lincoln replied calmly. Toby thought about it for a moment.

"I think you guys may be in another dimension. Because I've never even heard of this 'Royal Woods' place, and I've been just about everywhere," Will said.

"Another dimension? Oh, boy," Lincoln said, remembering a nightmare he had of his own experience in another dimension.

"Could that wormhole have been the cause of it?" Lynn pondered.

"'Wormhole'?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well, we were at home, literally just minding our own business, and watching some TV, when some kind of tear opened up in our living room, and sucked us in," Lori explained.

"I've seen many reports of wormholes in the Alola Region opening up before, but for one to open in another dimension outside of this world is certainly odd," Rotom said. Lisa observed Rotom in interest, making the living Pokedex nervous.

"By the way, what was that Busujima guy talking about? Something about a battle and something 'mon'?" Lucy asked.

"Ah, yes. As you can see, there's a festival going on in which they pay respects to the island guardian Pokémon, Tapu Koko," Hau explained.

"'Pokémon'?" Lana asked.

"See for yourselves," Toby said, releasing the three of his Pokémon. The Loud Siblings were shocked in awe.

"Extraordinary! How can these balls fit these creatures inside?" Lisa pondered examining one of the Pokeballs Toby was holding more closely.

"Well, my visit to the Pokeball Factory in the Kalos Region taught me that each and every type of Pokeball is built with a sort of shrink ray technology. Don't ask for the details," Will explained.

"Hey, if you guys are going to participate in the battles, you'd better get signed up!" Hau said. Four of the five trainers realized he was right, and rushed over to the sign up table.

"What kind of battles are you guys talking about?" Lori asked.

"Pokémon Battles. It's where two trainers battle each other with their Pokémon. It may sound barbaric, but it helps Pokémon grow stronger," Will explained.

"Glad you kids could make it!" they all turned to see Hala walking towards them, "And just in time too. I have finished what I started earlier," Hala said, giving the four trainers a black wrist band, which they put on their wrists.

"What are these things?" Leni asked.

"These are Z Power Rings. They allow trainers to help draw out a Pokémon's Z Power, enabling them to unleash powerful Z Moves! But, unfortunately, unless they pass at least one of Alola's many trials, they won't be able to use Z Moves," Hala explained.


The sun had begun to set, as many trainers have had their battles, with all kinds of Pokémon the likes of which even Will had never seen, "The next bout shall pit Toby Mason, from Mahogany Town, who is one of five trainers who has had an encounter with Tapu Koko," Hala said, as Toby took his place on the stage. The fact that he encountered Tapu Koko incited murmurs from the crowd, "And his opponent shall be Busujima of Hau'oli City," the kahuna said, as the bully took his place. Some people jeered at the latter, "Now, let's have a nice little competition to pay tribute to our island deity," Hala said. Busujima then noticed the Z Power Ring on Toby's wrist.

"Hey, where'd an outsider like you get that Z Power Ring?!" Busujima demanded, obviously angered.

"It was a gift from Tapu Koko," Toby passively replied. This made Busujima even angrier.

"I'll say this once. Those Z Power Rings are meant for locals only! Outsiders have no right even possessing one!" Busujima said, clutching his first Pokeball.

"I don't think you're really in a position to judge. After all, it was Tapu Koko that gave me the Sparkling Rock," Toby said, readying his Pokeball.

"Alright boys, begin!" Hala declared.

"Go, Bagon!" Busujima said, sending out a Bagon.

"Bagon, the Rock Head Pokémon, a Dragon Type. Bagon has high hopes of someday flying. It practices jumping off of cliffs. However, it always lands head first on boulders, making it's head stronger than steel," Rotom said.

"Alright, Fennekin, I choose you!" Toby said, sending out Fennekin, "Alright Fennekin, use Hidden Power!" Toby instructed. Fennekin fired a ball of mysterious energy at Bagon, striking it.

"So, what's Hidden Power?" Luna asked.

"See, Hidden Power's type changes depending on the Pokémon that uses it. In the case for Toby's Fennekin, it's a Fairy Type Move, which is super effective against Dragon Types like Bagon," Will explained.

"Get it together Bagon! Use Iron Head!" Busujima ordered. Bagon's head became metallic, and charged at Fennekin, striking the Fox Pokémon.

"Since Fennekin's a Fire Type, the Steel Type Move Iron Head isn't very effective," Will commented.

"Could you give us a lecture on these 'type matchups' later on?" Lisa asked.

"Sure, if you're willing to listen," Will said.

"Fennekin, use Scratch!" Toby instructed. Fennekin slashed Bagon with it's claws, knocking out Bagon. Busujima recalled Bagon.

"Looks like you're still in need of training," Busujima said, readying his next Pokémon, "Go, Litten!" Busujima said, sending out a battered up Litten.

"Hey, are you sure you want to use that Litten? It looks like it's seen better days," Toby commented.

"Like I need a lecture on how to raise a Pokémon! Litten, use Fire Fang!" Busujima ordered. Litten ignited it's teeth, and charged at Fennekin.

"Fennekin, dodge, and use Scratch!" Toby instructed. Fennekin was able to dodge Litten easily, as it was moving slowly, and slashed Litten, knocking it out. Busujima recalled Litten.

"You're still as useless as ever!" Busujima scolded.

"Hey Fennekin, you want to take a break?" Toby asked. Fennekin gave a tired nod. Toby then recalled Fennekin, and readied the Friend Ball that held Pichu.

"Mareanie, go!" Busujima said, sending out the blue tentacled Pokémon.

"Mareanie, the Brutal Star Pokémon, a Poison and Water Type. Mareanie relentlessly hunt down Corsola to break of the branches for a snack. It has a very nasty disposition," Rotom said.

"Sounds like the perfect Pokémon for him," Silver Spoon coldly commented.

"Alright, Pichu, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Pichu, "Now, if I recall, Rotom said Pichu's moves are Thundershock, Sweet Kiss, and Tail Whip," Toby muttered to himself.

"Mareanie, use Sludge Bomb!" Busujima ordered. Mareanie then fired balls of sludge at Pichu.

"Dodge them, then use Thundershock!" Toby instructed. Pichu dodged nimbly, and fired an electric blast from it's cheeks, causing major damage to Mareanie, who was still standing.

"If I were guess, Electric Type attacks are best against Water or Poison types?" Lola asked.

"Just against Water Types," Will replied.

"Mareanie, get it together, and use Poison Jab!" Busujima ordered. The tip of one of Mareanie's tentacles glowed purple, as it lunged at Pichu, and jabbed it with it's tentacle. Pichu stumbled a bit, but Mareanie had a spark fly off of it, "Now, use Knock Off!" Busujima ordered. Mareanie charged once more at Pichu, but a bunch of sparks prevented it from moving.

"What's going on?" Leni asked.

"It's a special power of Pichu's called Static. It's an ability that sometimes paralyzes it's opponents upon direct contact," Will explained.

"I am going to have a field day learning about Pokémon," Lisa whispered to Lincoln.

"I think we all will," Lincoln whispered back.

"Alright, Pichu, use Thundershock!" Toby instructed. Pichu once again used Thundershock, this time knocking out Mareanie. Pichu then began glowing and grew larger. It became a larger mouse Pokémon with a long, thunderbolt shaped tail with a notch at the end, making it look like a heart, and long pointed ears.

"Pichu just evolved into Pikachu!" Will exclaimed.

"Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon, an Electric Type. It like to use it's electricity to roast berries until they're just right. If you happen to come across any berries that are burnt, it's evidence that this Pokémon mistook the intensity of the charge," Rotom said.

"Wait, 'evolution'?" Lynn asked.

"See, some Pokémon tend to change shape over time. This is what is known as 'evolution'. The Pokémon grows stronger upon doing so," Will explained.

"Technically, it's more akin to metamorphosis, not evolution," Lisa stated in a bored tone.

"Maybe so, but everyone calls it evolution because it sounds easier to understand," Will countered. Lisa just shrugged, choosing not to argue any further.

"Dang it! This kid's making me look bad!" Busujima seethed, recalling Mareanie, and sending out his last Pokémon; the bandit lizard Pokémon.

"Salandit, the Toxic Lizard Pokémon, a Fire and Poison Type. Due to malnutrition, only male Salandit are unable to evolve. As such, they do whatever the females say, such as bringing food," Rotom said.

"Look like you and that lizard have something in common Lincoln," Luan whispered, making Lincoln nod tiredly. This prompted his older sister to hold him closer.

"Salandit, use Flame Burst!" Busujima ordered. Salandit fired a ball of fired at Pikachu, which burst apart, spreading across the battlefield, hitting Pikachu a couple of times. Pikachu struggled to stay standing.

"Pikachu, do you want to tag out?" Toby offered. Pikachu nodded. Toby then recalled Pikachu, and readied his next Pokeball, "Go, Vulpix!" Toby said, sending out his Vulpix. This surprised everyone there, even Busujima.

"Whoa, a red Vulpix!" one of the onlookers said.

"It's so cute!" another commented.

"Where'd this dip get such a rare Pokémon?!" Busujima seethed.

"Vulpix, use Shadow Ball!" Toby instructed. Vulpix fired a blob of shadowy energy at Salandit, causing it to stumble a bit.

"Salandit, use Toxic!" Busujima ordered. Salandit fired a few balls of purple sludge at Vulpix.

"Quick, use Safeguard!" Toby instructed. Vulpix summoned a green barrier, which caused Toxic to bounce off, "Now use Extrasensory!" Toby instructed. Vulpix then began using a mysterious telekinetic power, and slammed Salandit on the ground, knocking out.

"That's it! The bout goes to Toby Mason of Mahogany Town!" Hala declared. Everyone then heard something bellowing, "Oh, ho! You hear that? That's Tapu Koko's song of approval! It seemed to really enjoy the battles this year!" Hala laughed boisterously. Toby knelt down to high five Vulpix, only to see Busujima storming off.

"That guy... he really creeps me out," Toby commented.

"You're not the only one creeped out by him," Will said, as the group went on to enjoy the festival. Meanwhile, the two, strangely dressed people from before were observing from the shadows.

"So that was a Pokémon battle!" the little girl said, intrigued by what they had just seen.

"It would appear the aura readings are similar to that of the Blinding One, because of this 'Tapu Koko' creature. It may also have something to do with that wristband they were wearing," the man said.

"I'll say! The aura readings were off the charts! What did they call those things, Z Power Rings?" the little girl pondered.

"This will require further investigation," the man said.

Will and his team were enjoying the festivities, when they were approached by the Louds, "Will, can we ask a favor of you guys?" Lori asked.

"Sure, what's up?" Will asked.

"Well, we discussed it, and we were wondering if we could tag along with you guys? I know this is sudden and everything, but we don't know anything about this world. Just long enough to where we can go home," Lori replied.

"Plus, we'd love to see more of the Pokémon creatures!" Lisa added.

"Sure. We'd love to have you guys aboard!" Will replied.

"Looks like you guys aren't strangers to making friends," they saw Kukui say, "If you guys want to learn more about Pokémon, then why don't you come with us to the Pokémon School? There's a little challenge there that would help Will and them get ready for their upcoming trials," Kukui suggested. The Louds quickly discussed it with one another in private.

"Alright, I guess we'll do that," Lori said.

"It does sound like a school idea, *chuckles*, get it?" Luan joked, receiving groans from her siblings.

"Ok, just head down the hill there, and at the fork in the road, go to the right. You'll find Lillie waiting in front of the Pokémon Center," Kukui said, taking his leave.

"I assume this Lillie is different than ours?" Leni asked.

"Depends. How old is your Lily?" Will asked.

"15 months old," Lincoln replied.

"Ah, then, yes. This is a different Lillie," Will replied, as they all left Iki Town, and onto their adventure.

Chapter 4: The Pokemon School of Rock and Alolan Forms (Ultra Rewrite)

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Beginning their adventures tomorrow, our heroes, accompanied by their new friends, the Louds, ventured down towards where they saw a bustling city, "That looks to be the place," Will commented, as they walked further down the path. They soon saw their friend Lillie, standing in front of a building with a red room, "Yo, Lillie!" Will called out. Lillie saw her friends, and the new group of people.

"My word, such a large group," Lillie commented.

"Oh yeah, we met up with these kids at the festival in Iki Town," Will replied. The Louds soon introduced themselves to Lillie.

"A pleasure to meet each of you," Lillie said gracefully.

"Anyhow, we'll be starting our journey around Alola tomorrow. I take it that's the Pokémon school over there?" Will asked, looking at a nearby complex.

"Oh, um, yes. That will be where you'll take a little test devised by Professor Kukui," Lillie replied. She and the rest of the group noticed it getting rather late, "But for now, you all must be exhausted. Thankfully, the Pokémon Center has plenty of rooms for travelers," Lillie said, as they all walked in the building. Inside, they saw at the center of the building a counter with a woman dressed in a pink nurses outfit. Behind her, a strange machine. To the right, they saw a shop, and to the right, a shop.

"This seems like a typical facility for medical recuperation," Lisa commented. Everyone looked at her, confused, "This looks like a regular hospital," she clarified.

"Right. This is the Pokémon Center. It's a place where trainers go to heal up their Pokémon. You guys can talk to the woman over there, and she'll heal up your Pokémon, free of charge," Will explained.

"Ok, but what about that store over there?" Lana asked.

"Ah yes. Over in the store, trainers can purchase various items for their travels. These items include medicines, Pokeballs, and other useful gadgets," Will replied.

"And the café?" Luna asked.

"Huh, that's new. Can't tell you much about that myself, but the name should be self explanatory," Will replied, scratching the back of his head.

"Speaking of healing our Pokémon," Toby said.

"Oh, right!" Will said, as the five trainers approached the counter.

"Welcome to the Pokémon Center," the woman at the counter said.

"Hey there, Nurse Joy. Could you look after our Pokémon?" Will asked, as the five trainers placed their Pokéballs on the counter.

"Of course. And I take it your group will be needing a place to stay for the night?" Nurse Joy asked.

"That's right. Could we by chance get two separate bedrooms?" Will asked.

"Of course! I'll bring your Pokémon back as soon as they're finished healing," Nurse Joy replied, handing Will two keys.

"Ok, so how do we want to do bedroom assignments?" Toby asked.

"Easy, girls get one room, and the boys get the other room," Lori suggested in an authoritarian tone. The group all gave their sounds of approval.

"Ok, here's one key," Will said, handing Fluttershy one of the keys.

After find their rooms, our heroes all settled in with their roommates. Will and Toby were bunking with Lincoln and Rotom, while Fluttershy, Serenity, and Silver Spoon shared a room with the Loud Sisters, "So, I guess this is how we're bunking for the entire trip," Will said, as he sat on a bed.

"Yeah, knowing my sisters, they wouldn't want to share a room with any boys," Lincoln commented.

"So, what's it like, having 10 sisters?" Toby asked.

"It's absolutely crazy! I do love them and everything, but they can be quite a handful, especially the twins," Lincoln replied.

"I guess it would be rather hectic," Will commented.

"I don't really understand the concept of families all that much, but it does sound like it could be quite a handful," Rotom commented.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't trade them for the world, even if they do get on my nerves," Lincoln said.

Meanwhile, over in the girls' room,

"So, what does everyone think of this world so far?" Leni asked her sisters.

"It's too bright and sunny for my liking," Lucy commented.

"I don't know Lucy. I think it's rad that we get a free tropical vacation," Luna replied.

"I can finally work on my tan," Lola boasted pridefully.

"I like these Pokémon critters," Lana added.

"Too bad I don't have any cell service," Lori said, looking at her phone.

"Maybe being off of your phone for a while can do you some good," Lisa stated nonchalantly.

"Not to sound rude, but I can't believe you're all siblings," Silver Spoon commented.

"Yeah, we get that a lot," Luna replied.

"So, tell us a little about yourselves," Leni politely asked.

"Well, it may sound crazy, but, like you guys, we're from another dimension as well. Will happened to come to our dimension by accident," Fluttershy replied.

"Cool. So, what's your world like?" Lola asked.

"Well, believe it or not, again, but we're not really human. We're actually ponies who took the form of humans to journey through this world," Silver Spoon awkwardly replied. She may not show it, but Lucy's eyes twinkled with excitement.

"Ok, and I take it when Will came to your world, you met Toby right then and there, right?" Lynn asked.

"Well, not exactly. Toby is from another dimension as well. But his story's pretty sad," Silver Spoon replied.

"Wait, so Will isn't his Dad?" Lori asked.

"No. Let's just say that Toby's real father is the real reason he came to our dimension," Fluttershy said, remembering the horrible atrocities James had inflicted upon Toby. She and Silver Spoon hated that man for what he had done to the young boy.

"And, what of his mother?" Lisa asked. The three pony turned humans all looked at each other with uncertainty. Fluttershy took a deep breath, and briefly explained what had happened to Toby before she met him. Afterwards, the three of them saw that the Loud Sisters looked like they were ready to burst into tears.

"He really went through all of that?!" Lori exclaimed.

"I'm afraid so," Fluttershy sadly replied.

"But why did he forgive that jerk wad?! They way you described it, Toby should've hated him for that!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Especially since he killed his own wife," Lucy added.

"It's because Toby's mother taught Toby to never hold a grudge. Toby doesn't hold grudges because he doesn't want to be a bad person," Silver Spoon replied. The Loud Sisters took a moment to process this information.

The Next Morning,

After having breakfast, our heroes followed Lillie to the nearby schoolgrounds, "So, Lillie, any idea what we're going to have to do?" Will asked.

"You'll know when we get there," Lillie replied. They heard a loud mooing sound. Looking down the street, they saw a large, brown bull Pokémon with three tails, romping around, "Oh dear, it looks like we won't be going through that way anytime for a while," Lillie said.

"Yeah, that Tauros doesn't seem like it wants to calm down anytime soon," Will commented.

"Tauros, the Wild Bull Pokémon, a Normal Type. Tauros isn't content unless it's constantly stampeding. It whips itself with it's three tails to give some motivation," Rotom said, as they entered the school grounds. There, they saw Professor Kukui, along with a teacher from the school.

"Ah, so is this group? Quite large, wouldn't you say?" the teacher asked.

"Yes, but only four of them are taking the test," Kukui said.

"What test would that be then?" Will asked.

"Ah yes, well, before you go on your island challenge journey, you may want to learn the basics of Pokémon battle. Of course, in your case Will, it would be a refresher course," Kukui said.

"But right now, the four students I chose to take the four of you on are currently in class. But you can pass the time by catching some Pokémon in the nearby grass over there," the teacher said, pointing to a large patch of grass on the other side of a fence.

"Well, it would be a good idea," Will commented.

"Ok, and when you hear the bell ringing, come immediately to the battle grounds here," Kukui instructed. With that, our heroes went over to the grass patch.

"Alright Louds, something to know about Pokémon is that they like to hide out in tall grass like this, and jump out at you. If you have a Pokémon, you'll need to engage in battle with the wild Pokémon. When it's weakened enough, then you can try and catch it with a Pokeball. It doesn't always work though," Will explained, as a green, sludge like Pokémon with yellow lips and two teeth jumped out.

"Eww! That thing's icky!" Lola whined.

"It looks cool! What is it?" Lana asked.

"It looks like a Pokémon called 'Grimer', but Grimer are usually purple, and they don't have teeth," Will replied.

"Allow me to explain! Grimer, Alola Form, the Sludge Pokémon, a Poison and Dark Type. Grimer were brought in from another region to help deal with an overflow of garbage. Over time, it eventually took this form. The two teeth like crystals are actually solidified toxins. If these are removed, the toxins seep out," Rotom said.

"I see, so it's another Alolan Form Pokémon," Will said, as he approached Grimer, "Go, Rowlet!" Will said, sending out Rowlet, "Use Peck attack!" Will instructed. Rowlet charged at Grimer, pecking the Sludge Pokémon, who was sent back a few feet. Grimer then fired a ball of sludge at Rowlet, "Dodge it Rowlet! Then use Tackle!" Will instructed. Rowlet evaded the Sludge attack, and charged at Grimer, sending it back against the wall, "Alright, here we go!" Will said, chucking a Level Ball at Grimer, encapsulating it. The ball rocked three times before clicking, "And just like that, this Grimer is now my Pokémon," Will said, picking up the Level Ball, letting Grimer out. Will then proceeded to spray Grimer and Rowlet with some medicine, fully healing them both.

"What are those?" Leni asked.

"These are Super Potions. They heal a Pokémon by a certain amount. Very handy for having out in the field," Will replied.

"By the way, what was all that about 'Alola Form'?" Lincoln asked.

"Well, I don't know much about it myself, but from what I gather, certain species of Pokémon in Alola appear differently than they do in other regions," Will replied.

"Here's what a regular Grimer looks like," Rotom said, displaying a picture of the purple Grimer.

"You probably saw giant walking palm trees in Iki Town, right?" Will asked.

"That was what led me to believe we were in another dimension," Lisa replied blankly.

"Well, those palm tress are actually called 'Exeggutor', and they're Alolan Form Pokémon as well," Will explained. Rotom then displayed a picture of a short, stumpy palm tree with three coconuts for heads.

"I see," Lisa said.

"Hey Rotom, what can you tell us about these Pokémon?" Silver Spoon asked, releasing a floating metal ball Pokémon with two magnets on either side of it, three screws, one on the top of its head, two below it's only eye. Fluttershy also released a small, black fox Pokémon with blue tips on it's feet and the tuft on the top of it's head. It sparkled when it popped out.

"Whoa, Flora, that Zorua you caught is a shiny Pokémon!" Will exclaimed. Rotom displayed a picture of Zorua with red highlights, instead of blue.

"Zorua, the Illusion Fox Pokémon, a Dark Type. It likes pulling pranks by changing into people and other Pokémon. If a normally talkative person suddenly becomes quiet, its evidence that Zorua has taken the place of that person. Magnemite, the Magnet Pokémon, an Electric and Steel Type. Magnemite are often the causes of power outages. They cling to the breaker box on the sides of houses and siphon off electricity," Rotom said.

"Wait, 'Shiny Pokémon'?" Lori asked.

"They're very rare, but often times, Pokémon can have a different color than their normal coloring. Zorua usually have red feet instead of blue.

"Aww, it's so cute!" Lola commented, trying to pet Zorua. Zorua felt intimidated by the princess girl, and hid behind Fluttershy.

"Aww, it's shy," Lana commented.

"Well, we couldn't find anything around here," Toby said, as he and Serenity rejoined the group. Just then, the bell rang.

"Well, let's get over to the battlefield," Will said, as they all made their way to the battlefield. There, they all saw a group of four students, waiting alongside their teacher and Professor Kukui.

"So, these are the guys?" one of the students asked. He was wearing what looked to be a green track suit.

"Big group," another student commented. She was wearing what looked like a tennis players outfit.

"Yes, but you'll only be battling these four," the teacher said, motioning towards Will, Fluttershy, Silver Spoon, and Toby.

"Well, that seems more manageable," the track suit boy said.

"Now, here are the details. There are four of you, and four students. Each of you will take them on in a series of one on one battles. Each trainer is allowed only one Pokémon each. The point of this exercise is to teach you guys, or in Will's case, refresh, the basics of a Pokémon battle. You'll be challenged with trainers who use items themselves, give their Pokémon items to use, use a Pokémon's ability, and use a Pokémon's stats and status changes. The first one to battle will be Sylvia. And her opponent will be Nancy," Kukui explained. A young girl, around Lana and Lola's age stepped forth from the four school trainers.

"My Pokémon's holding a berry!" Nancy said, as she sent out a green cocoon like Pokémon.

"Metapod, the Cocoon Pokémon, a Bug Type, and the evolved form of Caterpie. Metapod typically like to avoid intense battles. They do so because their shells protect their fragile innards, which are going under changes," Rotom said.

"Alright, in that case, I want to use Magnemite," Silver Spoon said, as Magnemite floated out in front of her.

"Metapod, use Harden!" Nancy instructed. Metapod just glowed, and it's shell seemed to get shinier, as it glowed red.

"Harden's a move that raises a Pokémon's defensive power," Will commented.

"Magnemite, use Thundershock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite then fired of the electric attack, striking Metapod. A berry appeared from.... well, somewhere, and Metapod ate it quickly. The injuries that Metapod sustained were healed up, "Magnemite, use Thundershock, once more!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite fired Thundershock again, striking, and this time, knocking out Metapod.

"Thanks Metapod, you did great!" Nancy said, recalling Metapod.

"Thanks Magnemite, take a break for a while," Silver Spoon said, recalling Magnemite.

"Alright, next up will be Will. His opponent shall be Declan," the teacher said, as a boy about Lucy's age stepped forth.

"Speed is key for a Pokémon battle," Declan said, sending out a grey cat Pokémon with a swave expression, and a gold charm on it's forehead.

"Whoa, is that a Meowth?" Will asked.

"Meowth, Alola Form, the Scratch Cat Pokémon, a Dark Type. Meowth aren't native to Alola. They were instead brought overseas as gifts. Over time, Meowth eventually took on their Alola Form. If their gold charm get's smudged of dirty, it flies into a hysterical fit," Rotom said.

"A lot of the Alola Form Pokémon seem to come from different regions," Lisa commented.

"I wonder what the region was for that, *chuckles* get it?" Luan joked, only receiving groans from her siblings, and weak chuckles from their new friends.

"Alright, I think I'll use Grimer," Will said, sending out Grimer.

"Meowth, use Hone Claws!" Declan instructed. Meowth swung it's claws around, and glowed red, "Now, use Fury Swipes!" Declan added. Meowth then charged at Grimer, and started slashing wildly.

"Grimer, use Pound and knock Meowth away!" Will instructed. Grimer then punched Meowth, sending it back a few feet, "Now, use Poison Gas!" Will added. Grimer then belched a purple mist, which appeared to make Meowth sick.

"When a Pokémon is Poisoned, it's stamina gradually decreases," Rotom stated.

"Now, use Sludge attack!" Will instructed. Grimer fired Sludge at Meowth, knocking it out.

"Here Meowth, you did great," Declan said, giving Meowth a pink peach like berry.

"What's that?" Lincoln asked.

"That's a Pecha Berry. They're used for curing a Pokémon if they're poisoned," Will replied, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Ok, our next match will have Flora going against Julie," the teacher said, as the tennis girl stepped forth.

"Using items can be beneficial for you and your Pokémon," Julie said, as she sent out a Yungoos.

"Yungoos, the Loitering Pokémon, a Normal Type. Yungoos, along with it's evolved form, Gumshoos, were imported from another region to deal with a problem regarding Rattata and Raticate. It has strong, sturdy jaws," Rotom said.

"Ok, Pikipek, go!" Fluttershy said, sending out Pikipek.

"Yungoos, use Tackle!" Julie said. Yungoos then charged at Pikipek.

"Fly Pikipek, then use Peck attack!" Fluttershy said. Pikipek took to the skies, and dodged Yungoos' attack. It circled around, and charged at Yungoos, pecking it in the back.

"Stay strong Yungoos!" Julie said, spraying Yungoos with a Potion, healing Yungoos, "Now, use Bite!" Julie instructed. Yungoos charged once more at Pikipek, and bit down on the Woodpecker Pokémon.

"Pikipek, hang on! Use Echoed Voice!" Fluttershy instructed. Pikipek then started bellowing, causing Yungoos to let go, "Now, use Peck, once more!" Fluttershy instructed. Pikipek flew around once more, and slammed into Yungoos, beak first, knocking it out, "Nicely done Pikipek, take a long rest," Fluttershy said, recalling Pikipek. Julie did the same with Yungoos.

"Ok, that leaves Toby to take on Dennis," the teacher said, as both Toby and the track suit wearing boy stepped forward.

"Using abilities can help you get an edge over your opponents," Dennis said, as he sent out, to most of the Loud Sister's horror, a purple rattlesnake Pokémon. The sisters, save for Lucy, Lana, and Lisa, screamed and ran off, hiding behind some trees.

"Yeah, my sisters aren't to crazy about snakes," Lincoln said to Silver Spoon.

"Ekans, the Snake Pokémon, a Poison Type. By dislocating it's jaw, it can swallow prey much larger than itself. After it's meal, it curls up and rests," Rotom said.

"Alright, Fennekin, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Fennekin, who glowed blue upon coming out, as it was spooked by Ekans.

"Ekans' ability is Intimidate, which lowers the attack power of a Pokémon it faces," Dennis explained. Fennekin then steeled itself.

"Alright, Fennekin, use Flame Charge!" Toby instructed. Fennekin then became cloaked in fire, and charged into Ekans, becoming faster and faster.

"Ekans, use Poison Fang!" Dennis instructed. Ekans then lunged at Fennekin, biting down on it with poison covered fangs.

"Hang strong Fennekin, use Ember!" Toby instructed. Fennekin then fired Ember at Ekans, who was knocking out.

"Well, that's that. You folks passed the test," the teacher said. Just then, a young boy with pink hair in a sweater vest approached them.

"Alola! Captain Illima here! That was some impressive battling," the boy said.

"Uh, thanks, Illima, was it?" Will asked.

"You see, Illima is one of the trial captains in the Alola Region. Their job is to give and help you get through your trial," Kukui said.

"He's also this school's star student!" the teacher declared.

"So, I guess I'll see you guys up at Verdant Cavern for my Trial, eh?" Illima asked, as he took his leave.

"Verdant Cavern is located North of Hau'oli City. I've already locked in the coordinates on the map," Rotom said.

"Well, let's get going. I'd like to see these trials for myself," Will said, as the group left the school grounds, and ventured on.

Chapter 5: A trip to the Mall?! Team Skull and Malasadas (Ultra Rewrite)

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After leaving the schoolgrounds, our heroes, along with their friends, Lillie, and the Louds, ventured further down the street, "That must've been rough, battling all those trainers," Lillie said.

"Yeah, but it was only one at a time," Will replied. They heard mooing. Looking ahead, they saw the same Tauros from before, with Hala and Hau, trying to wrangle it in.

"Now calm down, old friend!" Hala said, grabbing Tauros by the horns, trying to keep it from moving.

"Get'em Tutu!" Hau cheered.

"I take it Tauros is still causing problems?" Lillie asked.

"Well, it's not that Tauros is causing problems. Tauros was feeling bored, and wanted to play around," Hala said. Tauros threw off the Kahuna, and ran off somewhere, "Oh, a game of tag is it? Alright, this old kahuna hasn't lost his edge yet!" Hala said, running off after Tauros.

"Well, the beach is coming up! I'm gonna continue to Verdant Cavern," Hau exclaimed, running off in the same direction as Tauros and Hala.

"Ah, right, the Alola Region is an Island Region, so we're bound to see some beaches," Will said, as his group continued on.

"Welcome to Hau'oli City, the biggest city on Melemele Island! There are a variety of shops and restraunts to choose from," Rotom said.

"Ooh! Is there a mall?!" Leni asked in excitement.

"Leni, I hardly think this is the time to do some shopping," Silver Spoon replied.

"Actually, maybe a visit to the mall would be good for us. We need to get some supplies," Lincoln stated. His sisters looked shocked at their brother.

"But, you hate the mall," Lisa stated.

"Only because there's nothing for me there. In this case, we need clothes, toiletries, etc.," Lincoln replied.

"Well, maybe a quick shopping trip will do us all some good," Will added.

"Oh, before I forget, can we stop off at the tourist bureau? They have a special gift for trainers with a Rotom Pokedex," Rotom asked.

"Sure, if it's along the way," Will replied.

"It's actually right there," Rotom said, floating over to a building. Will followed after it.

"Why call it a 'Rotom Pokedex'?" Lisa asked.

"See, it's a Pokedex, which is a device that has information on Pokémon, that has a Pokémon called Rotom living inside it," Toby replied.

"What kind of Pokémon is Rotom?" Lori asked.

"We don't really know. We'll need to ask Will and Rotom," Fluttershy replied. Just then, the aforementioned duo returned.

"Alright, we got a new update. Rotom here's been upgraded with a PokeFinder," Will said.

"It's basically an application that allows me to take pictures," Rotom proudly stated.

"By the way, Rotom, I hope this doesn't sound rude, but can you tell us about yourself? The Pokémon, I mean, that it," Lincoln asked.

"Of course! Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon, an Electric and Ghost Type. Rotom's body is surrounded by a mysterious plasma like substance. This allows it to infiltrate various appliances, and take new forms," Rotom said.

"I encountered all the different Rotom forms back in my days in Sinnoh. Man, that was crazy," Will reminisced.

"Anyways, the mall is straight down this road," Rotom said. They all eventually came upon a large building, that looked very much like a mall.

"Alright, it is 10 o'clock now, so let's all try to meet back here at.... 12 o'clock," Will said, as they all ventured off to do their own thing.

2 Hours Later,

"Ok, so we got clothes, backpacks, toiletries. Looks like we're set," Lori stated.

"By the way, I found this," Lola said, holding up yellow sticker of some kind.

"Let's have a look at it," Will said, as Lola gave him the sticker. Will examined it, "Hmm, can't say I've seen anything like it. But I have a gut feeling that something will happen if we hold onto it," Will said, as they exited the mall, and continued onward. They eventually saw Illima in front of a Pokémon Center, putting a stickers on the side of it.

"Oh, hey there! I see you've caught me in the middle of putting up one of the Totem Stickers," Illima said.

"'Totem Stickers'? What're they?" Will asked.

"They're put up by the captains to help trial goers on their adventures. Collect all 100 stickers, and something good will happen. But I must stay vigilant. I received reports of some thugs from Team Skull lurking about," Illima said seriously.

"'Team Skull'?" Leni asked.

"They're just a group of petty thugs who gave up on the Island Challenge, and they want to mess up everyone else's trials," Illima replied.

"We'll keep an eye out for them too," Will said.

"Goo show. I saw your friend Hau heading down that way to the Malasada Shop. Malasada's are Alola's specialty fried bread. Pokémon absolutely adore them," Illima said, taking his leave.

"I could go for a little snack myself," Lynn commented. The others voiced their agreement.

"Alright, then let's go and treat ourselves," Will said, as they walked down the path that Illima pointed out. After a few minutes, they saw what looked to be a dinner. Will recognized the symbol of a crème puff like Pokémon. They saw Hau exiting the building.

"Hey guys! If you've come for good eats, you came to the right place! Malasada's are the bomb!" Hau exclaimed.

"We were told that Pokémon adore Malasadas," Fluttershy said.

"They do! Feed a Pokémon a Malasada, and they'll grow closer to you!" Hau replied. Just then, trouble came.

"Yo, yo, yo, where ever you go, Team Skull don't even greet ya!" a bunch of teenage trainers in black tank tops and shorts, skull beanies, and bandanas covering their faces surrounded the group.

"Are these guys from Team Skull?" Lana asked.

"Yeah, these jerks always try stealing Pokémon and messing up everyone's trials," Hau said.

"You make us sound like bad guys. We're a legitimate business, yo!" the lead grunt said, as he and the rest of the grunts readied their Pokeballs.

"If it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get!" Will declared, as he, his students, and Hau readied their own Pokeballs. Team Skull sent out Alolan Grimer, Salandit, Mareanie, a mantis like Pokémon, and a lizard Pokémon that had what looked like baggy pants.

"Fomantis, the Grass Sickle Pokémon, a Grass Type. It sleeps during the day, taking in as much sunlight as it can. Scraggy, the Shedding Pokémon, a Dark and Fighting Type. Scraggy pulls the skin it sheds up to block attacks. It's most prominent form of attack is headbutting," Rotom said.

"Alright guys, let's go!" Will said, send out Rowlet. Fluttershy sent out Popplio, Toby sent out Vulpix, Silver Spoon sent out Caterpie, and Hau sent out a Pikachu of his own.

"Who, a Kantonian Vulpix and a shiny Caterpie! Those can bag us big bucks!" one of the grunts said.

"Rowlet, use Peck on Fomantis!" Will instructed. Rowlet then started pecking Fomantis, causing major damage.

"Popplio, use Disarming Voice!" Fluttershy instructed. Popplio fired of a sound wave at Scraggy, knocking it out.

"Vulpix, use Extrasensory on Salandit!" Toby instructed. Vulpix then used the telekinetic power to slam Salandit on the ground, knocking it out.

"Caterpie, use Tackle on Grimer!" Silver Spoon instructed. Caterpie then slammed into Grimer, sending back a few feet.

"Go Pikachu, use Thundershock on Mareanie!" Hau said, Pikachu then fired Thundershock at Mareanie, sending back at Grimer, knocking both out. Team Skull quickly recalled their Pokémon.

"WE WON'T FORGET THIS!" Team Skull yelled, as they ran off.

"Good riddance. Those Team Skull punks are always stirring up trouble," Hau commented. Caterpie then began spraying thread into the air above it. It fell around it, forming a hard shell. Caterpie had evolved into Metapod.

"Cool! Caterpie evolved!" Silver Spoon said, looking at Metapod.

"It may not be long before it evolves again," Will said.

"What do you mean?" Lisa asked.

"See, Pokémon can evolve multiple times, up to two times. Caterpie is one such Pokémon that evolves twice. Other Pokémon can only evolve once, or not at all. It all depends on the method a Pokémon is raised," Will explained.

"There are methods to evolving Pokémon?" Leni asked.

"Quite a few actually. Why don't we get some malasadas, and I'll tell you all about it," Will suggested.

"I'll catch up with you guys later at Verdant Cavern! I'm going to spend some more time with my Pokémon!" Hau said, running off. With that, our heroes entered the malasada shop.

"Welcome to Alola Malasada! How can I be of assistance?" the cashier asked.

"Well, why don't the ten of you go find some seats, while we order?" Will suggested.

"Alright. C'mon guys," Lori said, leading her siblings over to the seating area.

"Big group," the cashier commented.

"Yeah. They're some students of mine," Will said.

"Well, what can we get for you today?" the cashier asked.

"Well, we should let our Pokémon decide," Will said, releasing Rowlet and Grimer.

"Good idea," Fluttershy said, as the others released their Pokémon themselves. Overall, they got two and a half dozen malasadas, which were divided up evenly between the group and the Pokémon.

"Wow! This is amazing!" Silver Spoon commented, eating her malasada.

"I see why the Pokémon really like them," Toby added, eating his malasada.

"Hey Rotom, is there anything else in this vicinity that we can do?" Lisa asked.

"My map doesn't have any information on other available activities. I have information about an Alola Photo Club, but that's not open yet," Rotom replied.

"Ok, so what's that?" Luna asked.

"The Alola Photo Club is where trainers go to commemorate moments with their Pokémon in photographs. I have information that some trainers with a Rotom Pokedex get special packages," Rotom replied.

"That might be something to look into," Will commented, as they finished their malasadas, and made their way back up the street, and headed north, to the Verdant Cavern.

Chapter 6: Crisis at Mantine Beach?! The Verdant Cavern Trials Begin!

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Heading north of Hau'oli City, our heroes were making their way to the next destination; the Verdant Cavern, site of the first trial in the Alola Island Challenge, "So, Will, you said there're methods to evolving Pokémon?" Lynn asked.

"Ah yes. Certain Pokémon evolve under certain circumstances. Like you saw with Caterpie, it evolved because it was raised. Other Pokémon, like Toby's Pikachu, evolve from their previous states when they grow close to their trainers. In other words, some Pokémon evolve with high levels of friendship with their trainers. Now, there are some Pokémon that evolve based on the time of day, and in rare cases, based on gender. Other Pokémon evolve when their in a certain place, or are traded. A fairly large number can also evolve with certain items. Some Pokémon evolve with a combination of these methods," Will explained.

"That's literally a lot to take in," Lori said.

"What do you guys say we try and catch some Pokémon in the grass around here?" Silver Spoon suggested.

"Good call. There may be some Pokémon we should have ready for the Trial," Will replied, as the five trainers went to look for Pokémon, accompanied by some of the Louds. A chunky, yellow Pokémon with boxing glove arms jumped out in front of Will, Leni, Luan, Lola, and Lisa, "A Makuhita, nice!" Will said, sending out Rowlet.

"Makuhita, the Arm Thrust Pokémon, a Fighting Type. Makuhita are not originally from Alola, but those that are raised in Alola are quite popular," Rotom said.

"So, you're going to try and catch that little guy?" Luan asked.

"Yep. Rowlet, use Peck!" Will instructed. Rowlet then started Pecking Makuhita, who then began shoving Rowlet back, "Arm Thrust! This Makuhita's got spunk. Rowlet, use Leafage!" Will instructed.. Rowlet fired leaves at Makuhita, making it struggle a bit, "Alright, let's see if this works!" Will said, throwing a Nest Ball at Makuhita, encapsulating it. The Nest Ball rocked three times before clicking, "Ok, I got Makuhita!" Will said, picking up the Nest Ball, releasing Makuhita, and proceeded to heal it and Rowlet.

"Will, we need help over here!" they heard Luna call out. Will and them rushed over to see Serenity, cradling a small, greenish gray Pokémon, with red beads around it's neck. It was badly injured.

"What happened to this Misdreavus?" Will asked.

"I don't know! I-I found it like this," Serenity whispered.

"Misdreavus, the Screech Pokémon, a Ghost Type. Misdreavus loves pulling peoples hair and scaring them. It feeds off of their fear using the red beads on it's neck," Rotom said.

"Not to worry. A Full Restore should do the trick," Will commented, spraying medicine on Misdreavus. The wounds then disappeared, "Y'know, why don't you catch Misdreavus? Looks to me like it trusts you," Will suggested to Serenity.

"I guess I can," Serenity said, pulling out a Heal Ball, and encapsulating Misdreavus. It rocked three times before clicking.

"So now there's a Ghost on one of your teams? Wicked," Lucy said, scaring everyone there.

"Lucy, can you NOT do that while we're here?" Luna demanded.

"Sigh, you would understand my plight if you were in my shoes," Lucy said in her monotone voice.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy was trying to catch a Pokémon that looked like a beagle with a paintbrush for a tail, and an artists hat, "Popplio, use Bubblebeam!" Fluttershy instructed. Popplio fired a furious stream of bubbles at the beagle Pokémon. The Pokémon then waved it's tail around, and fired Bubblebeam back at Popplio, who didn't take as much damage.

"Oh cool, I didn't know Alola had Smeargle," Will said.

"Smeargle, the Painter Pokémon, a Normal Type. It uses the paint like fluid it secretes from it's tail to mark it's territories. Many art fanatics pay big money for work of art created by Smeargle," Rotom said.

"On top of that, Smeargle also has it's signature move, 'Sketch'," Will commented.

"What's Sketch?" Lincoln asked.

"It's a move that allows Smeargle to learn whatever move it sees But there are some moves it can't learn via Sketch," Will replied.

"Popplio, use Disarming Voice!" Fluttershy instructed. Popplio fired Disarming Voice, causing Smeargle to stumble a bit, "Ok, let's try it now!" Fluttershy said, tossing a Timer Ball at Smeargle. It rocked three times before clicking, "A new friend!" Fluttershy said, releasing Smeargle, where she then proceeded to heal both it and Popplio.

"Ah, we haven't found any Pokémon," Toby commented, as he and Silver Spoon rejoined the group.

"Well, maybe there're some patches of grass near Verdant Cavern that we can try," Will said, as the continued on. They passed what seemed to look like a motel, when a crab Pokémon with boxing glove like pincers scuttled over, and grabbed Lincoln's pant leg.

"Hey, what the...?!" Lincoln was shocked, to say the least.

"Oh, sorry about that!" an old man said, "See, my Crabrawler, Crabnab, has a habit of nabbing up customers for the motel. Unfortunately, he's too good at his job, so we can't offer you folks any rooms," the old man said.

"Crabrawler, the Boxing Pokémon, a Fighting Type. It has a personality that hates to loose. Over time, it's pincers can fall off from boxing too much, but they grow back quickly. What little meat inside the pincers is a high quality delicacy," Rotom said. Crabrawler then started chittering frantically, pointing to a nearby beach, "Hmm? That's strange. Looks like Crabnab wants you folks to head over to Mantine Beach," the old man said, pointing to an incline, leading to said beach.

"Well, we're already here, why not check it out?" Will suggested.

"YAY! BEACH TIME!" the twins squealed, as they raced over, followed by the rest of the group.

Down at the beach,

Our heroes had arrived at Mantine Beach, which looked like most beaches. A few vendor stalls, a lifeguard tower, the works, "Ok, that Crabrawler seemed pretty anxious, so let's fan out, and gather information," Will instructed. They grouped together, and fanned out, asking some of the people if there was anything out of the ordinary.

"Afraid not, little dude," a surfer said to Toby, Lincoln, Lynn, Lucy, and Luan.

"I haven't noticed anything," a woman said to Will, Leni, Fluttershy, and Lana.

"So, are these things Mantine?" Lola asked, looking at a couple of manta ray Pokémon, with some kind of harness on it's back.

"Mantine, the Kite Pokémon, a Water and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Mantyke. Mantine swims so gracefully in the water, that it looks like it's flying. Mantine doesn't mind if small Pokémon like Remoraid hitch a ride under it's flippers," Rotom said.

"Ah, yes. You see, Mantine Beach is where you can go to do some Mantine Surfing. Trainers use this to get from island to island without the hassle of a ferry," a woman said.

"Sounds like fun," Toby commented.

"It is. But it can also be a bit dangerous for inexperienced trainers. You may want to wait until Kahuna Hala gives you his blessing before trying it out," the woman replied.

"Well, we didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Maybe Crabnab just wanted to show this to us," Will commented.

"Probably. I guess we should just continue on to Verdant Cavern," Lisa suggested. With that in mind, our heroes made their way back to the hill, and continued on their way to....

"YO YO YO! Team Skull will be the kings of the Mantine Beach!" a voice called, catching the attention of everyone there, including our heroes. They saw a group of Team Skull grunts, walking around like they own the place.

"Not you guys again! Look, I told you guys, you can't Mantine Surf if you keep dancing on Mantine's back. Why do you think you always end up in the water?" the woman asked.

"If we can't Mantine Surf, then no one will!" the lead grunt said, as they rushed over, and started harassing Mantine.


"Oh, this must have been what Crabnab was wanting us to do," Will said, as they rushed back over, "HEY! Cut that out!" Will demanded.

"Wha…? Oh, it's you guys from before!" the lead grunt said.

"Forget Mantine! I want to get some payback!" another grunt said, as they sent out their Pokémon from before, including a new Pokémon. A chunky, yellow and brown Pokémon with a trunk like an elephant.

"Drowzee, the Hypnosis Pokémon, a Psychic Type. It's most commonly found near recreational facilities, hoping to eat the dreams of children who had enjoyed themselves there," Rotom said.

"Get ready guys!" Will said, as he, Toby, Fluttershy, and Silver released all their Pokémon.

"ATTACK, ALL AT ONCE!" the lead grunt ordered. Their Pokémon, led by Drowzee, went on the attack.

"Rowlet, Leafage, Grimer, Sludge, and Makuhita, use Arm Thrust!" Will instructed.

"Popplio, Smeargle, use Bubble Beam, Pikipek, use Peck, and Zorua, use Fury Swipes!" Fluttershy instructed.

"Fennekin and Vulpix, double Ember! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" Toby instructed.

"Azurill, use Icy Wind, Magnemite, use Thundershock, and Metapod, Tackle!" Silver Spoon instructed. All of their Pokémon launched their respective attacks, and were able to effortlessly knock out all of Team Skull's Pokémon. Team Skull recalled their Pokémon.

"We won't forget this! But we're not leaving empty handed!" one grunt said, as he grabbed Vulpix, and they made a break for it.

"HEY! GIVE ME BACK VULPIX!" Toby demanded, as they all chased Team Skull.

"I GOT THIS!" Lana said, as she bit down hard on the butt of the grunt who stole Vulpix. The grunt yelped in pain, and dropped Vulpix, who quickly made it's way back to Toby.

"AHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" the grunt Lana was biting cried out. This prompted Lana's sisters and brother to wrestle her off, "Oww," the grunt groaned.

"WE WON'T FORGET THIS!" the rest of the grunts said, dragging their unconscious ally off.

"Thanks for that. Those Numskulls have no idea how to properly do a Mantine Surf," the woman said.

"No problem. We'll come back later on to try out the Mantine Surfing," Will said, as our heroes took their leave.

"Alright, the Pokémon Center should be straight ahead," Will said. Up ahead, they saw the people from the festival, dressed in bizarre outfits.

"According to our sources, the aura readings are emanating from a nearby cavern," the taller of the two said.

"We should investigate! It's a good thing the president set up special arrangements for us," the shorter of the two said, as they walked further up the path.

"Hmm, they seem.... different," Will commented, when he felt a droplet of water. Then, out of nowhere, it began pouring rain.

"MY HAIR!" Lola cried.

"We need to hurry!" Will said, as they ran for the Pokémon Center. They were running, when they saw something that caught their eye. It was a Litten, sitting sad, and alone on a rock, with what appeared to be a Pokémon that looked like a mangosteen fruit. It was sort of a bluish color, with noticeably blue sepals on the top of it's head.

"Wait, isn't that Litten...?" Toby started. Litten and the Fruit Pokémon then noticed something, that made them perk up. The others looked, and grimaced to see Busujima, walking along the path with Bagon at his side. Litten and the Fruit Pokémon rushed over, happy to see him, but Busujima wasn't happy to see them.

"You're still clinging to me?" Busujima said, kicking them away. The group gasped at what they saw.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Lynn demanded.

"These two were completely worthless during the Verdant Cavern Trial, so I told them to wait here," Busujima said casually, not caring about his former Pokémon.

"That's horrible!" Leni said in disgust.

"Don't you know when a Pokémon is told to wait, they'll actually do it?!" Will scolded.

"I don't care, alright?! I want the strongest Pokémon I can find. And these two would only hold me back," Busujima said, walking away.

"Hold up!" Lynn said, grabbing Busujima's shirt. Bagon got her away by headbutting her in the gut. With that, Busujima continued to walk away.

"Forget him, we should worry more about these two," Toby said, scooping up the two abandoned Pokémon. They all raced for the Pokémon Center.

"Nurse Joy! We need help!" Will said. Nurse Joy then saw the Pokémon Toby was carrying.

"Oh dear, what happened?!" Nurse Joy asked, gingerly taking Litten.

"They were abandoned by their trainer, Busujima!" Toby replied.

"Ah yes, that sounds like something he would do," Nurse Joy sighed.

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"See, Busujima is a part of a gang in Alola that seeks out the rarest and strongest Pokémon they can find. They're otherwise known as the 'Bandit Star Pirates'. And if a Pokémon they catch is unable to meet their expectations, they just abandon them without a second thought," Nurse Joy replied, taking the Fruit Pokémon from Toby.

"They sound awful," Leni commented.

"Why haven't they lost their qualifications as trainers yet?" Lisa asked.

"Because abandoning Pokémon, while unethical, isn't technically against the rules," Will replied.

"That's bogus! Doesn't anyone stand up to that?!" Luna demanded.

"I'm afraid not many do. Some trainers only see Pokémon as tools for battle, and nothing more. But it is illegal to use Pokémon in crimes," Will said. The Louds and Will's students didn't know what to say to that.

"Litten and Bounsweet will be just fine, but they'll need a long rest. Do any of you have any other Pokémon in need of treatment?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Yes, actually. Could you take care of our Pokémon?" Will asked, as he and the other four trainers in the group gave her their Pokeballs.

"Same with mine, please," they saw Hau, giving Nurse Joy his Pokeballs.

"Of course! We'll have them fighting fit for your trial," Nurse Joy said, taking the Pokeballs away.

"Fancy running into you guys again! My team's definetly seen better days," Hau said, as they all sat in the lounge area.

"I take it you only just arrived here?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah, but as soon as my teams back to fighting strength, I'm going to tackle the Verdant Cavern! You guys want to team up?" Hau offered.

"Wait, is it really ok for us to team up for a trial?" Will asked.

"Of course," they saw Illima walking over to him, "See, trials were intended to not only make trainers and their Pokémon stronger, but help form friendships with other people and Pokémon," Illima explained.

"Ok, so what are the details?" Toby asked.

"For starters, a team of trainers, at least for MY trial can consist of no more than three trainers at a time. Once you enter the trial site, you aren't allowed to leave until after you clear the trial or you give up. You're allowed to use all the Pokémon you currently have in your parties. In addition, until you clear the trial, you're forbidden to catch any Pokémon in the trial site," Illima explained.

"Sounds easy enough to understand," Will commented. Just then, the bell went off.

"I'm happy to say that your Pokémon are all fighting fit," Nurse Joy said, returning their Pokeballs.

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Will said.

"So, how are Litten and that other Pokémon?" Toby asked.

"Litten and Bounsweet are resting right now. They just collapsed from exhaustion," Nurse Joy replied.

"So, that other Pokémon is called 'Bounsweet'?" Will asked.

"Bounsweet, the Fruit Pokémon, a Grass Type. Bounsweet's sweat is too sweet for human consumption. It can be watered down to more manageable levels. It emits a sweet smelling fragrance that often attract bird Pokémon," Rotom said.

"Well, the rain should be letting up soon. Are the first trial goers ready?" Illima asked.

"I am!" Will said.

"You can count me in too!" Hau said.

"I'll go too, if that's alright with you two," Toby said to Fluttershy and Silver Spoon.

"I think we'd better sit the first round out. That way, we can get a feel of the trial," Fluttershy said.

"Yeah. We don't know anything about these trials, so if you boys could do the honors?" Silver Spoon asked awkwardly.

"No problem," Will replied.

"And I take it you'll all be spectating the trial?" Illima asked the Louds, who all nodded.

"Alright, if you still need time to prepare, just come out to the cave entrance with a gateway at the mouth. That's where I'll be," Illima said, taking his leave.

"Well, are you guys ready?" Will asked. They all nodded, "Ok, let's go," Will said, as they exited the Pokémon Center, Toby being the last, as he took one quick look back where Litten and Bounsweet were taken, a look of worry etched on his face.

"Toby, you coming?" Lincoln asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah Lincoln, be right there," Toby replied.

Chapter 7: Verdant Cavern Trials?! Enter the Ultra Recon Squad!

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Our heroes exited the Pokémon Center, and made their way for the nearby cave, where Illima was waiting, "Ah, so good of you to come. Your trial shall begin once you enter. Understand that as soon as you enter, you won't be allowed to leave until you've cleared the trial or are defeated, and as I said before, you won't be allowed to catch Pokémon until after you cleared the trial. Are you ready?" Illima asked.

"We are," Will said, as he, Toby, and Hau stepped forth.

"Alright then, proceed inside, and I'll explain the rules for this trial," Illima said, as he, and the group entered the Cavern. Inside, they saw that it looked like any other cave, with lush greenery growing from the surrounding ground, "Alright, your task is relatively easy. Each of you need to defeat two Yungoos and one Gumshoos," Illima explained, as a Yungoos scurried back into a hidey hole. A loud roar echoed through the cavern, "Oh yeah, one thing to know, there's a Pokémon with in the cavern that's much more powerful than the rest. That is the Pokémon you need to draw out and prove your strength to, the Totem Pokémon," Illima added.

Verdant Caver Trial: Day: Trial Goers: Will, Toby, Hau

The three trainers then sent out their Pokémon, and went on to begin their trial, "Ok, come on out Yungoos," Will said, looking around, only to be jumped by a couple of Yungoos and a larger brown weasel Pokémon, "What's that Pokémon?" Will wondered.

"Gumshoos, the Stakeout Pokémon, a Normal Type, and the evolved form of Yungoos. Upon evolving, it gains a certain tenacity. It always stakes out its prey, but often times falls asleep while doing so," Rotom said.

"Ok, Rowlet, use Leafage, Grimer, Sludge, and Makuhita, use Arm Thrust!" Will instructed. The three Pokémon attacked the three Normal Types, who also fought back, either tackling Rowlet and Makuhita, or biting Grimer. The three of Will's Pokémon all held their ground, "Once more!" he urged. The three Pokémon then proceeded to attack again, this time, knocking out the three trial Pokémon.

"Keep moving! Fennekin, use Ember, Vulpix, use Extrasensory, and Pikachu, use Quick Attack!" Toby instructed, battling another set of Yungoos and Gumshoos. All three of his Pokémon launched their respective attacks, Pikachu moving at blinding speeds, slamming into one of the Yungoos, Vulpix slamming Gumshoos to the ground, both knocking out their opponents, but Fennekin spewed out a stream of fire instead of small pellets, knocking out the other Yungoos, "Whoa, what was that?" Toby asked.

"Toby, Fennekin just learned Flamethrower!" Will replied.

"Sweet!" Toby exclaimed. Both Fennekin and Rowlet then began to evolve. Fennekin became a bipedal fox Pokémon with longer ears tufts. Rowlet became a slightly larger owl Pokémon with a leaf shaped like a cowlick, "Fennekin and Rowlet evolved!" he added.

"Fennekin is now a Braixen, but who did Rowlet evolve into?" Will asked.

"Dartrix, the Blade Quill Pokémon, a Grass and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Rowlet. It launches feathers called blade quills to attack. it rarely misses. Braixen, the Fox Pokémon, a Fire Type, and the evolved form of Fennekin. It uses a branch it keeps in it's tail as a wand. It ignites the branch from friction from it's tail," Rotom replied.

"Popplio, use Aqua Jet, Pikachu, use Electro Ball!" Hau instructed. Popplio became cloaked in water, and slammed into both Yungoos, knocking them out, while Pikachu summoned a ball of electricity, which it hurled at Gumshoos, knocking it out.

"Ok, the three of you may now proceed to the inner most chamber of the cavern, and retrieve the Z Crystal from it's pedestal," Illima said, pointing to an exit on the other side of the cave. However,

"Not so fast, yo!" a couple of Team Skull Grunts appeared out of nowhere, "It's your beach boys back for revenge! Remember us?" the lead grunt asked.

"Don't you guys ever get tired of being lame?" Hau asked.

"Can it! We got a bone to pick with these numskulls! We're going to make you pay for crossing us!" the lead grunt said.

"AND THE FACT THAT LITTLE GIRL BIT ME!" another grunt, the one Lana bit, said, turning to show that his butt was now swollen.

'That looks like it hurts,' everyone, even the grunt's fellow teammates and the Pokémon, thought.

"Either way, we're here to keep you from finishing your trial," the lead grunt said, as the three grunts sent out Grimer, Yungoos, and Mareanie.

"Stay out of our way! Dartrix, use Peck on their Grimer!" Will instructed. Dartrix charged at Grimer, beak first, and sent it back into the wall, knocked out.

"Popplio, use Bubblebeam on Yungoos!" Hau instructed. Popplio fired Bubblebeam at Yungoos, knocking it out.

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt on Mareanie!" Toby instructed. Pikachu fired Thunderbolt at Mareanie, knocking it out.

"WE WON'T FORGET THIS!" the lead grunt said, as they recalled their Pokémon, and ran off.

"I get the feeling that guy I bit is going to be a running gag," Lana commented, receiving nods from her siblings. With Team Skull out of the way, Will, Toby, and Hau all proceeded to the innermost chamber, where they saw a pedestal, which had a bunch of tan crystals with a bullseye symbol in it resting with it.

"Are those.... Z Crystals?" Will asked.

"Yeah. If memory serves, these ones are called 'Normalium Z'," Hau said, as they approached the pedestal. As they did, Toby felt something was off.

"Uh, guys? Does it feel like someone or something is watching us?" Toby asked.

"We're watching you," Leni responded.

"No, I mean something beside you guys," Toby clarified. Just then, a shadow leapt from the upper cliffs, cutting off Will, Hau, and Toby's approach. When the dust cleared, they saw that it was a Gumshoos, but something was.... off about. It was towering over even Will!

"That Gumshoos is huge!" Will exclaimed.

"It's nearly three times the size of the average Gumshoos!" Rotom exclaimed. Gumshoos then roared, as an aura enveloped it.

"That is the Totem Pokémon for the Verdant Cavern Trial!" Illima declared.

"It may be a Totem Pokémon, but it's still a Normal Type, so Makuhita, use Arm Thrust! Dartrix, use Razor Leaf, and Grimer, use Poison Gas!" Will instructed. Makuhita went first, and began shoving Gumshoos back, who held it's ground, even against a Fighting Type Move. Dartrix flapped it's wings, sending a barrage of leaves at Gumshoos, who still held it's ground. Grimer then belched a purple mist, which seemed to make Gumshoos sick.

"Popplio, use Bubblebeam, and Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Hau instructed. Popplio fired Bubblebeam at Gumshoos, who hardly seemed bothered, but was soaking wet now. Pikachu then fired Thundershock at Gumshoos, who seemed to take a lot of damage, but was still standing. Gumshoos then became enveloped in a pink aura, and charged into each of the trial goer's Pokémon.

"Giga Impact! A strong move, for sure, but now Gumshoos can't attack for a while. This is our chance guys!" Will explained. Gumshoos then roared, which summoned a bunch of Yungoos, "What the..?!" Will exclaimed.

"Hey, that's not fair! Gumshoos is cheating!" Lynn accused.

"No, calling ally Pokémon is natural in Alola. Gumshoos isn't holding anything back with testing these three," Illima explained.

"Alright, Braixen, use Flamethrower, Vulpix, use Flame Burst, and Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" Toby instructed. Braixen and Vulpix fired their respective fire type attacks at the Yungoos, while Pikachu fired Thunderbolt at Gumshoos, who finally went down, "Is that it? We passed?" Toby asked.

"Yes, and I am quite taken aback. You guys defeated the Gumshoos that I carefully raised into such a powerful state with ease," Illima replied, as Gumshoos retreated into the cavern.

"I wouldn't exactly call that easy," Hau commented.

"Either way, you may now claim your prize, the Normalium Z," Illima said. The three trainers each took one shard of Normalium Z, "And, if you have a Pokémon that knows a Normal Type Move," Illima said, crossing his arms in front of him, extending them, and positioning his arms in a Z pose, "And strike an elegant pose like this, you'll be able to draw out a Pokémon's Z Power," Illima explained.

"Fascinating. So it's not enough to posses one of these crystals, but there are two other rules to it too?" Lisa asked.

"Correct. One more thing, my trial is the only one here on Melemele Island. You'll find trial sites scattered all over Alola, each one guarded by a Totem Pokémon, like the Gumshoos you encountered," Illima replied.

"So, I guess we're waiting until tomorrow to take our trial, huh Flora?" Silver Spoon asked Fluttershy, trying to remember her human alias.

"Actually, you don't have to wait until tomorrow. One thing about the trial sites, most of them have TWO Totem Pokémon. My trial is one of them," Illima replied.

"Really? That's great! So, when can we take the trial?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Tonight, after the sun goes down," Illima said, taking his leave, "Oh, and you three. Since you cleared my trial, you now have permission to catch Pokémon in Verdant Cavern at your leisure," Illima said, leaving the group.

"Ok, so we have until tonight for you two to prepare. Let's get out of here, and back to the Pokémon Center," Will suggested. Everyone agreed, and turned to head out of the cavern. As they did, a colony of little bat like Pokémon with speaker like ears swooped in from somewhere, startling the group.

"Noibat! And a lot of them!" Will exclaimed.

"Noibat, the Soundwave Pokémon, a Flying and Dragon Type. Noibat is able to use sonar to determine what fruits are the most fresh," Rotom said.

"A bat that uses sound to find good grub? Nice!" Luna commented, as they finally exited the cavern.

"Ok, we'll go and heal up our Pokémon, while you two go train for a bit. We'll join you as soon as possible," Will said, as he, Toby, and Hau all entered the Pokémon Center.

"I think I see some of those berries Will talked about, over there," Lola said, pointing to a nearby palm tree, with a large pile of berries underneath it.

"I guess we can help ourselves," Fluttershy commented, as they approached the pile, and started putting berries in their bags. However, when Fluttershy tried picking up a blue, oddly shaped berry, she was met with some resistance, "What? Berries don't usually pull away, do they?" she asked.

"Hang on," Lana said, gripping the berry. She pulled hard, and she was able to pull it loose. However, it wasn't a berry at all. It was a familiar crab Pokémon, "A Crabrawler!" Lana exclaimed. Crabrawler seemed rather peeved at being pulled out of the pile.

"Looks like it wants to fight," Fluttershy said, sending out Popplio. Crabrawler's pincer then became cloaked in an orange energy, and punched Popplio. Crabrawler's pincer looked to get stronger, "Popplio, use Disarming Voice!" Fluttershy instructed. Popplio fired Disarming Voice, which seemed to affect Crabrawler greatly, "Now, Bubblebeam!" she added. Popplio then fired Bubblebeam, which caused Crabrawler to stumble a bit, "Ok, let's get it!" Fluttershy said, tossing a Level Ball at Crabrawler. It rocked three times, and clicked. Fluttershy then picked up the ball, and released Crabrawler, "Sorry about that, we had no idea your pincers weren't berries," Fluttershy apologized. Crabrawler chittered. It sounded like it wasn't mad anymore.

"Since Crabrawler's a Fighting Type, maybe you should use it in your trial," Lynn suggested.

"It would be a good idea," Silver Spoon agreed.

"Ok, then Crabrawler will be one of the Pokémon I'll use," Fluttershy said, as they were rejoined by Will and Toby.

"Ok, our Pokémon have been healed, so now we can start training you two," Will said.

"Ok, but where's Hau?" Fluttershy asked, not seeing their friend.

"He's treating himself to the café," Toby replied. The two of them then noticed Fluttershy's newest Pokémon, "Oh, you caught a Crabrawler?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, we mistook it's pincer for a berry," Fluttershy replied.

"It definetly will be helpful in your trial tonight," Will said, as they all walked over to the battlefield, "Alright, Flora will train with me, while Sylvia trains with Toby. That sound fair?" Will asked. The three aforementioned trainers all sounded their agreement.

"But who will Serenity train with?" Lynn asked.

"Oh, I-I'm not going to take the trial! I'm not really a big fan of fighting. I only join in if absolutely necessary," Serenity replied defensively.

"That, and she doesn't have a Z Power Ring," Will said, pointing to the armband in question. The four trainers then released their Pokémon, with a Noibat joining the ranks of Toby's team, "Whoa, you caught a Noibat?" Will asked.

"Yeah, I did when we were still in the cavern. By the way, Rotom, can you tell me what Noibat's moves are?" Toby asked.

"Affirmative! Noibat's usable moves are Supersonic, Air Slash, Wing Attack, and Fire Fang," Rotom said, as they all began training. Halfway through, Metapod began evolving. It became a butterfly like Pokémon.

"Oh wow!" Lola commented.

"Butterfree, the Butterfly Pokémon, a Bug and Flying Type. One week after evolving from Caterpie, Metapod evolves into Butterfree. It spreads scales around to weaken an opponent's will to battle," Rotom said.

"But Butterfree is a butterfly. It's not a reptile," Leni commented.

"Not those type of scales. I'll explain it to you later," Lisa replied. Butterfree then began flapping it wings, a silver gleam showing.

"That was Silver Wind Butterfree just used," Will commented.

"That may come in handy. Rotom, what other moves can Butterfree use now?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Butterfree's usable moves are Psybeam, Silver Wind, Poison Powder, and Stun Spore," Rotom replied.

"Not a bad line up," Will commented, as they continued training.

Later that night,

Fluttershy and Silver Spoon entered Verdant Cavern, along with their friends and, in Fluttershy's case, family. Illima had also come back, "Welcome back to Verdant Cavern. The rules are the same as before. You must find and defeat three Pokémon before moving on to face the Totem Pokémon. You're free to use as many Pokémon as you currently have, and may not leave the trial site until you either finish it or forfeit. You are also forbidden to catch any Pokémon until after you clear the trial. The Pokémon you'll need to defeat are two Rattata and one Raticate," Illima explained. Leni and Lola jumped in Luna's arms at the word '"rat". Silver Spoon didn't seem to crazy about them either, but stood her ground, nevertheless.

Verdant Cavern Trial: Night: Trial Goers: Flora and Sylvia

"Alright little ones, come out!" Fluttershy said, releasing her Pokémon.

"You guys too!" Silver Spoon said, sending out her Pokémon as well.

"So, what kind of Pokémon are Rattata and Raticate?" Lori asked Will.

"They're extremely common Pokémon. They often appear in forests and fields. They're always in search of food," Will replied.

"They sound like regular rats," Lincoln whispered to Lana and Lisa.

"Hey, no need to whisper Lincoln. No one's gonna rat you out, *chuckles*, get it?" Luan joked, only receiving groans from her siblings, and weak chuckles from her friends, just as four small, black rat Pokémon with moustaches, and two, larger black rat Pokémon with chubby cheeks appeared.

"Those don't look anything like the Rattata and Raticate I'm used to," Will commented. Rotom then displayed a picture of a the same rat Pokémon, only the smaller ones were purple, and the larger one was tan.

"These are the Rattata and Raticate you're used to, am I right?" Rotom asked. Will nodded, "Allow me to clear up this confusion. Rattata, and it's evolved form, Raticate, Alola Form, both are Mouse Pokémon, and are Dark and Normal Types. Having stowed away on a supply ship, Rattata and Raticate were accidently brought in from another region. Yungoos and Gumshoos were brought in to help deal with large infestations of these Pokémon," Rotom explained.

"Ok, Popplio, use Water Gun, Pikipek, use Rock Smash, Zorua, use Scratch, Smeargle and Crabrawler, use Power Up Punch!" Fluttershy instructed. All five of her Pokémon unleashed their respective attacks, all effortlessly knocking out her three opponents.

"Azurill, Icy Wind, Butterfree, use Silver Wind, and Magnemite, use Magnet Bomb!" Silver Spoon instructed. All three of her Pokémon fired their respective attacks. Magnemite summoned several orbs of magnetic metal, which slammed into Raticate, knocking it out, along with the two Rattata.

"Alright, the two of you may now proceed to face the Totem Pokémon," Illima urged. The two girls proceeded into the innermost chambers, where the pedestal stood. The two of them approached, when they felt something was watching them.

"You feel that?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Yeah, it must be the Totem," Fluttershy replied, as a black shadow jumped in front of them. When the dust cleared, they saw it was another Alolan Raticate, that was way larger than the ones they just faced. It roared, as an aura flared to life.

"So it's an Alolan Raticate that's the Night Time Totem," Will commented.

"Popplio, use Disarming Voice! Smeargle, Crabrawler, Power Up Punch! Zorua, use Fury Swipes! Pikipek, use Rock Smash!" Fluttershy instructed. Popplio fired Disarming Voice, which seemed to immobilize Raticate slightly, while Smeargle and Crabrawler punched Raticate. Both Pokémon looked to get stronger. Zorua then began slashing repeatedly at Raticate. Pikipek then slammed full force into Raticate.

"Azurill, use Play Rough, Magnemite, use Thundershock and Butterfree, use Silver Wind!" Silver Spoon instructed. Azurill charged at Raticate, and pulling into a dust cloud, where it was smacking around the Totem. Magnemite fired Thundershock, which seemed to paralyze Raticate, and Butterfree finished off Raticate with Silver Wind. Raticate then retreated back into the cavern somewhere. Just then, Popplio, Pikipek, and Azurill began to evolve. Popplio became what looked like a sea lion pop star, Pikipek became a larger, woodpecker like Pokémon, with a longer beak, and Azurill became slightly larger and round, with arms.

"They evolved!" Will exclaimed.

"Brionne, the Pop Star Pokémon, a Water Type, and the evolved form of Popplio. Brionne will go out of it's way to cheer up its trainer when they're feeling down. Trumbeak, the Bugle Beak Pokémon, a Normal and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Pikipek. From it's mouth, it fired the seeds of berries it has eaten. The seeds give rise to new plants. Marill, the Aqua Mouse Pokémon, a Water and Fairy Type, and the evolved form of Azurill. The tip of Marill's tail has a mysterious oil that let's it stay afloat, even in raging rapids," Rotom said.

"Congratulations. You've just cleared you trial, and have earned the right to take the Normalium Z," Illima said. Both trainers then took the Normalium Z, "And remember, you need to strike an elegant pose like this to draw out a Pokémon's Z Power," Illima said, demonstrating the pose again.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm feeling sleepy," Will commented. The others all shared their sentiments, "Ok, then let's head back to the Pokémon Center," Will said, as they all proceeded out of the cavern, with heading back to the Pokémon Center on their minds, when....

"Hello there," they turned to see two people, dressed in the same fashion as the young girl and tall man. Now, it was a man with an awesome moustache, and a woman with deep, blue hair, "I do believe this is where your people greet each other with an 'Alola', am I right?" the man asked.

"I... guess?" Will said, unsure.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Soliera, and this gentleman is Captain Phyco, of the Ultra Recon Squad," the woman said.

"We've come to Alola to research the purpose behind these 'trials' and the Z Crystals that a rewarded at the end of them. But we are most interested in those contraptions that you use to hold your Pokémon in," Phyco said.

"You mean Pokeballs? We use them to catch and train Pokémon," Will explained.

"Hmm, this will require further investigation," Phyco said, as he and Soliera took their leave.

"Hold on! We saw two others, dressed like you guys!" Will called out, but they didn't hear him, "Hmm, we'll need to keep an eye out for those guys," Will said, as they all proceeded to leave Verdant Cavern, and head back to the Pokémon Center.

Toby was laying fast asleep in his bed, when he heard a scratching coming from the door, "*yawn* Who could it be at this hour?" Toby yawned, as he went over to the door. Opening it, he got quite the surprise.

Chapter 8: Using Z Moves?! Ultra Recon Squad: Friend or Foe?

