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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 33: Rocking out at the Malie City Kanto Gym Experience!

After getting their teams all healed up, our heroes first stop was Malie Garden, where Professor Kukui was to be waiting, "He said to meet him here, didn't he?" Lori questioned.

"Well, he should be around here somewhere. Let's look around for him," Will suggested, as they all went looking around the garden. Looking at the architecture of the garden, and the rest of Malie City, Will was reminded of Ecruteak City, back in Johto, "I wonder if they have any battle challenges here?" Will spoke to himself. Soon, they found themselves in what appeared to be a food court area. There, on one of the benches was Professor Kukui, waiting patiently for them to arrive.

"Well, you all look like you had fun at the Aether Paradise. Did something happen?" Kukui asked.

"You bet it did!" Lana exclaimed.

"For starters, an Ultra Wormhole opened up, and out from it came an Ultra Beast!" Hau explained.

"Whoa! That is amazing! Burnet is going to have a field day with that information," Kukui commented.

"We figured you'd have that kind of reaction," Will commented.

"Well, I'll be sure to inform Burnet about it later. In the meantime, why don't you guys look around the city? The next trial site is up at the Hokulani Observatory, but it can only be taken at nighttime," Kukui suggested, taking his leave.

"Well, we might as well. I'd like to sample some of the local snacks," Lincoln commented.

"Good call. Since we're not going to be able to take on the trial right away, we may as well see what this city has to offer," Will agreed, as they all went to leave the Garden.

"Hey, so do any of you guys know what they do at an observatory, because I sure don't!" Hau laughed, racing off, not even waiting for an answer.

"What do they do at an observatory, anyway?" Serenity whispered to her mother.

"Well, it's a laboratory that observes stars," Fluttershy replied. As they exited the gardens, Luna noticed a poster.

"What's this?" she wondered, walking over to investigate. This caught the attention of the others.

Come on, come all! Take the Kantonian Gym Battle Challenge!
A Gym Leader's Gift Set and a novelty badge are your prizes!
Come and face one of the strongest Celebrity Trainers out there: Ryuki!

"A Gym Battle Challenge? That sounds interesting," Lori commented.

"Though it sounds like it's just one of those attractions to draw in customers," Will commented.

"Says here it's right outside the Malie City Library," Toby commented.

"Um, excuse me?" they all heard Lillie say. They turned to see the awkward Professor's assistant standing before them, "I heard you were looking for the Kantonian Gym, correct?" Lillie asked.

"We're thinking of checking it out," Will replied.

"Oh, well, if it's not too much to ask, could I maybe come with you? I'd like to go to the library in regards to a certain book they have there. I think it may help Nebby out in some fashion or another," Lillie pleaded.

"Sure. We can take you there," Will replied.

"I have the coordinates locked into my map!" Rotom proclaimed, as they continued to walk. Along the way, they saw Hau and his team of Pokémon, which consisted of Brionne, an Alolan Raichu, a Noibat, a Jolteon, a Leafeon, and an Espeon, eating at a Malasada store.

"That guys must really like Malasadas," Lucy commented.

"Down this way!" Rotom said, leading them down a street. Eventually they passed the Kantonian Gym, and arrived at the Library.

"Ok, so we've arrived. Uh, Lillie, if it's ok with you, I'd kind of like to check out that Kantonian Gym they have over there," Will said.

"Of course! I should be able to find what I'm looking for in here," Lillie replied.

"Actually, do you think some of us could go into the Library with her? I'm wanting a break from battling, and some peace and quiet," Toby stated. Some of the others voiced similar sentiments.

"Well, why don't we do things like we did at the Battle Royal Dome?" Silver Spoon suggested. Everyone agreed. Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, Lincoln, Lori, Luan, Lucy, and Lisa all decided to go to the library with Lillie, while Silver Spoon, Leni, Luna, Lynn, Lana, and Lola went to the Gym with Will. However, upon arriving at the gym, they were met with Busujima, Mako, and Sergey all being tossed out, with Susie rushing over to her brother's side. An elderly man, dressed in a karate gi walked outside.

"You three put up some of the toughest fights I have ever experienced, but better luck next time," the karate man said, retreating into the gym.

"Man, those guys were tough!" Mako commented.

"I can't see how trainers from other regions can do this eight different times!" Busujima replied.

"Well, we did try to warn you guys," Susie replied. It was then the four of them noticed the group of friends.

"Hey dudes! What's happening?" Mako cheerfully greeted.

"Not much. I take it you guys were just taking on the gym?" Will asked, eying the facility.

