• Published 24th Jul 2017
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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 25: Diglett Cave Dilemma

Standing outside the Diglett Cave, it seemed like any other cave that's out there, "Ok, if we cut through here, we'll be able to be in Koni'Koni City in roughly an hour," Rotom said.

"I hope there are bats," Lucy commented, as they ventured in. Inside, they saw a few mining tools.

"Looks like someone's been doing some digging," Lisa observed. Further inside, they saw Olivia, talking to some Aether Employees.

"Alright, I'll leave you folks to it then," Olivia said, as the Employees took off into the cave. Olivia then noticed the large group, "Ah, it's been a while since I saw you folks last. So, how'd the trials go?" Olivia asked.

"Pretty well," Will replied, as he, Fluttershy, Toby, and Silver Spoon all showed her their Z Crystals.

"Very well. I normally would recommend against trainers going through this cave, as the Diglett here are a little tough," Olivia said, as she took her leave.

"Well, time's a wasting. We'd better get a move on," Will said, as the began to venture into the cave.

"This would be a lot safer if we had some kind of sonar to guide us through," Lisa said.

"I got that covered," Toby said, releasing Noibat, "Noibat, we need you to guide us through the cave," Toby said. Noibat then started using it's soundwaves to scope out the lay of the cave.

"I'd feel safer if we had some light," Lana commented.

"I have that covered too," Toby said, releasing Braixen, "Braixen, can you light the way for us?" Toby asked. Braixen then whipped out her branch from her tail, and lit the way. They were ascending some stairs when a bunch of rocks were chucked at Noibat and Braixen, "What the..?! Are you two alright?!" Toby asked. Looking in the direction of the rocks that were chucked, they all saw a small, green Pokémon with a long spike on it's head.

"It's a Larvitar!" Will commented.

"Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokémon, a Rock and Ground Type. Larvitar normally hatch underground, and must eat all the dirt around it before it can move properly," Rotom said. Larvitar then started chucking more rocks at our heroes.

"Why is it attacking us?!" Lori questioned.

"I don't know! Larvitar aren't territorial Pokémon, and they seldom pull pranks on people," Will explained.

"Maybe it just wants to play?" Fluttershy theorized. She then gingerly approached the mischievous Rock Skin Pokémon, "Hey now, is that any way to make friends?" Fluttershy gingerly scolded. Larvitar calmed down a bit, "If you want, I can be your friend," she then offered, pulling out a Dusk Ball. Larvitar considered this, only for a nearby sound to interrupt the moment. Larvitar then fell down a hole that was dug from beneath it. Out from the hole popped some small, brown stubby Pokémon with red noses and three golden hairs.

"Digletts!" Will commented.

"Diglett, Alola Form, the Mole Pokémon, a Ground and Steel Type. The need to dig through volcanic rock makes Alolan Diglett stronger than any others of it's species," Rotom said. The Diglett sounded really upset about something. Upturned earth began appearing around each of our heroes. Within seconds, they all fell through holes that were made by the Diglett. Each of our heroes were then separated by the tunnels. Will fell in one tunnel with Luna, Lana, and Lisa, Fluttershy fell in with Lori, Luan, and Lucy, Toby fell in with Braixen, Lincoln, Leni and Lola, and Silver Spoon and Serenity were now stuck with Lynn and Rotom. Noibat flew in the tunnels, and followed after Toby's group.

"Ow, that was unpleasant," Will said, rubbing his head.

"Where are we?" Lana asked.

"Must be one of the tunnels the Diglett made," Will commented.

"What's up with them anyway?" Luna asked.

"I honestly don't know. Diglett aren't usually aggressive Pokémon. If anything, they try and avoid conflict as much as possible," Will replied.

"Well, for now, we should get back to the upper levels," Lisa suggested.

"Good call. Only question is, which way?" Will wondered.

"Where's Noibat when we need it?" Lana asked.

