• Published 24th Jul 2017
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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 1: Meeting the Professor and the Kahuna (Ultra Rewrite)

Opening their eyes, our heroes saw that they were on a coastline cliff, outlooking the ocean, "Wow, so this is the Alola Region!" Toby was in awe, as were the others, as seagull Pokémon flew overhead.

"Man, it's been ages since I've felt this way! Getting to see a new region! I feel like a kid in a candy store!" Will exclaimed, getting pumped up.

"But, where do we go from here?" Silver Spoon asked.

"That's, actually a good question," Will replied. Serenity then noticed something in the distance.

"I think I see a village over there," she whispered.

"Good eye Serenity. Maybe we can learn something there," Will said, as they made their way up the hill, approaching a patch of grass. They stopped when they heard rustling coming from said grass. Out from it, came a little weasel like Pokémon. It had a long, brown body with a long yellow stripe on it's back, and razor sharp teeth, "Whoa, whose that Pokémon?" Will pondered, as it hissed threateningly at the group.

"I don't think it's friendly," Toby said, taking a step back.

"It looks like you kids are going to have to battle it," Will said. Toby and Silver Spoon readied their Pokeballs, when three new Pokémon ran up in front of them. First was a little owl Pokémon with a leaf bowtie. Next was a black cat like Pokémon with red stripes and a stoic expression. Last was a blue, sea lion Pokémon. The weasel Pokémon cowered at the sight of the three new Pokémon, and scurried away.

"Hey there!" a man called out. They turned to see a man about Will's age running towards them. He wore a tattered lab coat with not shirt underneath, black shorts, a vizor, and green glasses, "That was close. If it weren't for those three, that Yungoos would've done something to you guys," the man said.

"Yeah. Lucky thing you came when you did," Will replied.

"So, that Pokémon's name was Yungoos?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah. They're pretty common around Alola. But anyways, the name's Kukui, Professor Kukui," the man introduced.

"Well, I'm Will, and these are my students, Flora, Sylvia, Serenity and Toby," Will introduced.

"Nice to meet you guys! By the way, I can tell by looking, but you and Flora don't look to have any Pokémon on you," Kukui commented.

"Yeah, we're starting a journey through Alola today, so we haven't caught any Pokémon," Will replied. Kukui thought about it, and came up with an idea.

"Hey, why don't the two of you take on one of these Pokémon each?" Kukui suggested.

"Are you sure it wouldn't be a bother?" Fluttershy asked.

"Not at all! In fact, while it is the responsibility of the Kahuna of each Island to give trainer's their first Pokémon, Hala, our Island's Kahuna agreed to let me help with giving trainer's their very first Pokémon!" Kukui explained.

"'Kahuna'?" Will asked.

"Yeah, they're the strongest trainers on each island. They're way too strong for trainer's just starting out on their journey," Kukui explained. Our heroes took this all in, "But anyway, let's meet the Pokémon who came to save you guys," Kukui said, as the three Pokémon lined up side by side, "First is Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon," Kukui said. The owl Pokémon just spun itself around, "Next is Litten, the Fire Cat Pokémon," the cat Pokémon stretched out, "And last but not least, Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon," Kukui said, as the seal lion stood proudly on it's fin, "Well, take your pick," Kukui said.

"Will, you have more experience, so why don't you choose first?" Fluttershy offered.

"Alright, let's see," Will said, his attention going more towards Rowlet, "I choose Rowlet!" Will declared, as Rowlet perched itself on Will's arm.

"Ok, both Pokémon are so cute! But, I think I will go with Popplio!" Fluttershy declared, as Popplio did a flip into her arms.

"Guess that means it's you and me Litten," Kukui said, as Litten just licked it's leg, "Anyhow, why don't we go see Hala up in Iki Town?" Kukui suggested, pointing to the village, giving Will and Fluttershy two Pokeballs, "You both may want to put those two back in their Pokeballs. Wild Pokémon have a tendency to jump out at you from the grass," he added. Both of them then recalled Rowlet and Popplio, as Kukui did with Litten. With that, they ventured further up the hill. They saw a few other trainers, either looking around in grass or having a battle with more Pokémon our heroes haven't seen before. As they reached what appeared to be town gates, a young boy with green hair, a green t-shirt, and yellow and orange floral shorts came racing out, with a Popplio not too far behind. He noticed the group.

