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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 22: Lush Jungle Trial (Ultra Rewrite)

The next morning,

Our heroes had collected all of their stuff, and were getting ready to head out to Lush Jungle, "Ok, so we all know the plan?" Will asked.

"I'm carrying all the Fire Power of my Fire Pokémon, as well as Noibat for the Flying Type advantage. I also took out Mawile for added defense," Toby replied.

"I have plenty of Flying Type Pokémon myself," Fluttershy stated.

"Magneton is resistant to Grass Type attacks, so there's that. And I also have Butterfree," Silver Spoon added.

"Ok, and as for me, I have Dartrix, Grimer, Hariyama, and Marowak, as well as Magmar and Litleo," Will concluded.

"You all seem prepared for the Trial," Lori commented.

"Yep. If we pass this trial, then we can face off against Olivia in the Grand Trial," Will replied, as they all ventured along the southern route. After about a few minutes of walking, they came across a large, hollowed log, leading into a jungle, "Is this it?" Will wondered.

"The sign says 'Lush Jungle Trial Site', so I assume so," Lisa replied. With that, they entered the jungle. Upon getting inside, they saw Mallow waiting for them.

"Hey guys! Glad you could finally make it!" Mallow commented.

"Well, we did say we were going to attempt the trial after yesterday," Will stated.

"And now is the time to begin. You probably know the rules already: You can use all the Pokémon in each of your teams. You are not allowed to leave the trial until you either complete it or forfeit. You're also not permitted to catch any Pokémon until after clearing the trial," Mallow said.

"We understand," Fluttershy said.

"Ok then. Let the Lush Jungle Trial begin!" Mallow declared.

Lush Jungle Trial: Trial Goers: Will, Flora, Toby, Sylvia

"Now then, in order to draw out the Totem Pokémon, we're going to need it's favorite food, which we can prepare with ingredients right here in Lush Jungle," Mallow explained.

"Ok, so what are the ingredients?" Silver Spoon asked.

"First we need a Mago Berry. Next will be some Honey. Then we'll need to add a Big Root. There are only three ingredients, and four of you, so each of you will go and try and collect each one. Two of you will go after the same ingredient. In addition, you'll need these," Mallow said, giving each trainer a small burlap sack, "Those Forage Bags will help keep you from mixing up the items you collect," she explained.

"Ok, so what will be the first item we need to collect?" Will asked.

"That would be a Mago Berry. If you'll all follow me this way, I can show you where there are plenty of them," Mallow said, leading them to a northern area in the Jungle. Some nearby Fomantis who were hanging around noticed the group, and ran off, "Ok, this area has trees where Mago Berries are easy to find. Flora, you will need to collect the berry," Mallow instructed.

"Oh, um, ok. I will see what I can do," Fluttershy said, looking around the trees. She was particularly drawn to a tree that had Mago Berries that were covered in a sweet smelling sap, "Oh, these should work," Fluttershy said, as she place a berry into her Forage Bag.

"Are you sure about that ingredient? If any Pokémon were eyeing it, they may come back to reclaim it," Mallow asked.

"I'm sure they won't mind if one berry is missing," Fluttershy replied.

"Alright then. Onto the next area," Mallow said, leading the way again. Unbeknownst to them, the Fomantis that were hanging around noticed one of the berries they were enjoying was missing.

The next area had a massive array of flowers, that most of the Pokémon seemed to enjoy, "Next, we're going to need some honey. Toby, Sylvia, this task requires two sets of hands for precision, so the two of you will be doing this part," Mallow said, giving them a vial, "Just go over to one of the flower bushes, and collect some honey from the bushes. But be careful, like Mago Berries, Pokémon love honey, and may come back to reclaim it," Mallow warned, as the couple went on to find some honey. Much to their surprise, they saw their friend, Kiawe, standing around.

"Kiawe? What are you doing here?" Silver Spoon asked.

"I came here by request of Mallow. She wanted me to bring her some ingredients from Wela Volcano. Word of advice, don't eat any food she offers," Kiawe warned. The couple didn't know what to think of that, but gathered some honey from a bush with a ton of flowers.

"That's should be enough," Toby commented, as they brought the vial back to Mallow.

"Ok, but remember, if any Pokémon were eyeing that honey, they may come back to reclaim it," Mallow said, as she once again, led them to another area. Unbeknownst to them, some Pokémon that were hanging out came out from hiding, and noticed some honey was missing.

The next area looked to be more of a clearing, rather than a jungle, "Ok Will, the last ingredient is yours to find. We need a Big Root to finish up the Super Mallow Special. But be wary, most of the tree's here are not what they appear to be. Some of them may be Sudowoodo in disguise," Mallow warned.