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Morning came, and our heroes were getting ready to head out on their next adventure, "Ok gang, what'll our next move be?" Will asked.

"Why, you should take on Hala," they saw Kukui walking towards them, "You should return to Iki Town and challenge Hala. You four are now qualified to battle him in what is known as the Grand Trial," Kukui explained.

"Another trial?" Toby asked.

"Yes, but this one's different, because you must battle and win against the Island Kahuna. Since you guys now have Z Crystals, you should be able to use Z Moves now," Kukui said, stepping into a nearby batch of grass, where he was jumped by a Pikipek, "Allow me to demonstrate. Go, Rockruff!" Kukui said, releasing Rockruff, "If you have a Normal Type Z Crystal equipped to your Z Power Ring, and your Pokémon knows a Normal Type Move," Kukui said, doing the pose for Normal Type Z Moves, "And strike a pose like this, your Pokémon will be able to unleash their Z Power!" Kukui said, as energy flowed out of him, and into Rockruff, "Now, watch as Rockruff uses Breakneck Blitz!" Kukui said, as Rockruff began charging full force at Pikipek, knocking it out in on shot. Kukui leaned against a tree, out of breath, "Phew, using Z Moves, even with a Z Power Ring takes it's toll on both trainer and Pokémon. For now, you guys will only be able to handle one Z Move per battle," Kukui explained, recalling Rockruff.

"That was incredible!" Will commented.

"These Crystals pack some kind of punch," Lisa said, examining the Z Crystal in Toby's Z Power Ring.

"I guess before we take on Hala, we should go and train up along that northern route you just came from?" Will asked.

"Ah, right! I was so caught up in demonstrating Z Moves, it was like I was hit with Amnesia! I need your guy's help. Lillie's gone missing, again," Kukui replied.

"We'll search along this northern route. She can't be too far off, can she?" Will asked.

"You know, I think I heard her stop talking when we passed Melemele Meadow," Kukui said.

"Melemele Meadow isn't very far from Iki Town. I've taken the liberty of locking in the coordinates for the Meadow," Rotom said.

"Well, we'd better get going," Will said, as they ventured further up towards the cliff area.

Waves crashed on the rocks bellow, as our heroes hiked along the steep cliffs on the northern area of Melemele Island, "Phew, I must be out of shape. Cliffs like this never wore me out this fast back in the day," Will commented, as they all stopped to take a break. Fluttershy, Leni, and Luan took this moment to look out onto the horizon.

"I can't believe how beautiful it is," Fluttershy commented.

"Yeah, nothing but clear skies, and blue oceans as far as the eye can sea, *chuckles*, get it?" Luan joked. It took a moment for everyone to get her pun. Her siblings all groaned, and their new friends only gave weak chuckles.

"Well, this is one of the reasons I love visiting islands, just for that endless view. I remember when I first visited the Whirl Islands and Seafoam Island," Will commented.

"What does that mean, 'Whirl Islands'?" Lori asked.

"They're a group of Islands in the sea between Olivine City and Cianwood City in the Johto Regions, that are surrounded by a lot of whirlpools. They're also home to the Legendary Pokémon, said to be the guardian of the sea, Lugia," Will said.

"'Legendary Pokémon'? What are they like?" Lola asked.

"They're some of the most powerful Pokémon that exist, each one in control of some kind of element. Each region has at least three of them," Will explained.

"Ok, but what about that 'Lugia' Pokémon you mentioned?" Lincoln asked.

"That's my cue! Lugia, the Diving Pokémon, a Psychic and Flying Type, and of the Legendary Pokémon. It sleeps on the bottom of an ocean trench. It is said that a flap of it's wings can cause a 40 day storm," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a silver dragon like Pokémon, with hand shaped wings.

"A 40 Day storm? Wicked," Lucy commented.

"Hey you!" they turned to see a boy and a girl, who both looked like trouble. The boy was dressed like a heavy metal rocker, not like Luna. he had a brown mohawk. The girl was dressed in a yukata dress, with floral print. She had dark, blue hair, done up in a bun, "What are you doing hanging on our training grounds?" the girl asked.

"We didn't mean anything by it!" Will defended. The two then noticed something about the group.

"Hey, aren't you that group that has the red Vulpix that Busujima keeps yapping about?" the boy asked.

"Busujima?! Then, you guys are friends of his?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, we're members of the Bandit Star Pirates, like him. The name's Davis," the boy said.

"And I'm Delila," the girl said.

"AND WE ISSUE A CHALLENGE TO YOU!" they both said, pointing to Toby and Silver Spoon.

"What?!" Toby exclaimed.

"Why us?!" Silver Spoon added.

"We may not look it, but we happen to be a couple ourselves," Delila said.

"And we prefer battling in double battles!" Davis added.

"Y'know, it would be a good idea to get in a warm up before battling Hala," Will whispered to the two kids, who then nodded to one another.

"Alright, we accept," Toby said, as he and Silver Spoon took their places opposite of Davis and Delila.

"We'll each use one Pokémon. The battle will be decided if both of either side's Pokémon can no longer battle," Delila stated haughtily.

"Here's my star rocker, Geodude!" Davis said, sending out a gray, rock Pokémon, with just two arms, and what looked to be eyebrows.

"Wait, that's a Geodude? It looks different than the ones I know," Will commented.

"Here's what you want to know. Geodude, Alola Form, the Rock Pokémon, a Rock and Electric Type. Magnetic sands cling to this Pokémon's body, allowing to use Electric Type Attacks. If someone were to step on one, they will receive a shock," Rotom said.

"Never heard of a Rock and Electric Type Pokémon," Will commented.

"I would try to figure out house magnetic sands give something electric powers, but I just can't," Lisa said.

"And now, Mankey, appear with grace," Delila said, releasing a tan monkey Pokémon with a pig nose, and a really angry look.

"Mankey, the Pig Monkey Pokémon, a Fighting Type. When one get's angry, the others also get angry. AS a result, silence is a rare occurrence in a troop of Mankey," Rotom said.

"So, they're using Geodude, a Rock and Electric Type, and Mankey, a Fighting Type. I know what Pokémon I'll use," Toby said, holding a Luxury Ball.

"Me too, sweetie pie. Butterfree, go!" Silver Spoon said, sending out her Butterfree.

"You go too!" Toby said, releasing, to everyone's surprise, the Bounsweet that Busujima had abandoned.

"Wait, is that..." Will started.

"The same Bounsweet Busujima abandoned? Yeah, it joined my team along with Litten," Toby replied.

"When did this happen?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well..." Toby began, going into a flashback.

Flashback, last night,

"Litten, Bounsweet, what are you two doing here?" Toby asked. Litten jumped on Toby's leg, like a begging cat would do, while Bounsweet jumped into his arms, "I'm guessing you guys want me to be your trainer, am I right?" Toby asked. The two Pokémon snuggled closer to him. Toby went over to his bag, and pulled out a Luxury Ball and a Level Ball. He then tapped Bounsweet and Litten, respectively with the Pokeballs, encapsulating them. They rocked three times before clicking.

Real Time

"And that's what happened," Toby finished.

"But what if those two mess your team up? They could be bad luck!" Lynn warned. Bad choice of words on her part.

"Lynn, do we need to have ANOTHER one of THOSE talks again?" Lincoln threatened, a pitch black aura surrounding him, causing his sisters to flinch.

"N-no," Lynn replied meekly, hiding behind Leni.

"If you dweebs are done with your trip down memory lane, we got a battle that needs doing!" Davis reminded.

"The most graceful of trainers go first. Mankey, use Fury Swipes on Butterfree," Delila ordered. Mankey charged at Butterfree, and started scratching Butterfree repeatedly.

"Fly away, and use Psybeam!" Silver Spoon instructed. Butterfree took to the air, and fired the psychic blast at Mankey, causing major damage.

"That wasn't graceful at all!" Delila seethed.

"Geodude, use Rock Throw on Butterfree!" Davis ordered. Geodude chucked a nearby rock at Butterfree.

"Bounsweet, use Magical Leaf on that rock!" Toby instructed. Bounsweet then fired rainbow colored leaves at the rock, smashing it to smithereens, "Now, redirect the attack at Geodude!" he added. Bounsweet then fired Magical Leaf at Geodude, causing major damage.

"Why you.... Geodude, use Thunder Punch!" Davis ordered. Geodude lunged at Bounsweet, and, with electricity coated fists, punched Bounsweet, "Just like the weakling it is," Davis said.

"Bounsweet was never weak...." Toby said, as Bounsweet got back up, stumbling a bit, "Busujima's methods of raising her were the reason he never drew out her hidden potential. But I managed to do what Busujima couldn't!" Toby declared, as Bounsweet began evolving. It became a human shaped Pokémon, with long, ponytail like sepals on it's head.

"Wow, whose that Pokémon?" Will asked.

"Steenee, the Fruit Pokémon, a Grass Type, and the evolved form of Bounsweet. The sepals on it's head are very hard. Bird Pokémon can peck as much as they want, and Steenee won't be bothered," Rotom said. Steenee then started slapping Mankey with it's sepals, knocking Mankey out.

"That's Doubleslap!" Will commented.

"Why you.... how disgraceful! Mankey, return," Delila said, sounding most displeased, as she recalled Mankey.

"Geodude, use Focus Punch on that Steenee!" Davis ordered. Geodude then began gathering energy in it's fist.

"Quick, you guys need to attack! Focus Punch takes a while to charge up, and if you attack now, the move won't work!" Will called out.

"Butterfree, use Psybeam!" Silver Spoon instructed. Butterfree then fired Psybeam at Geodude, causing it to loose focus.

"Steenee, use Magical Leaf!" Toby instructed. Steenee then fired Magical leaf, finishing off Geodude.

"NO! Geodude, return!" Davis said, recalling the Rock Pokémon.

"How did we loose to the likes of such weak Pokémon and trainer?" Delila questioned.

"Pokémon are only as strong as the bonds of friendship you have with them," Toby said, giving Steenee a Pokebean, as Silver Spoon did with Butterfree.

"Bah! That's a load of crap!" Davis said, as he and Delila took their leave.

"Trainers like them will never learn," Will said, as they continued on their way.

"By the way Lincoln, what was that about 'bad luck'?" Silver Spoon asked. The sisters all tensed up.

"I won't go fully into details, but let's just say there was an 'incident'," Lincoln replied. His sisters all knew Lincoln was still rather sore at them for what happened, especially towards Lynn.

"Melemele Meadow is right around this corner," Rotom said, as they reach he entrance of a cave. Each of them entered, while Fluttershy got sidetracked by something.... interesting.

"Nebby! Come back!" Lillie called from a nearby ledge, leading into the yellow, lilac like flowers.

"Hey Lillie!" she turned to see Will and friends.

"Something wrong?" Toby asked.

"Yes! It's Nebby! It wandered off into the meadow somewhere!" Lillie exclaimed.

"Wait, I think I see Nebby!" Toby exclaimed, pointing off in the meadow. They all saw Nebby going through a small, cave entrance.

"Why would Nebby go into that cave?" Lillie wondered.

"Whatever the reason, we'd better go and get it back," Will said, as he, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon all ventured over to the cave entrance, while Serenity decided to wait for them with the Louds.

"Hmm, I doubt I'll be able to get in through there," Will commented, seeing how small the entrance was.

"We could probably fit through. We can try and find Nebby," Toby offered.

"I don't know. We don't know what's in that cave," Fluttershy pointed out.

"Rotom, could you go with them?" Will asked.

"Leave it to me!" Rotom saluted, as it, Toby, Silver Spoon all crawled through the entrance.

The two kids and Rotom had just entered the cave, "Brr, does it feel colder all of a sudden?" Toby questioned.

"My sensors indicate a 15 degree decrease in temperature," Rotom said.

"We'd better find Nebby, fast. I don't handle the cold all that well," Silver Spoon commented, as they began searching.

"Rotom, are there any Pokémon here that can lower the temperature?" Toby asked.

Searching: The Seaward Cave is home to a number of Ice Type Pokémon, including Smoochum, the Kiss Pokémon, and it's evolved form, Jynx, the Human Shape Pokémon, both are Ice and Psychic Types. Smoochum is very self-conscious about how it looks. If it finds that it has been dirtied, it finds a stream to clean itself. Jynx evolves from Smoochum. It sways it's hips in a rhythm, which can often lead humans to dance along with it," Rotom replied, displaying a picture of two human shaped Pokémon with large lips. Just then, Toby noticed something.

"Oh look! Nebby!" Toby exclaimed, as they rushed over.

"Oh Nebby, you had Lillie worried sick!" Silver Spoon scolded. Nebby seemed lost at what they were saying.

"Wow, you guys sure know your way around Pokémon, huh?" they saw the small girl and the tall man in the same outfits as Phyco and Soliera, "I don't think we've met, I'm Zossie!" the girl introduced.

"I go by the designated identification, Dulse," the man said.

"So, what brings you guys here?" Toby asked carefully.

"The answer is simple. We wish to engage one of you two in the sport of Pokémon Battle," Dulse said, holding a most peculiar Pokéball. It had a net like pattern, and four horn like protrusions.

"We caught this Pokémon with our patented Beast Balls. Just taking a note from how you use those, 'Pokeballs' as you call them," Zossie said, as Dulse released a white poodle like Pokémon.

"Whose that Pokémon?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Furfrou, the Poodle Pokémon, a Normal Type. It only allows those it trusts to trim it's hair. As a result, if left alone, it's hair will continue to grow longer and longer," Rotom said.

"You. You will battle me, if you wish," Dulse said, pointing at Silver Spoon.

"Huh?! Me?!" she exclaimed.

"Don't worry. You have Pokémon that are resistant to Normal Attacks, remember?" Toby asked.

"You're right. And by the sounds of it, they don't seem to experienced in battle," Silver Spoon whispered back, as she turned back towards Dulse. Toby scooped up Nebby, and got out of the way, "Ok, and here's my Pokémon! Go, Magnemite!" Silver Spoon said, releasing the Magnet Pokémon.

"Furfrou, commence Sand Attack," Dulse said. Furfrou then swatted some sand at Magnemite.

"Dodge, then use Thundershock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite got out of the sand's way, and fired Thundershock at Furfrou, knocking it out in one hit, "Huh?! Just one hit?" Silver Spoon exclaimed.

"Hmm, it would appear that we need to do more research into the art of Pokémon Battle. One thing before we leave," Dulse said, as he recalled Furfrou, and turned to Toby, "That creature is not native to Alola. It doesn't have any combat abilities, but it has been known to teleport when it feels threatened," Dulse said, as he and Zossie left.

"Those guys... we should tell the others about this," Toby commented.

"Agreed," Silver Spoon said, as they exited the cave. But as they did, they couldn't help wondering about the Ultra Recon Squad.... Just what is it they're trying to achieve?

Chapter 9: Melemele Island Grand Trial (Part 1)

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Crawling out of the cave, Toby, Silver Spoon, and Rotom all made their way through the meadow, and made their way back over to where their friends were waiting, "Hey guys, sorry for the wait," Silver Spoon said, as Toby handed Lillie Nebby.

"Oh Nebby, you're so troublesome, you know that, right?" Lillie asked, as she put Nebby in the bag.

"Hang on, why not put 'Nebby' in a Pokeball?" Luna asked.

"Oh, well, Nebby isn't actually my Pokémon. I'm just taking care of it," Lillie replied.

"Well, we'd better get going. The professor's probably worried sick about you," Will said, as they left Melemele Meadow.

Outside Melemele Meadow,

Our heroes, after reuniting Lillie with Nebby, exited the Meadow, and soon found themselves face to face with Professor Kukui, "Ah, good, you found Lillie! Thanks a mill!" Kukui thanked.

"Where's Hau?" Lillie asked. She had a point. They hadn't seen Hau since the Verdant Cavern Trial.

"By now, he's probably finishing his battle against Hala," Kukui theorized.

"Beg pardon?" Lillie asked.

"It's part of the island challenge. Upon completing the all of one island's trials, you have to battle the kahuna of that island. The battle against a kahuna is known as the Grand Trial. You guys should catch that Tailwind, and make a U Turn back to Iki Town," Kukui explained, as he took his leave, heading in the direction of Iki Town, in the company of Lillie..

"Iki Town is where we first met, right?" Lincoln asked Toby.

"Yeah, that's right. It was during the festival for Tapu Koko," Toby replied, as they walked back to Iki Town.

"I keep hearing about that name. Who or what is Tapu Koko exactly?" Lori asked.

"Tapu Koko, the Land Spirit Pokémon, an Electric and Fairy Type, and one of the four guardians of the Alola Region. Tapu Koko loves battling above all else. It uses it's speed to confuse it's opponents," Rotom said, displaying a picture of Tapu Koko.

"We only saw it once ourselves. And that was when we first met Lillie and Nebby," Will commented, as they continued to walk.

After about 15 minutes of walking, our heroes finally arrived back in Iki Town, where they saw Kukui and Lillie, waiting for them, "One thing to know about the Grand Trial is that it's completely different than battling your average run of the mill trainer. They're masters of Z Moves, and they won't hold back all that much during the battle. Another thing, Hala trains Fighting Type Pokémon, so you'll needs to focus on Flying and Psychic Type Moves. That being said, he has enough Pokémon to battle up to three trainers a day. He's already gone up against Hau and that Busujima kid. Which of you will go first?" Kukui asked.

"I think I'd better test the waters, and go first, if that's all right with you guys," Will asked.

"Yeah, I don't think I'm mentally prepared to battle Hala," Fluttershy commented.

"Same here," Toby piped in.

"Ditto," Silver Spoon chimed.

"Alright. If you're ready Will, then Hala is waiting for you, up there," Kukui said, pointing in the direction of the stage they used at the festival for the battles. With a deep breath, Will walked in that direction. Walking up the stairs, he saw Hala, doing some kind of exercise with a large, burly Pokémon, with huge, three fingered hands.

"Alright Hariyama, that'll be it for now," Hala said, as he took notice of the group, "So, you've cleared Illima's trial, have you?" Hala asked.

"Yes. And now I'd like to formally challenge you to a Grand Trial," Will requested.

"Very well. Please, take your place," Hala urged, as he took his place on one side of the stage. Will did the same on the opposite side, "HO! Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am the Kahuna of Melemele Island, and Alola Sumo master, Hala. If you're ready, let us begin," Hala said, sending out a Mankey.

"Ok, here's my Pokémon, go Grimer!" Will said, sending out Grimer.

"Allow me to first explain the rules for this battle. We'll each use two Pokémon. When both of either sides Pokémon can not continue, the Grand Trial is over. As my challenger, you may have the first move," Hala said.

"Alright then. Grimer, use Sludge Attack!" Will instructed. Grimer then hurled Sludge at Mankey, who barely seemed fazed by it, "Now use Pound!" Will instructed.

"Mankey, when Grimer get's in close, use Fury Swipes!" Hala instructed. Grimer was about to Pound Mankey, but the Pig Monkey Pokémon dodged, and started scratching repeatedly.

"Hang strong Grimer! Use Poison Gas!" Will instructed. Grimer then belched Poison Gas in Mankey's face, poisoning it, "Now, use Pound!" Will instructed. Grimer then managed to Pound Mankey, knocking it out.

"Mankey, return!" Hala said, recalling Mankey, "You did well old friend. Take a well earned rest," Hala said, turning to his Hariyama, "Alright Hariyama, it is time!" Hala said, as Hariyama stepped on stage.

"That Pokémon's huge!" Lana commented.

"Hariyama, the Arm Thrust Pokémon, a Fighting Type, and Makuhita's evolved form. It's Arm Thrust's are powerful enough to send a truck flying with one slap. The blubber that is visible is actually a thick layer of muscle, which, when it hunkers down, can become as hard as rock," Rotom said.

"Hariyama sounds tough," Leni commented.

"Once again, the first move is yours to make," Hala urged.

"Ok, Grimer, use Sludge!" Will instructed. Grimer then flung Sludge at Hariyama, which poisoned it, "Oh no," Will said.

"Hang on, why does Will look worried?" Lincoln asked.

"Hariyama's special ability: Guts. When suffering an ailment, like Poison or Paralysis, it's attack power is doubled," Rotom clarified.

"Hariyama, use Fire Punch!" Hala instructed. Hariyama's fist became cloaked in flames, as it punch Grimer, sending it into the wall, knocked out.

"Whoa, just one hit?!" Luna exclaimed.

"That Hariyama is tough alright," Toby commented, as Will recalled Grimer.

"Thanks for your hard work Grimer," Will said, readying his next Pokeball, "Go Dartrix!" Will said, sending out Dartrix.

"Ah, so the Rowlet you received from Kukui has evolved. Very nice," Hala commented.

"Thanks. And it got a lot stronger too. Dartrix, use Razor Leaf!" Will instructed. Dartrix flapped it's wings, sending the leaves at Hariyama, damaging it a little.

"Hariyama, hold your ground, and block the attack!" Hala instructed. Hariyama then put up both hands, blocking the oncoming attack.

"Alright, use Peck Attack!" Will instructed. Dartrix dived right at Hariyama, beak first.

"Use Fake Out!" Hala instructed. Hariyama slapped Dartrix between it's hands, making Dartrix flinch, "Now, use Knock Off!" he added. Hariyama then slammed Dartrix on the ground.

"Fake Out stops a move cold by making the Pokémon it's used against flinch. Combine that with Knock Off, and that's a recipe for trouble," Kukui commented.

"You're good William, but let's see how you deal with this. Hariyama, use Focus Energy!" Hala instructed. Hariyama then began glowing.

"Hold up, what's 'Focus Energy'?" Luan asked.

"It's a move that increases a Pokémon's Critical Hit ratio. If I know Hala, I know what's coming next," Kukui replied, a grim tone in his voice.

"Here we go Hariyama!" Hala said, crossing his arms, the Z Crystal in his Z Power Ring now glowing.

"A Z Move already?!" Will exclaimed.

"YES! I am the Kahuna!" Hala said, as he started punching repeatedly, then throwing one last, powerful punch. Z Power then began flowing throughout Hariyama, "This is our full power! All Out Pummeling!" Hala said, as Hariyama then began firing fist shaped projectiles made of the Z Power at Dartrix.

"Quick, try and dodge that Z Move!" Will called out. Dartrix began flying, and did well in evading most of the oncoming projectiles, but was eventually hit by some. Dartrix hit the ground, but still refused to give up, "You got spunk Dartrix. That's always a good sign," Will commented. Dartrix cried out, as green light then erupted from it.

"What is that?!" Lisa exclaimed.

"I've read about this! The ability for all Grass Type Starter Pokémon, like Dartrix, is Overgrow. When almost all of it's strength is gone, all of their Grass Type moves become supercharged," Lillie commented.

"Dartrix, it's all or nothing with this next move, so let's make it count! Use Razor Leaf!" Will instructed. Dartrix then fired more leaves at Hariyama, only they were much more powerful. It seemed to deal a ton of damage to Hariyama, "Now it's our turn!" Will said, as he did the pose for Normal Type Z Moves, surrounding Dartrix with Z Power, "Now Dartrix, unleash your full power! Breakneck Blitz!" Will exclaimed. Dartrix then began charging full force at Hariyama, sending the Arm Thrust Pokémon flying upon impact.

"And that's that. You did well my old friend. Now take a long rest," Hala said, recalling Hariyama. He then turned to Will who gave a Pokebean to an exhausted Dartrix, "That was exceptional battling, William. You certainly know you stuff," Hala complimented.

"Thanks Hala," Will said.

"As proof of your victory over me in the Melemele Grand Trial, take this," Hala said, handing Will a brown Z Crystal with a Fist symbol in the middle, "That is Fightinium Z, and you saw the pose I did to unleash it's power, right?" Hala said, demonstrating the pose again.

"Yes Hala, thank you," Will said. Hala then turned to Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon.

"As for you three, I take it you're going to wait until the day after tomorrow to take your Grand Trial?" he asked.

"Yes Kahuna Hala," Fluttershy replied.

"Hmm. If you want to do some more training, then I would recommend going to Ten Carat Hill, at the southern most point of the island. There are plenty of Pokémon there that should prove vital in training. There's even a secret treasure hidden within," Hala explained.

"We'll do that, sir," Toby said.

"I've locked Ten Carat Hill's coordinates in my map. We should be able to get their by this evening," Rotom said.

"Alright. Then let's get going," Will said.

"We'll catch up with you guys later," Kukui said, as he and Lillie took their leave.

"I hope there are some cool Pokémon there!" Lana exclaimed.

"Rotom, what Pokémon can we find there?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Searching: Ten Carat Hill is home to many rough terrain Pokémon, including Rockruff, Mawile, Machop, and a few others. Hmm?" Rotom said in intrigue.

"What's up?" Will asked.

"I'm detecting a rare Pokémon, not native to Alola somewhere in Ten Carat Hill," Rotom said.

"What kind?" Leni asked.

Unfortunately, I am unable to process this information," Rotom said.

"Well, I'm sure we'll find it when we get there," Will commented, as they made their way towards Ten Carat Hill.

Chapter 10: Ten Carat Hill Training!

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After completing his Grand Trial, Will was more than happy to help Fluttershy, Toby and Silver Spoon with training at Ten Carat Hill. We now join our heroes as they reach the beachfront where Kukui's lab was at, "Who lives in a shack by the ocean?" Lola asked.

"That's Professor Kukui's house and lab," Will replied.

"He said he find's it easier to study Pokémon Moves when he's surrounded by Pokémon," Fluttershy added, as they reached Ten Carat Hill.

"This is it," Rotom said, as they neared a cave entrance. Entering, they were met, naturally with darkness.

"This feels just like home," Lucy sighed contently, as they ventured further into the cave. A colony of Zubat flew by, startling them.

"Just some Zubat," Will commented, as they reached a fork in the cave. The path to the left led towards somewhere high up. The path to the right looked to lead towards a clearing outside, "Well, what do you guys think? Should we investigate the upper path, or the clearing?" Will asked. The Louds huddled together, as did Will's friends from Ponyville. They then turned back to Will.

"We think we should check out the upper levels first. Then we can take a look at the clearing," Lori declared.

"As did we," Fluttershy added.

"Alright then," Will said, as they headed up the left fork.

10 Minutes of walking and complaining from Lola later,

They had reached an opening in the cave, which had a perfect view of the entire hill, bathed in the warm glow of the sunset, "Would you look at that view," Lincoln commented.

"Hey guys, what are these?" they heard Lynn ask. Turning in her direction, they saw some sort of mural. One of them had the poses for starting a Z Move Pose. The next picture had them flapping their arms, like a bird, then raising their fist to the sky. Rotom took a picture of it.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say these murals depict how a trainer is supposed to perform a Z Move," Toby commented, examining the murals closer. Something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. It was a pedestal, exactly like the one at Verdant Cavern, "Hey guys, look!" Toby said, pointing to the pedestal.

"Another pedestal? And look!" Silver Spoon exclaimed, seeing a bunch of cyan Z Crystals with wing like patterns in them, "Z Crystals!" she said, as the four trainers each took one crystal.

"Could those murals and these Z Crystals be connected?" Will pondered.

"Right you are," a voice said. Just then, a woman walked in. She was dressed in a golfer's outfit, holding a golf club, "That there is Flyinium Z, the Flying Type Z Crystal. If your Pokémon knows a Flying Type move, it'll be able to use the Flying Type Z Move, Supersonic Skystrike," she explained, demonstrating the pose herself, "We'll meet again," she said, taking her leave.

"This must be the Secret Treasure that Hala was talking about," Luna commented, looking closer at the Z Crystal.

"I wish I had this during the Grand Trial," Will said blankly, but then turned back to the others, "Alright guys, we have the treasure that was promised to us, so let's get to the clearing. We can set up camp down there," Will declared.

"'Camping'? *scoff* Lola Loud does not sleep on the dirty ground!" Lola declared.

"Hey, I'm all for it!" Lana countered cheerfully.

"And besides, you have a sleeping bag, and I see a lot of grass patches. So you won't have to worry about dirt," Toby commented. Lola knew she was defeated, and did not push the matter, as they headed out of the opening. Unbeknownst to our heroes, a pile of boulders began moving, and something human shaped was watching them from the shadows.

Taking the other fork in the cave, our heroes soon found themselves in the clearing just outside the cave, "Ok, this looks like a good place to set up our tents," Will commented, as they got out their camping equipment.

Half an hour later,

Eight tents stood tall, as everyone finished setting up camp, "Ok, I hope everyone has something to eat," Will commented, taking out some food provisions he brought with him. The others did as well, ranging from either sandwiches to fruits.

"We should let our Pokémon get something to eat as well," Fluttershy said, sending out her Pokémon, which included a Hawlucha, much like the one Nathan receive from Will.

"Whoa, when did you catch a Hawlucha?" Will asked.

"Just before we entered Melemele Meadow," Fluttershy replied.

"So, it's a luchador.... bird?" Lynn asked awkwardly.

"Allow me to clarify. Hawlucha, the Wrestling Pokémon, a Fighting and Flying Type. It's favorite method of attack is to attack from above, which is difficult to defend against. It's unwavering spirit allows to keep up with big bruiser Pokémon like Hariyama or Machamp," Rotom explained. After the others released their Pokémon, they began eating dinner. As they were eating, Pikachu's ears perked up. She then looked all around.

"Something wrong Pikachu?" Toby asked, as Pikachu took a defensive stance, as did the rest of the Pokémon, as rustling came from some bushes. Out from them came a small, yellow bipedal Pokémon, with what looked to be a large set of jaws growing from it's head.

"What is that thing?" Lori asked.

"That's a Mawile," Will replied.

"Mawile, the Deceiver Pokémon, a Steel and Fairy Type. It lures in prey with it's cute appearance, and then clamps down on them with the jaws growing on it's horns. Because the second set of jaws have no taste buds, it uses them to eat food it doesn't like," Rotom said. Mawile then approached the group, looking mostly at Toby in interest. Without warning, it used it's large jaw like horns to clamp down on the boy.

"AHHH! WHY IS IT DOING THIS!?" Toby yelled in pain, running around, being chased by Lynn and Lana, trying to get Mawile off. After successfully getting Mawile off of Toby, they all noticed a blush on Mawile's face.

"Oh, I think I get what's going on," Will commented.

"What do you mean?" Leni asked.

"See, some Pokémon will often inflict pain on a trainer it likes. My guess is that Mawile here has a crush on Toby," Will theorized.

"I'd be fine with just a friendly tackle," Toby groaned, still reeling from the pain. The female Pokémon under Toby's care seemed rather jealous of Mawile. Braixen then appeared to scold Mawile, the latter of whom just stuck her tongue at Braixen. It took the other Pokémon and some of the Loud Sisters to hold back the infuriated Braixen, "Braixen, take it easy!" Toby said, trying to keep Braixen from doing something rash.

"You know Toby, seeing as Mawile's taken a liking to you, maybe you should try and catch it," Will suggested.

"Really?" Toby asked.

"Yeah. Fairy Type Pokémon has an advantage over Fighting Type Pokémon. You should think of using Mawile in your Grand Trial," Will explained.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt. Let's go Litten!" Toby said, as they engaged Mawile in battle. The others got out of the way, some of them practically dragging the still fuming Braixen, "Alright Litten, use Fire Fang!" Toby instructed. Litten almost immediately began charging at Mawile, it's fangs covered in flames. It then bit down on Mawile. Mawile didn't hesitate to return the favor, by chomping down on Litten with it's massive jaws.

"There's Vicegrip," Will commented, as Mawile slammed Litten on the ground. Litten still remained determined to battle, not wanting to let down it's new trainer.

"Litten, can you still go on?" Toby asked, as Litten began to evolve. It became a larger cat Pokémon, with more muscular legs, and a bell like object under it's chin, "Oh wow, you've evolved!" Toby exclaimed.

"Rotom, care to elaborate?" Will asked.

"Of course! Torracat, the Fire Cat Pokémon, a Fire Type, and Litten's evolved form. When the fire sac under it's chin spews fire, it makes the sound of a bell ringing," Rotom said. Torracat then used Fire Fang once more, biting down on Mawile, making it difficult for it to stand.

"Ok, now's the time!" Toby said, chucking a Dusk Ball at Mawile, encapsulating it. The Dusk Ball rocked three times before clicking, "Alright! Now we've got a new friend!" Toby said, high-fiving Torracat.

"Hey, what's with the Dusk Ball?" Leni asked, as the Dusk Ball began glowing. No sooner than it did, it vanished.

"What happened?! Where'd Mawile go?!" Toby exclaimed.

"Don't worry Toby, it's perfectly natural," Will replied.

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked.

"See, a trainer is only allowed to carry up to six Pokémon at a time. Anymore that are caught will be transferred to a storage box. You can access the storage units anytime at a Pokémon Center," Will explained.

"I see. So we'll need to stop by the Pokémon Center after we're done training tomorrow so I can get Mawile," Toby commented.

"Exactly," Will said, as they resumed eating dinner. However, they didn't notice a bunch of boulders moving on their own.

The next morning,

After enjoying some breakfast, our heroes, mostly Toby, Fluttershy and Silver Spoon, were getting ready to do some training, "Ok guys, you'll need to be able to evade All Out Pummeling, or at the very least, dodge the majority of it. That being said, I'll be training you guys with Makuhita in order to get a feel for how the actual Z Move works," Will explained.

"They're sure going at it," Lynn commented.

"So, remind us, why aren't you participating in this whole 'Island Challenge' thingy, Serenity?" Lola asked.

"Well, I-I'm not really one for fighting. I'm more interested in meeting new Pokémon, like the ones I have already," Serenity said, looking at her Pokémon, who were all just playing innocently.

"That sounds lame!" Lynn complained.

"LYNN!" her siblings scolded, making the athlete flinch.

"Well, you're free to not like fighting, and that's good," Luna said, sitting on a nearby boulder. However, it began moving, knocking the punk girl off, "What the...?!" she exclaimed. Towering over them was a massive snake like creature made of boulders. It roared at them.

"Oh no, an Onix!" Will exclaimed.

"Onix, the Rock Snake Pokémon, a Rock and Ground Type. Onix like living underground or in caves. Because of a compass like brain, it never gets lost when burrowing underground," Rotom said. Onix then roared again.

"That Onix sounds really angry," Toby commented.

"Onix are mainly solitary Pokémon, and they don't like trespassers in their territory," Will explained.

"We need to try to calm down Onix!" Silver Spoon commented.

"Quick, Brionne, Crabrawler, Smeargle, use Bubblebeam! Zorua, use Dark Pulse, and Hawlucha, use Karate Chop!" Fluttershy instructed on instinct. The five of her Pokémon fired their attacks at the raging Onix, who seemed to have gotten angrier. It then turned it's attention to the five Pokémon attacking it. It then slammed it's tail on the ground, throwing a bunch of rocks at them, "Quick, Crabrawler, Smeargle, Power Up Punch!" Fluttershy instructed. The two Pokémon then began punching the rocks, getting stronger with each hit, "Now once more against Onix!" she instructed. The two Pokémon then punched Onix, falling the Rock Snake Pokémon, "Here goes nothing," Fluttershy said, tossing a Heavy Ball at Onix, encapsulating it. It rocked three times before clicking, "Phew, that was scary," Fluttershy commented, picking up the Heavy Ball.

"It still literally baffles me that something as small as those Pokeballs can fit such a massive creature like that, 'Onix', was it?" Lori commented.

"Well, as I mentioned before, I visited a tone of places that produce Pokeballs. Each time the story's the same. They have some kind of shrink ray tech built inside them," Will replied.

"I would like to study one of these capsules to better understand them," Lisa commented.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt. Here you go," Will said, tossing Lisa an empty Pokeball, a Great Ball, and an Ultra Ball, "Figured you would want to study a Great Ball and an Ultra Ball, if you want to compare the capture tech in them," he added.

"Thank you. I will return these at my earliest opportunity," Lisa said, taking the three Pokeballs to for study.

"In the mean time, we should get back to training. You kids can go do your own thing, but don't wander too far. Remember, Ten Carat Hill has a ton of wild Pokémon," Will warned. With that, everyone went off to do their own thing. While training, the three trainers saw some Rockruff, like the one the professor had.

"Oh wow, Rockruff!" Silver Spoon exclaimed.

"And quite a few," Will added. However, they noticed one of the Rockruff was all alone, looking really sad. Fluttershy couldn't help but want to help the lone Rockruff.

"Hello sweet baby," Fluttershy said, gently stroking the Puppy Pokémon.

"Rotom, is there any data on Rockruff being solitary?" Will asked.

"Here's what you want to know. Rockruff, the Puppy Pokémon, a Rock Type. Rockruff are very popular among beginning trainers due to their friendly nature. This friendly nature changes however when they're close to evolving, as their disposition becomes more wild and they begin to be more independent," Rotom explained.

"Ok, but I doubt that Rockruff is close to evolving," Toby commented, as Fluttershy scratched it's belly. Rockruff seemed to really enjoy it, and began nuzzling the rocks on it's collar against Fluttershy.

"When Rockruff rubs the rocks on it's collar against someone, it's a sign that Rockruff really likes that trainer," Rotom explained, as Fluttershy tapped a Friend Ball against Rockruff, encapsulating it. The Friend Ball rocked three times before clicking. The Friend Ball then teleported away.

"You said something about Rockruff becoming wilder and more independent when it's close to evolving. What is Rockruff's evolved form?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Here's the information. Lycanroc, the Wolf Pokémon, a Rock Type, and the evolved form of Rockruff. Lycanroc's form depends based on when Rockruff evolves. If Rockruff evolves during the day time, it yields Midday Form Lycanroc. When Rockruff evolves during night, it evolves into Midnight Form Lycanroc. Midday Form Lycanroc are very loyal to their trainers, if raised properly from a young age. Midnight Form Lycanroc care little for their own safety, goading it's opponents into attacking," Rotom said, displaying a picture of two wolf Pokémon. One was a beige wolf that looked like a larger Rockruff. The other was a red furred werewolf like Pokémon.

"You know, it may not be a bad idea to catch at least two more Rockruff. That way, we can try and learn more about Lycanroc," Will commented.

"I kind of liked that Midnight Form," Toby commented.

"And I would love to have a Midday Form," Silver Spoon added, as they both engaged two Rockruff, "Go, Marill!" Silver Spoon said, as she sent in Marill.

"Steenee, this one's all yours!" Toby said, as the Fruit Pokémon took her place.

"Marill, use Water Gun!" Silver Spoon instructed. Marill then fired Water Gun at Rockruff, causing quite a bit of damage. Rockruff didn't hesitate to retaliate, and bit Marill with fangs covered in electricity, "Marill, are you alright?" Silver Spoon exclaimed.

"That was Thunder Fang!" Will exclaimed.

"Steenee, use Magical Leaf!" Toby instructed. Steenee then fired Magical Leaf at the Rockruff they were facing. Rockruff then bit down on the Magical Leaf with Fire Fang, "This Rockruff can use Fire Fang!" he exclaimed, as Rockruff went to use Fire Fang on Steenee, who smacked Rockruff away with Double Slap, "Once more, use Magical Leaf!" Toby instructed. Steenee fired Magical leaf once more, this time, striking Rockruff, "Ok, you're mine!" Toby said, throwing a Heal Ball at Rockruff. It rocked three times and clicked. The Heal Ball then teleported away, "At least now we have Rockruff," Toby commented, as Silver Spoon caught her Rockruff in a Fast Ball. It clicked, as Silver Spoon went to pick it up.

"Now we both have a Rockruff," Silver Spoon said, sharing a kiss with Toby.

"But now I have to wonder, why was Flora's Rockruff the only one being left out?" Will questioned, still trying to remember their alias'.

"I should get Rockruff from the Pokémon Center when we're done here," Fluttershy commented.

"Good call. Speaking of which, shall we get back to training?" Will asked, as they went back to training.

Meanwhile, Serenity was dancing around with a panda like Pokémon with rabbit ears, and swirly eyes, that looked to stumble around, "I'm dizzy," she commented, sounding dizzy, as she gently tossed a Quick Ball at the panda. It rocked three times before clicking, "I'll need to ask Rotom about this one," she said to herself, still sounding a bit dizzy.

Chapter 11: Melemele Island Grand Trial (Part 2)

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Returning to Iki Town, our heroes, mainly Fluttershy, Silver Spoon and Toby, were ready to face Hala in battle, for the Grand Trial, "Alright guys, this is it. You saw how Hala battled against me, so you know what to expect. I can't guarantee he'll use Hariyama against you guys, but that doesn't mean he won't make this a challenge for you," Will said.

"We know. And I feel that we're ready for it. I'll be fine with Brionne and Hawlucha," Fluttershy commented.

"I'm going in with Noibat and Mawile," Toby added.

"As for me, my Pokémon will be Marill and Butterfree," Silver Spoon added.

"And you all remember the pose for Flying Type Z Moves, right?" Will asked. They nodded, "Alright, if you're ready, then let's go," Will said, as they ventured into Iki Town, determined to battle against Hala. They found Hala meditating on the stage, along with Hau. The two noticed our heroes.

"So, you've come back, I see. I take it you've all gotten in all the training you think you needed?" Hala asked.

"Yes. And we would like to formally challenge you to battle," Fluttershy politely requested, bowing in respect, as did Toby and Silver Spoon.

"Very well. Which of you will go first?" Hala asked, as Hau cleared the stage.

"Since it's ladies first, Flora and Sylvia should go first," Lola declared.

"Us? But, I don't know if I'm mentally ready for this," Fluttershy commented.

"Relax, you got nothing to be nervous about," Luna said, as she and Luan nudged them closer to the stage.

"Sorry about that Toby, but you know," Lori said to the glasses wearing boy.

"It's fine," Toby shrugged like it was no big deal.

"Since the first two of three have stepped forth, how about we do this alphabetically? Flora shall face me first, then Sylvia, and then Toby," Hala suggested.

"Fine by me," Silver Spoon shrugged.

"Ok, then I guess I really am going first," Fluttershy said, taking a step forward.

"The rules are the same as last time. We'll each use two Pokémon, and the Grand Trial will be over when both Pokémon on either side is unable to battle. I didn't use this rule with Will, on account of having gone through two battles prior, but you may switch between your two Pokémon at anytime. It is a legitimate tactic," Hala said.

"Ok, I think I understand," Fluttershy replied.

"Alright, then let us bring out our first Pokémon. Go, Crabrawler!" Hala said, sending out a Crabrawler that was a different color than Fluttershy's. It sparkled when it hit the ground.

"Cool, that Crabrawler's a different color!" Lincoln commented.

"Ok, Brionne, I choose you!" Fluttershy said, sending out Brionne.

"You may make the first move," Hala said.

"Ok, Brionne, use Aqua Jet!" Fluttershy instructed. Brionne the rocketed at Crabrawler while surrounded by water.

"Crabrawler, use Vicegrip!" Hala instructed. Crabrawler then caught Brionne at the last second with it's pincers, "Now, for Brutal Swing!" he added. Crabrawler then swung Brionne around, throwing it back at Fluttershy's side of the stage.

"Hmm, better stay with long ranged attacks. Brionne, use Bubblebeam!" Fluttershy instructed. Brionne then fired Bubblebeam at Crabrawler, who stood it's ground, "Now, use Disarming Voice!" Fluttershy added. Brionne then fired Disarming Voice, which caused more damage to Crabrawler, who couldn't stand it's ground anymore, and was knocked out.

"Crabrawler, you did tremendously well. Take a well earned break," Hala said, recalling Crabrawler, "As for my second Pokémon, to my side, Pancham!" Hala said, sending out a small, black and white panda Pokémon, that was chewing on a leaf.

"Pancham, the Playful Pokémon, a Fighting Type. It does it's best to look intimidating, but it can't help smiling when someone pet's its head. It looks up to it's evolved form Pangoro, as a role model," Rotom said.

"Pancham, use Thunder Punch!" Hala instructed. Pancham's fist's then became cloaked in electricity, and then charged at Brionne, swinging it's fist, striking Brionne, causing massive damage.

"Hang in there! Use Bubblebeam!" Fluttershy instructed. Brionne tried firing, but static electricity flew off of it, "What's wrong?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"Brionne's been paralyzed. It's an added effect of Thunder Punch," Will commented.

"Now, use Stone Edge!" Hala instructed. Pancham punched the ground, summoning a bunch of glowing, blue spiked rocks, which struck Brionne, knocking it out.

"Thank you Brionne, you did great," Fluttershy said, recalling her Pokémon, readying her next one, "Hawlucha, I need your help!" Fluttershy said, releasing Hawlucha, who did a few poses.

"Well, can't say Hawlucha's worried," Lori commented.

"So, you're using a Flying Type against my Fighting Type Pokémon, eh? This should be interesting," Hala commented.

"I'd better be careful. Hawlucha will take a ton of damage if it's hit by that Thunder Punch," Fluttershy said to herself.

"Now, like before, the first move shall be yours!" Hala declared.

"Ok, Hawlucha, use Wing Attack!" Fluttershy instructed. Hawlucha then charged at Pancham, smacking it around with it's wings, but Pancham was persistent, and held it's ground.

"Pancham, use Ice Punch!" Hala instructed. This time, icy energy surrounded Pancham's fist, as it punched Hawlucha, who took a lot of damage.

"Hawlucha, use Flying Press!" Fluttershy instructed. Hawlucha leapt up into the air, and flew at Pancham, knocking it to the ground, knocked out, "I-I won?" Fluttershy asked in disbelief, as Hala recalled Pancham.

"That you did, young one. You performed admirably in our battle. And so, I bestow this Fightinium Z to you," Hala said, giving Fluttershy the Z Crystal, and demonstrated the pose, "Use it well in your travels," Hala said, turning his attention to Toby and Silver Spoon, "Now then, which of you two said was going first?" Hala asked.

"I would like to go first, if Toby's alright with it, that is," Silver Spoon replied.

"Go right ahead," Toby urged, as Silver Spoon took her place on the stage.

"Like before, two Pokémon each, and two knockouts are required to claim victory," Hala said.

"I understand," Silver Spoon said respectfully.

"Alright, here is my first Pokémon, go Mankey!" Hala said, sending out a Mankey.

"Ok, in that case, Butterfree, I choose you!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Butterfree.

"As always, you are allowed the first move," Hala said.

"Thank you. Butterfree, use Stun Spore!" Silver Spoon instructed. Butterfree then flew over Mankey, spreading Stun Spore across it, paralyzing Mankey, "Now, use Gust!" she added. Butterfree then began beating it's wings, sending a powerful gust of wind, which seemed to damage Mankey.

"Mankey, hang in there! Use Façade!" Hala instructed. Mankey then began glowing, and slammed into Butterfree, who seemed to have taken a lot of damage.

"Butterfree, stay strong! Use Psybeam!" Butterfree then fired a psychic blast at Mankey, knocking it out.

"Excellent work Mankey. Take a much earned rest," Hala said, recalling Mankey, "Now, for your second opponent, Machop!" Hala said, sending out a small, grey, humanoid Pokémon.

"Machop, the Superpower Pokémon, a Fighting Type. Machop's muscles never tire, no matter how much training it does. As such, it, along with it's evolved forms, Machoke and Machamp, willingly help out at construction site," Rotom said.

"Man, I'd kill for muscles like that!" Lynn commented.

"Aren't you used to sports and exercise?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, but I can never do as much as I want without tiring," Lynn replied, as the battle resumed.

"Machop, use Fire Punch!" Hala instructed. Machop then swung it's flame covered fist at Butterfree, knocking it out.

"Thanks for battling Butterfree. Take a long rest," Silver Spoon said, recalling Butterfree.

"So now it's crunch time for Sylvia," Hau commented.

"Now, Marill, go!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Marill.

"Machop, use Low Sweep!" Hala instructed. Machop then did a leg sweep, knocking Marill off it's feet.

"Marill, roll back around, and use Water Gun!" Silver Spoon instructed. Marill then used the momentum from Low Sweep, to roll back on it's feet, and fired Water Gun at Machop, "Now, use Play Rough!" Marill then charged at Machop, and the started smacking it around, causing major damage.

"Not a bad choice of moves. Let's see how you deal with this!" Hala said, doing the pose for Fighting Type Z Moves, enveloping Machop in Z Power, "Now Machop, All Out Pummeling!" Machop then fired off the first and foot Z Power projectiles at Marill, causing quite a bit of damage to the Water Mouse Pokémon, who was still standing.

"Good thing Marill's part Fairy Type, otherwise, that would've finished it off for sure," Will commented.

"Why's that?" Leni asked.

"See, Fairy Type Pokémon are resistant to Fighting Type Moves. I guess the same thing applies with Z Moves," Will explained.

"Marill, once more, try using Play Rough again!" Silver Spoon urged. Marill once more smacked Machop around, this time, knocking it out.

"Well met young one," Hala said, recalling Machop.

"Thank you, Kahuna Hala," Silver Spoon said respectfully.

"And as proof you won against me, this Fightinium Z is now yours," Hala said, giving Silver Spoon the Z Crystal.

"Thank you. I will use it well," Silver Spoon said, as she hopped off the stage.

"Now then, Toby, it's your turn next," Hala said.

"Yes sir!" Toby said, getting on stage.

"Rules are the same, so is the game. Now, for our Pokémon! Go, Makuhita!" Hala said, sending out a Makuhita.

"Ok, and for my Pokémon, go, Mawile!" Toby said, sending out Mawile. However, when she was sent out, Mawile then dashed over to Toby, and clamped down on the boy, "AAAAHHHH! I know you like me, but I'm not the one you should be battling!" Toby yelled in pain, as he pried Mawile off, "Makuhita is your opponent," Toby groaned, pointing to the aforementioned Pokémon. Mawile then turned her attention to Makuhita, and took her place.

"I take it this is a Pokémon you caught while Ten Carat Hill?" Hala asked.

"That's right," Toby replied.

"Even though you just recently caught it, Mawile seems to be rather fond of you. You must have some special quality," Hala complimented.

"Thank you, Kahuna Hala," Toby said, bowing in respect.

"Now then, like before, you have the first move," Hala said.

"Ok, Mawile, use Moonblast!" Toby instructed. The yellow spot on Mawile's massive jaws began glowing, and from them, Mawile fired a ball of moon energy, which caused a lot of damage to Makuhita.

"That Mawile's a strong one. Let's see how it deals with this, now Makuhita, use Bulldoze!" Hala instructed. Makuhita then stomped on the stage, causing it to shake. Mawile seemed to take a lot of damage.

"Oh no, Mawile may not last long at this rate!" Toby exclaimed.

"You know, you are allowed to exchange Pokémon. It is a legitimate battle tactic, as I said previously," Hala stated.

"Oh right, Mawile, return!" Toby exclaimed, recalling the Deceiver Pokémon, "Ok, Noibat, go!" Toby said, sending out Noibat.

"Using a Flying Type Pokémon to avoid Ground Type Moves like Bulldoze. Smart move, but not smart enough, now Makuhita, use Rock Tomb!" Hala instructed. Makuhita then summoned large rocks, and threw them at Noibat.

"Evade them!" Toby instructed. Noibat skillfully dodged the rocks, "Now, use Air Slash!" he added. Noibat then fired saw blades made of air at Makuhita, knocking it out.

"Just one hit!" Lola commented.

"Not quite. Remember, Makuhita took a lot of damage from Mawile's Moonblast," Will reminded, as Hala recalled Makuhita.

"Well met, young one. Now, for your second hurdle, Riolu!" Hala said, sending out a small, blue and black humanoid Pokémon, with two large blobs on it's head.

"Riolu, the Emanation Pokémon, a Fighting Type. Riolu knows how people and Pokémon are feeling by reading their auras. They do not approach dangerous opponents," Rotom said.

"Riolu has more speed than Makuhita. Toby should stay on his toes," Will commented.

"Like before, you may go first," Hala urged.

"Ok, Noibat, use Air Slash!" once again, Noibat fired off the blades of air at Riolu.

"Dodge them!" Hala instructed. Riolu charged, dodging all of the blades, "Now, use Roar!" Riolu then roared at Noibat, sending it back to it's Pokeball, and forcing Mawile back out, much to Mawile and Toby's confusion.

"What was that?" Luna asked.

"See, Roar is a move that forces an opposing Pokémon out of the match, and replaces it with another one. In the wild, it scares off wild Pokémon," Will explained.

"Ok, no matter. I can still work with this. Mawile, use Iron Head!" Toy instructed. Mawile then became surrounded by gray energy, and charged at Riolu.

"Riolu, use Force Palm to stop Iron Head!" Hala instructed. Riolu then placed it's paw up, and energy shot out, sending Mawile back. Sparks then started flying off of Mawile, as she moved sluggishly.

"What with Mawile?" Lori asked.

"Force Palm can often times paralyze an opponent," Will replied.

"Now, use Blaze Kick!" Riolu's foot then became enveloped in flames, as it kicked Mawile, knocking it out.

"Thanks Mawile, you did great!" Toby said, recalling Mawile, "Now it's all down to you, Noibat. Go!" Toby said, sending Noibat back out.

"Since Fighting and Fire Type Moves aren't that effective against Noibat, does that mean it'll win?" Lana asked.

"Maybe, maybe not. We'll just have to see how the battle goes," Will replied.

"Statistically speaking, Noibat's areal movements gives it more mobility, while Riolu it stuck on the ground," Lisa stated, as the battle commenced.

"Noibat, use Super Sonic!" Toby instructed. Noibat then fired a soundwave at Riolu, which appeared to confuse it, "Now, I'd better wrap this up now. Let's go Noibat!" Toby exclaimed, as Toby did the pose for Flying Type Z Moves, enveloping Noibat in Z Power, "Alright, time to see what this Z Move is like, now Noibat, use Supersonic Skystrike!" Toby instructed. Noibat then flew high in the sky, disappearing in the wild blue yonder.

"Where'd it go?" Luan asked, trying to see where Noibat went. They soon saw Noibat rocketing down and blinding speeds, and slammed into Riolu. When the dust cleared, Riolu was knocked out, leaving a tired Noibat the victor, "Great job Noibat!" Toby said, as Noibat perched itself on Toby's arm.

"Well met Toby. It's clear your Pokémon all trust and respect you to the fullest," Hala said.

"Thank you Kahuna Hala," Toby said.

"And as proof of your victory over me, I now present you with your own Fightinium Z," Hala said, giving Toby the Fighting Type Z Crystal, "And with that, all four trial going trainers in this group have cleared Melemele Island's trials, and may now go on to the next island of Akala," Hala said.

"Another island? Sounds like fun," Leni commented.

"Also, you may want to take these with you," Hala said, giving each of the five trainers a strange, green device, "Those devices are known as Ride Pagers. They shall allow you to call upon a Ride Pokémon to aid you in your quest. It's quite handy to have," Hala said, as the five looked at their pagers, seeing that only Tauros was there.

"You'll be able to get more Ride Pokémon registered in as you travel through Alola. Some can help you on land, while others can only be used in water," Kukui added.

"Most spectacular!" they heard Illima say, as the aforementioned boy approached them, "You folks did simply smashing work in your Grand Trials. You may even qualify to use the Mantine Surf at Mantine Beach," he stated.

"Alright! We get to do something awesome!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Slow down there, miss. The Mantine Surf is only available for trainers who have cleared at least one Grand Trial. It can be quite dangerous," Illima said. Needless to say, Lynn was not to thrilled about being denied a sport.

"Not to worry, I have a boat we can take instead! Lillie, I'll need your help!" Kukui said, racing off, with Lillie following behind.

"But before we go to Akala Island, why don't we head to the Alola Photo Club?" Hau suggested.

"'Alola Photo Club'?" Will asked.

"Yeah! It's a place where trainers go to get their pictures taken with their Pokémon!" Hau said, racing off.

"If memory serves, the Photo Club on this island is down the street from the Malasada Shop," Illima said, taking his leave. Will then turned back to the group.

"Well guys, what do you think? Should we go and check out this Photo Club?" Will asked. They all gave their sounds of agreement, "Well alright then. Let's get going," Will said, as they left Iki Town, and headed towards Hau'oli City.

Chapter 12: Last Memories of Melemele Island?! Welcome to Akala Island!

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Making their way through the streets of Hau'oli City, our heroes were on their way to the Alola Photo Club, their last stop on Melemele Island before departing to Akala Island, "Ok, so what's there to do at this Photo Club?" Will asked Rotom.

"The Alola Photo Club is a facility where trainers go to get their pictures taken with their Pokémon. You'll receive a scrapbook where you can store your pictures. You'll also receive a number of stickers, backdrops, and frames to decorate your pictures," Rotom replied.

"Sounds interesting. We can take a look, and maybe take a few picture, but as for decorating, maybe I can do that some other time," Will said, as they reached a small, yellow building, with giant camera carvings in the sides of it.

"Well, we're here!" Rotom said. They went inside, and saw that it was much like the backstage of a big concert, or similar event.

"Huh, guess they don't pull any punches with their business," Lincoln said, looking at some of the costumes. Just then, an employee came in from the back.

"Alola, and welcome to the Alola Photo Club! To commemorate your first visit, all the trainers are given one of these," she said, handing each trainer a scrapbook.

"Thank you," Will said.

"You're very welcome. I take it this is your first time visiting here?" the woman asked.

"That's right. We're from out of Alola," Will replied.

"Oh good! Then we can show you all the fun you can have with the Rotom Pokedex's Camera Function," the woman said, motioning towards the back. Stepping into the back, the group saw a green screen, "Now, if your Rotom Pokedex will come over here," the woman said, placing Rotom on a device.

"So, what happens now?" Toby asked.

"If one of the trainers will step in front of the greenscreen, we can get started," the woman instructed.

"Why don't I go first, and see how this fairs?" Will suggested.

"Good call. I'm not too good with having my picture taken," Fluttershy said, ducking behind the Louds.

"Ok, first, you need to decide, if you want to have your Pokémon do it by themselves or side by side with you," the woman stated.

"We should probably do it all together. I want to look back on this in later years," Will said, releasing his Pokémon. They all took their spots, and Rotom took six pictures.

"Perfect! Now then, if you'll come over here," the woman said, walking over to a computer device, "From here, you can edit the pictures of your Pokémon, and add all manner of decorations," the woman stated.

"Huh, that sound's handy. Maybe next time," Will stated.

"Very well. The pictures are saved onto the Rotom Pokedex, so you can edit them at any available Photo Club across Alola," the woman said, turning towards the other trainers, "Now then, would any of you like your pictures taken?" she asked.

"Eh, I think I'm good for now," Silver Spoon declined.

"Same here. If I start decorating those photos, I'm liable to never stop!" Toby chuckled.

"Very well. Thank you for visiting us," the woman said, as the group left the Club.

"That's literally something to look into next time," Lori commented, as Hau came rushing into the scene.

"Hey guys! Did you already check out the Photo Club?" Hau asked.

"Yeah. It seems like something we should do at the next location," Toby replied.

"Yeah! It's a ton of fun! Though, I'm not going to do any photo stuff at the moment. Once I start decorating photos, I just can't stop myself!" Hau laughed, as Professor Kukui and Lillie joined them.

"You kids look like you're having fun," Kukui commented.

"Yeah, we just got done checking out the Photo Club," Will replied.

"I guess now you guys are ready to take on the next island, right?" the professor was met with a round of nods, "Alright, the Louds will come with me and Lillie to the Marina. The boat is ready to take us to Akala Island," Kukui stated.

"Professor, would it be too much trouble to ask if Serenity could come with you?" Fluttershy asked.

"I-I'm not all that athletic, so I don't think I can do any Mantine Surfing," Serenity whispered.

"Not a problem! The boat's plenty big enough for all of us!" Kukui stated proudly.

"Then the rest of us will head to Mantine Beach. We'll catch you guys at Akala Island," Will stated.

"Serenity, make sure you stay with our friends, ok?" Fluttershy told her daughter.

"Ok, Mommy," Serenity whispered.

"Rotom, why don't you go with them too?" Will suggested.

"Roger that!" Rotom saluted, as they went their separate ways.

15 minutes later,

The rest of our heroes had made it safely to Mantine Beach, "Ok, so where do we go to start surfing?" Will wondered.

"Allow me to show you!" one of the beach people said, taking them over to the Mantine, "You just have to talk to Mantine, and tell them where you want to go. In this case, you want to go to the Akala Island Beach Spot, I take it?" she asked.

"That's right," Will replied.

"Ok! But before you start your venture over to Akala Island, you'd better take the training course, over there," the woman said, pointing to an obstacle course, "There, you'll learn all you need to about how to surf, and pull off awesome moves!" she explained.

"Would be the most sensible solution," Will said, as the five trainers each got on a Mantine, and went over to the obstacle course. Toby noticed some kind of device on the gear strapped to Mantine.

"Alright dudes and dudettes, the key to pulling off a successful move on Mantine is to build up speed. You can do this by climbing a wave, and then rocketing back down, then climbing back up," the instructor explained, as he got out of the way. One by one, each trainer did pick up speed, "Awesome! One thing to know about surfing, is that you can rack up points based on how far in the air you go," the instructor said.

"Oh, so that's what that thing is for," Toby commented.

"You can also earn more points by sticking a landing when you come back down. Give it a try. Get airborne, and land safely," the instructor said. Each trainer then shot up from the way, and when they came back down, they stuck the landing, perfectly, "Nice one! One more thing; when you're airborne, you can nudge Mantine a certain direction, and it'll move in that direction. Chain these moves together, and you'll be able to rack up tons of points!" the instructor said.

"You keep talking about points. What are they for?" Will asked.

"See, you're skill on Mantine depends on how many points you rack up. The more points you earn, the higher your place will be on the leader board. And the higher your ranking, the more Beach Points you'll get. You can exchange those points from special prizes, like teach your Pokémon a new move, or getting some rad new gear! With that, you're training is over. May the waves be with you," the instructor dismissed, as the five trainers then got on the course, heading to Akala Island. Already, they were having a blast, going up and down the waves, pulling off some moves.

"Man, I can see why this is so much fun!" Silver Spoon exclaimed, as she landed on a wave.

"Hey, I think I see the others!" Toby exclaimed, looking out on the ocean. An lo and behold, the boat transporting Serenity, Rotom, and the Louds was making it's way across the ocean. They saw the Louds and Serenity waving to them. After about 10 minutes of surfing, the five surfing trainers finally arrived at the Akala Island Beach Spot.

"LAND AHOY!" Hau said, as they dismounted Mantine, "Or is it 'Land Ho'? Either way, we're here!" Hau said.

"That was some sick wave shredding dudes! Just look at your scores!" one of the beach staff said, motioning to a screen, which had their scores.

1st: Flora: Score: 30,453 Points
2nd: Hau: Score: 30, 150 Points
3rd: Toby: Score 27, 785 Points
4th: Sylvia: Score: 25, 600 Points
5the: Will: Score: 24, 921 Points

"Wow! That's amazing!" Hau exclaimed.

"You're a real pro at this already Flora," Will complimented.

"Oh, thank you," Fluttershy bashfully replied.

"Take these with you," the staff person said, handing each trainer, save for Will, a strange device, "These will record how many Beach Points, or BP, you accumulate from events like this," the man said, as each trainer looked at their counters.

"I got 12 BP," Toby commented.

"I got 10," Silver Spoon said, scratching the back of her head.

"I managed to nab 15 points!" Hau commented.

"What about you Flora?" Silver Spoon asked. Fluttershy showed her counter. Their jaws dropped when they saw 21 points.

"That's a lot of points!" Toby commented.

"You want to see a lot of points?" Will said, showing them his counter. Their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets, when they saw a whopping 554 points.

"O-OVER 500 Points?!" Hau exclaimed.

"Yeah, I've had 549 points prior to coming to Alola," Will commented.

"Man, you must've been good at what ever you did to earn those points!" Hau exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, for right now, we should rendezvous with the others, and press on. Let's get going," Will said, as they walked over to the cityscape. There, they saw the rest of their party at the docks, "Hey guys!" Will called out. They turned to see their friends.

"Hey guys! Glad you made it!" Lynn said.

"Yeah. It was a ton of fun surfing on Mantine!" Toby exclaimed.

"I know what you mean. I always love surfing. It helps me to relax," Kukui commented.

"Still haven't found a shirt to go with that lab coat, eh Kukui?" they heard a woman asked. Turning, they saw a dark skinned woman in a pink tank top, and pink short shorts walking towards them. Lincoln, Luna, and Luan all blushed at the sight of her, "I keep telling you, you're going to scare off people when you're dressed like that," the woman said.

"Ah, you haven't changed either, I see Olivia," Kukui commented.

"I take it you two are acquainted?" Lisa asked.

"Yes. This is Olivia. She is the Kahuna of Akala Island," Kukui explained.

"You're outfit is totes cute!" Leni complimented.

"Thanks. Your outfit's not too bad either," Olivia returned the compliment, as a green haired girl, where overalls, cut just below her hips, joined the crowd.

"Big group," the girl commented.

"Yeah, we get that a lot," Lori commented.

"This here is Mallow. She's one of the Trial Captains you'll meet during your jaunt around Akala," Olivia said.

"Yep! I hope your teams are ready to cook with gas for when you come and face my trial!" Mallow said, as she and Olivia took their leave.

"She may not seem like it, but Olivia is a kind Kahuna deep down," Kukui said, as he, Hau, and Lillie took their leave.

"Ok, so where should we go first?" Will asked.

"The closest Trial Site is at Brooklet Hill," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a lake.

"According to the map, it's north of this city, and some town called 'Paniola Town'," Will said, examining the map.

"Well, we should stop off at the Pokémon Center first. Our Pokémon could do with a little pick me up," Toby commented.

"Good call," Will said, as they continued on.

Chapter 13: Pekaboo Pikachu and Eevee Valleys!

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Having left the Heahea City Pokémon Center, our heroes began their trek towards Brooklet Hill. They made their way along a winding path, seeing a lot of Pokémon along the way, "Hey Rotom, what Pokémon can be found on Akala Island?" Lola asked.

"Searching: Search Found: Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon, a Normal Type. Because of it's unstable genetic makeup, Eevee has the potential of evolving into one of 8 different forms," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a brown fox Pokémon.

"Ok, so that'll be one Pokémon we'll need to look for while we're here," Will commented.

"Are Eevee rare?" Leni asked.

"That's putting it mildly. Eevee are highly sought after by trainers, on account of their ability to evolve in 8 different Pokémon," Will replied.

"If only there was a place where we could see a ton of Eevee," Lincoln commented.

"Maybe that place will have some?" Leni asked.

"What place are you...?" Lori was cut off, seeing what Leni was looking at.

Come Visit the Pikachu and Eevee Valleys!
You won't find more of these Pokémon anywhere else in Alola!
(No Unauthorized Catching is Permitted)

"Oh, that makes more sense," Lori commented.

"I've never heard of a Pokémon Park with just one species of Pokémon before. But, it would be worth taking a look," Will said, as they followed the signs. However, unbeknownst to our heroes, someone was watching them from the bushes.

After about 20 minutes of walking, our heroes came across a three way cross roads. The left path had a sign that said "To Pikachu Valley". The right path had a sign that read "To Eevee Valley". The center path had a sign that said "To Paniola Town".

"Well guys, where do we want to go first?" Will asked.

"I'd like to go see some Pikachu," Lana commented. Toby, Silver Spoon, Leni, Luan, Lucy, and Lisa all shared their agreements.

"I want to see some Eevee!" Lola commented. Fluttershy, Serenity, Lori, Luna, Lynn. Lincoln shared similar sentiments.

"Ok, then I guess for right now, we'll split up. The half that wants to go to Pikachu Valley will go there, while the others head to Eevee Valley," Will declared.

"But what about you?" Fluttershy asked.

"I think I can take in a few sights. I'll go with the Pikachu Valley group first. Then, we can head over to Eevee Valley," Will suggested.

"That sounds reasonable," Lisa commented.

"Ok, we'll meet back here in half an about hour. That way, we can trade off the valleys we visit, agreed?" Will asked. Everyone shared their agreements, "Ok then guys, let's get going," Will said, as his group took the Pikachu Valley Path, while the other group made their way down the Eevee Valley path. The same figure that was watching them from the bushes was still sneaking around.

Pikachu Valley,

It took only a moment for Will's group to make it to Pikachu Valley. When they got there, they were amazed at how many Pikachu were running around, and playing, "So many Pikachu!" Lisa commented. One Pikachu came running up to them. It looked a bit chunkier than the others, and was slightly orange in color instead of yellow.

"Aww, look how chubby this one is!" Leni squealed, as she tried picking up the Pikachu to hug it, "Oof, a bit on the hefty side, this one," she commented, as the Pikachu just looked lazily up at the clouds. Just then, Lisa noticed something about it's tail.

"Hmm, Toby, your Pikachu has a heart shaped tip on it's tail, correct?" Lisa asked.

"That's right. That means my Pikachu is a girl," Toby replied.

"And as you can see, this Pikachu's tail tip is straight, so that means it's a boy," Will commented.

"I think I remember you saying something about gender differences in Pokémon," Lisa said, as they all looked around at the various Pikachu. They saw some of them with different hairstyles, while others were wearing little costumes and hats. One even had a detective hat on.

"Aww, look at the Detective Pikachu!" Lana cooed.

"I 'detect' someone is coming *chuckles* get it?" Luan joked, only receiving groans from the others, "But seriously, someone's coming over," she said, pointing to some people, who were walking over to them.

"Welcome to Pikachu Valley!" the girl said. She was dressed in Pikachu style cosplay.

"This area is where people can come and play with Pikachu, and, with consent from ourselves and the Pikachu, catch them," the man said. He was also dressed up in Pikachu Cosplay.

"It definetly seems like a paradise for Pikachu," Will commented, as some Pikachu came rushing through, passing a ball between them.

"You're all free to explore, but remember, no catching unless the Pikachu allow it," the girl said. The group then decided to walk around. Lisa became intrigued by an odd trailer, and went over to investigate.

"Hmm, could this be where Pikachu go to for medical treatment?" she pondered, as some Pikachu rushed out. She peered inside, and instantly regretted her decision, as a whole wave of Pikachu came rushing out, knocking her to the ground, "Note to self: Never get too curious about things," she groaned, as she got back up.

"By the way, do any of you have a Pikachu?" the man asked.

"I have one," Toby said, releasing his Pikachu.

"Ah, this is quite a healthy Pikachu you got here, sonny," the man complimented.

"Thank you," Toby thanked.

"You know, you may be able to use this," the girl said, giving Toby, much to everyone's shock, a Z Crystal with a Pikachu Tail pattern in the center.

"A Z CRYSTAL?!" Toby exclaimed.

"Yep! That's Pikanium Z! And if you have a Pikachu that can use Volt Tackle," the girl said, as she waved her arms in a zig zag pattern, pinched her cheeks, and did one final pose, using her hands like Pikachu Ears, "And strike a pose like this, you'll be able to use a Z Move that only Pikachu can use!" the girl explained.

"Wait, so there are Z Crystals for specific Pokémon?" Will asked.

"Yep! But they're like crazy rare! You can often get them from other people, as long as you're worthy in their eyes," the girl replied.

"In addition, in order for a Pokémon to use their own Z Crystal, they need to know a specific move. In Pikachu's case, the move is Volt Tackle. It get's upgraded to 'Catastropika'," the man explained.

"But, my Pikachu doesn't know how to use Volt Tackle," Toby said.

"Don't worry, we can teach it!" the girl said, as she released her own Pikachu, "Just watch how Mr. Cheeky here does it. Now, Mr. Cheeky, use Volt Tackle!" the girl said. Her Pikachu then became engulfed in electricity, and charged at a tree, knocking down several fruits, "Now, you try," the girl urged.

"Ok, Pikachu, do exactly what her Pikachu did, and use Volt Tackle on that tree," Toby said to his Pikachu. Pikachu then tried Volt Tackle, managing to pull it off flawlessly, "Wow, on your first try too!" Toby exclaimed, as Pikachu seemed pained, "What's wrong?" Toby asked worriedly.

"Don't worry. Volt Tackle is one of several moves in which it causes damage to the one being attacked and the user. Not exactly meant for longer battles," the girl said, scratching the back of her head.

"So, that means Volt Tackle is a sort of glass cannon move, right?" Lucy asked, startling everyone.

"I guess, if you want to phrase it like that," the girl replied. Some of the nearby Pikachu began taking an interest in the three trainers. Each of them were wearing some kind of baseball cap, each with a different marking.

"Ah, looks like these seven have taken an interest in you. These Pikachu are quite special indeed. They too have their own Z Crystal, but they need to know Thunderbolt," the man said.

"With your permission, I guess we could catch some of these Pikachu," Will commented.

"Well, it seems you have the blessings of these Pikachu, so I see no problem with it," the girl said. With that, Will caught two Pikachu, while Toby and Silver Spoon caught one each.

"We have some friends who are checking out Eevee Valley right now. When they come here, would it be alright if they caught some of the Hat Pikachu?" Will asked.

"Sure, as long as they're worthy in the Pikachu's eyes," the girl said, as she handed the three of them a Z Crystal with a large, Thunderbolt carving on top of the crystal, with a thunderbolt symbol in the center, "That Z Crystal is called 'Pikashunium Z', and the Z Move is called '10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt'," the girl said.

"It may prove useful in the Brooklet Hill Trial," the man said.

"Why's that?" Lana asked.

"See, Brooklet Hill is home to all manner of Water Pokémon," the man replied.

"I see, and these Z Crystals will help us?" Will asked.

"Without question," the man said.

"Thank you for your time," Will said, as the group took their leave of Pikachu Valley.