"Hey there! How about a battle!" the boy enthusiastically suggested.

"Now hold on Hau, that's no way to introduce yourself, remember?" Kukui asked sternly.

"Oh yeah," Hau said, scratching the back of his head, "The name's Hau, and I'm going to be starting out on my Island Challenge tomorrow!" Hau said, pumping his fist.

"You got spunk Hau. That's good. How about taking me on?" Will offered, releasing Rowlet from it's Pokeball.

"Oh wow, you already got your Pokémon! Nice!" Hau said, as both his Popplio and Will's Rowlet took their places.

"Ok, so what moves can Rowlet use?" Will pondered.

"Rowlet's usable moves are Tackle, Growl, and Leafage," Kukui replied.

"'Leafage'? Never heard of that move, but it's worth a shot, so Rowlet, use Leafage!" Will instructed. Rowlet then spun around, sending leaf shaped projectiles at Popplio.

"Quick Popplio, make a balloon!" Hau instructed. Popplio quickly blew up a balloon, which blocked the attack, before the balloon burst, "Now, use Water Gun!" Hau added. Popplio fired a stream of water at Rowlet, knocking out of balance, making it fall slightly.

"Hang strong Rowlet, use Tackle!" Will instructed. Rowlet then charged at Popplio.

"Popplio, knock it away with Pound!" as soon as Rowlet got in close, Popplio smacked it away with it's flipper.

"One more time Rowlet, use Leafage! And this time, surround Popplio, don't attack directly!" Will instructed. Rowlet once again fired Leafage, surrounding Popplio.

"What's the deal with that?" Hau wondered. His question answered itself, as Rowlet silently snuck up behind Popplio.

"Now Rowlet, use Leafage!" Rowlet then fired Leafage at Popplio at pointblank range, without giving Popplio enough time to react.

"Wow, that was so cool!" Hau exclaimed enthusiastically.

"You want to call it there?" Will asked, seeing how tired the Pokémon were.

"Good call. They did work pretty hard," Hau said, giving Popplio a blue candy.

"What's that?" Toby asked.

"This is a Pokebean. They're candies that are grown here in Alola. Pokémon really love them! And they come in three different varieties; plain beans, like the one Popplio is eating, patterned beans, and rare rainbow beans. The more rare the bean, the more close you'll get to your Pokémon," Hau explained.

"They come with 'Pokémon Refresh' kits that you can get when you go to a Pokémon Center," Kukui added, as they entered Iki Town, "So, where is Hala?" Kukui asked.

"I think he went off to take care of something, left without even telling someone," Hau grumbled.

"Well, in any case, why don't the five of you look around for my assistant, Lillie? She's supposed to be around here somewhere," Kukui suggested.

"I think I saw her going up Mahalo Trail," Hau replied, scratching the back of his head.

"Then that's where we'll look," Will commented.

"Good, I'll stay here and wait for Hala to return," Kukui said.

"I'm going to go show off Popplio to my Mom!" Hau said, darting off, "Oh yeah! Mahalo Trail is just behind my house!" Hau called.

"That kid's worth keeping an eye on," Will commented, as they followed their new friend up some stairs. When they got up, they saw a clearing with a large stage like contraption in the middle. They also took note of a few people who were putting up some stalls that you'd see at a festival.

"Looks like a party's gonna go down," Toby commented.

"Yeah! It's a festival to offer up battles to our Island's Guardian Deity, Tapu Koko, the Island Spirit of Conflict," Hau explained.

"Tapu Koko sounds important," Silver Spoon commented.

"More than important! Each Island has it's own Kahuna and Guardian Deity! By the way, Mahalo Trail is just on the way to The Ruins of Conflict, where we pay homage to Tapu Koko," Hau said, pointing to a passageway into the trees.

"You said that's where Lillie was headed to, right?" Fluttershy asked. Hau nodded.

"Alright, we'll be back," Will said, as the five of them headed out onto the trail.

