• Published 24th Jul 2017
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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 2: The Rotom Pokedex! Catching New Pokemon! (Ultra Rewrite)

Being led downhill where they met Professor Kukui, our heroes are being led by the very professor himself. They soon came up to the beachfront, where they see a rather rickety looking shack, "Well, there's my place," Kukui said, unlocking the front door, inviting the group inside. They were greeted by three Pokémon. One looked to be a pink bull dog Pokémon. Another was a brown, puppy Pokémon, and the third looked much like a toy animal, "Ah, Snubbull, Rockruff, Stufful, thanks for holding down the fort," Kukui said, petting each of them.

"You see, Professor Kukui studies Pokémon Moves, so he often has his Pokémon attack him so he can get a feel of what they're like," Lillie said.

"I remember all the times I got it with a Pokémon Move, albeit some of those times were unintentional," Will stated.

Back on Will's Ranch,

Several Pokémon sneezed, as they felt someone talking about them.

Back at Professor Kukui's House,

"Anyhow, come down to my lab. And I'll give you the thing I promised," Kukui said, heading downstairs. The others followed him. When they got downstairs, it looked like a pretty standard lab. Computers, books, there was even some exercise equipment in the corner, "Anyhow, here's what I wanted to give you," Kukui said, giving Will an oddly shaped device.

"Is this a Pokedex?" Will asked.

"Yep. The latest model! And it just needs one more component for it to be functional," Kukui replied, as the lights flickered. Out from a wall outlet, shot a small orange Pokémon surrounded by plasma.

"Whoa, Rotom!" Will exclaimed, as Rotom was flying all around the lab.

"Now we just need to wait for it to go inside," Kukui said.

"'Go inside'?" Fluttershy wondered.

"Do you mean, in the Pokedex?" Silver Spoon asked, as Rotom finally hit the Pokedex.

"Rotom? You in there?" Will asked, tapping the screen, "Is this normal for this kind of Pokedex?" Will asked, as a heart symbol appeared. The Pokedex then jumped out of Will's hands. It then grew arm like contraptions and feet, "Whoa, Rotom became the Pokedex?" Will asked in awe.

"LLLLLanguage selection verified. User Interface registered!" the Rotom Pokedex said.

"Cool, it talked!" Toby exclaimed.

"Rotom, my name is Professor Kukui. I want you to give these folks a Helping Hand on their journey," Kukui said.

"Affirmative! Please give your names for identification," Rotom politely asked.

"My name is Will," Will replied.

"I'm Flora," Fluttershy said.

"Toby," Toby added.

"Sylvia," Silver Spoon added.

"S-serenity," Serenity whispered, but was still loud enough for Rotom to hear.

"User ID verified! Alola! It is nice to meet you!" the Rotom Pokedex said.

"Nice to meet you too, Rotom," Will said.

"I am not merely Rotom, User Will! I am a state of the art, fully functional Rotom Pokedex! You could say I am Rotom; Pokedex Form!" the Rotom Pokedex stated. The five trainers had confused looks on their faces, unsure how to phrase that, "*Sigh* Very well, it may be easier if you were to just refer to me as Rotom, is that acceptable, Users Will, Flora, Toby, Sylvia, and Serenity?" Rotom asked.

"Yeah, and you don't have to call us by that 'user' stuff. Just our regular names will do," Silver Spoon replied.

"Affirmative! Data updated!" Rotom said.

"So, how do Pokedex's work exactly?" Toby asked.

"They have tons of information on Pokémon from various regions. They're high-tech encyclopedias," Kukui replied.

"Actually, it would be a good idea to try to get to know our Pokémon a little better," Will said, releasing Rowlet. The others did the same with their Pokémon, "Rotom, what information can you give us on Rowlet?" Will asked.

"Certainly! Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon, a Grass and Flying Type. It feels relaxed in tight, dark places, and has been known to use it's trainer's pockets and bag as a nest," Rotom said.

