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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 4: The Pokemon School of Rock and Alolan Forms (Ultra Rewrite)

Beginning their adventures tomorrow, our heroes, accompanied by their new friends, the Louds, ventured down towards where they saw a bustling city, "That looks to be the place," Will commented, as they walked further down the path. They soon saw their friend Lillie, standing in front of a building with a red room, "Yo, Lillie!" Will called out. Lillie saw her friends, and the new group of people.

"My word, such a large group," Lillie commented.

"Oh yeah, we met up with these kids at the festival in Iki Town," Will replied. The Louds soon introduced themselves to Lillie.

"A pleasure to meet each of you," Lillie said gracefully.

"Anyhow, we'll be starting our journey around Alola tomorrow. I take it that's the Pokémon school over there?" Will asked, looking at a nearby complex.

"Oh, um, yes. That will be where you'll take a little test devised by Professor Kukui," Lillie replied. She and the rest of the group noticed it getting rather late, "But for now, you all must be exhausted. Thankfully, the Pokémon Center has plenty of rooms for travelers," Lillie said, as they all walked in the building. Inside, they saw at the center of the building a counter with a woman dressed in a pink nurses outfit. Behind her, a strange machine. To the right, they saw a shop, and to the right, a shop.

"This seems like a typical facility for medical recuperation," Lisa commented. Everyone looked at her, confused, "This looks like a regular hospital," she clarified.

"Right. This is the Pokémon Center. It's a place where trainers go to heal up their Pokémon. You guys can talk to the woman over there, and she'll heal up your Pokémon, free of charge," Will explained.

"Ok, but what about that store over there?" Lana asked.

"Ah yes. Over in the store, trainers can purchase various items for their travels. These items include medicines, Pokeballs, and other useful gadgets," Will replied.

"And the café?" Luna asked.

"Huh, that's new. Can't tell you much about that myself, but the name should be self explanatory," Will replied, scratching the back of his head.

"Speaking of healing our Pokémon," Toby said.

"Oh, right!" Will said, as the five trainers approached the counter.

"Welcome to the Pokémon Center," the woman at the counter said.

"Hey there, Nurse Joy. Could you look after our Pokémon?" Will asked, as the five trainers placed their Pokéballs on the counter.

"Of course. And I take it your group will be needing a place to stay for the night?" Nurse Joy asked.

"That's right. Could we by chance get two separate bedrooms?" Will asked.

"Of course! I'll bring your Pokémon back as soon as they're finished healing," Nurse Joy replied, handing Will two keys.

"Ok, so how do we want to do bedroom assignments?" Toby asked.

"Easy, girls get one room, and the boys get the other room," Lori suggested in an authoritarian tone. The group all gave their sounds of approval.

"Ok, here's one key," Will said, handing Fluttershy one of the keys.

After find their rooms, our heroes all settled in with their roommates. Will and Toby were bunking with Lincoln and Rotom, while Fluttershy, Serenity, and Silver Spoon shared a room with the Loud Sisters, "So, I guess this is how we're bunking for the entire trip," Will said, as he sat on a bed.

"Yeah, knowing my sisters, they wouldn't want to share a room with any boys," Lincoln commented.

"So, what's it like, having 10 sisters?" Toby asked.

"It's absolutely crazy! I do love them and everything, but they can be quite a handful, especially the twins," Lincoln replied.

"I guess it would be rather hectic," Will commented.

"I don't really understand the concept of families all that much, but it does sound like it could be quite a handful," Rotom commented.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't trade them for the world, even if they do get on my nerves," Lincoln said.

Meanwhile, over in the girls' room,

"So, what does everyone think of this world so far?" Leni asked her sisters.

"It's too bright and sunny for my liking," Lucy commented.

"I don't know Lucy. I think it's rad that we get a free tropical vacation," Luna replied.

"I can finally work on my tan," Lola boasted pridefully.

"I like these Pokémon critters," Lana added.

"Too bad I don't have any cell service," Lori said, looking at her phone.

"Maybe being off of your phone for a while can do you some good," Lisa stated nonchalantly.

"Not to sound rude, but I can't believe you're all siblings," Silver Spoon commented.

"Yeah, we get that a lot," Luna replied.

"So, tell us a little about yourselves," Leni politely asked.

"Well, it may sound crazy, but, like you guys, we're from another dimension as well. Will happened to come to our dimension by accident," Fluttershy replied.

"Cool. So, what's your world like?" Lola asked.

"Well, believe it or not, again, but we're not really human. We're actually ponies who took the form of humans to journey through this world," Silver Spoon awkwardly replied. She may not show it, but Lucy's eyes twinkled with excitement.

"Ok, and I take it when Will came to your world, you met Toby right then and there, right?" Lynn asked.