Our heroes were climbing up an inclined hill, searching for Lillie. Along the way, they saw many mysterious statues. They were still walking, when they saw a blonde girl dressed all in white, with a very large brimmed hat, who looked like she was being dragged by her bag, "Hold on! What is it with you and these ruins?!" the girl asked, what our heroes assumed, was whatever was in her bag.

"Hey! Are you Lillie?!" Will called out, as they ran after her. They saw her again in the clearing, overlooking a majestic waterfall, as a small, cloud like Pokémon popped out of her bag, "Nebby, wait!" the girl cried. "Nebby" didn't listen, and ventured further on a rickety bridge. It's excitement turned to shock, as a flock of sparrow like Pokémon were flying straight at "Nebby", "Ah! Nebby!" the girl cried.

"What's wrong?!" Fluttershy asked.

The girl was shocked at the appearance of our heroes, but nevertheless replied, "Please, you need to help Nebby!" she begged.

"Is that Pokémon the Spearow are attacking 'Nebby'?" Will asked, seeing the cowering Nebby. Some of the Spearow noticed the humans, and went to chase them off, "Uh oh, go, Rowlet!" Will exclaimed, sending out Rowlet.

"Popplio, you go too!" Fluttershy said, sending out Popplio.

"Fennekin, Vulpix, you both help out too!" Toby said, sending in the two Fox Pokémon.

"Azurill, we need your help too!" Silver Spoon said, sending in Azurill.

"Buneary, we need to help anyway we can!" Serenity said, weakly throwing the Pokeball, but nevertheless sent out Buneary.

"I'll handle the areal battling! You guys give me support from here!" Will instructed.

"Popplio, uh, use Water Gun!" Fluttershy awkwardly suggested. Popplio fired Water Gun at some of the Spearow, chasing them off.

"Fennekin, Vulpix, use Ember!" Toby instructed. Both Fox Pokémon fired small particles of fire at more of the Spearow, chasing some of them off.

"Azurill, use Icy Wind!" Silver Spoon instructed. Azurill blew a frigid wind at the straggling Spearow, chasing more off.

"Buneary, use Ice Beam!" Serenity instructed, trying to sound confident. Buneary fired a beam of icy energy at an individual Spearow, sending it back into the opposite wall.

"Rowlet, try getting the attention of Spearow with Leafage!" Will instructed. Rowlet fired Leafage at the majority of the Spearow that were still harassing Nebby, getting their attention. The majority of the Spearow then began chasing Rowlet, leaving like three Spearow, still circling Nebby, "It's ok. I got you!" Will said, trying to cover Nebby. The Spearow then charged at Will, before Nebby began glowing, holding back the Spearow, but in the process, it broke the bridge beneath them, causing Will to fall.

"OH NO!" the others cried. Just then, a loud bellowing sounded throughout the area. Then, a black bodied Pokémon with yellow and orange dome like arms flew down, striking down all of the Spearow, and rescued Will and Nebby at the last second. It carried Will and Nebby back onto the cliff.

"Who is..." Toby started.

"That Pokémon?" Silver Spoon finished in awe. The Pokémon bellowed, before flying off.

"I think, that was the Island Guardian, Tapu Koko," the girl said, turning the attention of our heroes onto her, "Um, thank you for saving Nebby," the girl said to Will.

"Not a problem. So, are you by any chance Lillie?" Will asked.

"I am. And I am extremely grateful for saving Nebby!" Lillie said, turning her attention to the cloud like Pokémon, "Now Nebby, you have to stop trying to get out of the bag! I know there's not a lot of people around, but safe is better than sorry," Lillie scolded. However, Nebby wasn't really paying attention to her. It's interest was more into something sparkling on the ground. It was a black stone of some kind, "Hmm? What's this?" Lillie asked, as Will picked up the stone. It was very oddly shaped.

"Now what could this be?" Will wondered.

"There's another one over here!" Toby called out, picking up another rock.

"And another!" Fluttershy called out, picking up another stone.

"Same here!" Silver Spoon added, picking up the last stone that they could see.

"Maybe, Tapu Koko wanted you four to have them?" Lillie theorized.

"Hmm, it is possible," Will replied.

