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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 3: A Loud Festival Indeed! And a New Rival

After some walking, our heroes had arrived back in Iki Town. However, when they got to the gates, they saw two people dressed in the same strange outfits. They looked to be space suits of some kind. One was a man about Will's height, while the other looked to be a young girl around Toby and Silver Spoon's age. They were whispering to one another, before proceeding into Iki Town. Our heroes followed them, where they saw tons of people enjoying food or games, along with all manner of Pokémon, "The festival sure looks lively," Fluttershy commented. They then noticed some palm trees that looked to be.... walking?!

"What the...?! Walking palm trees?!" Will exclaimed.

"Not quite. Here's what you want to know. Exeggutor, Alola Form, the Coconut Pokémon, a Grass and Dragon Type. Researchers have determined that the sunlight of Alola is what allows Exeggutor to take this form. People of Alola boast that this is how an Exeggutor should look," Rotom said.

"Wait, 'Alola Form'?" Will asked.

"Correct! A few species of Pokémon have been documented to appear differently in the Alola Region than they do in other regions. In fact, the Vulpix that Toby has is considered extremely rare in Alola," Rotom explained.

"I see. I had heard of Pokémon taking different forms using various methods, but being in a different region? Wow!" Will exclaimed.

"I'm getting a little hungry," Serenity whispered to Toby.

"I am too. I'm going to take Serenity to get something to eat," Toby said.

"Ok, don't be gone too long!" Fluttershy said. Toby took Serenity's hand, and led her through the crowd.

"Let me know if you see anything you want," Toby said. However, as he did, he accidently bumped into someone, knocking the both of them down, "Oof, sorry about that!" Toby exclaimed.

"Ah, it's cool. I wasn't really paying attention either," the boy Toby bumped into said. He was wearing an orange polo shirt, blue jeans, had a chipped tooth, and white hair, "You ok?" the boy asked, helping Toby up.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Toby said, as they went their separate ways.

"Hey Toby, can I have some cotton candy please, if it's not too much trouble?" Serenity asked timidly.

"Sure," Toby said, as the two went over to the cotton candy stall, "You want to split one?" Toby asked. Serenity nodded, "Can we get one cotton candy, please?" Toby asked.

"Sure thing," the stall vendor said, handing Toby a bag of cotton candy. Toby paid with the money Discord had provided him. The two siblings rejoined with the rest of their party, who had all gotten snacks of their own.

"I wonder when they're starting the battles?" Silver Spoon wondered. Will was about to answer, when they heard some sort of commotion.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?! I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN!" a girls voice yelled. The five of them rushed over to see what was going on. Much to Toby and Serenity's surprise, they saw the boy they bumped into, along with 9 girls. The two eldest looking ones were both blonde, one being a bit more pale blonde than the other. One was wearing a lite blue tank top and tan shorts, while the other had a long, seafoam green dress and sunglasses on the top of her head. The third eldest looked like a punk rocker. Her outfit was mainly purple, and she had short, brown hair. The fourth girl wore a white, button up shirt with a pink flower, a yellow plaid skirt, and brown hair tied into a ponytail. The fifth girl was the one they assumed was making the commotion. Her red jersey and shorts indicated that she was the sporty type. Like the fourth girl, her hair was done up in a pony tail. The sixth girl wore an all black outfit with white stripes on the sleeves. Her black hair was long enough to cover her eyes. The next two looked to be twins. One was dressed in a pink, princess like dress with a tiara on the top of her head, while the other wore overalls and a red cap. Both twins had blonde hair. The ninth girl was the shortest of the bunch. She wore big glasses, a green turtleneck, blue shorts, and had shaggy brown hair.

"I'll say it a thousand times; you need to watch where you're going!" the boy said.

"YOU BUMPED INTO ME ON PURPOSE!" the sporty girl said, being held back by the other eight girls and the white haired boy.

"Regardless, I have better things to do than deal with you," the bully boy said, taking notice of our heroes, "As for you guys, do you honestly think those Pokémon you caught are even worth keeping?" the bully asked.

"What are you talking about?" Toby asked.

"What I'm saying, four-eyes, is that you should try to find the best Pokémon around," the bully clarified. Toby seemed hurt by the "four-eyes" remark.

"HEY, I AIN'T DONE WITH YOU YET!" the sporty girl yelled, still being held back.

"You'll see what I mean when you and I battle," the bully said, walking away. The sporty girl was finally let go by the others.

"You guys alright?" Will asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess. Who even was that guy?" the girl in lite blue asked.

"That was Busujima," they turned to see Hau, "He has a nasty reputation as a Pokémon Trainer. He's only been a trainer for a few weeks, preparing for his Island Challenge. His favorite type of Pokémon to use are Poison and Dark Types, as well as super rare Pokémon, whether they're shiny or hard to find," he explained.