"Well, not exactly. Toby is from another dimension as well. But his story's pretty sad," Silver Spoon replied.

"Wait, so Will isn't his Dad?" Lori asked.

"No. Let's just say that Toby's real father is the real reason he came to our dimension," Fluttershy said, remembering the horrible atrocities James had inflicted upon Toby. She and Silver Spoon hated that man for what he had done to the young boy.

"And, what of his mother?" Lisa asked. The three pony turned humans all looked at each other with uncertainty. Fluttershy took a deep breath, and briefly explained what had happened to Toby before she met him. Afterwards, the three of them saw that the Loud Sisters looked like they were ready to burst into tears.

"He really went through all of that?!" Lori exclaimed.

"I'm afraid so," Fluttershy sadly replied.

"But why did he forgive that jerk wad?! They way you described it, Toby should've hated him for that!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Especially since he killed his own wife," Lucy added.

"It's because Toby's mother taught Toby to never hold a grudge. Toby doesn't hold grudges because he doesn't want to be a bad person," Silver Spoon replied. The Loud Sisters took a moment to process this information.

The Next Morning,

After having breakfast, our heroes followed Lillie to the nearby schoolgrounds, "So, Lillie, any idea what we're going to have to do?" Will asked.

"You'll know when we get there," Lillie replied. They heard a loud mooing sound. Looking down the street, they saw a large, brown bull Pokémon with three tails, romping around, "Oh dear, it looks like we won't be going through that way anytime for a while," Lillie said.

"Yeah, that Tauros doesn't seem like it wants to calm down anytime soon," Will commented.

"Tauros, the Wild Bull Pokémon, a Normal Type. Tauros isn't content unless it's constantly stampeding. It whips itself with it's three tails to give some motivation," Rotom said, as they entered the school grounds. There, they saw Professor Kukui, along with a teacher from the school.

"Ah, so is this group? Quite large, wouldn't you say?" the teacher asked.

"Yes, but only four of them are taking the test," Kukui said.

"What test would that be then?" Will asked.

"Ah yes, well, before you go on your island challenge journey, you may want to learn the basics of Pokémon battle. Of course, in your case Will, it would be a refresher course," Kukui said.

"But right now, the four students I chose to take the four of you on are currently in class. But you can pass the time by catching some Pokémon in the nearby grass over there," the teacher said, pointing to a large patch of grass on the other side of a fence.

"Well, it would be a good idea," Will commented.

"Ok, and when you hear the bell ringing, come immediately to the battle grounds here," Kukui instructed. With that, our heroes went over to the grass patch.

"Alright Louds, something to know about Pokémon is that they like to hide out in tall grass like this, and jump out at you. If you have a Pokémon, you'll need to engage in battle with the wild Pokémon. When it's weakened enough, then you can try and catch it with a Pokeball. It doesn't always work though," Will explained, as a green, sludge like Pokémon with yellow lips and two teeth jumped out.

"Eww! That thing's icky!" Lola whined.

"It looks cool! What is it?" Lana asked.

"It looks like a Pokémon called 'Grimer', but Grimer are usually purple, and they don't have teeth," Will replied.

"Allow me to explain! Grimer, Alola Form, the Sludge Pokémon, a Poison and Dark Type. Grimer were brought in from another region to help deal with an overflow of garbage. Over time, it eventually took this form. The two teeth like crystals are actually solidified toxins. If these are removed, the toxins seep out," Rotom said.

"I see, so it's another Alolan Form Pokémon," Will said, as he approached Grimer, "Go, Rowlet!" Will said, sending out Rowlet, "Use Peck attack!" Will instructed. Rowlet charged at Grimer, pecking the Sludge Pokémon, who was sent back a few feet. Grimer then fired a ball of sludge at Rowlet, "Dodge it Rowlet! Then use Tackle!" Will instructed. Rowlet evaded the Sludge attack, and charged at Grimer, sending it back against the wall, "Alright, here we go!" Will said, chucking a Level Ball at Grimer, encapsulating it. The ball rocked three times before clicking, "And just like that, this Grimer is now my Pokémon," Will said, picking up the Level Ball, letting Grimer out. Will then proceeded to spray Grimer and Rowlet with some medicine, fully healing them both.

"What are those?" Leni asked.

"These are Super Potions. They heal a Pokémon by a certain amount. Very handy for having out in the field," Will replied.

"By the way, what was all that about 'Alola Form'?" Lincoln asked.

"Well, I don't know much about it myself, but from what I gather, certain species of Pokémon in Alola appear differently than they do in other regions," Will replied.

"Here's what a regular Grimer looks like," Rotom said, displaying a picture of the purple Grimer.

"You probably saw giant walking palm trees in Iki Town, right?" Will asked.

