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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 31: Ultra Surprises at the Aether Paradise!

Having left Akala Island, our heroes were now en route to the Aether Paradise, "Look alive people! It'll be coming into view shortly!" Faba called out to his passengers.

"So, what do you think this Aether Paradise place is going to be like?" Leni asked.

"Well, based on what Faba told us, it's no doubt going to be some kind of scientific facility," Will deduced.

"The Aether Employee's clothes were all so clean, so we can also determine that it may also be clean too," Lola added in.

"Hopefully not too clean," Lana quietly murmured.

"Look there!" Lincoln called out, pointing out on the horizon. Coming into view was a massive white artificial island.

"Is that the Paradise?" Lori asked Faba.

"Indeed. The pride and joy of the Aether Foundation," Faba replied, as they entered the docks on the lower level. Pulling in close to the docks, Faba released the stairs onto the dock, "Formal introductions. Welcome to the Aether Paradise. For the sake of conservation of the Pokémon we're caring for, a jamming frequency it broadcast throughout the paradise, preventing empty Pokeballs from working. You can still use the ones that currently hold your Pokémon," Faba explained, as they made their way over to what looked like an elevator, which was coming down from a lower level. Stepping off was a woman with a very large bust, held only by a purple turtleneck that did nothing to hide her chest. She wore a white lab coat over her outfit, and wore large glasses. Lincoln, Luna, and Luan all blushed at the sight of the woman.

"Oh, excuse me, Mr. Faba, but...." the woman was cut off by Faba.

"'Excuse you' is right! I have a title for a reason, you know!" Faba scolded.

"Yes, Branch Manager Faba," the woman corrected herself.

"Good. Now then, I have some matters that need my attention, so if you could be so kind as to show these folks around, that would be much appreciated," Faba said, as he got onto the elevator, and descended to a lower level.

"Phew," the woman sighed, as she turned her attention to the large group, "Hello everyone. Welcome to the Aether Paradise. I am Wicke. I will be acting as your tour guide for the majority of the facility," the woman introduced herself. Everyone went about introducing themselves.

"When you say you would be showing us around, does that also include where Faba went to?" Lisa asked.

"I'm afraid not. The lower levels are restricted. Only high ranking official of the Foundation are allowed down there. What I will be showing you is the main visitor area, as well as the Pokémon Conservation Area," Wicke replied, as they all boarded the elevator. With a few strokes on the keyboard, the gates around them all raised, and they proceeded to an upper level. Serenity was caught off guard, and clenched onto her mother's leg. The ride only lasted about five seconds, as they had arrived at an upper level. Looking around, they saw some counters, where Aether Employees were selling supplies to trainers, or healing up their Pokémon. There was also a lounge area, and a brochure kiosk, "As you can see, the Aether Paradise's Visitor Area provides all the necessities that one could expect to see at a Pokémon Center. And if we go up one more level," Wicke said, as she punched in a few more keys.

"Oh no," Serenity grimaced, as the elevator shot up again. After about ten seconds this time, they all found themselves in what appeared to be an indoor park, that was very vast and spacious. Even some Flying Pokémon were flying about.

"Welcome to the Aether Paradise's Conservation Area. For the sake of Pokémon Conservation, the functions of all empty Pokeballs are disabled," an intercom voice said.

"This is the Aether Paradise's true pride and joy. Here, we care for Pokémon that are either targeted by the likes of Team Skull, or those who need a little extra protection, such as Corsola," Wicke said, motioning to a pond, where some coral like Pokémon were playing, "See, Corsola are severely overhunted by Mareanie and their evolved form, Toxapex," Wicke said. Rotom then pulled up an image of a larger form of Mareanie, with ten long tentacles.

"Toxapex, the Brutal Star Pokémon, a Poison and Water Type, and the evolved form of Mareanie. With it's twelve legs, it creates a dome to shelter within. The flow of the tides doesn't affect Toxapex in the slightest, so it's perfectly comfortable," Rotom stated.

"Tutu did always say that nature has a darker side to it," Hau piped up.

"That's the sad truth of nature," Lisa added.

"Well, let's not let all this doom and gloom keep up from the tour! You're all free to explore the conservation area. I believe our President, Lusamine is somewhere within the area," Wicke said. With that, the group dispersed into smaller groups, and they all split up to explore the Conservation area. Leni, Luan, and Lynn went with Will, Lori, Lucy, and Lola went with Fluttershy, Luna, Lincoln, and Lana went with Toby, Silver Spoon, and Serenity, and finally Lisa decided to go with Hau.