"Well, in any case, we should head back," Lillie said, as Nebby flew back into her bag. With that, they left the area, and made their way back to Iki Town.

Back in Iki Town,

"Hey there!" the group of six saw Kukui waving at them, "Glad you found Lillie!" he said, approaching them.

"Yes. Nebby tried getting out of the bag again," Lillie said. Just then, a largely built elderly man was seen walking up the stairs. He wore a white tank top and shorts, with an orange and yellow floral over shirt.

"Ah, there he is!" Kukui said, "Hala, where've you been?!" Kukui asked.

"I got into a bit of a scuffle with some feuding Rockruff, nothing I couldn't handle," the old man said.

"Well, as Kahuna, it is your responsibility, so can't really fault you there. Any ways, these are some new trainers that'll be starting on a journey throughout Alola," Kukui said, introducing our heroes to Hala.

"Well met. I am Hala, one of the four Kahuna's you'll meet during you island challenge," Hala said, introducing himself.

"Well we're Will, Flora, Toby, Sylvia, and Serenity, trainers from the Johto Region," Will said.

"Ah Johto, that takes me back," Kukui reminisced about his younger days, traveling throughout the various regions.

"Well, if you wish to take on the island challenge, you'll need to take these," Hala said, giving our heroes five pendants, "You won't be able to take on any of the trials unless you have those medallions," Hala explained.

"'Trials'?" Will asked.

"FOUR ISLANDS!" Kukui exclaimed, holding up four fingers, "See, unlike other regions, we don't have official Pokémon Gyms here in Alola. We have something similar called 'trials'. They're a tradition passed down in Alola since ancient times," Kukui explained.

"HEY TUTU!" Hau exclaimed, running up to the group, "What's the big idea, going off without telling anyone?!" Hau demanded.

"Settle down Hau. You know I have duties as an Island Kahuna," Hala replied, stroking his moustache. He then noticed something sparkling in Will, Fluttershy, Silver Spoon, and Toby's bags, "Hmm, there's something sparkling in your bags?" Hala asked.

"Oh, you must be talking about these," Toby said, getting out the stone he and the other three picked up. Hala then examined the stone Toby found.

"Why this is...!" Hala exclaimed, his eyes going wide.

"Tutu, isn't that...?" Hau asked.

"Tell me something. I saw Tapu Koko flying away from Mahalo Trail. Did something happen up there?" Hala asked.

"Yeah, that was when is saved me from falling in a ravine," Will replied. Hala steeled his expression, before laughing boisterously.

"My, my, what a surprising turn of events!" Hala exclaimed, "And I take it the three of you found stones like this one?" Hala asked.

"Yeah, it was right after Will was saved," Fluttershy replied, getting out her stone, as did Will and Silver Spoon.

"You're all strangers to Alola, and yet Tapu Koko deigned to gift the four of you with these stones," Hala laughed boisterously once more, "Tell you what, if you kids come back tonight for the festival, I'll give you something grand, in exchange for these stones," Hala offered.

"Really? That's be great!" Will accepted, as did the other three. Hala then turned his attention to Serenity.

"Tell me, did you receive a stone like this?" Hala asked.

"Um, no.... I don't really care much for fighting," Serenity whispered, hiding behind her brother.

"Hmm, a shy one you are. But no matter. You are free to do as you please," Hala said, taking his leave.

"In the mean time, you guys should swing by my place! I have something that may be of use to you guys," Kukui suggested.

"That would be great!" Will accepted, as Kukui led them out of Iki Town, and town the road they met.

Author's Note:

Team so far (for Ultra Rewrite):

Will: Rowlet
Fluttershy: Popplio
Toby: Fennekin, Vulpix
Serenity: Buneary
Silver Spoon: Azurill

For the Ultra Rewrite, i am planning to make some changes to how each trainer catches their Pokemon. Toby will get a Litten, but much later (reference to the Indigo League Series immenent with that). In addtion, new Pokemon will be put in bold letters, and each trainer will have the majority of any of the 18 types. For example, Toby would have the majority of Fire, Steel, and Psychic Types. Let me know down in the comments what type of Pokemon each trainer should catch.

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