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Sunset Shimmer never really had a childhood or someone to teach her what she needs to know. So, after the fall formal, Sunset is faced with changes she is not yet ready for: friends and family who are willing to show her just what she's been missing. Will she accept accept this newfound solace or will her fears and insecurities get the better of her? Will she even have a choice?

Current cover done by MichaelNight

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The most precious things we have in life are our memories. Our recollections of the good good times and happy moments spent with friends, family, and loved ones. To the average pony, there is nothing in the world more valuable.

To some others though, a happy memory can be more of a curse than a blessing. And they may do anything to rid themselves of that curse.

Edited by SilverScope.

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Sunset Shimmer has been trying to prove she’s changed but seemingly no one was willing to put the past in the past except for her friends. These five girls seemed to forgive Sunset for her past “boo-boo’s” but now in the semi-finals of the Battle of the Bands Competition Sunset made a mistake and is reminded once again of Canterlot High’s opinion of her. The irony is she could’ve dealt with that, if not for the lecture from her friends but she could’ve dealt with that as well if there was any reason to believe she did what she did for selfish reasons but there isn’t. Sunset makes a bold move when she asks her friends “what if it had been one of them?” she gets an answer that sends her off and in a time of need someone reaches out a hand to help her but who that hand belongs to could lead to trouble.

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Sunset Shimmer has lost everything. All her so-called friends have turned their backs on her thanks to the machinations of Anon-A-Miss, and she's abandoned and alone. About to step out into a cold winter afternoon, she hears a voice she didn't expect calling her back...

Written because of my own temper and sense of righteousness has fouled my thoughts before. Written because we can see the truth of things even through our anger. And written because I'd like to believe that individuals can think beyond the baying of the mob.

Rated T for swearing, discussions of violence, and some other PG-13 scenes.

9/18/17- Featured. For a minute. A little stunned.
9/26/17- Featured. Again. Let's see if it will last...
10/2/17- Featured for a few hours this time. Thank you all!

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Featured: 3/17/17

Ignorance is never bliss and it can cost you. Their ignorance almost cost us Equestria. But I saw the signs, I saw the enemy. But no one would listen. My so called "Friends" never stuck by my side as I tried to warn them of the threat to our very lives loomed over us. Instead they sided with her. Yet, whenever I can't be bothered to help them they always assume the worst or I'm just a bad friend. I'm done being a pawn, I'm done with these friendship lessons. I'm done with Equestria.

And that's how it started. A journey not for the faint of heart. A journey about duty and honor, love and friendship, Victory and defeat. In a world's darkest hour she will rise to help four friends reclaim their home. Let's get started.

Final Fantasy 15/MLP Crossover

(Just so people know I don't own either Final Fantasy 15 or My Little Pony. All rights go to there respective owners.)

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Twilight and Queen Novo apologize to one another over their respective actions when Twilight tried to steal the Pearl of Transformation in order to save Equestria from the Storm King.

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The newly coronated Princess Twilight suffers an abrupt tragedy. Having lost two loved ones, she begins to question her own mortality, and that of her friends.

AJ, Dash, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy. . . they are just the beginning. Twilight will live for thousands of years, so every pony she cares about—every pony she will ever care about, will die.

She could barely handle the pain of one funeral, let alone the thought of hundreds of them. Twilight finds a clever way to ensure all of her friends never die. They can’t all be ageless alicorns, but they can all move into Twilight’s Dollhouse. Then they can be best friends forever.

Sequel: Twilight's Dollhouse 2
Fanmade Song: Twilight's Dollhouse

Source: Dreampaw
Editor: Gage of Grandiloquence, Breath of Plagues
Pre-read & Idea pony: TypeWriterError,
v1.1 Revised chapters 1-10 on May 1st 2013
--Pending a few more revisions, including ch. 14
Now on TV Tropes.

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In the city of Los Santos, Vanoss and most of his crew are testing out a new glitch in the latest update, but somehow suprisingly they all end up in Equestria, they're bodies trapped in their GTA V characters and somehow developing otherworldly powers.

Together they must all work together to figure out how they got here and stop an ongoing war from destroying itself.

Not a parody or spoof of anything, but an actual story with a plot an setting and grammatical stuff like that.

The characters in the fic will include Vanoss, H2O Delirious, SilentDroidd, I AM WILDCAT, Lui Calibre, Sark, Daithi De Nogla, Mini Ladd, and Terroriser.

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Sunset was very hurt and betrayed by her so-called friends after they callously dumped her during the Anon-A-Miss incident. However, she can't bring herself to leave; she can't go back to being the person she was - aloof, cold, and alone.

And so she buries it. Tries to forget it. Easier said than done.

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Another Anon -A-Miss fanfic.

What if the Humane 5 had been more rational when they confronted Sunset? And what if it had been Sunset who stormed off?

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