"Look at all those bird Pokémon, flying up there," Luan commented, seeing a number of flying Pokémon.

"Yep. I recognize Braviary, Mandibuzz, and Staraptor and Staravia," Will commented.

"What about the ones in the pond, over there?" Lynn questioned.

"Well, let's see. I see the entire Poliwag line, some Magikarp swimming below the surface. And up there, on the shore, those are called Quaqsire," Will said, motioning to the aforementioned Pokémon, as they continued walking around. With Toby's group, they were observing some of the Corsola that were in the pond, playing with what looked to be a purple starfish with a jewel in the center of it's body. A wayward Water Gun was unintentionally shot at Luna's face, making her fall on her butt.

"You ok, Luna?" Lincoln asked, helping his sister back up.

"Yeah. That was actually quite refreshing," Luna replied.

"So, those Corsola are the main prey for Mareanie, eh? Speaking of which, what moves can Mareanie use, anyway?" Lana asked. Lincoln then looked at the Dive Ball that held his partner.

"Truth be told, other than Sludge Bomb and Spike Cannon, I don't really know anything about Mareanie," Lincoln admitted.

"Maybe we can have Rotom tell us more about Mareanie," Toby suggested.

"Though, I think I saw Rotom going off with Flora's group," Silver Spoon commented. And she was right. Rotom was floating by Fluttershy's group, who were observing some of the Pokémon they saw in Alolan form, all playing with the other Pokémon.

"Those are all regular Geodude and Graveler, right?" Lori asked.

"Affirmative! In their normal forms, they're all Rock and Ground Types, instead of Rock and Electric Types," Rotom said. It was then, they caught the scent of something horribly smelly.

"Eww! What is that awful odor?!" Lola questioned, holding her nose.

"It would be these little guys," an Aether Employee said, from a sealed off area that looked polluted. In it were Grimer and Muk that were purple, instead of green, like Will's.

"So that's what a regular Grimer and Muk look and smell like," Lori tried to keep herself from loosing her lunch from the awful stench.

"How can something smell so bad?!" Fluttershy questioned, holding her nose too.

"Grimer and it's evolved form, Muk. Both are Sludge Pokémon and are Poison Types. They feed on sewer water and sludge, and prefer to live in highly polluted lakes. Though they are typically affectionate to those they like, the odor they give off drives everyone away," Rotom said.

"If they smell that much like a sewage plant, I don't blame them!" Lola whined.

"Don't Alolan Grimer and Muk feed on garbage?" Lucy asked.

"Affirmative. They've mastered the ability to keep from smelling so terrible," Rotom replied. It didn't take long for the group to rejoin at the northern part of the Conservation Area.

"So, did any of you meet up with the president?" Will asked. A round of "no's" was his answer. It was then they heard a woman's voice talking.

"My precious babies, I will make sure you are all cared for," the voice said. Looking around, they saw an important looking woman with pale blonde hair, similar to Lillie and Gladion, done up in a sort of shell like hair do. When they got a look at her eyes, they saw she also had neon green eyes, much like Lillie and Gladion.

"Ah, Madam President! I had a feeling you would be here," Wicke commented.

"Hello Wicke. I take it these are the guests that Faba told me about?" the president asked.

"Indeed," Wicke said. The group then proceeded to introduce themselves.

"A pleasure to meet each of you. I am Lusamine, President of the Aether Foundation. It is our goal to make sure that all Pokémon are cared for, which is why I would like to try and be a mother for all the Pokémon of the world," Lusamine commented.

"That some goal you have. And you're probably not even that much older than the rest of us," Hau commented.

"Oh Hau, you're so silly! I'm already 40," Lusamine stated.

"Really?" Hau asked, acting chill, thinking she was joking. But when no laughter came, he scrambled around, "What?! Really?!" he exclaimed.

"You know, maybe if you would allow me, I could take you all to find some smart looking clothes," Lusamine offered, only to be politely declined.

"Yeah, I can't think of anyone being able to pull off a look like your outfit. Except maybe Lillie?" Hau questioned. Looks of shocks worked their way onto both Lusamine and Wicke's faces. It was then that tremors rocked the conservation area. This made many Pokémon their cry out in alarm.