"Yeah, but those guys were crazy strong!" Susie said on behalf of Sergey.

"But the one that was the real challenge was that guy dressed in all red who used Dragon Pokémon," Busujima added.

"Sounds like the gym leader. What was he like?" Will asked.

"Put bluntly: Loud. He was some kind of Rockstar who used his music to help keep his Pokémon in check," Busujima replied. This caught Luna's attention.

"Is that normal for gym leaders?" Lana asked Will.

"I guess. Just like there are many different species of Pokémon, there just as many different kinds of people, each with their own hobbies," Will replied.

"Well, I've had my fill of this place. I'm going on up to Mount Hokulani to do some training for the Electric Type Trial," Busujima replied, taking off.

"I'd better get going too. I want to get to the Mantine Surfing Spot at the southern end on the island by nightfall," Mako said, taking off as well.

"What about us, big brother? What should we do?" Susie asked. Sergey motioned to the group, then to the gym, "I see. Sergey wants to see how you guys do in the gym," Susie said on behalf of her brother.

"Well, I don't see any harm in that," Will replied, as they all entered the Gym. "Lynn, until you've become true partners with Gyarados, I think it best if you just sit this challenge out," he advised.

"What?! No way! Lynn Loud Jr. never backs down from a challenge!" Lynn argued.

"No dude, he has a point," Luna countered.

"You saw what Gyarados nearly did to the harbor," Lana added.

"Plus it wouldn't obey any of your commands," Silver Spoon added.

"Oh, so you're that hotheaded showoff that Busujima told us about," Susie commented.

"He told you and your brother?" Lola asked.

"He told ALL of the pirates about her!" Susie replied, as they were approached by a Black Belt trainer.

"Welcome to the Kantonian Gym Battle Experience. Which of you are taking the challenge?" he asked.

"The two of us will," Will said, as he and Silver Spoon stepped forth.

"Very well. You two come this way, and the rest of you take those stairs to the spectators area," the Black Belt said, motioning to some stairs. Luna and the twins actually had to drag Lynn kicking and screaming upstairs, "Did she wish to partake?"

"Yeah, but she's not ready," Will replied, as the Black Belt opened the doors, revealing the gym arena. Trainers were all battling with one another, including a trainer that was just as Busujima described.

"Wow, this place looks just like the gym back in Vermillion City," Will commented.

"Hey you! How about a battle?!" a trainer challenged Will.

"Sure, why not?" Will accepted, as he approached the trainer.

"As for you, I could be your opponent," Silver Spoon turned to see the rocker trainer standing before her, "The name's Ryuki, and I've traveled all over the world, honing my skills with my Dragon Pokémon!" he said.

"Well, ok. What are the rules?" Silver Spoon asked.

"How's two on two sound?" Ryuki asked.

"Fine with me," Silver Spoon accepted.

"Alright, here's my leading band mate!" Ryuki said, sending out a Pokémon that looked like a bipedal shark creature.

"Whoa, what's that Pokémon?" Luna questioned.

"Gabite, the Cave Pokémon, a Dragon and Ground Type. It sheds it's skin and gradually grows larger. it's scales can be ground up into a fine powder that's used in traditional medicines," Rotom replied.

"As for me, I choose Monferno!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Monferno.

"Does not compute! Does not compute! Fire and Fighting Type Pokémon like Monferno are at a disadvantage against Gabite!" Rotom exclaimed.

"I think she may be trying to use Monferno's agility to keep out of Gabite's firing range," Lana theorized.

"Since your the guest, I'll let you have the first move," Ryuki commented.

"Alright then, Monferno, use Mach Punch!" Silver Spoon instructed. Monferno then rocketed at Gabite with blinding speeds, and then punched the Cave Pokémon in the stomach, sending it back a few feet. Sparks then flew off of Monferno, who sounded pained.

"How'd ya like that?! Gabite ahs the Hidden Ability Rough Skin, which damages anyone who makes direct contact with it," Ryuki explained.

"I see, so it's basically a double edged sword. The more Monferno attacks directly, the more damage it does to itself," Luna commented.

"In that case, Monferno, return!" Silver Spoon said, recalling Monferno.

"Making a change up? Smart move," Ryuki commented.

"More like dumb move! Why would she recall Monferno if it has that much speed to it?" Lynn arrogantly questioned.

"I think what she's trying to do is switch her Pokémon out so that it can deal a ton of damage from a safe distance," Lana theorized.

"Alright, Wartortle, I need your help!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Wartortle.