"I see, fascinating!" Will commented.

"What can you tell us about Popplio, if you don't mind my asking," Fluttershy asked.

"Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon, a Water Type. Popplio gets on it's bouncy water balloons to jump higher. It is a very good acrobatic fighter," Rotom replied.

"I'd like to learn more about Fennekin and Vulpix," Toby said.

"Fennekin, the Fox Pokémon, a Fire Type. It's roomy ears vent air hotter than 390 degrees Fahrenheit. It loves to snack on twigs. Vulpix, the Fox Pokémon, a Fire Type. It controls balls of fire to catch it's prey. If raised right from a young age, it can grow close to it's trainer like a Puppy Pokémon," Rotom said.

"I'd like to hear about Azurill, please," Silver Spoon asked.

"Of course! Azurill, the Polka Dot Pokémon, a Normal and Fairy Type. It's tail holds all the nutrients it needs for evolution," Rotom said.

"Um... please, can I know more about Buneary?" Serenity whispered, holding Buneary close.

"Buneary, the Rabbit Pokémon, a Normal Type. The reason it keeps one ear rolled up is so that it can launch a swift counterstrike it attacked by an enemy. Buneary's ears have enough power to crush a boulder," Rotom said.

"Ok, so now that you guys know a little more about your Pokémon, why not come and learn how to catch some?" Kukui suggested.

"'Catch Pokémon'?" Fluttershy asked.

"It's how you make more friends with Pokémon," Will explained, as they all recalled their Pokémon.

"Will, you seem to know your way around the basics, so why not teach them yourself? I would, but I'm needed up in Iki Town," Kukui asked, scratching the back of his head.

"Sure, I'd like to try and catch some Pokémon myself," Will accepted.

"Great! I'll show you guys where you can catch a ton of cool or rare Pokémon!" Kukui said, as they all exited his house. However, upon stepping outside, everything got dark in an instant. Serenity noticed something off in the distance; it looked like a tear in the sky.

"Was that..." Lillie wondered.

"Couldn't be. There wasn't an eclipse scheduled for today," Kukui replied, as they all made their way back up to the hill where they all met Kukui, "Alright, take that path, and you'll see a bunch of Pokémon! It's a bit of a longer walk to Iki Town, but it'll be worth it!" Kukui said, taking his leave, with Lillie behind him.

"Well guys, let's go catch some Pokémon!" Will said, as the walked down the path Kukui pointed out, "The first thing to know about Pokémon is that they like to hide in tall grass, caves, or in open waters. They like to jump out at random. When you see one, you have to battle it with your own Pokémon to weaken it, that way, your Pokeballs will have an easier time catching them," Will explained. Toby then noticed a little yellow mouse Pokémon with pink spots on it's cheeks.

"What's that Pokémon?" Toby asked.

"That's a Pichu," Will replied.

"Pichu, the Tiny Mouse Pokémon, an Electric Type. It isn't very skilled at handling it's electricity yet, so trainers should be prepared for a jolt," Rotom said.

"Well, I want to try and catch that one," Toby said. He caught the attention of Pichu, who looked at the boy in interest, "Go, Vulpix!" Toby said, sending out Vulpix. Pichu fired electricity from it's cheeks, "Dodge that Vulpix, then use Ember!" Toby instructed. Vulpix dodged the electric attack, and fired Ember at Pichu, causing a little damage to it, "Maybe I should try and catch it now," Toby said, holding a Pokeball.

"Hold on Toby. Use this one instead," Will said, giving Toby a green Pokeball with red marks on it, "This Friend Ball will help you get closer to Pichu," Will explained, as Toby accepted the Friend Ball.

"Alright, here I go!" Toby said, chucking the Friend Ball at Pichu, encapsulating the Tiny Mouse Pokémon. The Friend Ball then began rocking back and forth, before a clicking sound was heard, "So, Pichu is my Pokémon now?" Toby asked, picking up the Friend Ball.