"This may be tricky. Gotta be careful," Will said, as he began looking around. He saw a lot of trees that looked an awful like Sudowoodo, "Hmm, which one isn't a Sudowoodo?" Will pondered.

"How can Wil figure out which tree is a real one?" Luan wondered.

"Based on our most recent encounter with Sudowoodo, it would be next to impossible," Lisa replied. Will continued looking around, when he saw a promising looking tree.

"Huh, doesn't look like this tree's a Sudowoodo," Will commented, as he collected a Big Root, "Ok, and that's all of the ingredients?" he said, as he returned to the group. To his surprise, Captain Lana was there as well, "Captain Lana, what brings you here?" Will asked.

"Mallow asked me to bring some Fresh Water for the dish," Captain Lana replied.

"Were you able to find the Big Root?" Mallow asked. Will showed her the Root, "Good. Now we can get cooking," Mallow said, as she led the group back to the main area. Most of the trees that were, in fact, Sudowoodo, came out of hiding and began mingling happily.

In the main area,

Mallow had already began preparing a stew based dish, "Ok, now we add all the ingredients," Mallow said, as she took each ingredient from the trial goers, and Captain Mallow, and poured them into the pot, "Then we stir the pot with a Thick Club that Kiawe brought," Mallow said. As she said that, some Fomantis charged at them. They didn't look too happy.

"Uh oh, I think these might be the Pokémon Mallow warned us about," Silver Spoon deduced.

"Yeah, they want to take back their food by any means necessary. Flora, Sylvia, Toby, you will need to chase them off!" Mallow instructed.

"Ok, Trumbeak, go!" Fluttershy said, sending out Trumbeak.

"Go, Magneton!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Magneton.

"Noibat, we need your help!" Toby said, sending out Noibat. The Fomantis all attacked with Leaf Blade, "Quick, circle around, then use Air Slash!" Toby instructed. Noibat did as it was told, and was able to knockout and drive off a Fomantis.

"Magneton, use Tri Attack!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then fired off beams of fire, ice, and lightning at the second Fomantis, scaring it away.

"Now Trumbeak, please use Wing Attack," Fluttershy said. Trumbeak then attacked by striking the last Fomantis with it's wings, sending the Sickle Grass Pokémon packing.

"Good, and while you three were battling, I put the finishing touches on the stew," Mallow said, as a rather pungent smell wafted around.

"Whew, that's some smell!" Lynn commented. Everyone felt something was eyeing them from the bushes. Out from the bushes, a large, pink and green Pokémon that looked like a larger form of Fomantis leapt out.

"Whoa, whose that Pokémon?!" Will exclaimed.

"Lurantis, the Sickle Grass Pokémon, a Grass Type, and the evolved form of Fomantis. It takes a great deal of work to maintain the coloring of Lurantis, but most people enjoy it as a hobby. For self-protection, it pretends to be a Bug Pokémon," Rotom stated, as the Totem aura erupted from Lurantis.

"That's the Totem you have to beat! Be careful! It's a tricky one!" Mallow exclaimed.

"Go, Butterfree!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Butterfree.

"Grimer, Hariyama, Dartrix, I need your assistance!" Will said, releasing his Pokémon.

"Hawlucha, Smeargle, Crabrawler, help Trumbeak!" Fluttershy said, sending out her Pokémon.

"Now, Turtonator, Torracat, Mawile, heads up!" Toby said, tossing the Pokeballs holding his Pokémon.


"You know Mawile, when people say 'heads up', they usually mean 'watch out' not 'chomp down'." Toby bluntly stated. The others were all behind him, their facial expressions were the same as a familiar blue Pokemon. Luna and Luan then pried Mawile off of Toby. Lurantis went on the attack with Leaf Storm, which seemed to strike all of the Pokémon, but didn't do all that much damage.

"Grimer, use Poison Gas!" Will instructed. Grimer then belched Poison Gas, but Lurantis leapt out of the way, "Dartrix, keep Lurantis from moving!" Will instructed.

"The two of you better go too," Silver Spoon advised.

"Would you be so kind Trumbeak?" Fluttershy asked.

"Noibat, they need your help too!" Toby instructed. Each Pokémon then went on to try to attack Lurantis from moving. Noibat used Air Slash, which struck Lurantis easily. Dartrix then used Peck, but was dodged.

"Magneton, try your Thunder Wave!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then fired a beam of electricity at Lurantis, which seemed to paralyze it. Lurantis then bellowed, calling out some Castform.

"SOS Pokémon!" Will exclaimed. One of the Castform then sent up a beam of light, which seemed to intensify the sunlight. Each Castform then took the form of a small sun. Lurantis then began glowing, and all it's wounds disappeared, "Must be Synthesis," he commented.