Back at the cross roads,

"Ok, the others should be here any moment now," Will commented, as the just arrived at cross roads. Just as he finished saying that, the other half of the group came walking in, "So, how'd you enjoy Eevee Valley?" Will asked.

"It was incredible! So many cute Eevee!" Fluttershy sighed happily.

"And what was Pikachu Valley like?" Lori asked.

"There were tons of Pikachu! Some of them were wearing little costumes!" Toby exclaimed.

"We even caught some Pikachu that were wearing hats," Silver Spoon said, releasing her Pikachu.

"Now isn't that cute?" Lincoln commented.

"Well, we were able to catch some Eevee. Serenity and I caught two each," Fluttershy commented.

"Does Eevee have it's own Z Crystal?" Lana asked.

"Well, yes, but we weren't able to get it. See, they apparently have this test, a sort of pseudo trial, that we have to take, before we can get an Eevee Z Crystal," Fluttershy explained.

"What does this task entail?" Lisa asked.

"Well, there are eight trainers scattered across Alola, each one with a different evolved form of Eevee. I guess the task is for us to find and defeat each of them in a battle," Fluttershy replied.

"Hmm, just what kind of Z Move does Eevee even have?" Will pondered, as both groups went to the other valley.

Eevee Valley,

Like in Pikachu Valley, it only took a moment for the group to arrive at Eevee Valley. Once there, they saw tons of Eevee, "So this is what Eevee looks like up close," Lana commented, as an Eevee wearing a net hat came rushing past.

"Welcome to Eevee Valley," a woman said, coming up to the group, "As you can see, this valley is home to the majority of the entire Eevee population in Alola. If any Eevee take an interest in you, you are free to catch them as you see fit," she explained. With that, the group then started wandering about, watching the Eevee play, eat, or sleep. They even saw the occasional silver Eevee.

"If you had to choose, what would you want your Eevee to evolve into?" Will asked Toby and Silver Spoon.

"I'd say Espeon and Flareon," Toby replied.

"I'm quite partial to Jolteon and Glaceon," Silver Spoon replied.

"What about you Will?" Leni asked.

"I've already completed an entire set of Eevee's evolved forms. They help watch over the baby Eevee that hatch from eggs," Will replied. Lisa had a look of ultimate bewilderment.

"Did you say that these Eevee hatch from eggs?" Lisa asked, sounding like she was about to go crazy.

"Almost all species of Pokémon hatch from eggs. They even have different egg groups for breeding," Will replied. Lisa then had a smile on her face. Not a happy smile, but rather the smile of someone who just had their entire sense of logic blown to smithereens. She then started giggling giddily.

"Great, Lisa's broken," Lana commented, as Luan picked up the aforementioned genius.

"I guess animals form your world aren't born from eggs?" Will asked.

"Well, birds, fish, and reptiles are born from eggs," Luan replied.

"Hmm, interesting," Will commented, looking over to see that Toby and Silver Spoon had befriended some Eevee.

"It seems those two have earned the trust of those four Eevee. They now have earned the right to catch those Eevee," the woman said. With that, Toby and Silver Spoon both caught themselves two Eevee each.

"We heard that Eevee has it's own Z Crystal. Is this true?" Will asked.

"Of course. Eevium Z is a Z Crystal that upgrades Eevee's Last Resort Move into an all new Z Move. The Z Move is called 'Extreme Evoboost', which allows Eevee to draw power from all of it's evolved forms to gain a jumbo stat boost," the woman explained.

"I see. That does sound like something that would require a test," Will commented.

"Ah, so heard of the test, I see?" the woman asked. Will was about to answer, when...

"'Ey, yo! When Team Skull wants somethin' they just take it!" everyone turned to see some Team Skull grunts, including the Butt Grunt from before. This was able to snap Lisa out of 'being broken'.

"What are you numskulls doing here?" Lucy demanded.

"We want to catch as many Eevee as we can, and auction them off! Another team is already gone to Pikachu Valley to catch the Pikachu that're there!" the Butt Grunt, obviously the leader, replied.

"Still up to no good, I see. Typical. Would you folks be ever so kind as to dealing with these numskulls?" the woman asked.

"Sure, no problem," Will said, as he, Silver Spoon and Toby took their places. Team Skull sent out Fomantis, Salandit, and Zubat.

"Go, Pikachu!" Will said, sending out one of the Pikachu he caught.

"Marill, we need your help too!" Silver Spoon exclaimed, sending out Marill.

"Rockruff, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Rockruff.

"Attack, all together!" the Butt Grunt ordered. Fomantis fired Leafage against Pikachu, Salandit used Venoshock on Marill, and Zubat used it's wings, which became metallic, on Rockruff.

"Quick, Pikachu, use Iron Tail on Zubat!" Will instructed. Pikachu's tail became metallic, and it slammed it against Zubat, knocking it out.

"Marill, use Water Gun!" Silver Spoon instructed. Marill fired Water Gun at Salandit, knocking it out.

"Go Rockruff! Use Fire Fang, now!" Toby instructed. Rockruff then charged at Fomantis, which Rockruff then proceeded to bite down on the opposing Pokémon with flame covered fangs, knocking out Fomantis.

"WHAT?! How can you chumps still be stronger than us?!" the Butt Grunt yelled, as the grunts recalled their Pokémon.

"Easy: We know how to train Pokémon," Will bluntly stated.

"WE WON'T FORGET THIS!" Team Skull yelled, as they ran off.

"Thank you for that. Who knows what those numskulls would've done if you hadn't stepped in?" the woman thanked.

"No problem," Will commented.

"You know, if you want, you are allowed to go around and challenge the 8 Eevee Trainers scattered around Alola if you want. When you've battle all eight of them, head to the Thrifty Megamart on Royal Avenue, and speak with the big, burly man. He will be the last of the eight trainers you face," the woman explained.

"Thank you for that. We'll look into it," Will replied, as the group made their way out of Eevee Valley.

Back at the crossroads,

After touring both valleys, our heroes all rendezvoused back at the cross roads, "Ok, so did everyone enjoy themselves in the two valleys?" Will asked. A round of agreements came from the large group.

"I even caught two of the cutest Pikachu there," Serenity whispered, releasing the chubby Pikachu and the Detective Pikachu from before, "Chubbykins and Mr. Detective are just so cute!" Serenity said, hugging the Pikachu.

"I even caught some Pikachu that were wearing some baseball caps," Fluttershy admitted.

"We caught some of them as well," Toby added.

"So, unless anybody has anything else they want to do before we leave, we should get going to Paniola Town," Will said, noticing the sun was starting to set. Everyone shared their sentiments, "Alright. Let's get moving," Will said, as they continued their adventure.

Chapter 14: Regional Variant Lectures

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It didn't take long for our heroes to arrive at Paniola Town. Looking around, everything looked like it was from a western movie, "So, this is Paniola Town. Very rustic," Will said, as they walked down the main street.

"Definetly looks like the kind of place you'd think the movie industry would shoot a western," Lincoln commented. They saw the Pokémon Center at the end of the street.

"Oh, good. The Pokémon Center," Will commented, as they made their way over. Halfway there, they heard the familiar sound of one of their friends.

"Dudes!" Hau called out, running towards them.

"Hey Hau. We haven't seen you in a while," Luan commented.

"I was just visiting Pikachu and Eevee Valleys. I caught a whole bunch of Eevee, and even nabbed a cool Z Crystal for my Pikachu," Hau replied, showing them the Pikanium Z.

"That's good. Anyhow, we were heading to go and check into the Pokémon Center for the night," Will commented.

"Oh yeah! We've all had a pretty long day today, huh?" Hau said, as he dashed off to the Pokémon Center.

"Hey, no fair!" Lynn said, running after Hau.

"Lynn! It's not a competition!" Lori scolded, but to no avail. Lynn's competitive nature couldn't be suppressed.

"I take it this happens a lot?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, Lynn has a terrible habit of making everything into a competition, even stuff that is never meant to be a contest," Lincoln groaned.

"It can get her into a lot of trouble," Lucy added.

"Last time she got too full of herself, well.... we don't talk about it," Luan shuddered, as they followed after the two. They were just approaching the center, when...

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" they heard the voice of Busujima yell. They rushed over, to see Lynn on the ground, looking angrily at the bully.

"ME?! You're the one who shoved me down!" Lynn countered.

"So what? Unlike you, I actually need to use the Pokémon Center!" Busujima snapped, walking inside.

"That guy...." Toby groaned. Luna and Lincoln went over to help their sister up, only for the jock to slap their hands away.

"I don't need any help!" Lynn snapped, marching into the Pokémon Center.

"Great, now she's in one of her sour moods, again," Lola commented sarcastically, as Lynn stormed off to vent.

"Should one of us talk to her?" Fluttershy asked.

"It's better if you don't. Once she's in a bad mood, there's literally no point in talking to her," Lori groaned, pinching the bridge between her eyebrows.

"She'll come back once she's calmed down enough," Lincoln added. With that, the others went into the Pokémon Center, seeing that Hau had just finished up at the counter.

"I'm happy to tell you that your Pokémon are all fighting fit, Hau," Nurse Joy said.

"Thanks a bunch!" Hau exclaimed, as he noticed his friends.

"Nurse Joy, could you take care of our Pokémon too?" Will asked, as each trainer gave her their Pokeballs.

"Of course. By the way, are you planning to take the Trial up at Brooklet Hill?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Yes. That'll be our first trial on Akala Island," Will replied.

"Then I would recommend staying the night. it's a bit of a walk to Brooklet Hill," Nurse Joy said, handing them three keys, one to Will, one to Lori, and one to Hau.

"Thank you Nurse Joy," Will said.

"Also, is a girl in a red jersey with brown hair and a ponytail comes in, could you tell her where our room is?" Lori asked.

"Of course. I take it she got in a fight with Busujima?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Yeah, and now she's still fuming outside," Lori replied.

"I'll tell her where your room is at," Nurse Joy said, as a large, pink rabbit Pokémon with huge eyes wheeled the cart with the Pokeballs into the backrooms.

"Well, let's settle in for the night," Will said, as each of them went to find their rooms.

"Linky, why don't you join us tonight?" Leni offered.

"Sure, if that's alright with the rest of you," Lincoln said. Each of his sisters sounded their agreements, as they arrived at their rooms. Thankfully, each room was right next to one another. Will and his friends from Ponyville went in one room, the Louds in another, while Hau got the third room all to himself.

"Alright guys, we can get our Pokémon when we go to have dinner," Will said, as they finished settling in.

"Yeah, I'm feeling a bit hungry," Toby commented.

"As are we," Silver Spoon added.

"I'm sure the others are hungry too, so let's head to the restraunt, and grab some food," Will suggested, as they left their room. They looked to see the Louds exiting their room as well. They noticed a troubled look on Lincoln's face, like he was about to be sick.

"Is your brother ok?" Silver Spoon asked.

"He'll be fine once we get some food," Lori replied almost too quickly.

Moments ago,

As the Loud Siblings, save for Lynn, were setting their stuff down, Lori turned to her only brother, "Lincoln, we need to tell you something important, but you can't tell the others that you know," Lori said in a deadly serious tone.

"Um, ok? What about?" Lincoln asked.

"It's regarding Flora, Serenity, Sylvia, and Toby," Lisa replied. With that, they told Lincoln all about how Toby and the three girls were all from different dimensions, and how Toby wound up in Equestria. Needless to say, Lincoln was horrified to the point of nearly loosing his lunch.

"Toby... really went through all of that?" Lincoln asked, sounding extremely disturbed. His sisters all solemnly nodded, "But, why are you telling me this?" Lincoln asked.

"Because, if you were to ask Toby, it would no doubt instill his darkest emotions, making him loose himself to depression," Lucy explained.

"The point is, we're telling you this so that Toby doesn't have to," Lori added. The sound of stomachs growling filled the room, "I guess it is time for dinner," she blushed. Her sisters agreed, as did Lincoln, but he sounded more distant.

"Well, let's go get somethin to eat. Lynn should've calmed down by now," Will commented.

"If we're lucky," Lana mumbled, as the left the dorms.

"Hau isn't joining us?" Lola asked.

"I went to ask him if he wanted food, but all I heard was snoring," Toby replied.

"I guess he crashed hard after whatever he's been doing today," Luna commented, as they entered the restraunt area. They saw Lynn, looking a little bit calmer, but was still fuming a bit from her run in with Busujima.

"She still looks a bit grumpy," Silver Spoon commented.

"Yeah, but sadly, that's as good as we're gonna get from her," Lori replied, as they all took their seats, with Lynn sitting at a separate table that was still relatively close to the others. They all took their turns ordering their food.

"So, Will, I was wondering, are there any alien Pokémon?" Lincoln asked.

"Get real brother. There's been no proof of extraterrestrials in our world, what makes you think there would be any in this world?" Lisa asked.

"Lisa, we've seen a cat and two foxes that breathe fire, mice that generate electricity, a giant rock snake, a luchador bird, and a whole bunch of other Pokémon. Are you really trying to deflate the possibility of alien Pokémon?" Lincoln countered.

"Touche," Lisa said, admitting defeat.

"Well, to answer your question, a few species of Pokémon are rumored to have come from space," Will replied.

"Some examples include the Clefairy evolution line, Starmie, Elgyem and Beheeyem, Rotom said, displaying pictures of three fairy Pokémon, a purple starfish, and two Pokémon that looked very much like aliens.

"But there is one more Pokémon, that researchers have confirmed come from space. This one is the most mysterious one of them all. It is the Pokémon known as Deoxys," Will added. Needless to say, the Louds were speechless.

"Rotom, do you have any data on Deoxys?" Fluttershy asked.

"Of course. Deoxys, the DNA Pokémon, a Psychic Type. Specific data on this Pokémon is still unknown. It is said to have mutated from a virus," Rotom said, displaying a picture of an orange, alien Pokémon, with tentacles from arms, and a crystal in it's chest.

"Now that looks like an alien," Lincoln commented, as their food arrived. With that, the humans, and their Pokémon all began eating dinner. During which, an elderly couple walked over, noticing Toby's Vulpix.

"Oh my, such a precious little thing," the woman said, kneeling down to get a better look at Vulpix, who seemed uncomfortable under the gaze of the two strangers.

"Does this Vulpix belong to any of you?" the man asked.

"Why, yes. Vulpix belongs to Toby here," Will replied, motioning to the aforementioned boy. Vulpix the leapt into Toby's lap, not wanting to be stared at more.

"It's quite a treat for us of Alola to see a red Vulpix," the man stated.

"I think I remember Rotom saying something about how Vulpix is one of few Pokémon that appears differently in Alola than anywhere else," Silver Spoon commented.

"Of course, and here's the information on an Alolan Vulpix. Vulpix, Alola Form the Fox Pokémon, an Ice Type. It's breath can reach temperatures of at least -60 degrees Fahrenheit. They are mostly common around Mount Lanakila. Many elderly folks refer to an Alolan Vulpix as 'Keokeo', which is a much older name for Vulpix," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a white Vulpix.

"Whoa, so it's an Ice Type here in Alola," Will commented.

"Yes. In fact, there's a particularly friendly Alolan Vulpix that comes by and visits us elders," the woman explained, as she and her husband took their leave.

"Fascinating. You said that Grimer was a pure Poison Type in other regions, correct?" Lisa asked.

"That's right, and they're purple," Will replied.

"But in Vulpix's case, it has adopted an entirely new form by adapting to it's opposite element," Lisa theorized.

"By the way, I assume that Ninetails has an Alolan Form too?" Toby asked Rotom.

"Of course! Ninetails, Alola Form, the Fox Pokémon, an Ice and Fairy Type. It was once feared and respected as a deity before being classified as the regional variant of Ninetails. It leads people out of it's territory for it's benefit alone," Rotom explained, displaying a picture of a White Ninetails.

"It's so beautiful!" Lori commented.

"This is what a normal Ninetails looks like. It is said that each of it's nine tails possesses a mysterious power that allows it to live for thousands of years," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a yellow Ninetails instead.

"That's the Ninetails I know," Will commented.

"I can't decide which one looks more elegant," Lola commented.

"Well, they both look beautiful," Toby replied.

"I'd like to see both forms of Vulpix and Ninetails side by side," Lisa added.

"So, when does Vulpix evolve?" Luna asked.

"When it's exposed to a Fire Stone. Much like Pikachu, Vulpix is one of many Pokémon that requires a certain item to evolve," Will replied.

"But to evolve an Alolan Vulpix or an Alolan Sandshrew, you must use an Ice Stone," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a jeweled stone with a snowflake pattern.

"Wait, there's an Alolan Sandshrew too?" Will questioned.

"Of course! Sandshrew, and it's evolved form, Sandslash, Alola Form, both are Mouse Pokémon, and are Ice and Steel Types. Both Pokémon took these forms when they fled to icy regions to escape the volcanic regions. Sandshrew's new shell make's it unable to curl up into a ball, but can be used as a substitute for curling. Sandslash's claws are well developed to deliver the finishing blow to prey," Rotom said, displaying a picture of two mouse Pokémon. The smaller one looked to have a skin pattern like an Igloo, while the larger one had spike made of icicles on it's back.

"So, what are normal Sandshrew and Sandslash like?" Leni asked.

"They're both pure Ground Types, and they mostly can be found in desert regions," Will said, as Rotom displayed a picture of both Pokémon in their normal forms.

"Fascinating," Lisa commented, as they all finished their dinner.

The next morning,

Hau had left early to get to Brooklet Hill, leaving our heroes to sample some of the local colors of Paniola Town's restraunts. Their eyes all set on one particular restraunt, "Looks like this place is a famous chain restraunt," Will commented.

"Why would they serve chains? They wouldn't taste any good," Leni commented.

"You're adorable Leni, but it means there are multiple establishments scattered across Alola," Lisa explained.

"It's been a while since I've had pancakes," Silver Spoon commented.

"Looks like they have a wide variety, so let's check it out," Will suggested, as they entered the restraunt, all apart from Toby, who saw some Team Skull grunts loitering about.

'What could they be up to?' Toby thought to himself, as he went inside. The group was then promptly seated, where they were looking over the menus. Leni then noticed a bunch of large mice, riding their tails like surfboards.

"Hey Will, what are those Pokémon?" Leni asked. Will then looked over to the Pokémon she was referring to.

"They.... look an awful like Raichu, but the ones I know don't float," Will replied.

"Allow me to explain! Raichu, Alola Form, the Mouse Pokémon, an Electric and Psychic Type. Researchers have theorized that Raichu's diet of fluffy Alola pancakes caused it to take this new form. It controls electricity with psychokinesis," Rotom explained.

"So even Raichu has an Alolan Form," Will commented.

"This is the Raichu you're familiar with, right Will? It's a Pure Electric Type. It's Thunderbolt has enough power to knockout a Dragonite," Rotom said, displaying a picture of an orange Mouse Pokémon.

"Yeah, that's the one!" Will replied.

"So, Raichu from other regions don't surf on their tails?" Lana asked.

"Precisely," Will replied, as they placed their orders.

"So far, we've seen Exeggutor, Rattata, Raticate, Raichu, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Vulpix, Ninetails, Grimer, and Meowth. I can only assume that Persian has an Alolan Form too because of that," Toby commented.

"Persian, Alola Form, the Classy Cat Pokémon, a Dark Type. In contrast to it's beautiful face, which is a sign of wealth, it has a brutal temperament. Rather than finish off it's prey, it elects to torture them instead," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a large, grey cat Pokémon, with a round head and a blue jewel in the middle of it's forehead.

"That sounds awful," Leni commented.

"Well, there are several species of Pokémon that do that sort of thing to their prey," Will replied, as their food arrived. Will, Fluttershy, Lori, Luan, Lincoln, and Lisa all got strawberry pancakes, Toby, Serenity, Silver Spoon, Leni, Luna, Lynn, and Lola got chocolate pancakes, and the rest got maple pancakes.

"Why don't we let our Pokémon have some pancakes as well?" Fluttershy asked.

"Good call," Will said, as each trainer released their Pokémon. And, like always, Mawile chomped down on Toby, who ran around, eventually getting the Deceiver Pokémon pried off by Luna and Lana.

"Hmm, these regional Pokémon variants must've been discovered by someone. Rotom, is there any data on who documented these regional variants?" Lincoln asked.

"Of course! Regional Variants of Pokémon were first discovered by Professor Samson Oak, the Alola Region's leading expert on regional variants," Rotom said, displaying a picture of an old man in a green button up shirt, and short khakis.

"Whoa, he looks a lot like Professor Oak from Pallet Town in Kanto," Will commented.

"That's because Professor Samson Oak is the cousin of Professor Samuel Oak," Rotom stated.

"So, what's this Professor Oak guy like? The one from Kanto, I mean," Lynn asked.

"Well, he's the most renowned expert on Pokémon in the world. He dabbles a bit in poetry, but is nevertheless a very wise man," Will explained. Lucy looked up at the mention of poetry. She was about to ask Will about one of the professor's poems, when.....

"Hey, you numskulls, leave Vulpix alone!" they heard some voices from outside yell. Looking out the window, they saw Team Skull, who were picking on an Alolan Vulpix.

"Ahh, why does this Vulpix even need that Bottle Cap anyway?" the Butt Grunt said, talking like he was above everyone.

"We'd better get out there and help that Vulpix!" Toby exclaimed. His Pokémon all leapt into action, as they dashed out to confront Team Skull. Serenity's Grubbin was caught up in the chaos.

"Grubby!" Serenity said, as she slowly ran behind her brother's team of Pokémon, with her own Pokémon, save for Chubbykins, in tow. Lana, Lynn, Luna, and Lori all decided to come help as well.

"Hey! You jerks better leave Vulpix alone!" Lynn exclaimed, as the group confronted Team Skull. Serenity took this opportunity to safely get Grubbin.

"Hey, you're that gang with the red Vulpix, aren't ya? What a score, we'll be able to sell off two forms of Vulpix at once," the Butt Grunt said, as the others soon joined up.

"Keep talking like that and I'll bite you again!" Lana threatened.

"EEK!" the Butt Grunt said, covering his butt.

"Oh, so you're rear's your weak spot, eh? Then I should whack it with my cane!" one of the elders suggested.

"EEP!" the Butt Grunt said again. The Alolan Vulpix saw this as an opportunity to get away from Team Skull. It quickly dashed over and hid behind Toby, "Hey! We ain't done with you yet! Go Drowzee!" the Butt Grunt said, sending out Drowzee. The other grunts sent out Mareanie, Salandit, Fomantis, and Zubat.

"Alright, Grimer, get in there!" Will said, as the Sludge Pokémon..... slithered forward.

"Trumbeak, we need you too," Fluttershy added.

"Rockruff, go!" Toby said.

"Go Marill!" Silver Spoon said. Before anyone could do anything, Grubbin wrestled out of Serenity's grasp, and sprayed String Shot all over Team Skull and their Pokémon, making them look like mummies. With one tremendous throw, Grubbin threw Team Skull out of Paniola Town.

"WE WON'T FORGET THIS!" they yelled.

"That was truly unexpected," Lisa commented.

"Who would've thought something as small as that bug could be so strong?" Lynn added. Just then, Grubbin began to evolve. It became a green, rectangular grub Pokémon.

"Grubbin, evolved?" Serenity questioned.

"There's my cue! Charjabug, the Battery Pokémon, a Bug and Electric Type. Charjabug stores electricity in it's body. Those who own Charjabug are grateful for having one, as they can be used as a power source," Rotom said.

"Fascinating," Lisa said, taking closer inspection of Charjabug, who remained still.

"Thank you nice kids for saving little Vulpix here," an elderly woman said.

"Not a problem, but why was Team Skull picking on Vulpix?" Will asked.

"Because of this," the woman said, as Vulpix gave her a silver bottle cap.

"A bottle cap, really?" Luan commented, sounding unimpressed.

"Don't sell it so short. There's a facility somewhere in Alola that can raise your Pokémon's power to even greater heights, even when their at their maximum level. They offer this service in exchange for a bottlecap," the woman explained.

"Well, I've heard some people would go to great lengths to get a bottlecap," Will said.

"I'm more impressed by Lincoln's coin collection than that. No offense," Lori said.

"None taken," Lincoln replied, as Vulpix dashed off somewhere.

"I do hope that Vulpix finds a kind trainer someday," the woman commented.

"But won't it get lonely without it coming by?" Lola asked.

"It will be lonely, but it would set our minds at ease knowing it has a good trainer taking care of it," the woman replied, as she took her leave.

"Well, if you guys are ready, we should get going," Will said, as they turned to leave Paniola Town for Brooklet Hill.

On a cliff overlooking Paniola Town, a trainer was watching the large group. He had pale blonde hair, covering one eye, bright green eyes, and torn up black clothes. His Pokémon consisted of a Zorua, Zubat, and a large Pokémon that looked like a patchwork of pieces with a big metal mask, "Those guys are worth keeping an eye on," he commented.

Chapter 15: The Mysterious Trainer: Enter Gladion!

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Following a trail leading through what looked to be farmlands, our heroes continued their journey. Their next destination, Brooklet Hill, site of their next Trial. As they walked, they saw all manner of Pokémon that looked like what you'd find on a farm, which ranged from Tauros, several large pink cow Pokémon, several small brown donkey like Pokémon, and a bunch of Mareep, "Quite the number of cattle and sheep Pokémon," Lisa commented.

"Pokémon like Tauros, Miltank, and Mareep are pretty common around farms," Will stated, as they rounded a corner. As they did, a farmer noticed them.

"Oh hey, are you kids on the Island Challenge?" he asked.

"The four of us are," Will said, motioning to himself, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon.

"Then you may want to go see the captain. She's right in there," the farmer said, motioning to a pasture, where they saw their friend, Mallow, chatting it up with some of the farmhands and some Miltank.

"Thanks so much for the MooMoo Milk!" Mallow exclaimed happily, as a truck was getting ready to take off somewhere.

"No problem Mallow. Oh, it looks like you got company," the farmhand commented, noticing the large group. Mallow turned to see the group as well.

"Hey guys! Did you come to try some MooMoo Milk too?" Mallow asked.

"Um, sure, if you guys are up for some?" Will asked, turning to the group. They all gave their sentiments about the milk.

"You guys are going to love it! MooMoo Milk is way richer in taste than plain milk, and it also helps revitalize a Pokémon's energy," Mallow said, as they were all given a bottle of MooMoo Milk.

"Is it really that good?" Lisa asked.

"Of course! I myself love the taste," Will replied. With that, they all drank the milk. The moment it hit their taste buds, it was an explosion of flavor. This rich, creamy texture was almost too good.

"Now THAT'S sweet!" Lincoln commented.

"I don't think I've ever tasted anything this yummy before!" Silver Spoon added.

"I know, right? You can add MooMoo Milk to a variety of recipes to help them taste tons better!" Mallow replied.

"By the way, we were told you had something for us?" Will asked.

"Oh right!" Mallow said, as she took each of their Ride Pagers, and entered something into each one, "There, now you can call on a Pokémon called Stoutland to help find hidden objects," Mallow explained.

"Makes sense. Stoutland are pretty good at tracking down lots of things," Will commented.

"By the way, Brooklet Hill is just another 15 minutes in that direction. My friend, Lana, will be supervising your trial," Mallow said, as she hopped into the truck, and left the ranch. Needless to say, the Louds were surprised to hear that someone named Lana was a Trial Captain.

"When did Lana become a trainer? I want to be one too!" Lola insisted.

"I doubt extremely that she was referring to OUR Lana," Lisa replied.

"It's more than likely that Mallow was talking about another Lana. Remember, tons of people have the same name," Lincoln added.

"Is that true Sweetie Pie?" Silver Spoon whispered to Toby.

"Yeah. Though I guess for ponies all have their own unique names, right?" Toby whispered back. Silver Spoon nodded, as they left the pasture, and continued onward. They were passing through some tall grass, when out from the grass came a pink Mareep, with a lazy look in it's eyes.

"Oh cool, a shiny Mareep!" Will exclaimed.

"I-is it alright I-If I were to try to c-catch it?" Serenity asked.

"Go for it," Will urged. Serenity then took out a Nest Ball, and "chucked" it Mareep. But it really more like it fell out of her hand and rolled over to Mareep, who lazily, yet accidentally, activated the capture mechanism, encapsulating Mareep. The Nest Ball rocked three times before clicking. it then teleported away.

"Are all Mareep like that?" Lynn asked.

"Yeah, Mareep tend to be laid back, and mellow Pokémon," Will said, as they continued to walk. As they were walking, they took notice of a small shack, that had the sign "Pokémon Nursery," "Huh, wonder what this is?" Will asked.

"The Pokémon Nursery," one of the farm girls replied, "We heard about these things called 'Pokémon Day Cares' from other regions, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. Though the Pokémon don't get stronger. But there is one thing that makes us just as similar to the Day Cares. Often times, we find eggs that Pokémon will often be holding. We give them to trainers who are willing to raise them. Speaking of which, we have four eggs here. Would any of you be willing to take care of one?" the girl asked.

"You know, it would be a good learning experience for you guys to learn about raising a Pokémon from an egg. You should do it," Will urged.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt," Fluttershy commented.

"Another cute Pokémon sounds lovely," Serenity whispered.

"I'd like to raise a baby Pokémon too," Silver Spoon commented.

"And it would be nice raising a baby Pokémon again," Toby added.

"Great! The eggs are right here," the girl said, showing the eggs to the trainers. One was a sky blue color. One was darker blue, with black and yellow stripes at the bottom. The last two had plus and minus symbols on them, "Take you pick," the girl asked. Fluttershy took the sky blue egg, Toby took the dark blue egg, Silver Spoon took the egg with the plus symbols on it, while Serenity took the one with the minus symbols on it, "One other thing, don't go cracking those eggs just 'cause you want to know what's in them," the girl told in a serious tone.

"We won't," Will said, as they went on their way. Up ahead, they saw some familiar faces, in the forms of their friend Hau, and much to their dismay, Busujima. They both look like they were worn out. In front of them, they saw a blonde boy, dressed in tattered black clothes. Hau then took notice of his friends.

"Hey dudes! This guy is scary strong!" Hau said, his smile never fading. The boy in question took notice of the large group.

"Are any of you named 'Will' by any chance?" the boy asked.

"Uh, well my name is Will from Mahogany Town," Will said. The boy simply glared.

"Hmm, even Pokémon have a better sense of caution," the boy simply stated, "The name's Gladion, and I am working with my partner, Type: Null, to battle the strongest trainers out there. Though, our time does get wasted doing odd jobs for Team Skull," Gladion stated.

"Wait, 'battle the strongest trainers'?" Toby questioned.

"Those two," Gladion said, looking at Hau and Busujima, "Their Pokémon aren't weak, but they each lack a certain trait to truly make their Pokémon stronger. I want to see what you are capable of," Gladion said, holding out a Pokeball.

"It has been a while since I was openly challenged like this, Sure, you're on!" Will said, pulling out his first Pokeball, while the others got out of the way.

"So, what really is the deal with this Gladion guy?" Lynn asked.

"He's crazy strong, unbelievably so. And his ace Pokémon looks like something out of a Horror Movie," Hau replied.

"Even with both of us, we couldn't lay a scratch on it," Busujima said, still sounding rattled.

"Alright, Makuhita, let's go!" Will said, sending out Makuhita.

"Zorua, may your Illusions bewilder our opponents!" Gladion said, sending out a Zubat.

"I thought Zorua were little fox Pokémon?" Leni pondered.

"Allow me to explain. Zorua, and it's evolved form, Zoroark, are the only Pokémon that have the Illusion ability, which allows it take on the appearance of another Pokémon it your party," Rotom explained.

"But it's still confusing," Will commented.

"Zorua, use Dark Pulse!" Gladion instructed. The Zubat turned back into Zorua, who then fired a stream of dark rings at Makuhita, who tanked the attack.

"Dark Type Moves are not very effective on Fighting Type Pokémon," Rotom stated.

"Makuhita, use Arm Thrust!" Will instructed. Makuhita then charged at Zorua, pushing it back with arm thrusts.

"But the reverse is true. Fighting Type Moves are best against Dark Type Pokémon," Toby commented.

"Now, use Brick Break!" Will instructed. Makuhita then finished off Zorua with a karate chop, knocking it out.

"A job well done Zorua, take a rest," Gladion said, recalling the Illusion Fox Pokémon. He then readied his next Pokeball, "Zubat, take to the skies!" Gladion said, sending out a Zubat.

"Makuhita, return!" Will said, recalling Makuhita. He then readied another Pokeball, "Go, Dartrix!" Will said, sending out Dartrix.

"Wait, I'm lost. Why did Will send out Dartrix? I thought Grass Type Pokémon were weak against Poison Types?" Lola questioned.

"Maybe he wants to fight Zubat in the air, which is why he's using Dartrix to battle," Toby theorized.

"Zubat, use Confuse Ray," Gladion instructed. Zubat then fired off several bright lights.

"Quick, dodge!" Will instructed. Dartrix then got out of the way, "Now, use Peck!" he added. Dartrix then charged beak first at Zubat, striking the bat Pokémon, who seemed to shake it off.

"Zubat, use Wing Attack," Gladion instructed. Zubat's wings then began glowing, as it charged at Dartrix, trying to strike it.

"Dartrix, use Leafage to get some distance!" Will instructed. Dartrix then began swirling Leafage around, not only defending, but attacking Zubat at the same time, "Now, Peck it once more!" Will instructed. Dartrix then Pecked Zubat once again, knocking it out.

"Well played Zubat. Take a rest," Gladion said, recalling Zubat. He then held up a pure white Pokémon, "Alright Null, it's your time now!" Gladion said, sending out the very Pokémon that Hau had described.

"What in the world is that?!" Lincoln exclaimed.

"NO DATA! NO DATA! It's a completely unknown Pokémon!" Rotom exclaimed, taking pictures of the Pokémon.

"Looks like a real Frankenstein Pokémon," Lisa commented, noticing the various parts of Type: Null's body.

"Hmm, I don't know what to expect from this thing, but we should keep our distance just to be safe. Now, Dartrix, use Razor Leaf!" Will instructed. Dartrix then fired Razor Leaf at Null.

"Air Slash," Gladion said. From the tip of it's mask, Null fired blades of air that not only stopped Razor Leaf, but cut right through it, striking Dartrix, knowing it out.

"Thanks Dartrix, you did great out there!" Will said, recalling Dartrix, "Let's see, it can't be a Flying Type, but that mask looks like it's just for show. Maybe if I can get Grimer to Poison is, then I may stand a chance," Will said, sending out Grimer, "Now, Grimer, use Sludge Bomb!" Will instructed. Grimer then fired Sludge Bomb at Null.

"Crush Claw," Gladion said. Null's claw began glowing, as it slammed the Sludge Bomb down, "Now, use Iron Head," the mask on Null's head became metallic, as it lunged at Grimer, striking the Sludge Pokémon, knocking it out.

"No way. Return, Grimer!" Will said, recalling Grimer, "Ok, so I couldn't use distance or status moves against this thing, so I may just go for broke and use power, and where there's power, there's Pikachu and it's Z Move," Will whispered to himself, readying one of the Pokeballs that held a Pikachu.

"Will must have some other plan cooked up," Fluttershy commented.

"Alright, Pikachu, let's go!" Will said, sending out the Kanto Pikachu.

"So, you're going to attempt to use speed over power?" Gladion questioned.

"More the reverse to be frank," Will replied, equipping the Pikashium Z into his Z Power Ring.

"I thought his name was Will?" Leni questioned.

"I'll explain later," Lori said to her little sister.

"Alright, they didn't show me how to do the pose, but I'll just have to wing it," Will said. Pikachu then turned back to him, smiling confidently, "You're right, we can do this," Will said, as the Z Crystal began reacting. Will and Pikachu did a fist bump, and then Will high-fived Pikachu's tail. They then both extended the same fist, as Pikachu then became enveloped in Z Power, "Alright, this move feels like its more powerful than a Thunderbolt. 10,000,000 times more powerful. So let it rip Pikachu! Use 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt!" Pikachu then leapt high in the air, and lightning bolts of varying colors began pouring into Pikachu, who then let off all of the power at once, aimed directly at Type: Null. It looked ready to tank the attack, as it made contact. A huge column of electricity then erupted from the impact. Will, his friends from Ponyville and Royal Woods, Hau, and Busujima, all looked completely startled by the attack, even Lucy, whose eyes were briefly seen. When the light died down, they saw that Type: Null was just barely standing, "No way, even that didn't do a thing?!" Will exclaimed.

"No, it damaged Null significantly enough. We can call the match here," Gladion said, recalling Type: Null.

"That Pokémon, just what is it?" Lincoln pondered.

"If you must know, it is the reason I want, no.... why I MUST get stronger," Gladion replied, "All for the purpose of facing those Beasts," he murmured the last part.

"Man, what a waste of time!" they all saw Team Skull Grunts, including the Butt Grunt, walking towards them, "We was hoping to catch that Totem Pokémon at Brooklet Hill, but what do we find? Our errand boy loosing to some scrubs! Guess we're gonna have to deal with this ourselves," the Butt Grunt said, as he approached.

"Wait," Gladion said, catching the Butt Grunt's attention, "You know you can't beat me. Your Pokémon are good Pokémon. You shouldn't go getting them hurt for your own selfish devices," Gladion said, glaring at Butt Grunt, who glared back.

"Alright dudes, let's pull out of here!" The Butt Grunt said, as the others took their leave, "One more thing Gladion. The boss may like you and all, but you're not a real member of Team Skull, not really, and you never will be. Remember that," he said, as he followed the other grunts. Soon after, Gladion took his leave as well. Busujima also took off without anyone noticing.

"So, Hau, I guess you already got through the Brooklet Hill Trial?" Will asked.

"Yeah, but I have to admit, that Totem Pokémon made me work for that Z Crystal," Hau said, showing them the Z Crystal. It was blue with a symbol of a water droplet in the center.

"So that's the Z Crystal we're going for?" Toby asked.

"Yep! It's called Waterium Z," Hau replied.

"So, what kind of Pokémon is the Brooklet Hill Totem?" Silver Spoon asked.

"I could tell you guys, but where's the surprise in that?" Hau chuckled.

"Fair enough," Silver Spoon replied.

"Well, my next trial is going to be up at Wela Volcano Peak," Hau said, taking his leave.

"Well, we should stop by the Pokémon Center first. My Pokémon are pretty tuckered out," Will commented.

"Good call," Fluttershy said, as they headed to the Pokémon Center.

Chapter 16: Brooklet Hill Trial (Ultra Rewrite)

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After their encounter with the mysterious Gladion, our heroes decided to stop off at the Pokémon Center before tackling the Brooklet Hill Trial, "Nurse Joy, can you please take care of my Pokémon?" Will asked, giving Nurse Joy his Pokeballs.

"Of course. We'll have them fighting fit for your trial," Nurse Joy replied. With that, Will went over to where his friends were seated at. They were talking about possible strategies that should be employed during the trial, while Toby was swapping Mawile out for Noibat at the PC.

"You're not going to use Mawile?" Luan asked.

"No. Nothing against her, but she doesn't exactly operate well in water," Toby replied, remembering an incident a while ago.

The other night,

"Ok guys, bath time!" Toby called. His Pokémon all eagerly jumped into the water, even Rockruff and Toby's Fire Type Pokémon. However, no sooner than they did, Mawile resurfaced, splashing and flailing, a panicked look on her face, as she leapt out of the bathtub. She was soon on her hands and feet, completely depressed, "I think I'll just wash you out of the bath tub," Toby said, comforting the Deceiver Pokémon.

"And that's pretty much what happened," Toby explained, as he got Noibat's Pokeball.

"So, you're saying Mawile has a slight case of aquaphobia, correct?" Lisa asked.

"Uh, sure?" Toby awkwardly replied.

"It just means Mawile feels immense feelings of discomfort or even fear of water," Lisa clarified.

"I just assume she can't swim," Toby replied.

"Well, those jaws she has on the top of her head would make swimming difficult," Lana commented.

"Right. So, rather than force her to face her fears, I'll just do it at her own pace," Toby added.

"Though I don't agree with that, it really isn't my call to make," Lynn commented.

"And yet, she constantly thinks beating me up classifies as toughening me up," Lincoln whispered to Lori and Lola, who both nodded disapprovingly at their sister's rough nature.

"So, anyway, what's your dude's plan for taking on the big boss?" Luna asked.

"Well, we know it's a Water Type. So, our best bet is going in with either Electric or Grass Types. And some Flying Pokémon can be helpful too," Will replied.

"So for my, I'll go in with Pikachu, Steenee, and Noibat," Toby said, as the first two aforementioned Pokémon leapt into his lap.

"Though it may not hurt to have Water Pokémon helping out as well," Silver Spoon commented, eyeing Marill and Brionne.

"And we also have those Pikachu we caught in Pikachu Valley," Fluttershy added.

"And we've all manner of Flying Pokémon besides Noibat," Will added.

"Like which ones?" Leni asked, unaware of Trumbeak sitting right next to her.

"Trumbeak and Hawlucha are both Flying Types. And we also have Magnemite, who can float," Silver Spoon replied.

"Alright, so we got a game plan," Will commented, as the bell went off, signaling his Pokémon were done healing, "I'll go collect my Pokémon, then we can head out," Will said, as received his Pokémon from Nurse Joy. With that, the group headed out to take on Brooklet Hill.

Our heroes found themselves walking along a plank bridge, as they began to enter Brooklet Hill. At the other side of the bridge, they saw a young girl with blue hair, bell bottomed pants, and a gold tiara in her hair, "Are you the group that Mallow told me about?" the girl asked.

"That's right. You must be Captain Lana," Will deduced.

"Indeed. I'm here to oversee your trial. Are you ready to begin?" Captain Lana asked.

"YES!" the four trainers replied, stepping forward.

Brooklet Hill Trial: Trial Goers: Will, Flora, Sylvia, and Toby

"Alright. Before we begin, I must give each of you this," Captain Lana said, fiddling around with the five ride pagers, "I've given each of you a Lapras that you can use to cross water," she explained.

"I assume we're going to use Lapras in our trial?" Toby asked.

"Indeed. Now then, follow me to the first part of your trial," Captain Lana replied, leading the large group down a path. They eventually arrived at a pond, where there was some vigorous splashing in two different parts of it, "As you can see, there are two areas with vigorous splashing. One of them is the result of a Pokémon called Wishiwashi. I want you to find Wishiwashi, and drive down stream," Captain Lana explained.

"That doesn't sound too hard," Will said, as they used their Ride Pagers to call Lapras. In a flash, four large, blue sauropod Pokémon with a darker blue shell, and a riding apparatus' appeared, "Alright, let's get going," he said, as the four trainers mounted their Lapras'.

"What kind of Pokémon are those?" Luna asked.

"Lapras, the Transport Pokémon, a Water and Ice Type. Once an endangered species, but thanks to protective services, there is now an overabundance of these gentle Pokémon. They are said to be as intelligent as any human," Rotom said, as the four trainers decided to split up. Will and Fluttershy went over to one of the splashes, while Toby and Silver Spoon investigated the other one. When they got close, two of two different Pokémon appeared. In front of Toby and Silver Spoon was a small, fish Pokémon, that looked like it was about to cry. The ones that Will and Fluttershy encountered were small, spider like Pokémon, that had bubbles for helmets, "Wishiwashi, the Small Fry Pokémon, a Water Type. When it feels threatened, it sends out a distress signal by flashing some light from it's eyes. Dewpider, the Water Bubble Pokémon, a Water and Bug Type. These Pokémon mostly live underwater, and only come out in search of food. It creates bubbles to help it breathe on land, and to protect it's soft head," Rotom said.

"Alright, let's do this. Magnemite, go!" Silver Spoon said, sending in Magnemite.

"Go, Steenee!" Toby said, sending out Steenee.

"Dartrix, go!" Will said, sending out Dartrix.

"Rockruff, go!" Fluttershy said, sending in Rockruff.

"Uh, Flora, you do realize that Rock Pokémon are weak against water, right?" Will asked.

"I know, but I want to give Rockruff a chance," Fluttershy declared. Will knew there was no way around it, so he just left it at that.

"Magnemite, use Thunder Shock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite then fired Thunder Shock at Wishiwashi, knocking it out in one move.

"Steenee, use Magical Leaf!" Toby instructed. Steenee then fired Magical Leaf at the other Wishiwashi, knocking it out as well.

"Alright Dartrix, circle around, and use Peck!" Will instructed. Dartrix then flew around, before charging beak first at the first Dewpider, knocking it out.

"Now Rockruff, use Rock Throw!" Fluttershy instructed. Rockruff then started flinging rocks at the other Dewpider, knocking it out.

"Not bad. Now on to the next pool," Captain Lana said, leading the non-trial goers down another path, around the first pool. The trial goers dismounted on the other side of the pool, and followed a different path down to the second pool, where the others were waiting. Unbeknownst to any of them, the shadows of Wishiwashi were swimming down the waterfalls.

"Ha! We got here first!" Lynn boasted.


"We keep telling you, it's not a contest!" Luna hissed, as she clenched her fist over her now unconscious sister.

"As you can see, there are more splashes over there," Captain Lana said, pointing towards the pool. Once more, the four trainers mounted Lapras, and proceeded to investigate. This time, it was Will and Fluttershy that encountered Wishiwashi, while Toby and Silver Spoon encountered Dewpider. Will and Silver Spoon sent in Dartrix and Magnemite again, while Toby and Fluttershy sent out Noibat and Trumbeak.

"Go Dartrix! Use Razor Leaf!" Will instructed. Dartrix then flung the leaves at one Wishiwashi, knocking it out.

"Trumbeak, use Bullet Seed!" Fluttershy instructed. Trumbeak's beak tip then opened up like lips, and it began firing seeds at the other Wishiwashi, knocking it out.

"Noibat, use Air Slash!" Toby instructed. Noibat then fired the saw blades of air at one Dewpider, knocking it out.

"Magnemite, use Thunder Shock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite then fired the electric blast at the other Dewpider, who was hanging on by a thread, figuratively and literally. it then fired a thread from it's mouth, wrapping around Magnemite, making it stumble while floating, "Hmm, that thread's going to make things difficult," she thought.

"Do you need any help?" Toby offered.

"Thanks sweetie pie, but I want to do this myself," Silver Spoon politely declined. Toby nodded in understanding, as Noibat perched itself on his shoulder.

"Magnemite, try to break free using Supersonic!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite then fired off Supersonic, which was able to break away the thread, and confuse Dewpider, "Now, while it's confused, use Thunder Shock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite fired Thunder Shock once more, knocking out Dewpider.

"Well done. now, if you'll come this way," Captain Lana said, as she and the others were on the other side of the pool.

"HA! We got over here first!" Lynn boasted again.



"I just got done telling you, this isn't a contest!" Luna hissed, as she clenched her first, and Luan was holding a fairly large boulder, over their unconscious sister. Lana Loud then proceeded to drag Lynn along the ground, as they ventured down the path, followed by the four trainers, as they dismounted Lapras. All of a sudden, it began to rain.

"Ack! Not my hair!" Leni whined.

"In rainy weather, Water Type Moves are much stronger, and Fire Type Moves are a lot weaker. It is said that Brooklet Hill is home to the legendary Pokémon, said to be the embodiment of the sea, Kyogre," Captain Lana stated.

"Whoa, it's really home to such a Pokémon?!" Lori exclaimed.

"Kidding!" Captain Lana replied, sticking her tongue out in an anime like way. This caused everyone to fall over in a similar anime style, "But in all seriousness, this rain could be an omen," she stated, as they finally reached the largest pool yet.

"So, the Totem is somewhere in there, I presume," Will inquired.

"You guess right. It could be those Wishiwashi, come back for revenge, but you'll all need to check out that splashing over there," Captain Lana said, pointing to where the most vigorous splashing yet was occurring. With that, the four trainers once more mounted their Lapras, and went to investigate. However, as they neared the site, the rain got even heavier, and the water was getting relentless, as it was powerful enough to make the Lapras loose their ground. Lincoln then noticed a shadow forming near where they were just at. But, a larger shadow headbutted the first shadow, whish was just a bunch of Wishiwashi gathering together. As if that weren't enough, a massive spider Pokémon with a bubble over it's head emerged from the water.

"AHHHH! SPIDER!" Leni screamed, as she tried to run off, only run face first into a tree.

"What is that thing?!" Lola exclaimed.

"Araquanid, the Water Bubble Pokémon, a Water and Bug Type, and the evolved form of Dewpider! It has a habit of storing things it likes inside of it's bubble, so a trainer should be wary around this Pokémon," Rotom stated. Just then, a powerful aura erupted from Araquanid.

"So this guy's the Totem Pokémon. It may be stronger than all the other Pokémon here, but it is a Bug Type. Dartrix, go!" Will exclaimed, sending out Dartrix.

"Trumbeak, go in there too, please!" Fluttershy said, as Trumbeak flew in behind Dartrix.

"Go help them out Noibat!" Toby said, as Noibat took flight.

"Magnemite, we need your help too!" Silver Spoon said, as Magnemite joined the Flying Pokémon. Araquanid fired Bubblebeam at the four airborne Pokémon, who were doing their best to dodge.

"Noibat, use Air Slash!" Toby instructed. Noibat fired Air Slash at Araquanid, causing a lot of damage, but Araquanid was relentless, as it sprayed out the same sticky thread as before, wrapping up Dartrix, Magnemite, and Noibat, leaving only Trumbeak.

"Not good, Magnemite, return!" Silver Spoon said, trying to recall Magnemite, but the beam didn't work, "What gives?!" she exclaimed.

"It must be Spider Web! It's a move that prevents you from switching out Pokémon," Will explained.

"Looks like we're the only ones who can finish the trial now Trumbeak, so let's give it out all!" Fluttershy said, doing the pose for Flying Type Z Moves, enveloping Trumbeak in Z Power, "Ok Trumbeak, now's the time! Use Supersonic Skystrike!" Fluttershy instructed. Trumbeak then shot up into the air, before going into a nose dive at great speeds, before striking Araquanid. It tried to keep standing but was unable to, and fainted, "Yay! We won!" Fluttershy exclaimed, as Trumbeak flew back to her.

"Nice effort Noibat," Toby praised, giving Noibat a Pokebean.

"You did great too Dartrix," Will complimented, stroking Dartrix.

"Thanks for all you've done Magnemite," Silver Spoon said, holding Magnemite.

"Why are they praising their Pokémon? They hardly did anything!" Lynn snapped.




"Maybe you should just keep your mouth shut for you sake," Lincoln commented, as he held a rubber mallet, Luna clenched her fist, and Luan held the boulder from before over the unconscious athlete, as the four trial goers dismounted their Lapras again.

"Excellent work you four. You were able to take down the Araquanid that I took great care in raising with such ease. Well, fair is fair. You've earned these," Captain Lana said, handing each trial goer a shard of Waterium Z, "And if you want to unleash your Pokémon's Water Type Z Power, you should move your arms like this," she said, demonstrating the Water Type Z Move Pose. She waved her arms like water in one direction, then extending them in the opposite direction, "And here, take these with you too," she added, giving each trainer a fishing rod and a handful of Dive Balls, "That Fishing Rod is a Captain Lana special. Use them wisely with those Dive Balls to catch Water Pokémon," she explained. Just then, Araquanid approached them. Leni was trembling behind Lori. It then bellowed loudly. Out from the water leapt a few different Water Pokémon, ranging from orange weasels with yellow rings around their necks and lobsters with an oversized claw, to a large turtle and penguin Pokémon.

"Whoa, what's all this?" Will asked.

"My, my, this certainly is a surprise. It would seem that Araquanid is so impressed with each of your skills, that it wants each of you to take these Water Pokémon under your wings," Captain Lana explained.

"But they're not birds," Leni commented. Lori just patted the ditzy blonde on her head.

"Are you sure it's alright for us to just take them?!" Will exclaimed.

"Of course. The Pokémon have been waiting for someone to take them in, someone with kindness and compassion. Go ahead, you have the Totem's Blessings," Captain Lana urged. With no further questioning, each trainer caught their fair share of Water Type Pokémon, "By the way, did you know I once reeled in a red Gyarados?" she questioned.

"Did you really?" Luna questioned, sounding like she wasn't going to fall for the same trick twice. Captain Lana just laughed.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked incredulously, "Anyway, you've cleared the trial here. Shall I see you all back to the Pokémon Center?" Captain Lana offered.

"That would be great, thank you," Will replied. With that, Captain Lana led them out of Brooklet Hill.

Chapter 17: Rumble at the Battle Royale Dome!

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After healing up at the Pokémon Center, our heroes pressed onward to their next trial site, Wela Volcano Park, "In order to get to Wela Park, we'll need to backtrack past the Pokémon Nursery, and continue south towards Royal Avenue," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a map, showing their current location.

"Doesn't look too terribly far," Will commented, as they continued to walk. After about five minutes of walking, they came up to a road block. Two 'trees' were blocking the path.

"Does anyone have anything to cut down a tree?" Lynn questioned. Will inspected the trees closer. He then came to a realization.

"I don't think these things are really trees," he stated, as he called out his Buizel, "Buizel, use Water Gun to sprinkle some water on these trees," Will instructed. Buizel then fired Water Gun into the air, spreading water around. The trees then began moving, and then ran away.

"Moving trees?!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Not quite. Here's information. Sudowoodo, the Imitation Pokémon, a Rock Type. Though it resembles a tree, it hates water. The green orbs on it's hands are actually green rocks," Rotom stated.

"Fascinating!" they turned to see Dulse and Zossie walking towards them, "So those things were Pokémon, and not actual trees?!" Zossie exclaimed.

"It would appear Sudowoodo uses it's appearance as a tree to avoid it's weakness; water," Dulse commented in his usual robotic voice.

"Yeah, Captain Lana treated those Sudowoodo to a Water Type Z Move a while back, and now they're absolutely terrified of anyone with Waterium Z," a nearby kid replied.

"You seem to be growing stronger by the day. I wish to do a battle simulation with you, William. Your opponent will be a Pokémon that is most common from where we're from," Dulse said, tossing a Pokeball similar to the one Toby and Silver Spoon saw before. This time, out came a small, purple Lizard Pokémon, with spikes on it's head, that was floating.

"What kind of a Pokémon is that?!" Will exclaimed.

"No Data! No Data! Unknown Pokémon!" Rotom exclaimed.

"It is a Pokémon we refer to as Poipole," Dulse commented.

"They're super common in our home!" Zossie exclaimed.

"Rotom doesn't even know what that thing is, so doesn't that mean Will is at a huge disadvantage?" Luna questioned.

"Maybe, but at the same time, Dulse doesn't know a thing about Will's Pokémon either. In that aspect, they're even," Toby replied.

"Alright Buizel, let's go!" Will said, as Buizel jumped in front, raring to go.

"Poipole, commence Fury Attack," Dulse instructed. Poipole then charged at Buizel.

"Try to throw it off balance with Swift!" Will instructed. Buizel then fired a bunch of stars at Poipole, stopping the attack, "Alright, now use Aqua Jet!" he added. Buizel then became enveloped in water, and rocketed at Poipole, striking the mysterious Pokémon.

"Poipole, commence Venoshock," Dulse droned. Poipole then fired the purple fluid at Buizel, as it hit the ground, "Once again, commence Fury Attack," he added.

"Buizel, use Aqua Jet again!" Buizel then hit Poipole with Aqua Jet, knocking it out. Dulse then recalled Poipole.

"This has been quite insightful. I shall learn from this," Dulse commented, as he and Zossie took their leave.

"Those guys keep getting more and more mysterious the more we encounter them," Fluttershy commented.

"Well, the path is cleared, so let's press onward," Will said, as they continued walking. However, none of them could stop thinking about that Poipole creature. Their thoughts were interrupted when they saw something come out from the bushes. It was two small, white humanoid Pokémon one with a green bowl shaped hair cut with red horns on it's head, and the other had a blue bowl shaped haircut and two orange horns protruding from the front and back of it's head.

"Ok, so who's that Pokémon?" Lori asked.

"It's called a Ralts, and they're quite rare Pokémon," Will replied.

"Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon, a Psychic and Fairy Type. Ralts has the ability to sense the emotions of those around it. It rarely shows itself in front of humans, but it only does so when it senses strong feelings of happiness," Rotom said. The blue Ralts seemed to be acting kind of like Leni, while the green one was acting like Lincoln, i.e., the blue one was being bubbly and ditzy, while the green one was eyeing the humans in a curious fashion.

"Aww, they're so cute!" Silver Spoon commented.

"I'd kind of like to catch one myself," Toby added.

"Go for it guys," Will encouraged. Both trainers then approached the two Ralts. Silver Spoon engaged the green Ralts, while Toby chose to go for the blue one.

"Rockruff, let's go!" Toby and Silver Spoon said, sending out their Rockruff, who started barking aggressively.

"Rockruff, use Fire Fang on the blue Ralts!" Toby instructed. Rockruff charged the Ralts, and bit down on it with flame covered fangs.

"Rockruff, you use Rock Throw on the green one!" Silver Spoon instructed. Rockruff then began flinging rocks at the other Ralts. However, both of them began to fight back. The green Ralts fired a psychic wave at Silver Spoon's Rockruff, while the blue Ralts pelted Toby's Rockruff with Magical Leaf, "Once more Rockruff, use Rock Throw!" Silver Spoon encouraged. Her Rockruff once again began pelting the green Ralts with rocks. This time, the Ralts was barely able to stand, "Now's my chance!" Silver Spoon said, chucking a Level Ball at the green Ralts. It rocked three times, and clicked, and then teleported away.

"Rockruff, use Rock Throw!" Toby encouraged. His Rockruff began pelting the blue Ralts with rocks. Like the other one, this Ralts was now barely able to stay standing, "Here we go!" Toby said, throwing a Luxury Ball at Ralts. It rocked three times, clicked, then teleported away, "Nice one Rockruff," Toby said, going to pet Rockruff. However, Rockruff smacked Toby's hand away, "What was that for?" he questioned.

"Not to worry, it's naturally for all Rockruff to begin acting more aggressively when they're close to evolving," Rotom stated.

"Wait, so our Rockruff are going to evolve soon?" Silver Spoon asked.

"It is possible. Many Pokémon tend to act differently when they near evolution time," Will replied.

"Wow, I wonder if my Rockruff is acting this way too?" Fluttershy wondered, releasing her Rockruff, who, like the other two, was acting more aggressively.

"Well, all we can do is wait. For now, let's continue on," Will said. The three trainers recalled their Rockruff, and they pressed on. As they neared a large gate, they saw some kind of ruckus at the entrance to Royal Avenue. Team Skull were harassing a young girl, about the same height as Lucy. She was wearing a brown one piece jumpsuit, the kind that wouldn't be out of place on a farm. Her hair was done up in large braids. Next to her was a large brown and orang horse Pokémon, and a small, purple balloon Pokémon with a big yellow X on it's face.

"Now then, what are you scoundrels doing now?" the girl asked.

"Hey yo, we don't make no bones about it, we want that there Drifloon to make big bucks!" the Butt Grunt said.

"I swear, life in the big city has truly raised some kind of delinquents," the girl said, as she noticed the large group, "You there, could you help me drive off these hooligans?" she asked.

"HEY! Don't go turning your back on me!" the Butt Grunt yelled, taking offense at the action.

"Sylvia, why don't you take this challenge this time?" Will suggested.

"Ok," Silver Spoon replied, as she stepped forth, "Now, Marill, let's go!" she said, sending out Marill.

"Mudsdale, you get in there too," the girl said. The massive horse Pokémon stomped forward, making the ground shake.

"What in the world is that Pokémon?!" Will said, reeling from the small tremors.

"It's Mudsdale, the Draft Horse Pokémon, a Ground Type. It's capable of trudging through mountain roads without rest for three days and three nights, all while carrying a 10 ton load. It's mud covered kicks are extremely powerful, and are capable of reducing a truck to scrap," Rotom stated.

"Go, Salandit!" the Butt Grunt said, sending out Salandit. The other grunt sent out a Mareanie.

"Marill, use Rollout attack on Salandit!" Marill then rolled up into a ball, and the charged at Salandit, knocking it out.

"Mudsdale, use High Horsepower," the girl said. Mudsdale turned around, then bucked Mareanie back into the two grunts, knocked out. Both grunts recalled their Pokémon.

"WE WON'T FORGET THIS!" the grunts yelled, running off.

"That was might fine battling missy," the girl said to Silver Spoon.

"Thanks, you and Mudsdale were great too," Silver Spoon complimented.

"Thanks. I'm Hapu by the way," the girl introduced herself. The large group took turns introducing themselves, "Pleased to meet y'all. Thanks to you, this little one can head home safely now," Hapu said, as Drifloon took off, "I'm traveling around with Mudsdale to improve on our battling skills. Maybe our paths will cross again," Hapu said, and with a mighty leap, mounted Mudsdale, and took her leave. No sooner than she did, Marill began evolving. It became a blue rabbit like Pokémon with a bubble pattern along it's lower torso.

"Marill has evolved into an Azumarill," Will stated.

"Azumarill, the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon, a Water and Fairy Type. It uses the bubble pattern on it's body to hide from predators or to catch prey," Rotom said.

"Wow, maybe battling alongside Hapu gave Marill more strength to help it to evolve," Lucy commented.

"She seems nice," Leni commented, as they looked at the gate leading into the Royal Avenue. Lynn then noticed a poster.

"'Attention all wandering trainers! Are you looking to sharpen your skills quickly? Then try the Pokémon Battle Royale, held at the Battle Royal Dome. You may even met the Masked Royal, the #1 trainer in Battle Royale'," she read.

"This is the first time I've ever heard of a Battle Royal format," Will commented.

"Sounds awesome!" Lana exclaimed.

"Well, since we're here, maybe we should check it out?" Lincoln suggested.

"Good thinking. It may help us prepare for the upcoming trial," Will replied. With that, the group entered the area. From what they saw, it was just a few stalls and stores, and a Pokémon Center, all surrounding a large colosseum like arena, "Huh, this looks more like a carnival ground than a city, or even a town," he commented, as they entered the Pokémon Center.

"Nurse Joy, can you look after our Pokémon?" Will asked, as each trainer gave her their Pokeballs.

"Of course! You can count on me! By the way, are you on your way to Wela Volcano Park?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Yeah, we just cleared Captain Lana's Trial," Toby replied.

"In that case, you may want to bring Water, Rock, or Ground Type Pokémon with you. The Wela Volcano Peak Trial revolves around Fire Type Pokémon," Nurse Joy advised. Toby looked up in interest at this.

"Alright guys, I assume you heard the gist of that. We should take this opportunity to change up our teams," Will suggested.

"I think Steenee and Noibat have earned a little break from battling so hard," Toby commented.

"I'm going to keep Azumarill and Rockruff on my team. I think I may swap out Butterfree for Clauncher," Silver Spoon commented.

"I'm pretty much spoken for," Fluttershy commented, thinking of Brionne, Rockruff, and Onix.

"What about you Will?" Lori asked.

"Well, the Water Pokémon I have in storage have a definite advantage over Fire Types, so I should swap some of the Pokémon in my current team out for some of them," Will replied. Just then, the bell went off.

"I'm happy to tell you that your Pokémon are all in tip top condition," Nurse Joy said, returning the trainers their Pokémon. With that, the trainers went to swap out their Pokémon. Toby deposited Steenee and Noibat, and withdrew Prinplup and one of his Eevee. Will decided to switch his Kanto cap Pikachu out for Corphish. Silver Spoon did as she said, and traded out Butterfree for Clauncher.

"It would probably be a good idea to do some battle training with the new additions to our teams. We need to be able to understand them on a personal level," Will suggested. Just then a trio of trainers rushed in.

"Nurse Joy! We need help!" one of the trainers exclaimed.

"Oh dear, what happened?" Nurse Joy asked.

"We were participating in a Battle Royal, see? And this blonde dude with this really freaky Pokémon trashed all three of us!" another trainer said.

"Well, not to worry. I'll take care of your Pokémon," Nurse Joy said, taking their Pokeballs.

"Again with that 'Battle Royale' thing. Maybe we should go check it out?" Lola suggested.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt. It would give us an opportunity to train with our new team members," Will said, as they exited the Pokémon Center. A duo of trainers were eyeing them with intrigue. One was dressed like a Spanish Dancer, with blazing red hair, while the other was a shirtless, blue haired boy, that look like a fisherman.

"What do you make of those guys, Mako?" the dancer boy asked.

"They look exactly like how Busujima described them. Completely mismatched, but still close. What do you want to do, Cletus?" the fisherman boy asked.

"Let us observe them first. Then we can challenge them at a later time," Cletus replied. With that, the two boys followed after the group.

When our heroes saw the Battle Royale Dome, they were completely in awe at how big it was. Several Fighting Type Pokémon were showing off to the public, "Definitely looks like a sporting arena," Will commented, as the proceeded to enter. They were stopped short, when a familiar, gloomy trainer walked out, "Gladion? What are you doing here?" Will inquired.

"In order to become stronger, you must face even stronger opponents," Gladion stated, and walked off.

"Just a ray of sunshine, aren't you?" Lynn commented, as they entered the stadium. Inside, they saw all manner of merchandise and advertisements that you'd find at any other sports arenas.

"Man, everyone looks excited for something," Lincoln commented.

"INDEED THEY ARE!" a voice boomed. Looking up at the upper level, they saw a masked figure looking down at them. With a mighty leap, he landed in front of the group, "Allow me to introduce myself. You may refer to me as 'The Masked Royal'!" the man said.

"Uh, pleased to meet you. But, could you explain what the Battle Royale is all about?" Will asked.

"FOUR TRAINERS!" the Masked Royal boomed, "Four trainers duke it out in a all out, no holds barred match! The last trainer left standing is declared the winner!" he proclaimed.

"Alright, the Masked Royal!" everyone saw Hau on the upper levels, looking excited.

"I would assume you would like to partake in the Battle Royale too?" the Masked Royal asked Will.

"Well, I do need to get prepped for the next trial. So, yeah, I'll head in," Will replied. He then turned to Fluttershy, "And what about you? It would help you get closer to your Pokémon," Will reminded.

"Well, I suppose I could," Fluttershy shrugged.

"Then the rest of us will head to the stands," Lori commented, as the four trainers went to get registered. The others were about to head to the stands, when....

"Excuse me?" a mature boy's voice asked. Everyone turned to see the two trainers from before, "By any chance, are one of you a trainer with a Red Vulpix?" the Spanish Dancer asked.

"I am. And I don't plan on trading her away," Toby stood by his decision.

"Oh no, we aren't here for your Vulpix. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Cletus, the Fire and Psychic Type Specialist of the Bandit Star Pirates," Cletus said.

"And the name's Mako, another Pirate. My specialty is Water and Bug Pokémon!" Mako declared. This certainly caught the group off guard. These boys were nothing like the three previous Pirates they encountered. They seemed well mannered.

"We heard all about you from Busujima. And we would like to see if what he said is true. In short, we are officially challenging you to a battle," Cletus explained.

"You mean, like a double battle?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Yeah. Toby here will take Cletus, and you can duke it out with me!" Mako smiled eagerly.

"Go ahead and take their challenge. You guys need to get prepped for the upcoming trial too," Will suggested.

"Well, alright. We accept you challenge!" Toby said.

"Excellent. There's a battlefield out front. We can battle there," Cletus said, as he and Mako exited the Dome. With that, Toby, Silver Spoon, Serenity, Rotom, Lincoln, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lana and Lisa all exited as well.

"Now then, how does a two on two match sound?" Mako suggested.

"Agreed. The battle will be over when both of either side's Pokémon cannot continue," Cletus explained, as the two trainers took their positions opposite to the Ponyville couple, "Alright, here is my first Pokémon. Go, Mr. Mime!" Cletus said, sending out a humanoid mime like Pokémon.

"A clown? Really?" Luna questioned.

"Not quite. Here's information. Mr. Mime, the Barrier Pokémon, a Psychic and Fairy Type, and the evolved form of Mime Jr. A master of pantomime, it tricks it's opponents into believe something invisible is there. When they do, it becomes real," Rotom said.

"And here's my Pokémon! Go, Poliwhirl!" Mako said, sending out a black, tadpole Pokémon with a swirly pattern on it's belly.

"Poliwhirl, the Tadpole Pokémon, a Water Type, and the evolved form of Poliwag. While it moves well on land, it is even more agile in water," Rotom said.

"Alright, in that case, go, Prinplup!" Toby said, sending out the Penguin Pokémon.

"As for me, go Magnemite!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Magnemite.

"By all means, you may have the first attack," Cletus offered.

"Ok, Prinplup, use Metal Claw!" Toby instructed. The tips of Prinplup's wings became metallic, as it charge at Mr. mime, swinging and slashing at the clown, who was dodging the best it could.

"Mr. Mime, use Reflect!" Mr. Mime then formed a barrier around itself, which seemed to lessen the damage from Metal Claw.

"Ok, so what happened?" Lana asked.

"Reflect, a Psychic type Move. It reduces damage dealt by Physical Attacks," Rotom stated.

"Poliwhirl, use Mud Shot!" Mako instructed. Poliwhirl then fired a ball of mud at Magnemite, who was desperately dodging.

"Quick, use Thunder Wave to slow down Poliwhirl!" Magnemite then fired an electric blast at Poliwhirl, which seemed to have it feeling sluggish, "Now, use Thunder!" Magnemite then fired a powerful bolt of electricity at Poliwhirl, which seemed to take it's toll.

"Good thing I had Poliwhirl use Mud Sport," Mako commented.

"Now, Mr. Mime, use Thunder Punch!" Cletus instructed. Mr. Mime's fists became enveloped in electricity, and began swinging at Prinplup, who took the hits, and glowed red.

"Just hold your ground a little longer Prinplup," Toby said. Prinplup did just that, as a determined look worked it's way onto the Penguin's face, "Now, use Bide!" Toby instructed. Prinplup then fired a beam of white energy at Mr. Mime, knocking it out.

"Not bad," Cletus said, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon, "Now then, for my second Pokémon. Go, Magmar!" Cletus then released another humanoid Pokémon. This time, it looked to have flame patterns all over it's body, and had a long, lizard like tail. The tip was burning.

"In that case, go, Eevee!" Toby said, tossing a Friend Ball, which sent out Eevee.

"Now Magnemite, use Thunderbolt!" Silver Spoon instructed. With one final electric attack, Magnemite was ale to finally beat Poliwhirl.

"Thanks Poliwhirl! You did great out there!" Mako said, as the two trainers recalled their Pokémon, "Alright, for my second Pokémon, I'll go with this one!" Mako said, sending out what appeared to be a butterfly Pokémon with massive, eye like antennae. It appeared to be flying on four wings.

"Whoa, now that's pretty!" Leni commented.

"Masquerain, the Eyeball Pokémon, a Bug and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Surskit. With it's four wings, it can fly in any direction," Rotom said.

"Ok, Clauncher, go!" Silver Spoon said, tossing a Lure Ball, which sent out her Clauncher.

"Alright Masquerain, use Silver Wind!" Mako instructed. Masquerain fired off Silver Wind, which Clauncher seemed to tank.

"Clauncher, use Water Gun!" Silver Spoon instructed. Clauncher fired Water Gun from it's bigger claw, which seemed to make the opposing Pokémon stumble a bit.

"Now Eevee, use Swift!" Toby instructed. Eevee then fired a barrage of stars at Magmar, who did it's best to block the attack.

"Magmar, use Fire Spin!" Cletus instructed. Magmar then fired a stream of fire a certain way, that caused a tornado of fire to surround Eevee.

"Not good, Eevee may not last much longer at this rate," Toby said to himself. He then felt some kind of presence in his mind.

"Have faith in me Toby," the voice said. Toby was initially confused, but then he looked at Eevee, as it began to evolve. It became a slightly larger, cat like Pokémon. It was a pinkish purple color, with a red jewel in the middle of it's forehead.

"Eevee, you've evolved!" Toby exclaimed.

"Espeon, the Sun Pokémon, a Psychic Type, and an evolved form of Eevee. By reading air currents, it can predict what it's opponent will do next," Rotom stated. Espeon then fired Psybeam from the jewel in it's forehead, striking Magmar.

"Oh cool, you can use Psychic Type Moves now!" Toby exclaimed.

"Interesting. You seem to have barely spent any time with Eevee, and yet, here I see it evolving into Espeon," Cletus commented.

"What can I say? I care more about being friends with my Pokémon, rather than making them stronger," Toby replied.

"A noble sentiment. But in the midst of battle, it is speed and power that is crucial, so Magmar, use Flamethrower!" Cletus instructed. Magmar then fired off Flamethrower at Espeon.

"Quick, use Confusion to deflect it!" Toby called out. Espeon did as she was told, and using her psychic powers, deflected Flamethrower, "Now, once more, use Psybeam!" he added. Espeon then fired Psybeam once again, this time knocking out Magmar.

"Well played kid," Cletus commented, recalling Magmar.

"You did great Espeon!" Toby said, embracing the Sun Pokémon.

"Now, Clauncher, use Hydro Vortex!" Silver Spoon said, doing the pose for Water Type Z Moves. Clauncher then trapped Masquerain in a tornado of water, which seemed to finish off the eyeball Pokémon.

"Nice work out there Masquerain!" Mako said, recalling his Pokémon.

"Even though you've only had those Pokémon a little while, they seem to hold both of you in the highest regard," Cletus commented.

"We'll see you dudes around!" Mako said, as the two trainers took their leave.