"Did something happen on the lower levels?" Lusamine wondered. Her answer soon came in the form of a wormhole, opening right in front of them. The Louds all had looks on unease, as from the wormhole, came what looked to be some kind of jellyfish creature. it was transparent, like glass, and had a brimmed head, kind of like a large hat.

"What is that thing?" Will wondered.

"Did you.... come from another world?" Lusamine asked rhetorically.

"Madam President, get back! That thing.... it's not right!" Hau exclaimed.

"We can handle this one, Hau. You keep the others safe," Will instructed, as he, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon all approached the jellyfish, with Pokeballs in their hands, "Go, Marowak!" Will said, releasing Marowak.

"Primarina, we need you!" Fluttershy said, releasing Primarina.

"Go now, Espeon!" Toby said, releasing Espeon.

"Now Wartortle, help them out!" Silver Spoon said, sending out the Turtle Pokémon. The Ultra Beast whipped it's tentacles, making the Pokémon all jump out of the way.

"Espeon, use Psybeam!" Toby instructed. Espeon fired off Psybeam at the Ultra Beast, who seemed to be in pain from the attack, "Looks like Psybeam did more damage than normal," Toby commented.

"Be that as it may, we need to drive it off! Marowak, use Bonemerang!" Will instructed. Marowak then chucked it's bone club at the Ultra Beast, only for it to be knocked back, "This thing is tough!" Will commented. The Ultra Beast then fired off a Venoshock Attack, hitting Primarina, causing major damage.

"Primarina! Are you hurt?" Fluttershy went to the aid of her partner Pokémon. After that, the Ultra Beast just disappeared.

"What was that thing?" Toby questioned.

"What you all fought was an Ultra Beast," the voice of Dulse said, as he and Zossie made an appearance.

"Yes. And just as you said, it was quite strong," Lusamine replied.

"I take you all know one another?" Will asked, as he and the others recalled their Pokémon.

"Indeed. It's actually thanks to the Ultra Recon Squad that the Aether Foundation has been researching the Ultra Beasts, and ways to contain and combat them," Lusamine replied.

"Truth be told, we actually come from a world on the other side of the Ultra Wormhole, in a place called Ultra Megalopolis, a world that had it's light stolen from by a creature similar to the Ultra Beasts," Zossie explained.

"A creature that steals light? I've never heard of such a thing," Hau commented.

"We refer to it as 'The Blinding One', though it's actual name is 'Necrozma'," Dulse explained.

"Necrozma, the Prism Pokémon, a Psychic Type. No specific information available," Rotom said, displaying a picture of a black, crystal Pokémon.

"Now that you mention it, I think tutu always talked about a legend regarding the Blinding One, and how it was a key factor in how the Alola Region was formed," Hau said.

"We'll continue on with our investigations one the Ultra Wormholes for now. In the meantime, Wicke, could you take these nice folks to Ula'Ula Island?" Lusamine asked the big chested woman.

"Of course, Madam President," Wicke nodded, taking our heroes back to the docks.

"This certainly has been eventful," Will commented.

"Yes, indeed. I was not expecting to see an Ultra Beast appear in the Conservation Area, or anywhere for that matter," Wicke said.

"Well, we'll at least have something to tell Professor Kukui when we see him!" Hau commented.

"Before I see you all off, have some gifts on behalf of the Aether Foundation," Wicke said, handing out Big Malasadas to each of them.

"Alright, Malasadas!" Hau exclaimed.

"And that's not all. Take these as well," Wicke said, handing two TM's to Will and Hau, as well as passing a Z Crystal to each of them. The symbol in it looked kind of like a Lycanroc.

"The TM I gave you contains the move, 'Psychic'. And the Z Crystals are known as Lycanium Z, which can upgrade a Lycanroc's Stone Edge move into an all new Z Move, called 'Splintered Storm Shards'," Wicke explained.

"Thank you, but doesn't this seem like a bit.... much?" Will questioned.

"Not at all. We can't find any use for those Z Crystals, so we thought trainers may like having them, in case they have a Lycanroc or are planning to add on to their parties," Wicke explained.

"Thanks so much for having us," Will said. The others gave similar sentiments.

"You're all very welcome. And we hope to see you sometime in the near future," Wicke said, as she took her leave, as the group boarded the ship that was bound for Ula'Ula Island.

10 minutes after departure from the Aether Paradise,

"Phew, that was some ride! Not only did we get to see an Ultra Wormhole, but one of those Ultra Beast things! That'll be something we need to tell Professor Kukui when we get to Malie City," Hau commented.

