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    Created by Clay Pigeon
    - January, 2017
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  • Earþ to Equestria (EtE) 64 stories A storage space for stories ðæt involve sömeöne or sömeþing going fröm Earþ to Equestria, hence ðe title. Unlike ðe stændard “Human in Equestria” folders, ðis shelf isn’t limited to humans; everyþing is welcöme, fröm mæn to machine, fröm demön to dinosaur, ænd everyþing else in between.

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What do a globetrotting archaeologist, a time-tossed samurai, and six magical multicolored ponies have in common? Not much! But when a magical gem and sheer coincidence throw them into a strange new place seemingly formed out of the worst aspects of each of their worlds, they're going to have to work together to get home- while they still have homes to get back to!

(Rated T for violence and gunplay.)

Now sporting its very own TV Tropes page!
This story started as a half-hearted NaNoRiMo project and an effort to break through some writer's block on other projects. It's also a major departure from my typical type of writing- written in third-person omniscient rather than third-person subjective (which is not an easy transition to make). It's certainly not my first piece of fanfiction, but it's the broadest crossover I've ever attempted, and getting all of the characters to stay true to form while interacting with each other is something of a challenge. But hey, how do we learn if we never challenge ourselves?

A minor note here- I've taken a bit of liberty with the powers of earth ponies. They've been said to have "a connection with the earth", and I've taken that to mean the ability to sense things about the terrain around them.

Chapters (12)

After trying to save her friend Sam from becoming the next Sun Queen, Lara Croft finds herself in an unfamiliar world. Although thrilled to have discovered something so unbelievable, she has no idea how to get back home. With the aid of the true master of the sun, Celestia, she begins a long journey to find the means to get her back to earth. Unfortunately, Himiko, the Sun Queen who Lara thought was now truly dead, had tailed the survivor to the peaceful world.

And she didn't come alone.

Obviously based off of the 2013 Tomb Raider.

Chapters (5)

It has been weeks since the destruction of the Memory Stone, and over this time, Sunset has been developing feelings for Wallflower as she and her friends help her become visible to the rest of the school.

Wallflower has also developed feelings for the girl she once hated, now knowing who she truly was after the Fall Formal, and admiring her just like everyone else at school.

However, despite sharing the same feelings, the girls still aren’t able to finally confess their love, so one day, Sunset decides that maybe a trip to Equestria could give them the courage to finally express their feelings.
But her plans run into an unexpected detour, into the Everfree Forest.

Great thanks to Shimmeringsun for not only pre-reading this story, but also giving me suppport and ideas to make this tale what it is. Go check their stories, you won't regret it!

Chapters (7)

Starlight devises a new method of transportation. Twilight is having none of it.

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio:

Starlight Is Being Weird - Celeestiaa Starlight Is Being Weeird (Fanfic Reading - Comedy/Random MLP)

Chapters (1)

The Sangheili are a saurian species of fierce, proud, strong, agile, intelligent warriors and skilled combat tacticians. They are named after their home planet, Sanghelios, and are known to Humans as Elites, due to their adeptness and skill in combat. The Sangheili formed the military backbone of the Covenant for almost the entirety of its existence, they fear very little, and take great pride in an ancient, honor-laden code.

However, this group of Spec Ops Elites, Grunt, and Kig-Yar have crashed landed in Equestria by way of a slipspace drive being detonated in the middle of the ship they were heading to, the 'Glory Upon Salvation'.

Now they have to find a way off the planet and back into space so they can continue their journey to the Blessed Path... by dropping hot plasma on human worlds.
But will they want to, when something they revere tells them otherwise?

Recently tagged as Teen for implied violence, and (maybe) minor gore in future chapters.

Chapters (10)


In an alternate take on the ending of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, Sunset Shimmer gains a pair of wings, she and Twilight realizing she's become an alicorn. But more has happened now. Because of Sunset Shimmer's ascension, magic, once thought non-existent in that world, starts to awaken as more and more gain the ability to use magic. And meanwhile, a shadowy force that once was the servant of a blank-faced nightmare begins to revive...

Takes place in the Waking Nightmares universe, starting two years before it and then with a couple of timeskips to get to the beginning of the Waking Nightmares timeline.

Chapters (5)

Subject Delta, an Alpha Series Big Daddy, has been through a lot in his life. But this is his last stand, he and his Daughter Eleanor are going to escape from Rapture. The Pairbonding destroyed, his body tired from all the fighting ... Subject Delta won't live to see the world beyond Rapture. The ending coming near, he finds himself escaping Rapture ... to only awake in a stranger place. Will Equestria be able to handle Subject Delta?

--Crossover with BioShock 2--

Author's Note: First, criticism is highly appreciated. Second, this isn't my first fanfic rodeo, but it's the first time in English. Errors will ensue, so feel free to correct me! Third, I hope you enjoy the story!

Copyright: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Hasbro), BioShock 2 (2K Games), Cover Image (The BioShock Wiki).

Tags: Crossover, Alternate Universe, Human, Dark. --Will be updated--

Characters: Subject Delta, Eleanor Lamb, Sofia Lamb, The Family, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Augustus Sinclair, Yi Suchong, Andrew Ryan, Shadow Stalker. --Will be updated--

Chapters (10)

After a brutal fight for the Earth involving the fallen Titan Sargeras and the Draconic protector Vakarious, a battle which nearly resulted in the death of both. The draconic protector, Vakarious, has been thrown into a world that is in harmony and at peace with itself, despite never being visited or influenced by the Titans he served under for so long. And as he finds the way back to his own world, he finds that he cannot leave just yet. Especially with the ever looming threat of the Burning Legion seeking out the Arcane influenced world....

Takes place about a couple of weeks after Games Ponies Play/Just for Sidekicks.

This is a crossover with a fanfic I created involving the WoW (World of Warcraft) universe. The idea of the original idea of the WoW fanfic was, another world, with a new set of guardians, much like the dragon aspects of Azeroth, being set upon our very own Earth. That story however, is not published, due to it being no where near finished yet, and it not being finished due to the evil known as writers block. The beginning of this story, however, begins with the ending of the original WoW fanfic I am writing. It's not really a spoiler at all, it's just a bit of a less detailed fight scene for the main one.

With all of that boring stuff said, this is also my very first published fanfic, so, I'd appreciate some leniency on the insults, and very much welcome any sort of constructive criticism and ideas of things to add/remove.

Chapters (18)

To escape from Tartarus is nearly impossible, even for one of great magical power. When you've lost your powers and are little more than a withered old centaur, it's even harder. But Tirek has a plan, one that will draw in a creature from a world where life is cheap, hats are plentiful, and gravel is king. Will the Spy take the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned vacation in this new world, or will he see the population of friendly, innocent ponies as just a fresh selection of backs to stab? It could be both!

(Takes place before the beginning of Season 9.)

Chapters (11)

It had been hard enough, being one of the first. With the walls dropped, leaving her nation, her herd, traveling to Japan and trying to exist among so many strangers... every day had been a challenge. But she'd tried. Day by day, hoofstep by hoofstep, she'd felt she was finding her place in the human world.

But now there are no humans. No other demis or liminals. Nothing to anchor her. She exists among tiny horses and the scent of their fear, or at least what little of it drifts into her cell.

For nopony can look at a centaur and see anything but a monster.

(Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages -- and the TVTropes page just went live.)

Cover art by Harwick. Please contact him for commission rates & prints.

Chapters (60)