"Wartortle's usable moves are: Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Rapid Spin, and Iron Defense," Rotom said.

"And Ice Type moves are strong against Ground and Dragon types, right?" Lola asked.

"Affirmative," Rotom replied.

"Now it's our turn! Gabite, use Dragon Claw!" Ryuki said. Gabite's claws then began glowing teal, as it charged at Wartortle, who braced itself.

"Wartortle, use Iron Defense!" Wartortle then withdrew itself into it's shell, and became cloaked in a metallic coating. The Dragon Claw seemed to barely do a thing, "Now, use Water Pulse!" Silver Spoon instructed. Wartortle then fired a ball of water at Gabite, who then started acting like it was confused.

"A potential side effect of Water Pulse: It can often confuse an opponent," Rotom explained, as Gabite then started ramming itself into some trashcans and the walls.

"Come on Gabite! We can rock out harder than this!" Ryuki yelled into a microphone. This seemed to help Gabite snap out of it's confusion, "Alright, now use Sand Tomb!" Gabite then summoned some sand that trapped Wartortle, who tried to break free, "Now, use Dragon Pulse!" Gabite then fired of Dragon Pulse at Wartortle.

"Quick, use Rapid Spin, and get out of there!" Silver Spoon instructed. Wartortle withdrew itself into it's shell, and began spinning. It kept on spinning and spinning until it broke free of Sand Tomb, and got out of the way of Dragon Pulse, "Now, use Ice Beam!" she instructed. Wartortle fired off Ice Beam at Gabite, who went down in defeat.

"Huh. Not bad, not bad at all," Ryuki commented, recalling the Cave Pokémon. It was then that Wartortle began to evolve into a Blastoise.

"Whoa! It has cannons in it's shell! Too cool!" Lana exclaimed.

"Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon, a Water Type. Once it takes aim at an enemy, it fires off water spouts that have more force than a fire hose," Rotom explained.

"Alright, Blastoise is stronger now, but it's taken some damage from the battle with Gabite. In that case, Zweious, let's go!" Ryuki said, sending out a black, quadruped Pokémon with two heads.

"Zweilous, the Hostile Pokémon, a Dark and Dragon Type. After it has eaten up all the food in it's territory, it moves on to another area. The two heads do not get along," Rotom explained.

"Zweilous, use Dragon Rush!" Ryuki instructed. Zweilous became cloaked in teal energy, and rocketed at Blastoise with full force, smashing Blastoise into a wall. When the smoke cleared, Blastoise was revealed to be knocked out.

"Thanks Blastoise, you did great out there," Silver Spoon said, recalling the Shellfish Pokémon, "Ok, now for my other Pokémon, Monferno!" she said, sending Monferno back out, who was raring to go.

"Alright Zweilous, use Scary Face!" Zweilous then made a really scary face, which made Monferno cower, and glow blue.

"Looks like Scary Face is keeping Monferno from moving," Leni commented.

"Affirmative. Scary Face is a move that reduces the opponent Pokémon's Speed," Rotom replied.

"C'mon Monferno, you're tougher than this! Use Mach Punch!" Silver Spoon encouraged. Monferno then shook off Scary Face, and then rocketed at Zweilous to deliver a powerful series of attacks, which the Hostile Pokémon seemed to tank.

"Whoa, that looks more like Close Combat!" Will called out, while he and Trevenant were battling a Hypno. It was at that moment that Monferno began to evolve too. It became a mighty ape like Pokémon with a head of fire.

"Amazing!" Lola commented.

"Infernape, the Flame Pokémon, a Fire and Fighting Type, and the evolved form of Monferno. It tosses it's opponents around with it's agility. It uses all of it's limbs in it's own unique fighting style," Rotom explained. Infernape then went on to use Close Combat once more, this time, defeating Zweilous.

"Well, I'll be. Not only did two of your Pokémon beat my bandmates, but they also evolved too. That's not something you just do," Ryuki praised, recalling Zwielous.

"Thank you," Silver Spoon respectfully bowed, as did Infernape. The sounds of clashing made them look over to Will's battle, where he and Hariyama defeated a Machoke.

"And that makes two," Will said.

"Another, most excellent battle. As a reward, the both of you have earn these," the black belt said, as he presented Will and Silver Spoon with two gift boxes marked "Leader's Set", "Inside are an assortment of Pokebeans that are specially homegrown. Also, you get these," he said, presenting the two trainers each with a badge. Will's looked like a water droplet, while Silver Spoon's looked like a flame, "They're only replicas, but they'll show that you've taken on the Kantonian Gym Battle Experience," the black belt said, bowing to the two trainers. The two of them bowed as well.