"How on Earth could those two be associated with someone like Busujima?" Lisa commented. Just then, the other half of the group walked out of the dome.

"Hey guys, how'd your battle go?" Will asked.

"It went amazing! And my Eevee evolved into an Espeon!" Toby replied.

"Well, that's good," Fluttershy said.

"What about you guys? How'd the Battle Royale go?" Lincoln asked. There was a brief silence, and Will chuckled a bit.

"Yeah, turns out the Masked Royal lives up to his title," Fluttershy commented.

"Even with three trainers against him, they got creamed!" Lynn clarified.


"You didn't need to phrase it like that," Lori said, clenching her fist over her unconscious sister. Just then Fluttershy, Serenity, Silver Spoon, and Toby's backpacks began glowing.

"What's this?" Toby questioned, as they each got out their egg incubators. The Eggs they got from the Nursery were glowing brightly.

"They're about to hatch!" Will exclaimed. And they did just that. From Fluttershy's egg a small blue elephant Pokémon emerged. From Toby's Egg, a small, lite blue and black lion cub Pokémon. Silver Spoon and Serenity's eggs hatched similar mice Pokémon. Silver Spoon's was red with plus signs on it's cheeks, while Serenity's was blue with minus signs on it's cheeks, "Phanpy, Shinx, Plusle and a Minun! Who would've thought they'd hatch at the same time?" Will commented. With mighty power, Phanpy used it's trunk to hoist Lana over it's head.

"Hey cut that out!" Lana laughed.

"Rotom, care to elaborate?" Lucy asked.

"Certainly! Phanpy, the Long Nose Pokémon, a Ground Type. It is very strong, despite it's tiny size. It uses it's snout to shower itself. Shinx, the Flash Pokémon, an Electric Type. Shinx flashes a bright light from it's body when threatened. It uses this chance to escape. Plusle and Minun, both are Cheering Pokémon and are Electric Types. When they cheer for their friends, sparks fly from their cheeks," Rotom said.

"So, this is how Pokémon are born into the world," Lincoln commented.

"Well, it does give you guys an opportunity to raise up some baby Pokémon. Go ahead and catch them," Will urged. With that, each trainer caught each of the newly hatched Pokémon. After the four Pokeballs clicked shut, they teleported away.

"What was the first baby Pokémon you ever hatched Will?" Luna asked.

"Let me see. I guess, it would have to have been a Growlithe. It was way back when I first started out in Johto," Will replied.

"Yeah, enough reminiscing, how about we get moving already people!?" Lynn exclaimed.


"There's nothing wrong with remembering the past," Lisa said, as she held a 2X4 plank, and Lori clenched her fist over the unconscious athlete.

"Well, she does have a point. Let's get going to the Volcano Park," Will said, as they continued on their adventure.

Chapter 18: Wela Volcano Peak Trial!

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Walking along the coastal shoreline was the only way for our heroes to reach the Wela Volcanic National Park, "This looks like the place," Will commented.

"Are we really going to hike up THAT?!" Lola exclaimed, looking at the towering volcano.

"Relax Lola. By the looks of it, there are plenty of volcanic vents that allows pressure to be reduced, thus stifling any chance of an eruption," Lisa explained.

"Right you are. It's all thanks to the efforts of Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio," Rotom added.

"Wait, you said 'Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio.' Does that mean what I think it means?" Will commented.

"What does it mean?" Leni asked. Her siblings all slapped their foreheads at Leni's blatant question.

"It does. Diglett, and it's evolved form, Dugtrio, Alola Form. Both are Mole Pokémon and are Ground and Steel Types. The golden hairs on these two Pokémon are actual metal whiskers, which act as sensors. It is said that possessing one of these whiskers brings great misfortune," Rotom said, displaying a picture of two mole Pokémon. One was a lone mole with three hairs, while the other was a cluster of three moles with three different hairstyles.

"Wow, that Dugtrio Pokémon has such nice hair. I'm almost jealous," Lori commented.

"So if that's the case, we don't have to worry about this thing blowing it's stack," Will added, as they entered the park. Inside, they all many of either Fire, Ground, or Normal Type Pokémon, ranging from a bunch of Salandit and smaller versions of Magmar, to giant kangaroo Pokémon.

"Kind of expected the Fire Pokémon, but kangaroos don't exactly scream 'volcano'," Toby commented, as they hiked up a path. They were stopped when a small, brown Pokémon wearing a skull and holding a bone came out from the grass.

"Oh hey, a Cubone!" Will exclaimed.

"It wears a skull, and carries a bone. Wicked," Lucy commented.

"Cubone, the Lonely Pokémon, a Ground Type. Whenever it looks to the moon, all it thinks of is it's dead mother. As a result of this, it cries from loneliness," Rotom said.

"That's so sad," Lana commented.

"What are you guys talking about? It just needs to toughen up," Lynn retorted, as she approached Cubone, making it cower.

"No Lynn," Will said, holding the athlete back, "That's not the way one raises a Cubone," Will said.

"Oh yeah? Then enlighten us!" Lynn snapped.

"With pleasure," Will said, not even flinching from Lynn's attitude. He then carefully approached the Cubone, "Hey there little guy. There's no reason to be scared of us," Will said, extending his arm to Cubone, who flinched at the gesture, but quickly calmed down, as it felt how gentle Will's touch was, "See? I'm not a bad guy," Will said, giving Cubone a Pokebean. It seemed to earn Cubone's trust, as it took the bean, and began eating it, "See Lynn? Not every challenge demands force. It's important to take into account the feeling of others, and rather than forcing something, it's best to earn the rewards. In this case, I was able earn Cubone's trust," Will explained, as he took out a Nest Ball, "Cubone, do you want to come with us?" Will asked. Cubone looked up, with sparkling eyes, and whacked the Nest Ball with it's club, encapsulating the Lonely Pokémon. The Ball rocked three times before clicking. it then teleported away.

"Whatever, I still think it needs to be toughened up," Lynn muttered.

"What was that?" Lincoln asked, as he held the rubber mallet before. The four sisters that took their turns whacking Lynn were also holding the items they used to smack Lynn with.

"Nothing!" Lynn quickly shot out.

"By the way, why was it carrying a bone, and wearing a skull?" Lori asked.

"Well, Rotom may not have said it, but that skull and that bone were originally those of Cubone's Mother, a Pokémon called Marowak," Will replied.

"I see. So, they're like mementos?" Lincoln asked.

"Exactly. Though, I only learned the full story behind Cubone when I was in Lavender Town, during my trek through Kanto," Will replied.

"Something tells me we're not going to like it," Lola commented, sensing oncoming dread.

"And you'd be right to. Sometime before I got to Lavender Town, there was a Cubone, who lost it's mother Marowak to Team Rocket," Will began.

"Who is Team Rocket?" Luan asked.

"Bad guys. Kind of like a Pokémon Mafia. Anyway, they were poaching Pokémon from nearby areas, including a baby Cubone. Team Rocket thinks Pokémon are something that can be bought or sold, that they're nothing more than tools of war, or a get rich quick scheme. And, according to what I heard, Team Rocket was planning to sell of the baby Cubone they were about to steal, because baby Cubone fetch a high price on the black market," Will continued.

"That's not nice!" Leni said, appalled by what she and her siblings were hearing.

"Being 'not nice' is too nice of a phrase to describe Team Rocket. When Marowak went to save it's baby, some of the grunts murdered Marowak," Will said in disgust. His friends from Ponyville and Royal Woods were all shocked to hear this, "But it was thanks to the efforts of a man named Mr. Fuji that Cubone was able to trust humans again," he added, remembering the kind old man.

"Mr. Fuji sounds like a wonderful person," Fluttershy commented.

"That doesn't even begin to describe him! Mr. Fuji turned his home into a shelter for injured or abandoned Pokémon. However, when I went to visit him, I learned that he went to the Pokémon Tower, which is a grave sight for Pokémon that have passed on. I went to go talk to him, but I found that Team Rocket had taken over the tower, and were preventing anyone from even visiting the graves of their Pokémon," Will continued.

"That's terrible!" Lola exclaimed.

"Does any member of Team Rocket have a heart?!" Lincoln yelled.

"Apparently not. Anyhow, Team Rocket wasn't the only thing keeping people away. Apparently, the ghost of Marowak was still lingering in this world, still worried about it's child. It was furious at Team Rocket, and wanted them to leave. However, when Marowak was reunited with Cubone, it finally found the peace it desperately sought, and moved on. After that, I drove off Team Rocket, and I have not heard anything about them attacking the tower, ever since," Will finished.

"That, was literally heartbreaking!" Lori said, her mascara running from her crying.

"Well, thing have been peaceful in Lavender Town, thanks to Mr. Fuji," Will said.

"He sounds like a true hero, among the people," Lincoln said.

"That he is, Lincoln. Well, in any case, let's continue on," Will said, as they continued hiking up the mountain. They eventually came across a cave entrance, "Huh, wonder where this leads to?" Will wondered. They all took notice of a sign that said "To The Peak."

"Well, that's handy to know," Silver Spoon commented, as they entered the cave. Walking though the cave was giving the group all manner of chills. They stopped walking when they saw something very big. It looked to be a giant red turtle with spikes on it's shell.

"Whoa, that Pokémon looks cool!" Lana exclaimed.

"Turtonator, the Blast Turtle Pokémon, a Fire and Dragon Type. The spikes on it's back are highly explosive. it got this way from a diet of explosive materials, such as sulfur," Rotom explained.

"If it's a Fire Type, then I want to try and catch it," Toby commented.

"Go for it. However, given how big it is, you may need to battle it first," Will explained. Toby nodded, and approached Turtonator.

"Go, Braixen!" Toby said, sending out the Fox Pokémon. Turtonator took notice, and engaged Braixen, "Quick, use Psybeam!" Toby instructed. Braixen then fired Psybeam, which seemed to damage Turtonator. However, the Blast Turtle retaliated, by firing Flamethrower at Braixen, who tanked the attack.

"Even though Braixen doesn't take a lot of damage from Fire Type Moves, that still looked to pack a punch," Will commented.

"Now Braixen, use Psybeam, once more!" Braixen once again fired off Psybeam, which seemed to make Turtonator struggle a bit with standing, "Now's my chance!" Toby said, chucking a Dusk Ball at the weakened Pokémon, encapsulating Turtonator. It rocked three timed, before clicking. It then teleported away, "I definitely want to train Turtonator," Toby commented, as he spayed a very grateful Braixen with Super Potion.

"It would be a good idea to get in touch with different Pokémon of similar types. The only Dragon Pokémon you have is Noibat," Will said, as they continued onward. Exiting the cave, they found themselves at the very top of the volcano.

"Well, this is about as high up as we can get," Luan commented.

"Look! Captain's Gates!" Toby said, pointing to a pair of gates, similar to the ones found at the previous two trials.

"This definitely looks to be the place," Will said, as they all passed through the gates. They hiked up a smaller incline, until they reached the summit. There, they saw a large, stone stage, surrounded by torches. On the stage was a dark skinned boy, wearing only a pair of shorts. His hair looked similar to that of a fire.

"So, you've all arrived," the boy said, approaching them, "I am Kiawe, trial captain of Wela Volcano Peak. My Marowak and I are students of the traditional fire dances passed down in Alola for generations. Here's how the trial works. Two groups of three Marowak will perform a dance, and do the same dance again. The one thing to know is that the second dance is different from the first dance," Kiawe said, as three, blackish purple Pokémon with skulls for heads, and flaming bones leapt out from the shadows.

"Whoa, never seen a Marowak with flaming bones!" Will commented.

"Marowak, Alola Form, the Bone Keeper Pokémon, a Ghost and Fire type. Marowak is the evolved form of a Cubone that has learned to cope with the loss of it's mother. The flames at the tips of it's bone club are ignited by striking the scar on it's forehead," Rotom said.

"I guess it is fitting for Alolan Marowak to be Ghost Types, at least," Will commented.

"Now then, those who choose to face my Marowak, approach!" Kiawe demanded. Will, Fluttershy, Silver Spoon, and Toby all stepped forth.

Wela Volcano Peak Trial: Trial Goers: Will, Flora, Sylvia, and Toby

"Now then two of you will each take on a different trio of Marowak," Kiawe stated. Will and Silver Spoon approached one trio, while Toby and Fluttershy approached the second, "Now, observe the first dance!" Kiawe bellowed, as the two trios began dancing. The two groups both struck the exact same pose, "Now, identify the difference in the second dance!" he declared. Both groups went to do the same dance. However, in both trios, one Marowak was posed differently in each group, "Now, what was different in the dances?" Kiawe asked.

"It's the Marowak in the middle!" Will declared.

"For us, it would be the one on the right," Fluttershy added.

"Very good. Now then, you must battle a Marowak!" Kiawe declared, as a second Marowak engaged each trainer, along with the one who posed differently.

"Go, Corphish!" Will said, sending out Corphish.

"Rockruff, I need your help!" Silver Spoon said, sending out the irate Puppy Pokémon.

"Prinplup, I choose you!" Toby said, sending out Prinplup.

"Now, Onix, let's go!" Fluttershy said, sending out the Rock Snake Pokémon. The Marowak facing Will swung it's bone like a boomerang.

"Here comes Bonemerang! Corphish, knock it back with Crabhammer!" Will instructed. Corphish's claws then started glowing, as it swung the bone back at Marowak.

"Onix, be a dear and use Rock Slide," Fluttershy asked. Onix then swung it's tail on the ground, sending massive boulders at the Marowak she was facing. It was enough to knock out the Marowak.

"Now Prinplup, use Bubblebeam!" Toby instructed. Prinplup fired Bubblebeam at the Marowak he was up against, who was using Flame Wheel. it was enough to stop Marowak.

"Now Rockruff, use Rock Throw!" Silver Spoon instructed. Rockruff then fired a bunch of rocks at the Marowak she was battling. Like the one Fluttershy was battling, this Marowak went down in one hit.

"Once more Corphish, use Bubblebeam!" Will instructed. Corphish then fired Bubblebeam at Marowak, knocking it out.

"Now Prinplup, finish up Marowak with Water Pulse!" Toby instructed. Prinplup then summoned a ball of water, and flung it at his Marowak opponent, knocking it out.

"Hmm, not bad. Those Marowak just had to battle you guys. Now then, if you're ready, we shall begin the second dance," Kiawe said, as the Marowak began dancing again. This time, four hikers jumped out, and started dancing along with them. They then struck a pose, "Now, see if you can spot the difference in this second dance," Kiawe said. The Marowak and the hikers began another dance. The second time around, the difference was a little harder to spot, "Now then, what was different about the second dance?" Kiawe asked.

"I think it's the facial expressions of the hikers," Toby replied, sounding unsure.

"Now that I look closely, they have a different expression than the first dance," Silver Spoon added.

"Well done. Now then, you face my hiker friends!" Kiawe said.

"ALOLA!" the four hikers exclaimed, as they all released four different Fire Pokémon, ranging from either Magmar, Salandit, a little bird Pokémon, and a Puppy Pokémon.

"Fletchinder, the Ember Pokémon, a Fire and Flying Type. Fletchinder gains more speed when the flame sac on it's belly get's hotter and hotter. Growlithe, the Puppy Pokémon, a Fire Type. Growlithe are very loyal Pokémon, that don't make a move unless their trainer wants them to," Rotom said.

"So, we're facing trainers this time," Will said, as he was squaring off with the Growlithe trainer.

"This makes things a little harder," Fluttershy said, as she was up against the Magmar Trainer.

"But we can pull through," Toby said, facing the Fletchinder Trainer.

"Let's go Rockruff, use Rock Throw!" Silver Spoon instructed. Rockruff then started flinging rocks at Salandit.

"Salandit, use Flame Burst!" Salandit's trainer instructed. Salandit then flung a few balls of fire at Rockruff, who skillfully dodged them.

"Corphish, use Crabhammer!" Will instructed. Corphish swung it's pincers at Growlithe, who countered with a Flame Wheel.

"You'll need to do better than that," Growlithe's trainer said.

"Go Prinplup, use Whirlpool!" Toby instructed. Prinplup then summoned a whirlpool, that it flung at Fletchinder, trapping the Ember Pokémon. By the time the whirlpool dissipated, Fletchinder was knocked out.

"Thanks Fletchinder, you did great!" the hiker said, recalling Fletchinder.

"Onix, use Slam attack!" Fluttershy instructed. Onix then slammed it's tail against Magmar, sending it into a wall, knocked out. Magmar's trainer then recalled his Pokémon. It wasn't long before Will and Silver Spoon won their matches.

"Nicely done. My Hiker pals just had to face you guys. Now, onto the third and final dance! For this one, you all will be examining the same exact group," Kiawe said, as he motioned them to come to the center. The Marowak then began dancing again with the hikers. They struck a pose, "Now, spot the difference in the second dance," Kiawe said. This time, when the dancers struck the pose, another, much larger Marowak appeared, "Now then, what was different about the second dance?" Kiawe asked.

"That's easy. It's that bigger Marowak," Will replied.

"Nice observation skills. Now, you face the Totem Pokémon!" No sooner than he said that, the Totem Marowak's aura flared to life. It once again used Bonemerang to try to a sweep of it's opposition. The four battling Pokémon were all hit, but only Onix was knocked out.

"Thank you Onix! Rest for now!" Fluttershy said, recalling Onix, "Brionne, help our friends!" Fluttershy said, sending out Brionne, "Use Bubblebeam!" she instructed.

"Prinplup, use Bubblebeam too!" Toby instructed.

"You use Bubblebeam too, Corphish!" Will added. The three Pokémon then fired Bubblebeam at Marowak, who barely seemed phased. Marowak then used Flame Wheel, and smashed into the three water Pokémon, knocking out Corphish and Prinplup.

"Thanks Corphish, you were great out there!" Will said, recalling Corphish.

"You were too Prinplup," Toby said, recalling Prinplup.

"Now, Buizel/Rockruff, go!" the two trainers said, releasing their respective Pokémon. Marowak was still using Flame Wheel, when it slammed into Silver Spoon's Rockruff. It was stomping down on the Puppy Pokémon, who looked to be getting more agitated. That's when it began to evolve, and force Marowak off. Her Rockruff had evolved into a Midday Form Lycanroc.

"Amazing!" Silver Spoon exclaimed. The newly evolved Lycanroc then charged full force into Marowak, sending it back a few feet, "What was that?!" she asked.

"That was Accelerock, Midday Form Lycanroc's signature move. A Rock Type Move that always goes first," Rotom explained. Lycanroc then slammed the ground with it's forelegs, sending up glowing blue, spiked rocks, which struck Marowak again, bringing the Totem Pokémon to it's near limit, "And that was Stone Edge! A Rock Type Move that has a high Critical Hit Ratio!" Rotom said.

"Alright, here we go!" Fluttershy said, as she did the pose for Water Type Z Moves, "Now Brionne, use Hydro Vortex!" she exclaimed. Brionne then trapped Marowak inside the whirlpool Z Move. When it dissipated, Marowak was knocked out.

"Not bad. To think, the vaunted Marowak that I trained so carefully to such a powerful state was defeated so easily," Kiawe commented.

"I wouldn't say 'easily'," Toby commented.

"Well, no matter. The point is, you pass the Trial, and the Fire Type Z Crystal, the Firium Z, is now yours," Kiawe said, handing out a red Z Crystal with a flame symbol, "And if you want to make use of a Fire Type Z Move, move your arms like so," Kiawe said, demonstrating the Z Move Pose. He raised his arms up, like a flame, then extended his arm, "This will allow you to use Inferno Overdrive. Now that you've cleared my trial, a couple of things. First, I'll register some Air Ride Pokémon to your pagers," Kiawe said, fiddling with the pagers, "And secondly, your next trial will be at Lush Jungle at the northern end of the island. Mallow will be waiting for you there. Also, try not to accept any of the Mallow Special. Trust me on this," Kiawe said.

"Ok, thanks for allowing us to take the trial, Kiawe," Will said. The Totem Marowak then bellowed loudly. As soon as it did, a whole bunch of Fire Pokémon came rushing out. Among them included a pig Pokémon, a lizard Pokémon, a chicken, a sleek weasel like Pokémon, and a few others.

"It would seem that the Totem Marowak has given each of you it's blessings to take on Fire Pokémon under your belts," Kiawe said. Each trainer took their time catching each Fire Pokémon, "If you take the side path down the Volcano, you'll be back at the base. Go through the tunnel, and take the northern coastal road, and you'll find a Pokémon Center near Lush Jungle," he added.

"Ok. Thank you, Kiawe," Will said, as the group took their leave.

"Even with a whole slew of Fire Pokémon, it'll all depend on their skills to defeat THAT Totem Pokémon," Kiawe said to himself.

Chapter 19: Training! Pokemon Pelago Style!

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After clearing a hard fought battle at the Peak of Wela Volcano, our heroes soon found themselves at the base of the mountain, ready for their next adventure, "You guys have caught a lot of Pokémon. I bet training them all would be really hard, huh?" Lana asked.

"Yeah, but the thing is, trainers are only allowed to carry a maximum of six Pokémon at a time. With that rule in place, training the Pokémon we caught from clearing the last two trials does make things difficult," Will replied.

"You'd think there'd be a way to train up the Pokémon in storage, without taking them out," Fluttershy commented.

"I may have a solution to your problem," a middle aged man said. He looked to be a castaway, wearing tattered clothes, and a straw hat. He had bright green eyes, and pale blonde hair, "The name's Mohn, and I run a facility that helps trainers with raising their Pokémon. It's called 'Pokémon Pelago'. I see you've all cleared Kiawe's trial. Why not hop on the ride Pokémon he gave you, and pop in for a visit?" Mohn suggested, as he took his leave.

"Well, what do you guys think? Should we go?" Will asked.

"I don't see why not. It could prove helpful," Lori replied. The others gave their sentiments as well.

"Well, alright then," Will said, as the five trainers took out their Ride Pagers. They each selected 'Air Ride Pokémon'. In a flash, several large flying Pokémon appeared, ranging from a Charizard, to an Altaria, "Alright guys, buddy up with someone, and let's get going," Will said. Each Loud sibling grouped together with one of the five trainers. When everyone was safely on, they took off.

About 10 minutes of flying later,

"Is that it? Down there!" Luna inquired, seeing a group of five islands, each surrounding a hut.

"Looks to be," Will replied, as they all landed in front of the hut. Will went to knock on the door to the hut, only for it to open, with Mohn behind it.

"Alola! Welcome to Pokémon Pelago! I've bene running this here facility ever since I got here," Mohn said.

"How long ago was that?" Lisa asked.

"I.... lost track of time," Mohn admitted.

"So, what's there to do here?" Lola asked.

"Well, each of the five surrounding islands has it's own different facility. Each on can have Pokémon there to play at, or help out with your journey. One island has a massive bean stalk that will allow you to harvest Pokebeans. Unlike the ones you get from the Pokémon Center, there are two other kinds. There are patterned Beans, and the extremely rare Rainbow Beans. Each one is better at making you closer to your Pokémon than a plain bean. Another island allows you to plant and harvest berries. Another will let your Pokémon go and try to find treasures. There's also a Hot Springs Island where you can leave your Pokémon to relax, and grow more friendly to you. Last, but not least, is the island you folks probably came here to use. It has a variety of jungle gyms in which your Pokémon can play on and grow stronger. Of course, I have a variety of booster drinks that I make myself. If you have me give these to your Pokémon, they'll grow a lot stronger!" Mohn explained.

"I see, fascinating," Will commented.

"What's more, is that on the Jungle Gym Island, is that you can put Pokémon in storage onto the island, and they can go and play. One thing to note is that each trainer may only have a maximum of 18 Pokémon at a time, and your Pokémon can only play for little over two days," Mohn explained.

"Ok, that seems easy enough to understand. Now, which island is which?" Will asked. Mohn then pointed out each island to the trainers. With that, they all decided to split up and explore the individual islands, with Serenity sticking with Fluttershy, as they went to the farm Island with Luna, Lynn and Lana. Toby decided to go to the Bean Stalk Island with Leni, Lincoln, and Lola. Silver Spoon decided to go to the Hot Springs Island with Lori and Luan. Will figured he might as well see what the cave island had to offer with Lucy and Lisa.

Later that day,

After exploring Pokémon Pelago, our heroes returned to where they had left, leaving behind a number of Pokémon from storage to train, "Ok, so now we know we can rely on Pokémon Pelago to help with our training," Will said.

"That definitely won't stop our 'train' of thought, *chuckles weakly*. Man, even for me that was weak," Luan admitted.

"I only put the Pokémon I left in the Isle Eveup in a five hour session. So, I'm going to withdraw them once we get to the next Pokémon Center," Toby said.

"W-was it a good idea to leave my friends there too?" Serenity questioned.

"I'd say so. As we progress with the Island Challenge, we're going to meet more and more stronger Pokémon. It's a good idea to have some additional high level Pokémon on standby, just to be safe," Will replied.

"And at least this way, we don't have to run ourselves ragged training ALL of our Pokémon," Silver Spoon added.

"Indeed, especially when most Pokémon take a long time before they can evolve. In fact, why don't we spend the day at the Pokémon Center when we get there? You know, just take a break from training to have some fun in the sun?" Will suggested.

"That sounds great, I've been wanting to play with my Pokémon outside of training," Fluttershy said.

"Same here," Silver Spoon added.

"Well, then let's get going," Will said, as they ventured into the tunnel.

Chapter 20: Gathering! Assemble the Bandit Star Pirates!

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In order to get to the Pokémon Center at the northern end of Akala Island, our heroes must first pass through a tunnel that acts as a shortcut, "Ok, the end of the tunnel is just up ahead," Will said, as they neared the end, when...

"Alola there," they saw Phyco and Soliera waiting at the exit, "I see you've been rather busy since the last we saw you. You're all bathed in more Z Power than ever," Phyco commented.

"According to our instruments, the Ultra Aura you all have is more powerful than previously recorded. I take it you have found a way to master Z Power?" Soliera asked.

"Well, we did clear through two trials today," Will replied.

"I see. Our world used to have a similar light flowing throughout it," Phyco said.

"Captain, we're running late for our meeting," Soliera informed.

"Ah yes. We shall meet again," Phyco said, as he and Soliera took their leave.

"What is it about those guys that just feels out of place?" Will wondered.

"You mean besides their fashion sense?" Lynn asked.

"Yeah, besides that," Will replied, as they exited the tunnel. Looking at the sky, they noticed it was getting rather late, as the sun was setting, "C'mon guys, it'll be dark soon," Will said, as they continued onward. They saw a large, white trailer like building with a bizarre symbol on it, "Huh, wonder what that is?" Will wondered. Just then, the door opened, and out sprang an Alolan Vulpix, looking rather excited.

"Now slow down there Vulpix," a man wearing a white uniform said, coming out of the trailer. Vulpix then noticed our heroes. it smiled brightly, and dashed over, wrestling itself into Toby's shirt.

"Hey, cut that out!" Toby laughed, as he got the Icy Vulpix out of his shirt.

"Oh, sorry about that!" the man said, "That Vulpix has been through quite the ordeal," he said.

"What kind of ordeal?" Toby asked.

"See, Vulpix here is just one of many Pokémon that are bullied by Team Skull. Up until now, it was absolutely terrified of humans. Even the workers of the Aether Foundation have trouble getting it to open up," the man said.

"'Aether Foundation'?" Will asked.

"It's an organization stationed here in Alola that helps nurse sick or injured Pokémon back to perfect health. And it's not just from the selfish actions of humans that Pokémon are protected by Aether. Some Pokémon need protection from other Pokémon as well," he explained. Vulpix only nuzzled closer to Toby, "But as scared of humans as this Vulpix was, this is the first time it ever approached a human of it's own accord," the man said.

"Maybe Vulpix just likes Toby," Luna theorized. Vulpix then batted out an empty Pokeball from Toby's backpack. it enlarged when it hit the ground. Vulpix then tapped the Pokeball, encapsulating it. This definitely caught everyone by surprise. The Pokeball rocked three times before clicking. It then teleported away.

"Uh, sorry about that," Toby said, scratching the back of his head.

"Don't worry about it. While it is the duty of Aether to return a Pokémon that is fully healed back to their natural habitat, we also try to find trainers suitable for taking care of these Pokémon. Vulpix seems to have taken a liking to you, enough to allow you to catch it," the Aether employee said, heading back inside.

"Wait, you have two Vulpix now, how are they going to tell who you're talking to?" Leni asked.

"Hmm, good question," Toby said, giving it some thought. He then got an idea, "I know! I'll call my new Vulpix 'Snowball'," Toby answered.

"Sounds appropriate," Will commented.

"Albeit a tad cliché," Lisa added.

"Hey, maybe the clichés are where inspiration comes from," Lincoln stated. Serenity saw a small, pink Pokémon with brown legs, and a striped tail walking out of the tall grass. She gasped in awe at how cute it was. She carefully walked over to it. The Pokémon looked up to see Serenity, and looked at her in curiosity.

"Rotom, who is this little cutie?" she asked.

"Roger that! Stufful, The Flailing Pokémon, a Normal and Fighting Type. When touched by someone who it is not friends with it, it flails violently. It is a very dangerous Pokémon," Rotom said.

"Now how can something this cute be dangerous?" Lola questioned, trying to pet it. However, Stufful didn't like that kind of approach, and started flailing it's arms, swatting Lola's hand back, "I stand corrected," the pageant princess stated, rubbing her hand. Serenity went to pet Stufful this time. When she did, Stufful seemed to calm down.

"Looks to me that Stufful sees Serenity as a friend," Will commented. Serenity took a Level Ball out of her bag, and used it on Stufful. After rocking three times and clicking, the Level Ball teleported away.

"Well, we should get moving," Will said, noticing the sun was almost set. The group decided to press on. They soon saw the Ultra Recon Squad, talking to a blonde man in a lab coat. He was fiddling around with his gauntlets, and had a blue streak in his hair. Will recognized him instantly. When the Recon Squad left, he turned to see the large group, led by Will.

"Ah, William, so good to see you again," the man said.

"Colress. I see you're still doing you little experiments?" Will questioned, eyeing the gauntlets Colress was wearing.

"I see you're still untrusting towards me after our last encounter," Colress commented. He then took note of the large group he was leading, "And I see you've decided to teach a newer generation about being a trainer, I see," he deduced.

"Will, do you know this guy?" Luan asked.

"Well, we're not exactly buddy-buddy, but we have battled once before," Will stated.

"Let's just say I believed in the wrong people, and I did some bad things because of them. Nowadays, I'm dedicating my science to helping people and Pokémon alike. And my studies have brought me to the Alola Region to research 'Z Moves', as they're called," Colress explained.

"So, what have you found out?" Lynn asked.

"Nothing concrete yet, but I have found out that what is important to bring out Z Power is the bond between trainers and their Pokémon. There is a similar phenomenon that has such a requirement, but I'll leave William to teach you about that," Colress said, taking his leave. With that out of the way, our heroes pressed onward. They soon saw the Pokémon Center, and not a moment too soon, as the sun had already set, and it became night time.

"Phew, we did a lot today," Lincoln commented, taking a seat on a couch.

"Well, at least we'll be taking the day off from training tomorrow to relax," Will said, as the five trainers gave Nurse Joy their Pokeballs.

"You sound like you've been busy on the Island Challenge today," Nurse Joy commented, giving Will a pair of room keys, which he gave one to Lori.

"Yeah, we cleared two trials today," Will replied.

"My goodness! It usually takes trainers one day to clear each trial," Nurse Joy commented in surprise.

"I guess you guys taking a day off would do you some good," they all saw Mallow sitting in the café area, "You guys need a day to recuperate, so I can wait another day before you guys can come and take on my trial," Mallow said. Toby, Silver Spoon, Serenity, Lola, Lana, and Lisa were all eyeing the magazines the Pokémon Center had to offer, when....

"Out of the way, losers!" some boy rudely pushed Toby out of the way.

"Sweetie Pie, are you alright?" Silver Spoon asked worriedly.

"Yeah, but who was..." Toby cut off his question, at seeing Busujima, "Oh, him," Toby said.

"I'm surprised to see you chumps all the way up here so soon!" Busujima rudely said.

"Always to the punch, eh Busujima?" they all turned to see Davis and Delila sitting on one of the couches. On either side of them, was Mako and Cletus.

"All of the Bandit Star Pirates we've encountered are here," Will said, looking at the gang of trainers.

"And there are some of us who you have yet to meet," Delila said.

"Hey you!" a little girl's voice said. Everyone saw a little girl with platinum blonde, dressed in what one could call a Magical Girl Outfit, standing before them, trying to look tough, key word being "trying", "You think you're so cute with that pink hair, and all those cute Pokémon, and that shy personality... Well, let me tell you something! I'm supposed to the cutest around here!" the girl said, getting in Serenity's face.

"Uh, well... I... uh," Serenity tried to form words, but came up with nothing. The Magical Girl cosplayer was picked up by an extremely buff boy around Luan's age. He had blonde hair, and was wearing an outfit you'd probably see in the army.

"Oh, Sergey, when did you get here?" the little girl the boy was holding asked. The boy said nothing.

"That's Sergey, and his younger sister, Susie. Sergey doesn't talk a lot, but he's a wiz at using Steel and Dragon Type Pokémon," Mako said.

"You guys let a little girl into your gang?!" Leni exclaimed, sounding disappointed.

"To tell you the truth, Susie's not an official member of our gang, but she is skilled with Normal and Fairy Types," Busujima admitted. Susie puffed up her cheeks.

"SUP DUDES?!" aloud voice yelled. Everyone saw a boy with black hair, dressed in a tropical outfit waltzing in with a girl dressed as a piolet. She had purple hair, "You dudes having a party in here or what?!" the boy exclaimed.

"Loud as ever, Chaz," Cletus commented.

"And how are you, Amy?" Delila asked.

"Fine as always," the piolet girl replied.

"These guys are Chaz and Amy. Chaz is, as you can tell, a free spirit. He demonstrates this with his Ice and Ghost Pokémon, while Amy is more level headed with her Ground and Flying Type Pokémon," Mako made the introductions.

"There are 18 different types of Pokémon. Divide them up between nine different people, and they specialize in two different types each. Are these all of the Bandit Star Pirates?" Will asked.

"Yep, all present and accounted for," Amy replied.

"You dorks are slower than molasses! Each of use have already cleared the Lush Jungle Trial!" Davis said, showing them a Green Z Crystal with a leaf symbol in the center.

"We like taking time to smell the roses," Toby countered.

"We passed roses? I didn't see any," Leni commented.

"Toby's speaking metaphorically. he means we were taking our time with our trek," Lisa clarified.

"So, have you gotten any stronger?" Busujima questioned, getting in Toby's face.

"Quite a bit actually," Toby replied, as the bell went off.

"With all this hullabaloo, your Pokémon are all fully healed," Nurse Joy said, as each Pokémon leapt at their trainers, with both Rockruff barking aggressively.

"Hey, isn't that Steenee and Torracat the Bounsweet and Litten you had Busujima?" Chaz asked.

"Yeah, but they were too weak, so I ditched them," Busujima admitted nonchalantly. Our heroes didn't really like his answer.

"And yet, I was able to help them get stronger," Toby countered.

"They can evolve as much as they want, but weaklings will always be weaklings," Busujima countered back.

"Then how about a battle?! Toby's Torracat and Steenee against two of your Pokémon!" Lynn declared.

"Wait, what?" Toby questioned.

"Well, it will be a good warm up for my Grand Trial against Olivia," Busujima commented. Lincoln, Luna, and Luan all blushed the mention of the Kahuna.

"Busujima here's the only one of us who hasn't taken the Grand Trial," Susie piped up. The bully shot the little girl an annoyed look.

"Well, I haven't even taken the Lush Jungle Trial yet," Toby commented, trying to keep this situation from escalating, which was proving difficult with Lynn's interference.

"You can do this Toby! That chump doesn't stand a chance against you!" Lynn declared.

"I'll see you on the battle field," Busujima said, heading to the battlefield outside.

"Lynn, what are you doing?!" Lori scolded.

"I'm trying to help Toby stand up to that bully!" Lynn shot back.

"Did you even consider what Toby wants?" Lincoln questioned.

"He may not like it, but he'll need to tough up his Pokémon one way or another!" Lynn shot back. She then saw Toby at the PC, "Hey, what are you doing?!" Lynn exclaimed.

"I want to train with some of the Pokémon I caught at Wela Volcano Park, so I swapped out some of my Pokémon," Toby replied, as he released his new team of Pokémon, which consisted of Charmeleon, Quilava, Torracat, Steenee, Rockruff, and Turtonator.

"Well, as long as these two are still on your team!" Lynn said, motioning towards Torracat and Steenee.

"Ok, that's enough!" Luna said, dragging the athlete away.

"You know, I was wondering if you could do me a favor real quick Toby," Cletus said.

"What kind of favor?" Toby asked.

"You wouldn't have by chance caught any extra Magby while at Wela Park, have you?" Cletus asked.

"Yeah, I have two of them. One is currently still in my storage box," Toby replied.

"Then I was wondering if you wouldn't mind trading that Magby with me?" Cletus asked.

"'Trade'?" Toby asked.

"Yes, see, I have Magmar and Magmortar, but I need a Magby to complete that evolution line, but they have been proving rather elusive every time I go to Wela Park. So, in exchange for your other Magby, I will give you this Pokémon," Cletus said, releasing a yellow Pokémon with a big, bushy tail, a mustache, and a star on it's forehead. It was also holding a spoon.

"Whoa, whose that Pokémon?!" Lana asked.

"Kadabra, the Psy Pokémon, a Psychic Type. Though it possesses strong psychic powers, it's powers are halved if it's not holding a silver spoon," Rotom said. Silver Spoon looked rather annoyed by that statement.

"I'd say go for it Toby. If you trade Magby for Kadabra, it'll evolve into an Alakazam," Will urged.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt," Toby said, still sounding unsure, as he swapped out Turtonator for the Magby.

"Great, now come with me," Cletus said, leading Toby to a big machine, "Now, place Magby's Pokeball over there," he said. Toby did so. Cletus did the same with the Pokeball containing Kadabra, "Now, for the switch," Cletus said, pulling a switch. Both Pokeballs got sucked up into the machine. The silhouettes of both Pokémon appeared to be crossing over to the other side. The machine then spat out the Pokeballs. Both trainers released their new Pokémon. No sooner than Toby did, Kadabra evolved into a yellow humanoid Pokémon with a mustache and two spoons.

"Alakazam, the Psy Pokémon, a Psychic Type. It is very smart, and never forgets anything it has learned. As a result, it's brain became too heavy for it's neck to support. Alakazam uses it's psychic powers to lift it's head," Rotom said.

"I'd say that one's fitting for you Toby," Fluttershy commented.

"You think?" Toby questioned.

"You're both intellectual, for one thing," Will replied.

"Uh, yeah, this is all well and good, but do I have to remind you guys that Toby has a challenge waiting for him outside?!" Lynn reminded.

"Yeah, we hear you.... unfortunately," Lola replied, whispering the last part.

"You know, I'd like to have a two on two rematch with you as well," Cletus admitted.

"I guess I'll take you up on that," Toby replied, as everyone took to the battlefield, where Busujima was waiting.

"About time you got here!" Busujima snarled, as Toby took his place opposite of the bully.

"I was taking care of a few things," Toby replied.

"Alright dudes, I'll act as ref for this battle! It'll be a two on two match with no time limit, and substitutions may be made at any time. The battle will be over when both of either sides Pokémon cannot battle," Chaz said.

"Fine with me," Toby commented.

"Whatever," Busujima added.

"Now then, choose your Pokémon!" Chaz said.

"Here's my Pokémon! Go, Salandit!" Busujima said, sending out Salandit.

"Torracat, let's do this!" Toby said, sending out Torracat.

"BEGIN!" Chaz said.

"Salandit, use Flame Burst!" Busujima ordered. Salandit launched Flame Burst at Torracat, who tanked the attack.

"Nice defense Torracat, show them your Fury Swipes!" Toby instructed. Torracat then charged at Salandit, and began scratching the Toxic Lizard Pokémon repeatedly.

"In terms of offense, Torracat has the advantage. But we'll see what Salandit does," Will commented, as the battle raged on.

"Hey Pinky! I'm calling you out!" Susie declared, challenging Serenity, taking a spot on the other battlefield.

'What did I get dragged into?!' Serenity thought to herself, anime style tears falling from her eyes, as she took the other spot.

"The rules are like how Busujima and that other kid's battle is going! Two Pokémon each, substitutions when necessary, and it's over when both of either sides Pokémon can't battle! Now, go, Castform!" Susie said, sending out a Pokémon that could be classified as a crème puff.

"Whoa, that's a rare Pokémon she's got," Will commented.

"Castform, the Weather Pokémon, a Normal Type. Because it's ability is Forecast, it's form changes depending on the weather," Rotom said.

"G-go! Chubbykins!" Serenity said, sending out her chubby Pikachu.

"Castform, use Rain Dance!" Susie instructed. Castform then summoned a raincloud above the battlefield. When the rain began falling, it turned into a water droplet.

"So that's the Forecast Ability," Lisa commented.

"Yeah. Castform can be either a Normal Type, a Water Type, a Fire Type, or an Ice Type, based on the weather," Will explained.

"Chubbykins, u-use Thundershock!" Serenity instructed, trying to sound confident. Chubbykins did so, as it fired off the electric attack, causing major damage to Castform.

"Since it's raining, Castform is a Water Type," Will commented.

"Torracat, use Fire Fang!" Toby instructed. Torracat then used Fire Fang to deal the final blow to Salandit, knocking it out. Busujima then recalled his Pokémon.

"We need to train some more," Busujima said to the Pokeball holding Salandit. He then readied a Lure Ball, "Clamperl, go!" he said, as a clam Pokémon was released.

"Clamperl, the Bivalve Pokémon, a Water Type. Pearls that are made by this Pokémon are more than 10 times as valuable as a pearl made by a Shellder," Rotom said.

"Torracat, take a break," Toby beckoned. The Fire Cat Pokémon dashed over to it's trainer, "You did great out there. Leave the rest to Steenee," the bespectacled boy said. Torracat nodded, and curled up to go to sleep, "Now, Steenee, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Steenee.

"Clamperl, use Ice Beam!" Busujima ordered. Clamperl fired off the beam of icy energy at Steenee.

"Dodge it Steenee! Then use Magical Leaf!" Toby urged. Steenee cleverly dodged Ice Beam, and fired the Grass attack at Clamperl.

"Withdraw!" Busujima ordered. Clamperl then closed it's shell, allowing the Magical Leaf to hit and bounce off.

"That's a move?" Lori asked.

"Withdraw is a move that allows a Pokémon to increase it's defensive power by hiding in it's shell," Will explained.

"Just keep hammering away Steenee! Clamperl's shell may be tough, but it's bound to run out of stamina!" Toby encouraged. Steenee then bounced on Clamperl's shell, and started stomping the shell. Meanwhile, Serenity and Chubbykins managed to beat Castform.

"Thanks Castform you were great out there," Susie said, readying a Moon Ball, "Go, Clefairy!" Susie said, sending out a little pink Fairy Pokémon.

"How cute!" Serenity and Lola exclaimed.

"Clefairy, the Fairy Pokémon, a Fairy Type. Clefairy are believed to have originated in space, and become more active on nights of a Full Moon," Rotom said.

"Chubbykins, you did great out there. You deserve a nice long break," Serenity said, nuzzling her Pikachu, who waddled over to the side, and sat down, "B-Buneary, help me please!" Serenity said, sending in Buneary. Just then, something was happening simultaneously to both Steenee and Buneary. First and foremost, Steenee's feet began glowing pink.

"Hey, looks like Steenee is trying to learn Stomp," Will commented.

"That's literally a move that needs to be taught?" Lori asked blandly. Her attitude changed when Steenee and Buneary began to evolve. Steenee did a Sailor Moon-esque evolution, as she grew taller. Her hips became wider, and her sepals became longer. A little crown like bulb formed at the top of her head, and her legs became much longer. Buneary on the other hand went through a similar evolution. She grew taller too, her ears were much longer, and fluffier. Little cuffs of fluff appeared around her wrists, as well as what looked like boots of fluff.

"Whoa, who are those Pokémon?" Luna asked in awe.

"Tsareena, the Fruit Pokémon, a Grass Type. It's specialty is kicking with it's well developed legs. In victory, it tramples it defeat foe. Lopunny, the Long Ear Pokémon, a Normal Type. It generally dislikes fighting, but will kick with it's graceful legs if threatened," Rotom said. Tsareena's leg became enveloped in tropical energy, as it kicked Clamperl into the wall, "That was Trop Kick! Tsareena's signature attack!" Rotom exclaimed, as Clamperl's shell opened, revealing it was knocked out.

"And that's it! Clamperl can not continue! Therefore, the winner is Tsareena and Toby!" Chaz declared.

"You were amazing Tsareena!" Toby praised his newly evolved Pokémon. Tsareena blushed at her trainer's kind words. Looking over, Toby saw that Lopunny was giving Clefairy a run for it's money.

"Quick Clefairy, use Metronome!" Susie instructed. Clefairy began waving it's fingers around, before they glowed brightly. Clefairy then fired off lightning quick punch, which caused major damage to Lopunny.

"What was that?" Leni questioned.

"Metronome is a move that randomly turns into some other kind of move. It's a bit of a gamble, but it did allow Clefairy to use Mach Punch," Will explained.

"Lopunny, use Return please!" Serenity instructed. Lopunny then became surrounded by energy, and crashed into Clefairy, knocking it out.

"Return is a move that increases in power if the user is close to it's trainer. It's polar opposite is a move called Frustration," Will explained.

"I'm guessing it get's stronger the less a Pokémon likes it's trainer?" Lincoln asked. Will nodded.

"That certainly is frustrating *chuckles*, get it?" Luan joked, only to receive groans or weak chuckles.

"How were you able to make those weaklings so much stronger?" Busujima demanded, grabbing Toby by the collar of his shirt.

"Hey, I just want to make friends with my Pokémon! That's how they got stronger," Toby defended, as Luna pried Busujima off of Toby.

"This isn't over between us, nerd!" Busujima seethed, taking his leave.

"Just like a bully, using empty insults," Toby commented.

"I am most impress with your battling skills. If I may, shall I battle you next?" Cletus asked.

"Sure! This time, I'll send in Rockruff and Quilava," Toby said, releasing the aforementioned Pokémon. However, when he did, Rockruff evolved into the Midnight Form Lycanroc, "WHOA! SO cool!" Toby exclaimed.

"That's the form that likes taking attacks, right?" Lana asked.

"Indeed," Rotom replied.

"Hey Mako, mind being my training partner?" Will asked.

"You got it!" Mako said, taking his place on a separate battlefield, "Go, Octillery!" Mako said, sending out a red octopus Pokémon with yellow suckers.

"Octillery, the Jet Pokémon, a Water Type. It usually lives in caves. The ink it spits out is used in cooking," Rotom said.

"In that case, go, Makuhita!" Will said, sending out the Arm Thrust Pokémon. When he did, Makuhita evolved into Hariyama, "Sweet! I knew Makuhita was close to evolving!" Will commented, as everyone began training with one another.

Chapter 21: Beach Time!

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Morning broke over the Pokémon Center, overlooking the ocean, and our heroes were just now getting up, "Man, that was some intense training last night," Will commented, stretching out his back.

"But it did help us get closer to our Pokémon," Silver Spoon added.

"Yeah. I think I'm going to play with Ralts and Shinx at the beach today," Toby commented.

"Well, let's get some chow. We can get down and check out the beach a little later," Will said. He and Toby stepped out into the hall to allow the girls to change their clothes. When they did, they saw Lincoln standing outside as well.

"Hey guys. What's going on for today?" the lone Loud brother asked.

"First, we're getting some breakfast. Then, after we let it settle for a bit, we can go and check out the beach," Will replied.

"That's cool. Lana's definitely going to want go swimming. I just hope Lynn doesn't go overboard with beach fun," Lincoln grumbled.

"Lynn did get a bit hotheaded last night," Toby commented.

"Yeah, she absolutely hates loosing. She doesn't like admitting when she's lost. She always comes up with some biased excuse for her losses," Lincoln whispered, not wanting the bully sister to hear him. Just then, Fluttershy, Silver Spoon and Serenity came out of the room.

"Ok, we're going to head on to the café," Fluttershy said, as they walked off.

"You go first Toby," Will urged, letting the glasses wearing boy go and get changed. No sooner than he did, all nine of Lincoln's sisters exited the room.

"It's all yours bro," Luna said, as they left for the café. Lincoln then entered the room. Soon after, Toby exited the room. Will then entered, and got changed as well. He then left the room to go meet up with the others, who were waiting around the lobby.

"You guys get something to eat?" Will asked.

"Not yet. They just put out a big buffet of muffins. We wanted to wait for you before we started," Fluttershy said, as Will took notice of a large variety of muffins.

"Great, 'cause I'm starving!" Will said, as everyone began serving themselves.

"I can eat faster than you!" Lynn challenged the uncaring Lincoln, Lana, Toby, and Luna, as she wolfed down a muffin. She then started beating her chest.

"See? This is why we tell you not to make EVERYTHING a competition!" Lori scolded, as she patted the athletes back.

"You're just jealous cause I beat you!" Lynn countered. This got all of her siblings, even Leni, furious at her.

WHAM! x9

Lynn was now laying in a large crater, completely unconscious, "You can't taunt us with such childish nonsense, Lynn," Lisa chastised, as she, Lori, Luna, Luan, and Lincoln were holding the various items from before. Leni was holding a sea conch, while Lucy was holding a thick book, and the twins were holding either a frying pan or a rolling pin.

"Does.... this happen a lot?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Only when Lynn get's too high and mighty for herself," Lori replied, as she and the others continued eating. After they finished eating, they went out to see what they wanted to do. Luna and Luan were dragging Lynn across the floor.

"Now then guys. We're taking a break from the Island Challenge today. We're using this time to go and have some fun, as well as giving our Pokémon a break from battling. You're all free to do whatever you want. Just make sure you let someone know what you're doing," Will instructed. Everyone gave their approval.

"Alright guys, come on out!" Toby said, as he released Snowball, Shinx, Ralts, Tsareena, Torracat, and Charmeleon.

"You guys should join the fun too!" Will said, releasing Dartrix, Grimer, Hariyama, Corphish, Cubone, and Magby.

"Come out and play too!" Fluttershy said, sending out Brionne, Trumbeak, Onix, Rockruff, Eevee, and Phanpy.

"You guys too!" Silver Spoon said, as she released Azumarill, Magneton, Lycanroc, Growlithe, Butterfree, and Ralts. Serenity released Lopunny, Charjabug, Spinda, Minun, Dewott, and Chubbykins. The Pokémon, as well as the humans all scattered to do their own thing. Toby, Silver Spoon went swimming to the nearby island, followed by Leni, Luan, and Lana. Will decided to explore the shoreline with Fluttershy, Serenity, Lincoln, Lori, Luna, and Lisa, while Serenity was building a sandcastle with Lola. Lucy stuck to the shade. Each of the Pokémon were also doing their own thing as well. Tsareena was lounging on a nearby bush, with the still unconscious Lynn laying nearby. She was relaxing, while she watched the other Pokémon playing, although in Rockruff's case, it looked more like it was wanting to fight.

For the sake of this next bit, a special filter has been place that translates what a Pokémon says

"Come on! Someone fight me!" Rockruff growled, as he growled at the other Pokémon.

"Nothing happening. We're all on break!" Charmeleon replied, laying on his back.

"What is with you Rockruff? You've been a real pain lately," Azumarill commented.

"I don't know, ok!?! I feel like I'm about to evolve any moment, but it's not coming!" Rockruff snapped.

"You mean you can't evolve? How does that even work?!" Torracat asked.

"I don't know! I didn't feel anything different last night, and I don't feel anything now in day time!" Rockruff yelled.

"Hello?" Toby' Ralts asked, putting her face in a seashell.

"Please don't do that sis," Silver Spoon's Ralts pleaded, taking the seashell away from his ditzy sister.

"Lycanroc, didn't you feel different when you evolved?" Lopunny asked.

"I did. I felt the rays of the sun entering my body, becoming one with my very being," Lycanroc replied.

"Maybe Toby's Lycanroc felt the same way when she evolved last night. We should ask her the next time we see her," Shinx suggested. Speaking of Toby, he, along with the girls just came back up from swimming.

End of Filter

"Whew, that was quite the adventure," Toby commented.

"But what are these things?" Lana asked, holding two jeweled stones. One was a deep blue with bubbles inside, while the other was teal with a sun symbol in it.

"Maybe Will knows?" Toby suggested, as the aforementioned man came walking by.

"Hey guys, how was the swimming?" Will asked.

"Pretty good. We found these things while swimming," Lana replied, giving Will the two stones.

"Well, I'm most impressed. You've found a Water Stone and a Dawn Stone," Will said, examining the two stones.

"Is that good?" Leni asked.

"Quite good. These two are some of the various evolution stones needed to evolve certain species of Pokémon. For Water Stones, it can help Eevee evolve into Vaporeon, or Poliwhirl into Poliwrath," Will explained.

"Ok, but what about the Dawn Stone?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Well, unlike other stones, a Dawn Stone can only evolve two different Pokémon. It can evolve a Male Kirlia into a Gallade, or a Female Snorunt into a Froslass," Will replied. Silver Spoon's Ralts saw the Dawn Stone, and looked at it with hopeful eyes. Eevee was seen jumping on Will's leg.

"Eevee, you silly, what are you doing?" Fluttershy asked, picking up her Pokémon.

"It's most likely that Eevee wants the Water Stone," Will theorized.

"I'd kind of like to see a Vaporeon myself," Lana admitted. Will then handed Fluttershy the Water Stone. In an instant, Eevee became engulfed in a bubble of water, and began evolving. It soon became a Vaporeon.

"So, that's a Vaporeon?" Luna asked.

"Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon, a Water Type, and one of eight evolved forms of Eevee. It's molecules are similar to that of water, so it can meld in easily," Rotom said.

"It's so pretty!" Fluttershy commented, stroking the newly evolved Vaporeon, who then fired off Water Gun at a nearby rock.

"What are you wanting to evolve your other Eevee into?" Leni asked.

"I was thinking of Flareon, which is the Fire Type Evolved Form," Toby replied.

"As for me, I want to evolve my Eevee into Jolteon and Glaceon," Silver Spoon added.

"And for me, maybe Umbreon," Fluttershy commented.

"Well, Glaceon may be a while, since we need to find a large, ice covered rock to make it evolve. Eevee will need to be extremely friendly towards it's trainer at night to evolve into Umbreon. But as for Flareon and Jolteon, we would need to find a Fire Stone and a Thunder Stone, respectively," Will replied.

"I bet I can find one first!" Lynn boasted, only to be stomped on by Tsareena.

Filter On

"Know your place, stink human," Tsareena said, glaring down at Lynn.

Filter Off

"Thanks for that Tsareena," Luan said. Tsareena only whipped her hair like sepals.

"Agreed. Lynn doesn't even know where to start looking, so she may have gotten herself in a jam if she weren't careful," Will commented.

"Can you call her off?" Lynn asked.

"Ok Tsareena, could you step off of her please?" Toby asked. Tsareena did so, allowing Lynn to stretch out her back, "Thank you," Tsareena blushed at her trainer's kind words.

"So, where does one find evolution stones?" Lisa asked.

"Well, I remember Mohn saying something about the caves of Isle Aphun often hold rare items, like the evolution stones. Maybe we can look into that," Will suggested.

"So, we'd be needing to take a trip to Poke Pelago?" Lola asked.

"Pretty much. I mean, we can often find the stones b smashing rocks. But, there's no real rush, is there?" Will asked.

"Not really," Toby replied.

"I can wait for evolving my Eevee," Silver Spoon added.

"And that's alright. There's never a need to rush things," Will said. Fluttershy then went over to the water with Brionne and Vaporeon so they could all swim together. As they were swimming, they saw some Pokémon that looked almost exactly like Mantine, and some Pokémon that closely resembled pistols. She saw a lot of other Pokémon as well, including what looked like a sea cucumber. She went over to look at it, only for it to spit up a large white hand. This startled Fluttershy enough to swim back to shore.

"See any interesting Pokémon?" Lori asked Fluttershy.

"A few. Some of them looked like smaller forms of Mantine," Fluttershy replied.

"They were probably Mantyke, the pre-evolved form of Mantine," Will commented.

"If Rotom was here, it could tell us a bit more about it," Toby commented.

"Speaking of which, where is Rotom?" Lana asked, not seeing the possessed Pokedex anywhere.

"I heard Rotom say something about staying indoors to catch some detective drama show," Will replied. A breeze kicked in. Everyone noticed dark storm clouds heading their way, "Well, so much for fun in the sun," Will said, as he and the others rounded up their Pokémon, and made their way back into the Pokémon Center, just as the storm drew over.

"Guess we should've seen that coming," Lincoln commented, as the rain continued pouring down.

"Well, we can still have fun inside," Will commented, trying to look on the bright side, as they all rereleased their Pokémon.

"I think I'll go join Rotom," Lincoln commented, being followed by Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lola. Then, without warning, both of the Ralts evolved into a ballerina like Pokémon, which everyone just assumed was Kirlia. Shinx also evolved. It became a large, lion cub Pokémon with black fur covering most of the blue fur.

"They've evolved!" Toby exclaimed.

"Both Ralts are now Kirlia, and Shinx has become Luxio," Will stated.

"It's all thanks to the training they did on Poke Pelago," Toby said, petting Luxio, who seemed to really enjoy it.

"So, Kirlia, do you want to evolve into Gallade now?" Silver Spoon asked, holding the Dawn Stone. Her Kirlia reached desperately for it, "Well, alright then," Silver Spoon said, as she tapped her Kirlia with the Dawn Stone. Kirlia then began evolving. It now looked like a knight with blade arms, "Amazing!" she commented.

"I would like for you to evolve soon, Kirlia," Toby said to his Kirlia, patting her on the head.

"So, what now? We just go and do our own thing?" Fluttershy asked.

"I guess? There's not much to do until the storm lets up," Will commented. With that, everyone went off to do their own thing.

Later, at Sunset,

Our heroes had just settled down for dinner, along side their Pokémon, who, for the most part, were changed up. Will's team now consisted of Dartrix, Grimer, Hariyama, Litleo, Cubone, and Corphish. Fluttershy's team stayed the same, except she swapped Phanpy and Onix out for Hawlucha and her other Eevee. Toby's team was now made up of Braixen, Vulpix, Torracat, Turtonator, Kirlia, and Lycanroc. Silver Spoon's team was now Azumarill, Butterfree, Magneton, Lycanroc, Gallade, and Growlithe. Serenity decided that Chubbykins needed some exercise, so she sent him off to Poke Pelago, and took out Buizel. While everyone was eating, Rockruff began to feel the urge of evolution.

Filter On

Rockruff then began walking towards the door. This caught the attention of the other Pokémon, "Hey Rockruff, where are you going?" Braixen asked. Rockruff didn't answer. He looked to be in a trance.

"That certainly is unusual," Gallade commented. He then got the attention of Fluttershy.

Filter Off

"Something wrong Gallade?" Fluttershy asked. Gallade pointed to Rockruff, who was going outside, "Rockruff, where are you going?" she asked. Rockruff then began taking in the rays of the setting sun, and began to evolve. Everyone was anticipating Rockruff to evolve into the Midday Form, since the sun was still out, but when Rockruff finished evolving, it became a Lycanroc that looked like Midday Form, but wasn't. It's coat was orange, with a mane similar to the Midnight Form of Lycanroc, "Lycanroc..." Fluttershy said.

"So cool!" Lana commented.

"Flora's Rockruff has evolved into a form that is neither Midday nor Midnight Form! It's a completely new form of Lycanroc!" Rotom exclaimed.

"This certainly rare," Nurse Joy commented, looking at the newly evolved Lycanroc.

"You mean something like this has happened before?" Will asked.

"It only happens to certain Rockruff, but they will evolve into this Dusk Form Lycanroc at Sunset. It's so rare that not even the Rotom Pokedex has any information on it," Nurse Joy explained.

"Now we have complete set of different form Lycanroc!" Lola commented.

"According to my scan of Lycanroc, it has learned both Counter and Accelerock, as well as Stone Edge," Rotom stated.

"Already a good move set," Will commented.

"Well, we've had a busy day today," Toby commented, looking at all of the newly evolved Pokémon.

"And tomorrow, we'll tackle the Lush Jungle Trial!" Will declared. With that, everyone went back to their dinner.

Chapter 22: Lush Jungle Trial (Ultra Rewrite)

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The next morning,

Our heroes had collected all of their stuff, and were getting ready to head out to Lush Jungle, "Ok, so we all know the plan?" Will asked.

"I'm carrying all the Fire Power of my Fire Pokémon, as well as Noibat for the Flying Type advantage. I also took out Mawile for added defense," Toby replied.

"I have plenty of Flying Type Pokémon myself," Fluttershy stated.

"Magneton is resistant to Grass Type attacks, so there's that. And I also have Butterfree," Silver Spoon added.

"Ok, and as for me, I have Dartrix, Grimer, Hariyama, and Marowak, as well as Magmar and Litleo," Will concluded.

"You all seem prepared for the Trial," Lori commented.

"Yep. If we pass this trial, then we can face off against Olivia in the Grand Trial," Will replied, as they all ventured along the southern route. After about a few minutes of walking, they came across a large, hollowed log, leading into a jungle, "Is this it?" Will wondered.

"The sign says 'Lush Jungle Trial Site', so I assume so," Lisa replied. With that, they entered the jungle. Upon getting inside, they saw Mallow waiting for them.

"Hey guys! Glad you could finally make it!" Mallow commented.

"Well, we did say we were going to attempt the trial after yesterday," Will stated.

"And now is the time to begin. You probably know the rules already: You can use all the Pokémon in each of your teams. You are not allowed to leave the trial until you either complete it or forfeit. You're also not permitted to catch any Pokémon until after clearing the trial," Mallow said.

"We understand," Fluttershy said.

"Ok then. Let the Lush Jungle Trial begin!" Mallow declared.

Lush Jungle Trial: Trial Goers: Will, Flora, Toby, Sylvia

"Now then, in order to draw out the Totem Pokémon, we're going to need it's favorite food, which we can prepare with ingredients right here in Lush Jungle," Mallow explained.

"Ok, so what are the ingredients?" Silver Spoon asked.

"First we need a Mago Berry. Next will be some Honey. Then we'll need to add a Big Root. There are only three ingredients, and four of you, so each of you will go and try and collect each one. Two of you will go after the same ingredient. In addition, you'll need these," Mallow said, giving each trainer a small burlap sack, "Those Forage Bags will help keep you from mixing up the items you collect," she explained.

"Ok, so what will be the first item we need to collect?" Will asked.

"That would be a Mago Berry. If you'll all follow me this way, I can show you where there are plenty of them," Mallow said, leading them to a northern area in the Jungle. Some nearby Fomantis who were hanging around noticed the group, and ran off, "Ok, this area has trees where Mago Berries are easy to find. Flora, you will need to collect the berry," Mallow instructed.

"Oh, um, ok. I will see what I can do," Fluttershy said, looking around the trees. She was particularly drawn to a tree that had Mago Berries that were covered in a sweet smelling sap, "Oh, these should work," Fluttershy said, as she place a berry into her Forage Bag.

"Are you sure about that ingredient? If any Pokémon were eyeing it, they may come back to reclaim it," Mallow asked.

"I'm sure they won't mind if one berry is missing," Fluttershy replied.

"Alright then. Onto the next area," Mallow said, leading the way again. Unbeknownst to them, the Fomantis that were hanging around noticed one of the berries they were enjoying was missing.

The next area had a massive array of flowers, that most of the Pokémon seemed to enjoy, "Next, we're going to need some honey. Toby, Sylvia, this task requires two sets of hands for precision, so the two of you will be doing this part," Mallow said, giving them a vial, "Just go over to one of the flower bushes, and collect some honey from the bushes. But be careful, like Mago Berries, Pokémon love honey, and may come back to reclaim it," Mallow warned, as the couple went on to find some honey. Much to their surprise, they saw their friend, Kiawe, standing around.

"Kiawe? What are you doing here?" Silver Spoon asked.

"I came here by request of Mallow. She wanted me to bring her some ingredients from Wela Volcano. Word of advice, don't eat any food she offers," Kiawe warned. The couple didn't know what to think of that, but gathered some honey from a bush with a ton of flowers.

"That's should be enough," Toby commented, as they brought the vial back to Mallow.

"Ok, but remember, if any Pokémon were eyeing that honey, they may come back to reclaim it," Mallow said, as she once again, led them to another area. Unbeknownst to them, some Pokémon that were hanging out came out from hiding, and noticed some honey was missing.

The next area looked to be more of a clearing, rather than a jungle, "Ok Will, the last ingredient is yours to find. We need a Big Root to finish up the Super Mallow Special. But be wary, most of the tree's here are not what they appear to be. Some of them may be Sudowoodo in disguise," Mallow warned.

"This may be tricky. Gotta be careful," Will said, as he began looking around. He saw a lot of trees that looked an awful like Sudowoodo, "Hmm, which one isn't a Sudowoodo?" Will pondered.

"How can Wil figure out which tree is a real one?" Luan wondered.

"Based on our most recent encounter with Sudowoodo, it would be next to impossible," Lisa replied. Will continued looking around, when he saw a promising looking tree.

"Huh, doesn't look like this tree's a Sudowoodo," Will commented, as he collected a Big Root, "Ok, and that's all of the ingredients?" he said, as he returned to the group. To his surprise, Captain Lana was there as well, "Captain Lana, what brings you here?" Will asked.

"Mallow asked me to bring some Fresh Water for the dish," Captain Lana replied.

"Were you able to find the Big Root?" Mallow asked. Will showed her the Root, "Good. Now we can get cooking," Mallow said, as she led the group back to the main area. Most of the trees that were, in fact, Sudowoodo, came out of hiding and began mingling happily.

In the main area,

Mallow had already began preparing a stew based dish, "Ok, now we add all the ingredients," Mallow said, as she took each ingredient from the trial goers, and Captain Mallow, and poured them into the pot, "Then we stir the pot with a Thick Club that Kiawe brought," Mallow said. As she said that, some Fomantis charged at them. They didn't look too happy.

"Uh oh, I think these might be the Pokémon Mallow warned us about," Silver Spoon deduced.

"Yeah, they want to take back their food by any means necessary. Flora, Sylvia, Toby, you will need to chase them off!" Mallow instructed.

"Ok, Trumbeak, go!" Fluttershy said, sending out Trumbeak.

"Go, Magneton!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Magneton.

"Noibat, we need your help!" Toby said, sending out Noibat. The Fomantis all attacked with Leaf Blade, "Quick, circle around, then use Air Slash!" Toby instructed. Noibat did as it was told, and was able to knockout and drive off a Fomantis.

"Magneton, use Tri Attack!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then fired off beams of fire, ice, and lightning at the second Fomantis, scaring it away.

"Now Trumbeak, please use Wing Attack," Fluttershy said. Trumbeak then attacked by striking the last Fomantis with it's wings, sending the Sickle Grass Pokémon packing.

"Good, and while you three were battling, I put the finishing touches on the stew," Mallow said, as a rather pungent smell wafted around.

"Whew, that's some smell!" Lynn commented. Everyone felt something was eyeing them from the bushes. Out from the bushes, a large, pink and green Pokémon that looked like a larger form of Fomantis leapt out.

"Whoa, whose that Pokémon?!" Will exclaimed.

"Lurantis, the Sickle Grass Pokémon, a Grass Type, and the evolved form of Fomantis. It takes a great deal of work to maintain the coloring of Lurantis, but most people enjoy it as a hobby. For self-protection, it pretends to be a Bug Pokémon," Rotom stated, as the Totem aura erupted from Lurantis.

"That's the Totem you have to beat! Be careful! It's a tricky one!" Mallow exclaimed.

"Go, Butterfree!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Butterfree.

"Grimer, Hariyama, Dartrix, I need your assistance!" Will said, releasing his Pokémon.

"Hawlucha, Smeargle, Crabrawler, help Trumbeak!" Fluttershy said, sending out her Pokémon.

"Now, Turtonator, Torracat, Mawile, heads up!" Toby said, tossing the Pokeballs holding his Pokémon.


"You know Mawile, when people say 'heads up', they usually mean 'watch out' not 'chomp down'." Toby bluntly stated. The others were all behind him, their facial expressions were the same as a familiar blue Pokemon. Luna and Luan then pried Mawile off of Toby. Lurantis went on the attack with Leaf Storm, which seemed to strike all of the Pokémon, but didn't do all that much damage.

"Grimer, use Poison Gas!" Will instructed. Grimer then belched Poison Gas, but Lurantis leapt out of the way, "Dartrix, keep Lurantis from moving!" Will instructed.

"The two of you better go too," Silver Spoon advised.

"Would you be so kind Trumbeak?" Fluttershy asked.

"Noibat, they need your help too!" Toby instructed. Each Pokémon then went on to try to attack Lurantis from moving. Noibat used Air Slash, which struck Lurantis easily. Dartrix then used Peck, but was dodged.

"Magneton, try your Thunder Wave!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then fired a beam of electricity at Lurantis, which seemed to paralyze it. Lurantis then bellowed, calling out some Castform.

"SOS Pokémon!" Will exclaimed. One of the Castform then sent up a beam of light, which seemed to intensify the sunlight. Each Castform then took the form of a small sun. Lurantis then began glowing, and all it's wounds disappeared, "Must be Synthesis," he commented.

"Synthesis is a move that allows a Pokémon to heal it's wounds. Intense Sunlight magnifies it's power," Rotom said.

"So, all that for nothing!?" Lynn exclaimed. Just then, each Castform began to attack as well. Some used Water Gun, while the others used Weather Ball, which turned into a Fire Type Moves. Each of Toby's Fire Pokémon were stopped thanks to Water Gun, while Magneton, Butterfree, and Mawile all tried to evade Weather Ball.

"We'd better finish this quickly! Let's use consecutive Z Moves!" Will suggested. With that, he, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon all did a Z Move Pose, "Now Hariyama, use All Out Pummeling!" Will exclaimed. Hariyama then unleashed it's Z Move against Lurantis, which seemed to take it's toll.

"Trumbeak, use Supersonic Skystrike!" Fluttershy exclaimed. Trumbeak then flew high into the air, and then plummeted at Lurantis full force.

"Now Magneton, use Breakneck Blitz!" Silver Spoon suggested. Magneton then charged at Lurantis. But it's attack didn't hit it's mark, as a Castform blocked the attack, and was knocked out.

"Turtonator, use Inferno Overdrive!" Toby exclaimed. Turtonator summoned the giant fireball, and then fired it at Lurantis. The remaining Castform then blocked the attack. Despite being Fire Types, due to the sunlight, the remaining Castform were knocked out. Lurantis then took this opportunity to use Synthesis again.

"This thing just won't go down!" Will commented, as Lurantis then began to take in more sunlight, "Get ready guys! Lurantis is about to use Solarbeam, and the sunlight is making it charge faster!" Will exclaimed. The Pokémon all braced themselves, either getting ready to tank the attack, or dodge it. Lurantis then shot the beam of solar energy into the air, and then used it as a sword, as it slammed it against the ground, catching some of the Pokémon in the crossfire, "That wasn't Solarbeam!" Will commented.

"It's Lurantis' special move; Solar Blade. It does the exact same thing as Solarbeam!" Rotom exclaimed. The Pokémon were all struggling to get back up. Trumbeak was the first to get back up. When it did, it began to evolve. Trumbeak became a toucan like Pokémon.

"Trumbeak, you've evolved!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"It's a Toucannon now," Mallow explained.

"Toucannon, the Cannon Pokémon, a Normal and Flying Type. Known for forming harmonious couples, Toucannon is often brought to wedding's as a good luck charm. It's special move is Beak Blast, a move that causes the opponent to get burned if Toucannon is struck before it can fire," Rotom explained.

"It started off as a Woodpecker, and now it's a toucan," Lisa deadpanned.

"We need to finish this quickly, Toucannon, use Beak Blast!" Fluttershy exclaimed. Tucannon's beak began to turn red. Lurantis then went in for a Leaf Blade against Toucannon. When it made contact, Lurantis then became engulfed in flames.

"There's the Burn Status," Lincoln commented.

"Now, do it!" Fluttershy pleaded. Toucannon then charged full force at Lurantis, striking the Totem Pokémon, and knocking it out.

"We won!" Silver Spoon exclaimed.

"That was some excellent battling each of you did. And I never would have anticipated Trumbeak evolving during the trial battle. Well, take these, they're Grassium Z, the Grass Type Z Crystal," Mallow said, giving them each a shard of the Z Crystal, "And to use Bloom Doom, you have to move like this," Mallow said, demonstrating the pose. She squatted down, then stood straight up, and move her arms in an explosion type manner, "I can't believe you guys were able to beat Lurantis like that," Mallow commented.

"Yes. When they faced my vaunted Marowak, it didn't stand a chance," Kiawe commented.

"Nor did the Araquanid that I trained up," Captain Lana added.

"Huh, looks like Lurantis didn't finish all of the stew. You guys want some?" Mallow offered. Kiawe and Captain Lana flinched.

"Uh, I would, but I just ate a berry!" Kiawe replied.

