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I'm a huge fan of some actually good cartoons, such as Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Tiny toons, Scooby Doo, Pokemon, Pinkie and The Brain, MLP, and all other good cartoons, back when tv was actually good


This story is a sequel to The Trainer of Friendship

After getting his motivation back for adventure, Will decides to go on a journey through the Alola Region. Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon decide to join him in order to learn more about how to raise Pokémon.

Chapters (47)
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Comments ( 44 )

This is going to be one Amazing leauge that's for sure!

8546157 Who should I put in the actually line up? I was think Toby vs Ryuki in the first round

I haven't thought of anything yet. Quick question, are you also going include Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in this story?

I will go back and rewrite some chapters prior to Poni Island to better accommodate Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's story line. But I am going to include Team Rainbow Rocket, who have their Pokémon toughened up by the evil Dark Ball projuect

Yeah, plus I wanted to include a classic type of Pokeball, even if it is evil

Ooh, yeah. I constantly chant to myself, at the people who leaked the game "Get... out...of...my....HEAD!"

I see that team rocket is still as persistent and ANNOYING as ever, and they even have Faba's help, Rocket, you can go to space and implode for all I care

If you do rewrite certain chapters will the Ultra recon squad and the changed trials be part of it as well as Ultra Beast hunting?

busujima is not a good villain.
Going by in game logic and anime logic he should not haave made it far in his island challenge.
He uses strong wild pokemon that he forms no bonds with.
This means that his pokemon afre weaker than trained ones and he should not be able to use z moves.

You should have had toby beat him up in one chapter and ditched him like the trash he is.

I can’t believe that Will lost.

Cool and whew! I thought it was a complete rewrite of the entire story series! Whew ;3

rewrite the whole sotyr and get rid of the busojyam character he is not a good trainer and him winning battles later on are to forced.

Silver: rock, ice, and electric
Serenity: grass, normal and fairy
Flutters: flying, water and bug
Will: how any trainer would do it, a well rounded team

I was thinking more along the lines of this:
Fluttershy: Rock, Fighting, Water
Serenity: Bug, Normal, Electric, Flying
Silver Spoon: Fairy, Electric, Dark

As for Will, yeah, a well rounded team. But he would have the majority of Ghost Types.

Yeah. I thought of adding some irony tp their teams. Fluttershy for example doesn't like fighting, and yet, she'll have the majority of the Fighting Type Pokémon. I was also thinking of having Toby catching a Mawile, and having a running gag throughout the story where when Toby sends out Mawile, it chomps on him like Cacnea or Carnavine from the anime.

If you are keeping busojyam make him more like cross.
In your original story busojyam was a crappy trainer who beat people by getting strong wild pokemon and never training them

I find it weird that out of everyone, only Flutters has caught new Pokemon, two of them in fact.

So flora's rockruff probably has the rare ability own tempo.

Flora is actually Fluttershy's human name. But yeah, her Rockruff is one that evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc

I should feel bad for Lynn, but I'm not. She made a complete fool out of herself.

Yeah, you'd think she'd learned her lesson from "No Such Luck." Then again, this is Lynn Loud Jr. we're talking about. And not to mention she embarrassed her siblings, and Mawile

What did you think of how the Pokémon acted when Lynn asked them to battle alongside her?

I sometimes wonder if Lynn ever got brain damage from that fall?

Or all the beatings she took from her siblings

Jeez, I knew that Lynn was a jerk, but I never knew she was a big jerk to her siblings...

Well, her character was ruined for me forever thanks to the abomination called "No Such Luck"

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