"Synthesis is a move that allows a Pokémon to heal it's wounds. Intense Sunlight magnifies it's power," Rotom said.

"So, all that for nothing!?" Lynn exclaimed. Just then, each Castform began to attack as well. Some used Water Gun, while the others used Weather Ball, which turned into a Fire Type Moves. Each of Toby's Fire Pokémon were stopped thanks to Water Gun, while Magneton, Butterfree, and Mawile all tried to evade Weather Ball.

"We'd better finish this quickly! Let's use consecutive Z Moves!" Will suggested. With that, he, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon all did a Z Move Pose, "Now Hariyama, use All Out Pummeling!" Will exclaimed. Hariyama then unleashed it's Z Move against Lurantis, which seemed to take it's toll.

"Trumbeak, use Supersonic Skystrike!" Fluttershy exclaimed. Trumbeak then flew high into the air, and then plummeted at Lurantis full force.

"Now Magneton, use Breakneck Blitz!" Silver Spoon suggested. Magneton then charged at Lurantis. But it's attack didn't hit it's mark, as a Castform blocked the attack, and was knocked out.

"Turtonator, use Inferno Overdrive!" Toby exclaimed. Turtonator summoned the giant fireball, and then fired it at Lurantis. The remaining Castform then blocked the attack. Despite being Fire Types, due to the sunlight, the remaining Castform were knocked out. Lurantis then took this opportunity to use Synthesis again.

"This thing just won't go down!" Will commented, as Lurantis then began to take in more sunlight, "Get ready guys! Lurantis is about to use Solarbeam, and the sunlight is making it charge faster!" Will exclaimed. The Pokémon all braced themselves, either getting ready to tank the attack, or dodge it. Lurantis then shot the beam of solar energy into the air, and then used it as a sword, as it slammed it against the ground, catching some of the Pokémon in the crossfire, "That wasn't Solarbeam!" Will commented.

"It's Lurantis' special move; Solar Blade. It does the exact same thing as Solarbeam!" Rotom exclaimed. The Pokémon were all struggling to get back up. Trumbeak was the first to get back up. When it did, it began to evolve. Trumbeak became a toucan like Pokémon.

"Trumbeak, you've evolved!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"It's a Toucannon now," Mallow explained.

"Toucannon, the Cannon Pokémon, a Normal and Flying Type. Known for forming harmonious couples, Toucannon is often brought to wedding's as a good luck charm. It's special move is Beak Blast, a move that causes the opponent to get burned if Toucannon is struck before it can fire," Rotom explained.

"It started off as a Woodpecker, and now it's a toucan," Lisa deadpanned.

"We need to finish this quickly, Toucannon, use Beak Blast!" Fluttershy exclaimed. Tucannon's beak began to turn red. Lurantis then went in for a Leaf Blade against Toucannon. When it made contact, Lurantis then became engulfed in flames.

"There's the Burn Status," Lincoln commented.

"Now, do it!" Fluttershy pleaded. Toucannon then charged full force at Lurantis, striking the Totem Pokémon, and knocking it out.

"We won!" Silver Spoon exclaimed.

"That was some excellent battling each of you did. And I never would have anticipated Trumbeak evolving during the trial battle. Well, take these, they're Grassium Z, the Grass Type Z Crystal," Mallow said, giving them each a shard of the Z Crystal, "And to use Bloom Doom, you have to move like this," Mallow said, demonstrating the pose. She squatted down, then stood straight up, and move her arms in an explosion type manner, "I can't believe you guys were able to beat Lurantis like that," Mallow commented.

"Yes. When they faced my vaunted Marowak, it didn't stand a chance," Kiawe commented.

"Nor did the Araquanid that I trained up," Captain Lana added.

"Huh, looks like Lurantis didn't finish all of the stew. You guys want some?" Mallow offered. Kiawe and Captain Lana flinched.

"Uh, I would, but I just ate a berry!" Kiawe replied.

"And besides, isn't that stuff more suited for Pokémon Tastes, and not human tastes?" Captain Lana questioned. Lurantis stood up, and approached the group. It let out a loud bellow. With in seconds, a bunch of Grass Pokémon, along with a group of five Goodra appeared. Among the grass Pokémon was a frog like Pokémon with a flower on it's back, a turtle, a gecko, and a snake like Pokémon.

"Looks like the Totem has recognized each of your talents enough to allow you to catch all of these Pokémon. And Goodra are particularly rare, as they don't normally appear in the wild in Lush Jungle," Mallow said, as the five trainers went on to catch their fair share of Pokémon, "And now that you've cleared the three trials of Akala, your next step is to take on Olivia in the Grand Trial. You can find her in Konikoni City, at the southern most part of the island. You can get there through Diglett tunnel," Mallow explained.