"And besides, isn't that stuff more suited for Pokémon Tastes, and not human tastes?" Captain Lana questioned. Lurantis stood up, and approached the group. It let out a loud bellow. With in seconds, a bunch of Grass Pokémon, along with a group of five Goodra appeared. Among the grass Pokémon was a frog like Pokémon with a flower on it's back, a turtle, a gecko, and a snake like Pokémon.

"Looks like the Totem has recognized each of your talents enough to allow you to catch all of these Pokémon. And Goodra are particularly rare, as they don't normally appear in the wild in Lush Jungle," Mallow said, as the five trainers went on to catch their fair share of Pokémon, "And now that you've cleared the three trials of Akala, your next step is to take on Olivia in the Grand Trial. You can find her in Konikoni City, at the southern most part of the island. You can get there through Diglett tunnel," Mallow explained.

"Ok, thanks Mallow. We may stick around here for a bit and explore," Will commented.

"Alright. We'll see you guys in Konikoni City," Mallow said, as the three Captains took their leave. No sooner than they did, Professor Kukui made an appearance.

"You guys seem to be doing good. Just so you know, Olivia specializes in Rock Type Pokémon. You'll need to go in strong with Water, Fighting, Grass, Ground, and Steel Type moves. I'm sure you'll be able to Fly above your competition, and give a High Jump Kick to any obstacle in your way!" Kukui said.

"Thank you Professor. We're just doing our best," Will commented.

"And that's good. By the way, before you guys head to Konikoni City, you'll probably want to stop off at the Dimensional Research Lab. There's someone I want you all to meet there," Kukui said, taking his leave.

"Ok, so we now know what we need to do, but why stay here?" Lynn asked.

"I saw a Mossy Rock in a northern area, that may interest Serenity's Eevee," Will replied, as he led them back to the aforementioned rock, "Ok Serenity, let Eevee touch the rock," Will instructed.

"Eevee, come out please," Serenity said, releasing Eevee, "Eevee, doesn't this rock look lovely?" Serenity asked. Eevee went over, and sniffed at it. It then placed it's paw on the rock, which seemed to cause some kind of reaction, as Eevee evolved into Leafeon, "My own Leafeon," Serenity said, hugging her newly evolved Pokémon.

"Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon, a Grass Type, and one of eight evolved forms of Eevee. Because it uses photosynthesis like a plant, Leafeon always has a supply of clean oxygen," Rotom said.

"I know you said something about who nice Leafeon looked, so I knew we had to take your Eevee here, once I saw the rock," Will said.

"T-thank you, Will," Serenity said, as she recalled Leafeon.

"Alright guys, let's get a move on to the Dimensional Research Lab," Will said, as they all left the jungle.

Chapter 23: A Taste of Being a Trainer! Lynn vs Busujima Lincoln vs Davis

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Having finished their trial in the Lush Jungle, our heroes decided to head south, on their way to the Dimensional Research Lab, before tackling the Diglett Tunnel, "The Dimensional Research Lab is to the immediate right as soon as we reenter Heahea City," Rotom said.

"So, any idea on which Pokémon you guys will use in the Grand Trial?" Leni asked.

"Well, going by what Kukui said, our best bet would be to go in with Water, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Steel, or Grass Type Pokémon. So I'll be using Dartrix and Hariyama," Will replied.

"I have Brionne and Hawlucha, so I'm good," Fluttershy added.

"Magneton and Azumarill will give me the edge I need," Silver Spoon commented.

"And as for me, I know I can count on Tsareena and Mawile," Toby added.

"You guys make Pokémon training look easy," Lola commented.

"Well, there's a lot more to training Pokémon besides just battling. You need to know what Pokémon Types matchup with others, while also taking into account the stats of each one on your team. Then you got to utilize each move your Pokémon knows to draw out their fullest potential," Will replied.

"Back on Will's Ranch back home, he has well over 200 different species' of Pokémon," Silver Spoon commented.

"More like over 600," Will corrected.

"Yeesh, I like taking care of animals and all, but even I can't handle 600 at once," Lana commented.

"It's not so bad. I get some of my Pokémon to help out with handing out food, making sure everyone is healthy, and maintaining their habitats," Will replied.

"Maybe, if it's alright with you guys, we could maybe try our hands at battling?" Luan asked.

"I see no problem with that. But the Pokémon will need to be able to trust you for them to battle at their best," Will replied.

"That won't be a problem for me! Anyone can be a team player if I'm leading the charge!" Lynn boasted.

"Don't get too carried away. There have been several reports of Pokémon completely ignoring their trainer's commands if they don't like the trainer enough," Will warned.

"It'll be fine," Lynn shrugged arrogantly. It was then when they saw green flames shooting up into the sky, "What's that?" she asked.

"That looks like Dragon Breath," Will replied, as they went over to check it out. When they got their, they saw, much to their chagrin, Busujima. He was using his Shelgon to battle Davis and a large rock Pokémon. It looked to have two sets of arms, one of which that looked to be cemented to it's body.

"Graveler, use Bulldoze!" Davis commanded. Graveler then stomped on the ground, which caused it to shake profusely, causing some damage to Shelgon.

"Shelgon, get it together, and use Dragon Pulse!" Busujima ordered. Shelgon then fired a beam of energy at Graveler sending it back, knocked out.

"Return Graveler," Davis said, recalling his Pokémon. "Ready for the next battle?" Davis questioned.

"You bet! And this time, I'm using Tauros!" Busujima said, releasing a Tauros.

"HOLD IT!" the two members of the Bandit Star Pirates turned to see Lynn standing there, "Why battle a weakling like him, when you can battle me?!" Lynn challenged.

"Because, unlike you, Davis IS an actual trainer. You don't even have a single Pokémon on you," Busujima retorted.

"Lynn, what are you literally doing!?" Lori exclaimed.

"What does it look like? I'm challenging this big hotshot to a battle!" Lynn snapped.

"But you don't have any Pokémon, just like he said," Lincoln reminded.

"Can it, Stinkcoln! I can just borrow one!" Lynn snapped harshly.

"I don't know Lynn. Like I said, some Pokémon won't listen if they feel you're not worthy," Will commented.

"It'll be fine! I just need to borrow one Pokémon!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Well, if you're so insistent on it," Will said, as the four trial goers released their Pokémon, "Alright guys, which of you guys wants to battle along side Lynn?" Will asked. The Pokémon all looked at Lynn with uninterested looks.

"C'mon guys! We can win if you battle with me! Who's with me!?" Lynn questioned. The only response was the Pokémon ignoring her. Some of them were drinking green tea and rice buns, others were playing mahjongg or Chinese Checkers (don't ask where they got the games from), or just laying down in some futons. They all did anime style trips at this.

"Sorry Lynn, but it looks like they don't want to take orders from you," Silver Spoon commented.

"I don't suppose I can bribe you with some Malasadas for listening to her, right guys?" Toby asked. Mawile blushed at her trainer's question. Looking at Lynn, Mawile really didn't want to listen to her, but she didn't want to upset her trainer. Reluctantly, Mawile stood up.

"See? Now was that so hard?" Lynn asked rudely. Mawile only shot a glare at Lynn.

"Are you bozos done over there?" Busujima asked.

"You bet, and I'm going with Mawile!" Lynn exclaimed. Mawile looked absolutely embarrassed for being chosen by Lynn.

"Alright, this shouldn't take too long Davis," Busujima commented.

"No worries. I need a laugh anyhow," Davis replied, taking a seat on a nearby rock.

"Alright, you can have the first move if you want," Busujima commented.

"Thanks, I will!" Lynn said, as she started hopping around.

"Uh, what is she doing?" Fluttershy asked. The Louds looked absolutely embarrassed about their sporty sister.

"What she IS doing, is making a complete idiot of herself! Are you going to battle, or dance around?" Busujima questioned.

"Truth be told, this is one of Lynn's obnoxious and delusional good luck rituals. She believes more in luck than her own skill," Lisa admitted.

"Alright, Mawile, use Iron Head!" Lynn exclaimed. Mawile, however, pretended not to notice, as she felt humiliated for agreeing to listen to Lynn, "Hey, I said use Iron Head!" Lynn repeated, sounding annoyed. Mawile didn't like the tone Lynn was taking with her, but she knew she couldn't upset Toby. With a grain of salt, Mawile then used Iron Head.

"Tauros, use Double Team," Busujima ordered. Several copies of Tauros began appearing one by one, causing Iron Head to miss, "Now use Earthquake," he added. Tauros then slammed the ground with it's hooves, which caused an Earthquake to shake up the battlefield, causing massive damage to Mawile. Lynn started hopping around again, causing Mawile to cover her face in embarrassment.

"I'm definitely going to need to treat Mawile to a big batch of Malasadas when I get the chance," Toby commented.

"Give Moonblast a try now!" Lynn ordered. Mawile then lazily fired off Moonblast at the copies, not even interested.

"Giga Impact," Tauros then charged at Mawile in a spiral energy, striking Mawile full force, "Now use Stomping Tantrum!" Busujima ordered. Tauros then started stomping around, striking Mawile, and knocking it out, "Just as I thought," Busujima commented.

"Wait, we're not done yet!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Yes you are!" Lynn flinched at the yell of her eldest sibling, "Can't you see that you and Mawile weren't in perfect synch?" Lori chastised.

"But we're not in a kitchen," Leni commented.

"No, being in synch means that two people are in tune with one another, as was not the case with Lynn and Mawile," Lisa explained, as Toby went to heal Mawile.

"You were great out there Mawile. Take a nice long rest," Toby said, recalling his Pokémon.

"Do you seriously call that performance Mawile's best?!" Lynn yelled, "It's all Mawile's fault we lost!" Lynn exclaimed.

"No, it wasn't!" Busujima argued, "If anyone is to blame, it's you!" he stated.

"But I did all the right lucky rituals!" Lynn countered.

"Luck has no place in Pokémon Battles! There's no such thing. You lost because you couldn't stay in touch with Mawile's feelings, and that's what cost you the battle," Davis chastised.

"It's true. The other Pokémon didn't want to listen to you, because they don't respect you! And I can hardly blame them! You rely too much on a stupid superstition that you care more about winning than your own team! You're the worst at Pokémon Training, and you'd be a failure as a trainer!" Busujima spat.

"I'll get even with that guy!" Lynn snarled.

"No you won't. Because as of this moment, you're banned from battling with any of the other Pokémon, and that includes Mawile," Lori stated. Her tone indicated that her decision was final.

"Alright, YOU try battling with one of these Pokémon!" Lynn snapped. Lincoln then approached Silver Spoon's Lycanroc.

"Lycanroc, do you think you can battle along side me if I asked you to?" Lincoln asked in a diplomatic tone. Lycanroc placed a paw on the white hair child's shoulder in affirmation.

"Now that's the proper way to gain the trust and respect of a Pokémon," Will commented.

"If you want, I guess I can spare some time to battle you," Davis said, getting off of the rock.

"Ok then," Lincoln said, as he and Lycanroc stepped forward.

"And here's my Pokémon. Go, Electrike!" Davis said, sending out a small, green dog like Pokémon with thunderbolt patterns on it.

"Electrike, the Lightning Pokémon, an Electric Type. Friction between the air and it's fur produces static electricity. When it runs, it makes a cackling sound," Rotom said.

"Like with your sister, you can have the first move," Davis said.

"Thanks. Now let's see, I know Lycanroc's moves are Accelerock, Stone Edge, Double Team, and Thunder Fang. So, let's give Double Team a try!" Lincoln instructed. Several copies of Lycanroc began appearing.

"That Lycanroc has some speed on it. But let's see how it deals with this; Now Electrike, use Shock Wave!" Davis ordered. Electrike then fired off a wave of electricity, which homed in on the real Lycanroc.

"What happened?!" Lana questioned.

"Shock Wave is a move that never misses. It's good if the user has low accuracy or the target has high evasiveness," Will explained.

"Nice! Now let's try a Thunderbolt!" Electrike then fired off Thunderbolt at Lycanroc.

"Quick! Use Accelerock, and dodge!" Lincoln instructed. Lycanroc did just that, and narrowly avoided the electric attack, "That's the way! Now use Stone Edge!" Lincoln instructed. Lycanroc then used Stone Edge, which was able to hit and deal a lot of damage to Electrike.

"Since Stone Edge has a high critical hit ratio, that did a lot more damage, right?" Lisa asked.

"Precisely," Will replied. The Loud Sisters were all amazed at how well Lincoln was working with Lycanroc, but Lynn looked downright furious.

"How is he even doing that?! I did the exact same thing, but I still lost!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Maybe because Lincoln is using his head instead of his gut!" Lola argued.

"Electrike, use Shock Wave!" Davis ordered. Electrike once again used Shock Wave, striking Lycanroc, who was still standing.

"Lycanroc, use Accelerock!" Lincoln instructed. Lycanroc then used the move, and was able to knock out Electrike.

"Not bad for your first battle," Davis commended, recalling Electrike.

"That's was perfect battling Lycanroc!" Silver Spoon praised.

"I got to admit, you were a natural at battling, bro," Luna commented.

"Well, I figured I would use whatever moves seemed appropriate at the time," Lincoln commented.

"I guess it helps that you payed close attention to when our friends were battling," Lisa replied. Lynn was still fuming at how Lincoln showed her up.

"Yeah, but I think we would need to start out at the very beginning if we wanted to train any Pokémon," Lincoln commented, as Busujima and Davis began to leave.

"Where are you two going?" Lori questioned.

"We're done wasting our time with you guys, and I need to get back to training my Pokémon," Busujima snapped.

"You guys probably heard that Olivia likes Rock Type Pokémon, so I'm the best choice for a training partner for Busujima here," Davis said.

"Well, in any case, we should get going too. The Professor is waiting for us," Will said, as they continued onward.

Chapter 24: Dimensional Research Lab (Ultra Rewrite)

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Our heroes were passing through the ranch yards just north of Royal Avenue, as they made their way to the Dimensional Research Lab, all the while, Lynn was still fuming over how she lost her battle against Busujima and how Lincoln won his match against Davis, "It's been a while since we've been here," Lori commented, looking around the ranch.

"And if we keep going down this path, we'll be back in Hea'hea City," Will said, as they continued walking. As they were walking, however....

"YO GUYS!" they turned to see Hau running towards them, "You guys heading to that Dimensional Research Lab too?" Hau asked.

"Yeah. We just cleared Mallow's trial," Toby replied, as they continued walking.

"I just got done with her trial too! And boy, that Mallow Super Special was something else! Though that Lurantis made me work for that Grassium Z," Hau said.

"Well, we should be back in Hea'hea City soon," Will commented, as they continued walking.

About 15 minutes later,

Soon enough, our heroes were back in Hea'hea City, "The Dimensional Research Lab is in this direction," Rotom said, leading them towards an office building of some kind.

"This definitely has 'Lab' written all over it," Will commented.

"Really? I don't see it," Leni commented, squinting at the building.

"I'll explain it to you later, Leni," Lisa commented. Inside the compound, they saw Lillie and Nebby.

"Nebby….. use Splash!" Lillie said, trying to sound confident. Nebby looked puzzled by this, "Oh, sorry, it's just, seeing our new friends battling so passionately with their Pokémon, I wanted to give it a try myself. Silly, huh?" Lillie asked rhetorically. Nebby then noticed the large group behind them, "Oh, hey guys," the shy assistant girl greeted.

"Hey Lillie," they all greeted.

"It must've been tough going through three different trials," Lillie commented.

"Yeah, those Totem Pokémon didn't make it easy for us," Will replied.

"So, is this the Dimensional Research Lab?" Silver Spoon asked.

"That's right. The Professors are waiting for you inside," Lillie said, leading them inside. She then took them to some elevators, "We can use these to get to the upper levels," Lillie said, as the broke off into smaller groups, and each took a different elevator, eventually arriving at the top most level, "They're this way," Lillie said, leading them around the corner, where they saw all manner of strange equipment. It didn't take long to scope out Professor Kukui, who was talking to some scientists. Among them was a woman who wore a sweater around her waist. She had white hair, and was wearing a white tank top and black pants. Kukui then noticed the large group.

"Ah, very good Lillie! You've brought our guests," Kukui said.

"You're welcome Professor," Lillie shyly replied.

"Anyhow guys, welcome to the Dimensional Research Lab. It is here where we examine anomalies in dimensions. It is headed by Professor Burnet here," Kukui said, introducing the woman.

"My, when Kukui said we'd be expecting a large group, I didn't expect something THIS big," Burnet commented.

"We get that a lot," Luna replied.

"Burnet here is also more than the head of this research lab. She's also my wife!" Kukui added, smirking. The group all took turns introducing themselves.

"Pleased to meet you all. Now, I'm sure you're all curious about what we research exactly, right?" Burnet questioned.

"Kukui said you research anomalies in dimensions, isn't that right?" Will asked.

"Correct. But our research is centered mainly around something that happens mostly in the Alola Region. An extremely rare phenomenon that we call 'Ultra Wormholes'', as well as the creatures that exist beyond them, the Ultra Beasts," Burnet clarified.

"This is the first I've ever heard of Ultra Beasts," Rotom stated.

"I'm not surprised. There are very few records on these mysterious life forms. All we do know for certain is that they once emerged into Alola in ancient times, where the Island Guardians fought desperately to drive them off," Burnet explained.

"They're even stronger than Tapu Koko and them?!" Will exclaimed.

"That, we can't say for certain. But on Ula'ula Island, there is a place called the 'Tapu Village', where the Guardians fought the Ultra Beasts," Kukui replied. Looking over at the monitors, Lincoln shivered when he saw a net like portal on the screens.

"And we have reason to believe that these Ultra Wormholes can lead to other worlds as well," Burnet added.

"That's quite the theory," Fluttershy commented, as Burnet went back to her work.

"I really respect both of the professors. About three months ago, Burnet found me passed out on the beach along with Nebby, and she and Kukui brought me in, and have been looking after me ever since. Burnet has been just like a real mother to me," Lillie explained.

"Huh, I was wondering how you met up with the professor," Hau commented.

"I take it you guys are getting ready to head out?" Kukui asked.

"Yeah. We want to be able to get to Koni'Koni City by nightfall," Will replied.

"Well, if that's the case, then you can take a shortcut through Diglett Tunnel. It cuts straight through to the outskirts of Koni'Koni City," Burnet suggested.

"Diglett Cave is not too far from the lab," Rotom said, displaying the map.

"Great. We'll see you guys around," Will said, as the group took off to the elevators.

"I definitely don't want to cross paths with one of those Ultra Beasts. They sound tough," Toby admitted.

"Though by the sounds of it, they could be alien like Pokémon," Lori replied.

"Assuming they are Pokémon," Will replied.

"Will's right. We're not even sure if we can even call them Pokémon," Lincoln added, as the exited the Lab facility. Once they did, however, they saw something in the sky. It looked to be a rip.

"Could that have been....?" Lisa wondered.

"Might've been," Toby replied, as they set out for the Diglett Tunnel, with Hau racing ahead of them.

Chapter 25: Diglett Cave Dilemma

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Standing outside the Diglett Cave, it seemed like any other cave that's out there, "Ok, if we cut through here, we'll be able to be in Koni'Koni City in roughly an hour," Rotom said.

"I hope there are bats," Lucy commented, as they ventured in. Inside, they saw a few mining tools.

"Looks like someone's been doing some digging," Lisa observed. Further inside, they saw Olivia, talking to some Aether Employees.

"Alright, I'll leave you folks to it then," Olivia said, as the Employees took off into the cave. Olivia then noticed the large group, "Ah, it's been a while since I saw you folks last. So, how'd the trials go?" Olivia asked.

"Pretty well," Will replied, as he, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon all showed her their Z Crystals.

"Very well. I normally would recommend against trainers going through this cave, as the Diglett here are a little tough," Olivia said, as she took her leave.

"Well, time's a wasting. We'd better get a move on," Will said, as the began to venture into the cave.

"This would be a lot safer if we had some kind of sonar to guide us through," Lisa said.

"I got that covered," Toby said, releasing Noibat, "Noibat, we need you to guide us through the cave," Toby said. Noibat then started using it's soundwaves to scope out the lay of the cave.

"I'd feel safer if we had some light," Lana commented.

"I have that covered too," Toby said, releasing Braixen, "Braixen, can you light the way for us?" Toby asked. Braixen then whipped out her branch from her tail, and lit the way. They were ascending some stairs when a bunch of rocks were chucked at Noibat and Braixen, "What the..?! Are you two alright?!" Toby asked. Looking in the direction of the rocks that were chucked, they all saw a small, green Pokémon with a long spike on it's head.

"It's a Larvitar!" Will commented.

"Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokémon, a Rock and Ground Type. Larvitar normally hatch underground, and must eat all the dirt around it before it can move properly," Rotom said. Larvitar then started chucking more rocks at our heroes.

"Why is it attacking us?!" Lori questioned.

"I don't know! Larvitar aren't territorial Pokémon, and they seldom pull pranks on people," Will explained.

"Maybe it just wants to play?" Fluttershy theorized. She then gingerly approached the mischievous Rock Skin Pokémon, "Hey now, is that any way to make friends?" Fluttershy gingerly scolded. Larvitar calmed down a bit, "If you want, I can be your friend," she then offered, pulling out a Dusk Ball. Larvitar considered this, only for a nearby sound to interrupt the moment. Larvitar then fell down a hole that was dug from beneath it. Out from the hole popped some small, brown stubby Pokémon with red noses and three golden hairs.

"Digletts!" Will commented.

"Diglett, Alola Form, the Mole Pokémon, a Ground and Steel Type. The need to dig through volcanic rock makes Alolan Diglett stronger than any others of it's species," Rotom said. The Diglett sounded really upset about something. Upturned earth began appearing around each of our heroes. Within seconds, they all fell through holes that were made by the Diglett. Each of our heroes were then separated by the tunnels. Will fell in one tunnel with Luna, Lana, and Lisa, Fluttershy fell in with Lori, Luan, and Lucy, Toby fell in with Braixen, Lincoln, Leni and Lola, and Silver Spoon and Serenity were now stuck with Lynn and Rotom. Noibat flew in the tunnels, and followed after Toby's group.

"Ow, that was unpleasant," Will said, rubbing his head.

"Where are we?" Lana asked.

"Must be one of the tunnels the Diglett made," Will commented.

"What's up with them anyway?" Luna asked.

"I honestly don't know. Diglett aren't usually aggressive Pokémon. If anything, they try and avoid conflict as much as possible," Will replied.

"Well, for now, we should get back to the upper levels," Lisa suggested.

"Good call. Only question is, which way?" Will wondered.

"Where's Noibat when we need it?" Lana asked.

With Fluttershy's group,

"Is everyone alright?" Fluttershy asked.

"I'm not dead. That's a good thing," Lori commented.

"Ditto on that," Luan added.

"That was the most pleasant experience I've had so far," Lucy commented.

"Well, one thing's for certain, we literally can't go back the way we came," Lori commented, looking at the hole they fell out of.

"We should get out of here quickly. We'll cave in under pressure, *chuckles weakly*, wow, what is up with me?" Luan wondered about her weak pun.

"It would be a lot easier if I had Onix with me," Fluttershy commented. Just then, a familiar Pokémon popped out from the ground, "Larvitar! I'm glad to see you're ok!" Fluttershy commented. Larvitar began chittering, pointing down a tunnel.

"I think Larvitar wants us to go that way," Lori commented.

"Is that the way out of here?" Fluttershy asked. Larvitar nodded, as it began leading them out.

With Toby's Group,

"O-M-GOSH! My dress is totaled!" Leni cried.

"Mine is too!" Lola whined.

"I think we have more pressing matters at hand. Like, how are we going to get out of here?" Toby commented.

"Give it up Toby. They're extremely fashion conscious," Lincoln whispered.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about our outfits now. We need to get out of here. At least in light, we'll be able to see what we're doing," Lola commented. Just then, they were rejoined by Noibat.

"Oh good, Noibat! I'm glad to see you're ok. I need you to go and try and find the others. We'll make our way back up to the upper levels," Toby instructed. Noibat nodded, and flew back into the tunnel it came from, "Braixen, are you ok to light the way?" Toby asked his Fox Pokémon. Braixen nodded, and once again ignited her branch wand, and led the way.

"I just hope the others are ok," Lincoln commented.

With Silver Spoon, Serenity, Rotom, and Lynn,

"This is great! This is just what we needed!" Lynn angerly stomped around.

"Now come on. We're not too happy about this either, but we need to keep cool heads if we want to get out of here," Silver Spoon said.

"Are all human females like this?" Rotom asked.

"I honestly don't know," Silver Spoon replied, exasperated.

"Ok, so we may be in this mess because of those Diglett, but we can still get out of here! We just have to rely on my natural spelunking skills to get out of here!" Lynn boasted.

In Lynn's delusional Imagination

"See? I told you I could get us out!" Lynn boasted.

"Oh, Lynn, you are truly an inspiration to us all!" Silver Spoon said, as she and the other bowed to her, as if she was royalty.

"Lynn, I am impressed by how effortlessly you led these simpletons out of the cave! So much so, that I must award you with the Heroic Spelunker Award!" Olivia praised, giving Lynn a ridiculously large trophy. Lynn was next seen at the top of an alter, being worshiped like a goddess.


"C'mon, it's probably this way!" Lynn commented, only to be blindsided by Noibat.

"Oh, Noibat, are we glad to see you! Did Toby send you to find us?" Serenity asked, holding the little bat Pokémon. Noibat chittered in response. The way it chittered sounded like confirmation.

"Oh, that's good. Can you help us out here?" Silver Spoon asked. Noibat nodded.

"We don't need to rely on others to get us out! Just follow me! I have a natural sense of direction!" Lynn boasted, as she walked down another path.

"I find that highly illogical. Noibat has a highly developed sonar. It can map out the entire cave by itself," Rotom argued.

"Who needs sonar when you have instinct?" Lynn shrugged of Rotom's warning, and continued walking. Begrudgingly, the two human turned fillies and Rotom all followed Lynn, only to find themselves at a dead-end, "That wasn't supposed to happen. But a few slip-ups are to be expected!" Lynn boasted proudly, leading them in another direction, only to find themselves at another dead-end, "Third times the charm?" Lynn offered.

"Not happening. Noibat, could be a dear and lead us out of here?" Silver Spoon asked. Noibat then began flying, and leading them down another tunnel.

"Looks like Noibat has already found the way out!" Rotom commented.

"Oh, whoop-die-doo! A bat just happened to accidently find a way out of a cave it's never been in before!" Lynn sounded offended that they were all choosing to follow Noibat, instead of herself.

"You've only been traveling with us a few days. Did YOU ever explore this cave?" Silver Spoon asked logically.

"You don't need to visit a cave to know how to do something!" Lynn argued.

"Oh good grief," Rotom commented. Eventually, they found themselves back in the upper levels.

"See? I told you Noibat could do it," Silver Spoon said. Lynn was about to say something snarky, when they were all rejoined by the others.

"Glad to see you're all ok!" Will commented.

"Thanks for helping them out Noibat," Toby said, giving both of his Pokémon some Pokebeans.

"And a big thanks to you too, Larvitar," Fluttershy said, holding the Dusk Ball. Larvitar then tapped the Dusk Ball, and was encapsulated. It rocked three times, before clicking.

"I told you guys we could find the others, if I could find Lola," Lana commented.

"Is that like twin ESP or something?" Toby asked.

"No, it's more like a sixth sense Lana and I both share," Lola replied.

"But now I'm wondering what got the Diglett all riled up?" Lana commented.

"I believe we can answer that," they turned to see the Aether Employees Olivia was talking to approaching them, "The Diglett are upset because of Team Skull. They making a ruckus up ahead, and it's disturbing the Diglett," the employee explained.

"Of course it had to be Team Skull," Will commented.

"You all will need to step with caution, because the Diglett are still pretty ornery," the employee said, as they took off.

"Alright guys. Before we leave, we should drive Team Skull out of the cave," Will suggested, as they continued walking, searching for any grunts. They saw a light at the end of the tunnel, "Looks like this is the way out," Will commented.

"It is, but it comes with a toll," just then, some Team Skull grunts, including the Butt Grunt, leapt out, with their Poison Type Pokémon in tow, including what looked to be a sentient trash bag, "We're willing to let y'all pass, in exchange for your rarest Pokémon!" the Butt Grunt stated.

"We choose Door #2: We battle our way through," Will stated, as each trainer released some of their Pokémon.

"Don't forget about me!" Hau suddenly joined up with the group, "Didn't think you'd leave me out of the fun, did ya?" Hau questioned, as he released his Pikachu.

"GO! ATTACK THEM NOW!" the Butt Grunt ordered. Zubat used Venoshock, Grimer used Sludge Bomb, Salandit used Flame Burst, Mareanie used Spike Cannon, and the trash bag Pokémon used a Sludge attack.

"Pikachu, use Electroweb, and use it to stop those attacks!" Hau instructed. His Pikachu then fired a net made of electricity, which clung to the walls of the cave. All the attacks bounced off the net.

"Braixen, use Psybeam, and Noibat, use Air Slash!" Toby instructed. Both Pokémon used their respective attacks, knocking out Grimer and Mareanie.

"Brionne, use Aqua Jet!" Fluttershy instructed. Brionne rocketed at Salandit with Aqua Jet, knocking it out.

"Dartrix, circle around Zubat, and use Peck!" Will instructed. Dartrix did just that, and struck Zubat in full force, knocking it out.

"Now Magneton, use Thunderbolt!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton fired Thunderbolt at the trash bag, knocking it out. The grunts all recalled their Pokémon.

"Alright, we'll let you off the hook this time, but we won't forget this!" the Butt Grunt yelled, as they all ran off. Just then, both Dartrix and Brionne began to evolve. Dartrix became a man sized owl Pokémon, that looked like it was wearing a hood. Brionne became a mix of a sea lion and a mermaid.

"Oh wow! Brionne and Dartrix just evolved!" Leni commented.

"Rotom, could you do the honors?" Will asked.

"Certainly! Decidueye, the Arrow Quail Pokémon, a Grass and Ghost Type. Decidueye can nook and fire an arrow at an enemy in a tenth of a second. As a result, it's battles are decided in the blink of an eye. Primarina, the Soloist Pokémon, a Water and Fairy Type. To this Pokémon, every battle is a stage. It takes down it's opponents with beautiful singing and dancing. Both Pokémon have also learned a new move. Decidueye can now use Spirit Shackle, a Ghost Type move that prevent the opponent from being switched out or running away. Primarina can now use Sparkling Aria, a Water Type move that can heal Burn Status," Rotom explained.

"That's incredible! Now you guys have some more fire power for the Grand Trial!" Lori commented.

"Yeah. I think I'll go in with Hariyama and Grimer," Will commented.

"As for me, I think my team will be Primarina, Hawlucha, and Crabrawler," Fluttershy commented.

"What about the two of you?" Lucy asked Toby and Silver Spoon.

"I think Tsareena, Mawile, and Prinplup," Toby commented.

"I'm going with Azumarill, Magneton, and maybe Clauncher," Silver Spoon commented, as they all left the cave.

Chapter 26: Koni'Koni City

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Stepping outside Diglett Cave, our heroes shielded their eyes from the sunlight, as their eyes needed to adjust to the sudden light, "Didn't think we were in that cave that long," Will commented, as they ventured towards what they thought was Koni'koni City. They passed a police station that was near the mouth of the cave, and a man with a trench coat came walking out. He had a stern expression on his face. He then took notice of the large group. His attention immediately went to Will.

"Will! My old friend! I haven't seen you in ages!" the man said.

"If it isn't Looker. I haven't seen you since my final days in the Unova Region," Will said.

"I see you've got quite a large group with you," Looker said.

"Yeah. These are some of my students. Guys, this is Looker, a member of the International Police. I helped him out with several cases in the past," Will introduced the detective. The group then took turns introducing themselves.

"Pleased to meet you all," Looker said.

"So, what brings you to Alola?" Will asked.

"Well, we have reports of possible Pokémon Mafia operating in the Alola Region," Looker said.

"'Pokémon Mafia'? We've encountered some grunts from Team Skull, but they only classify as a petty street gang, not a full on mafia," Lori commented.

"Yes, well, the Mafia I am investigating is a much larger group, spread out throughout all the other regions," Looker replied.

"That doesn't sound too good," Will commented.

"Well, I won't keep you guys from your adventures. Maybe we'll meet back up again soon," Looker said, as he took his leave. With that, the group continued heading for Koni'koni City.

To the group, Koni'koni City looked to have an oriental feel to it, "Feels just like an anime," Lincoln commented.

"Alright guys. Our first stop will be the Pokémon Center. We can heal up our Pokémon, and change out our teams. Then we can find Olivia," Will said, as they walked through the streets. Looking around, they saw that there were some stalls that wouldn't be out of place at a big festival being set up.

"Looks like we got here just in time for some big festival," Toby commented.

"Though, it seems they're still setting up. Maybe we can wrap up the Grand Trial before we see what this is all about," Lisa suggested, as they all entered the Pokémon Center.

"Welcome to the Pokémon Center," Nurse Joy said.

"Thanks. Could you look after our Pokémon?" Will asked, as the trainers gave the nurse their Pokémon.

"We'll have them in tip-top shape," the nurse said, as she gave the Pokeballs to her helper Pokémon, "By the way, I take it you saw that we're setting up for a big festival?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Yes. Is it something for Koni'koni City?" Will asked.

"It's more like a way of promoting the other regions around the world. Here, trainers from other regions come to show off the various Pokémon that other regions have to offer, and exchange them. It's sort of like something my distant cousin in the Johto Region calls a 'Pokémon Swap Meet'," she explained.

"Wow! I haven't been to one of those in a long time!" Will commented.

"So, what's a Pokémon Swap Meet?" Lola asked.

"It's where trainers go to trade their Pokémon. I guess if there are going to be trainers from other regions, it'll be only natural that there are going to be a variety of Pokémon not native to the Alola Region," Will replied.

"Do you think we should participate in it too?" Fluttershy asked.

"You can if you want. It would be a good idea to get a hold on different Pokémon. But we can figure that out when we take on Olivia," Will replied.

"If you want to challenge Olivia, her jewelry shop is just down the street. Last house on the left," Nurse Joy informed, as she gave back their Pokémon.

"Thanks Nurse Joy. We'll come back after the Grand Trial," Will said, as they quickly swapped out their Pokémon. With that, they left to challenge Olivia.

At Oliva's Shop,

"What? Olivia isn't here right now?" Will exclaimed, as he talked to the front counter associate.

"Yeah, she was called to the Ruins of Life by this Island's Guardian, Tapu Lele," the clerk replied.

"She may still battle you if you head over there now," another clerk suggested.

"Great, so how do we get there?" Will asked.

"You'll just need to go through the Memorial Hill Cemetery. Then head North once you get to the area just beyond it, and you'll be at the Ruins," the clerk stated.

"I have the coordinates locked in the map. We should be able to get their within half an hour," Rotom said.

"Well guys, looks like we've got some more travelling to do," Will commented. However, Lori, Leni, and Lola were entranced by the jewelry that was on display.

"Ooh! That necklace looks like it's made of coral!" Lori gushed.

"I love that turquoise broach!" Leni commented.

"I'd love to have a ring like that!" Lola said.

"C'mon you three. We're here for the Grand Trial. We can window shop afterwards," Lincoln said, as he, Luna, Luan, Lucy, and Lana pulled the three blonde sisters away.

"But we weren't looking at windows," Leni commented. Lori just patted her ditzy sister's head.

"Well, in any case, we should head out now. We can come back and do some looking around later," Will suggested, as they took off. From the shadows, however, a certain friend of the Ponyville crew saw the group.

"Well now, who'd thunk Ah'd find them here?" he asked, as he went on to exploring the city.

Chapter 27: The Big Skull Sister

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Even though they had only just arrived about half an hour ago, our heroes retraced their steps back through the route they took to get to Koni'koni City, and made their way to the dreary, depressing Memorial Hill Cemetery, "This looks to be the right path," Will commented, as they hiked through.

"I feel so at home here," Lucy commented, as they saw some Ghost Pokémon lurking about. Among them, was a small, ghostly tree stump. Instead of a typical brown colored stump with green leaves, this one was white with red leaves.

"Oh, cool, a Shiny Phantump!" Will commented, as he engaged the Pokémon.

"Phantump, the Stump Pokémon, a Ghost and Grass Type. By imitating the voice of a child, it causes people to get hopelessly lost in the forest. It does so to make friends with them. The leaves on it's branches can be used to cure any ailment," Rotom said, as Will sent out Marowak.

"Marowak, let's try to catch that Phantump! Use, Flame Wheel!" Will instructed. Marowak then became engulfed in a wheel of fire, which then rocketed at Phantump, who tried desperately to get away, but was struck. Phantump then used Shadow Ball, which made direct contact with Marowak.

"That's right. Alolan Marowak are Ghost Types, so Shadow Ball did a great deal of damage," Fluttershy commented.

"What are normal Marowak like?" Lola asked.

"They're sort of a tan color, and are Ground Types," Toby replied, as Marowak used Shadow Bone on Phantump, leaving it weakened.

"Alright, here's my chance!" Will said, chucking a Nest Ball at Phantump, encapsulating it. The Nest Ball rocked three times, before clicking. It then teleported away.

"You guys seem very insistent on catching these 'shiny' Pokémon. Are they really that rare?" Lori asked.

"Oh yeah. It's almost impossible to encounter a shiny Pokémon. That's why trainers want to catch any shiny Pokémon they can find," Will replied.

"The chances of encountering any Shiny Pokémon is less than 10%, making them valuable catches indeed!" Rotom stated.

"We've already caught a few 'shiny' Pokémon already, right?" Lola asked.

"Yes. From Toby's Tsareena, to Flora's Zorua, Sylvia's Butterfree and Goodra, and Serenity's Eevee and Chubbykins," Lisa calculated. They were heading down the far end of the cemetery, when they saw some Aether Employees, including a man wearing noticeably large green glasses, confronting Team Skull, including the Butt Grunt.

"Team Skull! Release that Pokémon!" the Aether employee demanded.

"No way! We're gonna market this thing off, and make a bundle!" the Butt Grunt rejected. The Pokémon in question was a Slowpoke, who just yawned.

"Stand your ground!" the glasses employee said.

"Oh, like you're one to talk, Mr. Branch Chief Executive! You haven't done anything to help out!" the other employee argued.

"But, I, Faba, am the Aether Foundation's last line of defense. I can't risk anything happening to me! What would become of our glorious organization if I were to fall?" Faba asked.

"It'd be less of a headache for the rest of us, that's for sure," the other employee muttered quietly. Just then, our heroes arrived on the scene. The Butt Grunt immediately recognized them.

"Hey! You scrubs have been messin' up all our plans, yo!" the Butt Grunt declared.

"We just took down a bunch of meaningless obstacles that were in the way," Will stated.

"Big talk, old dude! But this time, we're not going down without a fight!" the Butt Grunt said, as he and the others released their Pokémon, which included Zubat, Scraggy, Fomantis, Alolan Raticate, and Trubbish.

"What a complete bother. You don't mind if we take care of things here, do you?" Will asked the Aether employees.

"Not at all. Be our guest!" Faba insisted. With that, Will sent out Hariyama, Fluttershy sent in Primarina and Hawlucha, Silver Spoon sent in Magneton, and Toby sent out Prinplup, but with a little too much 'oomph'.

"I ain't getting hit directly with a Pokémon! Time for my SECRET TECHNIQUE!" the Butt Grunt exclaimed, as Japanese Kanji spelling out those words appeared in front of him. Even his fellow grunts were anxious about what he'd do, "BUTT BUMP!" he said, smacking Prinplup away with his butt. Everyone else, including the Pokémon, did anime style trip ups.

"YOU MORON! DON'T CALL SOMETHING THAT STUPID A 'SECRET TECHNIQUE'!" a girl grunt yelled, hitting the Butt Grunt with a Piko Hammer.

"Our bro's stupidity aside, we ain't giving up without a fight!" another grunt said.

"Go on! Attack!" the Butt Grunt commanded the Pokémon, as they all went on to attack.

"Hariyama, push Scraggy back with Arm Thrust!" Will instructed. Hariyama then gave Scraggy two powerful shoves, back in the wall, knocking it out.

Primarina, use Sparkling Aria on Zubat, and Hawlucha, you use Flying Press on Raticate," Fluttershy instructed. Primarina then summoned a ball of water, and flung it at Zubat. The ball exploded on impact, knocking out Zubat. Hawlucha then leapt high into the air, and like a wrestler, going for a slam, it smashed into Raticate, knocking it out as well.

"Magneton, use Thunderbolt on Trubbish!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then fired the electric attack, knocking Trubbish out too.

"Now Prinplup, use Bubblebeam!" Toby instructed. Prinplup then fired Bubblebeam at Fomantis. It was about to make contact, when, an Alolan Grimer leapt out, and used Protect to defend Fomantis.

"Will, why are you defending them?!" Lynn accused.

"Now hold on. That's not my Grimer," Will replied defensively.

"What is going on here?" a woman's voice asked. From behind the grunts, a girl about the same age as either Lori or Leni walked up. She had hot pink hair with pink and yellow pigtails, done up with skull shaped berets.

"BIG SIS!" the grunts exclaimed happily, going in to hug the new girl, only for her to bonk them on the heads.

"Now, I'll ask again: What is going on here? And why are you people bullying these dummy little brothers and sisters of mine?" the new girl asked.

"Well, they are doing some pretty illegal things. We're trying to stop them!" Will countered.

"You must have rich parents if you have this many siblings," Leni commented.

"Uh, Leni, I think this chick is just a Big Sister figure for the grunts," Luna whispered.

"Then name's Plumeria, and it's my job to keep these dummies in line. But, wouldn't you agree that they're adorable in their dumb antics? Either way, I made it a personal vow to punish anyone who bullies these dummies!" Plumeria said, as she released a Golbat, a larger looking Salandit, a Mareanie, and an Ekans.

"Looks like she favors Poison Types like Busujima," Lisa observed.

"Can you blame me though? Poison Types are just SOOOOOO cute!" Plumeria gushed over her Pokémon.

'Yep, she's a fan girl,' our heroes all thought simultaneously.

"Ahem, but they're more than just adorable. They pack a real punch too!" Plumeria said, as her Pokémon went on the attack. Golbat went on to attack Hariyama, while Ekans and Grimer went to battle Primarina and Hawlucha. Mareanie went on to fight Prinplup, and the larger Salandit began a battle against Magneton.

"She must be good if she's letting her Pokémon do all the battling themselves," Lincoln commented.

"Most likely she's the Team Skull Admin," Will replied, as Hariyama was defending against Golbat's attacks, "Hariyama, use Knock Off!" Will instructed. Hariyama then slapped Golbat to the ground very hard, which resulted in a knock out.

"Primarina, use Bubblebeam, and Hawlucha, use Wing Attack!" Fluttershy instructed. Primarina and Hawlucha launched their respective attacks, and were able to knock out both Grimer and Ekans.

"Magneton, use Thunderbolt on Mareanie!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then fired off it's electric attack at Mareanie, knocking it out, making way from Prinplup to fight against the larger Salandit.

"Salazzle, use Venoshock on that Prinplup!" Plumeria commanded. Salazzle then fired Venoshock at Prinplup.

"Prinplup, use Aqua Jet and dodge it!" Toy instructed. Prinplup rocketed out of the way just in time, while also striking Salazzle.

"Not a bad move, but not good enough!" Plumeria yelled, as Salazzle slammed Prinplup away with it's tail, leaving a nasty mark.

"Agh, Prinplup, no!" Toby exclaimed.

"Now do you see what happens to those who bully my dummy brothers and sisters?" Plumeria snarled. The other Pokémon were ready to take on Salazzle, as Prinplup struggled to get back up.

"Don't push yourself, Prinplup! You don't need to keep battling!" Toby said. Prinplup, however, didn't listen, as it stood back up on it's two feet, and began to evolve. Prinplup now became a large, emperor penguin, with three large horns growing from it's beak.

"Prinplup just evolved! It's an Empoleon now!" Will exclaimed.

"Empoleon, the Emperor Pokémon, a Water and Steel Type. The three large horns that extend from it's beak attest to it's power. The one with the largest horns is the leader of a colony," Rotom said. Empoleon then summoned a tidal wave, that swamped the battlefield, and knocked out Salazzle. The other Pokémon got out of the way.

"That was Surf, one of the more powerful Water Type moves!" Will commented, as Plumeria recalled her Pokémon.

"Hmm, looks like there is some fight in you after all. I'll let you off the hook THIS time. But make no mistake, get in my way again, and you will be sorry," Plumeria warned, as she and the grunts took off.

"That was exceptional battling you folks displayed!" Faba said, applauding them, as the employee took to looking over Slowpoke.

"You're very welcome, mister....?" Will asked.

"Faba, my name is Faba. And I represent an organization that is dedicated to Pokémon preservation. That organization is known as the Aether Foundation!" Faba declared.

"Oh yeah, we met some employees in Diglett Tunnel, and at the northern most part of the island," Lori commented.

"I can see you're all currently in your island challenge. Tell you what, after you clear the Grand Trial, meet me at the Hano Grand Resort. From there, I will take you all to a place that may spark some kind of interest," Faba offered. The others contemplated. While some of them looked rather skeptical about Faba, they were interested in what he wanted to show them. They all then gave their consent, "Splendid! Good luck in your Grand Trial," Faba said, as he and the employee took their leave.

"Well guys, we should keep going. The Ruins should be close by," Will said, as they pressed onward.

Chapter 28: Akala Island Grand Trial! (Ultra Rewrite)

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After an encounter with the Team Skull Admin, Plumeria, our heroes continued onward tot he Ruins of Life, where Olivia was awaiting them. They were passing through a plateau, overlooking the ocean when they decided to take a quick break, "Alright guys, let's let the Pokémon out for some lunch!" Will said, as he released all of his Pokémon. The others did the same as well. However, when Mawile went to give Toby a love bite, she felt her jaws being pulled by something. Magneton and Empoleon were the same as well.

"Mawile Empoleon, what's wrong?" Toby asked, as the Deceiver and Emperor Pokémon were still being pulled, along with the Magnet Pokémon. Out from some nearby pushes, a Pokémon that looked like a stone idol with a big red nose waddled out. The three Steel Type Pokémon appeared to be pulled towards the idol.

"Whose that Pokémon? It looks cool!" Lana commented.

"Nosepass, the Compass Pokémon, a Rock Type. Because it's nose always points towards North, trainers use this Pokémon to find their way if they get lost," Rotom said.

"A magnetized nasal organ? Now that's strange," Lisa commented.

"It must be Nosepass' Magnet Pull ability. In battle, it prevents Steel Type Pokémon from switching out," Will explained.

"And those three are Steel Types!" Luna exclaimed.

"Since they can't be recalled, our best bet would be to catch Nosepass," Will commented.

"Hawlucha, be a dear, and use Flying Press on Nosepass," Fluttershy asked. Hawlucha then launched the attack, and was able to knock Nosepass over, "Now, use Karate Chop!" Fluttershy exclaimed, trying to sound confident. Hawlucha then started chopping Nosepass, wearing down it's stamina. Nosepass then fired off a red ring, which attached onto Hawlucha.

"Be careful Flora! Lock On is a move that makes the next move a sure hit!" Will informed. Nosepass then fired off a ball of electricity, which hit Hawlucha square on, "And that Zap Cannon was super effective," Will added.

"But how can a Rock Pokémon use an Electric Attack?" Luna wondered.

"Because the magnet in Nosepass' nose has an electrical charge. It gives it the power to use electricity to attack," Will explained.

"Not to mention that Zap Cannon always paralyzes it's target if it hits," Toby added.

"Hawlucha, would you like a rest?" Fluttershy offered. Hawlucha shook it's head, and gave Fluttershy a confident smirk.

"It would appear that Hawlucha's ability is Limber! An ability that prevents paralysis," Rotom stated.

"In that case, use Karate Chop, once more!" Fluttershy urged. Hawlucha then delivered a powerful chop to Nosepass, "Ok, here I go!" she said, tossing a Nest Ball at the weakened Nosepass. It rocked three times before clicking. It then teleported away. This action freed the Steel Type Pokémon.

"Ok, it would probably be best if we got out of this area quickly. There's no telling if there are anymore Nosepass around," Will suggested, as the trainers all recalled their Pokémon. With that, our heroes continued north. In a few short minutes, they saw a clearing which was overlooked by what appeared to be the entrance to a temple of sorts.

"Is this....?" Silver Spoon wondered.

"Yes. These are the Ruins of Life," they all turned to see Professor Burnet, walking alongside Lillie, "Lillie tried to find her way to her next destination, but saw some characters that looked suspiciously like Team Skull, and got lost trying to avoid them," Burnet explained.

"It is said that the guardian deity of these ruins, Tapu Lele, can spread scales that can heal all wounds," Lillie explained.

"I'd love to stay and watch your Grand Trial, but the Masked Royal has a match, and I want to go and see it!" Burnet said, her tone equivalent to that of a fangirl, as she left the Ruins.

"So good of you all to come," they turned to see Olivia walking out of the Temple, "I would've accepted your challenge back in town, but Tapu Lele called me here to clean things up. But since you're all here, we can get things started. I'm pretty such you've heard by now that I specialize in adorable Rock Types. And my first Pokémon shall be Cradily," Olivia said, releasing what looked to be a green barnacle with pink tentacles around it's face.

"Alright, I'll go...." Will was cut off by Olivia.

"...And Armaldo," Oliva said, releasing a larger Pokémon with massive claws and feathers, looking like a mantis shrimp.

"Two at once?" Lori questioned.

"Yes. For this Grand Trial, the four trial goers will show me their teamwork in two double battles," Olivia explained.

"I see. This way, you see how each of us grow as a team," Will commented.

"Exactly. Now then Will, you've volunteered to go first, so who will be tag teaming with you?" Olivia asked.

"I can go too," Fluttershy offered.

"Very well. Then you two shall face these prehistoric Pokémon together," Olivia said, as she and her challengers took their places.

"Rotom, what did she mean by 'Prehistoric Pokémon'?" Lisa asked.

"Allow me to clarify. Armaldo, the Plate Pokémon, a Rock and Bug Type, and one of many Pokémon revived from fossils. It's massive claws are it's greatest weapons. It is believe to be the ancestor of some Bug Type Pokémon. Cradily, the Barnacle Pokémon, a Rock and Grass type, and another Pokémon that was revived from fossils. Normally, it lived in shallow sea shoals. When the tide went out, it would come on land in search of prey," Rotom explained.

"So this world has the technology to bring back ancient creatures. Interesting," Lisa commented.

"Don't get any ideas," Lincoln stated coldly.

"Who, me?! No way!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Alright, as for our two Pokémon, I'll go with Hariyama!" Will said, sending out Hariyama.

"As for me, Primarina!" Fluttershy said, sending out Primarina.

"The rules are like this. You two are allowed the use of three Pokémon each, while I will only use two. The battle will be over when all of either sides Pokémon are unable to continue. Substitutions on your terms are permitted. Now then, the first move is yours," Olivia said.

"Alright, Hariyama, use Focus Energy!" Will instructed. Hariyama then became engulfed in an intense orange aura.

"Primarina, use Icy Wind!" Fluttershy instructed. Primarina then fired the icy cold wind at both of Olivia's Pokémon. Cradily appeared to take the most damage between the two.

"Since Cradily is a Grass Type, Ice Type moves are a good match against it," Toby commented.

"Not bad. Let's see how you deal with this, now, Cradily, use Energy Ball on Primarina!" Olivia instructed. Cradily fired a ball of natural energy at Primarina.

"Quick Hariyama, block that attack!" Will instructed.

"Not so fast! Armaldo, use Crush Claw!" Armaldo then intercepted Hariyama with razor sharp claws, sending the Arm Thrust Pokémon back a few feet. Energy Ball then hit it's mark on Primarina.

"Not a bad combo. Using Armaldo to stall Hariyama while Cradily's Energy Ball hit Primarina was a smart move," Lincoln commented.

"We're not out yet! Hariyama, use Arm Thrust on Cradily!" Will instructed. Hariyama then began shoving the Barnacle Pokémon back, causing additional damage from Focus Energy's effect.

"Now Primarina, while Cradily is distracted, use Bubblebeam on Armaldo!" Fluttershy urged. Primarina then fired Bubblebeam at Armaldo, who braced itself for the oncoming attack.

"Block Bubblebeam with Rock Blast! Cradily, use Giga Drain on Hariyama!" Olivia instructed. Armaldo then started firing rock at Bubblebeam, stopping the attack, while Cradily wrapped it's tentacles around Hariyama's arm. It then began to glow green.

"Not good! Hariyama, return!" Will said, recalling Hariyama, "Alright, maybe I should go with ranged attacks for now. Maybe Decidueye can do the job. I choose you!" Will said, sending out Decidueye, "Let's go Decidueye, use Spirit Shackle!" Will instructed. Decidueye then fired one of it's quills at Cradily, pinning it's shadow, and exploding, casuing damage to the Barnacle Pokémon, "Ok, here we go!" Will said, as he did the pose for Flying Type Z Moves, "Now it's time for our power to soar into the sky, and win over our foes!" Will chanted, as Decidueye became enveloped in Z Power, "Now then, Decidueye, use Supersonic Skystrike!" Will instructed. Leaping high into the air, Decidueye then rocketed back at Cradily, crashing into it, and creating a massive crater. When the smoke cleared, Cradily was knocked out.

"Now, for our turn!" Fluttershy said, as she did the pose for Water Type Z Moves, "Across the horizons of ocean, we shall wash away all our troubles!" Fluttershy chanted, as Primarina became enveloped in Z Power, "Now, use Hydro Vortex!" Primarina then summoned a large tornado whirlpool, which sucked up Armaldo, before knocking it back down to the ground, knocked out.

"Oh, not bad," Olivia said, recalling her Pokémon.

"Thank you, Olivia," Will said.

"You two clearly are in synch with your Pokémon. That much I can see perfectly. And as proof of your victory over me, take these Rockium Z Crystals," Olivia said, giving the two trainers a pair of brown Z Crystals with the symbol of a rock in the center, "I will be more than happy to demonstrate the pose for Rock Type Z Moves in my next battle. Are the two of you ready?" Olivia asked.

"YES," the couple said, as they took their places.

"Now, my Pokémon shall be Lycanroc and Golem!" Olivia said, releasing a Midnight Form Lycanroc and a Golem with a beard and a cannon on it's back.

"Whoa, didn't think Golem would look like that in Alola," Will commented.

"What do Golem look like normally?" Lori asked.

"They don't have beards or cannons," Will replied.

"Golem, Alola Form, the Megaton Pokémon, a Rock and Electric Type. It fires off electrically charged boulders from the cannon on it's back. Even grazing a target can cause paralysis," Rotom said.

"Empoleon and Azumarill should probably sit this battle out, if Golem is an Electric Type," Will commented.

"Alright, Tsareena, go!" Toby said, sending out Tsareena.

"As for my first Pokémon, go Gallade!" Silver Spoon said, sending in Gallade.

"Not bad choices. Like before, the first move is yours," Olivia said.

"Ok, Tsareena, use Razor Leaf!" Toby instructed. Tsareena then fired of the leaves, which struck both Rock Pokémon.

"Now Gallade, use Brick Break on Golem!" Silver Spoon instructed. Gallade went in to attack Golem, only to be intercepted by Lycanroc.

"Oh no, that form of Lycanroc is skilled at using Counter!" Lola commented.

"Do it," Olivia said. Lycanroc allowed Gallade to strike it, only to return double the damage, "Golem, use Rock Blast on Tsareena," Oliva added. Golem then began firing rocks at Tsareena, sending the Fruit Pokémon back a few feet.

"She's good!" Silver Spoon commented.

"But we have strategies too! Tsareena, use Trop Kick on Golem!" Toby instructed. Tsareena then delivered a powerful kick to Golem. It did seem to do damage to Golem, but Tsareena started hopping on one foot, holding the leg it used to kick Golem, "Oops, sorry Tsareena!" Toby winced.

"That looked like it hurt," Lucy commented.

"Golem's shell is much harder than any regular stone. Physical attacks like that won't work on Golem," Olivia stated.

"Tsareena, do you want to tag out?" Toby offered. Tsareena nodded energetically. Toby then recalled the Fruit Pokémon, "Now then, to deal with that hard shell I will need to attack from a distance, so in that case, I'll send in Empoleon!" Toby said, sending in the Emperor Pokémon.

"Toby will need to KO Golem fast before it can use any electric attacks," Will commented.

"Alright Empoleon, use Bubblebeam on Lycanroc!" Toby instructed. Empoleon then fired off Bubblebeam, which seemed to do a lot of damage to Lycanroc.

"Go Gallade, use Psycho Cut on Golem!" Silver Spoon instructed. Gallade then fired blades of psychic energy at Golem, who was still hanging on.

"Hmm, these two aren't half bad either. Time to end this," Olivia said, as she began to do a Z Move Pose.

"Here it comes!" Will commented.

"The foundations of all mountains shall reign judgement on our opponents. Now, harness that immense power for yourself, Lycanroc!" Olivia called out, moving her arms at 90 degree angles, before moving her hips around so she faced the other way, still keeping her arms in the same position. This managed to envelop Lycanroc in Z Power, "Now, USE CONTINENTAL CRUSH!" Olivia called out. Lycanroc leapt high into the air, and summoned a massive boulder with it's Z Power, before chucking it at Empoleon and Gallade. When it made contact, a huge explosion filled the battlefield, causing our heroes to shield their faces. When the smoke cleared, Empoleon and Gallade were both knocked out.

"No way, that Z Move had huge power behind it if it was able to knock out a Fighting Type like Gallade and a Steel Type like Empoleon!" Will commented, as the two trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"You did your best out there," Toby said to the Lure Ball, holding Empoleon.

"Now then, my next Pokémon will be Magneton!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Magneton.

"I know Tsareena hasn't completely recovered, so I'll go with Mawile!" Toby said, sending out Mawile.


"WE HAVE TO STOP MEETING LIKE THIS MAWILE!" Toby screamed, running around, requiring Lana and Lynn to pry Mawile off of her trainer, "Your opponents are Lycanroc and Golem, not me," Toby sighed, pointing to the battlefield. Mawile took her place next to Magneton.

"Magneton, use Magnet Bomb on Lycanroc!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then flung a ball of magnetic energy at the Wolf Pokémon, causing a bit of damage.

"Mawile, use Iron Head of Golem!" Toby instructed. Mawile then charged headfirst at Golem, striking the Megaton Pokémon.

"Since Rock Type moves won't do much against Mawile or Magneton, then I'll just need to get them to bring out a weaker Pokémon from earlier. Lycanroc, use Roar on Mawile!" Olivia instructed. Lycanroc then roared, forcing Mawile back into it's Pokeball, and switching out with Tsareena, who was still hurting from her earlier kick.

"Tsareena, I know your leg is still injured, but can you still battle?" Toby asked. Tsareena chittered in confirmation, "Alright then, use Magical Leaf on Golem!" Toby instructed. Tsareena then fired the rainbow colored leaves at Golem, which seemed to do the job, as it was knocked out.

"Not a bad move," Olivia commented, recalling Golem.

"Now Magneton, use Thunderbolt!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then fired it's electric attack at Lycanroc, who was still hanging on.

"My Lycanroc is one of my most trusted partners. It wont go down so easily!" Olivia warned.

"We'll just see about that!" Toby said, as he began the moves for the Grass Type Z Move, "Like all those before us, we sprout up from the earth, to grow up like all plant life! Now, feel their power!" he said, as Tsareena became enveloped in Z Power, "Alright Tsareena, use Bloom Doom!" Tsareena then fired a beam of light into the air, which also caused flowers to bloom all around, before the beam came crashing down on Lycanroc. When the smoke cleared, Lycanroc was knocked out.

"Well now, that was an excellent battle! You two are more than worthy of using these," Olivia said, rewarding the couple with a pair of Rockium Z Crystals, "As you saw, this is how you use the Rock Type Z Move. Pay attention, because the movement of your hips are crucial," Olivia said, demonstrating the Z Move Pose, "And with that, your Grand Trials are concluded. Before you move on to the next island, why not stop by my shop? I have some additional rewards I want to give," Olivia offered.

"Ok, sure. We can swing by," Will replied, just as Hau came running onto the scene.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Hau greeted energetically, "The salty sea breeze had me coming this way! Looks like you guys already cleaned up in your Grand Trials, huh?" Hau questioned.

"Yeah, but Olivia made us work for these Z Crystals," Toby commented.

"And I expect nothing shy of their performance from you, Hau," Olivia stated.

"Got it, as the grandson of the Melemele Kahuna, I have to meet every challenge that comes at me and triumph," Hau replied.

"Well, you just battle me as Hau, Pokémon Trainer. None of that 'Grandson of the Kahuna' schtick," Olivia stated.

"Ok. Maybe once I'm done here, you guys want to come to the Hano Grand Resort? Some green guy from the Aether Foundation invited me to see something," Hau offered.

"We got the same invite too," Will replied.

"Cool!" Hau replied.

"What about you Lillie? You want to tag along too?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Uh... I.... think I'll pass. But I will see you all on the next island," Lillie declined. Lincoln took note of how uncomfortable she sounded.

"Well, we'll see you guys later. We'll be heading back to Koni'koni City," Will said, as our heroes took off from the ruins.

Chapter 29: The Swapping of Stories

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Having cleared yet another trial, our heroes returned to Koni'Koni City, as per the request of Olivia, the Island Kahuna, "So, what do you think Olivia wants to do when she meets us back in town?" Fluttershy asked.

"Don't know. Could be anything," Will replied.

"Maybe it'll have something to do with her jewelry shop?" Lola theorized. Everyone didn't seem too convinced by her speculation, as made evident by their expressions, "Well, you never know!" Lola defended.

"Well, in any case, we're almost back in town," Will commented, as they arrived at the town gate. From there, they saw that the festival that was going on was in full swing. Trainers and Pokémon from the various regions were all mingling, trading Pokémon and information about their homelands.

"I'll trade you this Kiang for your Claydol," one boy offered to another.

"I absolutely adore that Froslass! I'm willing to trade you this Noctowl for her!" a girl offered to another.

"Looks like everyone's busy trading," Lori commented.

"I take it you guys will be trading too?" Leni asked.

"It would be a good idea to add some diversity to your teams. That way, you can make a well rounded team," Will added.

"I'll think about it. For now, I want to try to spend some time with some of my other Pokémon," Toby replied.

"Same here. I want to be able to get closer some of my other Pokémon," Fluttershy replied.

"Same here," Silver Spoon added. Serenity just nodded.

"What about you, Will?" Lincoln asked.

"I may take part in it as well. It's actually quite a thing when one uses a Pokémon from another region," Will said, as they arrived at the Pokémon Center. Unbeknownst to any of them, they were all about to meet up with a familiar face.... a bunch of familiar faces, in fact, "Nurse Joy, can you take care of our Pokémon?" Will asked, as each trainer gave the nurse the Pokeballs containing the Pokémon that were used in the Grand Trial.

"Certainly. I'll have them all back in tiptop shape in no time," Nurse Joy said, taking the Pokeballs. With that, the group all went over to the lounge area, so get off their aching feet.

"Oh man, my feet are killing!" Lana complained.

"Well, at least we can rest for a bit before we can take a look around the festival," Will brought up.

"Yeah, I'd like to get some grub while we're here," Lynn commented.

"I'd settle for some funnel cake," Silver Spoon added.

"Ah might be able to point ya in the direction of a good stall," a familiar voice said. Turning to the source, the Ponyville team all had bright smiles on them at the sight of their friend, Nathan, "Long time, no see," he said.

"Nathan! How've you been, man?" Toby exclaimed, bumping fists with the Texas boy.

"Things have been goin' pretty well over in Kalos. Ah managed to win at least five badges, but yeesh! Ah never realized travelin' across an entire region would be so hard!" Nathan replied, showing them his badge case. Inside, as he stated, were five badges.

"Looks like you've been busy little buddy," Will commented.

"Yup. Those Gym Leader's gave me a run for mah money," Nathan replied. It was then he noticed the Loud Siblings, "Uh, who're your friends?" Nathan asked. The Louds all gave their own introductions, "Pleased ta meet y'all. Name's Nathan," the southern boy greeted.

"I take it this guy's one of your pals?" Luna asked.

"Yeah. It's thanks to him that all of our friends got started out on our journeys," Fluttershy replied.

"Yeah, but after meetin' with the others, they may be close to callin' it quits with the traveling, or at the very least, takin' a break from it. Turns out they're just as exhausted as Ah am. Same goes with mah parents and..... Rachel's family," Nathan said, trying to remember Rarity's alias.

"Well, it is your call to make. But never forget all the fun you guys had on your adventures," Will stated.

"Yeah, but we ain't planning to head back home just yet. We're stickin' around for a bit to help out with the Swap Meet Festival," Nathan replied.

"Well, that's good," Silver Spoon said.

"Yup. But what about y'all? How've you been doing in Alola?" Nathan asked.

"Actually, we've been doing pretty good so far. Just take a look," Toby said, as he and the others showed him their Z Crystals.

"Turns out Alola doesn't have any gyms. They use something similar from Ancient Times called 'Trials'. Completing a Trial or Grand Trial wins you one of these Z Crystals," Will explained.

"Neat! So, what do they do?" Nathan asked.

"Why don't we regroup with the others and explain things there?" Will suggested.

"Makes sense," Nathan shrugged. It was then that the bell went off, signaling that their Pokémon were all healed up.

"I'm happy to report that all of your Pokémon are back to perfect health," Nurse Joy said, as the Pokémon were wheeled out on carts. Nathan was in awe at some of the Pokémon that were brought out.

"Thank you Nurse Joy," Will said, as the Pokémon went over to their trainers, with Tsareena leaning on Empoleon.

"Guess you're still hurting from the Grand Trial, huh Tsareena?" Toby asked. The Fruit Pokémon chittered in response.

"So, Ah recognize Empoleon, Gallade, Magneton, Hariyama, and Mawile, but who are these others?" Nathan asked.

"Ah yes. This is Decidueye, the final evolved form of the Alola Grass Starter, Rowlet," Will replied.

"This is Primarina, the final form of Popplio, the Water Starter," Fluttershy said, hugging Primarina.

"And this is Tsareena. She evolved all the way from a Grass Pokémon called Bounsweet. And she's a shiny one at that," Toby replied, as Tsareena flicked her hair like sepals.

"Nice," Nathan commented.

"If you think that's cool, just check this out," Will said, releasing his Grimer and Marowak.

"WHOA! Ah've never seen a Grimer or a Marowak that look like this before!" Nathan exclaimed.

"That's because Alola has various species of Pokémon that have different forms here than in any other region. It also affects their typing too, not just their appearance," Will explained, as they all recalled their Pokémon.

"Ah've gotta make it a point to catch me one o' these 'Alolan Form' Pokémon," Nathan stated.

"Truth is, Toby's the only one other than Will who has an Alolan Form Pokémon," Rotom stated.

"Whoa! Never seen a Pokedex that floats and talks like that!" Nathan commented.

"Ah yes. This Pokedex is a special model, as it has a Rotom inhabiting it. Rotom acts as our guide, and provides us with tons of details regarding Pokémon in Alola," Will explained.

"Wicked. So, which Alolan Form Pokémon do ya have, Toby?" Nathan asked.

"A Vulpix. It's snow white, and is an Ice Type," Toby replied, before remembering something, "Which reminds me.... I'll be taking out some of my Pokémon from Storage, while giving the majority of my team a break," Toby said, as he went over to the PC.

"That's right. We all agreed on giving the Pokémon in our teams a break from battling, so we can bond with some of our other Pokémon. Maybe you and the others can meet them too," Will said, as the five trainers all lined up behind Toby, who had just finished with the exchange.

"Cool. Ah'll go round up the others. They should be gettin' a break here in a little bit," Nathan said, as he exited the Pokémon Center, as the other trainers went on with their exchanges.

"I take it that Nathan guy is from your Earth too, Toby?" Leni asked.

"Well.... yes and no. Yes, we've all established that the others like me and Nathan are from Earth, but no, we don't know if we're all from the same Earth," Toby explained.

"So, you're saying is that Nathan could come from a separate universe altogether, along with the other children?" Lisa asked.

"Yes. All apart from our friend, Cory. He comes from another other universe too," Toby replied.

"Maybe we should drop this. My head will literally melt down trying to make sense of what is being said," Lori commented, rubbing her temples.

"Good call. When we all first met, we tried making sense of our stories, but we ended up giving up fairly quickly," Fluttershy chuckled, rubbing the back of her head.

"Well, in any case, why don't we go and see what this festival has to offer? It'll kill some time before Olivia comes back," Will suggested, as they left the Pokémon Center.

Later on,

After touring the festival grounds for about an hour, our heroes came to the town center, where a big battle field was located, "Looks like a lot of people are getting psyched for something," Lynn commented.

"They're getting pumped, because a battle exhibition is going to take place here. Read the signs once in a while, would ya?" the familiar voice of Busujima snarled. Looking around, they saw him, along with the other Bandit Star Pirates, sitting at some tables, looking like they were eating lunch.

"I'd thought we'd see you guys here. I take it your here for the trading?" Will questioned.

"How could we not be? The chance to get our hands on some super rare Pokémon from other regions is too good to pass up!" Chaz replied.

"Like my brother needs to trade! Sergey only came to prove how tough he really is!" Susie yelled at them, only for Sergey to pat her on the head, signaling for her to settle down.

"Buzz off," Busujima demanded, as a puffy, pink haired waitress gave him a ridiculously large sundae, "Aww, yeah!" he said, eyeing the sundae intently.

"Never pegged Busujima for having a sweet tooth," Toby whispered to Silver Spoon.

"Wait, that waitress....." Fluttershy said, recognizing her immediately.

"Ok, so there's crepes for you two," she said, giving Sergey and Susie some crepes, "And a slice of cake for the rest of you," handing out slices of cakes to the others. It was then she noticed the group, "FLORA! TOBY! SYLVIA! WILL! SERENITY!" she squealed, as she tackled Fluttershy to the ground.

"Good to see you too, Penny," Fluttershy said, remembering Pinkie's alias.

"IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE WE'VE SEEN EACH OTHER!" Pinkie then started speaking at a mile a minute, gasping for breath every five minutes.

"Well, ain't y'all a sight for sore eyes," the sound of Applejack's voice said. Turning, they all saw the others, looking happy to see their friends.

"Serenity! How have you been?" Charity asked, embracing her shy friend.

"Things have been going well," Serenity whispered.

"You look well too, Toby, Sylvia," Josh commented.

"Yeah. Things have been great here in Alola!" Toby replied.

"We've encountered so many Pokémon that even Will hasn't met before," Silver Spoon added.

"Got any to show us?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, here are two of mine," Toby said, releasing his Pokémon, which consisted of Lycanroc, Pikachu, Turtonator, Eevee, Espeon, and Kirlia.

"Oh, cool!" Vibrant commented.

"I have quite a few myself too," Silver Spoon said, as she released her Lycanroc, as well as Azumarill, Magneton, an Eevee, Monferno, and Wartortle.

"I have as well," Fluttershy said, releasing her Lycanroc, Crabrawler, Onix, Zorua, Larvitar, and Primarina.

"Whoa, are these three the same Pokémon?" Nathan asked, looking at the Lycanroc.

"Yes. Mine is known as a Midnight Form Lycanroc," Toby replied.

"Mine is called Midday Form," Silver Spoon added.

"And Flora here has an extremely rare Dusk Form Lycanroc," Will added.

"What about you Will? You catch any new Pokémon?" Cadence asked.

"Of course. See for yourself!" Will said, releasing Decidueye, Hariyama, Grimer, Marowak, Goodra, and Phantump.

"That Grimer and Marowak look different than the ones we've seen," Clover commented.

"Apparently, this is what's known as an Alolan Form Pokémon. That means they look differently here than in any other region," Nathan replied.

"What about you Serenity? Ya have to at least caught SOME new Pokémon?" Season asked. Serenity then sent out Lopunny, Charjabug, Misdreavus, Eevee, Chubbykins, and Buizel.

"Not a bad line up," Mike commented.

"How about you guys? Got any new Pokémon yourselves?" Will asked, as the five trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Of course! Here's one o' mah Pokémon!" Nathan said, releasing what appeared to be a set of twin swords, holding their scabbards.

"Ah, a Doublade. Not bad," Will commented.

"We also caught some Psychic Pokémon," Shining Armor said, as he and Cadence released a pair of cat Pokémon. Shining's was a blue cat, while Cadence had a white one.

"A pair of Meowstic. And both of different genders," Will said.

"How about this big one?" Josh asked, releasing a Heracross, "I remember seeing this one at your ranch, and I wanted to catch one for myself," he explained.

"Not bad. Looks like a real contender," Will commented. From their tables, the Bandit Star Pirates were in awe at the Pokémon that the Equestria crew were showing off.

"Oh man, look at all of those rare Pokémon from other regions!" Davis commented.

"I know! Maybe coming here wasn't such a bad idea after all," Busujima said, as he savored his sundae.

"Well, we should see if these chumps are willing to do some trading," Davis suggested.

"By the way Toby, how about we trade Pokémon? I'll give you this Scyther I caught at a Bug Catching Contest. You can give me any Pokémon you want," Crystal offered, releasing a green mantis Pokémon with scythe like claws.

"Well, if you want, I could trade my Shroomish for it?" Toby offered.

"Sounds reasonable," Crystal said, as they approached the trading machine. Toby accessed his Storage, and selected Shroomish for a trade.