Outside the Gym,

"Ok, so you guys have a bit of skill to back you up, but we will never loose to you!" Susie yelled, trying to be tough. Sergey only picked her up under his arm, and walked off.

"Well, looks like we still need to kill a bit more time before the Trial this evening. We might as well go and explore the city some more," Will stated. It was then that they were joined by the library group, "Hey guys. So, what all did you find in there?" Will asked.

"Well, we found an old book illustrating the creation of the Alola region. Apparently, it was all in collaboration with Necrozma, and two other Pokémon said to be the incarnations of the sun and moon," Lisa explained.

"Lillie said she was going to do some more research on the Island Ruins, before she makes another move," Toby added.

"Well, we still have some time before the Trial up on Mount Hokulani. What do you say we do some exploring, then we can head that way?" Will asked. When he heard a round of agreements, and one sound of disdain from Lynn, which he chose to ignore, he knew it was decided, "Ok then. Let's all divide into smaller groups this time. Make sure at least one of the four of us is with you," Will instructed, as they broke off. Silver Spoon, Fluttershy, Lori, Leni, Luan, Lincoln, and Lola went to the shopping district, while the rest decided to explore other parts of the city.

Author's Note:

Team so far:
Will: Decidueye (M), Alolan Grimer (F), Hariyama (M), Alolan Marowak (M), Goodra (M), Trevenant*(M)

Fluttershy: Primarina (F),Crabrawler (M), Pupitar (M) Lycanroc (Dusk Form)(M), Steelix (M), Zoroark*(F)

Toby: Pikachu (F), Vulpix (F), Braixen (F), Torracat (M), Charmeleon (M), Quilava (F)

Serenity: Lopunny (F), Charjabug (M), Misdreavus (F), Eevee* (M), Pikachu (Chubbykins) (M), Buizel (F)

Silver Spoon: Azumarill (F), Magneton (N/A), Lycanroc (Midday Form) (M), Jolteon (F), Infernape (F), Blastoise (F)

Lincoln: Mareanie* (M)

Lynn: Gyarados (M)

In Storage or in Training:
Will: Ash Hat Pikachu(M)(Kanto and Kalos), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (M), Krabby (F), Growlithe (M), Slugma (M) Numel, (M) Litleo (M), Buizel (F), Corphish (M), Seedot (M), Shroomish (M), Tangela (F), Budew (M), Ferroseed (M), Magmar (F), Litleo (M)

Fluttershy: Ash Hat Pikachu (M)(Unova), Buizel (M), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (F), Krabby (M), Croconaw (M), Phanpy (F), Slugma (M), Growlithe (F), Magby (M), Numel (F), Litleo (F), Combusken (M), Vaporeon (M), Eevee (F), Seedot (F), Shroomish (M), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M) Grotle (M), Bayleef (F), Nosepass (M) Goodra (F) , Toucannon (F), Hawlucha (M), Smeargle (M)

Toby: Ash Hat Pikachu (M) (Sinnoh), Buizel (M), Clauncher (F), Skrelp (M), Corphish (M), Luxio (M), Slugma (F), Growlithe (M), Magby (M), Numel (M), Alakazam (M), Seedot (M), Tangela (F), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M), Grovyle (M), Scizor (M), Gothorita (F), Duosion (M) Goodra (F) Noibat (M), Tsareena* (F), Alolan Vulpix (Snowball)(F), Lycanroc (Midnight Form)(F), Turtonator (M), Mawile (F), Empoleon (M), Flareon (F), Espeon (F), Gardevoir* (F)

Serenity: Spinda (M), Goodra (F) Mareep*(M), Clauncher (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (M), Krabby (F), Marshtomp (M), Growlithe (M), Slugma (F), Magby (F), Numel (F), Litleo (F), Pignite (M), (M), Detective Pikachu (M), Seedot (F), Shroomish (F), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed*(F) Ivysaur (M), Leafeon (F), Dewott (F), Minun (F)

Silver Spoon: Eevee (F), Buizel (M), Skrelp (F), Corphish (F), Krabby (M), Plusle (F), Slugma (F), Magby (M), Numel (F), Litleo (M), Ash Hat Pikachu (M)(Hoenn), Growlithe (F), Seedot (M), Shroomish (F), Tangela (M), Budew (F), Ferroseed (M), Servine (F), Goodra* (F), Clauncher (F), Gallade (M), Butterfree* (M)

Totem Stickers So far: 58/100

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