With Fluttershy's group,

"Is everyone alright?" Fluttershy asked.

"I'm not dead. That's a good thing," Lori commented.

"Ditto on that," Luan added.

"That was the most pleasant experience I've had so far," Lucy commented.

"Well, one thing's for certain, we literally can't go back the way we came," Lori commented, looking at the hole they fell out of.

"We should get out of here quickly. We'll cave in under pressure, *chuckles weakly*, wow, what is up with me?" Luan wondered about her weak pun.

"It would be a lot easier if I had Onix with me," Fluttershy commented. Just then, a familiar Pokémon popped out from the ground, "Larvitar! I'm glad to see you're ok!" Fluttershy commented. Larvitar began chittering, pointing down a tunnel.

"I think Larvitar wants us to go that way," Lori commented.

"Is that the way out of here?" Fluttershy asked. Larvitar nodded, as it began leading them out.

With Toby's Group,

"O-M-GOSH! My dress is totaled!" Leni cried.

"Mine is too!" Lola whined.

"I think we have more pressing matters at hand. Like, how are we going to get out of here?" Toby commented.

"Give it up Toby. They're extremely fashion conscious," Lincoln whispered.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about our outfits now. We need to get out of here. At least in light, we'll be able to see what we're doing," Lola commented. Just then, they were rejoined by Noibat.

"Oh good, Noibat! I'm glad to see you're ok. I need you to go and try and find the others. We'll make our way back up to the upper levels," Toby instructed. Noibat nodded, and flew back into the tunnel it came from, "Braixen, are you ok to light the way?" Toby asked his Fox Pokémon. Braixen nodded, and once again ignited her branch wand, and led the way.

"I just hope the others are ok," Lincoln commented.

With Silver Spoon, Serenity, Rotom, and Lynn,

"This is great! This is just what we needed!" Lynn angerly stomped around.

"Now come on. We're not too happy about this either, but we need to keep cool heads if we want to get out of here," Silver Spoon said.

"Are all human females like this?" Rotom asked.

"I honestly don't know," Silver Spoon replied, exasperated.

"Ok, so we may be in this mess because of those Diglett, but we can still get out of here! We just have to rely on my natural spelunking skills to get out of here!" Lynn boasted.

In Lynn's delusional Imagination

"See? I told you I could get us out!" Lynn boasted.

"Oh, Lynn, you are truly an inspiration to us all!" Silver Spoon said, as she and the other bowed to her, as if she was royalty.

"Lynn, I am impressed by how effortlessly you led these simpletons out of the cave! So much so, that I must award you with the Heroic Spelunker Award!" Olivia praised, giving Lynn a ridiculously large trophy. Lynn was next seen at the top of an alter, being worshiped like a goddess.


"C'mon, it's probably this way!" Lynn commented, only to be blindsided by Noibat.

"Oh, Noibat, are we glad to see you! Did Toby send you to find us?" Serenity asked, holding the little bat Pokémon. Noibat chittered in response. The way it chittered sounded like confirmation.

"Oh, that's good. Can you help us out here?" Silver Spoon asked. Noibat nodded.

"We don't need to rely on others to get us out! Just follow me! I have a natural sense of direction!" Lynn boasted, as she walked down another path.

"I find that highly illogical. Noibat has a highly developed sonar. It can map out the entire cave by itself," Rotom argued.

"Who needs sonar when you have instinct?" Lynn shrugged of Rotom's warning, and continued walking. Begrudgingly, the two human turned fillies and Rotom all followed Lynn, only to find themselves at a dead-end, "That wasn't supposed to happen. But a few slip-ups are to be expected!" Lynn boasted proudly, leading them in another direction, only to find themselves at another dead-end, "Third times the charm?" Lynn offered.

"Not happening. Noibat, could be a dear and lead us out of here?" Silver Spoon asked. Noibat then began flying, and leading them down another tunnel.

"Looks like Noibat has already found the way out!" Rotom commented.