"Hang on there. Crystal, give this to Scyther. There'll be a surprise in it when ya both are done with tradin'," Nathan said, giving Crystal a strange, metallic cylinder.

"What's that thing?" Lynn asked.

"A Metal Coat. It boosts the power of Steel Type Moves. And when given to Onix or Scyther, when traded, they'll evolve into a Scizor or Steelix," Will explained. Crystal then gave the item to Scyther before recalling the bug Pokémon, and placing it on the machine. With a pull of the switch, the exchange began. Toby got Scyther, and Crystal got Shroomish. Toby then changed Espeon out for Scyther, and both trainers released their Pokémon. Upon materializing, Scyther immediately began evolving into Scizor.

"That's so cool!" Lana exclaimed.

"Scizor, the Pincer Pokémon, a Bug and Steel Type. It's heavy claws are more suitable for smashing opponents, rather than grabbing them. It's body is encased in a steel like exoskeleton," Rotom said.

"Thanks so much for Scyther, or rather, Scizor," Toby said.

"No problem. Thank you for Shroomish. I really liked the way the Breloom back at Will's ranch looked, and I wanted to catch one for myself," Crystal replied.

"If you guys are really into trading, then how about showing us what you have to offer?" they turned to see the Pirates standing before them.

"Watch your backs, some of these guys are trouble," Lynn warned.

"Tell me something. Do any of you have a Graveler that appears differently in other regions than in Alola? Then I want to trade for one of MY Graveler," Davis proposed, releasing the Pokémon in question. It looked to be a boulder with four arms, two of which were fused with it's body, and chunks of orange minerals in it's body.

"I'm willing to trade my Sandshrew for a Ground Type Sandshrew!" Chaz exclaimed. Chaz said, releasing his Alolan Sandshrew.

"They seem eager to trade Pokémon," Celestia commented.

"Ah have a Graveler," Applejack said, releasing her Graveler.

"Whoa, this one doesn't have any eyebrows, or minerals in it's body!" Davis exclaimed.

"I have a Sandslash, if you're still willing to trade," Josh offered, releasing a large, spikey porcupine Pokémon.

"Sweet! Just wish I had an Ice Stone to give you," Chaz scratched the back of his head.

"Perhaps I could be of assistance with that," they all turned to see Olivia, carrying five sacks in her arms, "Good thing I caught up with you lot. Here's your other reward for clearing the Grand Trial," she said, presenting the five trainers with a sack each.

"What's in them?" Will asked.

"See for yourself," Olivia urged. Looking inside, the trainers saw all manner of evolution stones.

"Whoa! You're really just giving these to us?!" Toby exclaimed.

"Of course. Consider them a little souvenir from Akala Island," Olivia replied casually. Will sifted through, eventually finding what he thought was an Ice Stone.

"This is an Ice Stone, correct?" he asked, showing it to Chaz.

"Yeah, that's it! Using one of those on an Alolan Vulpix or Sandshrew will make them evolve into Ninetails or Sandslash," Chaz replied. With that, the trainers all began trading their Pokémon. Toby and Silver Spoon went to the sidelines, and brought out both their Eevee.

"Eevee, would you like to evolve into a Flareon?" Toby asked, holding a Fire Stone.

"You have the same option too Eevee, only I would like it if you became a Jolteon," Silver Spoon said, holding a Thunder Stone. Both Eevee leaped up to the stones, which then triggered their evolution. Toby's Eevee became a Flareon, and Silver Spoon's became a Jolteon.

"Way too cool," Toby commented, hugging his newly evolved Flareon.

"Looks like Ms. Fluttershy is trying to power up her Onix," Silver Spoon commented, seeing that Fluttershy had just given her Onix a Metal Coat, provided by Rainbow Dash, and traded it with Princess Luna, receiving a Boldore in exchange. Upon both of them, releasing their Pokémon, Onix and Boldore both evolved simultaneously into Steelix and a large, quadruped boulder Pokémon, respectively.

"Onix has evolved into Steelix, and Boldore has evolved into a Gigalith," Will explained.

"Gigalith, the Compressed Pokémon, a Rock Type. It stores up sunlight to use as energy. It is usually found deep underground. Steelix, the Iron Snake Pokémon, a Steel and Ground Type. Because it lives even further underground then Onix, Steelix's body is harder than any known metal," Rotom said.

"Well, that's good to know," Fluttershy commented, as they traded back their Pokémon.

"Well, if you guys are all done with trading Pokémon, some of us would like to get in some battle practice!" Busujima snarled.

"Alright, Ah'll be your opponent!" Nathan volunteered, as both trainers took their places, "How does a three on three match sound?" Nathan suggested.

"Makes no difference to me. I will crush you like every other trainer I've faced in my journey!" Busujima declared, sending out his Salandit.

"A new Pokémon..... this may put me at a slight disadvantage, but Ah can work with this. It looks to be a Poison Type, so Doublade should be a good match up," Nathan said, releasing Doublade.

"That thing looks like a Ghost and Steel Type. This guy is really stupid if he thinks that'll stop Salandit," Busujima commented, "You can have the first move!" he declared.

"Alright, Doublade, let's get our power ready ta go with Swords Dance!" Nathan declared. Doublade then summoned a bunch of glowing swords that circled around it. Doublade then glowed red.

"Swords Dance is a move that increases Attack Power, right?" Lincoln asked.

"Yep. Looks like Nathan wants to make the first move count," Will replied.

"Alright, now, use Shadow Claw!" the Texas boy instructed. Glowing purple, the blades on Doublade began slashing at Salandit, who effortlessly dodged.

"What a waste. Salandit, use Toxic!" Busujima ordered, much to the confusion of everyone, as Salandit fired the attack, which managed to badly poison Doublade.

"But I thought Poison Type attacks didn't work on Steel Types?" Leni questioned.

"Salandit's special ability: Corrosion. It allows the user to poison even Steel or Poison Type Pokémon," Rotom explained.

"Ya gotta be kiddin'! My Steel Type against a Poison Type Strategy backfired?!" Nathan exclaimed.

"Now, let's use our full power!" Busujima ordered, as he began to do the pose for Fire Type Z moves.

"What's with all that dancing around?" Shining Armor asked.

"You're all about to witness a Z Move," Will replied, as Salandit became enveloped in Z Power.

"Alright Salandit, use Inferno Overdrive!" Busujima ordered. Salandit then built up the Fire attack, and fired it at Doublade, causing a massive explosion, that managed to finish off Doublade.

"That was nuts! Thanks Doublade, you were great out there!" Nathan said, recalling the Sword Pokémon. Busujima did the same with Salandit, "Alright, Z Moves look ta pack a serious punch. But Ah doubt he'll be able to use something that powerful a second time. If that's the case, then mah next Pokémon will be..... Ninjask!" he exclaimed, sending out Ninjask.

"Tauros, squash that bug!" Busujima said, releasing his Tauros.

"A bug against a bull? That's a no brainer on who'll win!" Lynn huffed.

"We'll see," Cadence replied.

"Alright Ninjask, use Double Team, then into Swords Dance!" after-images of Ninjask began appearing, as Ninjask also used Swords Dance.

"Double Team boosts a Pokémon's ability to dodge oncoming attacks. Add that to Swords Dance, and Nathan may have the best striker Pokémon yet," Will commented.

"Tauros, use Work Up!" Busujima ordered. Tauros then glowed red, as it's Attack Power and Speed increased, "Now, use Shock Wave!" Tauros then fired off an electrical attack, that looked to home in on Ninjask.

"Quick, use Dig, and get away!" Nathan instructed. Ninjask quickly burrowed underground, dodging the electric attack.

"Good call. Shock Wave is a move that never misses. But if a Pokémon were to use a move like Dig or Phantom Force, then the move is useless," Will commented, as Ninjask came up from the ground, and struck Tauros, causing major damage.

"Now, use Fury Cutter, back ta back!" Nathan instructed. Ninjask's claws then began glowing red, as it charged swiftly at Tauros and began slashing at it.

"Whoa, where'd that speed come from?!" Lola asked.

"It's Ninjask's Speed Boost ability. It increases the Pokémon's speed quite a bit. As for Fury Cutter, it get's stronger the more it's used," Will replied, as Tauros was knocked out by Ninjask.

"Nice work buddy!" Nathan praised Ninjask, before recalling it, as Busujima did with Tauros.

"That movement was kind of like an actual ninja," Lincoln commented.

"Ironically, that is what Ninjask is classified as; the Ninja Pokémon," Rotom stated.

"I have to admit, you're not half bad. You'll provide a much better challenge for me than that luck obsessed jock that tried battling me with the four eyes' Mawile this morning," Busujima commented. Lynn was furious at his comment, while Toby looked a little hurt by Busujima's nasty words.

"Well, Ah don't rely on luck. Ah only rely on pure skill, through and through," Nathan replied.

"Likewise. Now here's my last Pokémon, go Shelgon!" Busujima yelled, releasing his Shelgon.

"A Shelgon. That shell is gonna be tricky to get through, but thankfully, I have the perfect Pokémon for it. Now go, Floette!" Nathan said, releasing a small, fairy Pokémon that was holding a red flower.

"That's what he's going in with?! Something that wimpy can't do anything against Shelgon!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Don't be so quick to judge. Floette is a Fairy Type Pokémon, so Dragon Types like Shelgon are not only extremely vulnerable to them, but Dragon Type Moves are ineffective against Fairy Types," Will explained.

"Shelgon, use Iron Head!" Busujima ordered. Shelgon then charged slowly at Floette, the top of it's head turning metallic.

"Steel Type moves on the other hand are a different story," Will added.

"Since Shelgon's so slow, Ah can take advantage o' that! Floette, dodge, then use Moonblast!" Nathan instructed. Floette then fired of the Fairy Type attack at one of Shelgon's blind spots, causing massive damage, "Now, use Fairy Wind, keep up the pressure!" he added. Floette began blowing an odd, mystical wind, which seemed to damage Shelgon even further.

"Shelgon may not last much longer if this keeps up," Rainbow Dash commented. And she was right. Shelgon had reached it's limit, and fell to the floor, unconscious.

"Phew, ya made me work for that win!" Nathan admitted.

"I'll admit, you are talented. I can see why your Pokémon are quite strong," Busujima replied, recalling Shelgon.

"How about you battle next Sergey? You can mop the floor with any of these guys!" Susie exclaimed. Sergey then pointed to Toby.

"You.. want to battle me?" Toby asked. Sergey nodded, as he took his position on the battlefield, and sent out a lizard Pokémon with a large scale on the top of it's head.

"Jangmo-o, the Scaly Pokémon, a Dragon Type. They prefer to live in the mountains far from people. The sound of their clashing scales can be heard throughout the valley," Rotom said.

"Just like Sergey, he wastes no time with Dragon Type Pokémon," Will commented.

"Ok, in that case, Kirlia, let's go!" Toby said, sending out his Kirlia. And with that, the battle commenced.

Later, at the Pokémon Center,

"Wow, I had no idea that Tsareena and Torracat used to belong to that Busujima guy," Josh commented, as the kids were all exchanging stories.

"Yeah. He saw them as laughably weak, and abandoned them without question. But I was more than happy to take them in. And now, they're both real contenders!" Toby replied.

"And we've all become regular pros almost instantly. We caught some rather interesting Pokémon, like Toby's Turtonator," Fluttershy added.

"Well, it looks like you'll be going all the way, am I right, Toby?" Mike asked.

"Yeah. I want to see how far I can get in the Island Challenge," Toby replied.

"What'll your next stop be then?" Rarity asked.

"Most likely this island," Will replied, pointing to a larger island with a snowcapped mountain.

"That's Ula'Ula Island, the largest island in Alola!" Rotom explained.

"From what the festival organizers said, that's going to be our next stop too," Twilight replied.

"Then maybe we'll all meet up there. But before we do, we have to go find Faba tomorrow," Will stated.

"Who?" Charity asked, trying her hardest to stay awake.

"He works for a big corporation called the 'Aether Foundation'. Apparently, he wants to show us something," Silver Spoon replied.

"Well, let's all make sure to meet up somewhere on Ula'Ula Island," Will proclaimed.

"Malie City has a docking bay, so we can probably meet up some where there," Rotom stated.

"You know, I think that's where they said we would be setting up shop next," Nyx replied.

"Ok, well, we'd better get some rest. We'll have a big day tomorrow," Will stated.

"Ok. If we don't see you all in the morning, we'll meet up at Malie City," Celestia said, as the others went to leave.

"You guys staying somewhere else?" Will asked.

"The organizers rented a big hotel for volunteers like us to use," Princess Luna replied.

"GOOD NIGHT!" everyone said.

"We'd better turn in for the night too," Will said, as they all made their way to their rooms. However, Lynn appeared to still be in a foul mood about this morning.

'What gives that Busujima guy the right to talk smack to me like that?! I don't loose! He just got lucky when he beat me this morning, and that was just a fluke!' she thought to herself, as she and her siblings entered their bedrooms. As Lincoln was getting ready to crawl into bed, Lynn rudely shoved him off.

"Hey, what gives Lynn?!" the lone brother demanded.

"Get out," Lynn stated coldly, as she commandeered the bed for herself. This caught the attention of the other sisters.

"Excuse me?" Lincoln asked.

"You heard me! I don't what someone who makes me look bad in the same room as me! You should've lost that battle against Davis this morning!" Lynn stated, jabbing Lincoln's chest, a little too roughly.

"Lynn, what is your problem?!" Lori demanded.

"My problem is that I'm a winner, and Stinkcoln is a looser! And yet, this morning when we borrowed those Pokémon, I lost and he won! That's not supposed to happen!" Lynn yelled, getting red in the face from anger.

"Statistically speaking, Lincoln actually had a much higher probability of winning, not to mention not looking like a buffoon, than you did. He made snap judgements with Lycanroc, while you wasted time with your ridiculous luck rituals," Lisa stated nonchalantly.

"Plus, you did embarrass Toby's Mawile too," Luna Loud added.

"So you're all saying it's my fault I lost?!" Lynn was outraged.

"We're saying that these Pokémon Battles appear to rely less on luck, and more on the trainer's judgements, something Lincoln showed very well, and you lacked entirely," Lucy replied.

"But if I don't do my Good Luck Rituals, I can't win anything!" Lynn argued.

"Lynn, we're not about to have another Bad Luck incident like last time! Mom and Dad were super mad when they found out that you threatened Linky to go to your game, and then turned right around and blamed him! I haven't see them that angry since they outlawed the Sister Fight Protocol!" Lola exclaimed.

"Or the time we stole all that chocolate he was going to use for the school fair," Lana added.

"Well, that was Stinkcoln's fault! He knows ALL chocolate is fair game without a note!" Lynn snapped a little harsher than she intended.

"Well, Mom and Dad made it clear that wasn't the case," Luna countered.

"Lynn, I literally don't know what your problem is with our brother, but you'd better get it sorted out soon, because we're not about to have our friends embarrassed for your stupid actions!" Lori commanded in her drill sergeant tone.

"Whatever. Do what ever you want," Lynn bitterly snapped, as she went to sleep.

"Come dear brother, you can use the bunk above my bed," Lisa offered. Lincoln accepted, as he climbed to the top bunk. The other sisters all crawled into bed themselves, some of them sharing beds with others.

Chapter 30: A Family Dispute?! Setting Sail for The Aether Paradise!

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The Next morning,

Having gotten up bright and early, our heroes were quick to gather their belongings, and make their way to the main lobby, "Morning everyone! I trust you all slept well?" Will asked the Louds.

"All things considered, we were lucky to fall asleep at all," Lisa replied.

"Had trouble sleeping?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, you could say that," Lori replied, as some of her sisters shot Lynn dirty looks, not that Lynn was unnerved by them, as they all went to the restraunt for breakfast. They all got plates, ranging from eggs and toast, to big stacks of pancakes. Looking at the Pokémon, who were also enjoying their breakfasts, Lana noticed that Toby's Pikachu was still as it was.

"Hey Toby, doesn't Pikachu evolve with a Thunder Stone?" Lana asked.

"Yeah, it does. But I think Pikachu wants to stay as a Pikachu for a while. So I'm going to hold off on using a Thunder Stone," Toby replied.

"Lame. If I were you, I'd evolve it straight away if it wants to get stronger," Lynn stated.

"LYNN!" her siblings all yelled.

"What? It's true! Pokémon only get stronger if they train and evolve! End of story!" Lynn snapped.

"It takes more than just that to make a Pokémon stronger. A trainer must become close to his or her Pokémon, and their bonds of friendship are able help a Pokémon grow," Will countered, but he was ultimately ignored by the brash Loud sister.

"Don't try arguing with Lynn. She feels she always has to be right about everything, and will never admit she's wrong, even when she makes a humungous mess," Lori whispered to Will.

"If you have something to say, then say it so everyone can hear you, otherwise, shut up!" Lynn harshly snapped. This made Serenity flinch. This didn't go unnoticed by the bully sister, and a wicked smirk worked it's way onto her face.

"Don't even think about it Lynn!" Luna warned, but was ignored by Lynn, who got up, and approached the youngest of the group. Sensing what Lynn was about to do, Lori, Luna, and Luan went to restrain their sister.

"Hey, let go! She flinched, and you know what happens when someone flinches!" Lynn yelled, as she struggled to break free.

"Toby, maybe you and Serenity should go take a walk," Will suggested.

"Good call. This atmosphere ruined my appetite," Toby stated, as he and Serenity got up to leave, followed by their Pokémon, who had all finished their breakfasts.

"Will you excuse us for a moment?" Lola asked, as the Loud Siblings all dragged Lynn outside the Pokémon Center.

"Lynn, we get you feel the need to slug someone twice when they flinch, but really! Serenity is way younger than you! How can you be so cruel!?" Lori scolded.

"Hey, it's how I learned to fend for myself. Besides, I do it all the time to Stinkcoln, and you don't hear that dork complain!" Lynn snapped.

"That's because you threaten to beat me up if I even mention it to someone. I can't even talk to my friends about it!" Lincoln argued.

"Lynn, is this true?!" Lori demanded.

"So what if it is? I'm trying to toughen Stinkcoln up so he can be ready for the world!" Lynn snapped.

"Well, all your toughening up does is show me how he shouldn't act. Unlike you, our brother is quite intelligent, and can come up with well thought out plans to make ends meet," Lisa countered.

"Shut it four eyes! All that smarty pants business can't help him out of every jam! That's why he needs to get tough!" Lynn angrily snapped, as she stomped away to vent.

"Lynn is becoming way out of control. She's probably going to make a mess of things if she continues to act this way," Lucy commented.

"We need to get her under control before she get's hurt, or she hurts someone else," Lincoln suggested.

"Good call, bro," Luna replied, as they followed after their temperamental sister.

Back with Toby and Serenity,

Having left the unpleasantness of Lynn's actions behind, Toby and Serenity walked through the streets of Koni'koni City, in the hopes of keeping Serenity calm, "You don't need to worry Serenity. Lynn's just acting like a bully, but her brother and sisters will, hopefully, reign her in," Toby said, trying to make Serenity more comfortable.

"I-I hope you're right," Serenity murmured, as they continued walking. A few minutes while they were walking, and they saw something that piqued their interest. It appeared to be what they assumed was a laboratory. Outside, they saw a sign that read "Pokémon Fossil Research Lab: If you have a Fossil, we can turn it into a Pokémon from days long past!"

"That looks interesting. Pokémon restored from fossils," Toby commented.

"I think Will had some dinosaur Pokémon back on his ranch," Serenity added.

"Well, I guess we could take a quick peek," Toby replied, as they walked over to the lab, "Hmm, looks like it's open to the public," Toby commented, as the sliding doors opened on their own. Inside, the two of them saw a bunch of people looking at massive displays of fossils and other archeological treasures, "Huh, looks like a little mini museum," Toby commented.

"I guess you could call it out like that," the voice of Chaz said. They saw him walking over to them, "These are but some of the many treasures that archeologists have found during their expeditions. They range from the fossils you see in those display cases over there," he motioned to a display case, that had several fossils in it, "To ancient artifacts from civilizations of long ago," Chaz finished, showing more display cases with stuff like rusted silverware or old pots.

"I see. Looks like they've been busy. So, what brings you here?" Toby asked.

"I found this Sail Fossil, see? And I asked the scientists if they could restore it into an Amura for me. If you go over to those cases, you'll see the various fossils you can uncover, and from them, what Pokémon you'll get," Chaz replied, pointing to the fossil case.

"Hmm, maybe we'll do that," Toby said, as he and Serenity walked over to the cases, while Chaz went to go wait for his Amura.

Looking into the case, the two siblings were in awe at how many fossils there were, "Oh, wow! So many," Serenity quietly exclaimed.

"I'm counting..... ten fossils," Toby said, counting up the fossils in his head. They both went on to read the information cards that were provided.

"Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Anorith," Serenity sounded off.

"Cranidos, Shieldon, Tirtouga, Archen, Tyrunt, and Amura," Toby finished, "When you look at the fossils, they kind of look like the Pokémon, don't they?"

"I think I see that," Serenity replied, "Archen looks like it's lots of fun," she added.

"According to this, Archen is believed to be the ancestor of all Flying Type Pokémon, even though it can't fly," Toby said, reading the card.

"What about you? Are there any ones you like?" Serenity asked.

"Well, let me see," Toby said, looking at the cards, "I think I like Anorith, Shieldon, and Amura, and Tyrunt," he replied.

"Tyrunt looks kind of scary," Serenity admitted.

"According to this card, Tyrunt behaves like a spoiled child. If it eats something it doesn't like, it'll throw a tantrum," Toby commented, reading the card.

"You guys considering getting your own fossil Pokémon? I would recommend it highly. They can prove valuable team members," Chaz suggested.

"But we don't even know where to find fossils," Toby admitted.

"No worries. You can often find them on the Rare Items Path on Poke Pelago's Isle Aphun. As a bonus, you can also score a bunch of rare objects too!" Chaz explained.

"That sounds promising," Toby commented.

"You bet! And it can be really rewarding too! But don't get your hopes up. You may not always find a fossil, and if you do, it may not be the one you're after," Chaz explained further.

"We'll keep that in mind. Thanks Chaz," Toby said, as they party dude left the two siblings to look around at the exhibits.

Back with the rest of the Ponyville Group,

Having finished what they could of their breakfast, Will, Fluttershy, and Silver Spoon went out to go looking for the Louds, Toby, and Serenity, "Maybe one of us should've gone with them," Silver Spoon commented.

"Probably would've been a good idea. But Toby's smart. He can take care of himself and Serenity. Besides, they're not alone. They have their Pokémon with them," Will replied.

"Still, I don't like the thought of my little ones being out on their own," Fluttershy said, as they continued looking around for the others. They eventually saw Luna, Luan, Lola, and Lisa, all looking around for something, or someone, as the case may be.

"Hey, what are you girls looking for?" Will asked.

"Lynn's getting out of control. It may not be long before she does something that may cause us to become social outcasts," Lisa replied.

"She did seem rather irate about something. Any idea what she could be throwing her little tantrum about?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Well, she was a little sore that Lincoln showed her up in the battles they had yesterday against Busujima and Davis," Luan replied.

"I see. So she's being a bad sport," Will commented.

"I think the more correct term is sore looser, but basically, yeah," Lola replied.

"Well, whatever you call it, she's bound to do something, not only to embarrass the rest of you, but she can also put herself in danger," Will said.

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"See, some Pokémon have tendency to be extremely territorial, and will do whatever it takes to drive trespassers out. They'd even attack humans too," Will explained. This didn't bode well with the four sisters.

"That means we need to find her before something like that happens!" Lisa exclaimed, as the dashed off in hopes of finding their rowdy sister.

"We should try to find Lynn too. We can look for her while we look for Toby and Serenity," Silver Spoon suggested.

"Good call," Will said, as they took off looking for Lynn, Toby, and Serenity as well.

With Lynn,

"Stupid sisters. Even stupider brother! Who do they think they are, talking at me like that?! I'm a winner! It's what I'm supposed to do!" Lynn snarled, as she kicked a rock on a beach. However, she didn't look at where she was kicking it, as it bounced off of a Pokémon's head. The Pokémon in question? It was a Mareanie, but it had dark blue tentacles, and it looked rather peeved at the Sporty Sister, "Hey, that's one of those Mareanie things that Busujima jerk and those Team Skull guys use!" Lynn exclaimed. But her thoughts were cut short when Mareanie went of the attack, firing a Spike Cannon at Lynn, who quickly dodged, "Ok, that's not cool! I didn't even try to hit it at you!" Lynn yelled, only for Mareanie to fire a Sludge Bomb at her, "Why is this even happening to me?! I've been having a bad day already! Why are thing's getting worse for me?!" she whined. The commotion was able to get the attention of Lori, Leni, Lincoln, Lucy, and Lana, who were passing by the beach, and saw Lynn running away from the angry Mareanie.

"Oh no, that Mareanie looks pretty hot under the collar!" Lori commented. Lincoln thought fast, and picked up an abandoned Dive Ball, and approached the beach, "Lincoln, what are you doing?!" Lori exclaimed, trying to pull her brother back.

"It's a long shot, but maybe catching that Mareanie should be able to calm it down," Lincoln commented.

"Or at the very least, it can buy us enough time to get Lynn away. But are you sure you can handle raising that Mareanie if you catch it?" Lori asked.

"I'll manage. Besides, I can always ask Will for advice if I need some," Lincoln replied. Reluctantly, Lori let her brother go, and he continued to slowly approach the battle. This was able to get the attention of Mareanie, who was now focused on the orange clad boy.

"Here goes something!" Lincoln exclaimed, as he chucked the Dive Ball at Mareanie. Thankfully, the capture mechanism activated, and it encapsulated Mareanie. The Dive Ball began rocking.

"Did.... that actually work?" Lana questioned, as the Dive Ball continued rocking. After a moment or so, the ball clicked.

"No way," was all Lori was able to say, as Lincoln picked up the Dive Ball.

"Guess.... Mareanie is mine now," Lincoln commented, eying the Dive Ball. The sisters he was with were speechless, but Lynn seemed absolutely furious, but a cruel smirk appeared on her face, as she approached her brother. The sisters broke out of their trance, and went to intercept Lynn.

"Well, Stinkcoln, since you're that Mareanie's new trainer, you had better take responsibility for what it tried to do to me," Lynn said spitefully, as she grabbed Lincoln by his shirt, and geared up to deck her brother. But it wasn't meant as a friendly sibling slug, but a full on, nothing held back punch, intended to hurt him.

"LYNN! NO!" Lori said, as she, Lucy, and Lana all tackled Lynn away from Lincoln. Leni then pulled Lincoln back to keep him from Lynn.

"Hey! Let me go! He needs to answer for what Mareanie did!" Lynn yelled, struggling against her three sisters. But since they were on sand, she couldn't get a firm enough grip to break free.

"Lynn, you need to calm down! This reckless behavior is going land you in a heap of trouble, and we're not going to help you out of it!" Lori ordered.

"Trouble?! For what?! I haven't done anything wrong! It's stupid Stinkcoln's stupid Mareanie that started it!" Lynn yelled, as she was somewhat overpowering her sisters.

"You're wrong!" they looked up to see Delila, standing before them, "I saw you kicking that rock at Mareanie. If anyone is to blame, it's you and you alone," she stated coldly.

"Karma can bite back just as hard, if not harder Lynn. You of all people should know that," Lucy stated.

"Karma only occurs when you do something wrong! I never mess up, unlike Stinkcoln!" Lynn snapped.

"Is she always like this?" Delilah asked Lincoln.

"Normally, she can be, but since yesterday's battle against Busujima and Davis, she's been acting more and more like a spoiled, undisciplined child," Lincoln whispered back, trying not to let Lynn hear him.

"Well, such unbeautiful nonsense like this is beneath me," Delilah stated, as she took her leave. It was right about that time that the others, save for Toby and Serenity arrived on the scene.

"We heard there was some commotion around here. Is everything alright?" Will asked.

"Well, Lynn got into some trouble with a Mareanie, but it's all taken care of," Lincoln replied, showing them the Dive Ball.

"Wait, so.... you actually caught a Pokémon?" Luan questioned.

"Yeah, and on my first try too," Lincoln said, releasing Mareanie, who sparkled upon being released.

"That twinkle means it's a Shiny variant. That's pretty lucky," Will commented. Mareanie looked quizzingly at Lincoln.

"Uh, sorry for catching you out of the blue like that, but I couldn't let you hurt my sister, even if she was being a brat," he muttered the last bit under his breath. Mareanie chittered, sounding like it understood what Lincoln was getting at.

"Uh, yeah, I'm glad everything is alright over there, but can someone help us hold down Lynn? She's getting...." Lori was cut off when Lynn was finally able to overpower her three sisters, and charged at Lincoln, with the sole intention of harming him. Mareanie thought fast, and used Knock Off to stop the sporty sister.

"Whoa, that was a bit on the harsh side," Silver Spoon commented.

"But absolutely necessary. Who knows what that barbarian would've done if she had gotten her hands on our brother?" Lisa questioned.

"We have to get her under control, and fast!" Luna added.

"It would appear this bad behavior stems from her loss against Busujima from yesterday. She may want to even the score with him or me," Lincoln theorized.

"Why you?" Lola asked.

"Because I won my match, while Lynn lost hers. She's going to hold it against me unless she avenges her loss," Lincoln explained.

"But she can't do that unless she has her own Pokémon. And after what went down with Mawile, none of our Pokémon are willing to help her out," Will commented.

"Yes. So she may just have to catch herself a Pokémon. Maybe we can look into something when we get to Ula'ula Island," Lincoln suggested. It was then that they all remembered.

"WE WERE SUPPOSED TO MEET THAT FABA GUY!" they all yelled, as they rushed back into the city to look for Toby and Serenity, with Luna and Luan dragging the still down Lynn by her ankles.

With the two kids in question,

"That was a most fascinating experience," Toby commented, as they exited the laboratory.

"I hope we can find some fossils in the future," Serenity commented quietly.

"I do too. Was there something we were supposed to do from yesterday?" Toby asked, as he and his sister tried to remember the events from yesterday. It was then that they saw the rest of their group, racing around, "Hey guys!" Toby called out to them. This was able to get their attention.

"Toby! Serenity! We were wondering where you guys got to!" Will commented.

"Where's the fire?" Toby asked, noticing that they were all in a rush.

"We forgot that we were supposed to meet up with Faba at that big resort!" Silver Spoon exclaimed. Both of Fluttershy's kid's eyes widened in realization.

"We need to hurry! Call our Air Ride Pokémon! We can get there in a flash!" Will exclaimed, as the five trainers used their Ride Pagers to call their Air Ride Pokémon. When they were all safely mounted with an equal amount of the Louds accompanying them, they took of for the Hano Grand Resort.

About five minutes later,

Having landed on a beach near the resort, our heroes rushed to meet up with Faba, "I hope we're not too late!" Will commented, as they neared the entrance of the Hotel. Upon seeing it, they were all in awe and shock.

"Wow, you would definitely need some deep pockets to crash here," Luna commented.

"The average booking time this Resort has is at least three years in advance," Rotom informed, as they entered the building. The inside was just as luxurious as the outside. Fancy fountains decorated the interior, as did a large chandelier and several small palm trees. It didn't take long to find Faba, as he was the only one dressed in a lab coat and had large green glasses.

"Ah, there you lot are! I was wondering what was taking you so long?" Faba asked.

"Well, we hit a few snags this morning, which put us behind schedule," Will replied.

"Well, in any case, I'm going to fulfill my promise to you all, and show you something spectacular. As you know, I work as the Branch Chief for the Aether Foundation's Alola branch. My surprise for you all is to show you the pinnacle of our efforts of the Aether Foundation; the Aether Paradise!" Faba explained.

"Sounds interesting. Where is this paradise, anyhow?" Will asked.

"Why, it's right in the middle of the entire Alola Region! Which is why we'll be taking a boat all the way out there. The question I must ask is if you all are willing to come and see?" Faba asked. A round of agreements was his response, with a bitter one coming from Lynn, who was calmer than before, but was still in a sour mood.

"Wait! You guys aren't leaving me behind!" they heard Hau exclaim, as he came rushing in, with Kukui and Olivia trailing behind him.

"Oh? Even the Island Kahuna has come to see you off?" Faba asked.

"I care for each Island Challenge Goer as if they were my own children. Not that I have any.... I never even got married," Olivia replied.

"Well, I hope you guys have a blast at the Aether Paradise. I'll meet you all in the Malie Gardens, in Malie City on Ula'Ula Island," Kukui said.

"You're not coming with us?" Fluttershy asked.

"Nah. I have some important stuff that needs doing," Kukui replied, as he took his leave.

"Always remember, that your greatest opponent will always be yourselves. Never loose hope, and keep your eyes on the prize," Olivia said, as she left as well.

"Well, my boat is out on the dock in front of the resort. We'll be shipping out in a few minutes," Faba said, as he went to prep the boat.

"Hey, do you guys know that the reason such a massive place like Aether Paradise floats is because of a bunch of Pokémon pushing it up?" Hau asked.

"Is that right?" Will asked.

"That's what I heard, anyways," Hau said, as they went to the docks, where Faba had just finished prepping to go. Once everyone was safely aboard, they took off.

Chapter 31: Ultra Surprises at the Aether Paradise!

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Having left Akala Island, our heroes were now en route to the Aether Paradise, "Look alive people! It'll be coming into view shortly!" Faba called out to his passengers.

"So, what do you think this Aether Paradise place is going to be like?" Leni asked.

"Well, based on what Faba told us, it's no doubt going to be some kind of scientific facility," Will deduced.

"The Aether Employee's clothes were all so clean, so we can also determine that it may also be clean too," Lola added in.

"Hopefully not too clean," Lana quietly murmured.

"Look there!" Lincoln called out, pointing out on the horizon. Coming into view was a massive white artificial island.

"Is that the Paradise?" Lori asked Faba.

"Indeed. The pride and joy of the Aether Foundation," Faba replied, as they entered the docks on the lower level. Pulling in close to the docks, Faba released the stairs onto the dock, "Formal introductions. Welcome to the Aether Paradise. For the sake of conservation of the Pokémon we're caring for, a jamming frequency it broadcast throughout the paradise, preventing empty Pokeballs from working. You can still use the ones that currently hold your Pokémon," Faba explained, as they made their way over to what looked like an elevator, which was coming down from a lower level. Stepping off was a woman with a very large bust, held only by a purple turtleneck that did nothing to hide her chest. She wore a white lab coat over her outfit, and wore large glasses. Lincoln, Luna, and Luan all blushed at the sight of the woman.

"Oh, excuse me, Mr. Faba, but...." the woman was cut off by Faba.

"'Excuse you' is right! I have a title for a reason, you know!" Faba scolded.

"Yes, Branch Manager Faba," the woman corrected herself.

"Good. Now then, I have some matters that need my attention, so if you could be so kind as to show these folks around, that would be much appreciated," Faba said, as he got onto the elevator, and descended to a lower level.

"Phew," the woman sighed, as she turned her attention to the large group, "Hello everyone. Welcome to the Aether Paradise. I am Wicke. I will be acting as your tour guide for the majority of the facility," the woman introduced herself. Everyone went about introducing themselves.

"When you say you would be showing us around, does that also include where Faba went to?" Lisa asked.

"I'm afraid not. The lower levels are restricted. Only high ranking official of the Foundation are allowed down there. What I will be showing you is the main visitor area, as well as the Pokémon Conservation Area," Wicke replied, as they all boarded the elevator. With a few strokes on the keyboard, the gates around them all raised, and they proceeded to an upper level. Serenity was caught off guard, and clenched onto her mother's leg. The ride only lasted about five seconds, as they had arrived at an upper level. Looking around, they saw some counters, where Aether Employees were selling supplies to trainers, or healing up their Pokémon. There was also a lounge area, and a brochure kiosk, "As you can see, the Aether Paradise's Visitor Area provides all the necessities that one could expect to see at a Pokémon Center. And if we go up one more level," Wicke said, as she punched in a few more keys.

"Oh no," Serenity grimaced, as the elevator shot up again. After about ten seconds this time, they all found themselves in what appeared to be an indoor park, that was very vast and spacious. Even some Flying Pokémon were flying about.

"Welcome to the Aether Paradise's Conservation Area. For the sake of Pokémon Conservation, the functions of all empty Pokeballs are disabled," an intercom voice said.

"This is the Aether Paradise's true pride and joy. Here, we care for Pokémon that are either targeted by the likes of Team Skull, or those who need a little extra protection, such as Corsola," Wicke said, motioning to a pond, where some coral like Pokémon were playing, "See, Corsola are severely overhunted by Mareanie and their evolved form, Toxapex," Wicke said. Rotom then pulled up an image of a larger form of Mareanie, with ten long tentacles.

"Toxapex, the Brutal Star Pokémon, a Poison and Water Type, and the evolved form of Mareanie. With it's twelve legs, it creates a dome to shelter within. The flow of the tides doesn't affect Toxapex in the slightest, so it's perfectly comfortable," Rotom stated.

"Tutu did always say that nature has a darker side to it," Hau piped up.

"That's the sad truth of nature," Lisa added.

"Well, let's not let all this doom and gloom keep up from the tour! You're all free to explore the conservation area. I believe our President, Lusamine is somewhere within the area," Wicke said. With that, the group dispersed into smaller groups, and they all split up to explore the Conservation area. Leni, Luan, and Lynn went with Will, Lori, Lucy, and Lola went with Fluttershy, Luna, Lincoln, and Lana went with Toby, Silver Spoon, and Serenity, and finally Lisa decided to go with Hau.

"Look at all those bird Pokémon, flying up there," Luan commented, seeing a number of flying Pokémon.

"Yep. I recognize Braviary, Mandibuzz, and Staraptor and Staravia," Will commented.

"What about the ones in the pond, over there?" Lynn questioned.

"Well, let's see. I see the entire Poliwag line, some Magikarp swimming below the surface. And up there, on the shore, those are called Quaqsire," Will said, motioning to the aforementioned Pokémon, as they continued walking around. With Toby's group, they were observing some of the Corsola that were in the pond, playing with what looked to be a purple starfish with a jewel in the center of it's body. A wayward Water Gun was unintentionally shot at Luna's face, making her fall on her butt.

"You ok, Luna?" Lincoln asked, helping his sister back up.

"Yeah. That was actually quite refreshing," Luna replied.

"So, those Corsola are the main prey for Mareanie, eh? Speaking of which, what moves can Mareanie use, anyway?" Lana asked. Lincoln then looked at the Dive Ball that held his partner.

"Truth be told, other than Sludge Bomb and Spike Cannon, I don't really know anything about Mareanie," Lincoln admitted.

"Maybe we can have Rotom tell us more about Mareanie," Toby suggested.

"Though, I think I saw Rotom going off with Flora's group," Silver Spoon commented. And she was right. Rotom was floating by Fluttershy's group, who were observing some of the Pokémon they saw in Alolan form, all playing with the other Pokémon.

"Those are all regular Geodude and Graveler, right?" Lori asked.

"Affirmative! In their normal forms, they're all Rock and Ground Types, instead of Rock and Electric Types," Rotom said. It was then, they caught the scent of something horribly smelly.

"Eww! What is that awful odor?!" Lola questioned, holding her nose.

"It would be these little guys," an Aether Employee said, from a sealed off area that looked polluted. In it were Grimer and Muk that were purple, instead of green, like Will's.

"So that's what a regular Grimer and Muk look and smell like," Lori tried to keep herself from loosing her lunch from the awful stench.

"How can something smell so bad?!" Fluttershy questioned, holding her nose too.

"Grimer and it's evolved form, Muk. Both are Sludge Pokémon and are Poison Types. They feed on sewer water and sludge, and prefer to live in highly polluted lakes. Though they are typically affectionate to those they like, the odor they give off drives everyone away," Rotom said.

"If they smell that much like a sewage plant, I don't blame them!" Lola whined.

"Don't Alolan Grimer and Muk feed on garbage?" Lucy asked.

"Affirmative. They've mastered the ability to keep from smelling so terrible," Rotom replied. It didn't take long for the group to rejoin at the northern part of the Conservation Area.

"So, did any of you meet up with the president?" Will asked. A round of "no's" was his answer. It was then they heard a woman's voice talking.

"My precious babies, I will make sure you are all cared for," the voice said. Looking around, they saw an important looking woman with pale blonde hair, similar to Lillie and Gladion, done up in a sort of shell like hair do. When they got a look at her eyes, they saw she also had neon green eyes, much like Lillie and Gladion.

"Ah, Madam President! I had a feeling you would be here," Wicke commented.

"Hello Wicke. I take it these are the guests that Faba told me about?" the president asked.

"Indeed," Wicke said. The group then proceeded to introduce themselves.

"A pleasure to meet each of you. I am Lusamine, President of the Aether Foundation. It is our goal to make sure that all Pokémon are cared for, which is why I would like to try and be a mother for all the Pokémon of the world," Lusamine commented.

"That some goal you have. And you're probably not even that much older than the rest of us," Hau commented.

"Oh Hau, you're so silly! I'm already 40," Lusamine stated.

"Really?" Hau asked, acting chill, thinking she was joking. But when no laughter came, he scrambled around, "What?! Really?!" he exclaimed.

"You know, maybe if you would allow me, I could take you all to find some smart looking clothes," Lusamine offered, only to be politely declined.

"Yeah, I can't think of anyone being able to pull off a look like your outfit. Except maybe Lillie?" Hau questioned. Looks of shocks worked their way onto both Lusamine and Wicke's faces. It was then that tremors rocked the conservation area. This made many Pokémon their cry out in alarm.

"Did something happen on the lower levels?" Lusamine wondered. Her answer soon came in the form of a wormhole, opening right in front of them. The Louds all had looks on unease, as from the wormhole, came what looked to be some kind of jellyfish creature. it was transparent, like glass, and had a brimmed head, kind of like a large hat.

"What is that thing?" Will wondered.

"Did you.... come from another world?" Lusamine asked rhetorically.

"Madam President, get back! That thing.... it's not right!" Hau exclaimed.

"We can handle this one, Hau. You keep the others safe," Will instructed, as he, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon all approached the jellyfish, with Pokeballs in their hands, "Go, Marowak!" Will said, releasing Marowak.

"Primarina, we need you!" Fluttershy said, releasing Primarina.

"Go now, Espeon!" Toby said, releasing Espeon.

"Now Wartortle, help them out!" Silver Spoon said, sending out the Turtle Pokémon. The Ultra Beast whipped it's tentacles, making the Pokémon all jump out of the way.

"Espeon, use Psybeam!" Toby instructed. Espeon fired off Psybeam at the Ultra Beast, who seemed to be in pain from the attack, "Looks like Psybeam did more damage than normal," Toby commented.

"Be that as it may, we need to drive it off! Marowak, use Bonemerang!" Will instructed. Marowak then chucked it's bone club at the Ultra Beast, only for it to be knocked back, "This thing is tough!" Will commented. The Ultra Beast then fired off a Venoshock Attack, hitting Primarina, causing major damage.

"Primarina! Are you hurt?" Fluttershy went to the aid of her partner Pokémon. After that, the Ultra Beast just disappeared.

"What was that thing?" Toby questioned.

"What you all fought was an Ultra Beast," the voice of Dulse said, as he and Zossie made an appearance.

"Yes. And just as you said, it was quite strong," Lusamine replied.

"I take you all know one another?" Will asked, as he and the others recalled their Pokémon.

"Indeed. It's actually thanks to the Ultra Recon Squad that the Aether Foundation has been researching the Ultra Beasts, and ways to contain and combat them," Lusamine replied.

"Truth be told, we actually come from a world on the other side of the Ultra Wormhole, in a place called Ultra Megalopolis, a world that had it's light stolen from by a creature similar to the Ultra Beasts," Zossie explained.

"A creature that steals light? I've never heard of such a thing," Hau commented.

"We refer to it as 'The Blinding One', though it's actual name is 'Necrozma'," Dulse explained.

"Necrozma, the Prism Pokémon, a Psychic Type. No specific information available," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a black, crystal Pokémon.

"Now that you mention it, I think tutu always talked about a legend regarding the Blinding One, and how it was a key factor in how the Alola Region was formed," Hau said.

"We'll continue on with our investigations one the Ultra Wormholes for now. In the meantime, Wicke, could you take these nice folks to Ula'Ula Island?" Lusamine asked the big chested woman.

"Of course, Madam President," Wicke nodded, taking our heroes back to the docks.

"This certainly has been eventful," Will commented.

"Yes, indeed. I was not expecting to see an Ultra Beast appear in the Conservation Area, or anywhere for that matter," Wicke said.

"Well, we'll at least have something to tell Professor Kukui when we see him!" Hau commented.

"Before I see you all off, have some gifts on behalf of the Aether Foundation," Wicke said, handing out Big Malasadas to each of them.

"Alright, Malasadas!" Hau exclaimed.

"And that's not all. Take these as well," Wicke said, handing two TM's to Will and Hau, as well as passing a Z Crystal to each of them. The symbol in it looked kind of like a Lycanroc.

"The TM I gave you contains the move, 'Psychic'. And the Z Crystals are known as Lycanium Z, which can upgrade a Lycanroc's Stone Edge move into an all new Z Move, called 'Splintered Storm Shards'," Wicke explained.

"Thank you, but doesn't this seem like a bit.... much?" Will questioned.

"Not at all. We can't find any use for those Z Crystals, so we thought trainers may like having them, in case they have a Lycanroc or are planning to add on to their parties," Wicke explained.

"Thanks so much for having us," Will said. The others gave similar sentiments.

"You're all very welcome. And we hope to see you sometime in the near future," Wicke said, as she took her leave, as the group boarded the ship that was bound for Ula'Ula Island.

10 minutes after departure from the Aether Paradise,

"Phew, that was some ride! Not only did we get to see an Ultra Wormhole, but one of those Ultra Beast things! That'll be something we need to tell Professor Kukui when we get to Malie City," Hau commented.

"It definitely would make his and Professor Burnet's day," Will replied.

"Speaking of which, Rotom, what are some examples of Pokémon that we can find on Ula'ula Island?" Lana asked.

"Searching: Beldum, the Iron Ball Pokémon, a Steel and Psychic type. It floats through the air by expelling electromagnetic wave. When they sleep, they dig the claws on the end of their bodies into the side of cliffs. Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon, a Ghost and Fairy Type. It wears a rag over it's true form in order to approach others. It is said that a famous scholar met his demise upon looking under Mimikyu's cloak," Rotom said, displaying a picture of what looked to be a dumbbell with an eyeball, and a raggedy looking Pikachu creature.

"That Mimikyu thing sounds.... spooky," Luna commented.

"But Beldum is pretty cool looking," Lincoln commented.

"I think I want to try and catch one while we're on Ula' Ula Island," Toby commented.

"They're well worth the effort, especially when they evolve all the way into Metagross," Will replied.

"Well, enough talk! It's Malasada time!" Hau said, pulling out the malasada that Wicke gave him.

"I guess a quick snack wouldn't hurt," Fluttershy commented, as the others all dug into their Malasadas.

Chapter 32: Malie City: Lynn VS.... SERENITY?!

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It didn't take long for the ferry from the Aether Paradise to arrive at the harbor in Malie City, "On dry land, once again!" Hau exclaimed, racing off. Looking around, our heroes saw that Malie City had a sort of oriental feel to it. It made Will feel right at home.

"Man, this place makes me feel like I'm back in Johto," Will commented, as they proceeded to walk to the city, where they saw Hau, waiting in front of the Pokémon Center.

"Hey guys, I had an idea! Why don't we have a quick, one on one battle?" Hau suggested.

"Sure, I'm all for it," Silver Spoon said, stepping forward.

"Toby, do you think I can battle you? I want to try to figure out Mareanie's battle style," Lincoln requested.

"Sure thing, Lincoln," Toby replied, only for Lynn to step in front of them.

"Hold it right there, Stinkcoln! I need to even the score from yesterday, and I don't like how you won while I lost!" Lynn said, getting in her brother's face.

"This again, Lynn? We all agreed that you lost because you took too much time with your stupid good luck rituals! Hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as luck, good or bad," Lincoln stated.

"LIAR! If there is no luck, then how do I win every sport I play?!" Lynn yelled.

"Maybe it's just because the other team has no real skill, if they loose to YOU of all people," Lincoln replied. This infuriated Lynn to the point, where she didn't care what she did, if it meant teaching her brother a lesson in respecting her skill AND luck. With an angry yell, Lynn lunged at her brother, only to find herself suspended in the air.

"Thanks Gardevoir," Toby commended.

"Lynn, we are not putting up with this brash behavior any longer! Lincoln will battle Toby, as he requested, for one other reason; the fact that you do not have a Pokémon," Lisa spat in disgust.

"Then I'll just go get one! If some talentless looser like Stinkcoln can catch one, then it should be a breeze for me!" Lynn yelled.

"Don't count your Torchics before they've hatched. Pokémon can be rather tricky to catch if you don't weaken them first," Will replied, as Gardevoir set Lynn down.

"Just you watch! You'll see, YOU'LL ALL SEE! Lynn Loud Jr. is a winner at everything!" Lynn yelled, running off.

"She doesn't seem like too much fun," Hau commented.

"We are so sorry you had to witness that," Lori apologized to Hau.

"Well, let's not let Lynn's arrogance ruin things for us," Lincoln suggested.

"Yeah, but let me just update my team first, ok?" Toby asked.

"Go for it," Lincoln said. With that, Toby went to change up his team.

"In the mean time, shall we get started?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Aw, yeah!" Hau said, taking his place on a battlefield, "Go, Raichu!" Hau exclaimed, releasing an Alolan Raichu.

"Ok then..... Lycanroc, I need your help!" Silver Spoon said, sending out her Lycanroc. Toby soon rejoined the group.

"Sorry about the wait, Lincoln. Ready to get started?" Toby asked, releasing Quilava.

In Malie Garden,

Lynn has been in sour moods before, but now she was especially angry. Not only did she get shown up by her brother the day before, but he also managed to catch a Pokémon, and had the gall to question her skills and her luck rituals, "There has to be some real contenders around here," Lynn huffed, looking around. She had picked up a Quick Ball that she found on the ground. She saw something splashing in the water. Going over, she saw red fish Pokémon with long, yellow whiskers splashing in the water, "Hmm, looks like it could you some work, but I can work with it," Lynn said, chucking the Quick Ball at the fish, encapsulating it. It rocked three times, before it clicked, "Hmm, I'm not surprised. I am a natural at this sort of thing," Lynn said, retrieving her new Pokémon, "Now let's see them mock me after this!" Lynn exclaimed, as she went to return to the group. She had no idea how delusional she was.

Back at the Pokémon Center,

Mareanie skidded back after being hit with a Swift Attack from Quilava, "Not bad. Looks like Quilava has been improving," Lincoln commented.

"I like leaving most of my Pokémon on the training island in Poke Pelago, so that way they can get in some training," Toby replied.

"And the results they've reaped from the sessions are truly showing," Will said, ending the battle.

"Good work out there, Mareanie," Lincoln praised.

"You were great out there too, Quilava," Toby said, stroking Quilava.

"You want to call it quits too?" Hau asked Silver Spoon.

"Yeah, Lycanroc is getting tired," Silver Spoon replied, recalling the Wolf Pokémon.

"Raichu is too," Hau said, recalling his Pokémon as well. It was then that Lynn marched back into the group.

"So.... did you manage to catch something?" Lori asked.

"Of course I did! It's only natural for a REAL winner in our family to do so," Lynn boasted.

"Ok, so what did you catch?" Will asked. unbeknownst to them, Busujima was watching from behind a tree.

"Here's my Pokémon!" Lynn said, releasing the Fish Pokémon, who just flopped around on the ground, "See that? That's the markings of a real winner! It's not even in water and it can still move!" Lynn proudly boasted.

"Uh, Lynn..... that's a Magikarp," Will replied.

"I'll go ahead and explain," Rotom tiredly said, pulling up information on Magikarp, "Magikarp, the Fish Pokémon, a Water Type. In ancient times, it was much stronger than it is today. Now in modern times, it's the weakest of all Pokémon," Rotom explained.

"Maybe it is weak NOW, but....." Lynn was cut off by the familiar bully.

"'But' nothing! You're getting excited over that pathetic excuse for a Pokémon! Even rookie trainers who have no real experience know that Magikarp are completely useless in battle. They can only use moves like Splash, Tackle, and Flail, and judging by your Magikarp, it doesn't even know Tackle," Busujima spat.

"Oh yeah?! Well I can still take your sorry butt down any time of the day!" Lynn boasted.

"You mean like yesterday, when you paid little attention to the battle, and more on your stupid luck? Sorry, but I have no time for weaklings," Busujima said, as he began to leave.

"Oh no you don't! I have a score to settle with you!" Lynn snarled. However, Busujima was not the least bit phased.

"You're really going through with this, eh? In that case," Busujima said, looked at the other trainers in the group, before settling his eyes on Serenity, who ducked behind Toby, "Hey Toby, that pink haired girl behind you.... she doesn't battle much, does she?" Busujima asked.

"No, Serenity doesn't really like battling," Toby replied.

"Alright, well, if you can talk her into making an exception, I guess I can battle this tomboy here, IF she can beat that kid," Busujima stated.

"Wait, you're really going to battle me if I win against that twerp?!" Lynn exclaimed.

"If you can't manage to even beat HER, then I have no business in considering you a worth rival," Busujima replied. Lynn rubbing her hands sinisterly, making a Grinch like face.

"D-do I really need to battle?" Serenity whispered, her knees buckling under the pressure.

"I don't think Lynn is going to take 'no' for an answer," Silver Spoon replied.

"You don't have to worry Serenity. We're all right behind you to support you," Fluttershy said.

"Busujima, would it be alright if I coached Serenity in this battle?" Will asked.

"Do what you want. I'm eager to see this battle," Busujima replied, taking a seat.

"I'll act as the referee. One Pokémon each, and the battle will be over when one of either sides Pokémon cannot battle!" Lori announced, as the two trainers took their places.

"Go, Magikarp!" Lynn exclaimed, as Magikarp just flopped on the battlefield.

"Serenity, why not go with Misdreavus?" Will suggested.

"Um, ok," Serenity said, sending out Misdreavus. Lynn then began doing her Good Luck dance, much to her sibling's embarrassment.

"Alright Magikarp, use Splash!" Lynn ordered. And Magikarp did just that, which did absolutely nothing.

"Hmm, ok Serenity, Misdreavus should be able to use moves like Psybeam, Shadow Ball, Double Team, and Energy Ball. Try issuing one of those attacks," Will suggested.

"Um, ok..... Misdreavus, could you use Shadow Ball please?" Serenity asked politely. Misdreavus needed no further encouragement, as it fired the attack at Magikarp, sending it back into a wall, knocked out.

"What the...?! Just one hit?!" Lynn yelled.

"That does it! Magikarp is unable to battle! The winner is Misdreavus!" Lori declared.

"Well, this has been a waste of my time. But, at least I got to see a third rate trainer get pummeled that easily," Busujima commented, as he got up to leave. Lynn couldn't be any angrier, as she marched over to Serenity, and grabbed her by the collar.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" she screamed at the scared girl, gearing up to slap her, only to be stopped by an unseen force.

"That's enough Lynn!" Lori yelled. Lynn said that Hau's Raichu was holding her back with it's Psychic.

"How can you be so heartless?! Striking someone whose that much younger than you?!" Silver Spoon spat in disgust.

"You're right.... Serenity isn't the one I should be mad at," Lynn said, as she was released from Psychic's hold, and marched over to Magikarp, "It's all because of this useless fish! I never want to see it again!" Lynn said, throwing Magikarp back into the ocean, "Good riddance!" Lynn spat.

"That was not very nice," Will scolded.

"Uh, guys?" Lana said, noticing that Magikarp began to evolve. It soon became a Gyarados, who roared ferociously. Everyone, but Lynn screamed in terror.

"Now you've done it Lynn! Magikarp has evolved into a Gyarados!" Toby exclaimed.

"Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon, a Water and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Magikarp. Gyarados' temper is legendary. It is said that it burnt a village to the ground in one night after the residents angered it in someway," Rotom explained, sounding panicked.

"I knew you were a team player Gyarados! Now, just get back into the ball, and we can get in some serious training!" Lynn commanded, only for Gyarados to hiss at her, causing Lynn to flinch.

"Gyarados doesn't look like wants to go with you!" Lincoln commented.

"Oh, what do you know, Stinkcoln?! Just butt out, and I can make things better!" Lynn boasted, only for Gyarados to fire Hydro Pump at them all, "See? It must've noticed some of us were thirsty, so it gave us some water," Lynn stated in a matter-of-fact tone. Gyarados then roared, and went on a rampage in the harbor. Ships that were coming in to dock had to stop.

"We have to stop Gyarados!" Will said.

"Pikachu, we need you!" Toby said, sending out Pikachu.

"Raichu, get in there too!" Hau said, as Raichu took it's place too.

"Magneton, we need your help too!" Silver Spoon said, sending in Magneton.

"Go, Grimer!" Will said, sending out Grimer.

"Lycanroc, help us out too!" Fluttershy said, releasing her Lycanroc. Gyarados then summoned forth rain.

"Great, just what we need! Rain!" Lola grumbled.

"It's using Rain Dance! Grimer, use Sludge Bomb!" Will instructed. Grimer then fired it's attack at Gyarados, who barely seemed bothered by it.

"Alright, Pikachu!" Toby said.

"Raichu!" Hau added.

"Magneton!" Silver Spoon chimed in.

"TRIPLE THUNDERBOLT!" the three of them called out. All three electric Pokémon fired Thunderbolt at Gyarados, who took a lot of damage as a result. It was then that Gyarados appeared to be paralyzed.

"Now Lycanroc, use Accelerock!" Fluttershy instructed. Lycanroc then rocketed at Gyarados, finishing it off.

"Now Lynn! Recall Gyarados!" Will ordered.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Lynn said nonchalantly, as the Quick Ball fired the recall beam at the injured Gyarados, safely returning it to the ball. The weather went back to normal, and the ships in the bay were able to safely dock.

"Training Gyarados takes a tremendous amount of skill, doesn't it?" Hau asked.

"Indeed. Gyarados can be exceedingly dangerous for those who are ill-prepared to train them. Lynn, for now, I think it would be best if you didn't use Gyarados to battle until you can earn it's trust," Will suggested.

"Look, bub, I don't need advise on how to make a team. All the sports teams I was on back in Royal Woods won every single one of their games thanks to me. Just like how I'm going to win against Busujima now that I have a real powerhouse," Lynn said, as she prepared to take off.

"Are you telling us that you're going to make that already injured Gyarados fight even more, especially with knowledge that it doesn't trust you?" Will asked in faux shock.

"You should take it to the Pokémon Center first to have it healed," Fluttershy added, asserting her knowledge of animal care.

"Like I need to do that! Gyarados just needs to toughen up! How else could it have evolved?" Lynn questioned. However, Fluttershy wasn't having it, as she gave Lynn "The Stare". Buckling under the pressure, Lynn sighed in defeat, "Fine! I'll take it to the Pokémon Center!" she grumbled, as she stomped towards the Pokémon Center, with the others in tow.

"We should get our Pokémon looked at too," Will suggested.

"Yeah, Mareanie is feeling pretty tired," Lincoln commented. Meanwhile, Busujima watched from behind some buildings.

"With an attitude like that, Gyarados will listen to that poser. Either way, I will never take her seriously, unlike that one," Busujima said, as an image of girl entered his mind, "Just you wait Nico. I will surpass you!" he proclaimed, as he took his leave for his next trial site.

Chapter 33: Rocking out at the Malie City Kanto Gym Experience!

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After getting their teams all healed up, our heroes first stop was Malie Garden, where Professor Kukui was to be waiting, "He said to meet him here, didn't he?" Lori questioned.

"Well, he should be around here somewhere. Let's look around for him," Will suggested, as they all went looking around the garden. Looking at the architecture of the garden, and the rest of Malie City, Will was reminded of Ecruteak City, back in Johto, "I wonder if they have any battle challenges here?" Will spoke to himself. Soon, they found themselves in what appeared to be a food court area. There, on one of the benches was Professor Kukui, waiting patiently for them to arrive.

"Well, you all look like you had fun at the Aether Paradise. Did something happen?" Kukui asked.

"You bet it did!" Lana exclaimed.

"For starters, an Ultra Wormhole opened up, and out from it came an Ultra Beast!" Hau explained.

"Whoa! That is amazing! Burnet is going to have a field day with that information," Kukui commented.

"We figured you'd have that kind of reaction," Will commented.

"Well, I'll be sure to inform Burnet about it later. In the meantime, why don't you guys look around the city? The next trial site is up at the Hokulani Observatory, but it can only be taken at nighttime," Kukui suggested, taking his leave.

"Well, we might as well. I'd like to sample some of the local snacks," Lincoln commented.

"Good call. Since we're not going to be able to take on the trial right away, we may as well see what this city has to offer," Will agreed, as they all went to leave the Garden.

"Hey, so do any of you guys know what they do at an observatory, because I sure don't!" Hau laughed, racing off, not even waiting for an answer.

"What do they do at an observatory, anyway?" Serenity whispered to her mother.

"Well, it's a laboratory that observes stars," Fluttershy replied. As they exited the gardens, Luna noticed a poster.

"What's this?" she wondered, walking over to investigate. This caught the attention of the others.

Come on, come all! Take the Kantonian Gym Battle Challenge!
A Gym Leader's Gift Set and a novelty badge are your prizes!
Come and face one of the strongest Celebrity Trainers out there: Ryuki!

"A Gym Battle Challenge? That sounds interesting," Lori commented.

"Though it sounds like it's just one of those attractions to draw in customers," Will commented.

"Says here it's right outside the Malie City Library," Toby commented.

"Um, excuse me?" they all heard Lillie say. They turned to see the awkward Professor's assistant standing before them, "I heard you were looking for the Kantonian Gym, correct?" Lillie asked.

"We're thinking of checking it out," Will replied.

"Oh, well, if it's not too much to ask, could I maybe come with you? I'd like to go to the library in regards to a certain book they have there. I think it may help Nebby out in some fashion or another," Lillie pleaded.

"Sure. We can take you there," Will replied.

"I have the coordinates locked into my map!" Rotom proclaimed, as they continued to walk. Along the way, they saw Hau and his team of Pokémon, which consisted of Brionne, an Alolan Raichu, a Noibat, a Jolteon, a Leafeon, and an Espeon, eating at a Malasada store.

"That guys must really like Malasadas," Lucy commented.

"Down this way!" Rotom said, leading them down a street. Eventually they passed the Kantonian Gym, and arrived at the Library.

"Ok, so we've arrived. Uh, Lillie, if it's ok with you, I'd kind of like to check out that Kantonian Gym they have over there," Will said.

"Of course! I should be able to find what I'm looking for in here," Lillie replied.

"Actually, do you think some of us could go into the Library with her? I'm wanting a break from battling, and some peace and quiet," Toby stated. Some of the others voiced similar sentiments.

"Well, why don't we do things like we did at the Battle Royal Dome?" Silver Spoon suggested. Everyone agreed. Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, Lincoln, Lori, Luan, Lucy, and Lisa all decided to go to the library with Lillie, while Silver Spoon, Leni, Luna, Lynn, Lana, and Lola went to the Gym with Will. However, upon arriving at the gym, they were met with Busujima, Mako, and Sergey all being tossed out, with Susie rushing over to her brother's side. An elderly man, dressed in a karate gi walked outside.

"You three put up some of the toughest fights I have ever experienced, but better luck next time," the karate man said, retreating into the gym.

"Man, those guys were tough!" Mako commented.

"I can't see how trainers from other regions can do this eight different times!" Busujima replied.

"Well, we did try to warn you guys," Susie replied. It was then the four of them noticed the group of friends.

"Hey dudes! What's happening?" Mako cheerfully greeted.

"Not much. I take it you guys were just taking on the gym?" Will asked, eying the facility.

"Yeah, but those guys were crazy strong!" Susie said on behalf of Sergey.

"But the one that was the real challenge was that guy dressed in all red who used Dragon Pokémon," Busujima added.

"Sounds like the gym leader. What was he like?" Will asked.

"Put bluntly: Loud. He was some kind of Rockstar who used his music to help keep his Pokémon in check," Busujima replied. This caught Luna's attention.

"Is that normal for gym leaders?" Lana asked Will.

"I guess. Just like there are many different species of Pokémon, there just as many different kinds of people, each with their own hobbies," Will replied.

"Well, I've had my fill of this place. I'm going on up to Mount Hokulani to do some training for the Electric Type Trial," Busujima replied, taking off.

"I'd better get going too. I want to get to the Mantine Surfing Spot at the southern end on the island by nightfall," Mako said, taking off as well.

"What about us, big brother? What should we do?" Susie asked. Sergey motioned to the group, then to the gym, "I see. Sergey wants to see how you guys do in the gym," Susie said on behalf of her brother.

"Well, I don't see any harm in that," Will replied, as they all entered the Gym. "Lynn, until you've become true partners with Gyarados, I think it best if you just sit this challenge out," he advised.

"What?! No way! Lynn Loud Jr. never backs down from a challenge!" Lynn argued.

"No dude, he has a point," Luna countered.

"You saw what Gyarados nearly did to the harbor," Lana added.

"Plus it wouldn't obey any of your commands," Silver Spoon added.

"Oh, so you're that hotheaded showoff that Busujima told us about," Susie commented.

"He told you and your brother?" Lola asked.

"He told ALL of the pirates about her!" Susie replied, as they were approached by a Black Belt trainer.

"Welcome to the Kantonian Gym Battle Experience. Which of you are taking the challenge?" he asked.

"The two of us will," Will said, as he and Silver Spoon stepped forth.

"Very well. You two come this way, and the rest of you take those stairs to the spectators area," the Black Belt said, motioning to some stairs. Luna and the twins actually had to drag Lynn kicking and screaming upstairs, "Did she wish to partake?"

"Yeah, but she's not ready," Will replied, as the Black Belt opened the doors, revealing the gym arena. Trainers were all battling with one another, including a trainer that was just as Busujima described.

"Wow, this place looks just like the gym back in Vermillion City," Will commented.

"Hey you! How about a battle?!" a trainer challenged Will.

"Sure, why not?" Will accepted, as he approached the trainer.

"As for you, I could be your opponent," Silver Spoon turned to see the rocker trainer standing before her, "The name's Ryuki, and I've traveled all over the world, honing my skills with my Dragon Pokémon!" he said.

"Well, ok. What are the rules?" Silver Spoon asked.

"How's two on two sound?" Ryuki asked.

"Fine with me," Silver Spoon accepted.

"Alright, here's my leading band mate!" Ryuki said, sending out a Pokémon that looked like a bipedal shark creature.

"Whoa, what's that Pokémon?" Luna questioned.

"Gabite, the Cave Pokémon, a Dragon and Ground Type. It sheds it's skin and gradually grows larger. it's scales can be ground up into a fine powder that's used in traditional medicines," Rotom replied.

"As for me, I choose Monferno!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Monferno.

"Does not compute! Does not compute! Fire and Fighting Type Pokémon like Monferno are at a disadvantage against Gabite!" Rotom exclaimed.

"I think she may be trying to use Monferno's agility to keep out of Gabite's firing range," Lana theorized.

"Since your the guest, I'll let you have the first move," Ryuki commented.

"Alright then, Monferno, use Mach Punch!" Silver Spoon instructed. Monferno then rocketed at Gabite with blinding speeds, and then punched the Cave Pokémon in the stomach, sending it back a few feet. Sparks then flew off of Monferno, who sounded pained.

"How'd ya like that?! Gabite ahs the Hidden Ability Rough Skin, which damages anyone who makes direct contact with it," Ryuki explained.

"I see, so it's basically a double edged sword. The more Monferno attacks directly, the more damage it does to itself," Luna commented.

"In that case, Monferno, return!" Silver Spoon said, recalling Monferno.

"Making a change up? Smart move," Ryuki commented.

"More like dumb move! Why would she recall Monferno if it has that much speed to it?" Lynn arrogantly questioned.

"I think what she's trying to do is switch her Pokémon out so that it can deal a ton of damage from a safe distance," Lana theorized.

"Alright, Wartortle, I need your help!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Wartortle.

"Wartortle's usable moves are: Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Rapid Spin, and Iron Defense," Rotom said.

"And Ice Type moves are strong against Ground and Dragon types, right?" Lola asked.

"Affirmative," Rotom replied.

"Now it's our turn! Gabite, use Dragon Claw!" Ryuki said. Gabite's claws then began glowing teal, as it charged at Wartortle, who braced itself.

"Wartortle, use Iron Defense!" Wartortle then withdrew itself into it's shell, and became cloaked in a metallic coating. The Dragon Claw seemed to barely do a thing, "Now, use Water Pulse!" Silver Spoon instructed. Wartortle then fired a ball of water at Gabite, who then started acting like it was confused.

"A potential side effect of Water Pulse: It can often confuse an opponent," Rotom explained, as Gabite then started ramming itself into some trashcans and the walls.

"Come on Gabite! We can rock out harder than this!" Ryuki yelled into a microphone. This seemed to help Gabite snap out of it's confusion, "Alright, now use Sand Tomb!" Gabite then summoned some sand that trapped Wartortle, who tried to break free, "Now, use Dragon Pulse!" Gabite then fired of Dragon Pulse at Wartortle.

"Quick, use Rapid Spin, and get out of there!" Silver Spoon instructed. Wartortle withdrew itself into it's shell, and began spinning. It kept on spinning and spinning until it broke free of Sand Tomb, and got out of the way of Dragon Pulse, "Now, use Ice Beam!" she instructed. Wartortle fired off Ice Beam at Gabite, who went down in defeat.

"Huh. Not bad, not bad at all," Ryuki commented, recalling the Cave Pokémon. It was then that Wartortle began to evolve into a Blastoise.

"Whoa! It has cannons in it's shell! Too cool!" Lana exclaimed.

"Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon, a Water Type. Once it takes aim at an enemy, it fires off water spouts that have more force than a fire hose," Rotom explained.

"Alright, Blastoise is stronger now, but it's taken some damage from the battle with Gabite. In that case, Zweious, let's go!" Ryuki said, sending out a black, quadruped Pokémon with two heads.

"Zweilous, the Hostile Pokémon, a Dark and Dragon Type. After it has eaten up all the food in it's territory, it moves on to another area. The two heads do not get along," Rotom explained.

"Zweilous, use Dragon Rush!" Ryuki instructed. Zweilous became cloaked in teal energy, and rocketed at Blastoise with full force, smashing Blastoise into a wall. When the smoke cleared, Blastoise was revealed to be knocked out.

"Thanks Blastoise, you did great out there," Silver Spoon said, recalling the Shellfish Pokémon, "Ok, now for my other Pokémon, Monferno!" she said, sending Monferno back out, who was raring to go.

"Alright Zweilous, use Scary Face!" Zweilous then made a really scary face, which made Monferno cower, and glow blue.

"Looks like Scary Face is keeping Monferno from moving," Leni commented.

"Affirmative. Scary Face is a move that reduces the opponent Pokémon's Speed," Rotom replied.

"C'mon Monferno, you're tougher than this! Use Mach Punch!" Silver Spoon encouraged. Monferno then shook off Scary Face, and then rocketed at Zweilous to deliver a powerful series of attacks, which the Hostile Pokémon seemed to tank.

"Whoa, that looks more like Close Combat!" Will called out, while he and Trevenant were battling a Hypno. It was at that moment that Monferno began to evolve too. It became a mighty ape like Pokémon with a head of fire.

"Amazing!" Lola commented.

"Infernape, the Flame Pokémon, a Fire and Fighting Type, and the evolved form of Monferno. It tosses it's opponents around with it's agility. It uses all of it's limbs in it's own unique fighting style," Rotom explained. Infernape then went on to use Close Combat once more, this time, defeating Zweilous.

"Well, I'll be. Not only did two of your Pokémon beat my bandmates, but they also evolved too. That's not something you just do," Ryuki praised, recalling Zwielous.

"Thank you," Silver Spoon respectfully bowed, as did Infernape. The sounds of clashing made them look over to Will's battle, where he and Hariyama defeated a Machoke.

"And that makes two," Will said.

"Another, most excellent battle. As a reward, the both of you have earn these," the black belt said, as he presented Will and Silver Spoon with two gift boxes marked "Leader's Set", "Inside are an assortment of Pokebeans that are specially homegrown. Also, you get these," he said, presenting the two trainers each with a badge. Will's looked like a water droplet, while Silver Spoon's looked like a flame, "They're only replicas, but they'll show that you've taken on the Kantonian Gym Battle Experience," the black belt said, bowing to the two trainers. The two of them bowed as well.

Outside the Gym,

"Ok, so you guys have a bit of skill to back you up, but we will never loose to you!" Susie yelled, trying to be tough. Sergey only picked her up under his arm, and walked off.

"Well, looks like we still need to kill a bit more time before the Trial this evening. We might as well go and explore the city some more," Will stated. It was then that they were joined by the library group, "Hey guys. So, what all did you find in there?" Will asked.

"Well, we found an old book illustrating the creation of the Alola region. Apparently, it was all in collaboration with Necrozma, and two other Pokémon said to be the incarnations of the sun and moon," Lisa explained.

"Lillie said she was going to do some more research on the Island Ruins, before she makes another move," Toby added.