"I see. We'll need to keep an eye out for him," Will commented.

"Crazy bumping into you again," Toby said to the white haired boy.

"I know, right? My name's Lincoln by the way, Lincoln Loud, and these are my sisters," Lincoln said.

"Wait, all 9 of them are your sisters?" Fluttershy asked in disbelief.

"There's actually 10 of us, but Lily didn't come with us. I'm Luna by the way," the punk girl replied.

"Lori," the lite blue girl said.

"Um, where's Leni?" the seafoam girl asked.

"Leni, you're Leni, remember?" Lori asked in annoyance.

"Oh!" Leni said in realization, making her siblings pinch the bridges of their noses.

"I'm Luan," the girl with the yellow skirt said.

"I'm Lynn Loud Jr.," the sporty girl said.

"Where'd Lucy go?" Lincoln asked.

"I'm right here," the goth girl said, making everyone there jump in surprise.

"I swear, we need to get a bell for you," Lynn commented.

"Sigh, it's how I move through the world," Lucy said in a depressed tone.

"I'm Lana," the red cap wearing girl said.

"Hey, I wanted to introduce myself first!" the pink girl said, peeved that her twin got the drop on her.

"You snooze, you loose Lola," Lana taunted.

"Before these two Neanderthals get into ANOTHER fight, I'm Lisa," the shortest girl said with a lisp.

"I'm Will from Mahogany Town, and these are my students, Flora, Sylvia, and I'm sure Lincoln's met Toby and Serenity already. Oh, and this is Rotom," Will said, introducing his group.

"'Mahogany Town'? There's no such place," Lisa stated in a "matter of fact" tone.

"No, it's a real place. It's all the way in the Johto Region," Will countered.

"There's no such place as this 'Johto Region' either," Lisa countered back.

"Uh, Lincoln, where did you say you and your sisters are from?" Toby asked.

"Royal Woods, Michigan. Why do you ask?" Lincoln replied calmly. Toby thought about it for a moment.

"I think you guys may be in another dimension. Because I've never even heard of this 'Royal Woods' place, and I've been just about everywhere," Will said.

"Another dimension? Oh, boy," Lincoln said, remembering a nightmare he had of his own experience in another dimension.

"Could that wormhole have been the cause of it?" Lynn pondered.

"'Wormhole'?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well, we were at home, literally just minding our own business, and watching some TV, when some kind of tear opened up in our living room, and sucked us in," Lori explained.

"I've seen many reports of wormholes in the Alola Region opening up before, but for one to open in another dimension outside of this world is certainly odd," Rotom said. Lisa observed Rotom in interest, making the living Pokedex nervous.

"By the way, what was that Busujima guy talking about? Something about a battle and something 'mon'?" Lucy asked.

"Ah, yes. As you can see, there's a festival going on in which they pay respects to the island guardian Pokémon, Tapu Koko," Hau explained.

"'Pokémon'?" Lana asked.

"See for yourselves," Toby said, releasing the three of his Pokémon. The Loud Siblings were shocked in awe.

"Extraordinary! How can these balls fit these creatures inside?" Lisa pondered examining one of the Pokeballs Toby was holding more closely.

"Well, my visit to the Pokeball Factory in the Kalos Region taught me that each and every type of Pokeball is built with a sort of shrink ray technology. Don't ask for the details," Will explained.

"Hey, if you guys are going to participate in the battles, you'd better get signed up!" Hau said. Four of the five trainers realized he was right, and rushed over to the sign up table.

"What kind of battles are you guys talking about?" Lori asked.

"Pokémon Battles. It's where two trainers battle each other with their Pokémon. It may sound barbaric, but it helps Pokémon grow stronger," Will explained.

"Glad you kids could make it!" they all turned to see Hala walking towards them, "And just in time too. I have finished what I started earlier," Hala said, giving the four trainers a black wrist band, which they put on their wrists.

"What are these things?" Leni asked.

"These are Z Power Rings. They allow trainers to help draw out a Pokémon's Z Power, enabling them to unleash powerful Z Moves! But, unfortunately, unless they pass at least one of Alola's many trials, they won't be able to use Z Moves," Hala explained.


The sun had begun to set, as many trainers have had their battles, with all kinds of Pokémon the likes of which even Will had never seen, "The next bout shall pit Toby Mason, from Mahogany Town, who is one of five trainers who has had an encounter with Tapu Koko," Hala said, as Toby took his place on the stage. The fact that he encountered Tapu Koko incited murmurs from the crowd, "And his opponent shall be Busujima of Hau'oli City," the kahuna said, as the bully took his place. Some people jeered at the latter, "Now, let's have a nice little competition to pay tribute to our island deity," Hala said. Busujima then noticed the Z Power Ring on Toby's wrist.