"That was what led me to believe we were in another dimension," Lisa replied blankly.

"Well, those palm tress are actually called 'Exeggutor', and they're Alolan Form Pokémon as well," Will explained. Rotom then displayed a picture of a short, stumpy palm tree with three coconuts for heads.

"I see," Lisa said.

"Hey Rotom, what can you tell us about these Pokémon?" Silver Spoon asked, releasing a floating metal ball Pokémon with two magnets on either side of it, three screws, one on the top of its head, two below it's only eye. Fluttershy also released a small, black fox Pokémon with blue tips on it's feet and the tuft on the top of it's head. It sparkled when it popped out.

"Whoa, Flora, that Zorua you caught is a shiny Pokémon!" Will exclaimed. Rotom displayed a picture of Zorua with red highlights, instead of blue.

"Zorua, the Illusion Fox Pokémon, a Dark Type. It likes pulling pranks by changing into people and other Pokémon. If a normally talkative person suddenly becomes quiet, its evidence that Zorua has taken the place of that person. Magnemite, the Magnet Pokémon, an Electric and Steel Type. Magnemite are often the causes of power outages. They cling to the breaker box on the sides of houses and siphon off electricity," Rotom said.

"Wait, 'Shiny Pokémon'?" Lori asked.

"They're very rare, but often times, Pokémon can have a different color than their normal coloring. Zorua usually have red feet instead of blue.

"Aww, it's so cute!" Lola commented, trying to pet Zorua. Zorua felt intimidated by the princess girl, and hid behind Fluttershy.

"Aww, it's shy," Lana commented.

"Well, we couldn't find anything around here," Toby said, as he and Serenity rejoined the group. Just then, the bell rang.

"Well, let's get over to the battlefield," Will said, as they all made their way to the battlefield. There, they all saw a group of four students, waiting alongside their teacher and Professor Kukui.

"So, these are the guys?" one of the students asked. He was wearing what looked to be a green track suit.

"Big group," another student commented. She was wearing what looked like a tennis players outfit.

"Yes, but you'll only be battling these four," the teacher said, motioning towards Will, Fluttershy, Silver Spoon, and Toby.

"Well, that seems more manageable," the track suit boy said.

"Now, here are the details. There are four of you, and four students. Each of you will take them on in a series of one on one battles. Each trainer is allowed only one Pokémon each. The point of this exercise is to teach you guys, or in Will's case, refresh, the basics of a Pokémon battle. You'll be challenged with trainers who use items themselves, give their Pokémon items to use, use a Pokémon's ability, and use a Pokémon's stats and status changes. The first one to battle will be Sylvia. And her opponent will be Nancy," Kukui explained. A young girl, around Lana and Lola's age stepped forth from the four school trainers.

"My Pokémon's holding a berry!" Nancy said, as she sent out a green cocoon like Pokémon.

"Metapod, the Cocoon Pokémon, a Bug Type, and the evolved form of Caterpie. Metapod typically like to avoid intense battles. They do so because their shells protect their fragile innards, which are going under changes," Rotom said.

"Alright, in that case, I want to use Magnemite," Silver Spoon said, as Magnemite floated out in front of her.

"Metapod, use Harden!" Nancy instructed. Metapod just glowed, and it's shell seemed to get shinier, as it glowed red.

"Harden's a move that raises a Pokémon's defensive power," Will commented.

"Magnemite, use Thundershock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite then fired of the electric attack, striking Metapod. A berry appeared from.... well, somewhere, and Metapod ate it quickly. The injuries that Metapod sustained were healed up, "Magnemite, use Thundershock, once more!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite fired Thundershock again, striking, and this time, knocking out Metapod.

"Thanks Metapod, you did great!" Nancy said, recalling Metapod.

"Thanks Magnemite, take a break for a while," Silver Spoon said, recalling Magnemite.

"Alright, next up will be Will. His opponent shall be Declan," the teacher said, as a boy about Lucy's age stepped forth.

"Speed is key for a Pokémon battle," Declan said, sending out a grey cat Pokémon with a swave expression, and a gold charm on it's forehead.

"Whoa, is that a Meowth?" Will asked.

"Meowth, Alola Form, the Scratch Cat Pokémon, a Dark Type. Meowth aren't native to Alola. They were instead brought overseas as gifts. Over time, Meowth eventually took on their Alola Form. If their gold charm get's smudged of dirty, it flies into a hysterical fit," Rotom said.

"A lot of the Alola Form Pokémon seem to come from different regions," Lisa commented.

"I wonder what the region was for that, *chuckles* get it?" Luan joked, only receiving groans from her siblings, and weak chuckles from their new friends.

"Alright, I think I'll use Grimer," Will said, sending out Grimer.