"Well, we still have some time before the Trial up on Mount Hokulani. What do you say we do some exploring, then we can head that way?" Will asked. When he heard a round of agreements, and one sound of disdain from Lynn, which he chose to ignore, he knew it was decided, "Ok then. Let's all divide into smaller groups this time. Make sure at least one of the four of us is with you," Will instructed, as they broke off. Silver Spoon, Fluttershy, Lori, Leni, Luan, Lincoln, and Lola went to the shopping district, while the rest decided to explore other parts of the city.

Chapter 34: Discovering Many Different Surprises!

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After a rousing battle session at the gym, our heroes all decided to explore Malie City a little more. Will's group, who consisted of Toby, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, and Lisa, made their way North of Malie City, where they arrived at some sort of facility, "Hmm, what's all this then?" Will wondered.

"According to this sign, it's apparently the Alola Garbage Dump," Lisa replied, examining a nearby sign.

"Rotom, what kid of Pokémon can we find here?" Luna asked.

"Searching: Search Found! Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon, a Poison Type. Unsanitary places are what they like best. They are often mixed up in battles against Grimer for their source of sustenance: garbage," Rotom explained.

"Oh, cool! I'd want a Pokémon like that!" Lana exclaimed.

"Well, there should be some around in the tall grass. If you can find one, Toby or I can battle it to weaken it, then you can catch it with this," Will said, giving Lana a Fast Ball.

"So, where should we look?" Lisa asked.

"Well, you probably remember me saying this, but Pokémon tend to hide out in tall grass. So, we should check there," Will replied, as they ventured over to the grass. There, they encountered not a Trubbish, but what looked to be a chinchilla Pokémon with a brush like tail.

"Oh nice! Flora or Serenity would love a Pokémon like that!" Toby commented.

"Minccino, the Chinchilla Pokémon, a Normal Type. A clean freak that doesn't allow even the slightest mess, it uses it's tail like a mop to thoroughly clean away any and all filth," Rotom explained.

"That sounds like something Lola would like," Lucy commented.

"Eh, I'm not to keen on cleanliness. Let's keep looking," Lana suggested, not wanting a cleaning Pokémon. She soon found herself surrounded by a hoard of Minccino, all with intent looks in their eyes, "Uh, guys? I don't like how they're looking at me," she commented, as they all pounced on her, and started brushing her with their tails.

"We really should have seen this coming," Luna commented. Soon, the Minccino dispersed, leaving Lana reeling from the clean attack. When she looked to the Fast Ball, she saw that it had clicked.

"Aw man! I really wanted a Trubbish," she commented.

"Well, you should at least try to get close to Minccinno. If you find you don't like it, you are always free to release it," Will said. Lana thought about what he had just said. She also remembered about Torracat and Tsareena back when they were a Litten and Bounsweet, and how they were abandoned by Busujima. Lana didn't really like him for that, and didn't want to end up like him.

"Well, I guess I can try and make it work," Lana replied. It was then that Lucy noticed something in the dirt.

"What's this?" she wondered, as she dug it out. She found what appeared to be a green marble with a symbol that looked like a DNA molecule.

"You find something, Luce?" Luna asked, catching the attention of the others.

"I found this marble. I thought it could be something important," Lucy replied, showing them the stone in question. Upon closer inspection, Will immediately recognized what the Goth Loud Sister had found.

"Well, I am most impressed Lucy. You found a prime example of a Key Stone," he replied.

"What's a Key Stone?" Lisa asked.

"See, there are some Pokémon that are capable of a phenomenon called 'Mega Evolution', in which they evolve further and become stronger. Of course it only occurs during battle, and the effects are only temporary," Toby explained to the best of his knowledge.

"Excellent description Toby. Mega Evolution is one of the many marvels of the Pokémon World. If a Pokémon is holding a certain Mega Stone, and the trainer is holding a Key Stone, and if there's is a powerful bond between them, then Mega Evolution is possible. Of course, only a small handful of Pokémon are able to use Mega Evolution," Will explained.

"Can you give us some examples?" Lisa requested.

"Well, in Flora's case, her Pupitar can evolve into Tyranitar, which is an example, as well as her Steelix and Combusken, when it evolves into Blaziken. In Toby's case, his Gardevoir, Mawile, Alakazam, Scizor, Charmeleon when it evolves into Charizard can Mega Evolve. In Serenity's case, she has Lopunny and Ivysaur, when it evolves into Venusaur, or her Marshtomp into a Swampert. Finally, in Sylvia's case, there's her Gallade and Blastoise," Will explained.

"Between myself, Lynn, and Lincoln, can any of ours Mega Evolve?" Lana asked.

"Well, Minccino and Mareanie can still evolve, but as far as I've heard, no Mega Stones have even been discovered. But in Lynn's case, Gyarados is able to Mega Evolve," Will couldn't even finish his reply, as Lynn quickly snatched the Key Stone from her sister.

"Alright! Maybe now that Busujima creep can take me seriously!" Lynn boasted, only for the Key Stone to be snatched by Will.

"Not so fast there. Remember what I said about there needing to be a powerful bond between trainer and Pokémon? Without that, Key Stones and Mega Stones are just regular rocks," Will stated. Lynn huffed at this.

"Other than the ones that you listed, what other kinds of Pokémon can Mega Evolve?" Luna asked. With that, Will went into explanation mode.

With the other group,

Fluttershy, with the help of Lori and Lincoln, were keeping an eye on the ones who went with them to the shopping district. Looking around, they saw all manner of boutiques, restraunts, and other shops, "Why don't we go find some cute clothes?" Leni suggested.

"I guess picking up a new outfit or two wouldn't hurt," Lori agreed.

"Just as long as we DON'T have ANOTHER clothing Incident," Lincoln commented a little harshly. His sisters winced at being reminded of what happened during a certain Protocol Fiasco.

"Ugh, don't remind us," Luan pleaded, shuddering at the memory.

"Did something happen?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Well, Lori and Leni got into a fight over a dress a while back, so my sister thought up a protocol to keep them from interacting with one another, but the system had so many flaws, it was outlawed in our home after the only time it was used. Let's just leave it at that," Lincoln explained. His sisters picked up a tone of annoyance in his voice, but they couldn't blame him; Lincoln did suffer the most during the incident. Serenity didn't seem comfortable by this, but then she saw a toy store, with a large selection of Pokémon Plushies. With her interest piqued, she wandered over to the store window, to look at the toys. Fluttershy couldn't help but smile at her daughter's antics.

"I'll be in here with Serenity if any of you need me," Fluttershy said, as she went into the Toy Store with Serenity. Lincoln, deciding he was fine with his outfit, decided to look around at the restraunt stalls for something to snack on, leaving the girls to go into one of the boutiques.

With Fluttershy and Serenity,

Looking around the plushies, Serenity found herself unable to choose because of how cute they all were, "If you want to get one of each, we can always take them back home with us, and come right back," Serenity looked up to her mother.

"I would like that very much," Serenity whispered. With that, they collected one of each plushy, and went to pay for them.

"That's quite the haul madam. You're daughter must be really good if you're getting all of these," the clerk commented, as he checked out each toy. It was a good thing Discord gave Fluttershy and the others trainer cards with unlimited funds, because she wouldn't have been able to afford them otherwise, "Would you like these gift wrapped?" he offered.

"If you would be so kind," Fluttershy replied. With that, the clerk got out a large box, and placed each toy inside. Serenity did, however, pull out a plushy that looked like a koala holding a log, intent on keeping it out, "Thank you so much," Fluttershy said, as she and Serenity picked it up, and took it out of the store, and into an alley way, "Ok, now then, we just need to head back to the ranch, and leave it there," Fluttershy said, as they got out their amulets. With a light rub, they teleported back to Ponyville, and left the box at the ranch house, leaving it next to a sofa. Once that was done, they used their amulets to teleport back to the exact moment they teleported away. With that out of the way, they went back onto the streets. As they did, they saw something sparkling on the ground.

Inside a Boutique,

The four girls were all trying on various clothes, trying to find which one suited them the best. Leni came out wearing a sundress and a large brimmed hat, befitting the tropical vibe of Alola, "That looks good on you, Leni," Silver Spoon commented.

"You think?" the ditzy blonde asked.

"You literally look like a tourist on a tropical vacation," Lori replied.

"I was think of maybe this shirt," Luan said, holding a yellow tank top.

"Could work," Lola commented. This went on for little under half an hour, before they had all their outfits picked out, and went up to the cashier.

"Thanks again for treating us," Lori said to Silver Spoon.

"Eh, don't worry about it. I'm happy to do it," the white haired girl replied, as she paid for everything. Once that was all squared away, they exited the boutique. Lola then noticed something sparkling on the ground.

At a Malasada Shop,

"See anything you like Mareanie?" Lincoln asked, as he and Mareanie were eyeing some Malasadas at a snack bar stand. Mareanie then pointed to a pink malasada with blue sprinkles, "You like that one then?" Lincoln asked. Mareanie nodded.

"Alright then. Could we get one of those Malasadas?" Lincoln asked the clerk.

"Of course," the clerk said, getting the Malasada, "Oh, and it would appear you're the 100th customer this month. So you get a half a dozen Malasadas on the house," he said, giving Lincoln a big box, along with Mareanie's Malasada in a separate bag.

"Wow, thank you," Lincoln said, sounding surprised at how lucky he was. He then took Mareanie to a nearby bench. Storing the other six Malasadas in his bag, he then gave Mareanie it's Malasada, which it was more than happy to devour, 'Guess this just proves Lynn wrong about that whole ordeal,' the lone brother thought to himself, as an image of a balding man with a green sweater, and a woman with blonde hair, and thick thighs, being taken away by the police entered his mind, 'I can't help but feel partially responsible for that. But what's done is done,' Lincoln thought, shaking his head. This caught the attention of Mareanie, "Oh, don't worry Mareanie. I was just thinking of a bad experience my family gave me recently. I really could've tried to avoid all that, but they chose their path," he said. This caused Mareanie to wonder what happened between his master and his sisters. Lincoln then noticed something at the base of the bench they were sitting at, "What could this be?" he wondered, as went to pick it up.

Chapter 35: No Such Luck, No Such Duels

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Everyone, having taken in the sights of Malie City, rendezvoused at the edge of the city, leading to a path that worked it's way around the mountain, "Alright, is everyone here?" Will asked. Everyone gave their affirmations. Lynn then smelled something sweet.

"Did someone get candy or something?" she asked.

"Well, I did treat Mareanie to a Malasada. I was pretty lucky, since he gave me half a dozen Malasadas for free, just by being the 100th customer this month," Lincoln replied. The sisters, apart from Lynn shifted uncomfortably at the irony at what he had just said. Lynn, however, scoffed.

"Yeah right. You probably got the misshapen ones they didn't want to sell. As if YOU could ever be considered lucky, Stinkcoln. You're Bad Luck, remember?" Lynn rudely snapped.

"No, they were perfectly shaped. Speaking of which, I found this under the bench Mareanie and I were sitting at," Lincoln said, showing them a Key Stone.

"My word! That's quite the find!" Fluttershy commented.

"I found a Key Stone too," Silver Spoon said, showing her find as well.

"We found one up near the garbage plant," Toby said, showing them his Key Stone.

"We found one too," Serenity whispered.

"So, what's all this 'Key Stone' stuff?" Lori asked.

"They are crucial pieces to something called 'Mega Evolution'. I'll explain it to you once we're up the mountain," Lisa replied.

"Here you go Serenity. Cool as Mega Evolution sounds, I don't think I'll be using it any time in the future," Lincoln said, giving Serenity the Key Stone he found.

"Thank you," Serenity squeaked, moving to the other side of her mother, in a shy manner, as they made their way along the path. Silver Spoon, much like the others from Ponyville, was rather curious about Lynn's fixation on calling her brother "Bad Luck".

"Lincoln, I hope this isn't prying too deep into your personal business, but what's the deal with all this 'Bad Luck' talk?" she asked. The Loud Sisters, except Lynn, who seemed to be peeved by someone poking their nose where it didn't belong, froze up. Lincoln sighed.

"Well, why don't we wait until we're at the top of the mountain? Then, I can tell you everything," Lincoln replied.

"All YOU are going to do is keep your mouth shut, you stupid jinx! What happened to us is a family issue! In other words, you're not turning them against us like you did with ALL of Royal Woods!" Lynn snapped harshly.

"Lynn, please. We've been traveling with these guys for days now. I think it's more than fair that they know what happened," Lincoln calmly retorted.

"Our brother is correct. We shouldn't withhold any secrets about that incident if we want them to trust us," Lisa added. The other sisters shared reluctant sentiments with their brother and brainy sister.

"Fine! But don't even think of making anything up!" Lynn seethed, grabbing Lincoln by the collar of his shirt.

"I'll just tell it like it happened," Lincoln replied, maintaining his calm demeanor. A shadow raced over them. Looking up, they all saw what looked to be a very large bird with blade like wings flying into a nearby bush. They son saw it was covered in all manner of scratches.

"What kind of Pokémon is that?" Luna asked.

"That's a Skarmory," Will replied.

"Skarmory, the Armor Bird Pokémon, a Steel and Flying Type. It nests in bramble bushes, which helps it's armor grow stronger. The armor rusts easily, so it takes shelter whenever it rains," Rotom explained. Skarmory then noticed the large group, but focused mostly on Lori.

"Skarmory can be very territorial around humans, so we should try and not disturb it," Will suggested, as the group walked past it. They soon came to what looked to be a bus stop, where some Team Skull grunts were loitering, including the Butt Grunt, "Looks like trouble."

"Yo, yo, yo! What are you boneheads lookin' at?!" the Butt Grunt taunted.

"Ain't none o' you chumps seen someone take a bus stop before?! Go steal your own!" another Grunt said, as they sent out a large group of Pokémon, including some Grimer, Zubat, Salandit, Rattata, Scraggy, and Trubbish.

"Well, this is going to be a problem," Toby commented, as he sent out all of his Pokémon, who were raring to go.

"We'll help too," Will said, as he sent out his Grimer, along with Marowak and Goodra. Fluttershy and Silver Spoon sent out Primarina, Pupitar, Steelix, Azumarill, and Magneton.

"I want in on this battle too!" Lynn said, sending out Gyarados, "Go get them Gyarados! Hydro Pump!" Lynn ordered, only to find no water attack. She turned to see Gyarados coiled up, facing a different direction, "HEY! I gave you an order!" Lynn stomped.

"Lynn, just leave this to them," Lori suggested, as the battle went under way. Needless to say, it was one sided in favor of our heroes, as Team Skull's Pokémon all fell one after the other.

"Oh come on!" the Butt Grunt yelled, as they all recalled their Pokémon, "WE WON'T FORGET THIS!" he yelled, as they ran off. It was then that Braixen, Charmeleon, Torracat, and Quilava all became engulfed in a volley of fire, which seemed to grow hotter, and bigger. When the flames dissipated, there stood four larger Fire Pokémon. Braixen had evolved into a larger fox Pokémon with it's fur grown all the way down to it's feet, giving it the appearance of a robe. Torracat had evolved into a tiger like wrestler Pokémon with a belt of fire around it's torso. Charmeleon had evolved into a Charizard, and finally, Quilava evolved into a larger weasel like Pokémon.

"Well, this certainly is lucky. Braixen, Charmeleon, and Quilava have all evolved into Delphox, Charizard, and Typhlosion, though I'm not too sure what Torracat is now," Will commented.

"Delphox, the Fox Pokémon, a Fire and Psychic Type. BY focusing on the flame at the tip of it's branch, Delphox can see into the future. Charizard, the Flame Pokémon, a Fire and Flying Type. It spews fire hot enough to melt boulders, but will never breath fire on weaker opponents. It is always looked for stronger opponents to battle. Typhlosion, the Volcano Pokémon, a Fire Type. It has a secret, devastating move. When it rubs it's blazing fur together, it can cause massive explosions. Incineroar, the Heel Pokémon, a Fire and Dark Type. When it's fighting spirit is set alight, the flames around it's waist burn especially intense," Rotom said.

"This is so cool!" Toby exclaimed, looking at his newly evolved Pokémon.

"You'd think Charizard would be a Dragon Type, since it just looks like a dragon," Lana commented.

"Well, Charizard does belong to an Egg Group called 'Dragon', and it capable of using various Dragon Type moves, most notably, moves like Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw, and Dragon Tail," they heard Kukui say, as the Professor joined up with them, "So, you guys are going to want to take on the Electric Type Trial up at the Observatory on Mount Hokulani. If those Team Skull grunts I saw running the other way had any sense, they would at least attempt to take on the Pokémon League," Kukui said.

"So there is a league in Alola!" Will exclaimed.

"Yeah, we're trying for it. I could tell you more about it, but tomorrow, I'm going to a Press Conference to announce my plans for it. You can check it out on the News Network at a Pokémon Center," Kukui explained.

"Ok, we'll have to look into that," Will replied.

"Anyhow, the only way up Mount Hokulani is the Exeggutor Shuttle Bus. It should be here any moment," Kukui commented. They all decided to wait. Within a few minutes, a bus had pulled up to the bus stop. They had all boarded the bus.

"Thank you for choosing the Exeggutor Shuttle Bus. Our perfect driving record will surpass your expectations," the driver said, as they all drove up the mountain. Looking out the window as they drove, they saw a bunch of Pokémon in the patches of grass on the mountainside. It didn't take long for them to arrive at the summit of the mountain.

"Come this way guys, I want to show you something," Kukui said, as they got off the bus. He walked over to the edge of the parking lot, where the others followed, "Right now, we're on Mount Hokulani, the second tallest mountain in Alola. As for the tallest mountain," Kukui said, pointing to a mountain that looked to tower effortlessly over Mount Hokulani, even with the distance between them, "That is Mount Lanakila. It is said that every time an Island Challenge reached it's conclusion, trainers and their Pokémon would face off against all four Island Kahunas at once at the summit of that mountain," Kukui explained.

"It.... looks cold," Toby shuddered, as did Silver Spoon.

"Well, it IS the closest anyone can get to the Legendary Pokémon said to be the incarnations of the Sun and the Moon. But don't worry, all will be explained at the press conference. But for now, I'll take you to get set up with the Electric Trial Captain," Kukui said, leading them to the front of the observatory, where a lanky man with scraggly blond hair, dressed in a blue jacket, a lighter blue undershirt, and green jeans walked out of the facility, "Yo, Molayne!" Kukui greeted.

"Kukui! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes? What brings you all the way up here? the lanky man asked.

"I brought four Trial Goers for Sophocles to evaluate," Kukui replied, as Will, Fluttershy, Silver Spoon, and Toby stepped forward.

"Four Trainers at once, eh? Haven't had this many in quite a while," Molayne commented. Everyone gave their introductions, "It's nice to meet you all. But it may be a while before you guys can take on the Trial. The last Trial Goer really messed up one of the Totem Pokémon," Molayne commented.

"Busujima, I presume?" Will asked.

"Yeah. His battle style seemed to be more instinctual, rather than being strategic," Molayne replied.

"How long can we expect to wait?" Fluttershy politely asked.

"Well, the Charjabug all need to have their dinner first. Check back in about, oh, maybe an hour, and we should have everything squared away," Molayne replied, handing out some Z Crystals. They were grey colored, and a symbol of a block was in the center of it, "Consider those a little gift from me to you guys," he added.

"You're just giving these to us?!" Will exclaimed.

"Of course. And if you want to use the Steel Type Z Move, Corkscrew Crash, you need to move like this," Molayne said, demonstrating the Z Move Pose. He beat his fists together, and extended them.

"But, are you sure it's ok for us to just take these? I mean, most of the Z Crystals we got up to this point we got from Trials or the Kahunas," Toby commented.

"Well, that may be true under normal circumstances, their are certain..... 'circumstances' here on Ula'ula Island. The Kahuna is mostly responsible for that," Kukui replied.

"Anyhow, why don't you explore some of the lower plateaus while you wait for us to finish up with prepping the Trial? You're bound to find a lot of interesting Pokémon," Molayne suggested.

"Maybe we'll do just that," Will commented.

"In the mean time, I'm going to catch up with Molayne while you guys are exploring the mountain side," Kukui said, as the two men went into the observatory.

"We should heal up our Pokémon before we go exploring. It may give you guys some time to explain this whole 'bad luck' nonsense," Will suggested. The sisters, save for Lynn, dreaded what they were going to tell them, as they all headed to the Pokémon Center.

Having given their Pokémon to Nurse Joy, the large group found a secluded spot in the lobby, where no one else wandered over to, "Alright guys, what we're about to tell you is one of the biggest black spots in our family's history. Absolutely no one outside of you can know about it. NOT. A. SOUL," Lincoln said, emphasizing each word.

"We won't tell anyone," Will replied.

"Alright. Well, as you can tell, my sisters all have different skill sets unique to them. Luna is a musician, Lisa's the brainy one, Luan has a knack for her comedy, and Lynn has interests in just about every kind of sport you can think of; baseball, football, track, you name it. Anyhow, the whole Bad Luck mess started when Lynn..... 'persuaded' me to attend her softball game. And by 'persuaded', I mean she basically forced me to go, even though I wanted to read comics," Lincoln began explaining.

"But you can probably guess, a family as big as our requires a lot of support for each of our activities. Free time is a rare occurrence for us," Lori added.

"Yes. Anyhow, she ended up loosing the game. I went to commend her for her efforts, but when I did, she immediately blamed ME for her loss, labeling me as 'Bad Luck'. Her reason for it was that it was the first game I attended in her season, and all her previous games where I didn't attend she won," Lincoln continued. Needless to say, the Ponyville crew were shocked at such boorish behavior.

"Well, athletes do carry a similar problem; they're incredibly superstitious, but it is a rare occurrence for someone to blame their losses on something different that happened during the game," Will commented, his tone carrying a hint of disapproval.

"Anyhow, back to the story; because of Lynn's superstition, she gave me the stupidest idea I ever thought of: I decided to carry on her superstitions, and lied about being bad luck, so I could get free time," Lincoln continued.

"I still say that's a load of crap," Lynn grumbled, only to be roughly elbowed by the twins.

"And the lie did work. I had all the free time I could ever want. However, as time progressed, I realized that the lie worked TOO well, and my family started banning me from activities I would've liked to attend, such as the movies. Eventually, things got so bad, that they ended up not only selling my furniture and boarding up my room, but they forced me out of the house to sleep outside," Lincoln continued.

"That's horrible!" Silver Spoon said, repulsed at such behavior.

"Didn't your parents do anything to stop this mess?" Toby asked.

"Our parents have a law in the house: Anything my sisters say against me has to be true, so they bought into it, and actually supported my sisters," Lincoln replied.

"Well, while I don't approve of lying, what you did is nothing compared to what your sisters did to you," Will commented, a sour look on his face added to his statement.

"Lincoln did, however, try to confess his lie, but we didn't believe him, so we banished him from the house," Lori added, feeling guilty by her unsisterly actions, as did the other sisters, save for Lynn.

"Unfortunately, we thought getting rid of Lincoln would make things better, but it was just the beginning of the end for us," Lisa commented.

"What do you mean?" Serenity whispered.

"See, what we failed to take into account is that what we did to Lincoln wasn't just mean and dangerous, but it was illegal too. Child abandonment is a serious punishable crime. Eventually, word of our injustice to our brother got out, and our parental units were swiftly arrested, and the rest of us were also taken into custody. That is, until our trial, where we learned the hard way Lincoln was not as weak as we thought he was," Lisa replied, as she went into a flashback.

A few months ago, in a Court Room,

"Another thing you should know about our world is that we take games seriously, so much so to the point that they're a crucial part in most legal cases," Lincoln monologued, as the Judge slammed his gavel.

"Lynn Sr. and Rita Loud, this court finds you guilty of the crime of Child Abandonment. You will be sentenced to a year in jail, 90 hours community service, and Better Parenting Classes. However, since your son has very little say in your house, we've decided that HE will decide the best course of action against you," the Judge said, as all eyes fell onto the lone son, who stood by the prosecutors, "So Lincoln, what is it that YOU want to happen to your family. Lincoln thought about this for a moment. He knew that separating the parents from him and his sisters was too cruel of a punishment, even though they deserved it. He then came up with a plan of action.

"Your honor, I have an idea that I wish to implement against my family, namely, nine of my sisters, as Lily is off the hook with me, since she doesn't know better," Lincoln said, looking to the baby, who was being held by a bulky elderly man with white hair like Lincoln.

"And what, pray tell is your idea?" the judge asked.

"A Game. To put more accurately, a wager. If my sisters can beat me at a game of MY choosing, then I would like for you to reduce at least the prison sentence and community service for my 'parents' by half. But if I were to win, then they are to carry out their sentence as you planned," Lincoln explained. This incited murmurs from the entire courtroom, which mostly consisted of friends of Lincoln and his sisters. The judge banged his gavel again.

"ORDER IN THE COURT!" he bellowed. Silence followed, "Alright Lincoln, I will allow it. So, what game did you have in mind?" he asked.

"There's only one game I can think of. The very game my 'Father' outlawed in our house. We're going to play a game of Duel Monsters," Lincoln stated, staring at his family, a burning fury was behind the smirk he gave his family.

Real Time,

"And from there, my sisters were given two weeks to prepare for the upcoming Duel," Lincoln explained.

"But why did your Dad outlaw this 'Duel Monsters' game?" Fluttershy asked.

"For lack of better words, our Dad is a bit of a scaredy cat. He hates Duel Monsters with a passion, much like Halloween, because the monsters on most of the cards were rather fearsome," Lincoln explained.

"Anyhow, from there, he explained special rules for the match. He was going to take on ALL nine of us at once. Apparently, Lincoln was a Duel Monsters champion in secret. He would go in with 8000 Life Points, while each of us would go in what nine times that amount, giving us a grand total of 450,000 Life Points. Further more, he would be forced to drop charges, provided we defeated him with a minimum of 2000 life points over him," Lisa explained.

"'Life Points'?" Will asked.

"They're like HP in video games. It's how much punishment a duelist can take in one duel," Lincoln replied.

"Ah, I get you now," Will commented.

"Anyhow, there was one other condition to the whole thing. Since Lynn was the one responsible for the whole mess, Lincoln agreed to drop ALL charges against us, if she could swallow her pride and apologize," Luna added.

"But her pride was apparently TOO big to swallow, and she straight up refused to apologize, stating that it was Lincoln that needed to apologize," Lucy added.

"Because it's true! I'm never wrong about superstitions!" Lynn barked.

"Lynn, shut up so we can finish this up," Lori ordered. Lynn pouted, and did as she was told.

"So, because of Lynn's ego, we were forced to go along with the Duel," Lana continued, as she went into another flashback.

A few weeks ago, in the Dueling Arena,

Explosions erupted from the arena, as Lincoln's sisters were all sent flying, "Man, why did we think we could win against Lincoln like this?!" Luna wondered, as their brother stood before them, with three Dragon monsters behind him, along with a sorcerer like creature, dressed in a green outfit. One of the dragons was a five headed dragon, another looked like a demonic dragon, and the last one looked to by a black, spectral dragon with eyes like a Galaxy and a symbol that looked like the number 95. The third one had two lights orbiting it.

"All of this could've been avoided you know. All Lynn had to do was admit she was wrong about the Bad Luck, and things would go back to normal," Lincoln said in a taunting tone.

"Shut up, Stinkcoln! I will never apologize for what we did!" Lynn barked, as she drew a card. She then looked at the Life Point meters. She and her sisters were sitting at 2500 Life Points, while Lincoln had a total of 7600, "Though the odds are stacked against us, we can't give up! I summon the Celtic Guardian to the Field in Attack Mode!" Lynn declared, as an Elf Knight appeared.

"Haven't you learned by now? You can also set monsters in Defense Mode too. At least your Life Points wouldn't be taking a hit," Lincoln chastised.

"You forget, we have each other to have our backs! We can back each other up, like now!" Lola said, as she drew a Card, "I activate the Spell Card, Cycle of the World!" she declared, playing the card.

"Now, I'll send this Level 8 monster to the Graveyard," Luan said, discarding one card.

"And I'll add these two level 1 monsters into the mix," Lana added, discarding two cards. A machine that looked to be made of magnets and a duo of ghostly sheep appeared, before turning into flames, which surrounded a ritual alter.

"Now, we can summon Demise, Supreme King of Armageddon!" Lisa said, as a demonic knight appeared from the flames.

"Oh, seems like you have learned something. The only question now is 'can you use it properly?'," Lincoln commented.

"Oh, we know how to use this guy! By paying 2000 life point, we can destroy all other cards on the field, and you take damage equal to 200 for every card you have," Lynn said, as the sister's Life Points reduced to 500, which eliminated all but herself. Demise then swung it's hammer like weapon, which soon obliterated every card, including that of her side's own card. However, what they didn't see was Lincoln smirking, as the shockwave destroyed all of his monsters, "And that's that," Lynn commented, before noticing something. A new dragon had appeared on their brother's side of the field. It appeared to have heads on each of it's arms, "What the.....?!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity's special ability activated. It allows me to bring back one level eight or below DARK Attributed Dragon Synchro Monster from my Graveyard. So Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons was able to make a comeback! And, as a bonus, Beelze has it's special ability, which gives it attack points equal to the damage I took from one of your card effects. I had seven cards on the field, so I took a total of 1400 points of damage, which means a bonus 1400 attack points for my Dragon," Lincoln stated, as Beelze grew stronger, gaining an attack strength of 4400.

"No way!" Lynn exclaimed in disbelief.

"And by the looks of it, you have no cards in your hand or on the field, and only 500 Life Points left. You don't need to be a psychic to see where this is going," Lincoln said, as Beelze geared up for an attack.

Real Time,

"And you can pretty much guess what happened there," Lincoln said.

"So, what happened after the Duel?" Will asked.

"After I won, our parents were made to carry out their sentence, while our Uncle Ross took custody over us. However, he believed we didn't fully learn our lesson, and the fact that Lynn called Lincoln out for cheating didn't help," Lori replied.

"So, he sent us to live with our Aunt Rhonda, who runs a Boot Camp for poorly raised children. It was torture there!" Lola added.

"Not just the tacky outfits, but everything she had us and a bunch of other kids do. It was just like.... like a Boot Camp! With no boots!" Leni exclaimed. Lincoln then gave her a Malasada to calm her down.

"Anyhow, they spent basically the whole summer there, being taught how they SHOULD have been acting. When they came back, the apologized for what they did to me, and we were able to get on with our lives. Though, Lynn did somewhat revert back to her old ways, and she kept challenging me for my title as the Duel Monsters Champion, claiming she needed to 'balance things out between us'. Of course, I defeated her every single time," Lincoln concluded the explanation.

"What happened to your parents though?" Toby asked.

"They're still carrying out their Jail Sentence. I'm going to be real with you; a part of me kind of regrets sending them away to prison like that, but another part of me knows that they got what they had coming for a long time. Hopefully, by the time they get out, I can muster up enough courage to talk things out with them," Lincoln replied.

"Well, I'm glad you told us the truth about what happened. Otherwise, we would've cracked trying to figure out what this whole Bad Luck nonsense was about," Will commented. Just then, the bell went off.

"I'm happy to inform you that all of your Pokémon are in top physical condition," Nurse Joy said, returning their Pokeballs.

"Thank you, Nurse Joy," Will said, as they exited the Pokémon Center, "Alright, with what you guys told us, I expect none of this bad luck garbage from now on," Will said sternly. The Louds, apart from Lynn, who remained stubborn to her beliefs, all gave their acknowledgment, "Good, now then, why don't we explore the mountain sides?" Will suggested, as they went to hike down the mountain sides. Unbeknownst to them, a certain bird Pokémon was soaring in the skies above their heads.

Chapter 36: Hokulani Observatory Trial (Ultra Rewrite)

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After being told what happened to their family after the events of the Bad Luck ordeal, our heroes hiked down the side of the mountain, where a variety of Pokémon were living, "Alright guys, like before, we'll split up into smaller groups to check out the mountain side. If you find a Pokémon you think you'd like, inform one of us, and we can weaken it for you so you can catch it," Will instructed, as they all broke off into smaller groups. Will was accompanied by Luna, Lucy, and Lana, Fluttershy and Serenity were joined by Lori, Leni, Luan, and Lisa, and Toby and Silver Spoon were joined by Lynn, Lincoln, and Lola.

"So, you aren't going to hold it against us for what we told you, are you?" Luna asked Will, as they searched the tall grass.

"It's not my place to say. However, as I said, I don't approve of lying, but I can't approve of what you and you family did to your brother anymore. You should count yourselves lucky you got off so easily. So I strongly recommend you THINK things through BEFORE you make an action like what you did," Will replied.

"Lincoln said the same thing when we came back from Boot Camp," Lucy replied.

"He said the forgiveness he gave us was a one time only deal, and that the next time we do anything like this, we're basically on our own with the consequences," Lana added.

"Well, as long as you know not to make the same mistake twice," Will replied, as they continued to search for some Pokémon.

With Fluttershy and Serenity's group,

A small alien like Pokémon was sent flying as a result from Lycanroc's Accelerock attack, "Ok Lycanroc, that will do," Fluttershy said, handing a Heal Ball to Lisa, "Here you go. Make it count," Fluttershy said. Lisa walked close to the alien Pokémon, and tossed the Heal Ball at it, encapsulating it. It rocked three times, before clicking.

"A most efficient capture," Lisa commented, retrieving the Heal Ball.

"So, what kind of Pokémon is that one?" Leni asked.

"I don't know. We'll need to ask Rotom," Fluttershy replied. The sound of something screeching echoed, as something sounded like it was getting closer.

"What was that?!" Serenity squeaked, latching on to Fluttershy's leg. It was then that a Skarmory landed close by them, "O-Oh, it was just a Skarmory," Serenity commented.

"Wait, doesn't that look like the one we saw at the base of the mountain?" Luan asked, noticing the scratches.

"Now that you mention it, that Skarmory does look like the one from down below," Lori commented, as the Skarmory walked closer to her, "Um, can I help you?" she asked, as the Skarmory circled her.

"Looks like this Skarmory may be interested in you," Luan theorized, as Skarmory nuzzled Lori.

"Well, since it's here, you could try and catch it," Fluttershy said, handing Lori an Ultra Ball. Lori then pressed it against Skarmory, encapsulating the Armor Bird Pokémon. It rocked three times in her hand, before it clicked, "You and your siblings have been catching quite a few Pokémon for yourselves," Fluttershy commented.

"Yeah, and some of them are either similar or different than how we act," Lori replied, as they went back to exploring.

With Toby and Silver Spoon's group,

The five of them were sneaking around, trying to startle any Pokémon that could've been hiding in the grass, "I remember Rotom saying that there's supposed to be some wild Beldum around here," Toby commented, as they continued sneaking. Eventually, they came across a clearing, where they saw something truly amazing: a white and yellow Beldum was snoozing on a rock.

"WE FOUND ONE!" Lynn exclaimed cheerfully, only to be hushed by Lincoln and Lola. However, it was too late, as the Beldum woke up, and assumed a fighting stance.

"Well, so much for the element of surprise," Lola commented.

"I'm still going to try and catch it," Toby said, as he sent out Pikachu. Beldum then charged at Pikachu, "Quick, dodge that! Then use Thunderbolt!" he instructed. Pikachu moved out of the way, and fired the electric attack at Beldum, who was then paralyzed by the attack, "Now, let's try an Iron Tail attack!" Pikachu then slammed Beldum with a metallic tail, causing Beldum to struggle with floating, "Now's my chance!" Toby said, tossing a Heavy Ball at Beldum, encapsulating it. The Heavy Ball rocked a few times, before it clicked, "Sweet! Now I have a Beldum!" Toby exclaimed happily, as the Heavy Ball teleported away.

"Are you going to switch it out when we get back to the Pokémon Center?" Lincoln asked.

"Yeah. I may change up my entire team while we're there," Toby replied, as he gave Pikachu a Pokebean before recalling her.

"I should probably do the same with my team," Silver Spoon commented.

"I don't see any other Pokémon around," Lola commented.

"Well, we may as well head back. It's getting late, and we should try to get in the trial before bed," Lincoln suggested.

"Good call. And if we don't make it in time, we can always wait till tomorrow," Toby replied, as they hiked back up the mountain.

Back at the summit,

The sun had begun to set over the horizon, as our heroes all rendezvoused back at the Pokémon Center, where they got their Pokémon all healed up and changed out their teams, "Ok then, we're going to see if the Trial Captain is accepting challenges now. If he is, we'll proceed with the Trial. If not, we'll wait for tomorrow. With the later, we can better coordinate our strategy for the Trial," Will explained.

"We have Pokémon that are not only resistant to Electric Attacks, but also those that are immune to them as well," Silver Spoon pointed out.

"Ok, if we're all ready, then let's get going," Will said, as they made their way over to the observatory. Inside, they saw Molayne, and a short, chubby boy looking quite concerned, "Hey Molayne, is something up?" Will asked.

"Oh, hey guys. We were feeding our Charjabug, but some of them haven't come back. Your trial can't commence unless they're found," Molayne replied.

"Well, I'm sure we can find them if we all pitch in. Where were they having their dinner?" Will asked.

"In the empty lot in the parking lot. There should only be three to find," the chubby boy replied.

"By the way, this is Sophocles, Trial Captain of the Hokulani Observatory Trial," Molayne introduced the chubby boy. Everyone gave their introductions.

"So, I was told only four of you would be taking the trial?" Sophocles asked.

"That would be us four," Will replied, motioning to himself, Fluttershy, Silver Spoon, and Toby.

"Well, one you find the other three Charjabug, we'll show you to the Trial Site," Sophocles said.

"Come along now. I'll help you guys with finding the other three," Molayne said, as they exited the building. He then took them over to the spot they had indicated, "Alright, you should find them around here," he said, as they entered. Almost immediately, they found two of the other three Charjabug.

"Alright, so how do we get them out?" Will asked.

"You can just dig them out, but be careful NOT to grab them roughly. They can discharge electricity if they feel threatened," Molayne warned. With that, they dug out the two Charjabug, and ushered them over to Molayne.

"Ok, we still need Sevenjabug, then we can go on to the Trial," Molayne commented.

"'Sevenjabug'?" Lori asked.

"We nickname all the Charjabug here, from Onejabug all the way to Ninejabug. Sevenjabug likes to wander around at it's leisure. It should be around somewhere close by," Molayne commented. Lucy then noticed something behind the bus. Her curiosity piqued, she went over to investigate. And lo and behold, she saw another Charjabug.

"Is that Sevenjabug?" Lucy asked. Molayne looked over to where she was looking, and he confirmed it, by going over, and gently picked up the Charjabug.

"Yeah. This troublemaker is always wandering off," Molayne replied, as they went back into the Observatory, "Alright, all Charjabug are present and accounted for. Now, if you'll all follow me into the back, we can begin your trial," he requested, taking them into the back of the Observatory.

"What kind of Trial is this one going to be? And why does it need all those Charjabug?" Lincoln wondered.

"Well, it IS an Electric Type Trial. Maybe there's something that needs a lot of electricity," Luan replied, as Molayne led them into a lab, where Sophocles was waiting. There was a large table in the center of the room, and a robot of a beetle like creature at the opposite end.

"Ok, so you're all here. Good. Now then, let me explain the way my Trial works. As you can see, this table has a 3x3 grid conveyor belt. The goal of the Trial is to line each Charjabug on the table to the point where they're parallel with each conduit on the four corners of the table. Once you've done that, the Charjabug will charge up the Totem Pokémon Pinger 2.0 device here. That will be what calls the Totem Pokémon here," Sophocles explained.

"I see that you modeled it after Vikavolt, the Stage Beetle Pokémon, a Bug and Electric Type, and Charjabug's evolved form. They have a long standing rivalry with Pinisr and Heracross. It often clutches Charjabug in it's pincers to aid with generating more electricity," Rotom said, displaying a picture of the machine, only as an actual beetle.

"Any who, you know you can't leave the Trial Site until you've completed it. Are you ready?" Sophocles asked.

"We are," Will replied, as the other three also stepped forth.

Hokulani Observatory: Night: Trial Goers: Will, Flora, Toby, Sylvia

With that, Molayne helped three Charjabug up onto the table, "Ok, Onejabug, Twojabug, and Threejabug are all in place," he said.

"To rotate the Charjabug, just hit the buttons on top of those columns," Sophocles instructed. Will pressed a button on his column, which in turn, rotated one of the Charjabug, but not in the way it was supposed to go.

"I see. It's a puzzle type challenge," Lincoln commented, observing the way the conveyor belts rotated the Charjabug. Soon, the four of them got the hang of it, and were able to align the Charjabug properly. They were then ramped in the line of the two conduits, linking their electricity, which was then sent to the Pinger.

"We're getting some electricity, but not quite enough," Molayne commented. Just then, four, little bipedal Pokémon that looked to be egg shaped, with two plug like prongs on it's head appeared, "Elekid! They love electricity!" he commented.

"Elekid, the Electric Pokémon, an Electric Type. It generates electricity by swinging it's arms around. This Pokémon's main weak spot is the top of its head between it's horns. But powerful electricity runs between these horns," Rotom explained.

"Alright, I wasn't expecting it to be that easy. Go, Decidueye!" Will exclaimed, sending out Decidueye. Fluttershy sent in Pupitar, Silver Spoon sent in Lycanroc, and Toby had Beldum go in for him. All four Elekid began swinging their arms around, firing off a Thunderbolt, "Quick, Decidueye, use Spirit Shackle!" Will instructed. Decidueye then fired off it's Arrow Quill, which managed to take out one of the Elekid.

"Pupitar, use Stone Edge!" Fluttershy instructed. Pupitar jumped on the floor, sending the attack at another Elekid. The other two went on to attack Lycanroc and Beldum.

"Quick, use Accelerock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Lycanroc then slammed into one of the Elekid.

"Beldum, use Take Down!" Toby instructed. Beldum charged at the last Elekid as well, only using it's entire body. When it backed off, some sparks flew off of Beldum.

"What was that?" Lana asked.

"Take Down's effect also damages the user," Rotom explained, as the four Elekid ran off. When they did, Beldum began to evolve. It became large, and grew a second body, attached to a hexagonal body with a long spike between it's eyes.

"Oh, cool! Beldum evolved!" Toby exclaimed.

"Metang, the Iron Claw Pokémon, a Steel and Psychic Type. With it's two brains, it fires off powerful psychic energy blasts, which stops it's prey in it's tracks. Upon evolving, Metang learned the following moves: Metal Claw, Confusion, Iron Defense, and Zen Headbutt," Rotom explained.

"Not a bad line up of moves," Will commented.

"Well, the Pinger was able to call on those Elekid because of the electricity, but it wasn't enough to call on the Totem. Maybe another three Charjabug should do," Sophocles theorized, as he and Molayne placed three more Charjabug on the table.

"Ok, now just rotate Fourjabug, Fivejabug, and Sixjabug so they're lined up with the other conduit," Molayne said, as he got out of the way. Toby and Silver Spoon then rotated the Charjabug, so that they were parallel with the conduit line. The three Charjabug were then ramped into the line, where they began generating electricity, which was then sent to the Pinger.

"Good. Maybe this will be enough to call on the Totem Pokémon," Sophocles hoped. Just then, four more Pokémon appeared, two of them looked to be ape like Pokémon with lightning patterns on their bodies, while the other two were Electrike.

"Electrike and Electabuzz!" Molayne exclaimed.

"Electabuzz, the Electric Pokémon, an Electric Type, and the evolved form of Elekid. If a major power outage occurs, it is certain that this Pokémon has eaten electricity at a Power Plant," Rotom explained. Like before, the four wild Pokémon engaged each trainer. The Electabuzz went after Will and Fluttershy, while the Electrike went on to attack Silver Spoon and Toby. An Electabuzz then threw an icy punch at Pupitar, causing major damage.

"That was Ice Punch!" Will exclaimed.

"I see. Ground type Pokémon are immune to Electric Type attacks, so Electabuzz must be able to learn Ice Punch to work around this weakness," Lincoln deduced.

"Quick Metang, use Zen Headbutt!" Toby instructed. Metang then charged at his Electrike opponent with a headbutt that had a mysterious, psychic energy emanating from it.

"Lycanroc, use Stone Edge!" Silver Spoon instructed. Lycanroc then fired the attack against her Electrike, knocking it out.

"Decidueye, use Leaf Blade!" Will instructed. Decidueye then slashed at the Electabuzz it was facing, knocking it out.

"Pupitar, try and use Dark Pulse!" Fluttershy instructed. Pupitar then fired off the black rings at her Electabuzz opponent, knocking it out as well. With that, the four Electric Pokémon ran off, "You want to take a rest?" Fluttershy offered Pupitar, who nodded. Fluttershy then recalled it.

"Guess six Charjabug weren't enough. We'll have to go for broke. Let's put Sevenjabug, Eightjabug, and Ninejabug all on the table with the others," Sophocles suggested. He and Molayne then placed the last three Charjabug on the table.

"Ok, so how should we do this?" Will wondered.

"I know! Maybe we can try rotating them to the point where they form a big 'Z'," Toby suggested.

"Well, it's worth a shot," Fluttershy commented, as they proceeded to rotate the Charjabug, putting them in a position looking like a Z. This was the right move, as the electricity between all nine Charjabug began flowing between them. However, things started going south, as the Pinger began shaking violently.

"Is.... it supposed to do that?" Lori asked.

"No. I think it may be too much electricity!" Molayne exclaimed, as the Pinger turned around, pointing two electrified prongs at the Charjabug.

"Oh no!" Sophocles exclaimed. Just as the electricity fired off, a small, round Pokémon about the size of a baseball got in front of the electric blast, "Togedemaru?!"

"It is true that Togedemaru's ability is Lightning Rod, but even that ability has it's limits!" Molayne commented. Sophocles was panicking at this point.

"Just try and hold out as long as you can Togedemaru! We'll think of something!" he fretted. They then felt something big up above. And lo and behold, another Togedemaru appeared, but it was the size of a beach ball. It then leapted down from the rafters, and began absorbing the remaining electricity. It then landed on the ground, and turned to the Trial Goers, it's Aura flaring up.

"Togedemaru, the Roly Poly Pokémon, an Electric and Steel Type. It's ability to generate it's own electricity is poor, so it absorbs nearby electricity with the spikes on it's back, acting as a lightning rod. As a result, it often get's into fights with Elekid," Rotom said.

"They're so cute!" Serenity exclaimed.

"Cute or not, it IS still a Totem Pokémon, and it's bound to give us some trouble," Will replied, as he and the others geared up to battle, with Fluttershy sending out Crabrawler. Totem Togedemaru started off by using Discharge, which struck all the Pokémon it was facing. Decidueye took the least amount of damage, but the others still took considerable damage.

"Quick, Metang, use Zen Headbutt!" Toby instructed. Metang then charged at the Totem Pokémon, who only turned it's back, and extended it's spikes. Not only did that stop Zen Headbutt, but Metang also took damage.

"Spikey Shield, a Grass Type move that not only nullifies almost any attack, but also inflicts damage if a Physical Move was used against it," Rotom explained. Togedemaru then went on to attack by rolling up into an electrified ball, and rammed into ALL four Pokémon, knocking out Metang, and Lycanroc as a result.

"No way, how strong is this Totem?!" Silver Spoon questioned, as she and Toby recalled their Pokémon. She then sent out Numel, while Toby had Typhlosion go in for him.

"With Spikey Shield, our best bet would be to rely on ranged attacks," Will commented.

"In that case, Crabrawler, use Bubblebeam!" Fluttershy instructed. Crabrawler then fired the stream of bubbles at Togedemaru, which seemed to do something to it.

"Alright Numel, use Flamethrower!" Silver Spoon instructed.

"Give it one of your Flamethrowers too, Typhlosion!" Toby instructed. Both Fire Pokémon fired off Flamethrower at Togedemaru, who once dodged out of the way.

"I don't think so! Decidueye, use Spirit Shackle! Keep it from moving!" Will instructed. Decidueye did just that, and Togedemaru was then rendered unable to move.

"I'll finish this up!" Silver Spoon said, doing the Z Move Pose for Inferno Overdrive, "Rage across the land, let our passionate flames blow away our foes!" she chanted, as Numel became enveloped in Z Power, "Now Numel, use Inferno Overdrive!" Numel then gathered up flames into a big ball of fire, and fired it at the Totem Pokémon. When the smoke cleared, the Totem Togedemaru was knocked out.

"And that settles it! You guys have successfully passed your Trial," Sophocles stated, handing out four yellow Z Crystals with a lightning bolt symbol in the center, "That Electrium Z will enable you to use the Electric Type Z Move, Gigavolt Havoc, as long as you move like this," he said, demonstrating the Pose. He swung his arms around, before crossing them like a lightning bolt.

"I knew I made the right choice when I appointed you Trial Captain," Molayne commented.

"You mentioned special circumstances on Ula'Ula Island. What's the Kahuna like?" Will asked.

"He's a bit of a slacker, and would prefer to be left alone with all of his Dark Type Pokémon," Sophocles replied.

"Dark Types, eh? Could be trouble for some of us," Will murmured to himself as the Totem Togdemaru bellowed, summoning a bunch of Electric or Steel Type Pokémon.

"Looks like the Totem has recognized your skill, and wants you to add more Electric and Steel Types to your rosters," Molayne commented, as they all proceeded to catch the Pokémon.

"Anyhow, now that you've cleared the trial here, you can head on south to find the Ghost Type Trial," Sophocles stated.

"But before you do that, could you give this back to Kukui? He must've dropped it when he was here before," Molayne said, giving Will a familiar mask.

"Huh, guess the Professor's a fan of the Masked Royal," Luna commented.

"We'll be sure to give it to him when we see him next time. But for now, we should go and get some shut eye before we leave tomorrow," Will suggested.

"Yeah, I'm getting sleepy," Silver Spoon commented. The others shared similar sentiments.

"Well, whatever you do, please make sure Kukui gets his mask," Molayne requested.

"We will. Thank you for having us," Will said, as they all left.

Somewhere else in the Sinnoh Region,

A flock of Murkrow were just downed by a powerful electric attack. The largest of the flock tried to get up, only to see some people looming over it, with evil intent in their eyes. Their outfits all differed, but they all had different letters, ranging from "R", "G", "P", "F". One of them held a sinister looking Pokeball, before tossing it at the Murkrow. Unlike regular Pokeballs, the energy that the Murkrow turned into was pitch black, "Heh, gotta love these Dark Balls," a man dressed as a pirate commented, as the others captured the rest of the Murkrow.

"Ok, that should do it for Flying Pokémon. We should report in to the Admins," a woman dressed in a red suit suggested.

"Good call. Nothing will stand in the way of Team Rainbow Rocket, or our ambitions," another woman dressed as a mobster replied.

Chapter 37: Will vs Mallow (Part 2): Kukui vs Guzma: Plumeria Vs. Sophocles

View Online

"Trevenant, use Phantom Force!" Mallow instructed. Trevenant then disappeared.

"Not good, Marowak, keep on the move!" Will instructed. Marowak began running all around the battlefield, trying to avoid Trevenant, but this was in vain, as Trevenant appeared in front of Marowak suddenly, and struck it, sending Marowak flying, "Stay strong Marowak, use Flame Wheel!" Will instructed. Marowak enveloped itself in flames, and hurdled at Trevenant, causing major damage.

"Trevenant, use Shadow Claw!" Mallow instructed. Trevenant's claw became engulfed in shadow energy, and slashed Marowak, who was just barely able to hang on.

"Marowak, use Shadow Bone!" Will instructed. Marowak swung its bone club like a boomerang, while enveloped in shadow energy, which struck Trevenant, with full force, knocking it out.

"Trevenant is unable to battle, the winner is Marowak!" the referee declared, as Mallow recalled Trevenant.

"Nice job Marowak, why don't you take a break?" Will offered. Marowak nodded, and returned to its Pokeball.

"Go, Shinotic!" Mallow said, sending out a mushroom like Pokémon.

"Shinotic, the Illuminating Pokémon, a Grass and Fairy Type, and the evolved form of Morelull. It is known to have a fierce rivalry with Parasect. When these two fight, the entire area is covered in spores," Rotom said.

"Let me see. In that case, go, Lucario!" Will said, sending out his Lucario.

"Since Lucario is part Steel Type, it should have an advantage of Shinotic," Toby commented.

"Shinotic, use Spore!" Mallow instructed. Shinotic began shaking spores all around the battlefield.

"Lucario, use Safeguard!" Will instructed. A green barrier formed around Lucario, shielding it from the spores.

"Alright, what gives?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Spore, a Grass Type Move that causes the opposing Pokémon to fall asleep," Rotom explained.

"Lucario, use Metal Claw!" Will instructed. Lucario's claws became metallic, and charged at Shinotic, and slashed at it, causing massive damage. However, Lucario began showing signs of being sluggish, "Uh oh, Effect Spore," Will commented.

"Yep, and now that Lucario is paralyzed, that makes things easier for Shinotic," Mallow commented.

"Don't be so sure. Lucario, use Metal Claw, again!" Will instructed. Lucario broke through the paralysis, and once again, raked Shinotic with metallic claws, this time, knocking out Shinotic.

"Shinotic is unable to battle, the winner is Lucario!" the referee declared, as Mallow recalled Shinotic.

"You've certainly improved since I saw you last time," Mallow complimented.

"Thanks, we've been training like crazy for this tournament," Will replied.

"Well now, I guess this is crunch time. Here's my last Pokémon, go, Tsareena!" Mallow said, sending out a Tsareena.

"A Tsareena, eh? All I know about that Pokémon is what I learned when Toby used his in battle. I know it uses kicking attacks, but Lucario should be faster. Lucario, use Aura Sphere!" Will instructed. Gathering surrounding aura into a ball, Lucario fired it at Tsareena.

"Tsareena, knock it back with Trop Kick!" Mallow instructed. With its leg enveloped in tropical energy, Tsareena kicked the Aura Sphere right back at Lucario, knocking out the Aura Pokémon.

"Lucario is unable to battle, the winner is Tsareena!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Lucario.

"Thanks a bunch Lucario. Take a well earned rest," Will said.

"How'd you like that? I've been training Tsareena to use its legs to deflect almost any projectile attack," Mallow said.

"Not gonna lie, that was rather unexpected. but how will Tsareena deal with this?" Will said, sending Marowak back out, who looked not as tired, but was still quite tired, "Hang on just a bit longer Marowak, and use Flame Wheel!" Will said, as Marowak rocketed at Tsareena in a wheel of fire.

"Tsareena, use Leaf Storm!" Mallow instructed. Tsareena fired a storm of leafs at Marowak, that was able to knock back the Bonekeeper Pokémon and knock it out.

"Marowak is unable to battle, the winner is Tsareena!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Marowak.

"Thanks Marowak, you did great," Will said, as he readied his last Pokeball, "Alright, Muk, go!" Will said, sending out Muk.

"Tsareena, use Stomp!" Mallow instructed. Tsareena jumped high in the air, and slammed its foot against Muk.

"Muk, use Toxic!" Will instructed. Muk fired a ball of toxic sludge at Tsareena, which badly poisoned it, "Alright, here we go!" Will said, as he then did the pose for Poison Type Z Moves. Muk then became enveloped in Z Power, "Muk, use Acid Downpour!" Will called out. Muk then swamped the entire battlefield in sludge, which caused major damage to Tsareena, thus knocking it out.

"Tsareena is unable to battle, the winner is Muk, therefore, the victor is Will!" the referee declared.

"Alright! Nice work Muk!" Will said, recalling the Sludge Pokémon.

"Congrats on your win, Will," Mallow said, not showing any signs of disappointment.

"Thanks. It was a lot of fun battling you," Will said, as both trainers left the arena.

"So now both of you are in the quarter finals, is it?" Silver Spoon asked.

"That's right. However, we're only half way through the first round," Will replied, as he and Toby healed their tuckered out Pokémon.

"I know that of the kahunas, Olivia, Nanu, and Hapu still haven't battled. Of the captains, Sophocles and Kiawe still haven't battled either," Toby said.

"Right, and lets not forget Guzma, Plumeria, Kukui, Molayne, and Gladion haven't battled yet," Fluttershy said.

"Alright folks. Time for the next matchup! It will be having Professor Kukui, Alola's leading expert on Pokémon moves and founder of the Pokémon League, going up against the former boss of Team Skull, Guzma. And as for their battlefield, it will be a city square field," the announcer said.

"This should be good," Will commented, as they left the locker room, and made their way back to the stands.

The battlefield had switched out so that it now was like a town square, just as the two trainers came in, "The hated boss that beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets up, yeah, big bad Guzma is here!" Guzma said, giving his introduction.

"I must say, you've done a complete U Turn, Guzma. You said we didn't need a Pokémon League, and yet, here you are, facing me in the first round," Kukui said.

"Yes, well, the whole mess in Ultra Space turned me around. So, with this tournament, I will make it so I will at least feel redeemed," Guzma said, as the referee took his place.

"Go, Braviary!" Kukui said, sending out a massive eagle Pokémon.

"Golisopod, go!" Guzma said, sending in his signature Pokémon.

"Wow, looks like its already started," Will said, as Golisopod and Braviary began battling.

Braviary, the Valiant Pokémon, a Normal and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Rufflet. The more scars it has on its body, the more heroic it is treated. The people of Alola consider it as the 'Hero of the Sky'," Rotom said.

"Braviary, use Sky Attack!" Kukui instructed. Braviary became enveloped in a harsh light, as it circled around, and charged at Golisopod.

"Golisopod, use Ice Beam!" Guzma instructed. Golisopod fired a beam of icy energy at Braviary, as it was still coming at it. Braviary, however, was unfazed by this, and stuck Golisopod. Just then, Golisopod returned to its Pokeball, and Guzma sent out a new Pokémon. It was a tall, armored Pokémon, with feathers on the sides of its neck.

"Wow, an Armaldo!" Will exclaimed.

"Armaldo, the Plate Pokémon, a Rock and Bug Type, and the evolved form of Anorith. It is one of many Pokémon revived from a fossil. It is said to have lived on land, and went into the sea to hunt for prey. Its claws are its greatest weapons," Rotom said.

"No doubt Guzma has Armaldo as a trump card against Fire and Flying Type Pokémon," Will commented.

"Armaldo, use Rock Blast!" Guzma instructed. Armaldo fired a bunch of rocks from the tips of its claws, which were able to hit Braviary, and knock it out.

"Braviary is unable to battle, the winner is Armaldo!" the referee declared, as Kukui recalled Braviary.

"Thanks, old friend. Take a well earned rest," Kukui said, as he sent in his next Pokémon, which was an Alolan Ninetails.

"Whoa, he has a Ninetails of his own," Toby commented.

"Ninetails, use Blizzard!" Kukui instructed. Ninetails blew a powerful, icy wind that seemed to be covering Armaldo with snow, "Now, use Dazzling Gleam!" he added. Ninetails then emitted a powerful light, that seemed to cause major damage, as it knocked out Armaldo.

"Armaldo is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as Guzma recalled Armaldo.

"Go, Golisopod!" Guzma said, sending Golisopod back out, "Use Poison Jab!" Guzma instructed.

"Ninetails, use Double Team!" Kukui instructed. Multiple copies of Ninetails began appearing, causing Golisopod to miss, and hit one of the copies.

"Not too shabby. Golisopod, use back-to-back Poison Jabs!" Guzma instructed. Golisopod began striking each copy, and was unable to hit its mark. It realized too late that Ninetails was behind it, looking rather calm.

"Ninetails, use Dazzling Gleam!" Kukui instructed. As before, Ninetails hit Golisopod with a bight light, and was able to knock it out.

"Golisopod is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as Guzma recalled Golisopod.

"Alright, its all or nothing with this one. GO, Ariados!" Guzma yelled, sending out the spider Pokémon.

"Ninetails, use Ice Beam!" Kukui instructed. Ninetails fired a beam of icy energy at the Ariados, firing it at the ground along the way, creating large spikes of ice.

"Ariados, dodge, then used Venoshock!" Guzma instructed. Ariados jumped out of the way, and fired a mysterious purple fluid at Ninetails, causing a lot of damage, "Now, use Poison Jab!" Guzma instructed. One of the tips of Ariados' legs glowed purple, and it jabbed Ninetails, knocking it out.

"Ninetails is unable to battle, the winner is Ariados!" the referee declared as Kukui recalled Ninetails.

"Alright, here we go, c'mon out, Lycanroc!" Kukui called, sending out his Lycanroc.

"Now its a Rock Type Lycanroc against a Bug Type Ariados. Advantage: Kukui," Toby commented.

"Don't be so sure. Remember, Ariados can use all manner of moves, like the two Poison Type moves we just saw it use against Ninetails," Will replied.

"Lycanroc, use Accelerock!" Kukui instructed. Lycanroc rocketed at Ariados at blinding speeds, and knocked Ariados back a few feet.

"Ariados, use Toxic!" Guzma instructed. Ariados fired a ball of highly toxic sludge at Lycanroc, who skillfully dodged.

"Nice one, partner!" Kukui praised.

"You think so, eh? Well how about this?!" Guzma said, as he crossed his arms, and the Buginium Z in his Z Ring began reacting. He raised his arms like he was a preying mantis, and then slashed in an upward motion. Ariados then became enveloped in Z Power, "Ariados, use Savage Spin Out!" Guzma called out. Ariados fired a webbing of some kind, which wrapped Lycanroc in a sort of cocoon. It then swung it around, and slammed it against the ground. Lycanroc was just barely able to keep standing.

"Whoa, now that was some full powered Z Power! You've certainly mastered the Bug Type Z Move," Kukui said.

"What can I say? Bug Pokémon are sort of my forte," Guzma said.

"Well, you gave me your Z Power, now its time for me to do the same!" Kukui said, as he then did the pose for Rock Type Z Moves. Lycanroc became enveloped in its own Z Power. Lycanroc howled, as several pointy rocks floated around.

"Wait, that's not Continental Crush!" Will exclaimed.

"Go Lycanroc, use Splintered Storm Shards!" Kukui instructed, as Lycanroc rocketed at Ariados, with the pointed rocks following close behind, striking Ariados, and knocking it out.

"Ariados is unable to battle, the winner is Lycanroc, therefore, the victory goes to Professor Kukui," the referee declared, as a roar of applause echoed through the stadium.

"Guess my time in the spotlight hasn't come yet," Guzma lamented, recalling Ariados.

"Good match out there Guzma!" Kukui called to the thug, who smiled, and waved back.

"Now then, let's find out the match up for the next battle!" the announcer declared. The computer randomized the remaining contestants, and stopped on Plumeria and Sophocles, "Our next match up is pitting the Poison Type Master, Plumeria, against the electrifying Trial Captain Sophocles!" the announcer said, as the two aforementioned trainers took their places, a rock battle field rising up from the ground, "And the battlefield for this match will be a rock battlefield!" the announcer declared.

"Ok, Electivire, go!" Sophocles said, sending out the first of his Pokémon.

"Salazzle, time to battle," Plumeria said, sending out her signature Pokémon.

"Same rules apply. Three on Three, with no time limit. The battle is over when all three of either sides Pokémon cannot continue. In addition, substitutions are allowed at any time. And BEGIN!" the referee declared.

"Electivire, use Thunder Punch!" Sophocles declared. Electivire rushed at Salazzle with it's fist cloaked in electricity, and delivered a powerful punch to the Toxic Lizard Pokémon.

"Hang on Salazzle, use Flamethrower!" Plumeria declared. Salazzle fired it's attack at Electivire, who hardly seemed phased by it.

"Now, use Discharge!" Sophocles declared. Electivire fired electricity everywhere on the battlefield, striking Salazzle, and knocking it out.

"Salazzle is unable to battle, the winner is Electivire!" the referee declared. Plumeria recalled her Pokémon.

"Thank you Salazzle, take a long rest," Plumeria said, as she sent out an Alolan Muk, "Muk, use Mud Bomb!" Plumeria declared. Muk fired a ball of mud at Electivire, who took a ton of damage, and was barely able to stand, "Now, use Sludge Bomb!" Plumeria ordered, as Muk fired a ball of sludge at Electivire, knocking it out.

"Electivire is unable to battle, the winner is Muk!" the referee declared, as Sophocles recalled Electivire.

"Let's see, Muk's a Poison and Dark Type... in that case, go, Vikavolt!" Sophocles declared, sending out a Vikavolt, "Use Dig!" Sophocles declared. Vikavolt burrowed it's way underground.

"Stay sharp Muk! Use Toxic when it comes out!" Plumeria ordered. Muk looked all around, only for Vikavolt to come from underneath it.

"Ground Type Moves are super effective against Poison Type Pokémon," Fluttershy commented, as Muk fired Toxic at Vikavolt, badly poisoning it.

"Now, use Venoshock!" Plumeria declared. Muk fired a mysterious purple fluid at Vikavolt, and was able to knock it out.

"Vikavolt is unable to battle, the winner is Muk!" the referee declared, as Sophocles recalled Vikavolt.

"Alright, it's now or never. Go, Golem!" Sophocles declared, sending out a Golem that had a beard, and what looked like a cannon on it's shell.

"Whoa, never seen a Golem like that before," Will commented.

"Golem, Alola Form, the Megaton Pokémon. A Rock and Electric Type, and the fully evolved form of an Alolan Geodude. Using the cannon on it's shell, Golem is able to fire electrically charged rocks at it's opponents. Even just grazing one of these boulders can causing numbness," Rotom explained.

"A Rock and Electric Type. There's never been a type combo like that before," Will commented.

"Alright, it's now or never!" Sophocles declared, as he did the pose for electric type Z Moves, enveloping Golem in Z Power, "Go, use Gigavolt Havoc!" Sophocles declared. Golem summoned a spear of electricity, and fired it at Muk, knocking it out.

"Muk is unable to battle, the winner is Golem!" the referee declared, as Plumeria recalled Muk.

"Alright, let's see if you can handle this!" Plumeria said, sending out Toxapex, "Toxapex, use Toxic!" Plumeria ordered. Toxapex fired a ball of sludge at Golem, badly poisoning the Megaton Pokémon.

"Hang strong Golem, use Thunderbolt!" Sophocles declared. Golem fired the electric attack from it's cannon, striking and dealing a ton of damage to Toxapex.

"Toxapex, let's do it!" Plumeria declared, doing the pose for the Poison Type Z Move, "Ok, use Acid Downpour!" Plumeria declared. Toxapex then swamped the entire battlefield in poison, dragging Golem in and successfully knocking it out.

"Golem is unable to battle, the winner is Toxapex, therefore, the victor is Plumeria!" the referee declared.

"Aww man," Sophocles lamented, recalling Golem, "Thanks a ton Golem, get some rest," he said to his Pokéball. Throughout the day, several matchups came and went. Kiawe Vs. Gladion: the winner was Gladion. Nanu Vs. Molayne: the winner was Molayne. Hapu Vs. Olivia: the winner was Hapu. And with that, the first round was over.

Chapter 38: The Quater Final Matchups: Shocking Surprises for all!

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Later that night, our heroes were eating dinner with their friends, "Ah, I love the taste of tropical fruit," Will commented, taking a bite out of a pineapple slice. Just then, the speakers turned on.

"Attention! To the now eight remaining trainers, Professor Kukui has dropped out of the tournament! I repeat, Professor Kukui has dropped out of the tournament!" the announcement said.

"Wait, why'd he drop out?" Fluttershy pondered.

"Mainly because I don't really want to win the first Alola Pokémon League," Kukui replied walking towards them, "That, and also for the fact that there was an odd number of trainers after the first round. I dropped out to help even things out," Kukui explained.

"That does make some sense. With an odd number of trainers, it's difficult to divide the matches evenly," Will commented.

"Correct! But don't feel too bad. My dream has come true at last, and that's victory enough for me," Kukui said, taking his leave. Just then, the speakers went off again.

Attention all remaining trainers. There will be new changes to the rules when battling in the quarter finals and beyond. From now on, all battles will be six on six full battles. When three of either trainers Pokémon cannot continue, there will be a five minute intermission for a field change. The same rule of a full team knock out still applies. And with that, here are the match ups for tomorrow's quarter finals!" the announcer said, as the TV in the cafeteria turned on, and displayed the match ups for the next round, "Busujima Vs. Plumeria, Will Vs. Nanu, Toby VS. Gladion, Hau Vs. Hapu!" the announcer said.

"Looks like I finally get a chance to battle Nanu," Will commented.

"I'm glad you're calm. I'm going up against Gladion," Toby said, as the two trainers locked eyes with their opponents.

"And let's not forget Hau. He's up against Hapu," Fluttershy added.

"That should be a fairly even match," Will commented.

"But I wonder who'll win when it's Busujima against Plumeria," Silver Spoon pondered.

"Yes, those two are skilled Poison Type trainers," Will commented.

"But Busujima has Pokémon besides Poison Types, remember that Shelgon he had last time?" Toby pointed out.

"He also had Tauros and Kangaskhan," Fluttershy added.

"What other kind of Pokémon does he have?" Serenity whispered, as they finished up their dinner, and were preparing tp return to their dorms. However, as they were cleaning up, Fluttershy's Rockruff started getting antsy, and ran outside.

"Rocky, wait!" Fluttershy called out, as they chased after Rockruff. They saw that Rockruff was gazing out at the sunset. Without warning, it let out a howl, and began to evolve, "Rocky..." Fluttershy said in amazement. Rockruff evolved into a Lycanroc the likes of which our heroes had never seen. It had the body of a Midday Lycanroc, but it had the mane of a Midnight Form. On top of that, it's fur was orange, and it's eyes were green.

"A Lycanroc form we've never seen before?!" Will exclaimed.

"It looks like a mix of Midday and Midnight Lycanroc," Toby commented, as both his and Silver Spoon's Lycanroc went over to socialize with it.

"Incredible! I would never have thought there would be a Dusk Form Lycanroc!" Kukui commented.

"'Dusk Form Lycanroc'? What's that?" Toby asked.

"Well, it's an extremely rare phenomenon, but some Rockruff evolve when bathed in the light of a sunset or sunrise, which, in turn, gives way to a new for of Lycanroc known simply as Dusk Form," Kukui replied.

"Incredible! An entirely new and unknown form of Lycanroc! I must gather data!" Rotom exclaimed, taking pictures of Fluttershy's new Lycanroc.

"Before we forget, what was that Z Move you used in your battle against Guzma?" Will asked.

"Ah, yes. That was Splintered Storm Shards. It's an exclusive Z Move for Lycanroc that can use Stone Edge. You can use it, if you have a Lycanium Z," Kukui explained, giving a shard of the Z Crystal to Toby, Silver Spoon, and Fluttershy. He then noticed their Z Rings, "Oh, you guys are still using those Z Rings?" Kukui asked, much to their confusion.

"What do you mean?" Will asked.

"You guys need to go and get your Z Rings upgraded!" Kukui exclaimed.

"Upgrade our Z Rings?" Silver Spoon was confused.

"See, all participating trainers in the Pokémon League are given a brand new Z Ring that reduces the amount of power need to pull of a Z Move. These new Z Rings are called Z Power Rings!" Kukui said, as he gave each of them a new, black Z Ring.

"Oh, well thank you," Will said, as they traded out their Z Rings and equipped their new Z Power Rings. With that, our heroes recalled their Pokémon, and returned to their dorms.


Our heroes were just lounging around their room, grooming their Pokémon or just watching TV, when they heard a knock from the door. Will then went over to answer it, "Hello?" Will asked, seeing no one out there. He then noticed a rather large box on the ground, "What could this be?" Will pondered, bringing the box into the room.

"Who was at the door?" Fluttershy asked.

"No one was there. But there was this box," Will said. He then saw a card addressed to Toby, "Oh, well how about that. Looks like this box is meant for you Toby," Will said, giving the young boy the box.

"I wonder what it could be?" Toby pondered, as he opened the box. Upon opening the box, our heroes gasped in shock, "Aren't these..." Toby started.

"I don't believe it!" Will exclaimed.

"Welcome, Pokémon Fans, near and far, to the Alola Pokémon League's Quarter Finals! This is where things get a little tougher for our trainers, as now they must use a full team of six Pokémon each. When three of either sides' Pokémon can no longer battle, we'll have a five minute intermission for a field change! And now, without further ado, we'll begin todays matchup right away! It'll be pitting Plumeria of Po Town," the stadium roared in cheers as Plumeria entered the battlefield, "Against the infamous Island Challenge Bully, Busujima from Hau'oli City!" the audience then booed as Busujima took his place opposite of Plumeria, "And the battlefield for the first half will be a marsh land battlefield," the announcer said, as a swampy battlefield rose up from the ground.

"I guess this is where it'll be decided whose the best at using Poison Types," Busujima declared.

"And of course, it will be me," Plumeria shot back.

"Alright, the first round of the Quarter Finals shall now begin. Each trainer is permitted the maximum of six Pokémon, and the battle will be over when all of either side's Pokémon cannot continue. Furthermore, substitutions are permitted, and BEGIN!" the referee declared.

"Go, Tauros!" Busujima yelled, sending out Tauros.

"Arbok, I choose you!" Plumeria said, sending out a large, purple cobra like Pokémon.

"Looks like things are just getting started," Toby said, as he and his friends got to the stands.

"Looks Like Plumeria's using an Arbok," Will commented.

"Arbok, the Cobra Pokémon, a Poison Type, and the evolved form of Ekans. The latest research has determined that there are over 20 different patterns that an Arbok can have on it's stomach," Rotom said, as the battle began.