"Ok, thanks Mallow. We may stick around here for a bit and explore," Will commented.

"Alright. We'll see you guys in Konikoni City," Mallow said, as the three Captains took their leave. No sooner than they did, Professor Kukui made an appearance.

"You guys seem to be doing good. Just so you know, Olivia specializes in Rock Type Pokémon. You'll need to go in strong with Water, Fighting, Grass, Ground, and Steel Type moves. I'm sure you'll be able to Fly above your competition, and give a High Jump Kick to any obstacle in your way!" Kukui said.

"Thank you Professor. We're just doing our best," Will commented.

"And that's good. By the way, before you guys head to Konikoni City, you'll probably want to stop off at the Dimensional Research Lab. There's someone I want you all to meet there," Kukui said, taking his leave.

"Ok, so we now know what we need to do, but why stay here?" Lynn asked.

"I saw a Mossy Rock in a northern area, that may interest Serenity's Eevee," Will replied, as he led them back to the aforementioned rock, "Ok Serenity, let Eevee touch the rock," Will instructed.

"Eevee, come out please," Serenity said, releasing Eevee, "Eevee, doesn't this rock look lovely?" Serenity asked. Eevee went over, and sniffed at it. It then placed it's paw on the rock, which seemed to cause some kind of reaction, as Eevee evolved into Leafeon, "My own Leafeon," Serenity said, hugging her newly evolved Pokémon.

"Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon, a Grass Type, and one of eight evolved forms of Eevee. Because it uses photosynthesis like a plant, Leafeon always has a supply of clean oxygen," Rotom said.

"I know you said something about who nice Leafeon looked, so I knew we had to take your Eevee here, once I saw the rock," Will said.

"T-thank you, Will," Serenity said, as she recalled Leafeon.

"Alright guys, let's get a move on to the Dimensional Research Lab," Will said, as they all left the jungle.

Author's Note:

Team so far:
Will: Dartrix (M), Alolan Grimer (F), Hariyama (M), Alolan Marowak (M), Magmar (F), Litleo (M)

Fluttershy: Brionne (F), Toucannon (F), Smeargle (M), Hawlucha (M), Crabrawler (M)

Toby: Braixen (F), Vulpix (F), Torracat (M), Noibat (M), Mawile (F), Turtonator (M)

Serenity: Lopunny (F), Charjabug (M), Misdreavus (F), Leafeon (F), Dewott (F), Minun (F)

Silver Spoon: Azumarill (F), Magneton (N/A), Butterfree* (M) Lycanroc (Midday Form) (M), Growlithe (F), Gallade (M)

In Storage or in Training:
Will: Ash Hat Pikachu(M)(Kanto and Kalos), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (M), Krabby (F), Growlithe (M), Slugma (M) Numel, (M) Litleo (M), Buizel (F), Corphish (M), Seedot (M), Shroomish (M), Tangela (F), Budew (M), Ferroseed (M) Goodra (M)

Fluttershy: Zorua*(F), Ash Hat Pikachu (M)(Unova), Buizel (M), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (F), Krabby (M), Croconaw (M), Phanpy (F), Slugma (M), Growlithe (F), Magby (M), Numel (F), Litleo (F), Combusken (M), Onix (M), Vaporeon (M), Eevee (F), Seedot (F), Shroomish (M), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M) Grotle (M) Lycanroc (Dusk Form)(M), Goodra (F)

Toby: Ash Hat Pikachu (M) (Sinnoh), Eevee (F), Buizel (M), Clauncher (F), Skrelp (M), Corphish (M), Krabby (M), Luxio (M), Slugma (F), Growlithe (M), Magby (M), Numel (M), Litleo (F), Espeon (F), Prinplup (M), Charmeleon (M), Quilava (F), Alakazam (M), Kirlia*(F), Seedot (M), Shroomish (M), Tangela (F), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M), Grovyle (M), Tsareena* (F), Lycanroc (Midnight Form)(F), Goodra (F)

Serenity: Eevee* (M), Spinda (M), Goodra (F)Mareep*(M), Buizel (F), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (M), Krabby (F), Marshtomp (M), Growlithe (M), Slugma (F), Magby (F), Numel (F), Litleo (F), Pignite (M), Pikachu (Chubbykins) (M), Detective Pikachu (M), Seedot (F), Shroomish (F), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed*(F) Ivysaur (M)

Silver Spoon: Eevee x2 ( Both are Female), Buizel (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (F), Krabby (M), Wartortle (F), Plusle (F), Slugma (F), Magby (M), Numel (F), Litleo (M), Monferno (F), Ash Hat Pikachu (M)(Hoenn), Clauncher (F), Seedot (M), Shroomish (F), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M), Servine (F), Goodra* (F)

Totem Stickers So far: 43/100

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