"It definitely would make his and Professor Burnet's day," Will replied.

"Speaking of which, Rotom, what are some examples of Pokémon that we can find on Ula'ula Island?" Lana asked.

"Searching: Beldum, the Iron Ball Pokémon, a Steel and Psychic type. It floats through the air by expelling electromagnetic wave. When they sleep, they dig the claws on the end of their bodies into the side of cliffs. Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon, a Ghost and Fairy Type. It wears a rag over it's true form in order to approach others. It is said that a famous scholar met his demise upon looking under Mimikyu's cloak," Rotom said, displaying a picture of what looked to be a dumbbell with an eyeball, and a raggedy looking Pikachu creature.

"That Mimikyu thing sounds.... spooky," Luna commented.

"But Beldum is pretty cool looking," Lincoln commented.

"I think I want to try and catch one while we're on Ula' Ula Island," Toby commented.

"They're well worth the effort, especially when they evolve all the way into Metagross," Will replied.

"Well, enough talk! It's Malasada time!" Hau said, pulling out the malasada that Wicke gave him.

"I guess a quick snack wouldn't hurt," Fluttershy commented, as the others all dug into their Malasadas.

Author's Note:

Team so far:
Will: Decidueye (M), Alolan Grimer (F), Hariyama (M), Alolan Marowak (M), Goodra (M), Trevenant*(M)

Fluttershy: Primarina (F),Crabrawler (M), Pupitar (M) Lycanroc (Dusk Form)(M), Steelix (M), Zoroark*(F)

Toby: Lycanroc (Midnight Form)(F), Pikachu (F), Turtonator (M), Gardevoir* (F), Espeon (F), Flareon (F)

Serenity: Lopunny (F), Charjabug (M), Misdreavus (F), Eevee* (M), Pikachu (Chubbykins) (M), Buizel (F)

Silver Spoon: Azumarill (F), Magneton (N/A), Lycanroc (Midday Form) (M), Jolteon (F), Monferno (F), Wartortle (F)

Lincoln: Mareanie* (M)

In Storage or in Training:
Will: Ash Hat Pikachu(M)(Kanto and Kalos), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (M), Krabby (F), Growlithe (M), Slugma (M) Numel, (M) Litleo (M), Buizel (F), Corphish (M), Seedot (M), Shroomish (M), Tangela (F), Budew (M), Ferroseed (M), Magmar (F), Litleo (M)

Fluttershy: Ash Hat Pikachu (M)(Unova), Buizel (M), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (F), Krabby (M), Croconaw (M), Phanpy (F), Slugma (M), Growlithe (F), Magby (M), Numel (F), Litleo (F), Combusken (M), Vaporeon (M), Eevee (F), Seedot (F), Shroomish (M), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M) Grotle (M), Bayleef (F), Nosepass (M) Goodra (F) , Toucannon (F), Smeargle (M), Hawlucha (M),

Toby: Ash Hat Pikachu (M) (Sinnoh), Buizel (M), Clauncher (F), Skrelp (M), Corphish (M), Luxio (M), Slugma (F), Growlithe (M), Magby (M), Numel (M), Charmeleon (M), Quilava (F), Alakazam (M), Seedot (M), Tangela (F), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M), Grovyle (M), Scizor (M), Gothorita (F), Duosion (M) Goodra (F) Noibat (M), Braixen (F), Vulpix (F), Torracat (M), Tsareena* (F), Alolan Vulpix (Snowball)(F) Mawile (F), Empoleon (M)

Serenity: Spinda (M), Goodra (F) Mareep*(M), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (M), Krabby (F), Marshtomp (M), Growlithe (M), Slugma (F), Magby (F), Numel (F), Litleo (F), Pignite (M), (M), Detective Pikachu (M), Seedot (F), Shroomish (F), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed*(F) Ivysaur (M), Leafeon (F), Dewott (F), Minun (F)

Silver Spoon: Eevee (F), Buizel (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (F), Krabby (M), Plusle (F), Slugma (F), Magby (M), Numel (F), Litleo (M), Ash Hat Pikachu (M)(Hoenn), Growlithe (F), Seedot (M), Shroomish (F), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M), Servine (F), Goodra* (F), Clauncher (F), Gallade (M), Butterfree* (M)

Totem Stickers So far: 55/100

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