Chapter 39: Busujima Vs. Plumeria

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"Tauros, use Take Down!" Busujima ordered. Tauros then charged at Arbok.

"Arbok, use Dig to dodge!" Plumeria instructed. Arbok burrowed underground, and escaped Tauros.

"Get it together Tauros! Use Earthquake!" Busujima ordered. Tauros then stomped on the ground, sending tremors throughout the ground.

"Not good. Earthquake is a move that can hit a Pokémon even when it's using Dig," Will commented, as Arbok was forced from the ground, and was knocked out, "On top of that, Ground Type Moves are super effective against Poison Type Pokémon," he added.

"Arbok is unable to battle, the winner is Tauros!" the referee declared, as Plumeria recalled Arbok.

"Thank you Arbok. Take a long rest," Plumeria said, as she readied her next Pokeball, "Go, Garbodor!" Plumeria said, sending out a Pokémon that looked like a walking pile of trash.

"Garbodor, the Trash Heap Pokémon, a Poison Type, and the evolved form of Trubbish. Some say that Garbodor in Alola are a little stronger than their counterparts elsewhere is the presence of Muk, it's natural enemy," Rotom said.

"Garbodor, use Toxic!" Plumeria instructed. From the tubes on its arm, Garbodor fired Toxic at Tauros, badly poisoning the Wild Bull Pokémon, "Now into Venoshock!" Plumeria added. Garbodor fired Venoshock at Tauros, causing huge damage.

"Tauros, use Façade!" Busujima ordered. Tauros then charged into Garbodor, knocking out the Trash Heap Pokémon. However, Tauros also collapsed.

"Garbodor and Tauros are both unable to battle!" the referee declared.

"Façade is a move that deals double the damage if the user is suffering from a status ailment," Will commented.

"That Busujima. He must've had this planned out!" Silver Spoon commented.

"But at least Plumeria knocked out one of his Pokémon," Toby added.

"Alright, go, Gorebyss!" Busujima said, sending out a pink fish Pokémon.

"Gorebyss, the South Sea Pokémon, a Water Type, and an Evolved form of Clampearl. The color of it's body changes with the temperature of the water. The coloration of Gorebyss in Alola is almost blindingly vivid," Rotom said.

"Go, Drapion!" Plumeria said, sending out a large scorpion like Pokémon.

"Drapion, the Ogre Scorp Pokémon, a Poison and Dark Type, and the evolved form of Skorupi. Drapion's claws secrete a powerful poison. This, combined with it's tremendous strength can turn a car into scrap metal," Rotom said.

"Hard to say who has the advantage. Gorebyss can dive underwater to avoid Drapion's attacks. However, since it can swivel its 180 degrees, Drapion has no blind spots," Will commented.

"Gorebyss, use Aqua Jet!" Busujima ordered. Gorebyss became cloaked in water, and rocketed at Drapion.

"Catch it with your claws!" Plumeria instructed. Drapion did just that. Gorebyss struggled to get free, "Now, use Poison Fang!" she added. Drapion then bit down on Gorebyss, sending it back into the water.

"Gorebyss, use Ice Beam!" Busujima ordered. Gorebyss fired Ice Beam at Drapion, who only shook it off, "Ok, try a Hydro Pump!" he ordered again. Gorebyss fired a huge volley of water at Drapion, who was sent back a few feet.

"Drapion, use Pin Missile!" Plumeria instructed. Drapion fired several needle like projectiles at Gorebyss, successfully knocking it out.

"Gorebyss is unable to battle, the winner is Drapion!" the referee declared.

"Now it's evened out," Toby commented.

"We'll see. Drapion's taken a lot of damage," Will replied.

"Go, Flygon!" Busujima yelled, sending out a shiny Flygon, "Use Earth Power!" Busujima ordered. Flygon struck the ground, and the ground around Drapion exploded, knocking out the Ogre Scorp Pokémon.

"Drapion is unable to battle, the winner is Flygon! Since Plumeria has lost three Pokémon, we'll take a five minute intermission," the referee declared, as both trainer's recalled their Pokémon.

"Man, that was intense," Will commented.

"So far, Busujima's used Tauros, Gorebyss, and now Flygon. What other Pokémon does he have?" Toby pondered, as the intermission had concluded, and a forest waterfall field rose up from the ground.

"Salazzle, go!" Plumeria said, sending out her signature Pokémon.

"Go, Tentacruel!" Busujima said, sending out his Tentacruel.

"Salazzle, go, use Toxic!" Plumeria instructed. Salazzle fired Toxic at Tentacruel, badly poisoning it.

"That's right, both Salandit and Salazzle have that Corrosion ability, so even Poison and Steel Types can get poisoned," Toby commented, remembering his battle at the Power Plant with Busujima.

"Get it together Tentacruel, use Hydro Pump!" Busujima ordered. Tentacruel fired a huge volley of water at Salazzle, and was able to one-shot the Toxic Lizard Pokémon.

"Salazzle is unable to battle, the winner is Tentacruel!" the referee declared, as Plumeria recalled Salazzle.

"Toxapex, go!" Plumeria said, sending out Toxapex.

"Return Tentacruel!" Busujima ordered, recalling Tentacruel, "Go, Flygon!" Busujima said, sending Flygon back out.

"Let's see if he'll take the bait," Plumeria thought to herself.

"This chick must think I'm stupid. She'll want me to attack directly, and have Toxapex use Baneful Bunker," Busujima thought to himself, "Flygon, use Sandstorm!" Busujima ordered. Flygon then kicked up a powerful sandstorm, which made it difficult for Toxapex to see clearly.

"Stay calm Toxapex! Use Spike Cannon!" Plumeria instructed. Toxapex then fired several spikes at Flygon, only for the Sandstorm to kick a few of them away, while only some managed to hit Flygon.

"Flygon, use Steel Wing!" Busujima ordered. Flygon's wings became metallic, and charged at Toxapex.

"No good, now, use Baneful Bunker!" Plumeria ordered. Toxapex closed all of its tentacles, and it's spikes extended. Not only did Flygon's attack not do anything to damage Toxapex, but it was poisoned as well.

"Just as I thought. Flygon, use Earth Power!" Busujima ordered. Flygon then slammed the ground, causing the ground around Toxapex to exploded, knocking out the Brutal Star Pokémon.

"Toxapex is unable to battle, the winner is Flygon!" the referee declared, as Plumeria recalled Toxapex.

"Alright. Now, Muk, let's go!" Plumeria said, sending out her last Pokémon; her Muk, "Venoshock, now!" Plumeria quickly declared. Muk fired the mysterious purple substance at Flygon, causing huge damage, but Flygon wasn't out yet, "Alright, let's try this then!" Plumeria said, as she did the pose for Poison Type Z Moves. Muk became enveloped in Z Power, "Use Acid Downpour!" Plumeria declared. The battlefield became swamped in poison, and Flygon was dragged underneath, knocking out the Mystic Pokémon.

"Flygon is unable to battle, the winner is Muk!" the referee declared.

"Phew, that Flygon of his was trouble," Will commented.

"But don't celebrate just yet. Busujima still has two Pokémon left, and one of them hasn't even battled yet," Silver Spoon reminded.

"Now, go Salazzle!" Busujima said, sending out his sixth Pokémon, "Use Dragon Pulse, now!" Busujima ordered.

"Protect, quick!" Plumeria declared. Muk surrounded itself in a barrier, shielding it from Salazzle's attack.

"Not bad, but what'll you do about this?!" Busujima taunted, as he did the pose for Dragon Type Z Moves, surrounding Salazzle in Z Power, "Go, use Devastating Drake!" Busujima ordered. Salazzle summoned a dragon like projectile made of Z Power, and sent it flying towards Muk. The Sludge Pokémon was just barely hanging on.

"Nice one old friend, now use Mud Bomb!" Plumeria declared. Muk fired a ball of mud at Salazzle, and was able to one-shot the Toxic Lizard Pokémon.

"Salazzle is unable to battle, the winner is Muk!" the referee declared, as Busujima swapped Muk out for Tentacruel, who was still poisoned.

"Tentacruel, use Hydro Pump!" Busujima ordered. Tentacruel fired Hydro Pump at Muk, striking the Sludge Pokémon, and knocking it out.

"Muk is unable to battle, the winner is Tentacruel, therefore, moving on to the semi finals will be Busujima!" the referee declared, as everyone in the stadium booed.

"That was rough," Fluttershy commented.

"But at least we know a little more about what Pokémon Busujima has. That way we can prepare if we face him in the next round," Will replied.

"The next matchup will be pitting Toby Mason of Mahogany Town against Gladion, from parts unknown," the announcer said.

"Well, I'd better get down there," Toby said.

"Good luck sweetie pie!" Silver Spoon called, as Toby made his way to the battlefield.

Meanwhile, in a big laboratory,

Giovanni was waiting impatiently for the scientists to get done with what they were working on, "Alright Mr. Giovanni, we think we've done it! This new update to the Dark Ball will help Team Rainbow Rocket achieve our goals," one scientist said.

"How does it work?" Giovanni asked.

"Bring in the test subjects!" the scientist ordered. Just then, a cage filled to the brim with unevolved Pokémon was brought in. One of the grunts took out an Elekid, a Magby, and a Larvitar, "Now, allow us to demonstrate the new full extent of the Dark Ball's power!" the scientist said, as the grunt threw three Black Pokeballs at the three Pokémon, capturing them, "As you know, the Dark Ball is able to raise a Pokémon's power to it's highest level, but only for whatever Pokémon the Dark Ball catches. It doesn't do anything else," the scientist explained.

"Is there a point to this?" Giovanni asked.

"This is where the new update comes into play," the scientist said, as the grunt released the three Pokémon he just caught. But their coloration was darker. They then began glowing black and purple, and grew larger, much larger. They had all evolved into their final forms, Electivire, Magmortar, and Tyranitar, "As you can see, this new update allows the Dark Ball to force the Pokémon to evolve into it's final stage," the scientist explained.

"Have you sent this update to all our operatives?" Giovanni asked.

"Yes. Now Team Rainbow Rocket will have the most unstoppable Pokémon Army!" the scientist cackled.

"Very good. As you were," Giovanni said, leaving the scientists to do their work.

Chapter 40: Toby vs Gladion

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Lumiose City, the Kalos Region,

"For those just joining us, this is the second match of the quarter finals of the first ever Alola Pokémon League! Our next match up will be pitting the mysterious, the unknown Gladion against the boy with a spirit of fire, Toby Mason!" the TV said in a café.

"Whoa, Toby's up next," Nathan commented.

"He did do well against that Ryuki guy," Rarity added.

"Let's see how he does against this Gladion guy," Shining Armor stated.

Cianwood City, Johto Region,

"Ah, cool! Toby's up next!" Josh commented.

"That Gladion guy he's up against looks pretty intense," Kelly added.

"True, but we'll see how they both fair," Twilight said.

Sootopolis City, Hoenn Region,

"Toby's up next!" Melody commented.

"He's up against that Gladion guy," Lucky Joy added.

Opelucid City, Unova Region,

"Ah, good. The next round is starting," Celestia commented, as she, Luna, and their kids looked on in anticipation.

Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh Region,

Applejack and her kids were eagerly waiting for the next match to start, as they watched the TV.

Viridian City, Kanto Region

"Show him what for Toby!" Rainbow Dash bellowed.

Back in Alola,

"Well Gladion, looks like it's just you and me," Toby commented.

"I've been wanting to test my battling skills against you since I saw you in action. I am honored to be battling you," Gladion said, as a rocky waterfall battlefield rose from the ground, and the referee took his place.

"The second match of the Alola Pokémon League Quarter Finals will now get underway! Each trainer is allowed the use of six Pokémon, and the victor is decided when all of either sides Pokémon cannot continue. Substitutions may be made at any time during the match. There is now time limit, now trainers, choose you Pokémon!" the referee declared.

"Alright, go, Golduck!" Toby said, sending out Golduck.

"Crobat, show your unrivaled speed and power!" Gladion said, sending out a four winged, purple bat Pokémon.

"Crobat, the Bat Pokémon, a Poison and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Golbat. It's four wings allow it to fly in any direction with ease, even sideways," Rotom said.

"Alright, battle BEGIN!" the referee declared.

"Alright, Golduck, use Safeguard!" Toby instructed. Golduck then summoned a green barrier around it.

"Good call. Now Toby's Pokémon are protected from all status moves as long as it stays up," Will commented.

"Crobat, use Cross Poison!" Gladion instructed. Crobat then slashed Golduck with it's wings, which were coated in poison.

"Golduck, stay strong, and use Ice Punch!" Toby instructed. Icy energy surrounded Golduck's fist, as it punched Crobat, freezing it in a block of ice, "Now, use Fury Swipes!" Golduck then slashed the frozen Crobat multiple times before it was knocked out.

"Crobat is unable to battle, the winner is Golduck!" the referee declared, as Gladion recalled Crobat.

"Excellent work my friend. Take a well earned rest," Gladion said, as he readied his next Pokeball, "Weavile, show us all your intellect, as sharp as your claws!" Gladion said, sending out Weavile.

"Wow, looks like his Sneasel evolved," Will commented.

"Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon, a Dark and Ice Type, and the evolved form of Sneasel. They travel in groups of four or five, leaving signs for one another on trees and rocks. They bring down their prey with coordinated attacks," Rotom said.

"Weavile, use Night Slash!" Gladion instructed. With it's claws glowing purple, Weavile slashed Golduck, knocking it out.

"Golduck is unable to battle, the winner is Weavile!" the referee declared, as Toby recalled Golduck.

"What just happened?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Night Slash is a move that has a high chance of landing critical hits, so it dealt more damage than it normally would've," Will explained.

"Alright, let's see. Ninetails, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Ninetails.

"Wow, a Kantonian Ninetails!" one spectator commented.

"I've never seen one this close before," another added.

"It's so beautiful!" another added.

"So, you're using your Fire Type Ninetails against my Ice Type Weavile. Smart move," Gladion praised.

"Thanks, and we're about to show you our real strength! Ninetails, use Flamethrower!" Toby declared. Ninetails fired Flamethrower at Weavile, causing massive damage.

"Weavile, stay sharp. Use Double Team!" Gladion declared. Several copies of Weavile then started appearing across the battlefield.

"Ninetails, use Fire Blast! Knock out all the copies!" Toby instructed. A star shaped fire patter was expelled from Ninetails, as it struck all the copies of Weavile, including the actual one, knocking it out.

"Weavile is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as Gladion recalled Weavile.

"Zoroark, cast your mirages to bewilder our opponents!" Gladion said, sending out what appeared to be a cybernetic Pokémon with a floating head.

"Gladion's next Pokémon is Porygon-Z?" Will questioned.

"Rotom, what can you tell us about it?" Fluttershy asked.

"That's my job! Zoroark, the Illusion Fox Pokémon, a Dark Type, and the evolved form of Zorua. It doesn't just change itself--- it has the power to make over 100 people see illusions. Odd, I didn't look up information of Zoroark," Rotom commented.

"It must be Zoroark's Illusion Ability. It always appears as a random Pokémon in your team so it can try and throw you off your game," Will commented.

"Ninetails, use Will-O-Wisp!" Toby instructed. Ninetails then fired Will-O-Wisp at the disguised Zoroark, causing it to become burned. The illusion wore off, revealing a black and red fox Pokémon, "What the...?" Toby was confused.

"Did Zoroark's Illusions catch you off guard?" Gladion asked.

"Illusions?" Toby questioned.

"Zoroark has the ability to create illusions, like the one you just saw," Gladion explained.

"I see. That really did catch me by surprise," Toby replied.

"Well, how will you like this? Zoroark, use Dark Pulse!" Gladion instructed. Zoroark fired Dark Pulse at Ninetails, who tanked the attack the best it could.

"Ninetails, do you want to switch out?" Toby offered. Ninetails nodded. Toby then recalled Ninetails, "Ok, let's see, Zoroark is a Dark Type, so, Lycanroc, let's go!" Toby said, sending out the Wolf Pokémon.

"Zoroark, use Slash!" Gladion instructed. Zoroark charged at Lycanroc.

"Lycanroc, use Counter!" Toby instructed. Lycanroc allowed itself to take the full force of Slash, only to deliver a powerful punch back to Zoroark.

"Using Counter to return double the damage is smart thinking," Gladion murmured.

"Now, Lycanroc, use Stone Edge!" Toby instructed. Lycanroc punched the ground, summoning the blue glowing rocks, which struck Zoroark, knocking it out.

"Zoroark is unable to battle, the winner is Lycanroc! Three of Gladion's Pokémon are unable to continue, so we'll continue the match after a five minute intermission!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Ok, among Gladion's remaining Pokémon is that Silvally Momma talked about, and Porygon-Z. But what of his other Pokémon?" Toby pondered.

"Toby's showing the kind of promise I saw that day. I wonder what else he'll show me?" Gladion pondered, as a grassy plans battlefield rose up from the ground.

"Ok, Raichu, let's go!" Toby said, sending out his Raichu.

"Porygon-Z, show us all your virtual might!" Gladion said, sending out the real Porygon-Z.

"Ok, NOW it's the real Porygon-Z!" Will commented.

"Porygon-Z, the Virtual Pokémon, a Normal Type, and the evolved form of Porygon2. Additional software was added to it for the intent of space travel. Something went wrong however," Rotom said.

"Raichu, use Thunderbolt!" Toby instructed. Raichu fired of Thunderbolt at Porygon-Z.

"Light Screen," Gladion said. A barrier appeared around Porygon-Z. Thunderbolt still hit, but it didn't look like it did much.

"Light Screen powers down all special attacks," Will commented.

"Alright, then how about this!" Toby said, as he did the pose for Electric Type Z Moves, with the Aloraichium Z in his Z Power Ring. Raichu became enveloped in Z Power. Raichu then flew up into the sky, surrounded by powerful electricity, "GO RAICHU! USE STOKED SPARKSURFER!" Toby called out. Raichu then rocketed at Porygon-Z with the full force of it's Z Move. A pillar of electricity erupted from where it made contact with Porygon-Z. The latter was knocked out as a result.

"Porygon-Z is unable to battle, the winner is Raichu!" the referee declared, as Gladion recalled Porygon-Z.

"Lucario, crush our opponents with your mighty aura!" Gladion said, sending out a Lucario.

"So his sixth Pokémon is Lucario," Will commented.

"Lucario, use Shadow Claw!" Gladion instructed. Lucario's claws became enveloped in shadow energy, and slashed and one-shot Raichu.

"Raichu is unable to battle, the winner is Lucario!" the referee declared, as Toby recalled Raichu.

"Thanks a ton Raichu. Take a long rest," Toby said, as he readied his next Pokeball, "Go, Incineroar!" Toby exclaimed, sending out Incineroar.

"Lucario, use Aura Sphere!" Gladion instructed. Lucario fired off Aura Sphere.

"Counter that with Cross Chop!" Toby instructed. Incineroar charged at Aura Sphere, and chopped Aura Sphere, deflecting it, "Now, use Flamethrower!" Toby instructed. Incineroar fired Flamethrower at Lucario. However, Light Screen was still in effect, so Lucario only got half the damage.

"Lucario, use Bone Rush!" Gladion instructed. Lucario summoned a bone, and started swinging it at Incineroar, who tanked each strike.

"Incineroar, use Bulk Up!" Toby instructed. Incineroar looked like it got bigger, "Now use Darkest Lariat!" Toby instructed. Incineroar then struck Lucario, sending back into the wall, knocked out.

"Lucario is unable to battle, the winner is Incineroar!" the referee declared, as Gladion recalled Lucario.

"Guess it's time old friend. Silvally, unleash your true might!" Gladion said, sending out Silvally.

"Whoa, what's that Pokémon?" one spectator asked.

"I've never seen it before!" another commented.

"So now Gladion's hopes of advancing are riding on Silvally," Fluttershy commented.

"Meanwhile, Toby still has four Pokémon left, and one of them hasn't even battled yet," Will added.

"It seems like a one sided match in Toby's favor," Silver Spoon commented.

"Incineroar, use Cross Chop!" Toby instructed. Incineroar then chopped Silvally, who seemed to be barely affected.

"Silvally, use Air Slash!" Gladion instructed. Silvally then sent several blades of air careening at Incineroar, who once again tanked the attack.

"Incineroar, you want to tag out?" Toby offered. Incineroar nodded, "Alright then," Toby said, recalling Incineroar, "Ninetails, let's go!" Toby said, sending Ninetails back out, "Use Will-O-Wisp!" Toby instructed. Ninetails launched the fire attack, which ended up burning Silvally.

"Silvally, don't let the flames consume your true power! Use Crush Claw!" Gladion instructed. Silvally then slashed Ninetails with it's claws, knocking it out.

"Ninetails is unable to battle, the winner is that Pokémon," the referee declared awkwardly, as Toby recalled Ninetails.

"Thanks Ninetails. That was excellent battling," Toby said, as he readied his next Pokeball, "Lycanroc, let's have another go!" Toby said, sending Lycanroc back out, "Let's give this a try!" Toby said, as he once again, performed a Z Move Pose for Rock Type Moves. Lycanroc then summoned a massive boulder, "Go, use Continental Crush!" Toby instructed. Lycanroc then threw the boulder at Silvally, causing a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared, Silvally was still standing, but barely, "No way," Toby was in shock, as was Lycanroc.

"Now that was a truly powerful Z Move. It's clear you've bonded well with your Lycanroc. Now, let me show you the bond I have with Silvally, as it unleashes Multi-Attack!" Gladion said, as Silvally attacked Lycanroc in a flash, knocking out the Wolf Pokémon.

"Lycanroc is unable to battle, the winner is Silvally, was it?" the referee asked awkwardly, Gladion nodded, as Toby recalled Lycanroc.

"Only two Pokémon left. But Silvally doesn't look like it has much stamina left. It's all or nothing. Go, Incineroar!" Toby said, sending Incineroar back out, "Bulk Up!" Toby instructed. Incineroar once again looked like it got bigger, "Now, Darkest Lariat!" Toby exclaimed. Incineroar then stuck Silvally with it's signature move, successfully knocking it out.

"Silvally is unable to battle, the winner is Incineroar! Therefore, the victor is Toby Mason!" the referee declared. Toby fell to his knees, completely exhausted, as was Incineroar.

"Thanks Incineroar," Toby said, giving the Heel Pokémon a thumbs up. Incineroar smiled proudly, as Toby recalled it.

"Phew, I was on the edge of my seat throughout that whole battle!" Will commented.

"Now Toby's moving on to the semi-finals?" Serenity asked.

"Yep. Only question is, who else besides him and Busujima will advance as well?" Fluttershy pondered.

Chapter 41: Hau VS Hapu

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"Sorry for the wait folks. We have our next match up starting now! It'll be pitting Hau from Iki Town against Kahuna Hapu from Poni Island! And the first half of the match will take place on an Ice Battle Field!" the announcer said, as a battlefield made of ice rose up from the ground, and the two trainers made their way to their places. The referee took his place as well.

"The third match of the Alola Pokémon League Quarter Finals will now get underway! Each trainer is allowed the maximum use of six Pokémon, and the match will be over when all six of either sides Pokémon are unable to continue! Furthermore, substitutions may be made at any time. If both trainers are ready, then choose your Pokémon!" the referee declared.

"I'll start of with this one!" Hau said, sending out a Vaporeon.

"I think I'll go with this one," Hapu said, sending out a what appeared to be a sandcastle Pokémon with a shovel on the top of it.

"Whose that Pokémon?" Will wondered.

"Palossand, the Sand Castle Pokémon, a Ghost and Ground Type, and the evolved form of Sandygast. The shovel on the top of it's head acts as a radar. And as for Hau's Pokémon, it's a Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon, a Water Type, and one of many evolved forms of Eevee. It can detect nearby moisture with it's fin. If the fin shakes rapidly, it will rain in a few hours," Rotom said.

"Vaporeon, use Water Gun!" Hau instructed. Vaporeon blasted Palossand with a jet of water. While it appeared to cause damage, Palossand's body looked to become reinforced.

"What was that? Water Type Moves should be super effective against ground types," Will commented.

"It's Palossand's Water Compaction Ability. When hit with a Water type attack, it's defensive power goes up," Rotom explained.

"I see, so that's why Hapu chose Palossand," Toby commented.

"Yeah, Palossand is one of Hapu's defenses against Water Type Pokémon," our heroes jumped when Acerola appeared next to them.

"Wait, so Hapu has another Pokémon for Water Types?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes. But, rather than tell you, let's have Hapu show us," Acerola replied.

"Palossand, use Giga Drain!" Hapu instructed. Palossand glowed green, as did Vaporeon, as the glows became connected, and Vaporeon began looking weaker.

"Not good, Vaporeon, return!" Hau said, recalling Vaporeon, "Let's see. I can try sending in Primarina, but Water Compaction will just make Palossand even stronger against us. Wait, there's an idea!" Hau said, as he release a Leafeon.

"Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon, a Grass Type, and one of many evolved forms of Eevee. Because it uses photosynthesis like a plant, it's always surrounded by clean air," Rotom said.

"Leafeon, use Leaf Blade!" Hau instructed. The leaves that Leafeon has on it's tail and head glowed green, and became sharper, and then Leafeon slashed Palossand.

"Hold your ground Palossand! Use Shadow Ball!" Hapu instructed. Palossand fired Shadow Ball at Leafeon.

"Dodge, then use Leaf Blade again!" Hau instructed. Leafeon nimbly dodged Shadow Ball, and slashed Palossand once more, knocking it out.

"Palossand is unable to battle, the winner is Leafeon!" the referee declared, as Hapu recalled Palossand.

"Thank you old friend. Take a well earned rest," Hapu said, as she pulled out a Net Ball, "Gastrodon, to my side!" Hapu said, sending out her Gastrodon.

"Gastrodon against Leafeon? Doesn't Hapu know that's a bad matchup?" Toby pondered.

"Don't sell Gastrodon so short. It's one of the few Pokémon she has that can counter Grass and Water Types," Acerola said.

"Gastrodon, use Blizzard!" Hapu instructed. Gastrodon summoned a howling blizzard, which seemed t do a lot of damage to Leafeon, as it was encased in ice.

"Oh no, Leafeon!" Hau exclaimed.

"Now, use Rock Slide!" Hapu instructed. Gastrodon summoned several boulders that struck the still stuck Leafeon, knocking it out.

"Leafeon is unable to battle, the winner is Gastrodon!" the referee declared, as Hau recalled Leafeon.

"Thanks Leafeon, you did great," Hau said, as he thought of his next move, "Let's see, Gastrodon's a Water and Ground Type, so Electric type moves won't have much effect, but if I use speed, I can get a jump on Gastrodon. Alright, Espeon, let's go!" Hau said, sending out Espeon.

"Espeon, the Sun Pokémon, a Psychic Type, and one of many evolved forms of Eevee. Espeon can sense what it's opponent will do next with it's fur and the red jewel in it's forehead," Rotom said.

"Espeon, use Psybeam!" Hau instructed. From it's forehead, Espeon fired Psybeam, striking Gastrodon, who looked to be confused.

"Gastrodon, return!" Hapu said, recalling Gastrodon.

"Good call on Hapu's part. Recalling a confused Pokémon snaps them out of it," Will commented.

"Flygon, give them what for!" Hapu said, sending out her Flygon, "Use Earthquake!" Hapu instructed. Flygon struck the ground, causing a massive tremor, making it hard for Espeon to stay standing.

"Espeon, return!" Hau said, recalling Espeon, "Alright, Primarina, let's go!" Hau said, sending out a Primarina, "Use Ice Beam!" Hau instructed. Primarina fired Ice Beam at Flygon, sending it to the ground, knocked out.

"Flygon is unable to battle, the winner is Primarina!" the referee declared, as Hapu recalled Flygon.

"Alright, Dugtrio, let's go!" Hapu said, sending out her Alolan Dugtrio, "Use Iron Head!" Hapu instructed. Dugtrio, surrounded by grey energy, charged at Primarina.

"Primarina, use Sparkling Aria!" Hau instructed. Primarina fired it's attack, and was able to one-shot Dugtrio.

"Dugtrio is unable to battle, the winner is Primarina! Since three of Kahuna Hapu's Pokémon are unable to battle, we'll take a five minute intermission!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Phew, who would've thought my second battle against Hapu would be so tough?" Hau wiped the sweat off of his head.

"That Hau boy's gotten stronger since his Grand Trial," Hapu said, as a Forest Battle Field rose up from the ground.

"Ok, there's a lot of trees, so I should prioritize speed over power. I know! Noivern, let's go!" Hau said, sending out his Noivern.

"Krookadile, I choose you!" Hapu said, sending out a massive, red crocodile Pokémon.

"Krookadile, the Desert Croc Pokémon. A Ground and Dark Type, and the evolved form of Krokorok. The membrane around it's eyes allow it see great distances, even in violent sandstorms," Rotom said.

"Technically speaking, I would say Noivern has the advantage, on account of it being a Flying Type, but Krookadile can use Dragon and Rock type Moves that Noivern is weak against," Will commented.

"Noivern, take to the air!" Hau instructed. Noivern flew up, "Now, use Acrobatics!" he added. Noivern then glowed teal, and started ramming into Krookadile from all angles.

"Krookadile, try to sense where Noivern will strike from next, and use Dragon Claw!" Hapu instructed. Krookadile continued taking the attacks, and tried watching for Noivern. When it got a bead on the Sound Wave Pokémon, Krookadile slashed Noivern with teal colored claws. Noivern staggered a bit, but remained in the air.

"Since we can't risk attacking head on, Noivern, use Boomburst!" Hau instructed. From it's speaker like ears, Noivern fired a ballistic sound attack, breaking a lot of the trees on the battlefield, and even smashing a few boulders.

"Krookadile, use Dig and escape!" Hapu instructed. Krookadile quickly burrowed underground, and narrowly avoided Boomburst.

"Good call, but Dig is a Ground Type Move. Flying Type Pokémon like Noivern are immune," Will commented.

"And don't Noivern have supersonic hearing?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah. Noivern can launch an attack on the ground, and force Krookadile above ground," Will replied.

"Noivern, try to pinpoint where Krookadile is, and use Dragon Pulse!" Hau instructed. Using it's ears to send out sonic waves, Noivern scanned the battlefield for Krookadile. When it found it, Noivern fired Dragon Pulse at the ground, forcing Krookadile above ground, "Now, use Hyper Beam!" Hau instructed. Noivern fired off Hyper Beam at point blank range, sending Krookadile back to the ground, knocked out.

"Krookadile is unable to battle, the winner is Noivern!" the referee declared, as Hapu recalled Krookadile, "Gastrodon, let's go!" Hapu said, sending Gastrodon back out, "Use Ice Beam!" Hapu instructed. Gastrodon fired Ice Beam at Noivern, striking the Sound Wave Pokémon, causing it to fall to the ground, knocked out.

"Noivern is unable to battle, the winner is Gastrodon!" the referee declared, as Hau recalled Noivern.

"Thanks Noivern. You did great out there," Hau said, readying his next Pokeball, "Espeon, let's go!" Hau said, sending Espeon back out.

"This match up again," Toby commented.

"Espeon, use Swift!" Hau instructed. Espeon fired Swift, which struck Gastrodon, who held on.

"Gastrodon, use Muddy Water!" Hau instructed. Gastrodon summoned a wave of murky water, which swamped the battlefield, knocking out Espeon.

"Espeon is unable to battle, the winner is Gastrodon!" the referee declared, as Hau recalled Espeon.

"Vaporeon, let's go!" Hau said, sending Vaporeon back out.

"Good call. Vaporeon's ability is Water Absorb, which not only nullifies all Water Type attacks, but heals itself," Will commented.

"So Vaporeon can heal itself from the damage it took when battling Palossand," Silver Spoon commented.

"Gastrodon, use Mud Shot!" Hapu instructed. Gastrodon fired a stream of mud at Vaporeon.

"Quick, use Mirror Coat!" Hau instructed. Vaporeon started glowing, and sent Mud Shot back at Gastrodon with double the force. Both Pokémon were knocked out.

"Both Vaporeon and Gastrodon are unable to battle!" the referee declared, as the trainers recalled their respective Pokémon.

"Mirror Coat is much like Counter, except it only returns double the damage dealt by Special Attacks," Will commented.

"And now Hapu is down to her last Pokémon, while Hau still has two Pokémon left. And one of them hasn't battled yet," Toby added.

"And I think we all know Hapu's last Pokémon," Fluttershy said.

"Now, Mudsdale, let's go!" Hapu said, sending out Mudsdale.

"Go, Primarina!" Hau said, sending Primarina back out.

"Mudsdale, use Heavy Slam!" Hapu instructed. Mudsdale's body became metallic, and charged at Primarina.

"Primarina, use Hydro Pump!" Hau instructed. Primarina fired Hydro Pump at the charging Mudsdale, who hardly seemed fazed, as it slammed into Primarina.

"Here we go Mudsdale!" Hapu said, as she did the pose for Ground Type Z Moves. Mudsdale was then enveloped in Z Power, "Go, use Tectonic Rage!" Mudsdale then unleased the full force Z Move, which was successful in knocking out Primarina.

"Primarina is unable to battle, the winner is Mudsdale!" the referee declared, as Hau recalled Primarina.

"Now it's one Pokémon each," one of the spectators commented.

"Alright, Glaceon, let's go!" Hau said, sending out a Glaceon.

"Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokémon, an Ice Type, and one of many evolved forms of Eevee. It can instantly freeze any moisture in the atmosphere around it. It does so to create ice pellets to shoot at it's prey," Rotom said.

"Ice Type Pokémon have an advantage over Ground Type Pokémon, but we'll see," Will commented.

"Ok, Mudsdale should still be feeling something from Hydro Pump, so let's end this quickly!" Hau said, as he began to do a pose for a Z Move. He made a Zig-zag motion with his arms, and then extended them. Glaceon was then surrounded by Z Power.

"That was the pose for Ice Type Z Moves!" Toby exclaimed.

"Here we go, use Sub-zero Slammer!" Hau called out. Glaceon summoned a massive ice pillar from underneath it. It then fired a beam of icy energy at Mudsdale, trapping it in a massive ice crystal, before it exploded. When the smoke cleared, Mudsdale was knocked out.

"Mudsdale is unable to battle, the winner is Glaceon! Therefore, moving on the semifinals will be Hau, of Iki Town!" the referee declared.

"Nice one Glaceon!" Hau said, high-fiving his Pokémon.

"Well, how bout that?" Hapu said, as she made her way over to Mudsdale, "Thanks a lot Mudsdale, you were great out there," Hapu said, recalling her Pokémon.

"And now, for the final matchup for the Quarter Finals! It will be pitting Will from Mahogany Town against the Island Kahuna, Nanu!" the announcer said.

"Well, I better get down there," Will said, making his way down to the arena, where Nanu was also making his way to.

Chapter 42: Will VS Nanu! The Semi Final Matchups!

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Will and Nanu had made their way up to their places on the battlefield, as a grassy field battlefield rose up from the ground. The referee took his place as well, "The final match of the Alola Pokémon League Quarter Finals between Island Kahuna Nanu and Will from Mahogany Town is about to get under way! Each trainer is allowed the use of six Pokémon, and the battle will be over when all of either side's Pokémon is unable to continue! Furthermore, when three of either side's Pokémon are unable to battle, we will have a five minute intermission for a field change! Substitutions may be made by either side at any time during the battle. Now then, trainers, choose your Pokémon!" the referee declared.

"Alright, Hariyama, let's go!" Will said, sending out his Hariyama.

"Sableye, to my side!" Nanu said, sending out Sableye.

"Not good. Sableye's a Ghost Type, so Hariyama's Fighting Type moves will be ineffective," Toby commented.

"Battle, begin!" the referee declared.

"Hariyama, return!" Will said, recalling Hariyama, "Mimikyu, let's go!" Will said, sending out his Mimikyu, "Mimikyu, use Play Rough!" Will instructed. Mimikyu then charged at Sableye.

"Sableye, use Double Team, and dodge," Nanu instructed. Several copies of Sableye began appearing, "Now, use Foul Play," Nanu instructed. Sableye charged at Mimikyu, and slammed it to the ground.

"Mimikyu, use Shadow Ball!" Will instructed. Mimikyu fired Shadow Ball at Sableye, causing major damage, "Now, use Play Rough!" Will instructed. Mimikyu charged at Sableye, successfully hitting the Darkness Pokémon with it's attack. Sableye was knocked out as a result.

"Sableye is unable to battle, the winner is Mimikyu!" the referee declared, as Nanu recalled Sableye.

"Absol, come out," Nanu said, sending out a large, white wolf like Pokémon with a large crescent horn.

"Whoa, whose that Pokémon?" Fluttershy asked.

"Absol, the Disaster Pokémon, a Dark Type. It is said that Absol will appear before humans whenever a disaster is about to happen. It does so to warn humans, but they interpret it as the harbinger of calamity," Rotom said.

"Absol, use Night Slash," Nanu instructed. Absol's horn glowed, and slashed into Mimikyu, knocking out the disguise Pokémon.

"Mimikyu is unable to battle, the winner is Absol!" the referee declared.

"Absol's Super Luck Ability comes in handy at times like this," Nanu commented, as Will recalled Mimikyu.

"Toxicroak, let's go!" Will said, sending out a large, blue frog like Pokémon.

"Absol, use Razor Wind," Nanu instructed. Absol began whipping up a whirlwind.

"Razor Wind takes a while to launch, so, Toxicroak, use Brick Break!" Will instructed. Toxicroak then charged at Absol, and did a karate chop on it, causing a lot of damage, but not enough to knock it out.

"Absol is unable to battle, the winner is Toxicroak!" the referee declared, as Nanu recalled Absol.

"Not looking too good for my side, but it's far from over. Go, Honchkrow!" Nanu said, sending out a Honchkrow.

"Honchkrow, the Big Boss Pokémon, a Dark and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Murkrow. It leaves it's goons to do all the work for it, while it preens it's feathers. The only time it will dirty it's feathers is to deliver the final blow to it's prey," Rotom said.

"Of course! This must be another defense Nanu has against Fighting Type Pokémon!" Toby commented.

"Right, since Flying Type Pokémon have an advantage over Fighting Type Pokémon," Silver Spoon added.

"Honchkrow, use Sky Attack," Nanu instructed. Honchkrow fly up high, surrounded by a harsh light.

"Toxicroak, when Honchkrow comes in close, use Poison Jab!" Will instructed, as Honchkrow then charged at Toxicroak, the latter readying it's attack. However, it launched Poison Jab too soon, and took the full force of the attack, and was knocked out.

"Toxicroak is unable to battle, the winner is Honchkrow!" the referee declared.

"Now they've both lost two Pokémon," Fluttershy commented, as Will recalled Toxicroak.

"Let's see, Honchkrow is an airborne Pokémon, so Fighting Type Pokémon won't have that much of an advantage over it. But maybe," Will said, taking out a Friend Ball, "Dragonite, let's go!" Will said, sending out the Dragon Pokémon, "Dragonite, use Thunderbolt!" Will instructed. Dragonite fired Thunderbolt at Honchkrow, causing major damage.

"Honchkrow, use Night Slash," Nanu instructed. With it's wings glowing purple, Honchkrow slashed Dragonite, who struggled to stay in the air.

"Dragonite, use Ice Beam!" Will instructed. Dragonite then fired Ice Beam at Honchkrow, encasing the Big Boss Pokémon in ice, as it fell to the ground. Honchkrow shook off the attack, but Dragonite slammed into Honchkrow, knocking out the Big Boss Pokémon.

"Honchkrow is unable to battle, the winner is Dragonite! Three of Kahuna Nanu's Pokémon are unable to battle, so we'll take a five minute break for a field change!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Things are looking up for Will, that's for sure," Silver Spoon commented.

"Yeah, but don't forget, Nanu still has three Pokémon he hasn't brought out yet, and the only Pokémon Will lost was Mimikyu and Toxicroak. Hariyama also hasn't had a chance to battle yet either," Toby reminded.

"We can bet that one of Nanu's Pokémon is definetly going to be that Persian," Fluttershy commented, as a city square battle field rose up.

"Hariyama, let's go!" Will said, sending out Hariyama.

"Houndoom, let's go," Nanu said, sending out a Houndoom.

"Houndoom, the Dark Pokémon, a Dark and Fire Type. Identifiable by it's eerie howls, people a long time ago thought it to be the grim reaper, and feared it," Rotom said.

"Flamethrower Houndoom, lets go!" Nanu instructed. Houndoom fired Flamethrower at Hariyama.

"Quick Hariyama, use Arm Thrust!" Will instructed. Hariyama started shoving back Flamethrower, "Thanks to Hariyama's Thick Fat Ability, Fire and Ice Type moves are only half as effective," Will commented.

"Houndoom, use Iron Tail now!" Nanu instructed. Houndoom struck Hariyama with a metallic tail, making the large Fighting Type stagger a bit.

"Quick, use Brick Break!" Will instructed. Hariyama then delivered a powerful karate chop to Houndoom, knocking out the Dark Pokémon.

"Hound Doom is unable to battle, the winner is Hariyama!" the referee declared, as Nanu recalled Houndoom.

"Mandibuzz, let's go!" Nanu said, sending out a massive vulture Pokémon.

"Mandibuzz, the Bone Vulture Pokémon, a Dark and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Vullaby. It's always searching for food for Vullaby. When it spots a weak Pokémon, it swoops it off to it's nest," Rotom said.

"Another Flying Type," Toby commented.

"Hariyama, use Rock Slide!" Will instructed. Hariyama summoned several massive boulders, as hurled them at Mandibuzz.

"Mandibuzz, dodge, and use Brave Bird!" Nanu instructed. Mandibuzz then became enveloped in an energy of some kind, and charged into Hariyama, knocking out the Arm Thrust Pokémon, while also taking damage itself.

"Hariyama is unable to battle, the winner is Mandibuzz!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Hariyama.

"Thanks old friend. You did spectacular out there," Will said, as he readied his next Pokeball, "Dragonite, let's go!" Will said, sending Dragonite back out.

"Mandibuzz, use Night Slash!" Nanu instructed. Mandibuzz charged at Dragonite, it's wings glowing purple.

"Dragonite, when it gets close, use Thunderbolt!" Will instructed. Dragonite waited until the last minute before firing off Thunderbolt. Mandibuzz took a ton of damage, but was able to hit Dragonite with Night Slash before being knocked out.

"Mandibuzz is unable to battle, the winner is Dragonite!" the referee declared, as Nanu recalled Mandibuzz.

"Only one Pokémon left for me to use. Alright, Persian, let's go!" Nanu said, sending out his Persian, "Let's start off with Dark Pulse!" Nanu instructed. Persian fired Dark Pulse, knocking Dragonite back to the ground, knocked out.

"Dragonite is unable to battle, the winner is Persian!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Dragonite.

"Ok, Persian is Nanu's ace Pokémon, but it's still a Dark Type, so, Lucario, let's go!" Will said, sending out Lucario.

"I'm not about to loose this match that easily Will!" Nanu said, as he did the pose for Dark Type Z Moves, enveloping Persian in Z Power, "Black Hole Eclipse," Nanu murmured. Persian summoned a black hole, which sucked in Lucario, and exploded. Despite having resistance against the Dark Type Z Move, Lucario still took a lot of damage.

"Man, Lucario still got hit hard, even though Dark Type Moves aren't that effective against Fighting and Steel Types. Well, Nanu showed us his full power, so let's return the favor!" Will said, doing the pose for Fighting Type Z Moves, enveloping Lucario in Z Power, "Alright Lucario, use All Out Pummeling!" Will called out. Lucario then started firing off several fists and kicks made of Z Power at Persian, knocking out the Classy Cat Pokémon.

"Persian is unable to battle, the winner is Lucario! Therefore, the victory goes to Will of Mahogany Town!" the referee declared, as Nanu recalled Persian.

"Phew, that was tough!" Will said, wiping off the sweat from the battle.

"And with that, the Quarter Finals are over! Now we'll randomize the remaining four trainers into tomorrows Semi Final Match Ups!" the announcer said, as the computer began randomizing the remaining trainers.

"Wonder who we're going up against," Will said to himself, as the randomizing finished. Will and his friends gasped. The first match was pitting Toby against Hau, while Will was to be paired against Busujima, "Man, Busujima's my next opponent," Will commented.

"A part of me is glad that I don't have to go up against Will, but now I have to battle Hau?" Toby commented.

"I think Hau is thinking the same thing too, Sweetie Pie," Silver Spoon replied.

Chapter 43: Toby VS Hau

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Later that night,

Toby and Will were at the computers, trying to figure out a way to counter their opponent's teams for the semi finals, "Hau is most likely going to use Primarina, Noivern, and Raichu. So I should probably go in with Tsareena and Snowball. Then again, he does also have every evolved form of Eevee. Their types are Water, Electric, Fire, Dark, Psychic, Ice, Grass, and Fairy. Hmm, maybe I should have Metagross as a part of my team," Toby murmured to himself.

"I know Busujima has a lot of Poison Type Pokémon, but from what Sliver Spoon told me, his Shelgon has evolved into Salamence, which is the real threat of all of his Pokémon," Will said.

Meanwhile, with Hau,

"Ok, so Toby's favorite Pokémon to use are Metagross, Incineroar, Lycanroc, and Raichu. Maybe for maneuverability, I should have Noivern on my team. Tauros can also power through most attacks," Hau said, as he continued to think up his strategy.

Meanwhile, with Busujima,

"Who needs to look up their opponent? Salamence is the only REAL strategy I need," Busujima said, clenching the Pokeball, holding his Salamence.

Meanwhile, in a conference room on Team Rocket's Carrier,

"So gentlemen, I assume you know why I called you in," Giovanni said, as he sat at a conference table with three other men sitting around him. One was wearing what appeared to be a space suit with a big letter "G" on his chest. The second was had long, green hair. He was wearing regal looking robes, and had an eyepatch over his eye. The third and last was a well dress man in a business suit. He had a big, red hair style, like the mane of a lion.

"I assume it is in regards to our plans?" the first man asked.

"Correct Cyrus. As you know, the day after tomorrow will be when our plan for world conquest is put into action," Giovanni replied.

"Ok, so why is it that we're waiting for the next day?" the second man asked bitterly.

"You see, Ghetsis, our grunts need another, extremely powerful authority figure to help them execute our plans. What makes a powerful authority figure, you may ask? Why, a powerful Pokémon Trainer. Which is why I've been watching the Alola Region's Pokémon League from the very start. So far, I've seen at least two candidates that fit the bill for another Team Rocket Executive Admin. The first being a young boy by the name of Toby Mason. The second is another boy named Busujima. These two show progress. Which is why at the very start of the final match, when either trainer makes the cut, we take our chance to recruit them," Giovanni explained.

"Ok, but what about the other boy? What was his name, Hau?" the third man asked.

"I'm afraid he's too much of a free spirit, Lysandre. he can't be turned over to our side," Giovanni replied.

"And we all know of the fourth trainer," Ghetsis said in disgust.

"You needn't worry about Will. He's too accustomed to his 'Pokémon are our friends' philosophy, ignorant to the true purposes Pokémon are meant for," Giovanni replied.

"So, what's our plan?" Cyrus asked. Giovanni then pulled up a presentation.

Toby was standing outside the arena, with his team of Pokémon. It consisted of Turtonator, Tsareena, Snowball, Goodra, Lycanroc, and Metagross, "Alright guys, this is it! Our semifinal match against Hau," Toby said, giving his Pokémon a little pep talk, "Hau may be a laid back kind of guy, but don't let your guard down, even an inch! He's one skilled Pokémon Trainer," he explained. His Pokémon sounded their understanding, "Now lets get out there, and do our best!" Toby said, recalling his Pokémon, and making his way to the arena.

"Making his way into the arena, from the Johto Region's Mahogany Town, is Toby Mason! And his opponent, the grandson of Island Kahuna Hala, he's Hau of Iki Town!" the announcer said, as both trainers took their places, as did the referee, as a sandy desert battle field rose up from the ground.

"The first Semifinal match of the Alola Pokémon League will now get underway! Each trainer may use the maximum of six Pokémon, and the battle will be over when all of either sides Pokémon cannot continue! In addition, substitutions may be made at anytime! When three of either side's Pokémon cannot continue, we'll have a five minute intermission for a field change! Now, trainers, choose your Pokémon!" the referee declared.

"Alright, Turtonator, let's do this!" Toby said, sending out the Blast Turtle Pokémon.

"Go, Tauros!" Hau said, sending out Tauros.

"Turtonator VS Tauros, battle, BEGIN!" the referee declared.

"Tauros, use Giga Impact, right away!" Hau said. Tauros then charged at Turtonator at full force.

"Quick Turtonator, use Shell Trap!" Toby instructed. Turtonator turned it's back to Tauros, allowing the Wild Bull Pokémon to impact Turtonator's shell, which exploded, damaging Tauros, "Since Giga Impact requires time recharge, Turtonator, use Flamethrower!" Toby instructed. Turtonator fired Flamethrower at Tauros, knocking it out.

"Tauros is unable to battle, the winner is Turtonator!" the referee declared, as Hau recalled Tauros.

"Thanks Tauros, you did awesome out there," Hau said, readying his next Pokeball, "Now, Umbreon, let's go!" Hau said, sending out Umbreon, "Umbreon, use Dark Pulse!" Hau instructed. Umbreon fired off Dark Pulse at Turtonator, who tanked the attack.

"Turtonator, use Dragon Pulse!" Toby instructed. Turtonator fired Dragon Pulse at Umbreon, kicking up a lot of sand, as the attack made impact.

"Umbreon, use Swift!" Hau instructed. Umbreon fired Swift, which proved too much for the tired Turtonator to handle, and was knocked out.

"Turtonator is unable to battle, the winner is Umbreon!" the referee declared, as Toby recalled Turtonator.

"Thanks Turtonator, you did great out there," Toby said, readying his next Pokeball, "Now, Snowball, let's go!" Toby said, sending out his Alolan Ninetails.

"Fairy Type Pokémon have an advantage over Dark Types," Fluttershy commented.

"Snowball, use Ice Beam!" Toby instructed. Snowball fired off Ice Beam. Umbreon dodged, and the ground below it was frozen solid.

"Umbreon, use Iron Tail!" Hau instructed. Umbreon dashed at Snowball, it's tail become metallic.

"Quick, use Double Team!" Toby instructed. Multiple copies of Snowball started appearing everywhere, as Iron Tail phased through one, "Now, use Dazzling Gleam!" Toby instructed. Snowball began emitting a powerful light, that seemed to damage Umbreon quite a bit.

"Stay strong Umbreon, use Quick Attack!" Umbreon then charged at Snowball with blinding speeds.

"Snowball, use Blizzard!" Toby instructed. Snowball then unleashed a powerful snow storm, that send Umbreon flying back, knocked out.

"Umbreon is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Time to tag out Snowball. You've done plenty out there," Toby said.

"Raichu, let's do this!" Hau said, sending out his Raichu.

"Alright, in that case, Goodra, let's go!" Toby said, sending out his Goodra, "First we'll set the battlefield to our advantage. Goodra, use Rain Dance!" Toby instructed. Goodra roared, summoning storm clouds, as it began to rain, "Goodra, use Dragon Pulse!" Toby instructed. Goodra fired Dragon Pulse at Raichu.

"Quick, dodged, then use Thunder!" Hau instructed. Raichu elegantly dodged Dragon Pulse, and fired an electric blast into the sky, which slammed down onto Goodra, "In rainy weather, Thunder is always a guaranteed hit," Hau commented.

"Tsk, looks like putting things to suit Goodra's Hydration Ability backfired on us. Even so, Goodra still has some resistance to Electric Attacks. Now, Goodra, use Bide!" Toby instructed. Goodra then braced itself.

"Thunder, once more!" Once again, Raichu fired Thunder on Goodra, who tanked the attack, and was glowing red, "Iron Tail!" Raichu slammed it's metallic tail against Goodra.

"Alright, let it rip Goodra!" Toby said, as Goodra unleashed all of Bides power against Raichu, knocking out the Mouse Pokémon.

"Raichu is unable to battle, the winner is Goodra! Three of Hau's Pokémon have been eliminated, so we'll take a five minute intermission for a field change!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Ok, I've knocked out three of Hau's Pokémon already, while he's knocked out one of mine, and damaged two others. Things may be looking in my favor, but I can't let my guard down," Toby said to himself.

"Man, I didn't think Toby was this powerful!" Hau commented.

"So far, both of them have shown they've got skills, but it's still early to know for sure who'll win," Will commented.

"I'm confident that Toby will win!" Silver Spoon declared with a blush, as a rock battlefield rose up from the ground.

"Sylveon, let's go!" Hau said, sending out a Sylveon.

"Lycanroc, I choose you!" Toby said, sending out Lycanroc.

"Sylveon, use Moonblast!" Hau said. Sylveon gather light from the moon, and fired the collected energy at Lycanroc.

"Dodge, then use Stone Edge!" Toby instructed. Lycanroc then punched the ground, summoning the rock spikes, which struck Sylveon, who was still hanging on.

"Now, Draining Kiss!" Hau instructed. Sylveon charged at Lycanroc, and kissed it on the cheek, siphoning off Lycanroc's energy. Sylveon's wounds were then healed.

"Was that an actual move?!" Silver Spoon questioned.

"Yeah, Draining Kiss deals damage, and heals the user," Will replied.

"Now, let's try Attract!" Hau instructed. Sylveon then blew a kiss at Lycanroc, who looked to become infatuated.

"What's with Lycanroc?" Serenity wondered.

"Attract is a move that makes the opposing Pokémon fall in love with the user. It only works on Pokémon of the opposite gender," Will explained.

"Lycanroc is a girl, so that means Sylveon's a boy?" Silver Spoon asked. Will nodded.

"Lycanroc, return!" Toby said, recalling Lycanroc, "Ok, Metagross, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Metagross. In the stands, Busujima was in awe at the Iron Leg Pokémon.

"Looks like that nerd's got a powerhouse Pokémon after all," he commented.

"Good call on Toby's part. Since Metagross doesn't have a gender, it can't be infatuated with Sylveon," Will commented.

"Plus, Metagross has an advantage over Sylveon," Fluttershy added.

"Metagross, use Meteor Mash!" Toby instructed. Metagross got in close, and punched Sylveon with the force of a meteor, knocking out the Intertwining Pokémon.

"Sylveon is unable to battle, the winner is Metagross!" the referee declared, as Hau recalled Sylveon.

"Thanks Sylveon, that was great work you did out there," Hau said, readying his next Pokeball, "Go Noivern!" Hau said, sending out his Noivern.

"Just as I thought," Toby said to himself.

"Technically speaking, Metagross has the advantage against Noivern, since Flying and Dragon Type moves aren't very effective against Steel Types," Will commented.

"But Noivern has more maneuverability, so I'd say it's a stalemate," Silver Spoon replied.

"Noivern, use Dark Pulse!" Hau instructed. Noivern fired Dark Pulse at Metagross.

"Quick, dodge it Metagross, then use Psychic!" Toby instructed. Metagross looked to be skating across the battlefield, dodging Dark Pulse, before firing Psychic at Noivern, slamming it to the ground.

"Quick Noivern, use Dragon Tail!" Hau instructed. Noivern's tail started glowing teal, and slammed against Metagross, forcing it back into it's Pokeball, and sending out Tsareena.

"Huh?! How'd that weak Steenee evolve into such a powerhouse?!" Busujima seethed, obviously not happy about seeing Tsareena.

"What happened?! I didn't call out Tsareena!" Toby exclaimed. Tsareena was just as confused as her trainer.

"That's an effect of Dragon Tail. It can sometimes force a Pokémon back into it's Pokeball and bring out another one," Will commented.

"Noivern, use Acrobatics!" Hau instructed. Noivern began slamming into Tsareena from all angles.

"Not good, Tsareena, return!" Toby said, recalling the Fruit Pokémon, "Ok, Snowball, let's go!" Toby said, sending Snowball back out, "Use Dazzling Gleam!" Toby instructed. Snowball then began emitting the light from Dazzling Gleam, which struck Noivern, knocking it out.

"Noivern is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as Hau and Toby recalled their Pokémon.

"Thanks Noivern, take a long break," Hau said, readying his next Pokeball.

"You did awesome out there Snowball. You earned a long break," Toby said, readying his next Pokeball.

"Hau's down to his last Pokémon, while Toby still has five of his, but they've all taken damage. This is where things get dicey," Will commented.

"Primarina, let's go!" Hau said, sending out Primarina.

"Goodra, I choose you!" Toby said, sending out Goodra.

"Toby should watch out. Since Primarina's a Fairy Type, Goodra's Dragon Type Moves won't do anything, while Goodra can take a lot of damage from Fairy Type moves," Will commented.

"Goodra, use Rain Dance!" Toby instructed. Goodra summoned the rain clouds again, and rain began pouring down on the battlefield, "Now, use Thunder!" Toby instructed. Goodra fired Thunder at the clouds, which then was redirected at Primarina, who took a ton of damage from the Electric attack.

"Primarina, use Moonblast!" Hau instructed. Primarina fired Moonblast at Goodra, who was knocked out as a result.

"Goodra is unable to battle, the winner is Primarina!" the referee declared, as Toby recalled Goodra.

"Thanks Goodra, that was awesome," Toby said, readying the Luxury Ball that held Tsareena, "Well old friend, time to show them what we're made of," Toby said, sending out Tsareena, who was still a bit tired, "Tsareena, use Magical Leaf!" Toby instructed. Tsareena fired the rainbow leaves at Primarina, who tanked the attack, 'I think Trop Kick should be saved for last,' Toby thought.

"Primarina, use Ice Beam!" Hau instructed. Primarina fired Ice Beam at Tsareena, who quick leapt out of the way.

"Alright, Tsareena, use Trop Kick!" Toby exclaimed. Tsareena charged at Primarina, and kicked it hard, sending Primarina back against the wall, knocked out.

"Primarina is unable to battle, the winner is Tsareena, therefore, the victor is Toby!" the referee declared.

"Thanks Primarina, you were great out there," Hau said, recalling his Pokémon, before taking his leave.

"Alright Tsareena, you did amazing out there!" Toby praised. Tsareena beamed at Toby's praise. They both looked up to see Busujima, glaring disapprovingly at them, "We'll show him. You were never a weak Pokémon," Toby said, recalling the Fruit Pokémon.

"Alright, now it's Time for the second match of the semifinals! It'll be pitting Will from Mahogany Town against the Island Challenge Bully, Busujima!" the announcer said, as both aforementioned trainers entered the arena.

Chapter 44: Will VS Busujima

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"Well Busujima, looks like only one of us will be going on to the finals," Will said to his opponent.

"Like that's any contest! Everyone knows the strongest trainer will win, and that'll be me!" Busujima taunted.

"We'll see," Will retorted, as an oasis battle field rose from the ground, and the referee took his place.

"The second match of the Alola Pokémon League Semi Finals will now begin! Each trainer is allowed the use of six Pokémon, and the match is over when all of either sides Pokémon can no longer battle. Substitutions may be made at any time during the match. When three of either side's Pokémon are unable to battle, we'll have a five minute intermission for a field change! Now, trainers, choose your Pokémon!" the referee declared.

"Alright, Gengar, let's do this!" Will said, sending out the Shadow Pokémon.

"Salazzle, out here now!" Busujima ordered, sending out the Toxic Lizard Pokémon.

"Battle BEGIN!" the referee declared.

"Gengar, use Mean Look!" Will instructed. Gengar fired a dark ring at Salazzle, who then had a mysterious energy surrounding her, "Now Busujima can't swap out his Pokémon," Will commented.

"Salazzle, use Toxic!" Busujima ordered. Salazzle fired the sludge at Gengar, badly poisoning it.

"Not good. That Corrosion Ability is going to throw Will for a loop," Fluttershy commented.

"It did the same with me when it battled Metagross," Toby added.

"Gengar, quick, use Psychic!" Will instructed. Gengar fired off Psychic, only for Salazzle to dodge it.

"Now, use Dragon Pulse," Busujima ordered. Salazzle fired Dragon Pulse at Gengar, knocking it out.

"Gengar is unable to battle, the winner is Salazzle!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Gengar.

"Thanks Gengar, you did great out there," Will said, readying his next Pokeball, "Marowak, let's do this!" Will said, sending out his Marowak.

"Both Marowak and Salazzle are Fire Types, so it'll all hinge on their secondary typing," Toby commented.

"Marowak, use Bone Club!" Will instructed. Marowak charged at Salazzle, hitting her with it's bone, causing major damage.

"Get it together Salazzle, use Sludge Bomb!" Busujima ordered. Salazzle fired the Toxic Sludge at Marowak, which appeared to Poison the Bonekeeper Pokémon, "Now, Venoshock!" Salazzle fired Venoshock at Marowak.

"Quick Marowak, use Bonemerang!" Will instructed. Marowak chucked it's bone like a boomerang, which hit Salazzle, but not before Venoshock made contact with it. Both Pokémon were knocked out.

"Both Salazzle and Marowak are unable to battle!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Man, this kid's even stronger than I thought," Will said, as he readied his next Pokeball, "Garchomp, let's go!" Will said, sending out Garchomp.

"Kangaskhan, out here now!" Busujima said, sending out his Kangaskhan.

"Garchomp, use Dual Chop!" Will instructed. Garchomp then flew over to Kangaskhan, and started swinging it's blade like arms.

"Kangaskhan, use Ice Punch to counter!" Busujima ordered. Kangaskhan started swinging icy punches back at Garchomp, causing major damage to the Mach Pokémon. Sparks then surrounded Kangaskhan, as it had a pained looked.

"Since Garchomp is a Ground and Dragon Type, Ice Type Moves are twice as effective. But thanks to it's Rough Skin Ability, it can still deal damage to Kangaskhan. Now, use Draco Meteor!" Will exclaimed. Garchomp fired off Draco Meteor into the air, which split apart into several smaller meteors, which came crashing down on the battlefield, one even hitting Kangaskhan.

"Not a bad move, but we have an even better one. Kangaskhan, use Outrage!" Busujima ordered. Will gasped at the move he had just called out, as Kangaskhan started beating up Garchomp, eventually knocking out the Mach Pokémon, while taking damage from Rough Skin.

"Garchomp is unable to battle, the winner is Kangaskhan! Since three of Will's Pokémon are unable to continue battling, we'll have a five minute intermission for a field change!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Using Outrage is risky, especially since it can cause a Pokémon to become confused. What is Busujima thinking?!" Will pondered.

"Things aren't looking good for Will. He's already lost three Pokémon, while Busujima only lost two of his," Toby commented.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Will has a strategy for winning against Busujima. Especially since Kangaskhan took a lot of damage," Silver Spoon soothed, as a dirt battlefield rose up from the ground.

"Ok, Muk, let's go!" Will said, sending out his Muk.

"Tauros, get out here!" Busujima roared, sending out Tauros, "Use Giga Impact!" Busujima ordered. Tauros then charged at Muk full force, striking the Sludge Pokémon, who tanked the attack.

"Tauros won't be able to move for a while after using Giga Impact, so Muk, use Toxic!" Will instructed. Muk fired the toxic sludge at Tauros, who was badly poisoned, "Now, Venoshock!" Will added. Muk fired the mysterious liquid at Tauros, causing even more damage.

"Tauros use Façade!" Busujima ordered. Tauros slammed into Muk, causing major damage, "Now into an Earthquake!" he added. Tauros struck the ground, causing a massive tremor that knocked out Muk.

"Muk is unable to battle, the winner is Tauros!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Muk. Tauros then fell over, exhausted, "Tauros is also unable to battle!" the referee corrected himself, as Busujima recalled the Wild Bull Pokémon.

"Thanks Muk, you did great out there," Will said, readying his next Pokeball, as did Busujima, "Lucario, let's do this!" Will said, sending in Lucario.

"Kangaskhan, out here now!" Busujima ordered, sending the tired Kangaskhan back out.

"Lucario, get in close, and use Force Palm!" Will instructed. Lucario charged at Kangaskhan with blind speed, and firing energy from it's palm, sent the parent Pokémon back a few feet, knocking it out.

"Kangaskhan is unable to battle, the winner is Lucario!" the referee declared, as Busujima recalled Kangaskhan.

"Salamence, out here now!" Busujima roared, sending out Salamence, who glared hard at Lucario, making the Aura Pokémon cower a bit.

"Salamence, the Dragon Pokémon, a Dragon and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Shelgon. Having finally achieved it's dream of flying, Salamence flies through the skies, spewing fire in joy. This Pokémon has been known to unintentionally start forest fires," Rotom said.

"Salamence, use Flamethrower!" Busujima ordered. Salamence fired Flamethrower at Lucario, who jumped out of the way just in time.

"Lucario, use Aura Sphere!" Will instructed. Lucario fired Aura Sphere at Salamence, damaging the Dragon Pokémon a little bit.

"Salamence, use Fire Fang!" Busujima ordered. Salamence charged at Lucario, and bit down on the Aura Pokémon with flame covered fangs, causing major damage, "Now Dragon Rush!" he added. Salamence the charged at Lucario, surrounded by energy, slamming into Lucario, knocking it out.

"Lucario is unable to battle, the winner is Salamence!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Lucario. Needless to say, Will and friends were speechless at how the match was going. However, Will wasn't one to give in.

"Alright, Dragonite, I choose you!" Will said, sending out Dragonite.

"Salamence, use Dragon Claw!" Busujima ordered. Salamence charged at Dragonite, it's claws glowing teal.

"Dragonite, circle around, and use Ice Beam!" Will instructed. Dragonite flew around Salamence, and fired Ice Beam at the opposing Dragon Pokémon.

"Salamence, use Flamethrower!" Busujima ordered. Salamence fired Flamethrower at Ice Beam, cutting right through, and striking Dragonite, "Now use Dragon Rush!" Salamence then charged once more at Dragonite.

"Dodge, then use Thunderbolt!" Will instructed. Dragonite got it's bearings, and circled around Salamence, and launched Thunderbolt, which seemed to daze Salamence, "Alright, it's now or never!" Will said, as he did the pose for Ice Type Z Moves, enveloping Dragonite in Z Power, "Now, use Subzero Slammer!" Will instructed. Dragonite summoned the giant ice pillar, and it fired an icy beam at Salamence, who just barely dodged. When the smoke cleared, Salamence looked to still be fine, "No way," Will commented.

"Let me show you what a real Z Move is like!" Busujima taunted, doing the pose for Dragon Type Z Moves, enveloping Salamence in Z Power, "Now, use Devastating Drake!" the bully ordered. Salamence fired a dragon made of Z Power at Dragonite, knocking it out.

"Dragonite is unable to battle, the winner is Salamence, therefore, the victory goes to Busujima!" the referee declared. Will sighed, and recalled Dragonite.

"Thanks a bunch Dragonite, you did amazing out there," Will consoled.

"I can't believe Will actually lost," Serenity commented.

"And now it looks like I'm battling Busujima in the finals," Toby said, as both trainers locked eyes with one another.

Meanwhile, on Team Rocket's Carrier, in the cafeteria,

"Ha, I told you that goody-goody Will guy would loose! Pay up" a man wearing what looked to be a space suit said to a woman in a red suit, and a man dressed as a pirate.

"What are you talking about? We didn't bet on anything!" the pirate growled. Just then, the intercom went off.

"Attention all hands! We are beginning the final preparations for our plan for world domination! Victory is guaranteed," Giovanni said.

"Man, is it that time already?" the red suit woman asked rhetorically.

"Hey you three!" the three turned to see Butch and Cassidy walking up to them, "I assume you already know of you tasks, right?" Cassidy asked.

"Yeah, yeah. We all go to the various regions and subdue the Pokémon League Association," the spaceman said, sounding annoyed.

"Good. Look sharp. Some people may actually try to resist us. If they do, you have orders to use excessive force," Butch added, as the two took their leave.

Chapter 45: The Calm Before the Storm

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In the cafeteria,

"Sorry about your loss Will," Fluttershy said in sympathy.

"Thanks. But to tell you the truth, this isn't the first time I lost a Pokémon League Tournament," Will said, which surprised his friends, "See, whenever I go to a new region, I often have trouble identifying the various Pokémon's abilities, and that's usually what trips me up," Will said, remembering his first ever Pokémon League in the Johto Region.

Flashback, 10 years ago,

"Rhydon, use Megahorn!" a ten year old Will instructed to his massive Pokémon, who charged at an Ursaring horn first.

"Ursaring, Focus Punch!" Will's opponent ordered. Ursaring swung a powerful punch at Rhydon, sending it back into the wall, knocked out.

"Rhydon, NO!" Will exclaimed.

"Rhydon is unable to battle, the winner is Ursaring, therefore, moving on will be Jack from Goldenrod City!" the referee declared, much to the young Will's disappointment.

End of Flashback

"See, it's near impossible for a trainer to win a Pokémon League Tournament on their first try. In fact, the only time I ever won on my first try was in the Kalos Region, and that was when I learned about Mega Evolution," Will reminisced.

"But we saw you have trophies from the various regions. How'd that happen?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Well, whenever I loose one tournament, I usually go to another region to train up my Pokémon there. After about a year, I go back to a region I didn't win at, and try again," Will explained, as his students took this information all in, "But enough about me. So, Toby, have you decided on which Pokémon you're going to use against Busujima?" Will asked.

"I definetly want to use Raichu, Lycanroc, and Tsareena, since they all have a bone to pick with Busujima. As for my other three Pokémon, Incineroar and Metagross are my heaviest hitters, so I should have them on my team, and I think Delphox will be my last one," Toby replied.

"Hey geekwad!" Toby was grabbed by the collar of his shirt by none other than his next opponent; his archrival, Busujima, "How is it that you were able to get that pathetic Steenee to evolve into a Tsareena?!" he demanded.

"What do mean 'how'? I trained her up like any trainer would," Toby casually replied.

"That's enough Busujima!" Silver Spoon said, grabbing the bully's arm, separating the two boys.

"Besides, why would it matter to you? You abandoned Tsareena back when it was still just a Bounsweet at Brooklet Hill!" Will added.

"That's the point I'm trying to make! The weak are always meant to be weak, and that Tsareena should never have been an exception!" Busujima yelled, storming off.

"That guy...," Toby groaned, when an idea hit him, "Now that I think about it, maybe should use what I got the other night in my match?" Toby suggested.

"Well, it is a legitimate battle method," Will replied.

"Ok, then I'll use that then," Toby said.

Later that night, at Aether Paradise,

Wicke was going through some paperwork in her new office, since getting promoted to Faba's old rank, "So much to do," the kind woman said, as she entered the keys on her computer. She then got a call on her cell phone, "Hello, Aether Paradise Head Office, Executive Branch Chief Wicke speaking," Wicke said.

"Hello Agent Wicke," a man's voice on the other end of the line said. A voice Wicke knew all to well.

"Hello Chief Custer. How are things?" Wicke asked, her normally sweet, kind tone replaced with a deadly serious one.

"I'm calling in regards to a certain mafia group that I hope you've been keeping tabs on?" Custer questioned.

"Yeah, I have. What kind of an Elite International Policewoman would I be if I didn't?" Wicke asked rhetorically.

"And what of the Team Rocket's Spy, Faba?" Custer asked.

"That moron doesn't suspect a thing. He has an ego as big as those tacky glasses he wears," Wicke replied, leaning back in her chair.

"Excellent. Continue monitoring his actions. All the other international police elites are working in the other regions too," Custer said, hanging up.

"Hmm, the fact that Chief Custer called me up like that doesn't bode well," Wicke said to herself, taking a bite out of a chocolate bar.

Somewhere in the Unova Region,

"I can't hear it," a mysterious, green haired man commented, looking out onto the ocean. A large White Dragon Pokémon with a funnel shaped tail stood next to him, "A lot of the voices of Pokémon have been disappearing. As if their hearts are being sealed off," the man said. The Dragon Pokémon growled in a sense of worry, "Don't worry Reshiram. We'll solve this mystery," the man said, as he got onto the Dragon, and flew off.

On Team Rocket's Carrier,

"Ok, Butch and Cassidy, you have your assignment," Giovanni said to the two grunts.

"Yes sir. We invade the Alola Region's Pokémon League Tournament arena, and capture the two finalists, and bring them back here," Cassidy replied.

"Excellent. And remember. If they show any signs of resistance, then make them come," Giovanni said, dismissing the two.

"This has to be the easiest mission we've ever gotten," Butch commented, as the entered the hanger.

"I know. Just kidnap a couple of naïve brats? It'll be a cake walk," Cassidy replied, as they turned to all the grunts who had gathered, "Alright, tonight, we're getting into position for the next phase in our operations! Await further orders!" she ordered, as they all got into helicopters, and took off for the surrounding regions.

Announcing rewrite

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Hey guys, darkmage1997 here, coming to you with an announcement. I've hit a bit of a roadblock with the next chapter of this story. Which is why I am here to tell you guys that for the time being, until I come up with something to advance the story, the only "new chapters" that will come out will be rewrites of the majority of the previous chapters. These rewrites will be known as "Ultra Rewrites", as to keep things even with the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.

They will have new characters, including a particular group of siblings from another dimension who are very "Loud", if you get what I'm saying. So anyhow, I will be attempting to rewrite the chapters here in a few days when I get the chance.

In addition, the five trainers will catch Pokémon they hadn't previously caught in the existing chapters. Any new Pokémon they catch will be put in bold letters, in order to signify that they are new Pokémon. So until then, this has been a darkmage1997 news report!