• Published 24th Jul 2017
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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 12: Last Memories of Melemele Island?! Welcome to Akala Island!

Making their way through the streets of Hau'oli City, our heroes were on their way to the Alola Photo Club, their last stop on Melemele Island before departing to Akala Island, "Ok, so what's there to do at this Photo Club?" Will asked Rotom.

"The Alola Photo Club is a facility where trainers go to get their pictures taken with their Pokémon. You'll receive a scrapbook where you can store your pictures. You'll also receive a number of stickers, backdrops, and frames to decorate your pictures," Rotom replied.

"Sounds interesting. We can take a look, and maybe take a few picture, but as for decorating, maybe I can do that some other time," Will said, as they reached a small, yellow building, with giant camera carvings in the sides of it.

"Well, we're here!" Rotom said. They went inside, and saw that it was much like the backstage of a big concert, or similar event.

"Huh, guess they don't pull any punches with their business," Lincoln said, looking at some of the costumes. Just then, an employee came in from the back.

"Alola, and welcome to the Alola Photo Club! To commemorate your first visit, all the trainers are given one of these," she said, handing each trainer a scrapbook.

"Thank you," Will said.

"You're very welcome. I take it this is your first time visiting here?" the woman asked.

"That's right. We're from out of Alola," Will replied.

"Oh good! Then we can show you all the fun you can have with the Rotom Pokedex's Camera Function," the woman said, motioning towards the back. Stepping into the back, the group saw a green screen, "Now, if your Rotom Pokedex will come over here," the woman said, placing Rotom on a device.

"So, what happens now?" Toby asked.

"If one of the trainers will step in front of the greenscreen, we can get started," the woman instructed.

"Why don't I go first, and see how this fairs?" Will suggested.

"Good call. I'm not too good with having my picture taken," Fluttershy said, ducking behind the Louds.

"Ok, first, you need to decide, if you want to have your Pokémon do it by themselves or side by side with you," the woman stated.

"We should probably do it all together. I want to look back on this in later years," Will said, releasing his Pokémon. They all took their spots, and Rotom took six pictures.

"Perfect! Now then, if you'll come over here," the woman said, walking over to a computer device, "From here, you can edit the pictures of your Pokémon, and add all manner of decorations," the woman stated.

"Huh, that sound's handy. Maybe next time," Will stated.

"Very well. The pictures are saved onto the Rotom Pokedex, so you can edit them at any available Photo Club across Alola," the woman said, turning towards the other trainers, "Now then, would any of you like your pictures taken?" she asked.

"Eh, I think I'm good for now," Silver Spoon declined.

"Same here. If I start decorating those photos, I'm liable to never stop!" Toby chuckled.

"Very well. Thank you for visiting us," the woman said, as the group left the Club.

"That's literally something to look into next time," Lori commented, as Hau came rushing into the scene.

"Hey guys! Did you already check out the Photo Club?" Hau asked.

"Yeah. It seems like something we should do at the next location," Toby replied.

"Yeah! It's a ton of fun! Though, I'm not going to do any photo stuff at the moment. Once I start decorating photos, I just can't stop myself!" Hau laughed, as Professor Kukui and Lillie joined them.

"You kids look like you're having fun," Kukui commented.

"Yeah, we just got done checking out the Photo Club," Will replied.

"I guess now you guys are ready to take on the next island, right?" the professor was met with a round of nods, "Alright, the Louds will come with me and Lillie to the Marina. The boat is ready to take us to Akala Island," Kukui stated.

"Professor, would it be too much trouble to ask if Serenity could come with you?" Fluttershy asked.

"I-I'm not all that athletic, so I don't think I can do any Mantine Surfing," Serenity whispered.

"Not a problem! The boat's plenty big enough for all of us!" Kukui stated proudly.

"Then the rest of us will head to Mantine Beach. We'll catch you guys at Akala Island," Will stated.

"Serenity, make sure you stay with our friends, ok?" Fluttershy told her daughter.

"Ok, Mommy," Serenity whispered.

"Rotom, why don't you go with them too?" Will suggested.

"Roger that!" Rotom saluted, as they went their separate ways.

15 minutes later,

The rest of our heroes had made it safely to Mantine Beach, "Ok, so where do we go to start surfing?" Will wondered.

"Allow me to show you!" one of the beach people said, taking them over to the Mantine, "You just have to talk to Mantine, and tell them where you want to go. In this case, you want to go to the Akala Island Beach Spot, I take it?" she asked.

"That's right," Will replied.

"Ok! But before you start your venture over to Akala Island, you'd better take the training course, over there," the woman said, pointing to an obstacle course, "There, you'll learn all you need to about how to surf, and pull off awesome moves!" she explained.

"Would be the most sensible solution," Will said, as the five trainers each got on a Mantine, and went over to the obstacle course. Toby noticed some kind of device on the gear strapped to Mantine.

"Alright dudes and dudettes, the key to pulling off a successful move on Mantine is to build up speed. You can do this by climbing a wave, and then rocketing back down, then climbing back up," the instructor explained, as he got out of the way. One by one, each trainer did pick up speed, "Awesome! One thing to know about surfing, is that you can rack up points based on how far in the air you go," the instructor said.

"Oh, so that's what that thing is for," Toby commented.

"You can also earn more points by sticking a landing when you come back down. Give it a try. Get airborne, and land safely," the instructor said. Each trainer then shot up from the way, and when they came back down, they stuck the landing, perfectly, "Nice one! One more thing; when you're airborne, you can nudge Mantine a certain direction, and it'll move in that direction. Chain these moves together, and you'll be able to rack up tons of points!" the instructor said.