"Oh, whoop-die-doo! A bat just happened to accidently find a way out of a cave it's never been in before!" Lynn sounded offended that they were all choosing to follow Noibat, instead of herself.

"You've only been traveling with us a few days. Did YOU ever explore this cave?" Silver Spoon asked logically.

"You don't need to visit a cave to know how to do something!" Lynn argued.

"Oh good grief," Rotom commented. Eventually, they found themselves back in the upper levels.

"See? I told you Noibat could do it," Silver Spoon said. Lynn was about to say something snarky, when they were all rejoined by the others.

"Glad to see you're all ok!" Will commented.

"Thanks for helping them out Noibat," Toby said, giving both of his Pokémon some Pokebeans.

"And a big thanks to you too, Larvitar," Fluttershy said, holding the Dusk Ball. Larvitar then tapped the Dusk Ball, and was encapsulated. It rocked three times, before clicking.

"I told you guys we could find the others, if I could find Lola," Lana commented.

"Is that like twin ESP or something?" Toby asked.

"No, it's more like a sixth sense Lana and I both share," Lola replied.

"But now I'm wondering what got the Diglett all riled up?" Lana commented.

"I believe we can answer that," they turned to see the Aether Employees Olivia was talking to approaching them, "The Diglett are upset because of Team Skull. They making a ruckus up ahead, and it's disturbing the Diglett," the employee explained.

"Of course it had to be Team Skull," Will commented.

"You all will need to step with caution, because the Diglett are still pretty ornery," the employee said, as they took off.

"Alright guys. Before we leave, we should drive Team Skull out of the cave," Will suggested, as they continued walking, searching for any grunts. They saw a light at the end of the tunnel, "Looks like this is the way out," Will commented.

"It is, but it comes with a toll," just then, some Team Skull grunts, including the Butt Grunt, leapt out, with their Poison Type Pokémon in tow, including what looked to be a sentient trash bag, "We're willing to let y'all pass, in exchange for your rarest Pokémon!" the Butt Grunt stated.

"We choose Door #2: We battle our way through," Will stated, as each trainer released some of their Pokémon.

"Don't forget about me!" Hau suddenly joined up with the group, "Didn't think you'd leave me out of the fun, did ya?" Hau questioned, as he released his Pikachu.

"GO! ATTACK THEM NOW!" the Butt Grunt ordered. Zubat used Venoshock, Grimer used Sludge Bomb, Salandit used Flame Burst, Mareanie used Spike Cannon, and the trash bag Pokémon used a Sludge attack.

"Pikachu, use Electroweb, and use it to stop those attacks!" Hau instructed. His Pikachu then fired a net made of electricity, which clung to the walls of the cave. All the attacks bounced off the net.

"Braixen, use Psybeam, and Noibat, use Air Slash!" Toby instructed. Both Pokémon used their respective attacks, knocking out Grimer and Mareanie.

"Brionne, use Aqua Jet!" Fluttershy instructed. Brionne rocketed at Salandit with Aqua Jet, knocking it out.

"Dartrix, circle around Zubat, and use Peck!" Will instructed. Dartrix did just that, and struck Zubat in full force, knocking it out.

"Now Magneton, use Thunderbolt!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton fired Thunderbolt at the trash bag, knocking it out. The grunts all recalled their Pokémon.

"Alright, we'll let you off the hook this time, but we won't forget this!" the Butt Grunt yelled, as they all ran off. Just then, both Dartrix and Brionne began to evolve. Dartrix became a man sized owl Pokémon, that looked like it was wearing a hood. Brionne became a mix of a sea lion and a mermaid.

"Oh wow! Brionne and Dartrix just evolved!" Leni commented.

"Rotom, could you do the honors?" Will asked.