"Hey, where'd an outsider like you get that Z Power Ring?!" Busujima demanded, obviously angered.

"It was a gift from Tapu Koko," Toby passively replied. This made Busujima even angrier.

"I'll say this once. Those Z Power Rings are meant for locals only! Outsiders have no right even possessing one!" Busujima said, clutching his first Pokeball.

"I don't think you're really in a position to judge. After all, it was Tapu Koko that gave me the Sparkling Rock," Toby said, readying his Pokeball.

"Alright boys, begin!" Hala declared.

"Go, Bagon!" Busujima said, sending out a Bagon.

"Bagon, the Rock Head Pokémon, a Dragon Type. Bagon has high hopes of someday flying. It practices jumping off of cliffs. However, it always lands head first on boulders, making it's head stronger than steel," Rotom said.

"Alright, Fennekin, I choose you!" Toby said, sending out Fennekin, "Alright Fennekin, use Hidden Power!" Toby instructed. Fennekin fired a ball of mysterious energy at Bagon, striking it.

"So, what's Hidden Power?" Luna asked.

"See, Hidden Power's type changes depending on the Pokémon that uses it. In the case for Toby's Fennekin, it's a Fairy Type Move, which is super effective against Dragon Types like Bagon," Will explained.

"Get it together Bagon! Use Iron Head!" Busujima ordered. Bagon's head became metallic, and charged at Fennekin, striking the Fox Pokémon.

"Since Fennekin's a Fire Type, the Steel Type Move Iron Head isn't very effective," Will commented.

"Could you give us a lecture on these 'type matchups' later on?" Lisa asked.

"Sure, if you're willing to listen," Will said.

"Fennekin, use Scratch!" Toby instructed. Fennekin slashed Bagon with it's claws, knocking out Bagon. Busujima recalled Bagon.

"Looks like you're still in need of training," Busujima said, readying his next Pokémon, "Go, Litten!" Busujima said, sending out a battered up Litten.

"Hey, are you sure you want to use that Litten? It looks like it's seen better days," Toby commented.

"Like I need a lecture on how to raise a Pokémon! Litten, use Fire Fang!" Busujima ordered. Litten ignited it's teeth, and charged at Fennekin.

"Fennekin, dodge, and use Scratch!" Toby instructed. Fennekin was able to dodge Litten easily, as it was moving slowly, and slashed Litten, knocking it out. Busujima recalled Litten.

"You're still as useless as ever!" Busujima scolded.

"Hey Fennekin, you want to take a break?" Toby asked. Fennekin gave a tired nod. Toby then recalled Fennekin, and readied the Friend Ball that held Pichu.

"Mareanie, go!" Busujima said, sending out the blue tentacled Pokémon.

"Mareanie, the Brutal Star Pokémon, a Poison and Water Type. Mareanie relentlessly hunt down Corsola to break of the branches for a snack. It has a very nasty disposition," Rotom said.

"Sounds like the perfect Pokémon for him," Silver Spoon coldly commented.

"Alright, Pichu, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Pichu, "Now, if I recall, Rotom said Pichu's moves are Thundershock, Sweet Kiss, and Tail Whip," Toby muttered to himself.

"Mareanie, use Sludge Bomb!" Busujima ordered. Mareanie then fired balls of sludge at Pichu.

"Dodge them, then use Thundershock!" Toby instructed. Pichu dodged nimbly, and fired an electric blast from it's cheeks, causing major damage to Mareanie, who was still standing.

"If I were guess, Electric Type attacks are best against Water or Poison types?" Lola asked.

"Just against Water Types," Will replied.

"Mareanie, get it together, and use Poison Jab!" Busujima ordered. The tip of one of Mareanie's tentacles glowed purple, as it lunged at Pichu, and jabbed it with it's tentacle. Pichu stumbled a bit, but Mareanie had a spark fly off of it, "Now, use Knock Off!" Busujima ordered. Mareanie charged once more at Pichu, but a bunch of sparks prevented it from moving.

"What's going on?" Leni asked.

"It's a special power of Pichu's called Static. It's an ability that sometimes paralyzes it's opponents upon direct contact," Will explained.

"I am going to have a field day learning about Pokémon," Lisa whispered to Lincoln.

"I think we all will," Lincoln whispered back.

"Alright, Pichu, use Thundershock!" Toby instructed. Pichu once again used Thundershock, this time knocking out Mareanie. Pichu then began glowing and grew larger. It became a larger mouse Pokémon with a long, thunderbolt shaped tail with a notch at the end, making it look like a heart, and long pointed ears.

"Pichu just evolved into Pikachu!" Will exclaimed.

"Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon, an Electric Type. It like to use it's electricity to roast berries until they're just right. If you happen to come across any berries that are burnt, it's evidence that this Pokémon mistook the intensity of the charge," Rotom said.

"Wait, 'evolution'?" Lynn asked.

"See, some Pokémon tend to change shape over time. This is what is known as 'evolution'. The Pokémon grows stronger upon doing so," Will explained.

"Technically, it's more akin to metamorphosis, not evolution," Lisa stated in a bored tone.

"Maybe so, but everyone calls it evolution because it sounds easier to understand," Will countered. Lisa just shrugged, choosing not to argue any further.

"Dang it! This kid's making me look bad!" Busujima seethed, recalling Mareanie, and sending out his last Pokémon; the bandit lizard Pokémon.

"Salandit, the Toxic Lizard Pokémon, a Fire and Poison Type. Due to malnutrition, only male Salandit are unable to evolve. As such, they do whatever the females say, such as bringing food," Rotom said.

"Look like you and that lizard have something in common Lincoln," Luan whispered, making Lincoln nod tiredly. This prompted his older sister to hold him closer.

"Salandit, use Flame Burst!" Busujima ordered. Salandit fired a ball of fired at Pikachu, which burst apart, spreading across the battlefield, hitting Pikachu a couple of times. Pikachu struggled to stay standing.

"Pikachu, do you want to tag out?" Toby offered. Pikachu nodded. Toby then recalled Pikachu, and readied his next Pokeball, "Go, Vulpix!" Toby said, sending out his Vulpix. This surprised everyone there, even Busujima.

"Whoa, a red Vulpix!" one of the onlookers said.

"It's so cute!" another commented.

"Where'd this dip get such a rare Pokémon?!" Busujima seethed.

"Vulpix, use Shadow Ball!" Toby instructed. Vulpix fired a blob of shadowy energy at Salandit, causing it to stumble a bit.

"Salandit, use Toxic!" Busujima ordered. Salandit fired a few balls of purple sludge at Vulpix.

"Quick, use Safeguard!" Toby instructed. Vulpix summoned a green barrier, which caused Toxic to bounce off, "Now use Extrasensory!" Toby instructed. Vulpix then began using a mysterious telekinetic power, and slammed Salandit on the ground, knocking out.

"That's it! The bout goes to Toby Mason of Mahogany Town!" Hala declared. Everyone then heard something bellowing, "Oh, ho! You hear that? That's Tapu Koko's song of approval! It seemed to really enjoy the battles this year!" Hala laughed boisterously. Toby knelt down to high five Vulpix, only to see Busujima storming off.

"That guy... he really creeps me out," Toby commented.

"You're not the only one creeped out by him," Will said, as the group went on to enjoy the festival. Meanwhile, the two, strangely dressed people from before were observing from the shadows.

"So that was a Pokémon battle!" the little girl said, intrigued by what they had just seen.

"It would appear the aura readings are similar to that of the Blinding One, because of this 'Tapu Koko' creature. It may also have something to do with that wristband they were wearing," the man said.

"I'll say! The aura readings were off the charts! What did they call those things, Z Power Rings?" the little girl pondered.

"This will require further investigation," the man said.

Will and his team were enjoying the festivities, when they were approached by the Louds, "Will, can we ask a favor of you guys?" Lori asked.

"Sure, what's up?" Will asked.

"Well, we discussed it, and we were wondering if we could tag along with you guys? I know this is sudden and everything, but we don't know anything about this world. Just long enough to where we can go home," Lori replied.

"Plus, we'd love to see more of the Pokémon creatures!" Lisa added.

"Sure. We'd love to have you guys aboard!" Will replied.

"Looks like you guys aren't strangers to making friends," they saw Kukui say, "If you guys want to learn more about Pokémon, then why don't you come with us to the Pokémon School? There's a little challenge there that would help Will and them get ready for their upcoming trials," Kukui suggested. The Louds quickly discussed it with one another in private.

"Alright, I guess we'll do that," Lori said.

"It does sound like a school idea, *chuckles*, get it?" Luan joked, receiving groans from her siblings.

"Ok, just head down the hill there, and at the fork in the road, go to the right. You'll find Lillie waiting in front of the Pokémon Center," Kukui said, taking his leave.

"I assume this Lillie is different than ours?" Leni asked.

"Depends. How old is your Lily?" Will asked.

"15 months old," Lincoln replied.

"Ah, then, yes. This is a different Lillie," Will replied, as they all left Iki Town, and onto their adventure.

Author's Note:

Team so far:

Will: Rowlet (M)

Fluttershy: Popplio (F), Pikipek(F)

Toby: Fennekin (F), Vulpix (F), Pichu (F)

Serenity: Buneary (F), Grubbin (M)

Silver Spoon: Azurill (F), Caterpie* (M)

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