"Meowth, use Hone Claws!" Declan instructed. Meowth swung it's claws around, and glowed red, "Now, use Fury Swipes!" Declan added. Meowth then charged at Grimer, and started slashing wildly.

"Grimer, use Pound and knock Meowth away!" Will instructed. Grimer then punched Meowth, sending it back a few feet, "Now, use Poison Gas!" Will added. Grimer then belched a purple mist, which appeared to make Meowth sick.

"When a Pokémon is Poisoned, it's stamina gradually decreases," Rotom stated.

"Now, use Sludge attack!" Will instructed. Grimer fired Sludge at Meowth, knocking it out.

"Here Meowth, you did great," Declan said, giving Meowth a pink peach like berry.

"What's that?" Lincoln asked.

"That's a Pecha Berry. They're used for curing a Pokémon if they're poisoned," Will replied, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Ok, our next match will have Flora going against Julie," the teacher said, as the tennis girl stepped forth.

"Using items can be beneficial for you and your Pokémon," Julie said, as she sent out a Yungoos.

"Yungoos, the Loitering Pokémon, a Normal Type. Yungoos, along with it's evolved form, Gumshoos, were imported from another region to deal with a problem regarding Rattata and Raticate. It has strong, sturdy jaws," Rotom said.

"Ok, Pikipek, go!" Fluttershy said, sending out Pikipek.

"Yungoos, use Tackle!" Julie said. Yungoos then charged at Pikipek.

"Fly Pikipek, then use Peck attack!" Fluttershy said. Pikipek took to the skies, and dodged Yungoos' attack. It circled around, and charged at Yungoos, pecking it in the back.

"Stay strong Yungoos!" Julie said, spraying Yungoos with a Potion, healing Yungoos, "Now, use Bite!" Julie instructed. Yungoos charged once more at Pikipek, and bit down on the Woodpecker Pokémon.

"Pikipek, hang on! Use Echoed Voice!" Fluttershy instructed. Pikipek then started bellowing, causing Yungoos to let go, "Now, use Peck, once more!" Fluttershy instructed. Pikipek flew around once more, and slammed into Yungoos, beak first, knocking it out, "Nicely done Pikipek, take a long rest," Fluttershy said, recalling Pikipek. Julie did the same with Yungoos.

"Ok, that leaves Toby to take on Dennis," the teacher said, as both Toby and the track suit wearing boy stepped forward.

"Using abilities can help you get an edge over your opponents," Dennis said, as he sent out, to most of the Loud Sister's horror, a purple rattlesnake Pokémon. The sisters, save for Lucy, Lana, and Lisa, screamed and ran off, hiding behind some trees.

"Yeah, my sisters aren't to crazy about snakes," Lincoln said to Silver Spoon.

"Ekans, the Snake Pokémon, a Poison Type. By dislocating it's jaw, it can swallow prey much larger than itself. After it's meal, it curls up and rests," Rotom said.

"Alright, Fennekin, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Fennekin, who glowed blue upon coming out, as it was spooked by Ekans.

"Ekans' ability is Intimidate, which lowers the attack power of a Pokémon it faces," Dennis explained. Fennekin then steeled itself.

"Alright, Fennekin, use Flame Charge!" Toby instructed. Fennekin then became cloaked in fire, and charged into Ekans, becoming faster and faster.

"Ekans, use Poison Fang!" Dennis instructed. Ekans then lunged at Fennekin, biting down on it with poison covered fangs.

"Hang strong Fennekin, use Ember!" Toby instructed. Fennekin then fired Ember at Ekans, who was knocking out.

"Well, that's that. You folks passed the test," the teacher said. Just then, a young boy with pink hair in a sweater vest approached them.

"Alola! Captain Illima here! That was some impressive battling," the boy said.

"Uh, thanks, Illima, was it?" Will asked.

"You see, Illima is one of the trial captains in the Alola Region. Their job is to give and help you get through your trial," Kukui said.

"He's also this school's star student!" the teacher declared.

"So, I guess I'll see you guys up at Verdant Cavern for my Trial, eh?" Illima asked, as he took his leave.

"Verdant Cavern is located North of Hau'oli City. I've already locked in the coordinates on the map," Rotom said.

"Well, let's get going. I'd like to see these trials for myself," Will said, as the group left the school grounds, and ventured on.

Author's Note:

Team so far:

Will: Rowlet (M), Alolan Grimer (F)

Fluttershy: Popplio (F), Pikipek (F), Zorua* (F)

Toby: Fennekin (F), Vulpix (F), Pikachu (F)

Serenity: Buneary (F), Grubbin (M)

Silver Spoon: Azurill (F), Caterpie*(M), Magnemite (N/A)

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