"Certainly! Decidueye, the Arrow Quail Pokémon, a Grass and Ghost Type. Decidueye can nook and fire an arrow at an enemy in a tenth of a second. As a result, it's battles are decided in the blink of an eye. Primarina, the Soloist Pokémon, a Water and Fairy Type. To this Pokémon, every battle is a stage. It takes down it's opponents with beautiful singing and dancing. Both Pokémon have also learned a new move. Decidueye can now use Spirit Shackle, a Ghost Type move that prevent the opponent from being switched out or running away. Primarina can now use Sparkling Aria, a Water Type move that can heal Burn Status," Rotom explained.

"That's incredible! Now you guys have some more fire power for the Grand Trial!" Lori commented.

"Yeah. I think I'll go in with Hariyama and Grimer," Will commented.

"As for me, I think my team will be Primarina, Hawlucha, and Crabrawler," Fluttershy commented.

"What about the two of you?" Lucy asked Toby and Silver Spoon.

"I think Tsareena, Mawile, and Prinplup," Toby commented.

"I'm going with Azumarill, Magneton, and maybe Clauncher," Silver Spoon commented, as they all left the cave.

Author's Note:

Team so far:
Will: Decidueye (M), Alolan Grimer (F), Hariyama (M), Alolan Marowak (M), Magmar (F), Litleo (M)

Fluttershy: Primarina (F), Toucannon (F), Smeargle (M), Hawlucha (M), Crabrawler (M), Larvitar (M)

Toby: Braixen (F), Vulpix (F), Torracat (M), Noibat (M), Mawile (F), Turtonator (M)

Serenity: Lopunny (F), Charjabug (M), Misdreavus (F), Leafeon (F), Dewott (F), Minun (F)

Silver Spoon: Azumarill (F), Magneton (N/A), Butterfree* (M) Lycanroc (Midday Form) (M), Growlithe (F), Gallade (M)

In Storage or in Training:
Will: Ash Hat Pikachu(M)(Kanto and Kalos), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (M), Krabby (F), Growlithe (M), Slugma (M) Numel, (M) Litleo (M), Buizel (F), Corphish (M), Seedot (M), Shroomish (M), Tangela (F), Budew (M), Ferroseed (M). Goodra (M)

Fluttershy: Zorua*(F), Ash Hat Pikachu (M)(Unova), Buizel (M), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (F), Krabby (M), Croconaw (M), Phanpy (F), Slugma (M), Growlithe (F), Magby (M), Numel (F), Litleo (F), Combusken (M), Onix (M), Vaporeon (M), Eevee (F), Seedot (F), Shroomish (M), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M) Grotle (M) Lycanroc (Dusk Form)(M), Goodra (F)

Toby: Ash Hat Pikachu (M) (Sinnoh), Eevee (F), Buizel (M), Clauncher (F), Skrelp (M), Corphish (M), Krabby (M), Luxio (M), Slugma (F), Growlithe (M), Magby (M), Numel (M), Litleo (F), Espeon (F), Prinplup (M), Charmeleon (M), Quilava (F), Alakazam (M), Kirlia*(F), Seedot (M), Shroomish (M), Tangela (F), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M), Grovyle (M), Tsareena* (F), Lycanroc (Midnight Form)(F), Goodra (F), Pikachu (F)

Serenity: Eevee* (M), Spinda (M), Goodra (F) Mareep*(M), Buizel (F), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (M), Krabby (F), Marshtomp (M), Growlithe (M), Slugma (F), Magby (F), Numel (F), Litleo (F), Pignite (M), Pikachu (Chubbykins) (M), Detective Pikachu (M), Seedot (F), Shroomish (F), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed*(F) Ivysaur (M)

Silver Spoon: Eevee x2 ( Both are Female), Buizel (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (F), Krabby (M), Wartortle (F), Plusle (F), Slugma (F), Magby (M), Numel (F), Litleo (M), Monferno (F), Ash Hat Pikachu (M)(Hoenn), Clauncher (F), Seedot (M), Shroomish (F), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M), Servine (F), Goodra* (F)

Totem Stickers So far: 47/100

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