"Of course! You were the one who caught it," Will said, as they all split up to try and find Pokémon.

Silver Spoon and Serenity were looking around together, when they saw some Bug Pokémon. One was a little, yellow caterpillar Pokémon, and the other was a little grub worm Pokémon, "I think I remember Will saying something about Bug Pokémon being the easiest Pokémon to raise," Silver Spoon commented, as she eyed the yellow caterpillar.

"I think we can raise these ones," Serenity whispered, getting a Net Ball out, as she eyed the grub Pokémon. The two of them went after their respective Pokémon. Serenity weakly chucked the Net Ball at the Grub Pokémon, encapsulating it. The Net Ball rocked three times before clicking. Silver Spoon sent out Azurill to battle the caterpillar.

"Azurill, use Water Gun!" Silver Spoon instructed. Azurill fired Water Gun at the caterpillar, "Alright, here I go!" she said, tossing a Pokeball at the caterpillar. It rocked three times before clicking, "Alright! Let's go talk to Will and Rotom about these Pokémon," Silver Spoon suggested. Serenity nodded. They looked over to see Will supervising Fluttershy, as she tried to catch a woodpecker like Pokémon.

"Pikipek, the Woodpecker Pokémon, a Normal and Flying Type. It may look spindly, but it has incredible neck muscles. It is capable of delivering 16 pecks per second, and is strong enough to destroy stone," Rotom said.

"Ok, I'd better watch out for those pecks. Popplio, use Water Gun, please!" Fluttershy asked. Popplio fired Water Gun directly at Pikipek, who shook it off. Pikipek then charged beak first at Popplio.

"Here comes Peck attack!" Will warned.

"Popplio, make a balloon!" Fluttershy instructed. Popplio quickly blew a large balloon, which burst when Pikipek collided with it, but was able to drench Pikipek, "Here I go!" Fluttershy said, chucking a Pokeball at Pikipek, encapsulating the bird Pokémon. It rocked three times before clicking.

"Hey Will, what can you tell us about these two Pokémon?" Silver Spoon asked, as she and Serenity released the Bug Pokémon they caught. However, the caterpillar sparkled when it was released.

"Whoa, you caught a Shiny Caterpie!" Will said in amazement.

"What does that mean, 'shiny'?" Toby asked.

"Well, you see, some Pokémon often times appear in a different color than they normally would. Caterpie are usually green," Will explained.

"Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon, a Bug Type. Because it grows and evolves so quickly, it is highly recommended as the first Pokémon for new trainers to catch," Rotom said.

"And, what about this one?" Serenity asked.

"Grubbin, the Larva Pokémon, a Bug Type. It's strong pincers allow it to break off the bark of trees and drink the sap that falls from it," Rotom said.

"Well, what do you say we go and enjoy the festival?" Will suggested. Everyone happily agreed, and went on their way back to Iki Town.

However, looking down on our heroes from a nearby ledge was a young boy, about the same age as Toby and Silver Spoon. He wore a yellow, torn up tank top, raggedy shorts, a spiked collar and bracelets, and his black hair was done up in a scorpions tail fashion. "Hmph, if it was that easy, then who needs those weakling Pokémon?" the boy asked in a nasty tone. By his legs, were four Pokémon. Two of them were Litten, who looked like it had seen better days, and Bagon. As for the other two, one was a lizard Pokémon that looked like it was wearing a bandits mask. The other was a purple Pokémon with big blue tentacles growing from it's head, and a yellow spike on the top of it's head.

Author's Note:

Team so far:

Will: Rowlet (M)

Fluttershy: Popplio (F), Pikipek(F)

Toby: Fennekin (F), Vulpix (F), Pichu (F)

Serenity: Buneary (F), Grubbin (M)

Silver Spoon: Azurill (F), Caterpie* (M)

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