"You keep talking about points. What are they for?" Will asked.

"See, you're skill on Mantine depends on how many points you rack up. The more points you earn, the higher your place will be on the leader board. And the higher your ranking, the more Beach Points you'll get. You can exchange those points from special prizes, like teach your Pokémon a new move, or getting some rad new gear! With that, you're training is over. May the waves be with you," the instructor dismissed, as the five trainers then got on the course, heading to Akala Island. Already, they were having a blast, going up and down the waves, pulling off some moves.

"Man, I can see why this is so much fun!" Silver Spoon exclaimed, as she landed on a wave.

"Hey, I think I see the others!" Toby exclaimed, looking out on the ocean. An lo and behold, the boat transporting Serenity, Rotom, and the Louds was making it's way across the ocean. They saw the Louds and Serenity waving to them. After about 10 minutes of surfing, the five surfing trainers finally arrived at the Akala Island Beach Spot.

"LAND AHOY!" Hau said, as they dismounted Mantine, "Or is it 'Land Ho'? Either way, we're here!" Hau said.

"That was some sick wave shredding dudes! Just look at your scores!" one of the beach staff said, motioning to a screen, which had their scores.

1st: Flora: Score: 30,453 Points
2nd: Hau: Score: 30, 150 Points
3rd: Toby: Score 27, 785 Points
4th: Sylvia: Score: 25, 600 Points
5the: Will: Score: 24, 921 Points

"Wow! That's amazing!" Hau exclaimed.

"You're a real pro at this already Flora," Will complimented.

"Oh, thank you," Fluttershy bashfully replied.

"Take these with you," the staff person said, handing each trainer, save for Will, a strange device, "These will record how many Beach Points, or BP, you accumulate from events like this," the man said, as each trainer looked at their counters.

"I got 12 BP," Toby commented.

"I got 10," Silver Spoon said, scratching the back of her head.

"I managed to nab 15 points!" Hau commented.

"What about you Flora?" Silver Spoon asked. Fluttershy showed her counter. Their jaws dropped when they saw 21 points.

"That's a lot of points!" Toby commented.

"You want to see a lot of points?" Will said, showing them his counter. Their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets, when they saw a whopping 554 points.

"O-OVER 500 Points?!" Hau exclaimed.

"Yeah, I've had 549 points prior to coming to Alola," Will commented.

"Man, you must've been good at what ever you did to earn those points!" Hau exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, for right now, we should rendezvous with the others, and press on. Let's get going," Will said, as they walked over to the cityscape. There, they saw the rest of their party at the docks, "Hey guys!" Will called out. They turned to see their friends.

"Hey guys! Glad you made it!" Lynn said.

"Yeah. It was a ton of fun surfing on Mantine!" Toby exclaimed.

"I know what you mean. I always love surfing. It helps me to relax," Kukui commented.

"Still haven't found a shirt to go with that lab coat, eh Kukui?" they heard a woman asked. Turning, they saw a dark skinned woman in a pink tank top, and pink short shorts walking towards them. Lincoln, Luna, and Luan all blushed at the sight of her, "I keep telling you, you're going to scare off people when you're dressed like that," the woman said.

"Ah, you haven't changed either, I see Olivia," Kukui commented.

"I take it you two are acquainted?" Lisa asked.

"Yes. This is Olivia. She is the Kahuna of Akala Island," Kukui explained.

"You're outfit is totes cute!" Leni complimented.

"Thanks. Your outfit's not too bad either," Olivia returned the compliment, as a green haired girl, where overalls, cut just below her hips, joined the crowd.

"Big group," the girl commented.

"Yeah, we get that a lot," Lori commented.

"This here is Mallow. She's one of the Trial Captains you'll meet during your jaunt around Akala," Olivia said.

"Yep! I hope your teams are ready to cook with gas for when you come and face my trial!" Mallow said, as she and Olivia took their leave.

"She may not seem like it, but Olivia is a kind Kahuna deep down," Kukui said, as he, Hau, and Lillie took their leave.

"Ok, so where should we go first?" Will asked.

"The closest Trial Site is at Brooklet Hill," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a lake.

"According to the map, it's north of this city, and some town called 'Paniola Town'," Will said, examining the map.

"Well, we should stop off at the Pokémon Center first. Our Pokémon could do with a little pick me up," Toby commented.

"Good call," Will said, as they continued on.

Author's Note:

Team So far:

Will: Dartrix (M), Alolan Grimer (F), Makuhita (M)

Fluttershy: Brionne (F), Trumbeak (F), Zorua* (F), Smeargle (M), Crabrawler (M), Onix (M)

Toby: Braixen (F), Torracat (M), Pikachu (F), Noibat (M), Steenee* (F), Rockruff (F)

Serenity: Buneary (F), Grubbin (M), Misdreavus (F), Spinda (F)

Silver Spoon: Marill (F), Butterfree*(M), Magnemite (N/A), Rockruff (M)

In Storage:

Will: None

Fluttershy: Rockruff (M)

Toby: Vulpix (F), Mawile (F)

Serenity: None

Silver Spoon: None

Totem Stickers So far: 24/100

Next time: Our heroes find themselves in 2 different Valleys inhabited solely by either Pikachu or Eevee. Let me know what you think of the addition of an Eevee Valley!

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